Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 07, 1905, Image 3

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John Dav, of this city, is quite
ill at bis home. He is threatened
with pneumonia.
Attornpy E. R. Brysoi) arrived
tome, Saturday, fr m 8 business trip
to Lincoln courity.
Amy Cameron Hrrived home last
Thursday frou. Portland, where he
bad Keen for several dys attending
to matters of business.
Titus Ranney cm me in from his
place of business, Summit, yester
day, and returns today. His was
a business trip.
W. L. Shedd, E Woodward and
W. N. Newton have been appoint
ed appraisers in the estate of Sey
mour Chipman, deceased.
Last Wednesday ounty court
convened and adjourned on the
same dav. making, we believe, a rec-
VtH for the shortest terra or tne
f county court yet held in this coun
From what we can learn, quite a
number cf our citizens aie plan
a triD to Portland next Satur
day that they may attend the
Pachmam concert.
Teddy Irvine, a younger brother
cf Roy Irvine, of this city, came
up from his home in Independence,
Saturday, to visit nis reuuvu. jh
returned home vesterday.
It mav be of interest to our ath
letes that H. L. Keeler, of Ohio
Wesleyan University, has been en
gaged to coach the Willamette Uni
versity's track team this season
Miss Heln Steiwer, of Jefferson
arrived in Corvallis, Friday, tor
brief visit with her brother, Karl
who is attending school at OAC
and the many friends she has in
this city.
The Lower House of the Alabama
Legislature today passed the Senate
bill forcing persons giving ground
for action in divorce cases to ran ain
single for three years, the other
parties to remain single one year.
How would this work in Oregon?
Miss Grace Huff, of this city,
who recntlv submitted to an oper
ation for appendicitis, is so much im
proved, in nealtb. tbat sne is now
able to sit up. bae had a very
close call, her life at one time being
despaired of. but she is now oa the
road to rapid recovery.
China "New Year'' is now on.
Last Friday evening was the dawn
proper of ttos holiday tune of the
Ihild of the "Flowery Kingdom." It
generally celebrated with the
sppmg oi nr? cracaers ana evi-
fenceB of enthusiasm are controlled
ay tne condition or tne ,cnroK s
pocketbook. China New Year is of
about thirty days duration
At a special mef ting of the ath
letic council, U. of 0., held Satur
day afternoon! Fred Steiwer was
' elected manager for the University
of . Oregon football team for the
looming season . Fred is a gradu
ate of OA.O and was a very popu
mr student while here. From the
Jibove it appears that be is no less
""popular with the student body at
r a. i II .E
uie u. oi v.
We are in receipt of an invita
tion to be present at the mid-winter
commencement exercises to be held
February 4th to 7tb, at the state
normal school at Monmouth, Or
I he class sermon was delivered at
10:30 a., m. Sunday, . by Dr. Hill.
cf Portland. There were . fourteen
in the graduating class.
The Eugene Guard has assumed
its former size, oi-e half the size ' of
Recent date. They unnesitatingly
declare that they have been losing
money ot late by publishing a pa
per twice the size required by Eu
gene, as iouows: "We have no ap
pology to make for this change,
we nave steadily been losing
money nave 1 lost considerabl
through publishing a paper donble
tne size required by the town. Bug'
mess necessity required the change."
Ben Woldt, who - was in -. Port
land last w.eek for a business leca
tion, succeeded in securing someth
log to his liking. He has leased a
saloon on the corner of Second and
Morrison streets for a terth-of three
years, and returned to the metropo
lis yesterday to assume charee.
Mr. Woldt's family will remain in
Corvallis for a time on account pf
the health of his daughter, Miss
Minnie Woldt. .
The convention of the fourth
district of Oregon, Knights
Pythias, is to convene in this city
on the 22nd of this month. Local
; Knights will in the meantime busy
themselves with preparations
give theirfguests a royal", welcome.
Just what oar boys will do to their
visitors is not yet determined, but
we'll wager, it will- be. the proper
thing. There are twelve districts
. of the order in .the ' state and the
fourth comprises ' the ' 1 counties tf
Marion, Folk,' Benton and Linn
T .e Ladies Coffee Club enter
tained a number of friends Thurs
day evening. A general good time
resulted. - ;
From the cool weather last week
it i cafe to guess tbat the tail of
the co'd gn;p rfcently experienced
in the E ist touched us ligntly.
Geo. A. Robinson tins had fix-.
apart meiit on the He phi!l corner
remodVled and suita'lf arranged
as a reai estate office f r himsilf.
This is a g.wd location f r him and
his business.
, A week ago
Burnett began
tnX-F. Monday
oliKfd $1,5-24
yecterd.. Sheriff
th cH-c'ion ft
, the fir-. -day. h
'id o ii e n-irtg t b-
books laft Siit'irdav 1 1 " 1 coeci-
ed 'hhBum of $4 238. Thi-. is mi
bad f r the first k
Rev. H. A Deck and wifn are
soon to start Ei with their little
son, who is afflcted with tuber
culosis of the spine. Pennsylvania
is their destination, and they are
seeking treatment for the child
The health of Miss Emma B.
Thompson, who has ben confined
to' her bed for some time, is some
what improved, but she is yet far
from well. She is now out of bed
Hereafter the O. C. T. Co's. boats
will leave Corvallis for Portland on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday of
each week. At present the Jre-
gonia makes the trip up only as
tar as Albany.
N. F.Gillespie, until'r'cently at
Kline s, is at present in Independ
eiice, wnere ne nas in view a spien
did position. If everything is t'
his satisfaction he wiil take up his
residence iu that city. - .
General T. J. . Thorp returned
Friday, from a business trip East.
While in the JLast ne visited in
Baltimore and .at the national
capital. He has been absent for a
matter of six weeks. Mrs. Thorp
who has been visiting in Portland
for several weeks, returned hoiue
with the General
The vocal recital given at the
College Chapel, Friday evening, by
puplis of Mrs. Green, was well at
tended. . In fact, from accounts
ppears there was no room to spare.
uite an, extended program was
re. dered by the pupils in an ac
ceptdble manner and the efforts
the various singers were well re
ceived. Mrs. Green was accompan
ist. . '
Yesterday, W. G
this citv, ohiprnd
Wade, of Ol-x, Or., . Ii
Pl uiou h R k c ick
tic M . EmfV rcHv,
d figur-', but i' i
i bird't'iat, Mr. W i ii 1 T -
eel ve.
Dr. Harsh a has ..tira..: aru
rowds tT ev'ry ine t iii ha
eld 80 fir. . T ie. Oprn H -.ii-e yr f
eked ht both hi ra t Su--.
i:-y afiernoon and cv Hi a, " nl he
ppears t") have aw.ikeiiKl r-n sid-r-
hle interest id h8 n ..f tor
t is Stated thftt Dr. Harha wi 1
continue in this ci y .fur inn-iU' i
Friday evening , the following
Uorvaihsites went over to Albany
to be present at the initiation of
some recruits into the " orderv of
Woodmen: O. A. Gerhard, Jas
Githins, Jas. Waggoner, Carl Ppr
ter, Floyd Lane and Frank Fran
cisco. They did not ariive home
until about 3:30 Saturday morning
but report that they got thei
money's worth. "
Isaac Harris came up from Port
land, Friday for a visit with old
time friends in his boyhood home
With the exception of passing
through Corvallis on one or two ex
cursions from Portland, this is M
Harris first visit here in about
fifteen years. He is a son of H
E. Harris, at one time a well-
known business man of this city,
but who at present has his resi
dence in Portland.
The chicken pie dinner given in
Marshal Miller's hall last Saturaday
evening, by the Ladies' Aid Society
of the M. E. church, was a great
success in every way. The ladies
realized about $67 on their dinr er,
$50 of which sum they intend to
expend in improvement on the
church parsonage. There was
very large - crowd for dinner on
this occasion all told, ' somewhere
in the neighborhood of 260 or 270
persons ate chicken. The ladies
'eel grateful fur the patronage they
received. "
n , at u i ,
iiit- nrepnr-
Physicxl Director Tri
has ahout forty youg
ng for p aces on the tr k leam.
On Feb. 22,- sp'i'iteis repi esenti i
each class at OAC will c .i p te k
i cross-count rv r-ce Th will
tart at theath'etic
coilege and . run to i giv-n nin
tear the Catholic Oeinefi-ry ind
urn, altogeiher a dints' ce of ihr--
or four miles . ioh.cvhi-s s wi i
award medals 'ainone tbe'ir.fe'v-
About three weekxylr t -r h-re wi
te another rnc' .f a siiiii'--
character; the d-taHs of whic w
appear later rhe fratiit- is airmd
up f r piacing the' canVHs o-r tl)
Hthleitc track and u is thorgf.
h it the cover w;L be in place t -
dy. Everything looks p easi
gardlng the prospectx hr a good
tra-k team this year at t'i coiiegM.
Pnf. Mordaunt God mi "tigbt wh.
arrivtd. here bnura y to, atten.
some matt rs ( f business, retrjrnid
to Poit and yes-Wda ;. He wi I
give a piano rec tl wth hi- pupiV
ht the Western Academv of Music,
Feb. 15. Alpha Murray, of this
city, is on the program for a piano
number and will go to the metro'
Dilis nextSaturda to remain until
bf er ihe recital, also to attend th
concert of thegr- at Polish pianist,
De Pachmann. who appears at the
Marquam Grand theure Feb. U
We are author zed to s.nte that,
yielding to the solicitn tion f many
former pupils, also those who
sire to study with bkn, that begu
ing Feb. 18, Prof. Goodnougn wn
make regular trips t this 'city
every Saturday to give instruction
His ability is well known here and
no mention of his worth is necessary,
There is a rumor .in circulation
to the' effect -that Edwin Stone's
death was not v occasioned by a
murderous assault. This theory is
that in retiring Mr. Stone hung
his coat in such a manner' at the
head of the bed that it caught fire
after he had fallen asleep. Then
the bed clothes were ignited and
Mr. Stone was burned quite badly
before he awakened . Struggling
and half suffocated, he fell out of
bed, injuring himself still further
and overturning the burning lamp.
This .may be true, but it scarcely
explains some rambling talk that
he is credited "with during a half
lucid interval. Still, this may be
the correct theory. ' ?
Mahara's minstrels appeared at
the Opera House, Saturday even
ing, : to a full nouse. After the
band had rendered a piece or two
on the street in the afternoon, it
became, a lore gone ' conclusion
that ' they would be1' greeted by a
i I i il.'LL.l' mi .
laijjo ouuicuuo iu iiiie evening, i. ne
band is far better , than is usually
carried by 1 cooipanies? ''of "this
character. A .good, orchestra of
seven. pieces llsubpqrtSedlUhe per
formers -on the stage. The hoop
rolling by English t wa especially
fine, as was the muafcal tarn . In
fact, the company gave a perform
ance fully up to the standard set
by "burnt cork" artiste, and the
verdict is that Mahara's minstrels
have improved since their ' previous
visit nere. ', 1
Strong colonies - protect themselves
against robbers and bee-moths. .. .
In rendering beeswax, use a tin, brass
or copper vessel. An iron one will
darken It -In
making candy to feed bees be
careful not to burn it. Burnt candy
will kill them.
' In France, according to government
figures, for the ten years ending with
1901, the average , number of colonies
was 1.60M12; honey per colony 10
pounds, 11 ounces; wax per colony
three pounds... - . :
, Rainwater ia the right thing to use
in melting wax. Well water, especially
that where yellow clay or red sand
abounds in the soil, contains iron, and
this browns the wax. no matter how
carefully the melting be done. '
Dr. C. C. Miller says in ;' Glean
ings that heretofore the largest yield
he ever got from on colony was 192
sections, but last year he got 300 sec
tions Irom one colony, with a number
of other colonies' yielding nearly as
well. He credits these large yields to
the selection of the best stores to breed
from, and to the phenomenal flolr of
white clover, which the bees stored un
til nearly mid-October. , t ..
Death of O. A. C. Regent.
Yesterday the news of tlis
death of J. M. Church . reached
this city. His connection with
, the Agricultural College, being a
E u- y. of : member of the' board of regents
i . fri r nan I at the time of his death, made
i-ifT.i him more or less ajiamilliar fig,
Tt'5 I ure in Corvallis, On learning of
U. a I U;Q Aanr flia rmf Virt"l'tl"oc! Q f C A O
had the flag placed at half-mast.
Last? Thursday morninsr Mr.
Church,' while walking from his
hotel ' to the depot in Salem,
where he was attending business,
slipped and fell on a trestle.
In falling his jawbone was brok-
11' 1
en ana ne received, internal in-
juries He was at once removed
to St. Vincent's Hospital for
treatment, and for a time it. was
thought he would soon recover,
but internal complications arose
and he died at 8:30 Sunday morn
ing. Mr. Church was aged 74 years
at the time of his death and was
widely known in Oregon, having
been an active business man -for
many years. He was reputed to
be a shrewd politician, but never
held office. He was an adherent
of republican principles, He was
born at Hunter, oh the Hudson,
N. Y., in November, s1830. In
1855"he went to California, and
came to Oregon in 1860. Since
then he has been a permanent
resident of the state and engag
ed in business in various parts
of Eastern Oregon.
He engaged in mining opera
tions immediately after coming to
this state, but went into the mer
cantile business in 1881, becom-
a member of Bear, Church & Co.,
at Island City, near LaGrande.
Later he extended his operations
to Enterprise, Waillowa county.
Mr- Church made LaGrand
his home- and the funeral wil
occur there today. His only
suryiving relative, aside from
sister who resides in Dover.
Tenn., is a son, W- J-
who was with his father at the
time of his death. Thus, Ore
gon loses another of her rugged
pioneers a man 'of value to his
community and the state gener
ally. OAC will also " feel the
loss of a loyal friend as Mr.
Church was always '. an earnest
supporter of the college. He
was on two committees at OAC
the college and state committees,
being chairman of the latter.
Extraordinary . .
... AiiiioisiiceineM
This announcement, U m
mercantile house in the Wil -a .
terest to everv .nian, woman i-l
t ini inr a"T evu m ide by
tte vall.-v kv'A of vat
hild it f. - Hii lvicii-
Our 35th CIearance Sale
closed Jan. 31st, and in giving thanks for voar gner u pifr m
agc, I make the following extraordinary ann mncement: I will
refund the money on all cash purchases mde on a certain d ty
of the month of February, the day selected to be announced in
the GAZETTE of March 3. The Lucky Day will be selected b
lot. . '
No Matter What You Purchase !
for cash at retail rates, be it a five-cent or $100 purchase, if jj
your duplicate checks bear the date of the LUCKY DAY,' your 3
money will be cheerfully refunded. i
Save Your Duplicate Checks
secured with cash purchases as no monty will be refunded ex
cept on presentation of duplicate cash cht cks. Buy something
every day and you are bound to
Be ome cf uhe Lucky Ones
My popular low prices will prevail during
goods marked in plain figures Mail orders
cash will. participate in this offer.
this month. All
accompanied b
Regulator of Low Prices
Corvallis, Ore.
Our Great Annual Stpck-taking
Famous Hop Suit.
A Menaace to Health.
Kidney trouble ia an Insidious Banger
end maey people are of a Beri'oud malady 1
beford the symptoms a:e recognized.
Foley's Kidney cure corrects 1reaulari-
ties and strengthens' and builds up the
kidnies, and it should be taken aUth
first fiidicatioa of kidney trouble, p$ it is
impossibh to have good' "health" ii1 Ke
kidneys are deranged-. For sale by Gu
ham & Wpftham.5 2 JY3
' Ye-terday morning, j$darhs 'Bros
began the construction of - an addi
tion to the barn of Dr. Cathey. .
Frand Exposed.'
A few counterfeflerg have lately been
makipg and trying to sell imitations of
Dr. Kings New Discovery for consump
tion Coughs and Colds, and other medi
cines, thereby defrauding the public.
This is to warn you to beware of such
people, who seek to profit, though steal
ing the reputation of remedies which
hive, been successfully curing disease,
for over 35 years. ; A sure protection, to
you, is our name on the wrapper. Look
for it on all Dr. TjingS or ' Bucklen's
remedies as all others are mere imita
tationt. ; H.'E.Bnckien & Co. Chicago,
111. and Windsor, cauada. , For Bale by
Allen & Woodward. - i
Kola Neis, of Albany, a few
days ago filed with j the clerk of
this county an appeal to the
supreme court in the hop cas'e pt
Kola Neis vs. John Whitaker &
Son: The latter reside about
ten miles south ot this citv. The
snit is for the recovery of alleged
damage of $5000 to. Mr. Neis in
the violation 01 a hop' contract.
According to understanding, it
appears tnat Messrs. VVnitaker !
and son contracted their hops to
Mr. Neis for a term of years at
eight cents ' per pound, but in
1903 a verbal contract was given
by Mr. Neis, in which he agreed
to allow Whitaker & Son 10
cents, and a percent above 10
cents if the price . of hops was
appreciablyiadvanced' Mr. Neis
is feaid to hayfe reduced this verbal
contract to writing," arid to have
kept it, but Cthat Tyeaf fie only
paid $50 as percentage . above
the to cents agreed upon' on thej
1 entire Crop." : ? A i
Last fall Whitaker & Son re
fused, to deTiVer more hops to
Mr. Nxis t asserting- :that , the
latter, -in standing by the verbal
i-uunaci 01 a year previous, naa
himself broken the. original con
tract and in so doing had releas
ed them.
Mr. Neis took the 'matter : in
to the courts last . fall uoon the
refusal of Whitaker & Son to
deliver to him some : 20.000
pounds of hops. And was de
feated. This case was consider
ably discussed last fall and is
likely to again attract lively
interest. ' :
Immense reductions in every-department. Short ends
odd sizes, broken lines and remnants by hundreds.
Dress goods, Silks, Readymade wear, Laces, Ribbons,
Draperies, Lace curtains, Sheets, Pillow cases, etc.
Prices in many cases re
duced by half . Our new
Spring goods will arrive
IFa Ln MfJSMfS Corvallis
- u . ..'
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys and bladder right
CorerColdsi Prevents Pneumonia
1 i us ' Jj-rfi, Dili's-.
. The largest assortment of Shoes offered on
. Special Sale in Philomath; ; Comprises about
1,000 pair of Men's,. Women's, Misses', Boy's
and Children's ShoesSfvill be on sale during
the month of February. This reduction will
be made for Cash only. Immediate attention
will be given to Mail Orders. There are
- - Special Prices on Men's, Women's, Boy's and
' Children's Rubber. Boots and Oil .. Coats.
We almcall your attention to our large Stock
a. of Millinery "Goods which are on Special Sale.
.3 (l - ( -
. - . . ! : i v.: Is: r
'I Si' Jt.?:).
,4 '
:' ,itffHis! tin i Ki'i .
10 "5
f .'Ii