Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, January 13, 1905, Image 1

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Vol.. XL.II.
Local Parties
Present Water
Proposition for Corvallis.
Intend to Incorporate
if Accepted.
An entirely new proposition to
bring mountain water to Cor
vallis was presented last Monday
night by entirely new water com
pany. The new firm is com
posed ot Corvallis men and others
and wants a franchise for fifty
years to supplv this city with the
best' water to be obtained at the
foot of Marys Peak.
The council now has two
different propositions before it for
consideration, the present offer
and the Corvallis Water Com
pany's offer, which Was presented
last week. Both propositions are
now in the hands of the water
committee, l fle last otter is as
We, the undersigned, on behalf
f .i i .
oi ouiscivcsauu oiucis piujjusmg
to incorporate under the name of
Corvallis Mountain Water Com
pany;" offer to install a moun
tain water system to supply the
City . of Corvallis and its in
habitants with water for fire pro
tection and domestic and othtr
uses upon the following terms
and conditions:
nrst, mat tne city grant us,
or our assigns, a franchise for tliej
period of fifty years to lay a cir
culating system of main pipes
through the streets and alleys of
the city of Corvallis and its future
extentions, and to sell, water to
its inhabitants at minimum rates
U 1 '
Second, that the city enter in
to contract with us, or our assigns,
for its water supply for the period
of twenty years trom the date of
. the installation of our proposed
. svstftn. whtrh rontrarf shall nrn
vide that we or our .assigns shall
furnish the city v through such
circulating system,- water for
adequate fire protection through
. out the city, sewer
flushing, j
. sprinkling ail street squares and
street fronting on city property,
and for use in city buildings and
fire department,- in return for
which the citv is to pav us on i
the day such service is
furnished j
through such proposed system,
the sum of Siq 600.00 in ad-;
vance, or the sum of $17,000,00
in advance for fifteen years of
said term, or the sum of $13,'
300.00 in 'advance for ten years
of said term, and in the event of
a partial payment only being
made, then for the balance of
said contract period at the rate ot
$2000 per year payable quarter
annually. This contract shall
also provide that if for any
reason the city is unable to make
the advanced payment provided
for therein at the time specified
therefor, ihen the city shall pay
for the services contracted for, at
the rate of two thousand dollars
per year payable quarter-annually
In case this franchise and con
tract is granted us, we expect,
subjected to the conditions here
inafter expressed, to install with
all possible speed a first-class,
up-to-date system, of sufficient
capacitv and pressure '' to supply
the present and prospective needs
of the city, and as soon as possible
to supply the same with a stream
of mountain water from Rock
Creek at the base of Marys Peak,
conducting the same through a
durable conduit to a reservoir
near the city and thence to the
city system. ' This ' system will
cover practically the entire tity
as at present bounded and will
alo incl udd 1 main pipes to the
principal sections and more
thickly settled portions of the
proposed extentions of, the city
limits. In this respect it is our
desire and intention to fully
meet the wishes of yqur honor
able body. '' .
This offer is conditional upon
the city agreeing to assist us in
any , proper manner, by lending
us the use of its name, by cou-
id.Muitation proceedings, it.e do-,
njtton of any necessary rights cr!
powers or oinerwise, but at our
expense, in procuring necessary
right-of-ways and water rights, or
if necessary' and requested, to
procure the same for us at our ex
pense. In case of. delay in ac
quiring sucn ngnt-oi-ways and:
water rights we agree to supply
said system immediately with
water from the Willamette river
bv means of a pumping station
of like sufficient pressure and
capacity, until such rights can
be secured. '
This contract is contingent up
on a satisfactory contract being
made with the Board of Regents
of the Oregon Agricultural Col
lege to . furnish water to that
We further agree that notwith
standing any grants ot a franchise
to us or any agreement or con
tract with the city ' for its water
supply, we will at any time witb,
in sixty oays from the date hereof
relinquish all claim and right
under such franchise or contract
in esse the city shall decide to
put in its own water system, up
on the city's re-imbursing us for
such reasonable expense as we
have incurred up to that
A. J Johnson, '
E R Bryson, ',
Gordon V. Skelton.
Actor James Keane in Trouble.
James Keane, who a short
time ago played such an ex
cellent three-nights engagement
in this city, putting on "What
Happened to Jones, Sherlock
Hoimes" and "Dr. Jckyl and
Mr. Hyde" is soon to fill an en
gagement in Justice Reid's court
in Portland in a different "role.
Keane will come before the bar
of justice as defendant in a suit
instituted against him by Her
bert iAjtp iiidTgay;
West and wife, former members
of the Keane Dramatic Com
pany, to recover " $180 salary
alleged to be due them and fares
to Siti Francisco, which was tbe
place where they signed to play
with the actor manager.
There is an o!d theatrical say-
'it is very
cold in winter
and the walking's good in June"
Tbe winter season is now on and
whiie the plaintiffs in this ,suit
may be able to ride on the train
to San Francisco at their own tx- ;
pense, they propose to see Keaae
purchase the. . railroad . tickets.
The trouble is all on account of
the "dismissal by Keane of Messrs
Ashton, West and their wives.
Keane concluded to reorganize
the company and put . on only
4 'Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, ' '
Consequently a fortnight before
Christmas he - gave Ash ton and
wife and Tony . West and his
better half the customary two
weeks' notice. It is a rule in
theatrical circles that the week
before Christmas which is called
Christmas week, a manager is
entitled to lay his company off
and pay the members nothing,
and if he plays the company
only half salaries are paid. The
reason of this is that the week is
a great ene lor shopping and light
business is expected at the
theaters. The same rule applies
during holy week.
Keane invoked this rule against
his discharged ' players. They
objected claiming that where
they had received a final dis
charge on two weeks' notice they
were entitled to full pay for the
final week of their engagement
whether it was Christmas week
or any old week; They also
demanded fares to San Francisco
where they signed alleging that
thev are entitled to transportation
back to the starting point. Keane
declined to pay even in stage
money, and the result was that
John F. Logan was employed to
collect the bill, and has started
things going in that direction.
.Patronize bjuie industry Cor
vallis Steam Laundry. -
Items of Interest In and Around
the O. A. C.
Mr. Shepard gave a short talk
in chapel Tuesday morning on the
propostd new building for. the
students. He distributed neat
little booklets among the students
which contain information about
the Y. M. C. A. and the propos
ed new building. : '
Rev. Humbert, of the Eueent
Divinity School, was a visitor at
chapel Wednesday morning and
lead devotional extrcises.
The football boys had a call
meeting Tuesday to consider
somtthings of importance.
The basket ball girls areget
ting in good torm tor the game
which occurs with Albany in the
near future. Myrtie Harrington
who has had a sprained wrist and
Edua Smith, who has been un
able to practice for some time on
account of a sprained ankle.
were both on the field for prac
tice Wednesday evening.
The Feromans and. the Phila
delphiaris are to. have a joint
meeting of their societies Satur
day evening.
Two OAC students were unit
ed in marriage last Saturday
They were J. C. Wright and
Miss Mae Harris. They have
the best wishes of all their
student friends.
Ada Finley, an '03 graduate
came in from her country home
Monday and will spend the rest
of the winter in Corvallis. She
has iust completed a successful
term of school in her home dis
trict. -'
fatudepts were glad to see
Coach McFadden of the '03 foot
ball team in town. . , He expects
to retire from football coaching
and devote .all of his time t the
Dractice of la w. ""
K. of P. Will Break Record.
Five thousand candidates will
be initiated into the mysteries of
the Knights of Pythias at one
lime on Monday night, Feb. 20.
For the occasion the big Jn
Alai building on De Baliviere
Avenue, near the World's Fair
Grounds, will be converted into
an immense lodge room, and the
ig-eatest lfiitiatio-in tne nistory
01 all stcret societies will take
place in . bt. Louis.
P ihians not alone from St.
Louis, but from all over Missouri
and from distant states will be
present to participate in the" uu-
paralelled initiation. - . v
' It is anticipated that more than
15,000 Knights : will participate
in tne ceremonies. St. L,ouis
with its 34 lodges and more' than
5,000 members will be the hosts
and among the guests will be
1,000 Knights from Kansas City,
who have already signified their
intention of attending the Pythian
tsig JNight as tne occasion is re
ferred to.
Pythians are awakening un
usual interest everywhere and
Missouri is determined to out-do
all other states. It was at first
prooosed to confer the initiator
degree upon a class of 2,500 but
so many responded that it was
decided to double the number.
County Court Notes,
In the matter of the donation
of county funds for the improve
ment 01 county roads, .it was
ordered by the court that the or
der made in said matter, July 7,
1002,' be rescinded.
: In the matter of the application
of T C Baker and others, for
county road, it appearing that
the board of road viewers having
not filed their amended report in
said matter, it was' ordered that
it beconunued for the term.
It was otdered that the supe
visors be directed to collect th
road and poll tax of tx in cash
for the year 1905.
Big Advance Sale of Wcrr n's and Ch-
Lot 4
Ttat Hctim Qn W i Mm
F. L. Miller Corvallis, Oregon
No Peruna in Corvallis.
The fi st of tbe wetk D putv
Dist. A !y Kdvm ii. Id d c fi-
cu-i at hix-fftcr. M -wh-ch A: C.-
vallis drnggis s w: ie j-r eui " L
WaS for ll!t LUtrl'M- f ir-iOing
and explainiiit; ie" pn ' 1
option law, so tb ir, tot-re would
be no misund. i-.tii duiy m lfg1d
to it, and also to info mi the rinij -gists
-that acc.nd'ng in hi-, ver
sion of the law, Peruna ad cer
tain other pate t im-dicinps co -
taming alf o' ol. cmr uniicr iht
head of .-j. ..riixou licjuois, . riid
that it w u d . Ws du '
prosecute an ise com i.y iob s
notice, whric Peruna v!a . -1
whether to habitual drunker '.-, of
to an invalid who wanted it only
por medicine. As Peruna con
tains less than 20 per cent aleoho
and is also one of their besi
sellers".1 the local druggists feei
that the recent ruling is a little
severe, as it will hurt their busi
ness to a gr at extent, ' and they
have a numiaer ot customers who
purchased Peruna regularly be
fore prohibi'iori went into effect.
These customers will now be
forced to- send away for their
medicine. Truly the drinking
man of Ben ton county is 'uf;
against 11" as the druggists al
intend to b y the law if it run
them out o u-iness, too.
Gr. y in Demand.
- Nothing
menta t
Hiich as
They are
AtAHei 1
I Hi ilrnnurl . iban
II it njfx - : n ltqu-ie
: Ih'HII I'Jt-a se
t: 1 i.- Pint--
11 i to t mi
"Miuliles ' Trj- thfm.
1 11 ' drug Hiore, 25c.
L. Mi
t ttt trot nnet mtrti Van nfe. gum Ute tth
- lmaaylom rtapq. If y M l mwfr mretf m rm ww't ttt iMthtr cttact. Mt i Unr tBt tbn lat,
:v-9i" -virit iff, -Ji
m&' m mmw mw&?
1 mtftn UfaHfT. Tite g mat tumaa h Mmnrtant iMa. eraw tht jwrw. Only wt t . enact,
CO 5 !
. i
a .
O " l
. IP
v 2-3 U
m n mm m met
- lmi M 1 11 mmwhm 1 ! on: also snowiug yon ivcr tue wum;
Bring your Job Work to the
Gazette Office.
m Mmi ttnt. Tale yvat dak
mim r-m
Leading hotei in Corvallis. Newl-Z
furnished with modern conveni
ences. Rates $1 $1.25- $2. ter
day. . . . . . . .
Ii vou are looking for some real good
Barenins in Stock, Grain, Fruit and
Ponltiy Ranches, wrfte forourjpecial
list, or c me and see us. We will tub
pleasure in givinc you rellaole infonna-