Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, October 18, 1904, Page 2, Image 2

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    fflt CtliiMUS GAZETTE
For President
of New York.
For Vice Preident
of Indiana.
'S?fs?-i Vntial EUctore for Oregon
j. kt Ti.ATfT ..f Polk.
A i IT" --'Umatilla.
-.itl;i - i.j-iiCK, of ClackamaB.
C. J:vt- f Josephine.
t The New Voice is a paper pub
Sslied in Chicago, and edited by
.rhe erstwhile Prohibition candi--2ae
for presidency, John G.
"Woolley. It is held to be the
a3i1ef exponent of Prohibition in
-??j whole country. Because of
tSbese things we find no fault with When, however, it resorts to
-insiduous uiisrcpretation, whole
sale Jyitig, in fact, we are im
pelled to give the facts, and all the
yiinore so since many of our good
rfcieuds are readers of the paper,
.and feels that somehow it mis
Toepresents President Roosevelt.
The New Voice ot October 6
jts before .us. Its title page shows
.silialf tone picture of the presi
2tait with four indexed hands
pointing to it and four interroga
aCives printed in bold-faced type,
sax, "Who refuses to close the 102
aspeak-casies between the White
33b use and at Washing
ufba? Who operated, a speak-easy
va the Rough Riders' camp at
"Xampa, Fla.?" The obvious and
intended answer is
vsreit ' On the next page it gives
rjLlist of "Roosevelt's 77 speak
easies," and says: "A single
. sentence from Mr. Roosevelt in
llse way of an order to the police
43acimnssioners would close every
ase of these places within twenty
bar hours, but Mr; Roosevelt
nrrmits them to continue." Of!
course he does. Why? Simply
because, although he is president
of the United States, and occu
pies the White House he has no to do with the government
of the District of Columbia than
has the governor of Oregon. As
fairly and truthfully might he be
Jteld responsible for the existence
of these speak-easies.
Every American school boy
Sfctiows that the District of Colum
bia is governed by congress a commission appointed
for that purpose. In no sense is
tiiis commission the president's.
Att'i the people of that district
Izavc even loss voice in its gov
ernment than the Filipinos have
hi y- uiiij: the island of Luzon.
lu: iie operated a speak-easy
lis. the Rough Riders' camp at
Tampa. This speak-easy was the
regimental canteen, operated by
tlio men, controlled by their offi
sgers, chief of whom is the colonel
-or tue regiment. K.ooseveic was
not then in command of the
LELov-gk Riders. As a matter of
&rt he was with that part of the
;.es:iineat in the field in Cuba.
a 1: " iL A.
c iviisrepreseniauon is uie icsun
jf weak unscrupulous men. ' A
.righteous cause has no need to
resort to it and is always hurt by
i n the last issue of the GAZETTE
-3se published a -letter from Mr.
W. Ingle, of this city, in which
-avails '4he motives which aD-
. riCorvalliB citizen8and of tbe pro-
ar to inspire the actions of q Wlla?riette v,fleT
.-same religious bodies today." iKiprtric railroad, a mass mettine
Whatever personal grievances
JMr.v Ingle may have against cer
Cain church members at Eugene
icst elsewhere is matter of no pub
lic interest. It is f little more
oencera, that he misstates facts
public concern if, in a vindicme'
mood, he would write down the
mass of church members as cis
hnest and hypocritical, or ih t
the malfeasance of a few can in
jure the Cause of truth.
All men and women are n.n
dishonest, and hypocritical. By
far the greater number, whether
in the church or not, are honest,
sincere, upright. Because one
steals my purse and . another
defames my character is no rea
son why I should regard all men
as thieves and liars.
r ra f r 11 ; ,
some few are not following in
the paths of truth and righteous-
ness is no sort of argument
against truth and right living
and should never swerve a man
from true paths. "
The truth is eternal, and like
its great Author, eternally true, j way?" v
It is of no moment if Sccrates. , "If"3", f1? reproachful
ly, "it was that bread you made mo
Buddha, Mohammed or Jtsus ; eat at lunch time."
present it to men, the dutv of j "Indeed? Where have you been all
- , afternoon?" -
each one for himself is to lay j 0ver ln old Man Peter's apple
hold of it and incorporate it in orchard." Philadelphia Press,
his life. A Little Too Eegular.
So-called religious truths ap- Peter-I hardly know whether to
& . . c let you in or not.
peal to the moral, spiritual na-j Mrs. Veragood You don't? I never
ture of men, and it is the duty missed a church service, no matter what
of each individual to make such j st peter Yes; and your husband
truths part of his inner conscious- worked himself to death paying doc
, , . tor's bills. Wait; and I'll 6e if he wants
ness, and see that they control i you N Y. weekly.
his thought, his actions, his life,
though all other fail to do
these things.
Mr. Ingle, no doubt, under-
stands all this as well as any
man but the careless reader of
man, due trie careless reaoer 01
his reiier migni iqidk hc
only the 'wolves hip. .sheep's
The Almost Dead are Speedily
Rescued From tbe Hand of
Death and Restored to ,
Life and Health. .
t. -r-. . , . . r, n; mind) Uncle Tim, I saw the word in
Dr. Damn's visit in Corvallis newspaperwhat is the -curricu-at
the Hotel Corvallis has been ium" of a college..
marked with good results. Not Uncle Timrod (prompUy)-Curricu-,
. tit. j ji lum, eh. Why, that's what them 'ere
only has he 1 been crowded with mopheaded 'college 8tudent3 comb
patients, but the marvelous re- their hair with. Puck.
suits achieved in the new treat
ment of electricity are almost
beyond belief, Two cures in
particular are those of Mr. Gal-
latly's brother and daughter.
Mr. Gallatly is well and favor- j
able known in Philomath and!
Corvallis. His
below. The art
ease by electricity
with the otherdiscoveries of the
day, and who knows but all the
diseases and ills of the flesh will
be conquered by this subtle force.
It is a theme for study and re
flection. To The ' Public .-While very
much averse to parading my
self in print, I f can not let the
opportunity pass without giving
my experience with Dr. Darrin
for the benefit of others afflicted
as well as tolthe public general
ly. For years tbefore under-
going treatment .Wltn ur. Jjarrm
my brother was ,r seriously afflict-
ed with . alcomplicated case 0f
kidney complaint, liver and
stomach trouble. All j. hopes of
saving his life were gone, until
hearing of Dr. Darrin, then locat
ed in Portland. He visited him
and took the electrical and medi
cal treatment and was cured, so j
that he lived many years in com
Fvr mrkl Vioo If-Vi T.ocf voar
, & . . ., j ,
when -Dr. Darrin visited Cor-
Vallis I took my daughter tO him
for the Cure of deafness and
catarrh. His treatment
successful. I cannot say to much
for Dr. Darrin, who has con
ferred upon my family the great
and inestimable boon of health.
Refer to me at Philomath, Ore.
Peter Gallatly.
Mass Meeting
At the request of
a number Ot
. j.
Electric railroad, a mass meeting
of the citizens of Corvallis and
vicinitv is hereby called, to take
placa at the court house, Thursday
5: rKai. 90 ' Soma maftora
rcard we publish gSiSil
of curing dfc-
pertaining t the proposed, electric
road are to be j resented by persons
in the company, who will be pres
ent at the meeting.
B. F. Ibvke, Mayor.
In Plain Language. ...
Colonel (inspecting the hospital)
"What's wrong with this man!,;
Surgeon Phthisis, sir. '
"What in the world's that? ;
"Consumption, sir."
"Why can't you say so without any of
your confounded medical terms? By
the way, surgeon, I'm not feeling very
fit myself this morning. ' Can you tell
me what's the matter?" ' . ,
Surgeon (After a brief investigation)
Brandy, sir."
"What?" ;.. ,
"Well, you see, sir, you want it in plain
language, don't you?" Tit-Bits.
Bather Liked It.
Bouttown This women's emanclpa-
tion movement isn't such a bad thing,
after alL I've been keeping company
with Miss strongsoul lately, And t
rather li&e it ,
' Upton-m what .way, parUcularly?
Bouttown Well, for one thing, she
insist on paying her own expenses.
N. Y. Weekly.
It Wasn't the Bread.
"Sick at your stomach, eh?" said the
bov's mother. "What made you that
No Outward Indications.
"You told me he was a multimillion
aire." "That's wrtitr T'va , aliMn lindfvr-
I "Well, he isn't.: I've seen him eat.
He has "tomach of an ostrich, and
. he doltar tlpB...Chlcag0 th.
The Ear of Faith.
During a severe thunder shower, lit
tle Frederick was very much fright
ened, and began : to cry. His three-year-old
sister .Edith, woman-like, at
tempted to console him.
"Don't cry, brother," she said.
"That's only God nailing up the rain
bow." Little Chronicle. . : .
His Interpretation.
Little Amzl (who has an inquiring
j A Deficient Education.
A brilliant young' woman named Mudge,
The child of a talented judge,
On a desert isle cast
i Had plainly to fast,
j For she could make nothing but fudgti.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
j Mr. Monk (who has lost his balance)
Do you kn,ow, I begin to feel awfully
aown m the mouth.-Aiiy sioper.
- Undecided. -
Ter marry Dinah now or Chloe.
Ah ain't decided quite.
Ah doan' t'lnk Chloe would eTah blow;
Me up, but Dinah might.
Philadelphia Ledger.
His Forte.
Doctor You owe me a bill of $50.
Slowpay Well, if I had a job I might
pay you. can t you give me a jod r
Doctor What kind of a job could . X
gie you?
Slowpay Well, you might give me
the j0b ofcoiiecUng the bin. Puck.
j The Way It Happened.
She Archibald was always trying to
' avoid the girls. Where did he meet
the one he afterward married?
He He didin't meet her. She overtook
him. Smart Set. -"
Shell Game.
Clarence I am very sorry, old boy,
that I can't bet on the boat race, but my
governor forbids me taking chances on,
a shell game. Cornell Widow.
Coming and Going.
"Here's a man who got $10,000 from a
i i j i ! . t mm . i n
mui wuu uieiiaieu uia wuesuuecuuDV
'Gee! that was a case of double-bar-
relied luck, wasn't it?" Houston Post
. ' A. Good Substitute. ' ..v--
Husband My dear, there's a 'burglar
in the room, and I have no revolver.
WifeThen look i. daggers at him.
! Tit-BitS. . . t
The Contrary View.
"Still" Bald the wife of the ossified
man, i there is such a thing as having
a husband with too much backbone."
can be classed wtmmmmmMmMb
" i. ?a
Let us show too the
new patterns that
haye just reached
our counters from
the factory. Thgy are
neat, new and stylish.
Yon know the warranty:
- 10 Cents a Button; $1 a Rip
Id the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
Benton county.
Mary J. II. Whitby, Plaintiff,
Ro3coe E Edwards, Alice Edwards. Augusta Strake,
. John Strake, M. P. Totten, and Leah J. Totten,
To Roscoe E. Edwards, Alice Edwards. Augusta
Strake, John Strake, M. P Totten. and Leah J.
Totten. the above-named defendants:
In the name of the State of Oreiron: You are
hereby required to appear and answer the com.,
plaint of the above-named plaintiff in the above
entitled court, now on file with the clerk of said,
court, within six weeks from the date of the first
publication of this summons. : And you are hereby
notified that if you fail to appear and answer safti
complaint as herein required, the plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for the relief prayed for in said
complaint to wit: The foreclosure of a certain
mortgage made and executed by Robert K. Ed
wards, Augusta Strake and Jonn Strake to plaintiff
on the Sth day of January, 1900, to secure the payment-'
of a certain promissory note of Robert K.
EdwarJs, Augusta Edwards, and John Strake, for
400.00 payable five years after date, with interest
thereof at the rate of seven per cent per annum,
interest payable annually; and which said mortgage
conveyed unto plaintiff the following described real
property, situated in Benton county, Oregon, to
wlt: The 8 W 1 of the N E 4; the KE of the
8WJ;the8Eiof thNWj; and the NW i of
the S E J of Sec 8, Tp 14 S, R 8 W of the Will Mer.
And for a further decree barring and foreclosing
said (delenoants,- Koscoe K. Eawaras, Alice ta
wards, Augusta Strake, John Strake, M P Totten,
and Leah J. Totten, of and from all right title or
interest in and to said real property and every part
This summons is published bv order of tne Hon.
Virgil E. Waiters. Judge of the County Court of
the State of Orecron. made at chambers in Corvallis,
Oregon, October 17, 1904, and the date of the first
publication of this summons is October 18, 1904.- -
Attorneys for Plaintiffs.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is herebv eiven that the undersigned
administrator of the 'estate of Joseph Park,
deceased, has filed in the county court of Ben
ton county, state of Oregon, his final account
as such administrator ot saia estate, ana mat
Saturday, the 12th day of November, 1904, at
tne hour ot 10 o clock a. m ot saia aay nas Deen
fixed by the court, as the time for hearing ob
jections to said report, and the settlement
thereof. JOSEPH A, PARK,
Administrator of the Estate of josepn iarK,
j : - -
. " , " . " , . " -v 45. " I
Particulars in local columns.
111 . : .. - WS&EM&aBBm J
1 ikygjMgjjjjupagjTtMnsMiaiM mini ill iii i ii mum sin luminal i iTWiTfwanwnnsssMWs
If von liaDDen to bo a
critical clothes-turn-of-mind,.
compare our work with that
You will iret some new
clothes, and And out why it
dressed young men wear the
In the Circuit Court of the state of Oregon for the
County of Benton.
Paul Truitt, Plaintiff,
Charles A. McCullough, Defendant
To Charles A. McCullough, the Above-named de
fendant: ' i
In the name of the State of Oregon: You are
hereby required to appear and answer the complaint
of the above-named plaintiff, in the above-entitled
cause now on file with the clerk of said court, with
in six weeks from the date of the first publication of
this summons; and you are hereby notified that if
von fail to appear and answer said complaint as
hereby required, the plaintfff will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in his said complaint
towit: A decree of the above-entitled court ad
judging and decreeing the. plaintiff to be the owner
in fee simple of the following described premises to
wit: The S W K of the N E yA the N W of the
S E J; tbe E 14 of the S W J of Sec. SG, T 11 S., R
7 west of the Will Mer in Benton county, Oregon,
save and except strip of land 60 feet wide being 30
feet on each side of the center of the main line of the
W V & C R K Co now occupied by the C & E R R Co
as a riffht of way through said above described
premises, and further decreeing tbat said defendant
Charles A. McCullough has no estate, right, title or
interest whatever in or to said real property, and
that defendant be forever barred and enjoined from
asserting any claim whatever in or to the said
premises or any part thereof adverse to the plaintiff
therein, and for such other relief as to the court
may seem n: eet and equitable.
, This summons is published in the Corvallis Ga
zettb once a week for six consecutive weeks, by
order of Hon. Virgil E. Watters, county judge of
Benton. county, Oregon, made at chambers in the
Citv of Corvaflis, in said county on the 17th day of
October. l'.WA, and the date of the first publication
thereof is the lsth day of October, 1904.
' Attorneys for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oreson for
Benton County.
A. C. Freeman, Plaintiff,
Jennie Freeman, Defendant.
To Jennie Freeman, defendant atove-nameu:
In the name of the State of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint of the above-named
plaintiff in the above-entitled court,, now on
file with the clerk of said court, within six
weeks from the 30th day of September, 1904,
the date of the first publication of this sum
mons, and you are hereby notified that if you
fail to appear and answer said complaint as
herebv required, the plaintiff will apply to
the court for the relief prayed for in the com
plaint herein, to-wit, that the bonds of matri
mony now existing between plaiutitt' and de
fendant be dissolved aud such other and
further relief as to the court seems proper.
This summons is rmblislied bv the order of
the Hon. Virgil E. Watters. judge o the county
ocurt of the Stete of Oregon, for Benton coun-
tv, made n, cfianmors in corvauis, jseuiuu
couiitv, Oruffon, ou the 2!)th flav of' September,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office,
Oresron Citv. Or.. July 30. 1904.
Xotice is hereby given that in compliance with the
- . 1 I .... . . , 1Q-Q Hl .
provisions ui uie arufc ui vuugicao yt uuuw aw
titled"An act for the sale of timber lands in the of California. Oresron. Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1892,
of Oregon City.county of Clackamas, state of Oregon,
has this dav filed in this office his swom statement
No 6468, for the purchase of the SJ SWJ and Si SE1
of Sec. No. 10. in Tp. No. 12 S., K. No. 7 W, and
will offer proof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his claim to
said land before the Register and Receiver of this
office at Oregon City, Oregon, on t rioay, tne itisi
dav of October. 1904.
He names as witnesses: George W Cramer, of
Peek P. O., Oregon, George B. January, of Oregon
City, Or. , Lester A. January, ree tr.yj., ur,,ii-
t,rt. Knurm. of Orecron Citv. Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above-
described lands are requested to nie ineir claims in
this office on or before said 21st day oi uct, lao.
Sewer Assessment.
Xotice is hereby given that the council of
the City of Corvallis have assessed the follow
ing fles'cribed property the following men
tioned amounts to pav for constructing a sewer
through block 14, County Addition, Corvallis,
Lots. 1, 2 and 3, owner lrginia Espey ;
" Lots 4, 5 -and 6, owner J. L.- Spangler;
Lots". Sand 9, owner Eliza Chrisinger;
Lot 10 and the N half of lot 11, owner S. P.
Lot 12 and south half of lot li; owner She-
AnlsaVd block 14, for each lot t22.88 and for
each half lot $11.46 and that if the said assess
thA tianrpr nf Cor-
uivuis uc uvir I
vallis on or before the 31st day of October, 1904y
rim- interest at 8 Der cent from that r
date E. P. GEEFFOZ;
r Police Judge.
Dated this October 11, 1904.
younir man of a particularly
we ask you to consider, and
of the merchant tailor.
ideas about ready-for-service
is that so many of the best
clothes Deanng our label.
Dealer in
Farming Tools,
Paints and Oils,
Stoves and Tinware,
Buggies and Hacks,
Farm Wagons,!
Hay Rakes,
Plows and Harrows,
Wire Fencing,
Wire Netting,
Guns and 'Ammunition,
Carpenters' Tools,
Lubricating Oils,
Bicycles, Etc.
Agricultural Implemenst, etc., etc.,
Cheap Sunday Rates Between
Portland and Willamette
Valley Points.
Low ronnd trip rates,, have been placed
n effect between Portland and Willam
ette Valley points, in either direction.
Tickets will be sold
and limited to return on or before the
following Monday.
Rate to ob From Corvallis, $3.60.
Call on Southern Pacific Co'a Agents
for particulars.
A Runaway Bicycle.
Terminated with an ugly cut on the
leg of J. B.- Oraer, Franklin; Grove, 111.
It developed a stubborn iilcer unyielding
to doctors and remedies for four years
Then Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured. It's
just as good for Burns, -Scalds, Skin
Eruptions and Piles. 25c, at Allen &
Woodward Drug Store.
the Abram case; but it is of
Chicago Tribune.1 ", f r ;