Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 07, 1905, Image 2

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Knot ii
l ?sdays and Fridays by
bmshing Company.
To Tub Public.
; Arrangements have been made
for "the cert monies -of Grand
Army Day at tha Lewis and ! The undersigni-il have purchased the
Clark Fair, to Le held June 23 on mtere8' jf Levi Henkie in the City Drav
the Fair grou
year, in advance, $1.50.
nice, per year, $2.00.
f'adj Iy Signature.
' "liat he ,
fes and 1
feet of
years ago
i&e Sout
It if
' i. T 1.4. 3 Pelh'
ifd two light rjiana-j t0
jrs on the hands and,s
erson Davis ..rty
cause Davis did not
hen the capital of
n confederacy was
when his principal
smuiss sUi ndered, and it was
craierstoc. is admitted in Davis'
liooks. tha it was his intention
lotiyto t. cape across the Missis
sippi,, so Jvxt -he could join the
army in i;at section and con
tinue the war. Aa a further
reason, C. A. Dana, Assistant
Secretary r' War, directed Gen- j birds an
4ra? MiW in a snpfial order to Then
phee the obstructions mentioned
n Davis t . render his imprison-
Gen. Miles i
episi c
latter s
recent.1 it'
tion )ic t: 1
came w -nication
city anrt .- .
Heie i- - li-.
,'-Sii P
which IK! :
Japam. Ha-
to the a'' ov , ,
the fo )(. nj
son uiirit r ri
nusual thing for
- ' e a letter and for:
eir name, but it
ient of such an
-., t-specirillv if ti e
i v dollars slipping
t'.-k of a signature,
'i, of Burlineton,
t-r ot fancy bantams,
td a cofnmunica-
ih'-- city. to which no
-i.ed. "The cornmu
iddressed at this
. i.h.- date of Jan. 23
Mr. Ft-nn received:
ie find stamp for
f your' circular of
a ms, and price of
s. no name attached
Mr. Fenri addressed
t Postmasttr John-
e of Tan. 28, also
Company. The terms of the transaction
includes the good will of the business
Mr Hp kin, having re'ired from the
firm Thatkina the publii; for past pat
ronage and soliciting a continuance of
the business of all old pat'ons, and of
such new ones as may see fir. to favor us
we a e, Ke.ectfnlly,
Robixson '& Fuller.
Hfail)iiartef8 for the firm at Wellaher
& Gray'elstore. Independent phone 126.
An offer to make you come up
stairs and see us.
New Mainspring (none better),
Cleaning (ordinary watch),
$1.00. Cannot be done better at
any price.
MATTHEWS, The Jeweler.
Room 12, over First National
r c n id iroin this citv
. ; "We wo the enclosed let
ter, tii ! d thiough vour P. O..
,, , , encl siri o er for pantams that
adds that ne was in receipt of i. .... , , ' ... .. .
Ai, . , , : ljv. 1 1 - 1
naify notie . ; ot plots to ettect tne
. ? j.
leseue 01 i. avis, wnn uirecuons t fcr? ,. . (
lotaseev ry precaution to Pre-,wich.d(. s , . bear the writer's
Tent them from being carried 's!gnatui-. It there is any way that Uou can 'lucate tie party who
il t 1 1 ! wrote to i.i fnui, please notify
Ife Constitution of the State hi 111 to 'hat'tff ct. ' It he cannot
ef Oregon, which was wisely en-:3 c'f fl Pease destroV lhe
ed by our forefathers, eMrl Johnson tartxed the
inch has carried us safely along etter fvtr toJ ,Gene Sim
fsarniore than half a century, is;hopirjK t,,a, he lnight be ab!e to
good enough for some of oururnavel ,ne uiystery, but the lat
leffelators. Every attempt in-jter amid not guess the riddle,
aetly has been practiced to) Now, h t whoever wants Japanese
jm i.rti..j j 4. .:4.i. T . i.u 4.i-: i i
tinpt on that subject for twenty;
-jemrs. A bill is now pending be
foze the legislature to raise the
salaries above ; the constitutional
Eoe by increasing the amounts
wer the limit prescribed by that
instrument. No wonder there are
$& many who disobey the law
wfesn a body of men under solemn
esth to obey an instrument so
sacred as the constitution of the
stfste will continually introduce
tiSs to overstep its provisions.
While there are so many compet- i "While spending the past season in
cat men seeking those positions Calitornia with several large and ex-
t , . , , perlenced Dee-keepers I was taught sev-
Ifcanakes one curious to learn the , eral valuable lessons. One was the mak
ause from whence comes the' ing of a bee-brush that is, in my opinion,
&m'K4i f cm Hia ofofo Kir onf. i the acm of perfection. Take 20 inches
. ing: a law to increase salaries un-
-derthe constitution, when there
are scores of vable men anxious
3 fill the offices under the pres- conditons.
Steamer Pomona, leaves Cor
vallis, Mondays, Wednesdays
and Eridays, for Portland arid all
way points. For rates, etc.,
call on
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
Valley Points.
Discovered in California by an East-
era Man and Considered the
, Acme of Perfection.
of one-inch hemp rope; double together,
."Like a pardon that comes too
late to save the life of a condemn
tdman. is theJCzar's readiness to
grant many of the demands of j
the strikers in various parts of j
Iris empire. If it was just andj
isroper for him to make these
Hicessions, why did he not do
ss before the riots began? Had an ideal beh brush.
le done the proper thing by his and' bind with stray threads of hemp or is not likelv that such toundation-wire to the length of four
' (f 41
a destruction of property would
fcave occurred as has recently,
and many lives would have been
saved. For the present' inter
al disturbances in Russia the
Czar is to blame he and his
ministers. ' -
inches, for a hnadle; then fray out the
ends of yifur rope and soak it half an
hour in water, and you have a brush that
will neither disable a bee nor mar in
the least the cappings. When dirty, or
daubed with honey, you can wash and
wring dry, like any cloth. I have used
' both whisk and 'hemp brushes in the
j management of 500 colonies of bees, and
I would not use any other but the home-,
made article. By the pressure of your
thumb you can regulate the width, of
your brush so as to cover a Langstrota
frame at one stroke. You can credit Mr.
C I. Graham, of California, with the
above method, for he is the gentleman
who taught me. George HeTrlck, in Bee
Gleanings. ." ' "
Low round trip rales have been placed
n enect between 1'ortland and Wtllam
ette Valley points, in either direction.
Tickets will be sold
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday.
Rate to or From Corvallis, $3.00.
Call on Southern Pacific Co'a Agents
f-r particulars.
The Gazette has made a
special arrangement with
the publishers of a number
of the leading magazines
and newspapers of the Unit
ed States, 'whereby we are
offered cut rates on these
rhe suprema.-y f HAWZS $3 HATin it- wile fieid -ind striking
information in tr:e a a r.l of Ki-t t'rw To tld MHdl 1 h K.,..,i,
Jury at the St. Loui-t Expoiii. n.
This award of the WoH.i'h Fair ,Ji.lK.. will fi.,,1 wi. popular a.entHiu ,n
authoritative endorsement of awvll dM.rrvl, Ion tai.!w'il an-1 rao.d y broad-,
ening reputation for hirHt Mlina a Ml in Which is founded nt.on nnd..'
methods havin the s..lid basis ,,( qnaliiy BUd a eptability that fuilv iuiifv the
exceptional. '
"Guarantee that HA WES $3 HAT iil give better ali around hat
"satisfaction than i-om-s witli hats olTered at nany t ice the price."
Our aaente oppreciate the 8trm t-elling value of that guarantee, and they know
the guarantee could n ,t oe profit maintained year afte. year, and with a rapidl y
creasing selling, unle the hats themselves "tnade good" the claims made fn
them. .
Now we could charge you the
full price for these and re-
srve the difference between
the regular price and their
special price to us, as our
commission, but as the Ga
zette is a home paper for
home people, it will be sat
isfied by receiving you as a
new subscriber, or, if you
are now a subscriber, then
by receiving your renewal
for a year in advance. This
special rate may not last
Jong, so take advantage of it
NOW while the chance is
yours. '
A Great
" - In poited Black Percheron wil
be in CorvalHa, for service, after
January 1. For2 further informa-
T- K Fawcett,
Belliountain, Or.
lipn address,
and .
Cornice, "Roofing, Guttering,
and all kinds of Sheet Metal
F. A. Hencye
In connection with J. H.
iL'XJliia 3!IM Ytfi
Graham & Wells Pharmacy
Woman's Home Companion
Frank Leslie's Monthly
Modern PriseSHa and
Corvallis Gazette
All five
one year
A bill is before the legislature
to appropriate $1,000 to each of
the widows of the prison guards
Vho were killed by Tracy and
Merrill at the time of the out
break at the penitentiary, three!
-wars as-o. A similar bill was
passed a few years ago in favor ": , ' - '. . . , , -
it - t ,4. ,. j AH efforts have failed to find a better
f a Liinn county woman, ana1 , . . ,, .
t d ijniii ' remedy for coughs, rolds and lung trou-
Governor Lord vetoed tne bill oe- ble than FoeyB H0ney and Tar. it
cause it was contrary, to the pro-; stops the cough, heals the lungs and pre
visions of Section 24 Of article & vents serious results from a eold, ,f J. N.
Patterson, Nashua, Iowa, writes: "Lsta
winter I had a bad cold-on my lungs
and tried at least half a dozen advertised
cough medicines and had treatment from
two physicians without getting any ben
egt. A fi iend - recommended Foley's
Honey and Tar and two-thirds of a bot
tle tured me. 1 .consider, it the greatest
cough and lung medicine in the world.
For sale by Graham Sc Wortham . :
cf" the State Constitution.
I Representative Steiwer has in
troduced a bill m the legislature
.to make the Counties and Munic
iipalities "liable for 'fifty- per
kent of the value of live stock
Hailed, which bill it is said will
kely be reported favorably upon
tby the House committee, to whom
-Im. Tvfll was rpferred. The obiect
,, j .n . ed by Bncklens Arnica Salve.. B. Riv-
4f the bill it is said is to prevent M y write8s., burn
;tne raiQS upon, aiiu nmmg ux
stock. . , tnl
Practical Horse Shoer
. . and Blacksmith . .
Slakes a specialty of draft horses and
track shoeing. Two years with reg-
ular army in Philippines as Gov
ernment Shoer. '
Interfering corrected and work.gaff
anteed. .
Agonizitig Burns.
are instantly relieved and perfectly heal-
fbr chllOrvnt uafm, curw. Mo mptat t
m j knee dreadfully that it blistered all
.over, ttuciuen s .Arnica eatve stoppea
the pain and healed it without a sear."
Also heals all wounda . and fores. At
Allen & Woodward. . ' , . ; , ,;
' When your eyes tire in reading, when
t&a. frown or partly close the eyes when
looking at an object; when things
"swim" or become dim after being
looked at for some time; when the eyes
ache, smart," ofr water ; or when you have
pain in the eyeball, , orbit, temples or
. All 4-tiA civMdItinifA 'an CttralSle bv nrno-
er glasses, such as we will furnish you
alter a acteimnc examination. ,
MATTHEWS, The Optician,
- - Room 12, over First National Bank
g-For In&nts and Children,
Tlia Kind Yoii ;Hav8 Always Bought
Interest the
Weekly Oregonian
San Francisco Examiner
Corvallis Gazette
Ail three
one year
And Proprietary Remedies.
Every one that's adve?tised, and some
that are not, can be obtained at our store.
We have a complete drug store don't
sell hardware, dry goods or groceries
but everything in the drug line . . . . . . r.
We want to merit your patronage j
Graham & Wells Pharmacy
Cosmopolitan Magazine
, . or.Leslies, :
.. Housekeeper
:: or McCall's.. .
( Corvallis 'Gazette
Any three
. one year
Repairing ana Job Work
of any kind promptly,
and correctly done.
GSessos Fitted
at prices that are reasonable and
eyes tested free of all charge.
Open Day and Night Rooms Single op EnSuitem
J. C. HAMMEL, Prop.
One of the Finest Equiped Hotels in the Valley
Both Phones ' Bus Meets all Trains
Tfw'lpSmmllp 1 tfntyW jfrU wjfri W4WwW
Add ress '
Gazette Pub. Co
Corvallis, Ore
If yon are looking for some real good
Bargains In Stock, Grain, Fruit and
Poultry Ranches, write for oar special
i list, or come and see us. - We will take
pleasure in giving you reliaole Informa
tion; also showing you over the county
Brjng your Job Work to the
; Gazette Office. , T
Bears tne ,
Signature of