Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, October 14, 1904, Page 7, Image 7

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    Hood's Sarsaparilla
Baa won success far beyond the effect
of advertising only.
The secret of its wonderful popular
- !ty is explained by its unapproachable
Based upon a prescription which
cured people considered incurable,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Unites the best-known vegetable rem
edies, by such a combination, propor
tion and process as to have curative
power peculiar to itself.
Its cures of scrofula, eczema, psori
asis, and every kind of humor, as well
as catarrh and rheumatism prove
Hood's Sarsaparilla
the best blood purifier ever produced.
Its cures of dyspepsia, loss of appe
tite and that tired feeling make it the
greatest stomach tonic and strength
restorer the world has ever known.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
I a thoroughly good medicine. Begin
to take it TODAY. Uet ilUUU'S.
Refused to Eat Eight Courses.
A story Is told of a distinguished
diplomat from Japan who was the
guest of honor at a dinner in Wash
lngton. After the first two courses of
oysters and soup, a the waiters were
bringing in the fish, he exclaimed
"What! Can anyone possibly want
more to eat?" During the remaining
six courses he opened his mouth for
the exclusive purpose of conversation.
When his abstemiousness was com
merited upon, he said: "I am satisfied,
I feel bright and wide awake. If
were to eat as much as you do,
should fall asleep, and then I could not
make my speech. Most of the men
around this table are fat, because they
eat too much. It is a misfortune to be
so fat. I am stronger and healthier
than any fat man."
Cure to Stay Cured.
Wapello, Iowa, Oct. 10 (Special)
One of the most remarkable cures ever
recorded in Louisa county is that o
Mrs. Minnie Hart of this place. Mrs
Hart was in bed for eight months and
when she was able to sit up she was
all drawn up on one side and could
not walk acroes the room. Dodd'f
Kidney Pills cured het. , Speaking of
her cure Mis. Hart says:
"Yes, Dodd's Kidney Pills cured me
after I was in bed for eight months and
I know the cure was complete for that
was three years ago and 1 have not
been down since. In four weeks from
the time I started taking them I was
able to make my garden. Nobody can
know how thankful I am to be cured
or bow much I feel I owe .to Dodd's
Kidney Pills."
This case again points ont how much
the general health depends on the Kin
neys. Cure the Kidneys with Dodd's
Kidney Pills and nine-tenths of the
suffering the human family is heir to,
will disappear.
Railway Supremacy.
Texas is neck and neck with Illinois
In the race for the largest railroad
mileage. Illinois has been in the lead
for some time, but it looks as if she
would not long hold the supremacy.
In the last authentic report Illinois is
credited with 11.503, Texas 11.4S9,
Pennsylvania 10.820, Iowa 9.SCHJ and
New York 8,182 miles. By the rate of
increase Texas, which has only four
teen miles less than Illinois, will go
to the head of the list. As indicating
her possibilities for future develop
ment It may be noted that if she had as
many miles of road as Illinois in the
ratio of area she would have a mileage
of 45,82.'?. but if no more in proportion
to population the number would be
4,210 less. Louisville Courier-JournaL
Have been suffering from Impure Blood
for many years, Having Boils and other
Eruptions. Having heard of S. S. S. I de
cided to try it, and am glad to say that it
has done me a great deal of good. I intend
to continue to use it, aa I believe it to be
the best Blood Medicine on the market.
Cleveland, Tenn. W. K. Deters.
For over fifteen years I have suffered
more or less from Impure Blood. About a
year ago I had a boil appear on my leg
below the knee, which was followed by
three more on my neck. I saw S. S. S.
advertised and decided to try it. After
taking three bottles all Boils disappeared
and i have not been troubled any since.
Geo. G. Fertig.
114 W. Jefferson St., Louisville, Ky.
Newark, Ohio, May 23, 1903.
From childhood I had been bothered
with bad blood, skin eruptions and boils.
I had boils ranging from five to twenty iu
number each season. The burning ac
companying the eruption was terrible.
S. S. S. seemed to be just the medicine
needed in my case. It drove out all impu
rities and bad blood, giving me perma
nent relief from the skin eruption and
boils. This has been ten years ago, and I
have never had a return of the disease.
Mrs. J. D. Athertoit.
Write for our
book on blood and
skin diseases.
Medical advice
or any special in
formation about
your case will cost
you nothing.
Toe Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Ga.
GUIt WHtKt All llil f AILS,
est Guusa Byrup. Timm Good. CM
Id tlmo. Sold br dranlsta.
To remove yellow stains from pyro developed negatives, bathe them In
sulphurous acid water or In a 10 per cent solution of sulphide of soda, to
which a few drops of sulphuric acid
Cracked but not broken glass negatives, whose film is still uninjured,
can be repaired in the following way: Put a dry plate of the ize of the
negative not yet developed, but fixed for a short time In water; that is,
sufficiently long to cause a swelling of the gelatine film. The broken negative
Is placed upon this plate, so that its reversed side comes to lay upon the gel
atine side of the latter. Now press lightly but carefully. By the swelling
of the gelatine the entrance of air Is completely excluded, and both plates
will adhere solidly and form a whole,
any negative. Photographic Times.
Dispensers of their own chemicals
alkaline solutions such as the accelerating, or No. 2, solution of a devel
oper often turn a brown color after they are bottled. This Is often due to
Imperfect cleansing of the bottles, for vessels Intended for strong alkalis are
not sufficiently clean if merely washed in water. For this reason it is best
first to make up a small amount of the alkaline solution, and, pouring it into
the bottle, swill it well round, and then hold against a white sheet of paper
to test for brown coloration. Should
tents and give another wash In a similar manner, so effectually ridding the
bottle of any ingredient acted upon by
erwards precipitates, as it frequently does, the clear solution should be de
canted off, leaving the sediment behind, as filter papers would be destroyed
by a strong solution. Amateur Photographer.
Considering the important part clouds play in art and poetry, their beauty
and their value as weather Indicators, it is strange that so few people under
stand the method of their formation or can distinguish between thein.. Such
a knowledge is essential to a full appreciation of landscape and sunset
A mass of air on the earth's surface, being warmed by heat radiated
from the earth, rises, bearing with it the moisture given off by the soil,
plants and water with which it has been in contact. As this warm, moist air
moves up into the thin, rare atmosphere, it expands and its temperature is
considerably lowered. The amount of vapor which cool air will sustain In
an invisible state is decidedly less than the amount which is sustained by
warm air. Therefore, when the moist air cools a part of the vapor con
denses into minute globules of water, which catch the light and are then
visible. In this form the moisture is called a cloud.
The difference in the form of the cloud depends upon the altitude it
reaches before its water vapor condenses. There are four principal kinds.
The cumulus, or heap-cloud, is large (sometimes five miles from base to
summit), rolling and lumpy. It floats about a mile from the earth. This is
the commonest summer day cloud. They are largest a little after noon, but
If they continue to grow until sunset, look out for rain.
The stratus, or sheet-cloud, forms in the region above that of the cumuli.
This is the kind so often seen when the sun sets. It shows in horizontal bars
across the western sky. It sometimes spreads over the whole sky, hiding all
the blue. The ordinary stratus is from two to four miles over us.
The highest form is the cirrus, or curl-cloud. It is light, fluffy, cotton
like and extremely light. It Is formed only above the frost line, and is made
up of floating Ice dust It is at its best in winter. The cirrus is sometimes
eight miles from the earth.
The nimbus, the low, dark rain cloud. Is the fourth and last primary
cloud form.
Besides these four there are an almost unlimited number of varieties and
combinations bearing such names as cirro-cumulus and cumulo-stratus.
Clouds are always changing and In motion, the heavy cumulus some
times traveling as fast as twenty-five miles an hour, and ,the cirrus even
ninety miles. This may explain why the clouds float, though they are much
heavier than air. The wind probably supports them, just as it does the
thistle down near the earth. Yet clouds are constantly evaporating and being
renewed by newly-rising moist air.
There is much to learn by looking up.
He Read Your Mail and Tabooa .Tele
phones and Electricity.
The Turk suspects everybody and
everything and no private act, no se
clusion. Is safe from his intrusion
Every telegram sent from the public
offices is at once reported to tne au
thorities. No one can safely send a
letter by the Turkish post unless he is
willing to have it opened and read and
take the chances of having it confis
cated if the censor finds anything that
can be twisted into an insult to Mo
hammedanism. As a result of this condition and the
Inability of foreigners residing in Tur
key to communicate with any certainty
with their friends, some or tne great
European nations nave estaonanea
postofflces of their own in Turkisr
cities, in which they employ only Eu
ropeans, use their own stamps and
watch their mailbags until they pass
beyond the prying eyes of the Turks.
In Salonica there are no fewer than
five postofflces Jtsriusn. Austrian.
French, Servian and Turkish; in Con
stantinople six. If one wishes to be
sure of hie mall he must inquire at
four of them at least, and if he really
wants to have his letters reach their
destination he must send them through
some postoffice other than Turkish.
For the reason that the authorities
cannot be sure of a complete knowl
edge of all the conversation that might
pass the telephone has been excluded
have been added. News- Monger.
so that prints may be made aa from
will probably have noticed that strong
this have occurred, throw out the con
the alkali. If a brown sediment aft
from the empire and no Turkish city
is electrically lighted, because, it is
saio, omclale discovered the word dv
namo in applications for the necessary
contracts, and dynamo suggesting
dynamite, the official Turk was par-
aijseu witn rear. So all Turkey is
still candle-lighted, or at least lamp
lighted. Whatever is Turkish In Tur
key, says a writer in the Outlook, is
sure to be out of order, disorganized,
dirty; whatever Is foreign is, by con-
irast, wen kept.
"The trouble with our peopfe," ex
claimed the popular orator, "is that
they too often confuse license with lib
erty!" T don't know about other kinds of
license," Interrupted a thoughtful
looking man from the audience, "but I
can state emphatically that there is
no confusion possible between a mar
riage license and liberty."
There were approving murmurs clear
back to the rear of the hall. New Or
leans Times-Democrat.
Not So Very Much.
"May I kiss you?"
"Not much."
"All right; I wanted only one or
two." Town Topics.
A man hears his wife complain be
cause he- never makes her a present;
he goes down and buys her a. picture,
and then finds out that she. has been
hinting for years for a lamp.
'Mrs. Anderson, Jacksonville,
Fla., daughter of Recorder of
Deeds, West, who witnessed her
signature to the following letter,
praises Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Deab Mrs. Pinkham : There are
but few wives and mothers who have
not at times endured agonies and such
pain, as only women know. I wish
such women knew the value of Iiydia
E. Pinkham's "Vegetable Com
pound. It is a remarkable medicine,
different in action from any I ever
knew and thoroughly reliable.
"I have seen many cases where
women doctored for years without per
manent benefit, who were cured in less
than three months after taking your
Vegetable Compound, while others who
were chronic and incurable came out
cured, happy, and id perfect health
after a thorough treatment with this
medicine. I have never used it myself
without gaining great benefit. A few
doses restores my strength and appe
tite, and tones up the entire system.
Your medicine has been tried and
found true, hence I fully endorse it."
Mrs. R. A. Anderson, 225 Washing
ton St., Jacksonville, Fla. tsooo forfeit
If original of mbovo letter proving genuineness can
not be produced.
No other medicine for women has
received such widespread and unquali
fied endorsement. No other medicine
has such a record of cures of female
troubles. Bef use to buy any substitute.
He Needed Assistance.
They had been pressing him hard
the whole week.- The house was full
of widows and pretty girls and all the
other men but himself had flown be
cause they could not stand the pace.
He refused to be distrubed in his sum
mer arrangements and so he stayed on.
Sunday night they had him in the
corner and the time began to wane
when some one started the game of
"what you'd rather be if you had your
choice." There were a lot of answers
and a chorus of laughter and the usual
noise that goes with summer resort
pastimes, and they saved the lone man
for the climax. When it finally reach
ed him, says the New York Times, It
found him not only ready, but willing.
"What would you rather be if you
could have the powerof changing your
self?" "A syndicate." was his reply.
fieneflt or Advertising.
' A merchant in one of our Northern
cities lately put an advertisement in
a paper headed:
"Boy wanted!"
The next morning he found a band
box on his doorstep, with this inscrip
tion on top:
"How will this one answer?"
On opening It he found a nice, fat.
chubby-looking specimen of the article
he wanted, warmly done up in flannel.
Spare Moments.
Piso s Cure is a reined v forcouehs, colds
and consumption. Try it. Price 25 cents,
St druggists.
Davis First Ran Kight Trains.
Henry Gassaway Davis found his
first advancement when he secured the
coveted position of brakeman on a
freight train on the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad. It was not long before
he was advanced to tne more respon
sible position of freight conductor, re
sponsible in these days, but far more
so, relatively, in those. At 24 he was
again promoted, this time to the posi
tion of superintendent in charge of the
running of all the trains. He intro
duced an innovation which marked a
decided advance step in railroading.
Up to that time, it had not been con
sidered practicable to run trains at
night; when nightfall came, freight
trains and passenger trains alike were
tied up," their journeys to be resumed
only when daylight came. Davis held
there was no good reason why they
should not be run by night as well as
by day, and proved it His. first night
train from Cumberland to Baltimore
marked an important epoch in railroad
ing. Leslie's Monthly Magazine.
Positions Guaranteed. .
$5,000 forfeit placed with a National Bank to
make good any failure cn our part. Lessons
by mail, practically free. Write today, for
Beutel Business College,
p. N. u.
No. 421904
TX7HJE2T writing to adTertiaers pteasa I
mention this, paper.
Guatemala's JSfar Coffee Crop.
When the volcanic eruptions in Guat
emala last year covered the coffee tin
eas it was believed that the industry
was ruined and that Guatemala bad
received a blow from which recovery
would be slow.' Many planters aban
doned their ash covered plantations
and believed themselves ruined. But
the activity of the volcanoes was fol
lowed by heavy and. long continued
rains, which washed away a great deal
of the ashes and incorporated more of
them with the soil. The rain also
seemed to bleach the ashes and extract
from it a liquid fertilizer which proved
of great benefit to the coffee trees. The
result is a crop nearly as large again
as last year's. Hereafter when the
volcanoes of Guatemala erupt and
spout ashes the only unfortunate coffee
planters will be those whose fincas are
outside of the showers. London Globe.
Made Fatal Error.
Tess So their engagement is broken
Jess Yes, they quarreled and she
was in the wrong.
Tess And she wouldn't admit it?
Jess No, that was the whole trou
ble. She did admit it and after that he
simply became unbearable. Philadel
phia Press.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winsloyr's Soothing
Syrup tha best remedy to use for their children
during the teething period.
New Brand.
The lady shopper approached the
floorwalker in the great department
"I am looking for some Japanese cal
ico," she said.
"Japanese calico!" he echoed in sur
prise. "Yes; something that will not run,"
she explained.
riTQ Permanently cured, xronLs or nervousness
ll IU after flrstday'suseofDr.Kllne'BGreatlSIervs
Restorer. Send for Free S2 trial bottle and treatise.
Dr. it. H. Kline. Ltd.. BV .arch St.. Philadelphia, Fa.
In a Quandary.
Mr. De Style Well, are all your ar
rangements for a summer at the fash
ionable resorts completed?
Mrs.' De Style Nearly, but I'm in
such a quandary. I have arranged to
send our house plants to a florist, our
cat to a cat home, and our dog to a
canine boarding house, so that all will
be well cared for until fall; but what in
the world shall I do with the baby?
"Keeley ljouor-morphine-tobacco
Putting on Aim.
"That Mrs. Snaggs is too much of a
sristycrat fur me to mingle wid."
".How's that?"
"She was knocked down by a push
cart, and she had it put into the paper
dat she was hit by an autermohile."
Detroit Free Press.
In the
7m. wMm
ip f
" i
A 'c your Grpcfr
li oof carried by local grocers, write Wadhams dt Co.. who will advise where oDUtiaama.
Doctors first prescribed
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral over
60 years ago. They use it
today more than ever. They
rely upon it for colds, coughs,
bronchitis, consumption.
They will tell you how it
heals Inflamed lungs.
" I bad a very bad eough for three yean.
Than I tried Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. Mysore
lungs were soon healed and my cough dropped
as. Pbakt. HTDS, Guthrie Centra, la.
Me.. 50c.. fl.00.
'Lowell. Mass.
All drngeists.
One Ayer's Pill at bedtime insures
a natural action next morning
Those Loving Girls.
Sylvia Mr. DeScadds paid you such
a lovely compliment last night.
Phyllis Indeed! What did he say?
Sylvia He said you looked 'enough
likerne to be my sister.
Special Card to the Public.
Dr. C, Gee Wo, Chinese Medicine Co., 25S
Alder St.. Portland, Oregon, regrets being con
fused with Doctor Lee Sing Hon, who was
killed rcenetly in Portland. Dr. Wo is not
dead, and is practici g at name location, 223
Alder Street. Some people thought there was
only one Chinese doctor.
Wanted No Extremes.
Daughter Papa, I wish you wouldn't
look so fierce when young men call to
Bee me. It frightens them.
Father; How shall I look meek?
Daughter--Um not too meek? that
might scare them off, too.
State of Ohio, City or Toledo,
Lucas County, (
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he ia
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney Ss
Co., doing business in the City of Toledo, Coun
ty and State aforesaid, and that said firm will
pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot bo
cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th day of Decern ber, A. D., 1880.
Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send f r testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY St CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Very Homelike.
Mrs. Quiverful Was that place whera
you boarded during my absence, at all
Mr. Q. Very. The children mad so
much noise I couldn't hear myself think.
I Old Coughs J
LICE on Poultry. ot?s?e?
kill the lice. Never fails. Sold by dealers, 50c and Si.oc per can.
Albert Blocker of Chanhassen, Minn., bought a can of Prussian Lice Killer and
used it thoroughly three times and cleaned his poultry house entirely free from
lice and mites. Before using-, the poultry bouse was alive with red liosand mites.
J. H. Maione. of Adel, Mo., pays the Prussian Lice Killer is just the thing for lice
on hogs, and is worth fivetimes its cost.
Portland. Or.. Coast Agents
RUSSELL enginebWers
High Grade
stackers Machinery
The A. H. Averill Machinery Ca.
Write for Catalogue and Prices.
crs 1. CRjifec for
W. Lm Douglas makes and sells mere man'm
S3. BO sitae than any other manufacture!
WOPta The reason W. L. Douglas $3.50 shoes are that
greatest f illers in tne world is because 01 tceir excellent style,
easy flttiiiK and superior wearing qualities. It I could show
you uie ainerence oeiween tne snoes inaae in my laciory auta
those of other makes and the hlKn-grrarie leathers used, youi
would understand why W. L. Douglas S3,BO shoes cost mora
to make, why they hold their shape, nt better, wear longer,
and are of trreater intrinsic value thanany other $3.50 snos
on the market toMlay, aud why the sales for the year ending
a. uut, worn
W. L. Douglas guarantees their value hy stamping his name)
and price on the bottom. Look for it take no substitute.
Sold by shoe dealers everywhere, fust Color Eyelelt utem
Superior in Fit, Comfort and Wear.
" I have worn W.L.Dmiglas $3.00 shorn for the last tarlvt yt arts
wun aosotute sansj action, l jina inrm superior tnjiitconvorm
and wear to others costing from $6.00 to (7.00."
B. S. tleCOE, Dept. Coll., U.S. Int. Revenue, Richmond,Va
W. I- Douglas uses Corona Coltskin in his S3.50)
Bnoes. uoroDS tjolt is couceaea to De we uaen
Patent Leather made.
MT. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Ma