Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, November 12, 1901, Image 2

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Selections from Roman? History
A general analysis of the late
election? show the results to be
most gratifying not only to re
publicans but alsa to all friends
of good government. The elec
tion of Seth Low to be mayor of
greater New York city, and that
of Jerome to be; district attorney
is a signal triumph of civic right
eousness over the most tyrannical
and corrupt government ever in
flicted on any civilized people.
For seventeen years continuously
Tammany has controlled the city.
Extravagance, venality, - corrup
tion, vice an 1 crime marked its
adminislraiiou aud enriched its
leaders. To overcome and de
throne these seemed to be a well
nigh hopeless undertaking. It
ha-; been done and the people
have given a . grand demonstra
tion of the power of aroused and
determined public sentiment.
The result in Pennsylvania is
the peoples' unmistakable expres
sion of satisfaction not only with
their local governments but with
republican policies. Pennsylva
nia is a carefully aad well gov
erned state. The' cry of corrup
tiou comes from a handful of
senator Quay's political enemies
who desire to succeed him, and
has very little foundation in fact.
The people know this. . There is
no city in the Union having
higher moral sentiment than
Philadelphia. Harris' pluralty
for State Treasurer shows that
the city government is not a de
fiance of this sentiment. The
fine majority of nearly 25000
given for the republican ticket in
Alleghany county indicates the
continued attachment of the
wage-workers to the doctrine ot
In Ohio the re election of Gov.
Nash is especially gratifying to
republicans. Kibourne the dem
ocratic candidate, an exceptional
ly strong man whose candidacy
strongly appealed to the old sol
dier and the labor vote is defeat
ed by nearly 68000 votes.
The people of Ohio approve
republican policies, not simply
because they honor the memory
of McKinley, but because they
believe, as he believed them to
be : right and for the country's
Massachusetts, -Rhode Island,
New Jersey and Iowa are still
found in the republican column
and give ample evidence of their
purpose to remain with it. Ne
braska, South Dakota, Colorado
and Utah proclaim the heresy of
free coinage of silver burnt out.
They return to the republican
fold, and the silver tongued or
ator of the Platte can never
again induce them to leave it.
. The results in Maryland and
in Kentucky are what should
have been expected by every one.
Gorman will now doubtless suc
ceed Willington in the U. S.
Senate, and will be to all a more
acceptable senator, which is not
saying much, indeed, commend
able of Gorman.
Again we have a ' 'solid south. "
Race prejudice alone will keep
the south solid for an indefinite
period. We expect to see the
south divided on many policies.
Protection is growing in favor in
many portions of the South. . It
will so be quite impossible, . in
many southern districts to elect
men to cangress unless thy are
protectionists. -
The rapid industrial development
of the south is contributing to
' this, and if the race problem
were once removed or finally set
tled the south would cease to be
S3 closely identified with one
party. She can trust the repub-
. lican party on nearly all nation
al policies, but will not trust it
on the treatment of ' the negro.
The late Booker Washington
episode but served to confirm the
SDuthera people in this attitude.
While we may wish this were
otherwise we cannot blame the
south. .
The elections show that there
will be no new alignment of par
ties. The country was never be
fore so prosperous. Republican
policies have been the mightiest
factor in promoting' this prosper
ity. The democracy has no is
sue can find none, and is forced
to continue merely as a negation.
Bryanism has cost the democrat
ic party a heavy piice.
Tho Children's Friend.
Literal Translation from . Eulroplus
by C. MacLean, Ph. D. Doatn
of Mlth'adaten, Catiline's -Conspiraoy.
While tbfse tliirj were lit. are j
ieng carrie' I on pirates were itifrstiii;;
every spa in such a manner ilmt for tin 1
Romans, the conquers of lliu who h
world, sailing was not safe. Wherefore
that war which ho brought to an end
hotb with unnstsal succrss iin'I dispatch
wag entrusted to Gneius Pouipeius as
general. Soon also the war against the
Kings Mithradatea and Tigranes was as
signed to him. This having been under
taken, he conquered Mitkradates in Ar
menia Minor in u battle fought by
night, plundered his camp, and killed
forty thousand of his soldiers, while lie
himself lost only twenty men from
hia army aud two csaturiras, llithra
dates fled with his wife and two compan
ions. And not long afterwards, when
he severely punished his own soldiers,
he, having beu goaded t deatli by a
rebellion among Ihu soldiers of Pharua
cea, hia son, drank poison. Such was
the end of Mithradatea Lit. This end
Hithradates had Hunc finetn habuit
Mithradatea. And lie diad near the
BoapUorua, a maa of singular ability anil
wisdom. He ruled sixtv years, lived
seventy-two years, and had wared against
the Romans forty years.
In the consulships of Mar cug Tullius
Cicero, the Orator, and Caius Antonins,
in the year after the founding of the city
six hundred and eightv nine. Lucius Ser
gius Catiline, a man of very noble family,
but of a most depraved dispasilion, con -
spired with some men famous indeed
but audacious, for the purpose of destroy
ing thsir native land. lie was driven
from the city by Oicer... His accompli
ces having been captured, they were
strangled in prison. Catiline himself
having been conquered in battle by An
tomus, the other consul, was put to
In the six-hundredth and ninety
ninth year after the building of the City,
in the consulships of Decimus Junius
ouanus mureaa, raeieuus celebrated a
triumph for his eonquests in Crete, and
Pompey for his victory in the war with
with the pirates and with Mithradatea,
No triumphal procession was ever like
this one.") The sons of Mithradates,
the son of Tigranes, aad Aristobulus,
King of Judea, were led in front of the
triumphal oar; and an immense sum of
money, both iu gold and silver an un
limited amount was borne in front. A t
this time there was no serio'.is war iu the
Yon'll have a cold this winter. Maybe
you have one now. - .Your children will
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grip and other winter complaints One
Minute Cough Cure cevcr fails. Acts
promptly, It is very pleasant to the
tusie ""and peif-ctiy harmless. C. B.
iieory, Vim:lier.ler, Ky., writes: "Our
tittle pirl wdh attacked with croup late
one n hi h ud Via so hoarse t-lie could
hardly, ppeak. We pave her a few doses
iff One Minute Cough Cure. It relieved
her immediately and she went to sleep.
When she awoke next morning she
had 110 signs of hoarseness or croup."
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Gen. Passr. Agent, Portland, Or.
"I had a running Bore on my leg for
seven years," writes Mrs. Jas. Forest, of
Chippewa Falls, Wis., "and spent hun
dreds of dollars in trying to get it healed.
Two boxes of Banner Silve entirely
cured it." Beware of substitutes. Sold
by G -aliam & Wortham.
Notice for publication.
United Statks Lucd Office.
Oresron City. Oregon. October 2o. 1901
Notice ia herebv eiven that tbe following-named
settler has filed notice of his intt-ntiou to make final
profit iu support ot his claim, and that said proof
wilt be made before County Clerk ot Benton County,
at Corvallis, Orejroi, on December tn, 1V01. viz:
II. E, 11045 for the Lets S and 4 of Sec. 21, T. 13 8.,
K. 5 W.
lie names the following witnesses' t prove his
continuous residence upon anl cultivation of said
land, viz: Je--f3 sorter, ol corvallis, urean.
John Whitaker, of Corvsll'is, Oregon- William New,
man, ol corvallis, orejpn. I.. A. uurieurt, ox uorvai
Us, Oregon.
Kt-ji tor.
" ,
3". 33- TiOlAJyS'JXr cS3 CO.
Semi-Annual Report of County Officials, Oct. 31, 1901.
A Physician Testili3.
"I have taken Kodol Dvspe; pia Cure
and have -never used anything ia my
life that did me the good that did." says
County Physician George W. Scroggs of
llall County, Ga. "Being a physician
I have perscribed it and found it to give
the best results." If the food you eat
remains undigested in your stomach it
decays there and poisons tho system.
You can prevent this by dieting but that
means starvation. Kodol Dispepsia
Cure digests what yon eat. You need
suffer from neither dispepsia nor starva
tion, The worse case quickly cured.
Never fails.' Graham & Wells..
amounts Received; . Gen. Fund.
Amt on hand from last report $ 9386 84
Received from Sheriff taxes 1900 18441 76
Amount on hand from last report. City of Corvallis 378 88
Received from Sheriff taxes 1900 " ' 117859
Amount on hancTlast report City of Philomath... 138 84
Received from Sheriff 1900' " 86 94
Amt on hand last report School Dist No 9 ....
Eecd from Sheriff taxes 1000
f, Amt on hand fiom last report School Dist No 17
Keca ironi tonentl taxes 1900 "- -Amt
on hand last report School Dist No 26....
Reed from Sheriff taxes 1900 " "
Amt on hand last report School Dist 2"o 49
Reed from Sheriff taxes 1900 "
Amt on hand from last report School Dist No 4 . .
K.ecq trom sneritt taxes 1900 "...
Reed from Sheriff delinquent tax sales.. 166 02
Reed. " " " " City of Corvallis 35
Reed " " School Dist No 9
Reed ', .-, ' City of Philomath 63
Reed from Sheriff fees 8 30
Kecd from V E Watters assig tax lor 1890-1898. .. 126 45
Reed from V E Watters O D Co taxes 324 53
Reed from V E Watters Redqt tax from I888-I890 1240 95
Reca ,, " " . ' City of. Corvallis 20 22 .
Recd 1. .i s " School Blst No 9...
Rec from V E Watters state orders, scalp bounty 115 99'
Eecd from V E Watters fees 256 15
Reed from State Treasurer School Int Fund
Reed from Moses & Chandler peddler licenses.... 300
Reed from EHolgateJ P Fines 11 75
Reed from C W Davis J P Fines 1 80
Reed from Grant Elgin Fees 435 15
Reed from W H Boles Int on bonds School ,Dist
No" 17
Amt on hand last report Institute fund
Reed frcm G W Denman Institute .urd
Amt on hand from last report Road dist No I4. . 3 77
Amt on hand last report Bicycle Fund 277 48
Amt on hand from last report Road fund... 30 03
Reed from Secretary of State for rosid fund....... 8022
Reed from R C Kiger for old bridge lumber 5 03
School Fund
Repairs to court house....
Wuter for court' house
Insuiance premium, court house ipsnrance.
Teachers examinations
' "Total......
102 45
n3 60
77o 00
48 00
$i4,726 59
Of th financial condition of Benton county, Oretion, on thr 3oth day o! faeptt niufr.
A. D,, liloi, hu-iuMve: . .
April 1, ittoi, to i-oiintv warrants outstanding and twpaul $22,ois l
October I, 1901 to county wariaula
September 30, 1901
issued fortt months ending
Total .
By Co. warrants tedeemed and canceled since April 1 901
County warrants outstanding and unpaid Oct. 1. 1901 ... .
To county warrants outstanding and unpaid
To estimated accrued interest
7004 05
5438 54
1I5 98
653 27
5J 35
75 Si
58 80
74 46
28 31
30 80
20 65
55 20
31 98
21 05
54 00
291 92
7 37
2974 36
62 oi
12 50
83 00
By Cash in hand of County Treasurer, applicable to pay
ment of county warrants
By cash in hands of sheriff applicable to payment of coun
ty warrants i
Total Liabilities.....
Total resources (exclusive of county property and amount
' due on tax tale record)
Net Indebtedness .' .
14,726 59
$37-345 4
26.328 82
11,016 58
n,oi6 sS
300 00
$n,3'6 5
$ 1,037 80
27 00
lof 1 8o
1,064 80
10,251 78
Slate of Oregon 1
Y ss
County of Benton J
I, Virgil E. Watters, County Clerk of Benton County, do hereby certify that the
foregoing is a true and correct statement of the claims allowed by the cpunty court
of said county for the six months ending September 30th A. D. iqoi. on what ac
count the same were allowed, the amounts of warrants redeemed during said six
months, and tbe amounts ot warrants outstanding and unpaid on the 30th day ot
September A. D. 1901, as the same appears upon the records in my office and in my
office and in my custody ' ,
In witness whereof, I nave hereunto set my hand and athxed the seal ot me
county court, this 1st day of October, A. D. 1901.
County Clerk.
Semi-annual statement of the eounty treasurer of Benton county," Oregon, for the
six monins ending sepi 30m, a d 1901, 01 money received ana paiu out,
For Sale.
Four-room cottage and two lots, near
S. P. depot. Inquire of W. C, Corbett,
Corvallis, Or. - ,
In the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
dcuhjd liuunty.
D. N. Williamson, "
- Plaintiff, I .
vs. -llarv
A. Williamson. 1
i. u. wuuamson
Martha E. Prettyman, J.
W. Williamson, Wiley
A Wlllianuon, W. O.
Williamson, P. E. Wil
liar son, Arthur Beam is,
Mattie frettyman-John-ston
and Henry Pretty
man, a minor.
10 Mattie iTeuyman-Johnstoc. cae of the above
named defendants:
hereby required to appear and answer the com
plaint of the above-named plaiutiB filed against von
in the above entitled court, oa or before the expira
tion of six weeks from the data of the first publica
tion of tills summops. which " the 11th day of- Oc
tober, 1801, and the lai, da the publication of
this summans is t-e Siwl day of November. 1901.
and you are notified if you fa? to appear and answer
said complaint the plaint will apply to said court
for the relief prayed ior is his said complaint, towit
For a decree and order ol said court to correct a misl
take and error in the description in a certain deed
mad.! ?.Bd executed by P- . Williamson and Mary
A. Will'amson to the plaintiff on July 25th 1896
and recorded in the deed recants for Benton county"
Orofron, Velume 33, at page 412 thereof, and for
such other relief as to the court may seem lust
This summons is served by publication thereof ia
the CoavALLis Oazbtts by order of Hon. E. Wood
ward, County Judge for Benton County, Oreron.
. Made the 9th day of October, 19ol.
N, M. Nbwporv,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Take it to the
J. K. BERRY, Proprietor.;
Makes traveling a pleasure, when correct
time is always a nece. :ity. Yours may be
a capable time keeper, but through incom
petent pairing you have lost &Uh in it.
Bring it in to me. I will repair the worst
wrecked watcu, and I will do it economi
cally. .
Albert J. Metzocr
Tnree Doors Nowh of the Foateffice.
Spwial Line of Street
, Hats. : V . . '
Corner 3rd and Monroe Sis. .
Repairing promptly and neatly done.
First door west of the Gazette office.
tha most healing salve in the world.
32(5i9 Hi
Paid on County warrants .1.26151 27
Paid interest on Co Warrants 923 81
Paid on Bounty Scalp Tax 2524 7(i
Paid on School Sup t Warrants
Hal on hand general fund 823 85-
Bal on hand school fund "
Paid City of Corvallis 1578 o4
Paid City of Philomath 218 46
Bal on haud City of Philomath. i...... 7 9&
Paid School dist N6 9 ;'
Paid School Dist No i7 ..........
Bal on hand School Dist No i7.....
Paid Int on Bond Indebtedness Sehool. District .
' No i7 v '
Paid School Dist No 49
Paid Jsehool Dist No 26...
Paid School Dist No. 4
Bal on hand School Dist 4 ,
Paid School Sopt tor Institute use
Bal on band in Institute Fund
Paid orders road Dist No 14.'. 3 77
Paid on Bicycle Fund.... 173 78
Bal on hand bicycle fund...... . lo3 7o
Bal on hand road fund llo 25
Those faraojs little pills, DeWitt's Lit
tle Early Itisers compel your liver and
bowels to do their duty, thus giving you
pure, rich blood to recuperate your body.
Are easy to take. Never gripe. Gra
ham & Wells.
Modern Surgery Surpassed.
State of Oregon
fl720I 25
74o2 84
8463 06
-773 77
5o 85
75 81
2 7o
65 il
133 26
U7 45
8 4o
53 60
42 00
JS17201 25
No. 101 loacres, 15 in cultivation,
good buildings, fine fruit and water, good
bottom land; price, 650. 4 miles
from Philomath.
No. 13180 "acres, 25 in cultivation,
nice vounn orchard: fair buildings, 2
cows and calves, team, wagon and har
ness, clow, cultivator, tools, etc. : also
furniture. This is a good hill ranch and
is cheap at $ 700. - 6 miles from town.
74 160 acres; 30 in cultivation ; small
honse; good hard and water ; 1 miles
from town; cheap at $1,500; on main
counljroad ; good pasture and timber. .
113 A good 7-rooin house with one
half acre lot; fruit, good water, chicken
houses and sheds, price $600; well ar
ranged for poultry - raising; this is a
cheap little home, 10 minutes walk from
Corvallis postoffice.
Real Estate Agent,
' Box 59, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon
"While suffering from a bad case of
piles I consulted a physician who advised
me to try a box of DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve," says G. F. Carter, Atlanta, Ga.
"I procured a box and -was entirely
cured. DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve is a
splendid cure for piles, giving relief in
stantly, and I heartily recommend it to
all sufferers." Surgery is unnecessary
to cure pile.3. DeWitt's Witch Hazel
Salve will cure any case. Cuts, burns,
bruises and all other wounds are also
quickly cured by it. Beware of counter
feits. Graham & Welln.
Farm for Sale.
K. B. Blodett oners for sale his 57i)
acre stock farm, one-half niile from Bled
ett, O -ego 1.
$32019 64
1 eg , .
County of Benton J
I, W. A. Buchanan, County Treasurer, of Benton cettnty, state of Oregon, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true statement of the Amounts received,
amounts paid out, and balance on hand in the County Treasurer Sot the six mouths
ending September 30th, A. D. 19ol.
W. A. Buchanan,
?f i Treasurer Benton County, Oregon.
: Semi-annual statement of the Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon, 'for the eix
months ending September 30, 1901.
. " DEBTOR " -
April 1, 1901, to bicycle funds on band....
To amount received on account of 1899 taxes
To amount received on account 1900 taxes
To amount received on account delinquent tax sale
To amount received on account mileage collected ...
27 00
3 37
26,038 00
. 8 30
By Cash paid to County Treasurer..
By amount bicycle tax on hand. . .
126,275 80
26,248 80
i7 00
Executors' Sale of Real
Executors Notice of sale ot real property. Notice
is hereby given, that in pursuance of an order of the
County Court f the Slate of Oregon for the County
of Benton, made on the 3rd day of Septen-'ber, 1901,
in tbe matter of the Estate oi Thomas Eglin de
ceased, the undersigned Executors of said estate
from and after Saturday the 9th day of November
191, will proceed to seU the real properly herein
after described, belonging to said Estate? at private
sale at CorvallU Benton county State of Oregon, for
cash at the time of purchase. The said real prop
erty to be sold as herein required, is described as
follows: To Wit: All the right, title and interest
of the said Estate of in and to Lota No. 7 and 8 of
Block No. 1 in the Original Town of Marysville
now the City of Corvallis, Benton county, State of
Oregon; and also all of the North half of lot No. 1
(except 25 feet'squaro en the West e'.:d of natd Lot 1)
all of Lot No. 2 and the South half of Lot No. S, all
in Bkck No. 18 of the Oruriual town of Uaryaville
now the City of Corvallis Benton county State of
Said real property to be sold in two separate par
eels. Said sale subject to the confirmation of said
County Court of Benton county Slate ol Oregon,
Datea Oct. 8th, 1SW1.
Geo. F. Eous
Wm. Crees,
Executors of the Estate of Thomas Egliu, Deceased.
Consumption threatened C. Unger,
212 Alaple-SL, Champaign, I'l., writes: .
was troubled with a hacking cough
for a year and I thought I had consump
tion. I tried a great many remedies and
whs tinder the care of physicians for sev
eral months. I used one bottle of Fo
ley's Honey and Tsr. It cured me, and
I have not lieen troubled since." Sold
by Graham & Wortham.
Dentistry et every description on In first
class manner, and satisfaction goar-
Offic-e over Zierolf 's firocery store, epposiw
the pot office. CorvaJHs. Oregon.
26,275 80
Notice for Publication.
Ukitto States Land Omc.
t Oregon City. Oregon, October, 6, 19CH
Notice is hereby given that in co-npliance with
the provisions el the act of Congress of June 3 187-8
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands tat the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Washimr
ton Territory," as extended to all the Public Lana
States by act of August 4, 1892,
of Philomath, comty of Benton, State of Oregon
has th-i day tied il this office his sworn statement
No. 6624, for the purchase of the S. 1 ollt W I
and Lots 3 and 4 of section No, 4 in Township No.
18 South, Range No, 7 West, and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more valuable for its
timber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim xi said land before the
Register and Receiver of tr s office at Oregon City
Oregon, on Saturday, the 21st day of December;
He names as witnesees: Melrose Courter of Falls
City, Oregon, John Hyde of Philomath, Origou
Charles odell of Philomath, Oregon, and fred
Simeral of Philomath, Oregon,
Any and all persons claiming adversely tho above
desenbed lands are requested to file their claims in
Una office on or before said 21st day of December
Chas. Replogle, of Atwater," 0., was
unable to work on - account of kidney
trouble. After using Foley's Kidney
Cure four days he was cured, Sold by
Graham & Wortham; -
Miss Mabel Cronise
Graduate of Chicago College
1 of Music
Teacher of Vocal and Instru
mental Music.
Notice of laal Settlement.
Notice Is hereby given that' the undersigned ag
administrator of the estates it Ransom A. and Ma
hala Belkn..p deceased has Bled his final account in
said estates in the County itourt of Benton connty.
State of Orsgon and that said court has appointed
Saturday lien. 7, 1901 at 10 o'clock a. m. at county
Couit Room in the court house in the city of Cot-vails,
Benton county State of Oregon, as the time and
place to hear the objections if asj to said final ao
coui.t f nd the settlement of said recount and estates
Corvallis Oregon.
. . , . . ' W. C. Belknap. -
Administrator of the estatrs of Ransom A. and
Mahala P.. Ikr.ap, Lep: ..k1.
Mr. G-. A, Stillmau, a merchant' of
Tampico, 111.. writes: "Foley's Kidney
Cure is meeting' with wonderful success.
It has cured some cases here that' physi
cians pronounced incurable. I myself
am, able to testify to its merits. My face
today is. a-'living picture of health, and
Foley's Kidney Cure has made itsnch."
Sold by Graham Wortham. '
State of Oiegon 1 '
County of Benton J
" 1,'M.P. Burnett, Sheriff of Benton County, Oregon, do hereby certify, that the
foregoing is a true and correct statement of the amounts received, amounts paid to
the Connty Treasurer, aad the balance on hand for the six months ending Sep
tember 30, 1901 .; - - M. P. BURNETT,
. " Sheriff of Beuton County, Oregon.
'. ' Semi annual report of the County Clerk of Benton County, Oregon, showing
the amount of warrants drawn, and for what purpose allowed, as per order of the
County Court, from the first day of April, A. D., 1901, to the 3oth day of September,
A. D., 1901, both inclusive: - . . .
County Judge............... .............. .
Salary sneritt.
Salary clwk...'.....
Salary recorder
Salary school superintendent
Salary county treasurer .
Phjjsician $ Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
. I 10 to 12 a. m.
Offi Hours J a to 4 p. m.
Reaidwice : Cornet College and 8th Sts.
Telephone at office and residence.
Corva'lis, - - - Oregon
H. C. Walkms, sexton ot the Method
ist Church, Springfield, Pa., says: "My
wife has been very had with kidney
trouble and tried several doctors without
benefit. After taking one bottle of Fo
ley's Kidney Cure, was much better, and
was completely cured after taking four
bottles." Sold ly Graham h Wortham.
Salary assessor..,
balary commissioners r.... .......
Salary county surveyor
Salary stock inspector.
Justice courts........
Circuit court
Janitor court bouse
Roads and bridges. . ,
Care county poor
Keeping up present ownership books..
Board of prisoners..
Deputy sheriffs......
Deputy clerk. -
Stamps and Expressage.....
Long Tom and gravel bar ferries
Running Corvallis Ferry ....
Telephones.. .....
Printing, books and stationery
Surveying county line
Supplies for court house...... .........r....
Wood for court house
Field notes for surveyor
Rock crusher. ,
Rebate taxes
State fair exhibit......
Coroner inquests ,
Gravel loader
Work on tax roll ,
Bicycle inud
Bounty on wild animals ....
450 00
999 96
900 00
- 500 00
499 98
25o 01
744 15
153 70
130 90
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Notice for Publication.
' Lass Click ai Oriooh Crrr, Oregon
October 12, 1901.
Kotice is hereby given that the following-nan. el
settler has filed notice of his Intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said proof
wi.l be made before the County Clerk of Benton Co.,
at Corvallis, Oregon, on November 23, 1901, viz:
BL E. No. 11 1C8 of Clara J. Seits fonrerly Clara J.
Hearing widow of James A. Hearing, Deceased,
for the NE i NW & NW J NE J Sec. 2-T. 18 S.,
B. 6 W.
She name", the following witnesses to provo her
continuous lesidenca upon and cultivation of said
land, viz: Thomas H. Coon, of lnavale, Oregon,
Thornton A Leir aster, of Inavale, Oiegon, James
Lemaster, rf lnaale, Orron, Sam W. Cilhoon, of
Dusty, Oregon.
. Register.
Office Corser 3rd and Monroe streets
Boueb 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day 9 to 10.
Eesidknce Corner 3rd and Harrison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Telephone 315, at residence.
TiTi.HS Con Ncisa.
Practice in all State and Federal Court.
Office in Firat National Bank Building.
Drugs & Medicines Kodaks & Photo Supplies
ifafam ells
CorvalHs, Oregon
Established, -. Incorporali?, rfoS
The most complete line ot Pure Drugs aad
. Chemicals in Corvallis.
Books and Stationery, Commercial Pa
pers, Fine Perfumery, Toilet Artlcla,
Combs, Brushes and Mirrors.
Pocket Knives, Scissors, Fine Cutlery
Manager of Perscription Department,
T. A. JONES, Reentered,
Epecial Course in Pharmacy at rercue Caiveisi
ty, Indiana
E. 11. Bryson
Corvallis, Oreon.
Office in Poatoffice Still dine.
OBe i Wlill.horn Blork
Corvallis, Oregon
IF. T. Rowley
Office over First National Erwl.