Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, November 19, 1901, Image 4

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    Salt Rheum
It may become chronic.
It may cover the body with
large, inflamed, burning, itching,
scaling patches and cause intense
Buffering. It has been known to
do so.
Do not delay treatment.
Thoroughly cleanse the system
of the humors on which this
ailment depends and prevent their
, I
The medicine taken by Mrs. Ida E. Ward,
Core Point, Md, was Hood's Sarsaparllla.
She writes: " I had a disagreeable itching on
my arms which I concluded was salt rheum.
1 began taking Hood's Sarsaparllla and in
two days felt better. It was not long before
I was cured and I hare never had any akin
disease since."
Hood's Sarsaparllla
Promises to cure and keeps the
promise. It is positively une
qualed for all cutaneous eruptions.
Take it.
A Favorite Spot
Miss Dusnap (disgustedly). This
Is the sixth jug I have hooked into
and pulled up. I
Mr. tconnuenuy,
Good! That shows that this must be
a pretty fine place to fish. Brooklyn
TYiapa la mora ffetarrh In this section of the
country than all other diseases put together;
and until the last few years was supposed to be
incurable. For a great many years
doctors pro
nounced it a localdisease, and prescribed local
remedies, and by constantly failing
vu con
with local treatment, pronounced it incurable.
Science has proven catarrh to be a constitu
tional disease, ana marexorv iBjuiic. ufuovt.u-
tional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure, man
ufactured by P. J. Cheney Co., Toledo, Ohio,
is the only constitutional cure on the market.
It Is taken internally In doses from 10 drops to
a teaspoonful. It acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer
one hundred dollars for any case it fails tp
cure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Au
di ess, F. J. CHENEY CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 760.
Ball's Family Fills are the best.
Seek Protection from Extortion.
Eight hundred residents in South
London have joined a tenants' protec
tive league, started a few weeks ago,
"to enable weekly tenants to combine
for self-protection against the extor
tionate and illegal demands of land
lords and rate collectors, and for pro
vision of the necessary legal assist
ance." . . :
Pure Blood, Beautiful Complexion .
Go hand in hand, one. Impossible without the
other, and the best, quickest, easiest blood
purifier is Cascarets Candy Cathartic. Ail drug
gists, 10c, 23c, 50c.
An Insuperable Obstacle.
- "What foolish things they do say
aDout tne KocMeuer fortune. Here
is someone who claims that if it was
in um it. wouiu encircie me where the adhesions had been remov
earth." ed or pulled oft the bronchial tubes.
"Well, wouldn t it? All irritation of the delicate mucous
"Of course not How would you membrane of the bronchae is quickly
eei uiein acruas me ocean.' Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Time proves all things. It. has
seen Wizard Oil cure pain for over
forty years. Many people know
this. -
A Pennsylvania Giant.
- William Llppincott, the heaviest
man in Bucks county, Pennsylvania,
weighs 479 pounds, but offers to out:
dance any man who will try conclu
sions with him on the waxed floor.
Not long ago he allowed a young man
to hit his hardest where his (L,in-!anu
pincott'B) waist should be. The
young man broke his arm.
Every man, woman and child safler-
vltn colds, asthma, croup, poeif
la or consumption to write us.
American Luii- Balm Fad Co., Chattanooga,
A Luxurious Traveler. ;
Cecil Rhodes never does anything
by halves. When he came over to
England by the fast mail from Africa,
besides other specially provided com
forts, he was accompanied by his own
chef, his own poultry and his own
"Which would you rather, Tommy,
be born, lucky or rich? . asked Uncle
Tredway. ,;
"Both," replied Tommy, sententious
ly. Detroit Free Press.
Of Course.
"Is that Mrs. Brown of Boston?"
"I dunno her name, but she's Bos
, ton bred."
"Then she's brown, of course."
Cleveland Plain' Dealer.
Outlet for Much Fresh Water.
The Detroit river is the outlet of the
greatest body of fresh water in the
world,, aggregating 82,000 square
miles of lake surface, which in turn
drain 125,000 square miles of land. ;
Under Control.
The Count Your daughter, madam,
says she is perfectly willing to have
. me.
The Mother Yes; she is very dutiful.
The diseases most feared are those which are
inherited handed down from generation to gen
eration, anJ family to family. By far the most
destructive of these is Cancer, which finds the
greatest number of its victims among the children
and grand-children of those whose blood was tainted
with this dreadful malady. You may carry this poison in the blood for years, but
as the vital powers begin to wane a slight bruise or cut, wart or mole, sore or
pimple may develop into Cancer. Prom middle life to old age is the time when
the slumbering poison is most apt to break out, a sore or ulcer often degenerating
Into Cancer, and Tumors become more progressive and ulcerate through the skin
the sharp, shooting pains causing the most intense suffering. '
The Cancer patient naturally grows despondent as one after another the usual
remedies fail, and the sore shows no sign of healing. The impurities that have
been accumulating in the system, perhaps for generations, cannot be eliminated nor
the poisoned blood made pure by salves, washes and plasters. The proper treatment
is to purify and build up the blood, remove the cause, when the sore or ulcer heals.
Xr. J. B. Arnold, of Greenwood, S. O., writes: "A
tiny uloer came, Just under the- left eye. It beran
spreading, and rrew -worse rapidly, destroying- the
flash as it went. As Oanoer ia hereditary In my family
Z booame thoroughly alarmed, consulting- the beat phy
sician and taking- many blood medieinea, none of
whioh did ma any trood, when one of our leadlng
drnargiata advisad me to try B. S. 8., and by the time
Z had taken the seoond bottle the Canoer beg-an to
how slrns of healing-, the dlaoharg-a g-rew g-radually
loss and finally oeaaed alto gather, the aore dried up
and nothing- remains but a slig-ht scar. I feel that Z
owe my life to S. S. S."
wait until the blood is so polluted and the system so thoroughly saturated with the
poison that no medicine, however efficacious, can check the progress of the disease.
M there is a taint in your blood get it out at once, don't wait for some external evi
dence of it, the appearance of a tumor or ulcer. We have prepared a special book
on Cancer which we will mail free. Our physicians are ready to help you by their
dvice and such direction as your case requires. Write us fully and freely no
Charge for medical advice. TUB SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, OA
Counting HI Chicken);
"Before I give my consent to your
engagement to my daughter, what Is
your annual income?" .
"Counting everything, sir, about $4,
000, as near as I can tell." .
' "Yea hm and added to this would
1 .1 AAA t
ed to Bettle on her whlcn wonW
"Yes, sir, yes that is if you don't
mind, I've already counted that in."
New York Times.
Street-Car Pan (or Dog.
A Detroit man has a pass which en
titles him to carry his dog with him
oa the street cars. The pass is in the
shape of a photograph of the dog, on
the back of which is an order, signed
by the superintendent of the lines, dl-
recting the conductors of all cars to
! permit the dog to ride. -The doga
Boston terrier is known to nearly
all the conductors, and it is rarely
necessary for the owner to show his
. order.
The Distinctions.
"I could never see," remarked the
Sabbatarian, caustically, "wherein the
'sacred concert' differs from the ordin
ary concert." -
"Why, that's simple enough,", re
plied Wagg8.
"It is?"
"Certainly. The 'sacred concert' is
riven on Sundays only." Philadel
hia Press.
Sweet Revenge.
m.-tnj , urn't irnlnir
n aa waioHnn thlQ Oil mm At r
DaeeiYou bet I'm not: my land-
lord said, if I closed up the house and
went away he should charge me rent
just the. same, and I'm going to stay
at home to get even with him.
Ohio State Journal.
To Fit New Conditions.'
"In a baseball game near Boston
the ostrich swallowed the ball."
"That would appear to necessitate
a change in the language of the
game." .-
"What change?"
"Out in a fowl." Cleveland Plain
Dealer. -
A wife is either a man's best pos
session or his very worst.
St Jacobs Oil for Chest Colds, Bronchitis,
Croup and Pleurisy.
An outward application for bronchi
al difficulties is many times far' more
effective than syrups, cough mixtures,
cod liver oil, etc., simply because it
penetrates through to the direct cause,
which is, as a rule, an accumulation
of matter or growth tightly adhered
to the bronchial tubes.
St. Jacob's Oil, possessing as it does
those .wonderful penetrating powers,
enables it to loosen these adhesions
and to induce free expectoration.,
Cases have been known where expec
torations have been -examined after
st, Jacob's Oil has been applied, and
the exact formation was clearly shown
removed by the. healing and soothing
properties of St. Jacob's Oil. In cases
of croup and whooping cough in child
ren St. Jacob's Oil will be found super
ior to any other remedy. - -
St. Jacob's Oil is for sale through
out the world. It -is clean to use not
at all greasy or oily, as its name
might imply. For rheumatism, gout,
sciatica, neuralgia, cramp, pleurisy.
lumbago, sore throat, bronchitis, sore
ness, stiffness, bruises, toothache,
headache, backache, feetache, pains
in the chest, pains in the back, pains
: m snouiders, pains in tne limbs,
aU &dily aches and pains it has
no equal. It acts like magic.
sure and never failing.
"Did you meet any Philadelphia
girls at Atlantic City?"
. "Yes; and I proposed to one."
"What did she say? '
"She told me to come back at the
end of a year and I might kiss her. "
Detroit Dree Tress. . . .
Survivor of San Jacinto Battle.
James Monroe Hill, of Austin, Tex.,
ft one of the few survivors of the
battle of San Jacinto, which assured
to Texas its independence. He was
born in Georgia, and is a cousin of the
late United States Senator Benjamin
H. Hill, of that state. .
Why He Thought So.
"I see that a steamer ran into a
school of whales off the Lower Cali
fornia coast. I s'pose it was a school
of oratory." ?
"Why so?"
"They were all spouting." Cleve
land Plain Dealer.
Will They Take Expert Testimony?
"They are investigating that young
doctor who kissed the pretty nurse
in the hospital."
"All the testimony is oral, I sup
pose?" Cleveland Plain Dealer.
'-. y .
Timely Hint. .
Every married man should join
some good society the society of his
wife and children for instance. Chi
cago News. . ' " -;'
. S. S. S. goes directly
into the blood, destroys
the virus, stops the for
mation of Cancerous
cells and cleanses the
system of impurities.
What we say of S. S. S.
as a cure for Cancer is
supported by the testi
mony of those who have
tested it and been re
stored to health.
Tho-.Ghango of
Lifo "
la the most important period In a wo
man's existence. Owing to modern
methodsof living, not one woman in
a- thousand approaches this perfectly
natural change without experiencing
a train of very annoying and some
times painful symptoms.
Those dreadful hot flashes, sending
the blood surging to the heart until it
seems ready to burst, and the faint
feeling that follows, sometimes with
chills, as if the heart were going to
stop for good, are symptoms of a dan-
Mrs. Jkxsib Noblb.
jrerous, nervous trouble. Those hot
flashes are just so many calls from
nature for help. The nerves are crying-
oat for assistance. The cry should
be heeded in time. Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound was pre
pared to meet the needs of woman's
system at this trying period of her life.
It builds up the weakened nervous
system, and enables a woman to pass
that grand change triumphantly.
"I was a very sick woman, caused
by Change of Life. I suffered with hot, and fainting spells. I was
afraid to go on the street, my head and
back troubled me so. I was entirely
cured by Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound." Mas. Jennie jnoblk,
6010 Keyser St., Germantown, Pa. .
f Poor Child,;
'You've got a little brother,", said
the nurse . at breakfast. "He was
born last night."
Really," said Tommy, "And - last
night was Sunday. Poor kid!"
Why do you say that?"
"Cause his birthday won't do him
any good. Sunday's a holiday, any
how." Philadelphia Press. .
A Waste of Hospitality.
Mrs, Hermitage (of Drearydale)--!
believe I will invite the Gothams out
from the city to spend Sunday with
us, Oscar. . .
Hermitage ' (hopelessly) What's
the use, Mary? They don't want to
buy . a suburban cottage.. Boston
Journal. '
Accounting for It
"It may be merely fancy," remark
ed Mrs. Seldom-Holme, "but since my
husband commenced drinking the wa
ter from that iron - spring he has
seemed to be ten times as obstinate
as he used to be." -
"Perhaps," suggested Mrs. Nexdoor,
"the water is tinctured with pig
iron? Chicago Tribune.
What Did She Do?
' Miss Prism Don't let your dog bite
me, little boy.
Little Boy He won't bite, ma'am.
Miss Prism But he is showing his
Little boy (with pride) -Certainly
he is, ma'am; and if you had as good
teeth as he, you d show em, too.
' Not So Bad.
Mrs. Housekeep Oh, Bridget, you
haven't really broken that piece of
Severes? Oh, my! That's the worst
thing you could have broken in the
whole house 1 --
Bridget Faith, Oi'm glad to hear it
wasn't the best, mum! Philadelphia
Thrown from His Cab and Kilied,
The following is a most interesting
and, in one respect, pathetic tale:
Mr. JT. Pope, 42 Ferrar Road, Streat-
ham. England, said:
"Yes, poor chap, he is gone, dead
horse bolted, thrown off his seat on
his cab he was driving and killed
poor chap, and a good sort too, mate.
It was him, you see, who save me that
half bottle of St. Jacob's Oit that
made a new man of me. Twas like
this: me and Bowman ' were great
friends. Some gentleman had given
him a bottle of St.' Jacob's Oil which
had done him a lot of good; he only
used half the bottle, and remembering
that I had been a martyr to rheuma
tism and sciatica for'years, that I had
literally tried everything, had doctors,
and all without Denent, l became dis
couraged, and looked upon it that
there was no help for me. Well," said
Pope, "You may not believe me, for
it is a miracle, but before I had used
the contents of the half bottle of St.
Jacob's Oil which poor Bowman gave
me, I was a well man. There it is,
you see, after years of pain, after us
ing remedies, oils, embrocations,
horse liniments, and spent money on
doctors without getting any better, I
was completely cured in a few days.
I bought another bottle, thinking the
pain might come back, but It did not,
so I gave the bottle away to a friend
who had a lame back. I can't speak
too highly of this, wonderful pain
killer." . An Uitcalculating Hero.
Helen Oh, he is not at all mercen
ary. Alice But he doubtless knows that
you are worth two millions.
Helen Yes; but he-says he would
love me Just as much if I wasn't worth
but a mile and a half. Judge. L
A Real Wonder. -
Bill Have ' you seen that woman
lightning change artist at the thea
ter? Jill No. Is she good?
Bill Great! Why, she puts on her
bonnet in less than fifteen minutes.
Yonkers Statesman. . ;
Another Trade by David.
The gentleman known as David
Harum stopped the deacon on the
road. -. . - . -.--
"Deacon," said David, 'Til -give
you a dolllar an' my sorrel mare fer
that black colt you're driving."
. "Done," said the deacon.
Silk la Pliny's Time,
-In the time of Pliny silk was sup
posed to be a vegetable product and
his "Natural History" contains a
long story of the way In which It was
picked from trees in the East Indies
and spun and woven into fabrics.
Kins; Edward and Czar Nlcnolaa Hit
. Several Beyal Chair.
Great -Britain has no distinctive and
exclusive urone. insteaa, mere are
four the wooden chair, with the slab
of Scotch stone, in Westminster Abbey,
which has served as the coronation seat
of the monarch! of this realm for seven
centuries; the sumptuous chair of state
In the House of Lords; the chair on
which the late Queen sat when holding
a drawing room in Buckingham Palace,
and the gilt arm chair at Windsor,. in
which the sovereign sits to receive let-
ters of credence or recall from foreign
envoys, or accord audience to dusky
The Czar of Russia is even more di
versely throned. Each of a dozen
chairs of state are at various times
styled the Russian throne. The two
most remarkable are the chairs of Ivan
the Terrible and the one In St George's
Hall of the Winter Palace at St Pe
tersburg. The former is of turquoises.
In the back alone there are 10,000 of
these gems. The other chair is of cost
ly .woods, with ivory and gold, richly
jeweled, and embossed with the Im
perial eagle. The seat Is of ermine, and
the arms are ivory tusks.
Further east in Teheran, the Shah
displays himself on a white - marble
throne, looted from Delhi in 1739. : It is
of ivory, overlaid with gold, and ablaze
with gems, its value being estimated at
over 1,000,000. - ;
In 1670 the Dutch possessed 60 tons
out of every 100 afloat - Now they own
1 tons out of each hundred.
The sun's diameter decreases at the
rate of five miles In a century. Its
present diameter Is 860,000 miles.
There are twenty-eight pounds of
blood in the body of an average grown
up person, and at each pulsation the
heart moves ten pounds. '
Houses which are damp because of
proximity to undrained land may be
rendered more habitable by planting
the laurel and the sunflower near them.
A hotel landlord In St Louis has es
tablished curfew regulations ' in his
house. . Promptly at 10 o'clock at night
the curfew rings, and guests, at that
time are expected to turn out the lights
and go to bed. -.";
Owing to competition with Spain,
Italy and Northern Africa, where labor
Is cheaper, French farmers are aban
doning the cultivation of olive groves.
In the department of Marseilles alone
within six ' months 40,000 olive trees
were uprooted. -
It has been calculated that the hair of
the beard grows at the rate of VA lines
a week. This will give a length of 6
inches in the course of a year. - For a
man 80 years of age, no less than 27
feet of beard must have fallen before
the edge of the razor. ;
The total number of copies of news
papers printed throughout the world in
one year is estimated at 12,000,000,000.
To print these requires 781.260 tons of
paper. -' The oldest' newspaper is said
to be the Kin-Pau of Pekln, which has
been published continually for over 1,
000 years. '
In Tennessee and Georgia the peanut
Is known as a goober, in Alabama and
the Western Gulf States a ground pea.
in the Southeast of the United States
and in the West Indies a plndal or pin
dar, and in various parts of England a
jurnut an earth nut or a manila nut
To drive ants from the lawn fine coal
ashes sprinkled about the burrows of
ants will cause them to leave.' Ashes
may be used on the lawn without Injury
to the grass. Sifted ashes are best,
but those fresh from the stove, shaken
from the stove shovel, will answer the
purpose very well. " ; "
The philosopher Confucius, writing of
the great Chinese Emperor Yu, said
that all his efforts could be summarized
in tne creation or canals. They were
an effective means of diminishing the
destructive action of torrents and avoid
ing inundations, and at the same time
afforded a source of irrigation.
Women In Old Egypt.
The religious Egyptian believed his
ulterior happiness and his everlasting
union with the divinities in the eternal
world to be wholly dependent upon his
preparations beforehand. : and with
these the wife had much to do. She
was, in fact, as the mother of his chil
dren, his savior and liberator, for none
but a son could pray for the father's
soul on "Its way to paradise, and she
was entitled to and received his hom
age and loyal obedience. In those
days the "gray mare was the better
horse," and she was treated accord
- DnrabtHty of Plate Glass.
It has been ascertained that plate
glass will make a more durable monu
ment than the hardest granite.
Live Fish Sales in Berlin.
More living fish are sold In Berlin
than in any other market in the world.
1 - ' - - - -
are you ambitious?
Is Yours
Want It.
If You
The Best Way to Improve Spare
s Moments.
You cannot get up In the world
without making an effort, and ' that
effort must be well directed. Make
un your mind what you want to be
and never give up until you have ac-
comDlished it Even one hour a day
wisely applied to study will not only
crive vou a better education, out will
raise you to a higher position in life.
Untold advancement in education
has been made by the inauguration of
the correspondence system. Nowa
days no one within reach of a post-
office has .anv excuse for lacking a
good education. Such education is
now within the reach of every young
man and woman in the Pacific North
west.; We give instruction by mail
a method of teaching - which has
Droved abundantly satisfactory. .. Wit
ness the responsible positions held
by" thousands of thoBe who have ob
tained a large part of their education
y correspondence. . .We offer you a
choice of 28 studies .arrangea in me
following courses: Commercial (in
cludlne Bookkeeping. Stenography,
etc..) Mathematical, Historical, Eng
lish and Scientific, and Ancient and
Modern Laneuaees. Our field is lim
ited to the Pacific Coast, thus enab
ling us to give quick returns and the
closest attention to the indmauai stu
dent. For all information address
. Pacific Coast
Correspondence Institute ,
Portland, Oregon.
WmHm mt oroe, thlm md. will not
Side Show Gossip.
Armless Wonder is a
'What's he been up to now?"
'Sent a specimen of his writing,
done with his toes, to a. woman vwho
makes a business of reading charac
ter from handwriting. But she was
cute, too. She wrote back that he
must be left-handed. Philadelphia
Bulletin. v
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
A Bate Motive. - :
Von Blumer I. . didn't come : down
to this hotel over. Sunday to spend
the night dancing or the day in
playing 'golf, or the interval in talk
ing to a lot of idiots.
Mrs. Von Blumer (indignantly)
'No; of course not! The only thing
you care about Is getting rested.
Puck. - v . . . . ..
One Woman Rescued From Death
by Another.
"If it had not been for one Of my
friends I would not be here to tell
the tale." - . . '-
These were the words of Miss Fran
ces Hathaway, of No. 416 Fine street,
Kalamazoo, Mich., . whose interview
is published in the Holland, Mich.,
"It is really remarkable that I did
not lose my life," she said. ; ' When
I was 16 years old was taken ill. ' - I
was pale and weak and grew easily
tired and the family doctor seemed
unable to help me at all."
"Didnt you try any other physi
cians? asked the newspaper man,
"Yes, but they" did . not help me
either. . My parents tried various
remedies and treatment but I only
kept getting worse. . By the time I
was IV) years old I was thin and blood
less as a ghost." - , -
"What did the doctors- call your
disease? inquired the reporter. - ;
"They said' my blood had turned
to water and I had anaemia. . I felt
dreadful. It was about this time that
Miss Huntley advised me to try Dr.
Williams Pink Pills for Pale People,
as she had been cured of a somewhat
similar trouble by their use. I bought
a box and before I had taken all the
pills I found that they were doing me
good.- - My appetite Increased and the
healthy color began to show in my
cheeks and lips. I continued to use
the pills until I had taken fifteen
boxes when I found myself entirely
cured. . .. , -
, "Have you ever had any return ,of
the trouble? ", aeked the reporter.
-J ".No ; never a bit. I cannot re
member a time when I was as strong
and healthy as now, 1 know that Dr.
Williams Pink Pills for Pale People
saved my life and I believe that no
other medicine could have done so. "
Anaemia is not the -only disease
which succumbs to the potent innu
ence of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People. They are an unfailing
specihe for such diseases as ; loco
motor" ataxia, partial paralysis, St.
Vitus' .'. dance, sciatica, neuralgia,
rheumatism, . nervous -headache, the
after-effects-of the grip, palpitation of
the heart, pale ' and sallow complex
ions and all forms of, weakness either
in male or female. --They are sold
by all druggists or direct from Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Schenectady,
on. x.- rnce 0U cents per box:' six
boxes, $2.50. .
Postoffices and Population,
At the close of the fiscal year' of
1900 there were 76,688 postoffices in
the United States, or one to every
1000 Inhabitants. - - ; -
Just About
Uncle Jason (at the seaside hotel)
What's the difference between the
American and European plans, Johnt
Galey Oh! about the same differ
ence as . between embezzlement and
robbery. Puck. .
Too Much for Her.
"Yes, Mrs. Bouncer wanted to send
her daughter to Bryn Mawr, but she
decided on vassar."
"What influenced her decision?"
"She couldn't pronounce -Bryn
Mawr." Philadelphia Bulletin. -
Tuning the Tables..
Mrs. Newbride isn't at all satisfied
with her husband's salary.
wo; she says it isn't nearly , so
good-as her father used to make.
Boston .Journal. - : ' .
ak II 1 ST" I
Haa ball bearina in turn-table.
Turns freely to the wind.
Ball bearings thrust In wheel, insuring
lightest running qualities, and reserving
greatest amount of power for pumping.
uaivanuEea alter maains. rub lufcuicr
with galvanized bolts, duuble-nntted; no
part can rust or get loose and rattle.
weignt regulator; perieci regniaiiuu.
spring to change tension wltn every cnange
of temperature, and grow weaker with age.
Repairs always on hand.
These things are worth money to vou.
Then why not buy a START
n. p. h. r.
No. 46-1901.
WHKJf wrltln g ta adTartlsara pleas
mention this paper.
128 Cmcord St., Hmmr Wmmhlnatnn, Portland, Orogcn.
Tho leading and Rollablo
Fur Coats, Capes, Collarettes, Boas, Etc., Made In all the Fashionable Furs.
Fur Trimmings. Kobes and Bugs. Send for Catalogue.
Furs remodeled and repaired. Write us. -
I Why Pay High Prices ?
For WATCHES, DIAMONDS and JEWELRY when you can buy un
redeemed pledges for Amount of Money Loaned with interest at the
Portland L,Oat1 Office, kanSmgok.
nsa-K,n Tm, at 1A nat wt. ln.Ar limn anT Rtiirn In Pnrtlanil
She Believed-dim. .
Wigg She is very : Busceptible to
Wage I should say so. I once told
her she was as sweet as honey, and
-would you believe it? the very
next day she had hives. Philadel
phia Record.
"Polka Dot Revelation."
Bishop W. A. Chandler has been
talking to the St Louis southern
Methodist ministers on the nigher
criticism and the tendency to ritual
ism in the church. He deprecates
special musical programmes and paid
choirs and soloists. The higher crit
icism , he declares, insists on a "sort
of polka dot revelation:" :
EITO Permanently Cored. No fits or nerrousnee
si 19 after first 'lay's of Dr. Kline's Great Nervt
TUrinw Rand far 1TR.KF.9V2.AA trial bottle and treat-
iss. Da-B-H-KiiNl. Lui..lBl Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa,
Accnrate Description. .
"What kind of a cover is this on
your umbrella? said the inquisitive
"Well," answered the unblushing
person, judging by tne way it came
into my possession, and the way it
will probably depart, I should call it
a changeable silk." Exchange.
Piso's Cure for ConsumDtlon is an infal
lible medicine for coughs" and colds. N.
W. Samuel. Ocean Grove, N. J., Feb. 17,
. ' Starting Out Fair.
Archie Say are you our new
Nurse Yes, dear. - -
Arcchie Well, I want to tell you
now that I'm one of the boys that
you will have to manage by kindness,
so you d better get some sponge cake
and oranges right away.
' : V; A Terrible Mistake. ( "
"Sir," said the indignant customer
to the proprietor; "I have a complaint
to make.
"What is the trouble?"
"I ordered ice cream soda, sir, and
when I stirred it up I found ice cream
In it. Don't let it occur again, sir."
.-'- Fatiguing.
Mr." Pathlot This country has
maintained a standing army for
many, many years.
His Wife Goodness sane, tienryi
They ought to be dreadfully tired!"
Ohio State Journal.
Echo of the Census.
"So your name is Paddy
Are you skilled?"
"Am I phwat?"
"Are you up in your occupation?"
"No. Oi'm down. Ol'm a coal min
er, sor." Exchange.
Italy's Woman Lawyer. ;
Sitmorina Teresa Laborioll is the
first woman lawyer in Italy. She has
passed her examination with honors,
but, as she "does not aesire 10 auvo
cate the "new woman" she determin
ed not to practice.
His Answer
"Pa," said Willie, looking up from
his book, "What's the 'Spirit ol '7b,'
anyway?" -
"Spirit of '76, his pa repuea, i
guess that's any twenty-five year old
whiskey." Philadelphia Press.
, . . v Artificial Means.
Elaine Did you notice the mean
way that Smythe girl sneered at my
new. hat?
Gladys Yes; but those sneers were
only artificial means. unio oiaie
Journal. - ".-"
" Contracted.
"Oh, I don't know," remarked
ontimlst. "After all. you'll find
milk of human kindness.".
"Huh!" erunted the cynic. "Wnai
you do find is usually the condensed
variety." Philadelphia Press.
Heard Nothing of the War.
Avn1nroi rft-hpd
Hedin, the explorer, reacneu
Ik in the heart Of China, la8t
April, without hearing of the troubles
in the eastern part of the empire. He
found tile Chinese polite and oDiig-
lng. -.--'; - ',
Summer Resolutions
vliceloy; Cure
Bora relief Bom liquor, opium and tosaoM
, babit. Send lor partleulars to
resley Institute, Z?rZAllo?X5Z.
Bright Man Wanted. ;
WANTED-A bright young manor
woman to represent us in each local
ity. A good opportunity for steady
and lucrative employment. Address, '
lft Uwia niailH.ntT.
th And MorrUon 8U.. - PORTLAND, ORE
JOHN POOLE, Portland. Oregon.
' IMri anlnlMi'
Can rive yon the best bargains in
1 Buggies. flows; boilers and Engines,
Windmills and PrniDS and General
1 Machinery. See us before buying.
...Columbia University...
, - Academic and Collegiate Halls.
COURSES Classical, Literary, Scientific and
Commercial. For particulars apply to
REV. E. P. MURPHY, President, .
University Park, Portland, Oregon.
Furriers of the . Northwest.
First Bullfrog (swimming) I see
your husband enjoying a stroll on the
beach. -
Second Bullfrog (swimming wor
ried) Yes; and it's right after din
ner; whereas, he knows perfectly
well he should never go out of the
water until two hours after eating.
Brooklyn Eagle.
Possession Is Everything.
Ethel Oh .mamma, it's awful
here in the sun.
Mother Well, why don't you move,
Ethel 'Cause I got here first.
Youih Versus Age.
Mr. Boreum (dyspetically) My
dear, I can taste that lemon pie that
we had at dinner yesterday, tonight,
Willie Borcum (longingly) Gee!
I wish I could Boston Herald.
An Important Point.
"There is no doubt 'that this scheme
will pay." said the promoter.
"Yes," answered the purchaser of
the stock. I suppose so. But who is
to get the money?" Washington Star.
little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Facsimile Wrapper Below.
Tory sssudl aai aa easy
to take as amgatv
"Mm a oraunn siustimdi sioats. "l
jcMb I Purely Tes-etaWe.cSfew?J
oiled ;
black em Ti i ran .
K tob haven't s retralar. heaKny morement of the
I (3.7. . m. . vim m aide, or will be. Kee-D root
' bowels open, and be welLForce. In the sbapepf
. joJJj fjsto or piu poison, is d&nserous. The
iimooibet. eaBlt.moat perfect way at keeping too
fiow&laolear and clean ia to take
pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. DoOnoA
Herer Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. S0o. Write"
for free sample, and booklet on beam. Address
smut Bs ttmtmr, Olsast, mal, sw !. SSta
Cunt flntltt AU. tLit tMLo,
i J Best Cough Bjrnn. Tastes Sood. TJe
14 PI
the rS
the Pi II
v -k. raaos uu aaajsnnKO