Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, October 15, 1901, Image 4

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    The Stimulus
of Pure Blood
That ia what is required by
every organ of the body, for the
proper performance of its functions.
It prevents biliousness, dyspep
sia, constipation, kidney complaint,
rheumatism, catarrh, nervousness,
weakness, faintness, pimples,
blotches, and all cutaneous erup
tions. It perfects all the vital processes.
W. P. Eeeton, Woodstock, Ala., took Hood's
Barsaparilla to make big blood pure. He
writes tbat be bad not felt well but tired for
some time. Before he had finished the first
bottle of this medicine he felt better and
when he had taken the second was like
another man free from that tired feeling
and able to do his work.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Promises to cure and keeps the
promise. Accept no substitute,
but get Hood's today.
A Footnote.
Charley I think Coleman the most
careless fellow I ever saw. The other .
morning he got up at 5 o'clock and
went gunning, wearing his patent '
leather shoes. You ought to have (
seen them. The wet grass took all 1
the varnish off. j
James That must have been a case
of the patent running out. Ex-'
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative BromoQuinine Tablets
the remedy that cores a cold in en day
"They had been married a year be
fore anybody knew it, and even then
their secret was discovered only by
accident. "-
"Yes, one evening at a card party
they thoughtlessly played partners,
and the way they ' quarreled let the
whole thing out 1" Detroit FreePress.
By local applications, as they cannot reach the
diseased portion o( the ear. There is only one
way to cure deafness, and that is by constitu
tional remedies. Deafness is caused by an in
flamed condition ol the mucous lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube gets in
flamed von have a rumbling sound or imper
fect hearing, and when it is entirely closed
deafness is the result, and unless the inflamma
tion can be taken out and this tube restored to
its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed
forever; nine cases out ot ten are caused by
catarrh, which is. nothing but an inflamed
Condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
case of Deainess (caused by cataxih) that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Bold by Druggists, 75o
gall's Family Pills are the best. :
In Jack's Case.
"Is your son Jack going Lack to
"No. The college president seems
to agree with Mr. Schwab about it's
being a waste of time. " Cleveland
Sue Mabel was terribly
pointed last night.
Belle In what way?
Sue Why, Charley called and said
he was going to tell her the old, old
story. -
Belle And did he propose?
Sue No; he told her about Jonah
and the whale. Philadelphia Record.
' Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use lor their
children during the teething period.
' His Originality. . ..
Sally (jlay Percy .Languish is
quite an original thinker, isn't he?
Dolly Swift Yes, indeed. He
thinks I'm in love with him. Har
per's Bazar.
One Better.
Mistress Mary! Mary! I've-just
broken my hand glass. You know
how unlucky it is seven years' un
happiness .
Maid Oh, that's nothin', ma'am.
How about me? I've just smashed
the large glass in the drawing room!
Glasgow Times.
Permanently Cured. No fits er nervousness
after first aa-T'i! use of lr. Kline's Great Nerva
Tteitnmr. Rpnd fnr V K.1CF. SH-AA hnttlAnnri trenl.
ise. Ss.R.H.KuNl.Ltd..llArch5t..PhUadelphia,P
A Fifteen Minute Club. -
New York has a unique organiza
tion in a Fifteen Minute club. It
is composed of newspaper men.
They meet every night at 10 o'clock
sharp and promptly adjourn at 10 :15.
Its objects are purely social. No
set papers or speeches are permitted.
Rheumatism ia due to 'an excess of acid in the
blood. When this escapes through the pores of the
akin, as it often does, it produces some form of skin
eruption some itching disease like Eczema or
Tetter but when these little tubes or sweat glands
re suddenly closed by exposure to cold and sudden '
chilling of the body, then the poisons thrown off by Jfe
the blood, finding no outlet, settle in membranes. !
muscles, tissues and nerves. These parts become greatly inflamed, feverish and
hot ; dagger-like, maddening pains follow in quick succession, the muscles become
extremely tender, the nerves break down and the sufferer is soon reduced to a state
of helplessness and misery. This acid poison penetrates the joints and seems to
dry out the natural oils, and the legs, arms and fingers become so stiff and sore
that every movement is attended with excruciating pains. .
Liniments, plasters, electricity and baths, while their use may give temporary
ease, cannot be called cures, for the disease returns with every change of the weather;
" Three years a?o X had a severe attack of
la grippe, which left almost a physical
wreck. To add to my wretched condition, a
severe form of Kheamatiam developed. I
tried all the physicians in our city, but none
of them could do me any permanent good. I
nsed all the rheumatio ouros I could bear of,
but received no benefit. After beginning: 8. S.
S. I was relieved of the pains' and have grained
In flesh and strength and my areneral health
Is better than for years. X consider S. 8. S.
the grandest blood medicine in the world,
and heartily recommend it to any on seek
ing? relief from the tortures of Ehenmatism.
B.J!. GBEGOBY, Union, 8. C."
to ruinous habits,
Alkalies and the potash and mineral remedies so often pre-
scribed, affect the tender lining of the stomach and weaken the digestion, thus
adaing another burden to the already weak and impoverished blood. S S S Coa
tains no mineral or dangerous drug of any kind, but is a simple, vegetable
remedy and the most perfect blood purifier known. Send for our book on Rheu
matism and write our physicians if you wish any information or advice. We would
be glad to re ail you a book free ; we charge nothing whatever for medical ad vies,
How the Puss Started.
That hand-me-down suit you're
wearing," remarked Bi vera, "reminds
me of an unripe watermellon."
"Why?" asked Brooks.
"Because its' so different. One
isn't cut to fit, and the other isn't fit
to cut."
It was then that Brooks, blazed
away at him. -Pick-Me-Up.
He Could Not Win a Woman.
Mother Ethel is the very image
of what I was at her age.
He Really! I shouldn't have
thought it possible!
Mother (coldly) May ask why?
He (seeing his error, and striving to
rectify it) Oh er I was forgetting
what a long time ago that must
have been ! Punch.
The Ingredients.
"What did you find on the vessel
which washed ashore this morning?"
asked the cannibal king of his chief.
"Only a shipwrecked shoemaker
and a case of sherry, sire".
" 'Tis well, slave Make, me - a
sherry cobbler for dinner. I have
often heard , of such a -delicasy. "
Baltimore American. .
Promotion for Bravery,
Word reaches us of a small band of
soldiers who held at bav a large number of
Filipinos for over two hours until assist
ance arrived, thereby saving an important
point from capture. For their bravery
they were all given promotion. To be
brave it is necessary to have strong nerves
and a good digestion. If your stomach is
weak and you suffer from indigestion,
heartburn, belching, nervousness or in
somnia, you should try Hostetter's Stom
ach Bitters. It will cure you.
A Mistake.
Consumer Say, what kind
of a
cigar do you call this?
It's the worst
tobacco I ever tasted.
Dealer Beg your pardon, but you
are wholly in error. There isn't a
particle of tobacco in that cigar. It's
so easy to be mistaken, don't you see.
Boston Transcript.
When vou take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic,
because the formula is plainly printed on every
bottle showing that it is simcly Iron and Qui
nine in a tasteless form. No Cure. N Pay . 50c.
Raising Tags.
Quinn What is all that waste pa
per doing in Carter's yard?
De Fonte J. hat isn t waste paper.
It's a great collection of seed tags.
Carter fastened a tag to each seed so
he would have no difficulty in know
ing the variety when the flowers
came. Chicago News.
Piso's Cure is the best medicine we ever
used for all affections of the throat and
lungs. Wm. 0. EnDSLEY,,'Vanbureu, Iud.,
a eo. lu, lyuu.
He Said No More.
" Mr. Bender Great Scott! When a
woman goes out to get samples
she spends half a day.
Mrs. Bender That s nothing.
Why, I've known you to - make a
round of the sample rooms and spend
half the night. Chicago News.
IT BICKFORO, Washington, 0. C, they will re
1 1 ceive quick replies. B. 6th N. H. Vols. Stall
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
"It seems to me that our fr.'end has
so much faith in money that he
almost makes a religion of it." '
"I don't like the comparison. - The
word religion implies at least a re
mote chance of back-sliding."
Washington Star. . "
RIGHT OF WAY I They are the kind people
want simple, harmless and ALWAYS effective.
The Garfield Tea Co. of this city will send
sample powaersupon request. .
' . Unfinished Work.
Baby May was having a hard time
cutting her last teeth.. One day her
mother found her crying and asked
her what was the matter.
. Little May said : v(iod made me
but he didn't finish me. He left me
to cut my toofs all by my self. "
Harpers Bazar.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
iruggists refund the money if it fails to cure.
ot. W. vrrove s signature is on eacn dox. zoc
Friendless Also.
"No," he said, "I haven't anything
for you. -
"Say, Mister," whined the beggar,
"I guess you don't-know how it feels
to have no friends, an "
. "Don't I though? I'm the official
handicapper for the Ladies' Golf Tour
nament." Philadelphia Press.
,1 An Ambitious Lady.
Husband The doctor says if
keep up this race for money I'll break
down when I am 40.
Wie Never mind ; by that time we
shall be able to afford it.
Sj. a, t. cures Rheumatism by
working a complete change ia
the blood j the acids are neutral
ized, the circulation purified and
the rich, healthy blood that ia
carried to the irritated, aching
muscles and joints, soothes and
heals them. S. S. 8. cures Rheu
matism even when inherited or
brought on by the excessive use
of mercury. Opium,, in soma
form, is the basis of nearly all
so-called Rheumatic Cures,
which deaden the pain but do
tin trmM. lUt. Aia,B 1
The Future
The Fact That
Has cured thousands of cases of
Rheumatism. Gout, Lumbago, ,
Neuralgia Sciatica, Sprains.
. .. Bruises and other bodily aches
and pains Is a guarantee that It
: will cure other cases. It is safe,
sure and never failing. Acts like
- magic.
i Price. 35c and 50c. '
lerexcEiUNce and give
'Oh mamma, "cried Tommy, "Will
ie's pulling the pussy's tail !"
He s a very bad tioy to do that,
said mamma.'
"Yes, and he's selfish too: cause he
won't let me pull it at all." Phila
delphia Press.
The "Anchor" Clamps Are Revolutionizing
Wire Fences Now-a-Days.
The surprising -stride in popularity
made by the -'Anchor" wire fence
proves that this fence has come to
stay. . It is used all over the United
states, and it bears the test of time,
which in reality is the only convinc
ing test. In the Pacific Northwest
the Portland "Anchor" Fence Co, of
742 Nicolai street, Portland, Ore., is
pushing this fence and its agents are
Welcomed everywhere, as they bring
an article which certainly is sorely
needed. It is probably a fact that
the "Anchor" fence satisfactorily
solves the great fence question.
The universal desirability of the
Anchor' ' fence is understood when
you come to know that it serves in
the best possible manner nearly every
use to which any fence can be put.
The principle of. clamping upright
stays, rivet-tight, " to the running rod
makes every fence secure and durable.
Never before have such economical
and lasting fences been made.
These "Anchor" fences are suitable
for all kinds of ordinary fence pur
poses : and also afford ' a large
scope in the designing of ornamental
fences, tree guards, fancy gates, etc.
Besides this, if a man wants to repair
his old wire fence all he has to do is
to buy some of the little "Anchor"
damps and a pair of pinchers and he
is prepared to make his old fence last
a long time, r -
It is worth while to send for pict
ures and catalogues to. the Portland
Anchor"- Fence Co.V 742 Nicolai
St., Portland, Oregon
Not Setting a Good Example.
Father (calling from head of stairs
at 11:30 p. m.) -Fanny, don't you
think its' about time to go to bed?
Fanny Yes, I do, papa. What on
earth keeps you up so late. Tit-Bits.
- Stop tha Couffh and
' Work Off tha Cold.
laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets enre a cold in
one day. .No cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.
; Near Enongh.
Teacher Now, Susie,
construct a sentence
in which the
word "literary" occurs.
Susie (after much thought) Lit
tle ;Wilies' hands were literary
bCIUil Vl
black with dirt.
Philadelphia Press.
- ' .
BROOKLYN, N. Y., Sept 6. The secret of the
remarkable suocess of the Garfield Headache
Powders, manufactured here by the Garfield
Tea Co., lies in the fact that they are harmless
as well as effective; people have confidence in
them. .
Preliminary Arrangement.
Mallory After we . are married,
Marie, you must never hesitate to
ask me when you want money. I
Marie No, indeed, - Mallory; and
I hope that you will never hesitate
about giving it to me. Brooklyn Life. !
A Sign of Progress. : -
McJigger Oh, no; it isn't a one-
horse town any more.
Thingumbob No?
- McJigger No ; you remember their
"Grand Dramatic Palace?" Well,
they call it "the theater" now.
Ruling Passion Strong In Death.
- "I saw Mrs. K. going into an auc
tion sale . last Monday. Isn't her
craze for bargains extraordinary?"
she could
Yes, indeed. J. believe
die happy if she knew she would be
laid out on a bargain counter and
buried as a remnant. "Town and
Country. . .
Well Taught.
Lady I wonder , who taught that
parrot to swear !
Dealer I don't know but I can
recommend him as a mighty perfi
cient and painstaking person. Wash
ington Star. ,7 . : .:.
i uess iuga ojmp. -i-astes uooa.
in time, eoia or a rue
rhey Had Many Things in Common
Use that We Have Grown to Con
aider the Products of Modern BkiU
and Inventiveness.
An official of the United States Pat
ent Office who Is preparing a history
of that Institution has been Impressed
with the idea that there is little new
under the son. He has pored over vol
umes of ancient lore and satisfied him
self that the ingenuity of moderns was
discounted by the wise men . of an
tiquity. In art, in the sciences, lu me
j chanlcs, our boasted progress seems to
him to have been vastly overrated.
I There is not, he says, a single surgical
bandage of . which examples are not
' seen in the swathings of Egyptian
mummies. "The Patent Office issues a
I patent for a nickel-ln-the-slot ma-
Inhlna AaiIUA tt. na.iulnfiio ' PUnw
tells us of a copy of the Iliad engraved
on so small a piece of parchment that
the entire work was contained in a nut
shell. Microscopes of rock crystal were
found In the palace of Nimrod. Nero
had lenses made out of an emerald,
with which from a distance he watched
gladiatorial contests. The Romans, as
Stated by Prof. Lanclanl, had storage
warehouses and safety deposit vaults.
- The ancients, according to this Pat
ent office skeptic, were as full of wis
dom as the moderns who lgnorantly
undertook to patronize them. Their
mechanical contrivances and engineer
ing works were remarkable. Archi
medes discovered many scientific prin
ciples which are in use nowadays. Pub
lic works were of the highest order.
The ancient Greek water supply sys
tem showed every modern improve
ment such as we have acquired only
within the past ten years. The public
roads of Peru were built of masonry,
were twenty-five feet wide, macadam
ized with pulverized stone mixed with
Ilme'and bituminous cement and wall
ed in by walls more than six feet thick.
A sort of telegraph system existed and
news was transmitted hundreds of
miles In a day. When Peru was "dis
covered" several centuries ago its
woolen and cotton goods exceeded in
fineness any similar goods produced in
Europe. Plato knew that the earth was
round; other philosophers, now forgot
ten, were familiar with the law of
gravitation. Astronomers before the
Christian era understood the rotation
of planets and knew a great deal about
comets. There Is reason to believe that
the ancients nsed the telephone in some
form, while there is a tradition in
China that the phonograph was em
ployed by rich orientals.
Still, the wisdom of the ancients has
not discouraged modern Inventors.
Men of science and mechanical ingenu
ity will continue to add to the knowl
edge, the comfort and wealth of the
world. With all the progress that has
been made many contrivances remain
to be devised before human ingennity
realizes that its limit has been reached.
Immense fortunes will be made by the
Inventive geniuses of the future who
work out problems which must be
solved before man attains complete
happiness on this mundane sphere.
What appears impossible in this gen
eration may be in general use in the
next generation. Matters of transpor
tation, of pewer, of fuel, of lighting and
Heating engage at this time the atten
tion of thoughtful and resourceful men.
There are many prizes to be won by
the successful inventors of the fu
ture. Baltimore Sun. .
The Reaentfnt Keiahbor Kespondei
with Brickbats.
"Disser Hinry Green,", exclaimed a
citizen, of Darktown, with his arms and
tegs in splints and his countenance in
plasters, "sho' did bumbard me las' nite
wid brickbats." - v
"Ax him whut he fro wed et me russ,
ledge Briles," remarked Henry Green,
as he shoved bis lower lip out over his
chin. . ' '
"Nebber frowed nuttin' at him," said
the splinted and plastered Darktown
Ite. -
"Well, what did he throw at you?"
the recorder asked Henry.
"He frowed hints," was the reply.
"Yer see, Jedge Briles, me an' disser
nigger libs 'jinin' rooms and he's bin
er frowin' hints out atter me fer de
1 mer mln' dat de frowtn' 00 deni hints
had got ter stop, i axea mm jest lak
er Chrisshun brudder whut he wanter
be frowin' hints At me. an' he una an'
lawa aat ne ownea uat mour ob his'n.
Fuss one word brung on annuder an' at
de last I mout er flung er few brick
bats at his head. But jest 'member,
Jedge Briles, dat he frowed dem hints
atter me fuss."
"Brickbats for hints is too much lex
talionis," remarked the recorder, ac
cording to the Atlanta Constitution. "I
know there are a great many people
who won't take a bint, but that doesn't
give them the right to pass brickbats.
Some folks are very handy to throw
brickbats and will do so quicker than
j you can bat your eye. Henry, you did
. a great wrong to toss those bats. You
J wronged your neighbor, you wronged
the hints, you wronged yourself and
' you wronged the bats. I'll fine you
" 110.75. If you can't pay it then there
Is the chain gang that you can help to
populate for a couple or three weeks.
That is a litle hint, I suppose, you can
take all right."
(jneen Never Discarded Old Clothes.
I The sorting and arranging of the per
sonal effects of the late Queen Victoria
' was a tremendous task, says a London
corresponueiiu jjtrvunu.iitj' ui iier
majesty was -.. never to discard any
dress, mantle, hat or bonnet which she
bad ever worn, and her,' wardrobe
might well have been considered the
most complete record of the fashion of
the last sixty years In existence. An
other fancy of Queen Victoria was to
have everything in duplicate; two hats,
two cloaks, etc., were always ordered.
Her majesty had a wonderful collec
tion of lace, but this is not to be com
pared with the collection of the Queen
Dowager of Italy,, said to be the best
in. the world." : ' - -
A darky with one leg is just as happy
as a white man with two.
Oar WoiMhf?
Life to the most favored is net always
full of sunshine, but to the average
American girl or woman who is obliged
to work for her living, and, perhaps
to help others at home, life ia often
heavy drag in ooneequsBce of illness.
Women who work, especially thosfj
who are constantly on their feet, ar
peculiarly liable to the development
of organic troubles, and should par
ticularly heed the first manifestations,
snoh as backache, pains In the lower
limbs and lower part of the stomach.
Irregular and painful monthly periods:
Miss Ella Bhekneb, E. Rochester, Ohio.
faintness, weakness, loss of appetite
and sleep.
The young lady whose portrait we
publish herewith had all these symp
toms, and in addition leucorrhoea,
and was cured by Lydia B. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound. First, she
wrote a letter to Mrs. Pinkham's lab
oratory at Lynn, Mass., describing her
trouble, received in reply accurate in
structions what to do to get well, and
now wishes her name used to convince
others that they may be cured as she
The same helping hand, free of
charge or obligation, is extended, to
every ailing woman in America. If
you are sick yon are foolish not to get
this valuable advice, it costs you noth
ing, and she is sure to help yon. Don't
wait until it is too late write to-aay.
An Exception.
"Politeness is never wasted," re
marked the man with Chesterfield
ian manners.
"Well, mister," answered the
roughly-clad, weather-beaten person,
' that may be true in your part o
town, but if you was in the canal boat
business you'd know that there ain't
any use whatever of sayin' please
to a mule. Washington btar.
lie Would Enjoy It
"Did your father used to whip you
when you was a boy?" asked the
youngster who had been chastised.
Did he! exclaimed the old gen
tleman, reflectively. "In those days
parents were made of sterner stuff,
and he used to whale me . with a
The boy s eyes brightened instantly.
"Golly," he cried," "I'd like to see
him do it now!" Chicago Post.'-.
- He Was Satisfied.
He was obviously anxious and she
seemed almost willing. "I must refer
you to papa," said she with a becom
ing blush, betore giving you a hnal
answer.", :
"But I am perfectly willing to take
you without any reference, " said he
magnaniously. Tid-Bits. .
An Avenue of Escape.
"I'm thinking seriously of resum
ing businss." '
"I thought you had retired perma
"l thought so too but l need some
excuse lor not attending my wile
afternoon teas. .Brooklyn Life.
Is She Losing the Beauty Tha
Was Once a National Boast?
. Bright eyes, rosy cheeks, an elastic
step and a good appetite are the birth
right of every American girl. These
are the conditions that denote perfect
health. But, unfortunately, every
day are seen gins witn pale, sallow-
complexions, languid, , rouna-shoul
dered and listless, and the question
is often asked whether the woman of
today has lost the healthy beauty
which wasvonce a national character
istic. One of the most common afflic
tions .ot womankind is anaemia,
a watery condition of : the blood.
This causes untold misery and often
leads to other and even more serious
diseases. ' It cau be cured, how
ever, as the following interview in the
Harrisburg Star-Independent will
show. ; Miss Annie L. Beel, of No.
910 Green street, Harrisburg, Pa., who
has been a sufferer from this trouble,
in answer to a reporters question
said: . - -
"Yes, ' I am entirely well now but
I was a very sick girl. About' five
years ago I had an unnatural craving
for highly seasoned food " and after
that 1 was afflicted with headache
and my heart would beat about twice
as fast as it should. My limbs got
so weak that I had to rest on every
step when going up stairs. The color
of my skin was like that of a dead
person. My limbs, and, in fact, my
whole body, would swell at times;
The doctor who treated me Lsaid my
complaint was anaemia.
"The doctor told me if 1 bad let
the disease go a few weeks longer
would have had dropsy. I was under
his care . for 83veral weeks, but with
little change for the better."
"How, then, were you so completely
restored to' health," asked - the re
porter. -
; "I had been sick for two months
when I began- taking Dr. Willams'
rint rius tor raie reopie. in about a
week I was feeling better." .The head
ache left me and I began to get
stronger. I took the pills for six
weeks and became thoroughly cured. "
Dr. Willams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are an unfailing specific for lo
comotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St.
Vitus dance, - sciatica, , neuralgia,
rheumatism, nervous headache, the
after effects of the grip, palpitation
of the heart, pale and sallow complex
ions and all forms of weakness. At all
dealers or direct from Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co,. Schenectady. N. Y.,
60 cents per box; six boxes, $2.50.
. Domestic Economy. '
Poor Man Well, did you buy tbat
book telling all about bow to econo
mize in the kitchen?
Wife Yes, I've got it.
Poor Man That's good. "What
does it say?
Wife It's full of recipes telling
how to utilize cold roast turkey but
wt haven't the turkey new xonr.
The Pleasing Answer.
Dumlegh There's nothing cranky
about Mr. Synnex; he's a man of
sense, he is!
Markham Flattering,
Dumleigh Not a bit. Folks have
been saying smoking cigarettes'
weakened the intellect. I asked Mr.
Synnex and he told me to keep right
on; it couldn't possibly have that
effect on me. Boston Transcript
Not Issued in Time to Benefit Him.
Did you see Mr: Mifkins this
morning?" asked the bookkeeper.
No," replied the publisher. "What
did he. want?"
'He desired us to advance him 15
shillings on his forthcoming work
How to Be a Financial Success.' "
Glasgow Evening Times.
A Kitchen Mystery.
Father Cooking schools are of
some use, after all. This cake is de
Daughter Is it? I thought
would be a terrible failure. '
Why so?"
'I told Bridget exactly how to
make it and she went and made it
some other wav." New York
Weekly. .
Wouldn't Come Out.
Deacon Pecksniff Fie ! I'd be
ashamed to be seen coming out of a
Mr. Hardkase Oh, yes : I suppose
you're proud of the fact that you al
ways stay in until they put you out.
T J 1 . 1 1 ! 1 r. l
x uuaueipiiia iiecoru.
It, like truth, onlv asks a hearing.
Wizard Oil Cures Pain.
Sarcasm Wasted.
Customer (to dealer) Say, there
must have been some mistake about
those peaches you sold me yesterday.
Uealer What was the matter with
"Nothing. That's just it. There
were no bad ones at the bottom of the
"Bv eum.Ro von cot them did vou'
picked them out for myself.
The Best Prescription ror Malaria .
Chills and Fever is ft bottle ot Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It is Bimnlv iron and anlnlnn in
a tasteless form. No Cure. No Pay. Price SOc.
A War.
Miss Passay When I watched the
dear old soldiers pass by I thought
how splendid it must have been to
have had the privilege of living
right here in the midst of the excit
ing times of great civil war.
Johnnv Fresh Then you were
abroad during the war, were you?
Cleveland Plain Dealer. - .
Gem of Art That May Be Had for the
That's a beautiful subject to dis
cuss any time ot tne year, out es
pecially so during the rainy months,
when a trip to Southern California is
most delightful. The howwhen and
where of the whole business is told
briefly but comprehensively in a
little book that would be an ornament
to any library table. Ask the Pacific
Coast Steamship Company to mail
it from their office in Seattle, Port
land, Tacoma or Spokane. As a work
of art it's a gem. Get the book and
enjoy its beauty and the story it
tells. The trip may be within reach
before the winter ends.
Patents ProcurBd.
Prompt. Efficient and Satisfactory Service.
Attorney's fee not payable till patent granted.
Trv us. Taber & Whitman Co., 38-40 Warder
Bldg., Washington, D. C.
What Mike Takes Back.
Friend Hello, Mike! Off back to
ould Ireland, eh? But where's your
Murphy Faith, an' phat would I
do wid a box?
Friend Why, put your clothes in,
of course.
Murphy Phwat ! An me gd widout?
Glasgow Times. . -
, Has bail bearing In turn-table.
Turns freely to the wind.
Ball bearings thrust In wheel, insuring
ligntest .running qualities, and reserving
greatest amount of power lor pumping.
Galvanized after making. Put together
w ih galvanized bolts, double-nutted ; no
i an can rust or get loose and rattle.
Weight regulator; perfect regulation. No
spring to change tension with every change
of temnerature, and grow weaker with age.
Repairs alwavs on nana.
These things are worth money to Vou.
Then why not buy a 8TAR 1
-fi - MILL.
Cure Your Horses
AT DEAURS. 60c; BY MAIL, 60c.
Psussi&h Rbmedt Co., St. Peal, Minn. .
Gbntxembk: I have been using the Pbcssiah Hkavb Pow
dbks the past eight months, and in that time haveenred 1 1 horses
of heaves, 14 of distemper and 9 of chronic cough. Your Prussian
Remedies have gained a great reputation in this section.
WhblBsale Boota & Shoes
' 87 and 89 First Street, Portland, Oregon.
1 Telephone, Oak 1391,
All Kinds Carried in Stock.
The Most Famous Sculpturess in the
World, Entirely Cured
by Peruna.
Mrs. M. C. Cooper.
Mrs. M. C. Cooper, of the Royal Acad
emy of Arts, London, England, is un- .
doubtedly one of the greatest living ,
Pnctin thp vrtxat. artiRt
placed Mrs. cooper as one oi tne -greatest
sculptors and painters of this
century. Mrs. Cooper is an ardent
friend of Teruna and in a letter dated
January 26tb, written from - Wash
ington, says the following: "I take
pleasure in recommending Peruna for
catarrh and la grippe. I have suf- '
ered for months and after the use of
.-.n n Vi n t f In f Pomina T am artroxr .
K11U uutHlU VI 1 . 11 V. 111. 1.111 vlllllllj
well. Mrs. m. C Uooper.
Send for a free book on catarrh en
titled "Health and Beauty." This
book is written especially for women;'
and will be found to be of great value
to everv woman. Adriresn Dr. Harfc-
man, Columbus, Ohio.
Pelt Like It
Golf Expert So you received an
accidental blow on the face with a
golf club, eh? What were you hit .
with, brassie, cleek, mashie, lofter
or putter?
Golf Novice I ain't sure which,
but I think by the way my nose felt ,
when I was struck that it must have '
been the mashie all right. Judge.
A Sure Indication.
Sherlock' Holmes, Jr. Jenkins
wants me to sell his place.
Greene Why I never heard him
say anything about it and I see him
every day.
Sherlock Holmes, Jr. That may be,
but he wants to sell it all the same.
I called there last evening and when
I slapped a mosquito Jenkins said it
was the first mosquito that had been
on the premises this summer. Bos- -ton
Tor Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Summer Resolutions
Keeley Cure
Enre relief b om liquor, opium and tooaoaa -habits.
Send lor particulars to
Keeley Instituta, J.!Vo0rtSdvo,reona,,.
Easily made lor the next 90 days, selling an .
attractive line of Holiday Goods. or full par.
ticulars send name and address to
Star Bldg., Chicajo, Ills.
Founded 1B70
A Hom School lor Boy
Military and Manual Training
Fall Torn Onon Soot. 13, 1B01
Writ a for llluatrated Oataloouo
X. P. X. v.
Da, 41 180U
WHKJf writing; tft advertisers 'please
meutian this paper.
BMt possible to butld. Best material. Best pro
portion. Best finish. Lightest running. Seventy
years' experience. M11CHEI.I.. L11 St
K1AVKK Co., 1st and Taylor Sis., Portland, Or
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Foot at Morrison Street,
Can give yon the best bargains in
Buggies, Plows. Boilers and Engines,
Win.imilla and Pumps and General
Machinery. See us before baying.
E. J. BOW EN, Comet Agent, Portland, Oregon.
Catalogue Furnished
Upon Application.