Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, October 14, 1904, Page 8, Image 8

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Five lines, or less, 25 cents for three
insertions, or 50 cents per month.
Proper Bearing and Training of Colts
Is a Task Requiring Skill
and Experience.
A.t i' to apt. Jjenmaa at uute.
, - Poultry also dressed Pork,
fci. -th a liuldeii. Corvallie, Oregon,
fj r t .vzttk office.
.rinpos along educational lines who
is, indpstrions, temperate, geu
j!, polite, diatreet in talk and actions'
i nd who Bpeiids his spare tinieac nonie
id in ..roper company, may address,
)-. O Box 1045, Corvallis, Or.
learn business along educational lines,
who is eteadv, industrious, genial,
xylite, discreet in talk and actions and
Mhorpt-nds her, spare time at home
ana in otherwise proper company may
addrep-s P. O. Box 1045, Corvallis, Or.
ygriinj-'s to lonr-vear olds. J. C
Fiwluer, InPvale, Oregon.
or traoe ; -ell-irnp'oved TVf.w
i-hesr. Se or address J. H. Mattley,
CoryaliiP, Or.
Articles of general interest will be pub
lished in this department as the personal
opinion of the writers. It is understood
The horse always has heen recog-; that the paper" is not held responsive
nlzed as man's closest animal compan- ifor any opinion here expressed.
r urlipther
ion, ana u is a yui-;"u " - . - -
the man ever lived who did not delight Religion vs. Morality and Justice.
. , . ... r. TtnrsA. This I .
Xii UlITtUg V "
The motives which appear to inspire
Ko o.inna r.f some religious bodies to-
subject is of particular interest to every
man who raises or handles horses. An
old saying is mat egK , " .,..h , to draw
much alike, for they must De orua.xiaay are u3n"j - - -before
they can he used. j toward them the seeker after morabty
The proper breaking of a colt, says and jBtice, but rather to drive such far
John Buckler, who has charge of the f them, and to drag down re
live stock at the Iowa experiment sia-
. ACT. QWCCk h lie xiiuuiu.
: 'DaKhaway You say your sister will
be down in a minute, Willie? That's
good news. I thought perhaps she
wanted to ba excused, as she did the
other day. . : "
f Willie Not this time. I played a
trick on her.
Dashaway What did you do?
"I said you were another fellow!"
exclaimed Willie, triumphantly. Tit-
T ft ITTT lf ''
liion s a whole into the disfavor and
nfinM. nt the horse, and no man ' "aicuie o. every uu- -ra
tion, determines in large part tne ru- j
Call t 1123 north Fourth street, just
north of court house and opposite C. C.
Ran: h Hi'i lour half-breeds. Peter
" VVi.haker.
to. Grade Poland China Pigs
kt oi t on the shares or for pale. M. b.
Woodcock, or eiuiuireof T. J. Thorp on
tlx; friin. Oorvaliis, Oregon.
' willi a black etcue. iunder please
leave at OAC barber shop.
; v .rf This observation might be illustrated
difficulties in their management will by many events of church history, ol
deny that there is much room for im- which only two or three recent-ones are
provement in that line. Every day here to be noticed.
brings fresh -illustrations of improper . f the divided Presbyterian
breaking. Less than a week ago a man lu v various fac-
drove down to the experiment station ; church of Scotland toda, janous fac
barn, driving a horse that had been tions of which have been at v law- with
handled for more than two years that each other for years over church proper
had not been taught to back. This is ty, and when riotons and bitterly re
only one of many similar cases. ! vengeful acts toward one another had in
Besides the losses resulting from im-! jnstances , to be qneiled by the
proper breaking, thousands of dollars ernment forces, is one instance in
are lost to the farmers every year by ADOther ins'am-e is the woman
selling horses that have not been prop- i P01"' , u . .... . nrmortv to
erly fitted for sale. n Portland who willed her propertj to
In breaking, the first thing to be con- the chnrch and, trusting the latter to
sidered is the nature of the horse. The 'draw up the will, found herself dit-poa-
dispositions of no two horses are exact- geesed in her old age and sickness Vy
lv alike. There is also a great differ- ,. Unriariea and driven to a charit-
ence in the draft temperament and &be inBfltution penniless to die. And
those more highly bred, such as trotting inBtance is the one recently de-
and coach horses, the former requiring . , , , . nftn
much less preparatory handling than dedb the sup reme court of Oregon
the latter. j prosecuted by the First U. B. church, of
After studying closely the disposition Eugene against J. L. Aiken, as
of the colt, the next steD is to halter, trator of the estate of Uncle Peter Ma-
and in this, as well as all other periods
No New Experience.
Miss de Muir I'm sorry, Mr. Spoona
more, but it cannot be. . . . Pardon
me for asking the Question, but have you
ever been disappointed in love before?
Youns: Scoonamorc Hundreds oi
times. Miss de Muir; hundreds of times.
It's nothing. I always get over it . . .
PardoiTmy .lapse of memory, but didn't
I propose to you once or twice before?
Chicago Tribune.
Very Plausible.
Magistrate (severely) You are
charged with kissing this young lady
against her will, and on the public
highway. .
Prisoner She wa3 in a' bicycle cos
tume, and I mistook her for my long
lost brother.
Magistrate (briskly) Discharged!
Call th' next case. M. Y. Weekly.
A Deadlock.
"The only way to swim," said the
man who assumes to give instructions
about everything, "is to have confi-
of the breaking, the person in charge
should exercise patience. The colt
should be gotten into some shed or box
stall, preferably one with a ground
floor, so there will be no danger of slip
ping. Now. with halter, to whicn is
son, and Aiken's bondsmen, J. VV. in
gle and J. Q. Rogers.
Like the Portland woman, Mason was
i. duced to will his property to said First
U. B. church of Eugene, and, like her,
tru&tine her beneficiaries to draw up his
o Indian' ureen iacket, also a
brown" hhawl. Kindly return to
Hotel Corvallia.
piug, a u w , i w iui iia-ici , iu nuit.u io 0
attached 15 feet of rope, gently work will, subsequently discovered that that
around the colt, caressing him as much wiU was drawn so that he also could
as possible, so as to win his confidence, nave been dispossessed in his liletime.
and when he sees you are not going to From thi3 predicament, however, death
hurt him you can usually put the halter . lelieved him, and his friend,
on without any trouble. Now, presum- J . , . -j v,a a
ing this colt to be one that will pull Dr- J- L' Akin was appointed hia ad
on the halter, take the loose end of the njinistrator. As is customary m the
rope and pass it through a hole in the cases of minor officials. Dr. Akm s
manger or around a post, back between neighbors, J. W. Ingle and J. Q. Rogers,
the fore legs, around the girth and tie. 'went on his bond innocently and un
The colt is now tied by -both head and SUSpectingly and as a mere favor as all
body. Step back and let him fight it bondsmen do in such cases. It hap-
out. wbich wiU take only a short time. D Akin fc the Ume of his
And when tied in this way there is no p . ,foort Mtnt. thp
danger of injury as is sometimes the pjw""""i
case when tied by the head only. As suniof $803. but being insolvent, thia
1 nnt. bps collected of him and
Yes." answered the novice, and tne
only way to have confidence is to be
perfectly sure you can swim. Wash
ington Star.
other b.ol boir-wed t"'"i Htistt-n
hardware rioie me it-qiieBted to re
turn th'-ni at
three motitliH h:o. a lieweiiyn aev.c.,
black and white, about thre years old.
barbed wire wound on '.hind lea. Ten
'dollars re.v:.rd Uu return to Sherifl M.
1. Burnett.
Btare leaves Alsea G:30a. m. ; arrms
at Pliilenmth at 12 m; leaves Pmlo
'math 1 p. , arrives at Alsea U:3 )
p m All persons wishin to go or
;It.,rV, from Alsea and points west can
, ..,,)ot,l nr. anv time. Fare to
Alsea$l.0J Ro;n.i trip sameday f.uti,
i a ttt.i K. LIVE STOCK AUG
'mnviPRT? rVirvnllia. Oresron. Office
iinoinn'o hard unrp slore. Jr. U. au
- dress Box 11. Pays highest prices for
all kinds oi livestock. Twenty year
txperience. Satisfaction guaranteed
and caress him, and by so doing give
him to understand that you are his
friend. It is well to leave him tied for
some little time, after which he may
be led.
was therefore worthless to the estate.
However, on a mere technicality of law.
First U. B. church of Eugene discovered
that this debt could be made good by
x . collecting li oi me douuoujcu, ouu
Leading is a very important part. A. B eded to do and finai,v
horse well broken to lead is more at- 1 ey BLUUVO -
tractive, easier to handle, and will com- accomplished; so that the bondsmen
mand a higher price in the market than now stand to pay, on account of mnc-
one that is not. In raininar tn lead, n.1- i-pntlv favorine their friend by going on
ways teach the colt to walk beside you his bond , a enm of about $1200, of which
to follow along i. w. Tnola has alreadv paid in sais.o,
which mcludea coot and interest. He
Eminently Satisfactory.
Medical Examiner Suppose you
should have a patient with some dis
ease which you knew nothing' about.
What would you do?
Student Charge him five dollars
for the examination, and then send
him to you. N. Y. Weekly.
Easily Explained.
"And why did you insist upon stand
ing by Mis?. Sniffem all through the
reception? I know you don't like her."
"Of course I don't. Didn't you no
tice how my new gown made ker's
look cold and dead?" Cleveland Plain
Eound an Angel.
Husband Got a new girl, I see.
Wife Yes, and she's an angel, too.
"How can you know that. . She
hasn't been here half a day yet."
"True, but she tells me that she ence
lived with your mother, and stood it
for three weeks." N. Y. Weekly.
and never allow him
behind, as is often done. This can be
uone uy King a wnip m me lert nana, , . vpars . m,eral eup
it li if n in v mm n n a irr o Trnm nannn -
"... ,v,o tt nl .hnr.h thouirn at
Alter Demg well trained to walk beside "' ' .
you, encourage him to trot. jtheBame time struggling to support a
' large tamily. '
GOOD BARN VENTILATION. I J- Q- Rogers has had to place a mort-
. gage upon his little home to raie his
How to Construct a Vent Which Keeps part which can only be redefined by
Out the Sun and Freely eel: sacrifice' and denial and unless he
Admits the Air. shall meet with most favorable condi-
itians, he stands a chance to lose his
The animals in most barns and other home and be turned into the world pen
farm buildings Buffer much during the niless
14. 3a.nk Ruikl-
idei.i .
H.-irri- : U to 12 R. "i., 2 fci
'-i.i.-or- or. 5th Ad-elphon-
"fhee Mid w
Corvallia. Orean.
ar i S'ltf.-"" Office and Reidene-e. on
Mum stJtut, Philomath. Oregon.
heated term from
lack of proper ven
tilation.. The cut
shows a good plan
for keeping out the
sun. Glass may be
covered with white
wash to which is
added salt and a lit
tle linseed oil or
flour paste. This
makes the glass
opaque. To arrange
this plan of ventila
tion the window is hurg on hires at
upper edge. Side pieces tct at an an
gle are attached to either of irame
ashown in cut. This side piece also
keeps out much sunlight t'zzi otherwise
would come in at the sices of the win
dow. The window is raised or lowered
and adjustment secured with pins in
the holes, as shown. N. E. Homestead.
A Concrete Application.
Little five-year-old Edith was taken to
a dentist, who removed an aching tooth.
Thst evening at prayers her mother was
surprised to h-sar her?ay:
"Forgive us cur Cebts as we forgive
i;-,:r dentists." Little Chronicle.
The Wife I have given orders to
have the duck carved in the kitchen,
to-day, dear.
The Husband Ah! then I can srive
thanks in good faith. Yonkers States
Defining Sim.
"Explain, If you please," said Miss Prim,
"What you mean by that slangy word
'slob.' "
Said Miss Pert: "It's a man with a long
Who eats green corn on the cob."
Chicago Tribune.
less extraction. Zierolf bnildinS.
Opp. Post Office, Corvallis, Oregn. j
Office in Poet Office Building, Corval
lis, Oregon.
Notary. Title. Conveyanc
ing. Practice in all State and Federal
Courts. Office in Burnett Building.
W. O. w.
MARYS PEAK CAMP. No. 126. W. a
W., meets second and Fourth Friday?,
in Woodmen Hall.
G. W. Fuller, C. C.
J. L. Underwood, Clerk.
men's Relief Corps, meete first and
third iriday at z:uu p.m., mi. u
O.F.Hall. Mrs. D. C. Rose, Pres
Mrs. Lee Heckle, Secre tary.
A Menace in In-Breeding.
There is a menace in in-breeding if
;t ia oarriaH ton far The most care
ful breeders of cattle, those that have justice or equity in it.
in a no:! hull- nn th e-reat herds to : ,t t i i. -t
iu - - -- u . xj. cuureu ui
which we refer as the foundation of
our improvements in cattle realise this
uid it was to them the most serious
problem with which they had to con
tend. Fortunately animals increase so
fast that the time is quickly reached
when matlngs may be made between
animals quite distantly related though
til of the same blood. Farmers' Re-
Profit Cornea from Observation.
Aim to keep hoga for profit: that Is
what everybody keeps them for. Some
ire doing it. and some are not The
yoXj way to auccesafully raise hogs, or
to succeed la any other occupation, la
to study and observe the work. In
these days of strenuous competition. It
requires close management to make
anything out of It, yet there la always
room for more of the beet. No matter
how many hogs you hare, strive con
tinually to learn more about the indus
try. Midland Farmer.
The animus of the prosecution is what
is most remarkable, The church people
knew that Akin was insolvent and that
his debt was no asset of the Mason
estate: but ia their' desperate greed for
the almighty dollar, they violated their
obligation to Almighty God, and sought
to create money out of nothing by taking
it away from parties whom they knew to
be entirely innocent Has the church
in thia day and age descended to the re
ligion of the highway robber and the
thug? The Eugene church no onht
preaches the gospel of Christian mercy
froni its pulpit, but from its own prac
tice and dealings even with i-s w:i
chu. t-h brethren, it appears to be a brute
from wbich one is to expect as little
; mer.:y as milK from a male tijier !
I Judge Wollverton, one of the supreme
juiges, who finally tried the case,
although forced by the strict technicali
ties of the law to assent to the decision,
'iconid ti Tiava declared there was no
Yet the First
Eugene, Oregon, is
prosecutor of daylight robbeiy in which
one of its own brethren is its victim !
Surely nothing could be more calculated
to bring religion down to contempt of
every honest, man and woman: and
sorely tbe sooner such religion is blotted
from the face of. tbe earth, the better it
will .be for civilization and the moral
welfare of humanity. It is not to be
understood that all churches nor all
members of any particular church would
be guilty of such gross fraud.
For the tight, J. W. Ikqlk.
The Kind Ton Have Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over SU years, nas Dome tne sigmiu-o vm.
ana Has Deen xnaae nnuer ma
CSy$ Ji- Sto'nal supervision since its infancy,
7-&tcu6 Allrrar Tin one to deceive you in this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and Just-as-good are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health or
Infants and Children Experience . against Experiment.
What is CASTOR! A
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant Ifc
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotie
substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms
and aJlays Feverishness. It eures Diarrhoea and Wind
Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates tlio
Stomach and Bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep.
The Children's Panacea The Mother's Friend.
Sears the Signature of
Die ItM You Ht8 Always
In Use' For Over SO Years.
m n
Wouldn't you be glad if you could get
a responsible Fire Insurance Company
to insure your buildings for S3.0Q per
year? That is just what you da when
you buy one of thoe handy fire lighters,
adopted by the U. S. Government and
y powder Fire Extingyssliir r
It is a tin tube containing ZYz lbs. of
a dry powder, like sand. Throw a small
handful on a'fire, and it puts it out in
wo seconds;
It is the cheapest thing in the way of
Fire Insutance evi-r invented. Call and
see one at the Corvallis Gazette oliice.
Sewing Machines Go-Carts
Bamboo Furniture
Bedroom Suites
Sideboards Rockers Tables
Springs Mattresses' Chairs
.Musical instruments
Wall Paper Shades
South Main Street , Corvallis
Philomath Meat Market
Ai! kinds o? Fresh Meats, Ham, Urd, ete., always ssn Sisnd.
S. W. Gibbon, Philomath.
"Say, but wouldn't I make a dandy
umpire. I'm so used ter callin' fellers
out on strikes!" N. Y. Herald.
tt :
Steady work ot any kind is fa
tiguing, and although the change may
not be for lighter work, it may be rest
ful and refreshing for the teams.
A beautiful facsimile of a hand
paintine of President Roosevelt or
if yon prefer, the same of Mt. Hood
neatly mounted on different colors
oi mounting board, will be given
fiee to everyone subscribing for the
Covrallis Gazette or to anyone
paying up back subscription or pay
ing in advance. These pictures
are going fast, come and get one.
, 'Twill Be Lower.
Don't fret because coal may be high
Next winter; Just begin
To think 'twill low and lower get
When once It's in the bin.
'Philadelphia Bulletin.
- A New Experiment.
Inquiring Friend What on earth in
duced you to marry, old man?
De Bauchee Looseflsh Why, dear
boy you see, I've tried everything
else. Ally sioper.
About Even,
How are you making out in writing
for the magazines?"
"Just holding my own. They send
dm back as much as I send them."
Detroit Free Press.
"I'm sorry I had to refuse you."
"Heard about it, did your'
"About what?"
The death of my ricH uncle."
Houston Post
Will Icfeliver ice every day frcm 7 to 11 o'clock.
Small orders must fce in by 8 o'efeck
Benton County Cumber Company,
jSCAll kinds of , Fir LumberC
Dealers in Shingles, Mouldings, Doors and Windows. Special at
tention given bills in car-load lots.
Pftilomatt) : ' : Oregon.
The Next Step.
'Is your country place finished yet"
"Oh, yes. Why, I have already be
gun alterations on it" Detroit Free
Press,' .i . aM
is known everywhere for purity, flavor
and n hneps. A trial win convirce u