Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, December 10, 1901, Image 4

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. Is a constitutional disease.
It originates in a scrofulous condition ot
the blood and depends on that condition.
It often causes headache and dizziness,
impairs the taste, smell and hearing, af
fects the vocal organs, disturbs the stomach.
It is always radically and permanently
cured by the blood-purifying, alterative
and tonic action ot
Hood's Sarsaparilla
This great medicine has wrought the most
wonderful cures of all diseases depending
on scrofula or the scrofulous habit.
Hood's Fills are the but cathartic
Relics or an Age -Long Past
The petrified forests of Arizona were
recently examined anew under the
direction of the general land office.
The silicified logs lie in the greatest
abundance within an area of eight
square miles in Apache county. In
some places they lie more thickly
than they could have stood while
living as trees, and it is thought they
must have been carried there by a
swift current of water in the mesozotic
M Hionj In Royal Kitchens.
The most costly kitchen belongs to
the Spanish court, the cooking uten
sils alone having a value of nearly
$75,500. and are of a ereatage. The
kitchen of the shah of Persia is, how
ever, the most valuable in the world.
Even the cooking pots are lined with
gold and the plates and dishes used
at the royal table are of solid gold,
incrusted with precious stones. If it
were possible for the contents of the
shah's kitchen to be put up at auc
tion they would realize over $5,000,
P1TQ Permanently Cured. No fits r nerronsneK
rl I V after first (lay's aiof Tr. KliM'sGreat Nerw
Restorer. Send for FRBESJ-OOtriaJbottleand treat
iM. Ua.R.H.KLiNB.Ltd..31 Archi3t..Philadelphia.Pfc
A Wisconsin Family's Prominence.
Dr. Roswell Park, one of the physi
cians who attended President McKin
ley, is a son of the Rev. Roswell Park,
D. D., who founded and was the first
president of Racine college, Racine,
Only Woman Arctic Explorer.
Mrs. Peary, who recently returned
from a year's trip to the Arctics with
supplies for her husband, occupies a
unique position in the world as the
only woman arctic explorer. She
has several times accompanied her
husband on his expeditions, sharing
the dangers and hardships. Mrs.
Peary's little daughter, Mary Annig
.hito Peary, was born in the far north
in 1893, and did not see daylight un
til she was six months old.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow'S Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children during the teething period.
Present of Philippine Products.
President Roosevelt was recently
presented a handsome cane and seve
ral pieces of cloth manufactured in
the Philippine islands by A. Abren,
a Filipino merchant traveling in
this country to get a knowledge of
American mercantile methods.
Romance In Real Life.
The present Lord Bath at one time
was the affianced of Princess May of
Teck. The match had been publicly
. announced, and all the arrangements
niade. but at the last moment, al
most. Lord Bath insisted on marry
ing Violet Mordaunt. Princess May,
after becoming the fiancee of the
Duke of Clarence, subsequently mar
ried the latter's younger brother, the
Duke of Cornwall and York.
Fiso's Cure cannot be too highly spoken
of as a cough cure. J. W. O'Brieh. 322
Third Ave., N., Minneapolis, Minn., Jan.
e, woo.
Curious Chronological Facts.
No century has ever begun on a
Wednesday, a Friday or a Sunday,
and the same order of days is repeat
ed each 20 years. January and Octo
ber of each year always begin with
the same day : so with April and
July : so with September and Decern
'ber: so with February, March and
. November.
Madrid to Erect Eight Statue.
The magistrates of Madrid, at a re
cent meeting, voted the sum of 250,-
000 pesetas for the erection of eight
statues of Lope de Vega, Muriho,
Moratin, Ventura-Rodriguez, Goya,
Arquelles, (Juevedo and Salamanca.
There is more Catarrh In this section of the
country than all other diseases pat together,
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great manv years doctors pro
nounced it a local disease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing to care
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, and therpfore requires constitu.
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Care, man
ufactured by F. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, OHo,
is the only constitutional cure on the market.
It is taken internally in doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoonful. It acta directly on the blood
and mucons surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it fails to
cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress, ' F.J. CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by Druggists, 75c.
Ball's Family Fills are the best "
Dogs Work In Relays.
The L980 miles between Skagway
and St. Michaels, Alaska, are covered
by 600 dogs, working in relays of. 25
miles, in four and one-half days.
Between White Horse and Dawson,
140 horses are kept going day and
night in relays.
Many pood physicians and nurses use
Wizard Oil for nbttinate neuralgia and
rheumatism. It's the right thing to do.
Nationality of Our Presidents.
President Roosevelt is the second
president of Dutch ancestry, Van
Buren being the first. Of our other
chief executives, 14 have sprung from
English stock, five from Scotch-Irish,
three from Scotch and one, Jefferson,
from Welsh.
Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe.
A constipation cure that pleases your palate,
pleases your stomach, pleases your pocketbook
Caacarets Candy Cathartic. Druggists, 10c.,
Must Be Lovely.
' "But none of the other girls seem
to admire my new dress."
"Is that so Turn around. " I
. didn't realize it was so pretty as
that." Philadelphia Bulletin.
LliHtS WHtKfc ALL fcLSfc tA LS.
i Best uoQgn Bjrtip- Tutea uooa.
in time, soia dt arotnnns.
It Wsm Flared br the Greeks, Car
ried os by the Bomaoe, Developed
hy the British, and Perfected by
Madera Americans.
"Ye Merry Game of Football from
Ancient Times Till Now" Is the title
of an illustrated article In St Nicholas
from the pen of N. O. Messenger. The
Greeks invented the sport, and through
the Romans It reached the Britons. In
the time of Queen Elizabeth football
waa in high favor. It was played in
the city streets, on the commons, and in
country lanes. There was not much
rule or order to the game, the object
being merely to put the ball into the
enemy's goal, by fair means or by foul.
The goals might be a mile apart, with
ditches and hedges and highroads' be
tween. The players struggled In ear
nest, and broken bones were no rarity
in the rush that followed.
This was probably the roughest and
most brutal period in football's history.
The accounts of the times speak fre
quently of accidents, and too often
there were fatal incidents in the play
ing of the game.
Shrove Tuesday was football day in
those times, and then the whole popu
lace went football mad. Every one
turned out to kick the ball. There was
one grand scramble to reach it as it
was punted down the streets, over
housetops, and across commons. The
merchants barred shop windows and
doors as the merry crowds surged
through the streets, for scant heed was
given to any obstacle that stood in the
way of the pursuit of the ball. Some
times two or more crowds. In chase of
the flying pigskin, fell foul of one an
other's course, and then there was a
to-do, and the strongest held the right
of way, perhaps carrying off both balls,
and causing the other crowd to join In
their pursuit
With the year 1800 the game began
to be adopted by English schools and
universities as the leading sport. In
1863 an association was formed, and It
was made a scientific sport At this time
the game was played differently by dif
ferent universities. Rugby permitted
carrying the ball, holding runners,
charging and tackling, while Harrow
and Winchester only allowed kicking.
In 1871 the. Rugby Union was formed,
and rules laid down. Prior to 1875
American universities had paid little
attention to football. It was Harvard
that brought the game to the United
States, and In order to have a foeman
worthy of its steel taught it to Yale.
Old Ell" took gracefully to the drub
bing that was Involved in learning the
first lesson, which was learned so well
that for many years thereafter Har
vard had no more victories.
The Rugby game has been developed
in America mainly along the lines of
Interference and tackling. The -Yankees
were quick to perceive advantages
which could be gained in this direction
and put them Into play. In 1886 Prince
ton Introduced the "wedge," using It
against Harvard, who in turn took it up
against Yale next year. Then Harvard
went one better and brought out the
"flying wedge," which, with the "V,
the "push, and the plow," are perma
nent 'features of football work. .
In the perfection of football playing
Into a scientific sport from the old
rough-and-tumble games of the past an
Involved system of signals has come
into use. The signals are made by call-
ing out numbers.
There seems to be no lessening of
interest In the sport There may be as
many as twenty thousand spectators,
and the great game of football, which
began with the Greeks, was carried on
by the Romans, developed by the Brit
ish, and perfected by the Americans.
seems to be indeed tire king of autumn
Mystic Flsrnr e Pursued Franklin John
son Throncn litre and to Death.
In the long life of Franklin Johnson,
who died, after a week's illness of pneu
monia, at his residence, 61 West 49th
street. New York, recently, the figure
7 or a combination of 7s occurred so
surprisingly In connection with every
event of Importance that befell him
that It was only fulfilling a present!
meat he had frequently expressed when
his death occurred In his 77th year.
Mr. Johnson was born in 1825, which,
by a process of subtraction and add!
tion, easily resolves Itself Into a com'
bination of 7s. His wife was born on
the 7th of a month and their marriage
also occurred on a 7th. Their only
child, a daughter, was born on a 14th
and died on the 21st of a month, in her
14th year. . .
Previous to living at 61 West 49th
street Mr. Johnson had resided at 77
West 52d street, and finally, yesterday
was the seventh day since he was taken
with a chill, which developed Into
pneumonia and caused his death. '
At oe time Mr. Johnson feared that
he would die in his 67th year, but when
he passed that period In his life he had
the utmost confidence that he would
live until he reached his 77th vir
BeyWd that period, however, he had no
expectation of living.
Mr. Johnson was the last of one of
New York's oldest families, says the
New York Herald. His grandfather
served under Gen. Washington, and his
father was for many years one of the
best-known contractors In the city. His
mother was a cousin of Ethan Allen.
Of his ten brothers and sisters there
are no male descendants known to the
family here, and Mr. Johnson leaves no
children, his wife alone surviving him.
He had not been In active business for
many years. .
Some Explanation of Its Working- by
a Texan Abroad.
Some ten or more years ago, says
man from Texas, we had occasion In
our town to send one of our prominent
citizens to England to look after some
business of a p'rivate character
which he, with half a dozen more of us.
was Interested. He was a bit raw, as
you might say In the East, but for our
purpose he answered admirably and we
shoved him to the front and let him
loose among the effete Inhabitants of
Britain. I don't know what he didn't do
or say over there, for wet could only get
Information by hearsay, but an Ameri
can, who met him one night at a club,
told us of a conversation which he had
heard on that occasion. There. was a
general talk on, the' subject of the wild
and woolly manners of the Southwest
and the Texas ideas of justice.
We couldn't have anything like that.
don't you know, in this country," said
an Englishman.
No, I reckon not," responded the
Texan; "It takes a special trainln' that
you folks won't ketch up to f er a good
many years yit, I reckon."
"I should hope not," laughed the Eng
"'Tain't your fault, though," con
soled the Texan; "you can't expect to
have all the best things over here, you
It's a good thing, I know," admit
ted the Englishman, "but yet I think
the system is most defective. Judge
Lynch is not always in the right"
I don't know about that," said the
Texan, shaking his head, doubtfully.
Now," said the Englishman, conclus
ively, "are you prepared to say lhat
justice is always promptly administer
ed in this manner?"
The Texan hesitated a moment and
showed unmistakable signs of falling
to uphold his cause.
I reckon you're right. Colonel," he
said. "Sometimes the rope breaks or a
gun misses fire the first time, but you
ughtn't to hold that ag'n us, fer we
never let the cuss git away." Syracuse
Entomological Occurrence of More
Ordinary Interest.
An event of more than ordinary In
terest transpired In my office yesterday
noon. The large female tarantula shed
her skin for the second time since she
has been In captivity. Those familiar
with insects, spiders and related crea
tures are aware that they are Incased
by a hard, unyielding Integument In
crease of size la permissible only when
the skin is shed, and one that has been
newly formed beneath expands to the
requisite degree. This is a process con
stantly occurring in nature, and ever
excites Interest In the beholder. When
a large spider, three inches long, throws
off the old integument it is a thrilling
sight.' In the present case the taran
tula had evidently been feeling unwell
for some days, a condition frequently
preceding this process among insects.
and yesterday morning she was, found
lying- upon ber back and apparently
dead, but moved a little upon being dis
turbed. She lay thus until about 12:15
o'clock, when the rustling of her move
ments made excited attention. The old
skin was ruptured about the thorax in
such a manner that the top could be
removed entire, and through this open
ing the giant spider was literally work
ing out of her old skin. This was ac
complished by the aid of the eight legs
and the two leg-like palpi. At the end
of an hour the change had been effect
ed. The spider lay upon her back, be
side the perfect skint resting from the
severe exertion. This tarantula was
unusually large before she moulted,
and Is now of still greater size. She
came North In a bunch of bananas
about two and one-half years ago, and
until last January was the pet of Dr.
J. M. BIgelow. While under his care
one skin was shed, and is now in my
possession. An idea of the increase in
size attendant upon moulting may be
gained by comparing the dimensions of
the dorsal piece of the skin shed about
the latter part of 1896, when under the
care of Dr. BIgelow, and the on shed
yesterday. The first measured one inch
and the second measures one and one
fourth Inches. Therefore the present
dorsal piece will probably be propor
tionately larger when fully expanded.-
New York State Entomologist, in Al
bany Argus. . '
Bad English.
Men and women of all classes break
the rules of grammar nowadays, pre
ferring picturesque to correct speech
but the offense is most often committed
by the poor. Yet bad English is not a
necessity of poverty, for there Is not a
man or woman pr child In this 'broad
land of free schools who is compelled to
say "I knowed" or "I seen" or "I have
saw," or any one or all of dozens of the
most glaring and inexcusable outrages
of syntax. There is no more necessity
for the poor person to speak Incorrectly
than there is for the most favored of
our people. Schools and newspapers
and books are within the reach of all at
absolutely no cost save time and a little
thought . and application. It Is not
asked or expected that any person use
perfectly pure speech, for a certain lat
itude of language is permissible; -but
there is no possible excuse for such er
rors of Bpeech as prevail among the so
called lower classes, which Includes
thousands of people who have plenty of
time to talk and read. The root Of the
matter lies In the carelessness and In
difference of parents and teachers who
neglect the children in their charge at a
time when they are learning the lan
guage, not out of grammars, but out of
the mouths of their elders, and of each
other. It Is as easy to say "I knew"
or "I saw" or "those things," as It Is to
say T knowed" or "I seen" or "them
things," and why let the children use
that which Is more difficult and harsher
than that which is easier and softer?
Aimed at the Trusts. '
I cannot buy potatoes for I haven't got
the prices-
The daily plate of "murphies" must
miss . .-
O, had I now the money blown in sum
mertime for ice,
The situation had not been like this.
The ice trust, in the summer, and the
coal trust in the fall,
The hay trust in the winter, and all
Some blamed old combination is dead
sure to get it all
And keep one honest statesman "bast
ed" flat.
Nebraska State Journal.
Honeymoon Faith.
Nell Mrs. Newlywed says she has
perfect confidence In her husband.
Belle Yes; she even gives him her
letters to malL Philadelphia Record.
A woman thinks she is becoming used
to business when she has learned to be
suspicious of every man she meets.
The "story" that sounds funny to you
may not be funny to other people. Don'
repeat It too often.
To'.MoUsgpq of
Lssrgo Families
la this workadav world few women
are so placed that physical exertion
is not constantly demanded ox them in
their daily life. ,
We make a special appeal to mothers
of large families whose work is never
done, and many of whom suffer, and
suiter lor lack of intelligent aid.
To women, young or old, rich or
poor, we extend an invitation to accent
tree advice. Oh, women t do not let
Mas. gabbtjb BsxxicvnxB.
Tour lives be sacrificed when a word of
advice at the first approach of weak-
, may fill your future years with
healthy joy. Address a letter to Mrs.
Pinkham's Laboratory, Lynn Mass.,
and you will not be disappointed.
"When 1 betran to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I was
not able to do my housework. I suf
fered terribly at time of menstruation.
Several doctors told me they could do
nothing for me. Thanks to the Pink
ham advice and medicine I am now
well, and can do the work for eight in
the family. ,
1 would recommend Lydia IS. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound to all
mothers with large families." Mbs.
Cabbie Belleville, Ludington, Mich.
Advice for Astor.
Mr. Astor cannot be a peer of Eng
land because the law prohibits natur
alized subjects from attaining toS'that
dignity. Mr. Astor has tried so hard
to get away from his fur and pelt
ancestors that he has brought it to
the notice of all the world, and got
nothing else for his pains except dis
appointment. It is a wise spn who
accepts his own pedigree. Pittsburg
Angling Society Protects Fish.
One of the most important duties
of the Thames Angling Preservation
Society is the recovery from the reser
voirs of the London water companies
of the hundreds of thousands of fish
which, is various stages of babyhood,
find their way from the Thames into
those large sheets of water. ' Were it
not for the frequent nettings which
take place, the most, serious harm
would probably result to the river
from the vast - number of hsh which
are constantly being drawn from it.
Biggest Warehouse in the World.
Liverpool has the biggest ware-
he us i in the world. It is built be
side the ' docks, and- is intended to
house the imports of tobacco which
form so important a part of Liver
pool's trade. The warehouse is 725J
feet in length , 165 feet wide and 124
feet 10 inches high. The ground
area is 13,300 square yards, and the
area" of the several floors 174,098
square yards.
Oldest Man in America.
Elijah Bledsoe, colored, living near
Burgin, Ky., is believed to be the
oldest man in America. There seems
to be good ground for believing that
he is over 120 years old. ' He is
known to have been married 13 times,
and something like half a hundred
of his children are scattered over the
& te PEFRfiSn And Acta V"
, Pleasantly and Gently.
:. OvCOjAfMl Permanently
Witt many millions of families Syrup of Figs has become the
ideal home laxative. The combination is a simple and wholesome
one, and the method of manufacture by the California Fig Syrup
Company ensures that perfect purity and uniformi ty 'of product,
which have commended it to the favorable consideration of the
most eminent physicians and to the intelligent appreciation of all
who are well informed in reference to medicinal agents.
, .Syrup f Figs has truly a laxative effect and acts gently with
out -in a-riy way disturbing the natural functions and with perfect
freedom from any unpleasant after effects.
In the process of manufacturing, figs are used, as they are
pleasant to the taste, but the medicinally laxative principles of the
combination are obtained from plants known to act most bene
ficially on the systems
To tet, its beneficial effects
. . I :.. It' ... r -.- . .
Louisville. Ky.
- Wholesale Beer Drinkers,
The British are the largest drinkers
of beer in the world and the consump
tion is growing. The quantity of beer
absorbed in 1900 amounted to 1,289,
766,000 gallons, or not much less
than 208,000,000 cubic feet; in other
words, the contents of a reservoir
2,000 feet long, 1,000 feet wide and
104 feet deep.
Dreyfus Returning to Alsace.
Captain Dreyfus, who has been liv
ing at Uologne, near ueneva, ior
some time past, has determined to
leave Switzerland and make his home
in Alsace, where he was born. He
will spend the winter in the Biveria,
after which he will definitely settle
down in Alsace, devoting his time to
literature and, scientific pursuits.
Allegations Certified To.
A Sumner county (Kansas) man
who had a neighbor arrested for slan
der, swore to the following affidavit :
"I hereby solemnly swear that the de
fendant set Upon me, calling me a
lobster, a pauper, a scarecrow, and an
idiot, all of which I certify to be
true." -
Not Smooth.
Quinn I think Bob Evans called
his book a "Sailor's. Log." -
De Fonte Yes, and it seems to me
some people ran against a good many
knots when they read it. Chicago
South American Underground Telegraph
The Argentine Republic has been
obliged to put the telegraph line
between Rosario and Buenos Ay res
under ground, because on wet days
the electric current was dissipated
through the numerous spider webs
attached to the wires.
A Smart Girl's Deception.
A wise girl in Garnet, Kan., ties
an apron around hei waist whenever
she sees her "steady" coming, and
when she lets him in she blushes and
excuses herself on the-, plea that she
has been "helping mamma." Kan
sas City Star.
If Ton haven't a regular, health? movement of the
bowels ever? day, you're sick, or will be. Keep your
bowels open, and be welL Force, in tbe shape of
violent pbyslc or pill poison, is dangerous. The
iimootbest, easiest, most perfect way ox keeping toe
tow els clear and clean la to take
Pleasant, Palatable, Potent. Taste Good. Do Good,
Never Sicken, Weaken, or Gripe. 10a , SOo. Write
for free sample, and booklet on healtn. Address
Storing SihiIt pny. Cateim oertwl. Sw tort. S23S
Oil. CD
N. P. N. U.
No. o-iaoi.
WHSlt writing- ta advertisers please
meution this paper
v my
U f 1 f f
oiy Tne 2BrjiiernArUTactJrca Dy
Srv FrA rvcioco.Ca.!.
Regard Peruna as Their Shield Against Catarrh, Coughs, Colds,
Grip and Catarrhal Diseases.
Sirs. Belva A. lockwood. Late Candidate tor
toe Presidency.
Mrs. Belva Lockwood, the eminent
barrister of Washington, D. C, is the
only woman who has ever been a candi
date for the presidency of the United
States. She is the best known woman
in America. - As a pioneer of her sex
in the legal profession she has gath
ered fame and fortune. In a letter to
the Peruna Medicine company, she
" have used your Peruna both
for myself and my mother, Mrs.
Hannah J. Bennett, now In her
88th year, and I find it an in
valuable remedy for cold, catarrh,
hay fever and kindred diseases ;
also a good tonic for feeble and
old people, or those run down,
and with nerves unstrung."
Yours truly,
Belva A. Lockwood.
Peruna cures catarrh . by removing
the cause, inflamed mucous mem
branes. Dr. Hartman, the compounder of
Peruna, once said in a lecture to wo
men: A great number of women
consult me every year. I often have
occasion to say to these patients : 'I
fear you have catarrh, madam.' They
will generally reply, Oh, no, I never
had catarrh. My nose is perfectly
Well. Informed. -
"He seems to be a well informed
"Ceitainly. 'His wife tells him
everything that's going on." Phila
delphia Bulletin. "
Holiday Resolutions
ICcccy Cure
feurereuef fjom liqwor, opium and tobasoa
MiAkv.. oeuu ior parliouiars to
Keeley Institute, Z&tfg2g2Z
Wa mafia tha ceiabrafasf
Ant I -Ri.m Umbrella Frame.
Yflll Find thP lYlffPrPriPP ,B,1W?.?
One brings no
In von r nnrsn
firnPShPPlf'c llfP KHIpr L 1Jauidt?Plntorspray"the roosts, quietly destroying all
UlUCOUCUn O. LIliC TVlllCI lice. The.prire is nothing in comparison to the eood It will do.
Save Your Chickens.
Why Pay High Prices?
For WATCHES, DIAMONDS and JEWELRY when yon can buy nn
- redeemed pledges for Amount of Money Loaned with interest at the
Portland Loan Office, 'Vow
New Jewelry at 40 p6r cent lower
New YorR.flY
clear, and my breath is not bad. I
am not troubled with .coughing or
spitting, or any other disagreeable
symptoms of catarrh.' 'But you may
have the catarrh all the same. Ca
tarrh is not al
ways located in
the head. You
may have catarrh
of tbe lungs, or
stomach or liver,
or kidneys, and
es pecially you
may have ca
tarrh of the pel
vic organs."
The. doctor
went on to say :
"I have been'
preaching this
Eureka Sprirgs, ark.,
cured of a seven esse
oi catarah by reruna.
doctrine for the last 40 years, but there
are a vast multitude of women who
have never heard it yet.
Catarrh may attack any organ of
the body. Women are especially
liable to catarrh of the pelvic organs.
There are one hundred cases of ca
tarrh of the pelvic organs to one of
catarrh of the head. Most people
think because they have not catarrh
of the head, they have not catarrh
at all. This is a great mistake and is
tbe cause of many cases of sickness
and death."
Mrs. T. Pelton, 562 St. Anthony
avenue, St. Paul, Minn., writes: "Pe
has done
for me.
It has cured my
headache and pal
pitation of the
heart; has built
up my whole sys
tem. I cheerfully
recommend Peru
na to all sufferers
afflicted with ca
tarrh. My moth-
er is never
without Peruna.
When one is tired and generally out
of sorts, if Peruna is taken it imme
diately removes that tired feeling."
If you do not derive prompt and
satisfactory results from the use of
Peruna, write at once to 'Dr. Hart
man, giving a full statement of your
case and he will be pleased to give
you his valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President
of the Hartman Sanitarium, Colum
bus, O.
Britons Growing Taller.
It is affirmed that no nation is in
creasing so rapidly in height and
weight as the British. In 50 years
the average height has risen from 5
feet 7 14 inches to 5 feet 8J inches.
j The average height of the criminal
class is but o feet 5 4-5 inches.
Patents Send no Money
BHt a model or drawing with a description,
and we will advise you. J. S. Duflie en C P
ii Co., (Dept. A) Washington, J). C. tvE.C
Do not come to our store to please ns, bat we are
UMBKhLLA FRAME, covered with nor own make
of goods, wijl please you as you have never been
Mrs. T. J.
Key-. s vn
Mrs. T. Pelton.
A NICE UMBRELLA is a fine Christmas present.
809 Morrison St., opp. Postoffice. PORTLAND, ORE.
low chickens and healthy, contented Jowls.
money to your pocket, the other means moner
whinh mill .A Kn.. o J
eea uraeebeck's Kee Producer nnd Health Food to the
chickens-prevents mortality. Pullets begin laying when five or
M w tw er cent, more eggs produced.
Straai, Portland, Or. Coxar Aganta.
than at any Jewelry Store in Portland.
Are best became they are thoroughly well made
of best material. Are stronger and heavier
than otnecs, hence more durable. The feed is
absolutely accurate, reliable and positive, and
will sow same quantity, Hp or down hill or on
side hill. Hoosier Drills are cheapest because
BEST. We keep full stock of repairs at princl.
pal points in the Northwest. Catalogue free.
First and Taylor Sts.
Portland, Oregon.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
reotof Morrison Stress,
Can give yon the' best bargain la
Bnggies. Plows, Boilers and Engines,
Windmills and Pomps and General
Machinery. See as before baying.
Local Agent Wanted
WANTED A local agent in each
township to sell oar up-to-date
publications. Good remuneration
and steady employment. Address,
Room 10, Lewis Rldg.,
Cor. 8th and Morrison Sts.. PORTLAND, ORS.
Founded 187 O
A Homo School for Boya
Military and Manual Training
ran form wpwsar moot, lie, 1UU1
Wrlto lor Hluatrated Oataloowo
...Columbia University...
: Academic and Collegiate Halls.
COURSES Classical, Literary, Bclentlfio and
Commercial. For particulars apply to
REV. E. P. MURPHY, President, -University
Park, Portland. Oref oa.
I,, J