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mGazbttb'.Pl'blishing Company.v t
Tlie. iil-8i:riptloa price of the Uazettb I
tor fevtrolyeats has been, and reroaine,
$2 per annum, or
paH in advance.
5 per cent discount t
' To those who have made a
.study of Russia and her history
. the present state of affairs fail
to excite surprise to any great
extent. In fact, as one disaster
after another became a portion
' o t' the czar and , his people, the
reading public .; of the world at
large: settled down and viewed
the matter in a most philosophic
manner. . ' . . ,V ' ' .
On the outbreak of hostilities
a little more than a year ago,
- bat few could be. found bold
enough to back the sons of the
Flowery Kingdom to win. Russia
was too powerful; they said. We
are a firm believer in the ever
lasting fitness of things, and
Russia Was unfit; 1 Her form of
government ; : was i bad to start
with and those ' to whom affairs
of '''state'" were-1 entrusted have,
during ' a 'loftg term ' .of years,
"become more, and more corrupt.
.. qryearsit. has been a cse.of
"big 'fish eat s little-fish" ? right
along the -line from the czar
ddwi.'V-"he, Mgh official "made
demands upon the one next be
neath him, and so on, until the
little fish was reached. Every
thing ; was for ; God and the .czar
" mostly for -the czar, and un
2odlv means were resorted to
in order to , accomplish .this end,
'The 'individuality of the peo
ple' was smothered; on account
of ho educational institutions for
the children of the common peo-
. pie, illiteracy was on every hand ;
. national pride under such condi
tions naturally i fell into decad
' ence; individual hope: and nation
al, pride have died and with them
patriotism.-Having nothing to
iive for, what mattered it to the
Russian in battle whether he lived
or died, i W in or lose ne , was
no better off, and he went to war
with the' 'same' kind of fire and
spirit that inspires an ox. ' r jj
On every hand almost was cor7
ruptidri,1 if half we read be true,"
and ' for inany long years the ac
counts of the policy of the1 Rus
. sian , Empire have contained much
of a sameness. .Those who had
the brains and courage to rebel
against; an unbearable condition
either lost their necks or took up
a residence of considerable dura Siberia -; , v : ',- .
Little by little have the mills
of the gods ' ground hi thiscase,
but finer and finer.' And today
the "Little Father" of all Rus
sia is not only confronted : by
; almost certain - def eat at t the
' hands of a foreign foe, -but his
own children are turning against
him. - What else could ' be ex-
pected ? Whb is to blame ?
! , Some men seem to be of the
opinion that .tariff revision is
- largely an agreement - among lo
calities. They declare that cer
tain corrections are necessary
' and can be executedjwithout any
disturbance . of business and with
verylittle ado in congress. .' . ;
Far from it ! Herein is ; the
great difficulty. , The, fact that
locality needs or' demands; enter
into the question of ' tariff re vis-
ion is what really makes it most
difficult to handle. If, for - in
stance the producer of. a certain
article in- the4' East is to be given
free trade in the raw material he
requires, people in the West are
almost certain to demand free
trade in the finished product.
' The West also wants a - reduc
tion of tariff on certain, manu
factures notably in the steel and
. iron schedules. -- The latter inter
ests would in' turn demand a - re
duction in the agricultural sched-ules-So
it is readily seen- that
' the matter of tariff revision can-1
not be figured on and settled ac-
cording to the demands, require-
ments, or. .-needs -
of the various
localities, i ?
The attempt to harmonize these
local differences will only: : pro-
,. , 1 i 1
" a cnange wmcn WOU1Q Deruin-
DOIU eiiuugii LO
any satisfactory
guarantee that
agreement among localities could
ever be reached ?
If an agreement between these
localities is so desirable, and so
extremely necessary, there is but
one thing ' worthy of trial and
that is to let the matter of tariff
revision sleep, for awhile. It is
of too vital importance to handle
lightly- Bear in mind that it is
inevitable that lower tariffs are
followed by lower wages- ;
It seems to be definitely set
tied that the grounds of the Lewis
and Clark Fair are not to be open
to the public on Sundays- With
out commenting in the least on
the - wisdom of this decision, it
mignt be in-order to turn our
attention in another ? direction
and profit thereby.
Why .could not arrangements
be made. for a regular Sunday ex
cursion to be run out of Port
land and up the West Side to
Corvallis, thence across toAl-
bany and down the East Side to
Portland ? Or vice versa, for
that matter. If the railroad offi
cials took up the matter and went
at it with a will there is not the
least doubt but they could carry
1,000 excursionists over this route
every Sunday, particularly if they
made a satisfactory rate. " - .
Make a regular excursion sched
ule and call the route. the ''Wil
lamette Valley Loop," or some
other appropriate name. While
Portland is entertaining so many
thousand - visitors a large train-
load could be found every Sabbath
who would , not go to church if
they i, were , in Portland, so why
not make a pull for something
like this ? " Portland is far- from
a ."dry" town and some of those
denied ; an .excursion i might be
the. "worsev for wear" if they the metropolis-
This would be a great adver
tising,; scheme .for the valley
Everything would be at its best
at this , season ot tne year ana
by rthis . arrangement the S. P
could make a good sum and mater
ially assist in showing our guests
what a considerable ' portion1 of
the state is like. .
Another Veteran Gone..
The death of. Rev. Wm. A.
Keinp occurred at his home in
St. Johns, Or., March 3. The
remains were brought to this city
for interrment : and were buried
from the West Side train on its
arrival on Sunday. - Interrment
was made in Cr?stal Lake ceme
tery. ' ,
Wrr A. Kemp was born. in
Maryland, Dec. 13, 1835. In
September, i86, he enlisted in
9ompany 8, 3rd ' Minnesota Vol
unteers, and served until the close
of. the , war, receiving his dis
charge in July 1865.
: Deceased came to Oregon in
1878, , and came to Corvallis a
few years later. He was here for
three years, and while he made
his home here answered calls to
fill'; various pulpits in the M."E.
churches in this state.
He ; was. an invalid for about
seven - years prior to nis deatn.
He" is, survived by a wife, two
sons and one daughter. . Two
sisters and three brothers are left
behind, two of the latter, Albert
and taylor, residing in this city, v
For Infanta and Children. '
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby (riven that the undersigned was
notniiwtad in tha last will and testament of Seymour
Chipman, as the Executrix thereof, and that she has
been appointed s such Executrix by the County
Court of Benton county, Oregon, and all persons
having claims against the estate of the said -Seymour
Chimnan. deceased, will present the same dulv veri
fied to-horat the residence of F. L. Miller. Corvallis,
Ore. witlun sue months from date. .
v v . PttUDEKOE CHIPMAN, Executrix
: Estate Seymour Chipman. Deceased.
W. E. Yates, Attorney tor Estate, - .,. : . - 12-20
An offer to make you come up
stairs and see us.
New Mainspring (none better),
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Cleaning (ordinary watch),
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MATTHEWS, Tho Jeweler.
- Room 12, over First National
Bafik. v
Steamer Pomona, . leaves Cor
vallis, Mondays, Wednesdays
and Eridays, for Portland and all
way points. . . For rates,, etc.,
call on
Boats leave for Portland !"and
way stations at 6 a. m. . ,
A. J. SHIRLEY, Agent.
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
Valley Points. ,
Low round trip rates have been placed
n eHect between Portland ana Willam
ette Valley points, in either direction.
Tickets will be sold.
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday.
Eatb to or Fbom Coeval-lib, $3.00.
Call on Southern Pacific Co's Agents
for particulars.
Cornice, Roofing, G uttering,
and all kinds of Sheet Metal
F. A. Hencye
In connection with J. H
is described in
Su nset Magazine
v March Number
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the Great Centenniel just the
' thing to send East. Many news
articles, some good short stories,
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Notice For Publication.
United States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, February 11, 1906.
Notice is hereby given that the foil owing-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof m support of his claim, and that said proof
will be made before the County Clerk of .Benton Co.,
at Corvallis, Oregon, on -March 28, -1905, viz:
H. K No. 12673 for the SW$ of see. 4,T. 11 S. R.7 W.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Cyrus R. James, of Blodgett, Oregon;
Harve Herron, of Blodgett, Oregon; William A. Oel
latly, of Wren, Oregon; Alfred R. Duncan, of Sum
mit, Oregon.
1626 ,': ' .-'
. : - Register
Assesstnetit for Sewer. ,
Notice is hereby given that the assessment made
bv Ordinance No. 168 for the construction of a sewer
through Block 14, Old . Town of Marysville, tnow
City of Corvallis), Oregon, In the manner provided
by Ordinance No. 177 in which the following lots was
entered in the City Liens of Corvallis on the 14 day
of February 1906, and is due and payable at the office
-of the city Treasurer of Corvallis in United States
gold or silver coin, and it not paid on or before the
IT day of March, 1985, the Common Council will order
warrants to be issued to the Chief of Police for the
oollection thereof together with interest thereon at
the rate of eight per cent, per annum, from date and
costs of collection: .
: Block 14, Old Town of Marysville (now City
of Corvallis), - - :'...
Block 14, Lot 1, Wm. Sechler, is assessed at... $33.34
Block 14, Lot 2, Wm. Sechler, is assessed at. . . 83.34
Block 14, Lot 7, Wm. Groves, est. is assessed at 33.34
Block 14, Lot 10, J. E. Halliday, is assessed at. 33.34
Block 14, Lot 11, J. K. Halliday, Is assessed at. 33.34
Bleck 14, Lot 12. J. E. Halliday, is assessed at. 33.34
City, 30 feet of Street, is assessed at. ......... . 41.00
By order of the Common Council of the City of
Corvallis.- & P. GREFFOZ, -
. " Foiice Judge of the City of Corvallis.
Dated this 7th day of March, 1905.
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; v
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