Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, November 26, 1901, Image 4

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    Somt Dlitlnctlon In That,
Don't let my refusal of your pro
posal embitter you, Mr. Simpkins.
He Oh, not all. After all, it is
something to have been rejected by a
firl who owns a $500 dog. Detroit
ree Press.
Nothing New in That.
"You can't dispute the miracles In
the Bible, man. Why just consider
the raising of Lazarus!"
"Humph! I've seen people raised
that have been dead longer than Laz
arus. Why my wife raises Cain every
day!" Denver. Times.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Nov. 15th. A Medical
authority says: "In many families throughout
the world Garfield Tea often takes the place of
the family physician, for practically everyone
suffers at times from disorders of stomach, liver,
kidneys or bowels. Certainly from no other
medicine can such eood results be obtained.
This Herb remedy snakes people well, thus
greatly increasing their capacity for enjoying
tue. u is gooa tor young ana oia.
The Cheerful Wight
"Yes, he's always happy when he's
hunting for wort. "
"What a cheerful disposition
And is he never discouraged, never
"Only when he finds it." Phila
delphia Press.
men the
Brotherly Assistance, -
Rodrlck They saw that
was held up by masked
other night.
Van Albert Tes; it was at the mas
auerade ball. If they hadn't held
him up he'd never got home. Chi
cago Daily News.
Washington may be had by reading
the report of W. D. Mitchell, who
had the 676 acre farm of the. Mitchell
estate, one mile east of Colfax, leased
during the past year. . On 330 acres
Mr. Mitchell produced -20, 754 bushels
of grain, an average of 63 bushels to
the acre. The gram was divided as
follows : 6,041 bushels of wheat, 5,
234 bushels of barley and 9,470 bush
els of oats. He also raised 200 sacks
of potatoes, 140 sacks of onions, three
tons of cabbages and other vegetables.
including $64 worth of melons soul to
Colfax citizens. He sold $280 worth
of hogs, $824 worth of milk, $210 worth
of calves and $40 worth of pears.
There are now on the farm about 60
tons of prunes, worth $8 per ton at
the dryer or $5 per ton on the tree,
which is net proht, the buyer picking
and hauling the fruit. The total
value of the products " of this farm
this season will reach $9,235.
Lone live the King! The Kins is
Wizard Oil; Pain his enemies, whom
he conquers.
Rather Serious.
Wife I had to get a policeman to
put out the cook.
Husband Gone, is she?
"Oh. no. He proved to be her
be3t fellow, and they're both waiting
for you in the back hall. Life.
The Difference.
Pater You are very forward, sir,
In dot day the .voune man waited
until he was asked to call.
Young Man Yes,and now he waits
until he's asked not to call.
Good Reason.
Arthur Has the widow given
any reason to hope?
Chester Yes; she told me last
night that I reminded her of the
only husband she had ever really
Permanently Cored. No fits er nerronsnesi
MIS' after flrst uy's nteof Dr. Kline's Great Nerrt
Beetorer. Send for FRBES'J.OO trial battle and treat,
lea. Sa.B. H. Kukk. Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa
Far Sighted.
Little Girl Please, mamma, can I
hold the baby for awhile?
Mother No, dear; you're too lit
tle. You'd let him fall.
Little Girl Well, mamma, Can I
have him when he's worn out?
Sure lie Knew Best
Mamma Dora, your father says
that that young man of yours, Mr:
Hartt, is deceiving you.
Dora But he isn't mamma, for I
asked him, and he said he wasn t
Of course he knows better than papa,
i Every man, woman and child snPer-
ling with colds, asthma, croup, pneu-
Jmonla or consumption to write us.
American Lung Balm Pad Co.,Cuatlanouga
' His Great Anxiety.
Athlete Did I break it, doctor?
Doctor I will be plain with you
The arm is broken, the collarbone
crushed, the skull is fractured
Athlete No, no, no! The did
I break the ,
"Kecord?" Tid-Bits.
"I am afraid Bliggins has met with
"What makes you think so." ...
"He goes about with a gloomy look.
saying there is no such thing as dis-
' interested friendship. That is almost
a sure sign that a man has : been try
ing to borrow monej. Exchange.
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consiimntion
lived my life three years aso. Mas. Thos.
xiobbins. maple street, Durwum, is. 1.
Feb. 17,1900.
AH Servants Alike.
Towne I could never understand
why political officeholders are called
public servants.
Browne Why not?
Towne Because they are really our
bosses. :
.Browne Well, 1 guess you never
kept house, did you? Philadelphia
Not Unusual. "'
May Have you heard of Clara
hard luck?
Belle No. What is it?
"Now that they are married they
have to retrench awfully to 'make up
the money he wasted while courting
her." Life. '
Mothers will find Mrs. Wlnslow's Sooth,
Ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
- A Fantasy Floored.
Scribbs I'm getting up a fetching
article on "How Men Carry Their
Mrs. . Scribbs Huh! Men don
carry their umbrellas ; they lose
their " umbrellas and borrow other
peoples. Chicago Record-Herald.
Wanted Newer, Truer Maxims.
Mr. Schermerhorn I hope you
V .1 ! i 1 , , .
iiau biie new gin vitaui up tne nans,
Lobelia. You know "A new broom
weens clean."
Mis. Schermerhorn (wearily) Not
in this instance. She said sLe wasn't
going to clean up any of our former
it. Jr. .a T i i n i
gin s uirt. Druumyn j,agie.
The Hour Wat Late.
Now " McBrane has more good
sense than anyone I know " con
tinued Mr. Staylate. "I tell you,
he s the coming man."
"If he has all the sense you say,
remarked Miss Peppery, making an
effort to suppress a yawn, "I should
think he would be the going man at
this hour." Philadelphia Press.
Down on a Palouse Farm.
A good idea of what can be done on
To Cut Tall Timber.
Articles incorporating a railroad
farm in the Palouse country of company to operate in the timber in
Millions in Talc. -
A recent incorporation is the Dar-
rihgton Talc Company, that has been
the western part of Polk county and
Lincoln county, Oregon, have been
filed with the county clerk in Multno
mah county and with the secretary of
state at Salem. The authoiized cap
ital is $100,000, and the 'corporate
name is Salem, Falls City & Western
Railway Company. The articles re
cite that tbe object is to acquire, con
struct and equip railroad, telephone
and telegraph on a route to be desig
nated later between Salem, in Marion
county, and the mouth of the Siletz
river, in Lilcoin county. This would
be over a distance of about .75 miles,
most, of which would be through val
uable timber. The main object of
this corporation is to provide an out
let for the fine timber on the hills
back of Falls City. The intention is
to xtend the new line as the saw
mills shall ea into the timber, cross
ing the coast range and penetrating
the Siletz country. . It will be a
standard gauge railroad
fine Cinnabar Ore.
The discovery of mercury in Pay-
in minntifiia in tVl n TLXanAnTwrn Aia.
formed for the purpose o opening up eafjt of Grant,s 0re.( has
and developing five full sized talc
claims located in the White Horse
mining district, about three miles
from the town of Darrington, Wash. '
The surface showings are particularly
good, with indications of a large de-
caused much activity in that section.
Many claims have been located and
are being worked, and many thou
sand dollars' worth of cinnabar ore
have been removed from the mines.
while the work of development and
Portland" Woolen Mills.
posit of pure talc. Commercial talc .discovery goes on without abatement.
is used in the manufacture of paper, Tom a small noie on tne Hayneia
of soap and of different - lubricating claim $4000 worth of cinnabar ore
materials. It is also used in dressing was removed a few days ago. The
fine leather for shoes, gloves and book """"" K
. -t, . '.(.; u" best grade of cinnabar ever found in
binding. Toilet preparations, such nr.n. DTW, , H .
j I j , , v v0waa.. huu aa MJ nu AUVS V
as iace puwuer, giuve powuer, . iuui eiei oa the" Pacific Coast.
THiwiiKr. navfi inr inmr nnsiH niir
The value of crude talc, as it is quar-
via1 fwwvt tltA wiiita roniToa fiitm 4Q f r
$30 ner ton Preparations are being made to cel-
.- . " 1 ... U iUUlllllJ U 11 11 1, IU1 1. 1 11 J L
Shin Direct to New York. the Portland-Woolen Mill. It is ex-
An innovation in Puget sound ship- Pected that the mill will be In opera-
ping is projected by the American ,n some time m tne montn or ue-
.. ' . ,. icember. Machinery, under the di-
Hawanan Steamship Company, ! reckon of Superintendent Huber, is
which, in December, will dispatch rapidly being placed
the big steamship American from
Tacoma and other Puget sound ports
with cargo for New York direct. Tbe
, . . . , , . WO E "11 LJ ,-, 1. I. V1V111. 11 1111 11, I111U 1,111
American will be the first steamship employment to nfty operatives,
io route a cargo irom jruget souna io eluding men and women,
.mew lorKciiy. rsetween csan Fran
cisco and New York- considerable
freight is shipped by sea, but none
has been shipped from Tacoma direct.
A cargo of salmon of 2,000 tons will
be taken as a beginning.
The machinery
from Dallas mill is being installed
as far as it will go, and coriderable
new material, is befng used. It will
be a six-Bet woolen mill, and will give
Big Mining Deal.'
A mining deal involving the sum of
$275,000 has been recently ; closed in
the sale of the Belle and Crown prop- i
erty, at Silverton, Wash., in the Still
aguamish district, by Seattle . parties
to Eastern capitalists.
The property is located about a mile
and a half south of the Stillaguamish
river and is on the big contact or
mother lode vein which has made
famous the district in which it is
located. It is a gold, copper, silver
proposition. v
New Bank for Vancouver.
Arrangements are being made for
the-organization of a National Bank
in Vancouver, Wash., to . take the
place of .the First National Bank,
which suspended last April. - The
preliminaries have been arranged and
application has been made to the Con
troller of Currency for authority to
establish the new bank. The new
bank Is to be known as the National
Bank of Vancouver. The capital
stock will be (50,000. .
Skyscraper for Seattle.
Plans are being made for the erec
tion of a new ten-story hotel in Seat
tle. It will be located on the Russell
property at the corner of Third ave
nue and Cherry street. The building
will be ten stories high and con
structed entirely of stone. It will be
equipped with every modern conven
ience. - .
- Shipped for Everett.
D. Jarvis & Son, who for . several
years have operated a shipyard in
Stockton, Cal., have secured a site
on the Snohomish river, near Everett,
Wash., and will open a big shipyard.
The firm has been engaged -in ship
building for jears in the Stockton
channel. '-
North Pacific Trade.
The Globe Navigation Company, of
Seattle, at a meeting in Syracuse, N.
Y., voted to build three vessels . for
use on the Pacific , in addition to the
two now under construction.
New Industry for Eugene.
E. E. Chapman & Son have com
pleted arrangements for the establish
ment of a new planing mill, sash and
door factory in Eugene, Ore. They
have purchased the machinery foi
merly used in the old Dysinger mill.
They intend to greatly, enlarge the
plant in the spring. The bonus of
$8000 asked by H. D. Wagnon for the
establishment of a three-set woolen
mill in Eugene is in sight. The so
liciting : committee has secured
pledges amounting to $7500, leaving
less than $500 yet to raise.
Small Town Big Pay Roll.
A conservative estimate places the
payroll of the lumber industries at
Centralia, Wash. , at $25,000. From
the sawmills the payroll is about dou
ble what it "was -last year, and with
the shingle mills it has been more than
double that of last year. The daily
cut for the four Centralia shingle
mills is 430,000 per day, .or enough to
sningle over one square acre of
ground. There is also about 210,000
feet of lumber cut daily by the saw
mills when In operation.:
vV.-; Will Develop Oil Lands.
A syndicate has been formed at
Baker City, Ore., to develop a large
tract of land in the Malheur County
oil district.
Salisbury's Souvenir.
A peculiar souvenir Is kept In Lord
Salisbury's historic home at Hatfield.
It is a stone, -over a pound in weight,
with which the window of Lord Salis
bury's carriage was smashed at Dum
fries on Oct. 21, 1884. His two daugh
ters were seated with his lordship In
the vehicle, but fortunately all three es
caped uninjured. Lord- Salisbury had
on that occasion delivered the last of a
series of speeches In Scotland.
Street Cars for Walla Walla.
" The City Council of Walla Walla,
Wash., has passed an ordinance
granting a franchise to build and op
erate for 25 years an electric street
car line in Walla Walla. The right
to build in any and all streets is prac
tically granted. Grantees may' use
single trolley or other electric sys
tem. ' .-
A Valuable Ditch.
The dredger which is engaged
egging the Olympic Marsh drainage
ditch west of Sedov-Wooley, Wasn,
has nearly completed its contract so
far as the Olympic ditch Is concerned,
When completed the ditch will have
cose upwards of $30,000. -
-: Spuds and Spuds.
When it only takes 35 potatoes to
fill a sack they are considered pretty
good sized spuds, and the ground that
yields potatoes of that size lieo adja
cent to Arlington, Wash.' The yield
per acre of potatoes is over 600
bushels. -.. r
Oranges for New York.
The first carload of 1901 oranges to
leave California was shipped October
27 from Porterville to New York,
The car was appropriately decorated
aa it was a record ' breaker for that
" How Could It Be Expected 7
Ton Bald," asserted the Irate cus
tomer, "that this, tonic would make
hair grow."
1 did," admitted the clerk.
The customer removed his hat and
showed a head as smooth aa a billiard
"I've been using that tonic for three
months," h said.
. "Oh, that's all right," answered the
clerk, promptly. "You have no hair to
grow. If you had the tonic would work
all right What more can you expect?"
Chicago Post ,
"WHeTi "tne 'BTnr Hnines during a rain, is
it a sign that the devil is getting mar
ried, or is it a-sign that the devil is hav
ing a party? : We have heard ; both
stories. :. ' -
. Peach cobbler is the sixteen-year-old
girl of the pastry family. r
A shirt waist is made for men, but
we'd just like to see a man wear one.
"When a thing sells for 15 cents, you
ought to get two for a quarter. -
' MaupKa tne xnievea Flngera.
A merchant baa hit upon a novel
method of protecting his cash box from
marauding lingers. He sprinkle the
box with a powder which has the pe
culiar effect of dying the skin blue, the
color being merely intensified by wash-
ins;. ' - . ." . .
' A woman in love Is more or lees fool
ish, but she never finds it out to long
as tbe man is good to her.
" The most severe critics old-fashioned
people have are girla between 12 and
;u years ox axe.
. M w!e - :."V, MMil - j
-mrfuu . Tainl ill
mrr srr 9trsimxreo.
- fouxajH ft. jm ues.
. " esnes.
D RU LI r.1 0 N D Natural Leaf
"E. Rice, Oreenville." J. T.," "Good Luck,"
"Cross. Bow," Old Honesty," Brandy wine,"
"Jolly Tar," "Standard, Navy," "Planet," "Nep
tune," " Razor," "Tennessee Cross Tie," "Granger
Twist." o
(Two " Granger Twist " tags being equal to one of others mentioned.)
Our new illustrated o
FOR 1902
will include "many articles not shown here. It will contain the
most attractive List of Presents ever offered for Tags, and will
be sent by mail on receipt of postage two cents. r
(Catalogue will be ready for mailing about January 1st, .1902.)
Our otter of Presents for Tags will expire Nov. 30th, 1902.
- Write your name and address plainly on outside of packages
containing Tag, and send them and requests for Presents to
4241 Fotsom Ave.,
St. Louis, Mo.
ant otm'
10 tack . 0Bnuttvarvic cvrnucet.
mm mutt Tuotto: ttueo-
sue stttu Hotorr to iass,
J'l '
.' 'SO
SAir amo mnw oer.
rsrM wttto
taps mAavt. wson
imnrs ahb rents.
, MAHBltS.
...Columbia University...
Academic and Collegiate Halls. :
COURSES Claatical, Literary, Scientlflo and
Commercial. . For particulars apply to .
REV". E. P. MURPHY, President, -
University Park, Portland, Oregon.
St, Helen's School for Girls.
Thfrty-third year. Commodious bnlld
. lngs. Modern equipment. Academic
and college preparatory conrses.- Spe
cial courses in music and art. Bins,
trated catalogue. All departments will :
, reopen September 16.
Local Agent Wanted -
WANTED A local agent in each
township to sell our up-to-date
publications.- Good remuneration .,
and steady employment. Address,
, Room 10, Lewis Bldg.,
Cor. 8th and Morrison Sts.. PORTLAND, ORE.
(:ioec isaliCoC All C!E till 5
VUnLV II 1 1 L II a. rM MM, inikvi
BflH trOUffii syrup, j msuae uouu
m vi tne gom py uiukkkv
v" i 1 ,
Climatic Courage, :
"The Chinaman," remarked the
Orientalist, "is one of the meekest,
self effacing people in the world."
"Oh, I don't know" answered Tthe
friend who is always doubtful. "The
Chinaman is the only person 1 know
of in this hot weather who isn't afraid
to go out in public ihjhis pajamas."
Washington .Evening Star. -
A Jewel. '.f. '-.
Mr. Gooph I tell you, Blithersby's
wife is a jewel. - c ... ,j
Mr. Whooph Is that soT -,
Mr. Gooph I should say so. Why,
he went fishing yesterday and came
home with an empty jug, " a can of
salmon and two salt mackerel, and
she complimented him on hi luck.
- Optimistic
"No," said the business man, "I
never lie about ' my - business. It
doesn't pay." r " : S 1
; "But how about your advertising
man?" -; - - - " , -
At this he became thoughtful. ;
"He describes the bargains and
opportunities as" he sees them," he
replied. "If he has a failing, it is
optimish nothing more." Chicago
Post.. - , " -
A Boy's Grit
A Swedish boy fell out of a window
and was badly hurt, but- with clinch-
jed lips he kept back tbe cry of pain.
' mi i; , ...... '
ins King, Augustus : Aaoipnus, - who
saw him fall, prophesied that the boy
would make a man for an emergency.
And so he did, for he became the fam
ous General Bauer. . - .
Why Pay High Prices?
For WATCHES, DIAMONDS and JEWELRy when you can buy un--
redeemed pledges for Amount of Money Loaned with interest at the
Portland Loan Office, 'VoSIf SSLW
New Jewelry at 40 per cent, lower than at any Jewelry Store in Portland.
I At His Tailor's. -.
"It's a magnificent suit, sir."
"Yes. What a pity I don't fit it."
Indianapolis News. ' '
Summer Resolutions .
iieeley Cure
fee re rallaf son llqaor, opiam and toDaooo
babita, Band lor partieoian to .
;. Moved to 420 WIIIlra4
inSlllUlB, A.. Portland, Oregon.
, N. V. . tl.
No. 47 190t.
UN writing t dTOtlsex plosi
lsa SI Alt
war' a
Has ball bearlnt? In turn-table.
Turns freely to tbe wind.
Bail bean: thrust In wheel, lnnrfn
lightest ranning qualities, and reserving
greatest amount of power for pumping.
Galvanized after making. ?m together
with galvanized bolts, double-nutted; no
part ean rust or get loose and rattle.
Weight regulator; perfect regulation. No
spring to change tension with everv change
of temperature, and grow weaker with age.
Repairs always on nana.
These things are worth money to you.
.: Then why not buy a STAR? - -
JOHN POOLETPortlmmL Orezon,
. root of Morrison StrsM.
Can giro yon the best bargains in
Bridies. 'los. Boilers s.ii'1 KiiiguitiH,
Win-'m'ills and Pitmos an 1 (Tnei-i
Machinery. See us before buying.
Patents Send no Money
Bat a modpl or drawing wlih a dwrii,t.i.
and we'will advl yi.n. J. S. Uiiftie RnniJ
& Co., (Dept. A Washington, i). C.