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Annual Rise of Willamette and
Its Tributaries Ferry Out
of Business.
Swollen by the steady, heavy
rains of the past week the Wil
lamette river and its tributaries
is on its usual midwinter over
flow. The few days of excep
tionally warm weather last week
has also done its part in bringing
the water up, by me' ting the,
snow in the mountains. The
water has been very riley. and
- muddy and lots of drift wood, and
large fir trees washed out by the
roots, have been going down
stream, showing that the over
flow is cleaning out the lowlands,
and also cutting severely into the
river banks in places.
, The river began rising grad
ually the first of last week, but
on Thursday it began to come up
almost in leaps and bounds, and
on Friday morning was so high
that the free ferrv at this place
was compelled to tie up until the
floods subsided. Only foot pas
sengers were enabled t cross the
river in row boats. By Satur
day noon the water had reached
the highest stage, being 17 feet
above low water mark, in Cor
vallis. At Salem the highest
point reached was 14 feet above
low water. At Oregon City it
only lacked about one foot of be
ing too high for the locks to
At Eugene the highest point
xeached was reported to have
been 15 fett, the backwater caus
ing all mills - and factories
operated by water power to close
down temporarily.
The South Fork of the San-
tiam was on a tear Friday morn
ing, washing out the Southern
Pacific companys bridge between
. Spicer and Ctabtree stations.
The train from Natron down the
branch to Woodburn, on reach
ing the bridge could not cross,
aud was compelled to go back
down the Lebanon .branch to
Albany. ' '
The river is now falling rapid
ly, and all real danger is thought
to be over for the year, as there
usually is not much danger of a
rise in the spriug like the Co'
The receipts for the year just
ended were $6971.67. Those of
the. year ending December 31.
1903, were $6294.89, showing
the increase in business of 1904
over. 1903 to be $676.78.
The above figures show that
the business done during the last
quarter is the largest ever re
corded, the increase over that of
the last quarter in 1903 being
15 per cent. The increase for
the year 1904 over the year 1903
is ioy per cent.
Many Western States Will Dis
play this Staple Fruit at
Our Big Fair. ; -1"
To Protect Pheasants.
Left By Request.
A number ot the sportsmen of
Albany and vicinity have called
a meeting for tonight (Tuesday)
for the purpose of determining
what, stand to, take on pioposed
legislation at the coming session
of the legislature and to agree on
some reasonable bill to propose
for the regulation of the hunting
game 01 all kind and its protec
tion, especially Mongolian pheas
ants. .The matter of protecting:
pheasants is the most serious
question in this section of the
Willamette; Valley, and local
sportsmen are fully aroused to the
necessity of taking some steps
that will prevent utter annihila
tion of pheasants in the next few
Sportsmen coming down from
trips to British Columbia tell of
the very exellent arrangements
made in that country for the pro
tection of the Mongolian pheas
ants, and they are advocating
similar enactments here. The
British Columbia law provides
that a limit of ten birds is'allowed,
that only cocks can be killed,
and the killing of a female is
punishable by a very heavy fine.
The authoities and sportsmen of
that country say the law works
well.- Sportsmen go out and
easily secure their limit, and all
are enthusiastic in support of the
law. Hens are so tame that
sportsmen say that they almost
have to push? them out of the
fields, and there are plenty oi
males for the hunter in his
sport. Portand Journal. , "
"Nettie, the News Girl.
lumbia has each year, on account the road that --stv?e. themselves
, Western states will show East
ern visitors to the Lewis and
Clark Centennial that the Ore
gon country can produce apples
equal to any grown elsewhere.
The people of Michigan and New
York who come to the Western
World's Fair, are likely to be
especially surprised when they
see the wonderful display of ap
ples on. exhibition. ; - '
The Oregon State Commission
has for some months been pre
paring an apple display, and a
large assortment of the fruit has
been gathered and placed in cold
storage, where it will be kept un
til the Exposition opens June 1,
next. More recently, California
has seen the advantage of adver
tising the state at the Fair by an
apple display, and the 'State
Boara of Trade has sent commu
nications to every large" apple
growing county in the state, ad
dre sing growers and local organi
zations that are in a position to
help to exploit the resources of
California in this way. ' Vhile
the season has been bad for ap
ples in some sections, the gen
eral outlook is good for a splen
did showing at Portland in 1905.
A' collection of apples Iroui
Benton county has been prepared
that will come up to anything at
the Fair, it is thought. .
Washington apple growers are
likewise taking a keen interest in
the Fair, and Governor McBride
has been approached with a
proposition to have the state pay
for the collection and storage of
an apple exhibit. If the state
funds should not provide for
meeting this expense, the? is no
question that individual "gro wers
and local organizations will take
up the task. :
In Idaho, also, apple growers,
incited by repoit of activity in
other states, have begun to agi
tate the subjecc -of a state dis
piay of- this Iruit, and prospects
are bright tor an exhibit that will
rival those of -states better known
for their resources rlong this line.
T -1. j n i i r
jacK ivju, a coupie 01 ai!-
reputab e characters, who have i
been trying to carry on a clean-1
ing and dying establishment in-:
this city for some months, left i
town rather hurriedly last Sat
urday night for parts unknown, at
the invitation of, the Chief -of
Police. For some time they have
been carrying on proceedings in
their shop that has not been of
the most respectful nature, and
enough evidence jkr standing
against them to send them' over
the road too quick if they ever
again show up in Cofvallis.
Their real names are lack
Stieet and Bob Vance,, aud any
information as to their'1 where
abouts will be thankfully received
by their many creditors iu' this
citv. It is known that thev came
from Portland, which place, it is
understood. . they left between
suns, iney seemed, to thinlc it
would be more appropriate to
vanish with the old year than to
stay and face the charges the new
year would bring. . jj ti
J Cii-.. irf -tax W-
of not'enough snow falling in the
mountains at the , Willamette's
source. ; .
By some it was feared the flood
of two years ago would be re
peated. At that time the back
water from the Willamette and
the I ovetflow from . Marys river
completely submerged the low
ground in South Corvallis, ris
ing about two leet in the base
ments ot the houses along Ceme
tery avenue.
Increase in Postal Receipts.
. that the business done by
Corvallis and surrounding coun
try druing the year 1904 has con
siderably increased over that of
any former year, is shown by the
receipts ot the .; Corvallis post
office, which is perhaps the
. best guide to go by. : ,
v. Postmaster B. W. Johnson
' fays that the registered letter
business has increased more in
proportion than any other de-
V partment of the' office ' The
money order department has also
: done a larger business than was
ever recorded by this office, and
the sale of postage stamps for the
. past year has been unusually
large. . -'Y
During the Christmas holi
days the employes of the post
. office were literally snowed under
with resistered mail, but by
working all kinds of overtime,
Y were enabled to ; handle all the
; large business of the office. .
The postal receipts for the
- quarter ' ending December 31,
1904 were $2125.51. -; lne re-
ceipts for the quarter ending
Dec. 31, 1903, were $1850.21.
This shows an increase in the
receipts of the last . quarter over
that ot 1903 ot $275.30,
dramas that it is really refresh
ing when one of exceptional - merit
presents itself. In "Nettie, the
News Girl" is promised a play
that stands in the latter class
It is full of pathos, comedy and
sensation artistically interwoven.
For heart throbs and smiles there
has never been a play more clev
erly written. June lines are
bright, the comedy sparkling and
the situations exciting and novel
Messrs. Gould. & Freed have
spared no expense in the presen
tation of this play," and have sur
rounded themselves with a cast
of exceptional " strength and
mounted the play with special
scenery and accessions. At the
Opera House, Friday," January 6,
Q. A. R. Encampment.
Arrangements are soon to be
made by the Department of Ore
gon, urand Army or tbe,Repub
lie, to hold the state encampment
in Oregon City on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday, June
20, 21 and 22, 1905. At the
state encampment at Hood River
last June, Oregon City was selec
ted as the place to hold this years'
encampment. The council of
administration is soon to meet.
and it is understood it is their ia
tention to appoint the above dates
for the time of meeting. It is
proposed to have the Oregon en
campment on the same date as
the Wasbington encampment
which is to be held in Vancouver
n the above dates, and an effort
will be made to have a Grand
Army ' Day on Friday, June 23
at the Lewis and Clark Fair.
mi. ii .
ims win .give tne u. A. K.- and
W. R. C. members from both
I ing the Fair together.
The winter term . of Philo
math College opens today with a
briet program to be held in the
college chapel at 10 o'clock a. m.1
The principal feature of the pro
gram will be an address by Bishop
N. Castle. y Short addresses will
probably be made by' prominent
citizens and the, president, J. E.
Caldwell, Other -features bt the
program will be vocal and instru
mental music. The prospects
for a successful term are verv
good. All or nearly all the - old
students have returned, and quite
a number of new faces are seen.
The term closes March x.
New Depot For Philomath.
"Nettie, tne News Girl."
Orie if the most important en
gagemento of the year, not from
the standpoint orthtatrjcal effect.
but from popular interest, will be
the coming of dainty Wanda Lud
ow, and herv excellent company
next Friday night at the Ooera
House. She will produce "Net
tie, the News Girl," a story of
lite m New York. The charac
ter is claimed to be a reproduc
tion of what is to be seen on the
East Side1 of New, York city
every day in the year, the ex
tremes being carefully avoided
and only that which is best and
noblest in the delineation allowed
to creep within the lines of the
situation. v "
The play affords Miss Ludlow
every opportunity to do excellent
work and she takes full advan
iagc ui luese opportunities. 1 ne
company assisting her is claimed
to be one. of the best on the road.
and.the scenic accessories are all
that are required ; to make the
production complete in every de
tail. . - ;. ;. r-y;
Actual work has begun on the
new depot at Philomath. Work
men have been engaged for several
days past leveling a site. The
weather being very iuoement,
the work has -gone very slowly.
The new building will I e about
fifty yards west of the present
building and will be much larger
and commodious. The actual
dimensions and plans however
ate not revealed but both the new
depot and chaage ot site arc ap
preciated by the citizen of Pui o-
inath. -. - .
This week we start the ball rolling with the most
sensational offer of the season in merchandise. We i x
pf ct the citizens of Conallis and Ticinity 1- make mom y
whHejjuere making this sale, as they have nev r done
betorein the bnyinpof good go.ds for little money. The
time to bny is whenr'the other fellow wants to sell-
Now be careful do not ear we stole
them Ladies Jackets
" $10, ' $13 to $25
cut to the m.gdeet sum of only
50 "JSL.tS 00
We are glad to make 3011 a
Ladits Skirts at 20
cent discount.
Red Tags on dress goods represtnt
a reduction of SO per cent.
F. L.
. $2.5 a
When you see it in our Ad, it's ca
For Good Vorkcnd QV4est Ratei i Eyeing,
Steam Cleaning, Repairing and Pressing i
... go to . . .
ye Works
One Door South of Berry's Bicycle Shop
... Independent Phone .. .
At" the last meetinji of Cor.
vallis Grange Nu. . 242, the fol
lowing officers w-re e'ectcrd for
the 'ensuing ear: Master, Geo.
Coote; ovcrsirer, F. L Kent;
lecturer, Mrs. Wiitiycourbc-; stew
ard, W. J. Kent; assistant s;ew
ard, Mrs. C. Hill; chaplain, Miss
Snell; treasurer, R. L. White
head; secretar ; H. L. Frenc -' ;
gate i keeper, Jglvvrrth Erwin:
Pomona,- Airs. R. Kent; Ccies,
Mrs. I. Huhnes: F.ora, Miss
Helen Crawford ; lady asst. stew-
aid," Mrs.- Callahan. "
Firemen Win Flag.
The handsome silk flag put up
by a number of Corvallis mer
chants to be given the most pop-
- T
mar organization in town was
-won by the Fire Department
baturdav evening when the fina
count was made at Nolan & Cal
lauau siuie. i.owara tne end
of the contest the lodges and
other organizations dropped out,
leaving only tnree contestants in
the ring, the fiual vote resulting
as follows: -
nremen 23305
O. A. C I7TO7
Public School......... 8145
Em Um WEH's .. Musio Hqsmgq
of Albany, Or., removed to 350 Alder :
st., Portland, Or. Write for prices, save!
, - money. Special attention to Mail Orders
CeciSisn, tho Perfect Piano Player
Dr. A. C. Steckle and brother,
A. S'eckle, left 'on yesterday's
C. & E. train for Albanv, where
hev took the overland for Cali
fornia enroute to their home in
Michigan. Dr. Steckle has
many friends in this city who
regret to lose him. v But he says
he will visit , Corvallis again
when he ' returns to this coast to
locate. c '".
Agents Wanted
; Wouldn't vou be glad if you could get
a responsible Fire Insurance Com panr
to insure your buildings for $3 00 per
year? Tbat is jnst wtmtyou do when ,
you buy one of thope handy fire fighters,
adopted by the U. S. Government and
J. D. Farmer, agent for the
S. P. Co.. went down to Portland
last Thursday to attend a meet
ing called bv W. A. Coman, gen
eral passenger! agent, to talk over
railroad matters, principally in
regard to rates to be made dur
ing the comu g fair.
The C. & E. and S. P. trains
were he v . 1 loaded yesterday
with stu 1 - itturning from
their hoh rations.
Harp r t , klin was a passea-
senger on tl ' morning train for
Portland for a week's outing.
Drypovder Fire Extinuisher
It is a tin tube containing Zyi lbs.- of
a dry powder, like sand. -Throw a small
nandful on aflre, and it puis it out in
wo ec6nds.' . -'. . : .
It is the cheapest thing in the way of
Fire Insurance ever invented. Call and
see one at the Corvallis Gazette , office.:
Agents Wanted
! ;