Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 21, 1905, Image 3

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Tomorrow is a legal holiday.
Fir wood wanted on subscription
at this office.
Miss Marie Olernan went to
Airlie, Friday, to visit with friends
for a few days.
George Visko arrived from Salem,
Saturday, to visit friends and at
tend the "hop" at the Armory.
Mrs. Georgia Booth, of Salem,
arrived Saturday for a visit with
the Misses McBee and Miss Alice
George and Martha Washington
will greet you at the M. E church
tomorrow evening at any time
after 5 o'clock.
Students of OAC are consider
ing the advisability of changing
the Barometer, which is now a
monthly publication, to a weekly
MrS. Nirez Francisco arrived
home the latter part of last week
from Portlind, having been the
cuest of her brother for some time
in the metropolis.
Mr. and Mr. Sprague, mission
aries for the National Spiritual
ists' Association of the United States
. and Canada, will lecture and eive
platform tests in Barrett Lyceum
next Sunday evening, Feb. 21, at
7:30. A cordial invitation to every
one. No collection or door fee. All
is free.
Mftmhflrs nf t.ha United TCvanofll-
ical church and friends of Rev. Deck
will give a chicken pie ' Bupper this,
Tuesday, evening in his honor. It
is to be in the nature of b farewell
party and will occur at the Marshal
Miller hall. A charge of. 25c will
made for the supper, and diners will
be served from 5 to 8 o'clock. At
6:30 toasts will be given and Rev.
Reeves will act as toast master. -
. .'. i - ''.'
The local lodge of Knigits of
Pythias will entertain .. in grand
style tomorrow evening. . Every
thing will be in readiness for the
reception of the large number cf
delegates who are expected to as
semble in Corvallis on this occasion,
it being a convention of the fourth
. district of Oregon . Knights of
Pythias. As stated in a former
issue, it is thought that an all
night session will be held.
A potato horse is rather an un-
exhibition in this city. It is a
work of art and Clem Hodes is the
creator in this instance. Clem
nearly always has an attractive
window at his father's grocery
store, but this is thought to be a
trifle better than usual. The horse
is made cf potatoes fastened over a
skeleton of sticks and its ears and
tail are represented by whist brooms.
The animal looks as though it
might be dangerous to ride.
The date of the literary enter
tainment of the senior elocution
class of Miss Helen Crawford at
OAC is now definitely known it is
Friday evening, March 10. -' A good
program of recitations, dialogues
and vocal and instrumental music
will be rendered, but it is proposed
to make a feature of a light drama
tization of "Cinderilla." This will
be given in four scenes and six
characters will be represented. It
is sincerely hoped that our people
will show their appreciation of the
purpose of this entertainment, as
the proceeds are to be given the
Village Improvement Society.
Horace Locke was in Corvallis
last week making arrangements to
ship his household, effects to Al
bany. Mr. Locke recently gave
up his position with the Dodd im
plement company at Portland to
accept a situation in Albany, where
.arrangements have been perfected
for his wife to engage in the
millinery business . . On Thursday
Mr. Locke and wife left Portland,
the former coming to this city, the
latter stopping off in Albany. Mr.
Locke's effects were shipped to. Al
bany Saturday. Mr. and Mrs . Locke
have many friends in this- city,
who wish them success in their new
A. H, Grigsby, - representing the
Unitype Co., of San Francisco,
had occasion to pay this city - a
business trip last week. Just be
fore he departed he asked if this
was the home of . Harry Rogers, a
printer who served in the Philip
pines during the war? It ttanspires
that Harry,-' after breaking down
his health in field service was given
a position in the government print'
ing office., at Cavite. : Mr, Grigsby
was in charge of this office at the
time Harry worked there and had
much to say of the latter. Harry
Rogers was the son of Mrs. G
Hodes, of this city, and was one of
the Corvallis boys who died in the
Philippines. The remains were
brought home for interrment and
' are now resting in Crystal Lake
cemetery. This latter fact was un
known to Mr. Grigsby, ,.
Boy about 16 years of age want
ed at this office to learn the print
er's trade. '
F, L.' Miller is having a stair
way constructed leading from the
second to the third floor of " his
residence. -
The young son of Mr.: and Mrs.
Charlie Beach was stricken down a
few days ago with an attack of
pneumonia. .
After an attack of la grippe ' that
confined him to his room nearly a
week, ClerK Moses was ab!e to be
in his office yesterday morning.
James Lewis, who was shot in
the leg with a gopher gun set in
the Bicknell house about two weeks
ago, is said to be getting along
Norton AdamB began prepara
tions, yesterday, for the construc
tion of a dwelling and a large
woodshed on his property in Jobs
Claud Hale, a graduate of OAC,
arrived in Corvallis, Saturday, for a
visit with relatives and .friends.
He is now empl-yed in Salem, to
which place he intends returning
Bert Lacy is just recovering from
an attack of la grippe tbat was so
severe that he was compelled to re
main in bed for a few da.s. Quite
a number have been subject to this
malady recently.
- Rev. Deck and wife will leave
with their invalid son for Portland,
tomorrow. A few days later tbev
will depart for Pennsylvai.ia -to
secure the best of treatment for
their child, who suffers ; with a
spinal affliction.' ;
Last Friday being the 52nd
anniversary or Lr. is. A. uatney s
birthday, a dozen or more friends
gathered at his home in the even
ina and made merry with him. A
v?ry pleasant evening was passed
by all with music and conversation.
Miss .Winnie Miller, who . has
been the gueet of Mrs. John Smith
during the past three weeks, return
ed, yesterday, to her ... home in
Eugene. Her father, Consul H.
B. Miller, was at one time presi
dent of the OAC and it naturally
follows that Miss Miller has many
friends here.
Under date of Feb, 12th, Geo. L.
Haner, of Cecilville; Siskiyou Co.,
Calif., writes to the county clerk
for information concerning the
whereabouts of some of his relatives
of that name who were in this coun
ty several yeai s ago. Clerk Moses
has not yet succeeded in learning
anything about them.
The dance at the Armory Satur
day night, given by OAC students,
was a highly enjoyable affair. A
large crowd attended and tripped
the "light fantastic with delirious
abandon until the last moment;
Nearly all the yalley towns had
representatives at the . dance and
each find all voted the . affair a
Mrs. Luse, of Oregon City, was
in Corvallis last week visiting
mends and seeing about securing
quarters for her son, Fred, who in
tends entering OAC next fall. She
reports that if suitable arrange
ments can be made that next year
will . see a large contingent here
from her home city. While here
Ms. Luse was the guest of Mrs.
Bareinger, on College Hill.
Corvallis is the home town of
another boy who is making a name
for himself through his own efforts
and native ability. Mordaunt
lioodnough is the gentleman re
ferred to and our assertion iB sub-;
stantiated by the following write
up in the Sunday Oregonian of the
piano recital -recently given by
Prof. - Goodnough and his pupils:
"The programme consisted of diffi
cult pieces from the great masters,
and the excellent manner in which
each pupil rendered the numbers
was an eloquent testimonial to ; the
effectiveness of Mr. Goodnough's
instruction.". . . Mr. Goodnough
delighted the audience with his
rendition of Rubinstein's . Yalse
Caprice in E-flat, giving as an
encore Nevin.s 'Love Song.'"
The game of basket hall to be
played between the girls of OAC
and Albany, in the latter city next
b riday night, is of unusual signif
icance. In the first place, it is a re
turn game; -we ' have defeated the
Albany girls by a narrow margin
in the game ot last Thursday.
.put Albany claims, ana with some
reason, too, that the game being on
their own held, assisted OAU to vic
tory on this occasion. It is the
hope of Albany to defeat our girls
next t! riday night. It is under
stood that in case the OAC girls
are defeated the tie is to be played
on on a neutral Held and Multno
mah is talked of as the scene of the
npai game. t nowever, mould our
girls again triumph,, as we hope
thjy will,: next, Friday, night, the
matter will be settled and the OAC
team will be the undisputed ohamn
i . . . , . r
I onB. , c. . . '
Wednesday being a holidav
there will be no schooL -
Remember the local teachers'
institute in this city next Satur
day. ' . -.; .' ; -
E. L. Moore and family, who
have resided in th'8 cily for some
thing like a year, departed, Friday,
for Iown. 1 '
Mcpsrs. DeVarnev and Lowe, of
the Independent telephone j line,
were in Tangent last wek install
ing new phones.
Mr. Bates, bookkeeper at the
Corvallis Flouring Mills, . has 34
hens and during the past twenty
d-.ya they laid 23 dozer and 10
eggs, This is hard to beat.
For some unaecountaDle reason
possible on account of walking the
vaudeville people advertised to ap
pear at the Opera House last Fri
day evening did not show up.
Misses Florence Maxfield and
Josephine Fulerton are each absent
from duty at the public school on
account of severe attacks of la
grippe, aud Misses Ada Finley and
Grace Nichols are teaching in ther
places. . " ' - ' " :
The delegates representing the
granges of the county will meet in
Sup't. Denm .n's office on the first
Monday in March to elect delegates
to the State Grange and for the
transaction of any other business
that can be legally undertaken.
It is not boasting when we state
that. without- doubt Corvallis is
bettc r provided f r in the way of
telephone service, than anv other
city of her size. Nor is this all;
the R. F. D. rout s that run out of
this city and cover the various
sections of the county are proving
their , worth every day When it
comes to telephone service and
R. F. D,; routes we can't be beaten.
Last week ' Ambler & Watters
negotiated the following real estate
sales: Two lots in Philomath, J.
W. Berry man to Mrs. Lo imis, $350:
lots in Wilkms Addition, Wm.
add to R. N. White, $75; 3 lots
n Wilkins Addition, Wm. Ladd to
E. E. White, $75; 6 lots Wi'kins
Addition, Wm. Ladd to T. T.
Vincent, $150; 120 acres near Bell-
fountain, D. , E. Bowen to Wm.
Hull, $250. . - : '
Miss Katherine Tiedemann, a
well-known Corvailis girl, and
James Hewitt, formerly of Portland,
were married on Sunday in this
city. The wedding took place at
o'clock, Rev. W. . Uilbert
officiating. The wedding supper
was served at the home of the
bride's brother, Henry Tiedemann,
635 Fourth street. Mr. and Mrs.
Hewitt took the 8:30 train for
Harrisburg, their future, home.
Sunday Oregonian. ''
- Uentleman, it behooves you, one
and all, to- cease whipping your
wives. There is a special law
against it and you will be lashed
forty times with a cat-o'-ninea in
the hands of the sheriff if you fail
to heed the warning. Should the
"house" become divided on any
matter, do not allow your wives to
draw you into anything that savors
of "ring tactics." It is wiser to al
low your wives the last word than
to have your nervous system dis
turbed.. . .... ,
Rev. T. P. Conner died at his
home in Philomath last Saturday.
He was aged 63 years . and death
was caused by pulmonary affection.
The deceased served as a soldier in
an Ohio regiment in the Union
Army during the Civil War. , After
the war he engaged for several
years in the ministry of the Ore-
eon Conference ot the United
Brethren , in Christ, of which de
nomination he remained a member
until his death. A . wife, three
daughters and one son survive him
Prof. Carrol Cummings, a popu
lar teacher, in the public schools, of
this city, was wedded to Jsiiss uara
Linderen. last Saturday at . the
home of the bride's mother in
Roseland, Or. The bride is no
stranger here, - having at one time
besn a student at OAC, where., Sfie
made a host of friends. The young
couple arrived, in .this . city yester
day morning and .will taKe .up
tneir residence- in a cottage in
Jobs Addition. Prof. -Holmes, as
sures us that rice was. cheap. at J,he
school house yesterday . The, young
couple Jbaye many friends nere wno
wish them every joy,
You Are Invited."
Neit Wednesday night, the ladies
of the First Methodist 5hurch4are to
give a Martha Washington" tea at
the church. An excellent lunch
will be served in the church parlors
from 5 to 8: price, 15 cts." Prom
8. to 9, an interesting' program will
be eiven free of charge in the audi
torium of the church.
; Red and " white", clover. " timothy
orchard and -other glasses,
Zierolf 's
Lumber Yard Fired. -
Shortly after 12 o'clock Thurs
day night the fire bell clanged
and our citizens were aroused to
the sense- oi impending danger.
The bell sounded out vigorously,
long and loudly, and firemen and
others responded quickly. It was
soon ascertained that lumber in
the sawmill yard of E. W. Strong
wa on fire. ,
Fire had been set in two differ
ent places in the-yard, and at one
place in the mill. The fire in
the mill was readily extinguished,
as was one of , the fires in the
yard, which latter had , been -set
among a lot of damp green
shingles not far from a shed of
dry lumber. The fire which had
been started in the northwest
corner of the yard was the one
that did the damage.
This was hardwood lumber,
mostly maple and ash, and thou
sands of feet of it was destroyed
despite the efforts of the fire boys
and others who assisted in check
ing the flames.
The fire got so well under
headway that it was difficult to
handle and it was early morning
belore it was extinguished. Mr.
Strong estimates his loss at
$i,ooo. It was what people term
a "close call," but compared
with what it might easily have
been it was a very fortunate escape,
not only for Mr. Strong, but the
town, as a fairly good breeze was
blowing from the north.
The fires were started . while
the night watchman at the mill.
F. A. Pierce, was partaking of
his mid-night lunch. That it
was the work of an incendiary
there is no room ' for doubt.
Moreover, the fires were undoubt
edly set by the same contemptible
creature who fired E. R. Bryson
and E. P. GrefToz's woodsheds at
intervals during the past fall and
wiflter. In proof of this assertion
is the fact that there was a strong
odor of kerosene in the air when
citizens first arrived at the scene
of the conflagration, and the
regulation empty bottles well
scented with kerosene were found
on the scene of the fires. It
behooves everybody to be very
careful and look into the actions
ot any party who may be dis
covered acting suspiciously under
the cover of darkness.
Dr. Geo. W. Payne
During the engagement of Miss
Marguerite Foy which will come
to the Corvallis theatre next week
commencing Thursday, Feb. 23d,
for three nights, Dr. Payne will
make plain the problem of how
Psychic suggestion is induced,
and by presenting facts and
principles that are as free from
predjudice and partiality as his
personal factor of basis will ; per
mit, together with numerous
scientificjtests ' he will not only
accomplish this, but will demon
strate in snch a manner its won
derful range of application in hu
man life that no small amount of
owledge of its use can be ob
Until Friday.
If you are troubled with head
aches, tired eyes, etc., see . Dr.
Dayton. Office at Hotel Cor-
vallis. We do not advise wear
ing glasses unless it is absolutely
necessary. " 7" ,r
Now is
the time
-all kinds
to buy your
grass seed-
at Zierolf s.
Grave Trouble Foreseen.
It need but little foresight, to tell that
when the stomach and liver, are badly
effected, grave trouble is ahead, unless
you , take the proper medicine for your
disease, as Mrs.; John A. Young, of Clay,
flew York., did. She pays : "I bad neu
ralgia of liver and stomach,' my heart
was weakened, and I could not eat, I
was very - bad lor a long time, but in
Electric Bitters I found just vhat I need
ed, for they quickly relieved and cured
me." Best medicine for weak womem
Sold under guarantee by Allen2& Wood,
ward, druggist, at 50c a bottle. ' v
Poisons In Food.
Perhaps you don't realize that many
pain poisons originate in your foodi but
some day you may feel a twinge of dys
pepsia that will convince you, Dr. King's
New Life Fills are guaranteed to cure
all sickness due to poisons of undigested
food or money backl - 25 cents at Allen
&. Wood ward drugstore. ' Trythem.' .
FQtey'JSKIdney Cure
maket kidneys wad bladder right
You Can Mot Afford Wot
to Buy a Suit or Overcoat Nov!
" Every suit, overcoat, and pair of trowsers, men's, boys, and ltttle fellows,'
has been markey down to such a figure that ia simply a waste of money for you
not to take advantage of this, our inal clearance of winter snd medium weigh t
clothiDg Note th J below, and come in aud look at the values offered :
Copyright 1904 by
Hart Schaffner fcf Marx
Regulator of Low Prices
Our Great Annual Stock-taking
Immense reductions in every department. Short ends
odd sizes, broken lines and remnants by hundreds.
Dress goods, Silks, Readymade wear, L,ices, Ribbons,
Draperies, L,ace curtains, Sheets, Pillow cases, etc.
Prices in many cases
duced by half. Our
IV 1 H 11111131 M
I r f i I I
Great Shoe Sale
The largest assortment of Shoes offered on
, ; Special Sale in Philomath. Comprises about --
1,000 pair of Men's, Women's, Misses', Boy's
V and Children's Shoes will be on sale during
the month of February. This reduction will
. be made for Cash only. Immediate attention
will be given to Mail Orders. There, are
. - Special Prices on Men's, Women's, Boy's and
Children's Rubber Boots and Oil Coats. ,.
We also call your attention to our large Stock -
: ; of Millinery Goods which are on Special Sale.
$ 5 00 Suit or Overcoat now $ 3 QQ
7 50 " " 598
9 00 ' 7 2Q
1000 " " 800
12 50 ' " 9 98
13 50 " ".. 1060
15.00 " " " 1215
16 50 " " " 13 25
18 00 " " 14 40
20 00 " 1595
$ 2 50 Suits or Overcoat now $ 1 99
3 00 " " ; " 2 40
4 00 " " 321
6 00 " " " 395
6 00 " " " 483
I will refund the money on all cash
' purchases made on a certain day of
February, the day to be selected by
some disinterested party, bv lot, on
March 1st. No matter what you pur
chase for cash at retail rates, be it a
five cent or a hundred dollar purchase
If your duplicate checks bear the date
of the "Lucky Day'' your money will
be cheerfully refunded. Save your
Duplicate Cash Checks for
EVERY CHECK bearing the date
of the ''Lucky Day" is as good as gold
My popular prices will prevail just
the same and the Bargain Counter is
loaded with useful articles at prices,
well, you can't call them prices ; they
are Bargains.
CsnraHiS, Ore.
will arrive