Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, September 06, 1901, Image 2

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ttccem . aecisions i.ueci oy i
Superintendent of Public Instruc-'
tion Ackermau will be very -rat-,
T- . 1 . ' 1 1.
ifvinc to the advocates of hicrh
school education at public ex
panse. If Supt. -Ackerman's de
cision is a correct, interpretation
of the law the voters of any school
district which maintains schools
of the eight grades provided . for
by law for but seven months in
. .1 .i I.- i
tne year may autnonze aaauionai
grammar grades covering a full
high school course.. This ren
ders it possible for aav district
practically to establish a common
hih school, or, indeed, have
each school in tne district a corn-
Wnerl cuimnon and liieh school.
. Since this must be sanctioned
by the majority of votes cast at a
liwful school election, if is not
probable many districts will ex
tend the present common school
course of eight years so far.
There is a possibility, since
this decision contravenes that
portion of the school law which
requires the schools to be in oper
ation eight months before a high
school shall be maintained m a
district, that it is net -good law.
At all events it is of no special
value, because the superintend
ent's decision in interpretation of
the law decides nothing. It is
not entitled to the raspect which
we usually accord to mere judi
cial dicta, and, unless given by
one familiar with the rules of
leeal interpretation, is of less
value than the prima facie opin
ion of any lawyer.
It is, in part, by just such steps
that the common school has been
drawn . away from the efficient
prosecution of its own work and
. also burdened with that of the
high school 6r preparatory acad
emy. A wise and wholesome
law, fixing the grades at eight
and presenting a range of careful
elementary instruction requiring
eight years to complete, should
certainly meet every just require
ment of education at public ex-
templates that after eight years,
: each of at least eight months dur
ation, all the proper purposes of
common school education shall
have been accomplished. But
the law is made elastic. . When
the schools of a district are efHci
- .ently organized and successfully
prosecuting their legitimate work
during the time specified, the
: voters of a district may, if they
wish, maintain a high school.
This renders high school grades
. under the nlaii si Me fiction nf
'additional grammar grades"
wholly unnecessary and ought to
satisfy the advocates of the hign
school as .part ol our common
ichool system.
We are not opposed to higher
education; far from it, but while
by far the .'greater number of
. youth who enter our public
schools have neither time nor m-
; clination to pursue an extended
course of study, even so limited
as that of the high school, and
while the few who have such
time and inclination can certain
ly and easily avail themselves of
. the facilities offered by numerous
schools, academies and colleges
established and maintained by
private enterprise there is no ne
cessity for a common high school.
The theory of high school in
struction at public expense, sup
plementing the work of the com
mon school, is a false one and
the practice highly pernicious. If
the common school of eight
grades were doing its wdak thor
oughly and efficiently, the sup
. plimentary high school would be
less objectionable, but it is not;
every intelligent teacher knows
it is not. One of the most effici
ent instructors at the County In-
, stitute recently held for this coun
ty, in conversation, declared that
he results of the common school
educational processes were most
unsatisfactory. The schools were
burdensome! expensive and
gave results by far less desirable
than could . be attained through
other agencies at less expense,
He said the only adequate remedy
4 4 4 4
ne couict see was a comeiete re-
: organization of the whole system
which would adapt it to its spec
ial mission arid confine it to its
own proper sphere. This should
be done, it must be done, but it
will not be done while the
' 'school machine" and so-called
. "professors" can beguile a pa
tient and too-generous people,
Of all who addressed bodies of
workmen on Labor Day none ut
tered more wholesome truths than
Mr. H. W. Scott, of the Oregon
ian. . In plain, rugged -English
he skillfully traced the progress '
ol industrial civilization, showed
the superiority of American .in
dustrial methods and stated the
fundamental principles and cbn-
"" wu nab
rained, and must in the future
achieve its victories. Young nun
should hear this. . ,The old car.
;diaal virtues are potent as cven
O '
Personal industry, foresight, rru-
dence, economy, perseverence,
sobriety, is the family of vir-
tues that beiong to the in-:
dividual man. Society cannot
supply these qualities, and culti
vation of them by the individual
is necessary as ever. "
It was the cultivation and earn
est practice of these cardinal vir
tues that carried the pOor, almost -
friendless, boy from a Puget
Sound logging camp and fifty
cents per day through, school and ,
colleee and .placed him in the
front' rank of journalism. To
American laborers he can "speak
by the cara" and they Irmor
themselves by having him do so.
Ail kinds of boxes at the Cor-
vallis sawir.ii!. .. .
Fresh Alsea honey at Zierolf's-
Two ppnnds for 25c.
Hart, Schaffner & Marx fclothts
for dressy men, at S. L- Kline'?.
"Oar Own," cheapest end best
washing powder. 5 pounds for 25c
at Zierolf's.
Letter List.
For llie week ending Ana. i, 1901.
Persons callinj; for these letters will
please stata date on which they wera
advertised. They will be charged at the
rate of one cent each.
Mrs Laurena Belnap,' Miss Bee, Prof
Richard H Dearborn, C O Iiner, J Mtz
cer, H B IIogaD, Clyde Meller, Mrs Al
Rycraft, Mrs Nina Rycraft, R CRich
ardson. Mrs Ida Rogers, Mrs J L Rick
ard, William Ridgnay, Z Taylor, Mrs
Alice Vader, F Weninger.
B. W. Jbhnsos, P. M. .
Seven Kays at Carnival.
All the transportation lines in lh
Northwest are arranging to give specially
low rates to and from the Portland Car
nival, which runs from Sent. 18 to Oct.
19, and the excursion tickets v. ill be good
for 7 days. This is the longest limit ever
glyen on such tickets, and will give peo
ple ample time to see all the sights con
nected with the great exposition.
With twe full military hands, a mili
tary tournament, ahorse show, 'athletic
sports, exhibits of mining, agriculture,
horticulture and manufactaiing, a' full
midway, fireworks, and an array of
amusement attractions, the Carnival will
be one of tbo greatest events of the sea.
son, and the admission fee is going to be
only 25 cents, 10 cents for children.
W atck
Makes traveling a pleasure, when correct
time is always a necessity. Yours may be
a capable time keeper, but through incom
petent repairing you have lost faith in it.
Brine; it in to mo. I will repair the worst
wrecked watcu, and t will do it economi
cally. Albert J. fsfetzeer
Three Doors North of the Fosteffice.
Govemmeat Load.
Parties desirous of locating on govern
ment land should see
J. W. Webber,
Angora, Or.
Farm for Sale.
R. B. Elodgett ofiers for sale bis 570
acre stock farm, one-half mile from Elod
gett, Oregon. -
Geo. C. Hickock, Cnrtiss, Wis., says:
"Foley's Kidney Cure has been tested
and found to bo all you claim for it. I
have given it to my fathw and it is the
only thing that ever helped him." TGrra
ham&Wortham. - -
Notice of Fiaal Settlement.
Notice is hereby given .that the undersigned, solo
surviving executor ot the estite of JamesE Fisk
deceased, has hied his final account in said Estate in
the County Court of the Stole of Oregon for Benton
County and Monday, the seventh day of Octnber 1901
at the hour of tcno'elocka m. in the County Court
room in tho Court Bouse in Corvallls, Benton
County, Oregon is the time and place fixed for hear
ing objections, if any, to said unal accountandthe
settlement thereof. "
Bated atCorvallis Oregon this Sept. 0, 1801
noMER WYATT, Exeeutor.
Mid-Summer Excursion to Newport
There will be a chartered excursion train
leave Albany for Newport and retnrnn
Sunday, August 25. Traiu will leave A),
bany at G :30 a. m. ; Corvallis, 7 jOO a. m
returning, leave Newport 7:00 p. m. '
Rates from Albany and Corvallis io
Newport and return $1.75 ; Philomatu to
Summit, inclusive, to Newport and re
turn, $ 1.50; Summit to Elk City; inclu
sive, to Newport and return, $1.00; west
of Elk Gity, 75 cents. Tickets and passes
of C. & E. issue will not be honored on
this trian. -
Tickets on sale by Geo. Irvine, also
H. Cronise. agent C. & E. Everybody
go and enjoy a day at the seaside. -. "
' Only a limited number of tickets will
be sold. .
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys end bladder right.
Ty this Office for Job Work,
SEPTtMBOl 23-28, '01
'and' '""
Good Racing in
Latest Attractions in New Au
ditorium Building Every Ev
ening, with Good Music.
Beautiful Gamp grounds, t-rse.
Special Hates on Oampers
Tickets. Come and Bring
Your Families.
Reduced Rales on a!! Railroads.
For further particulars add'Css
M. D. WISDOM, Sec, Portland
Notice for Publication.
Laxd Offics at Oregon CiTV?Or.F.aox,
Ai'Tust 5. lflel
. Kotico Ls hereby given that the iowhijr-naraed
settler has filed notice of his iotontifi ' make final
proof in support of his claio and tli it tid proof will
be made ustarc the Co'intv Clerk M B lton county,
at Con-alli?, Oregon, on September 10, 19J1, uz:
H. K. No. 11942, for the E. i of S. E. i See. IS, T,
11 "5. . R 7 W.
He uiiuics the foliowins: Witnesses to p:-ove his
CMt'.hmous residence vpon and cultivation of said
land, v.z:
Albert Needham and Cliprles A. Baldwin of Sum,
Tj:it, orrgon, Albert Wischnofsky, cf Bloiigett, Ore
gon, Cihns ucrmanscn, t A many.
- , Kegister.
Notice of Guardian's Sale of Real
Notice is hereby jriven, that in pursuance of an
order cf the county f ourt, tor the county ol croolc.
State of Oregon, made on the 5th dav of August,
1001, in the matter of the guardianship of Frank
r oster and Walter roster, minors, the unasrsitrned
th3 guardian 'of the estates of said minors, will sell
at private sale, Eubject to ooftfirfiiation by said
County Court, from and after the 21st day of Sept
ember, liWl, all the ritrht, title and interest of the
said Frank Foster and Waiter Foster in and te that
certain piecs or parcel of land situated in Benton
County, State of Oregon, and bounded and described
as ia:iott-s, to-wit: An undivided two nuiins in
terest in the south half of the Donation Land Claim
of John Foster and wife, being claim No. i5 iu Sect
ions so. 3U, si and a m township 13 south, of Hang:
five West of Willamette Ateridian Terms an cou
ditions of sal,e Cash,
11. F. Allen.
. Guardian of estates of Frank Foster and Walter
Foster, minors.
Notice to Creditors.
. Noti-je is hereby given that the undersig-ned 1 as
been appointed administrator of the estate of J. 1C
A. llobiuson, deceased, by the County Court of the
State of Orogou, for Benton county. All persona
having claims against said estate are hereby re
quired to present the same to the undersigned
prcperiy verified as fcy la.w required at the office of
C. W. Davis, in Philomath, - Oregon, within six
n;onths from the date hereof.
Dated July 2, 1931.
L. E. Fridley,
Administrator of the estate of J. -E. A. Robin
son, deceased. ' '
Mr. E. D. Arnold,' Arnold, la., writes :
He was troubled with kidney ""disease
about three years. Had to get up sever
al times during the night but three bot
tles of Foley's Kidney Cure effected a
complete cure, he feels better than he
ever did and recommends it to his friends
Graham & Wortham.
If yon are Bicli all over, and don't know
juft what ails yoa, it's ten to one jour
kidneys are out of order. Foley's Kidney
Cure will bring you health and energy.
Graham & Wortham.
Our Clubbing List.
Subscribers to the CORVALLIS GAZETTE can
obtain tho following papers in combination sub
scriptions with the GAZETTE, at the very low
prices stated below; cash in adxauce always te ac
company the order. Those wishing two or more
publications named with the GAZETTE, will please
correspond with this office and we will quote you
the combination price. We can gave yoa mency on
nearly all publications vou desire. . -.
The abbreviations below are explained as follows:
W, foi weekly; S W for semi-weekly; T W, for tri
weekly; M, for monthly; S M, for semi n'outhly.
The first price represents the -subscription rate of
the publication alone, and .the second the rate for
the publication offered - in conjunction with the
semi-weekly GAZtvTTE.
Oregon Agriculturist and Rural Northwest, Po.'t-
land, or., s.w,, 50 eents; SjLSO. - -Oregonian,
Portland, Or., W.,?l;60; 2.55.
Rural -Spirit, Portland, Or., .Contains a live-stock
market report, w.,2.ou; 2.55. o. , . .. . .
Pacific ChrLst'uu Advocate, Portland, Or., W.
$2.00.. 8.05.
j $1.00; 2.20. " ' V . ' '!
Homestead, Des Moines, Iowa,' A thorough stock
The Republic, St. Louis, Mo S. W., $1.00; 2.05.
Tne American Farmer, Indianapolis, Ind., Live
BwUck, iarm aua poultry journal,, ju., bit cents; 1.65.
The Cosmopolitan Magazine. New York. M.
and Atlas of the W-orld, bound in cloth, 5ti pages of
Wi,liS, $ ,
- The Outing Magazine, New York, M., $3,90; S.S0.
Pacinc Homestead, Salem, Or., W.,?1.00; 2.30.
Tible Talk, Philadelphia, M., $L0O; 2.15.
American Homes, Kncxrille, Jean., N.. $1.00
2.30. '
Boston Cooking School Aiagazine, Bl-M., 50 cents;
HcCiurc'a Magazine, New York, JL, $1.00; 2.40.
Twice-a-Week Courier Journal, Louisville, Kv.
one of the best rapere from the great South, T. W.,
"Dairy Fortunes," a neat, well written book of
zu pajfes on an questions concerning dairying,
feeds and feeding, the constituent .properties of ail
kinds of feed; 30 combinations, forming well
balanced rations fur dairy cows. Kerv d:iirvmnn
should have it l"rico with the Cokvaujs Gazette
one year, tpz. td. . . .
Pocket Atlas of the World, 881 pages, containing
colored maps ef all the Hates and territories in the
United States, the province of the dominion of
Casaua, and of every country and civil division on
the face of the globe. Also valuable statistical in
formation about each state and conety, giving the
papulation oi every large city in the world, besides
other valuable information. A handy reference
work for every penon;- with Co&vallis Gazcttk one
year, s.uo.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has
been dulva;tpointed administrator, with the wiil an
nexed, of tne estate of Kosina Such, deceased, by the
County Court of Benton County, Oregon, and has
uij quanueu us sucn sumimatravor. and atl jwrsnns
having claims agninst smd estate are hereby required
to present the same to the underpinned at the office
of the C'orvallu Oazkttie in Corvallis, benton Couuty
Oregon,Vith the proper voucher within tix
months from the date hereof.
JPatcd this 21st day of August, A. T).t 1001
Pkrct R. Kellv, .
, Adaainwtmtor, i
Tlie greatest skin epccialift in America
originated the formula for Ennner Salve.
For all skin, diseases, all cuts or sores,
i and for piles, it's the moat healing medi
cine., .beware of BubfcUtotc?. Gndiam
&tWortbata. . . ' .
.Mr. W.J. Baxter, '.of North Brook,
N- CC, says he 6ufftred wilh piles for 15
years He tried many rerueiiies with no
reositta- Strtil lie- u-ed'PeAV ill's Witch
Haze! Salve nd that quickly cured
liim.-! Graham '& Wells. r ; , -
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tle Eariy' Risers compel your liver aud
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ham & Wells; . .. i -
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bvdeath' with croup. The doctors said
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relieved 'bv One Minute Coiigb Cure.
Graham & Wells.'
In caEcs of. cough or croup give the lit
tle one One Minute Cough Cure. Then
rest easy and have no fear. The child
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never .fails. Pleasant, to. take, always
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effect, . Graham & Wells. .
Good Advice.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering Jfrom Dyspep
sia and Liver Complaint More than
seventy-five per -rent, of the people in
the United States are afflicted with these
two deseases and their affects : such as.
Sour Stomach, Sick Headache, Habitual
Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart,
Heart-burn. Waterbrash, Gnawing and
Burning Pains at the pit of the-Stomach,
Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and Disa
greeable Taste in the Mouth, Coming up
ot rood alter Eating, Eow spirits, etc.
Go to your Druggist and get a feottle of
August Flower for 75 cents. Two doses
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Prize Almanac. Graham & AVortham.
Eruptions, cuts-, burns, scalds and sores
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ham & Well's. '
"I had a rnnnin;: sere on my tireast for
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Willseyvihe, K. Y "and tried a reat
many remeciies, but got no reiief until I
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bos, I was perfectly cured. I cannot re
commend it loo highly." Graham &
O. O. Buck, Beirne, Ark.," &ars: "I
whs tmnlift wilh tnnO ng nn ,,,,!
... .. . .
1,., ,n tiw;,h t;.,i 17 1 , ; i
bought DeWUts Little Early lusers. !
Since then I have been entirely cured of
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Graham & Wells.
Notica for Publieaticii.
United States Land Office,
Orejon City, Oregon, August 2, 1001.
Kotice is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions of tlie act of Congress of June 3, 1878,
entitled "An act ft r the sale of timber lands in the
States ef California, Oregon, Nevatla and Washing
ton Territory,' as extended to all the Fubiic Land
States by act of August 4, 18S2,
of GarGeld, county of Whitman. State of Washing
ton, has this day filed in this office his sworn state-
ment No. 6433, for thejpurchase of the Mi t NV
5, lotM i and 2 of Section No. 80 in TownaUip Ho.
13 S, R No. 6 W, and will offer proof to shew that
the land sought is more valuable for its timber or
Btone than for agricultural purp3cs, and to establish
his claim to said laad before the Register and Re
ceiver of this office at Oregen City, Oregon, oa Fri
day, the 18th day of October, 1901.
lie names as witnesses: William K. Gwinn and
Frank L. Gwinn of Garfield, Whitman Co., Wash.,
B. F. Tette,nd Thomas Coon of Corral iia, Benton
Co , Oregon. - ' -
Any and all "persons claiming ad versely the above
described lauds are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 18th day of October,
1901. . CHAA. B. MOORE,
Notice for Publication,
TJnitsd St atfs La:d Office,
Oregon City Oregon, Aogust 2, 3P01.
Notice is hereby given that in complian e with the
provisions of 4rhe act of Congress ef June 3, 1878,
entitled "An act for tbo sale of tiisker lands in the
ifctates of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the fubiic Land
States by act or August 4, U92,
of Garfield, county of Whitn.a, State of Washing
ton, has this day filed in this offies his iworn state
ment'No. 5482, lor he purchase of the Lot 3 of Sec
tion No. 30, iu Towns-hip No. 3, S, Range No. C
W, and will offer proof to show that the land eought
is more valuable for its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish hid claim to
said lanurbefore the Register and lieceiver of this
ofHce at Oregon City, Oregon, on Friday, the 13th
day of October, 1901. -
He names as witnesses: Theodore T. Oir and
F-ank L. Gwinn, of Garfield, Whitman Co., Wabh.
B. F. Totten and Thomas Coon of CorvaIlt3, Bentou
Co., Oregon.
Ay and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to rile their claims in
this office on or before said 18th da of October,
1901. . CHAS. B. MOOREB;
Notice for Pttblicatien.
Unitkd Statfa Land Office
OreRon City, Oregon. Ju'y, 26, 1901.
Nr.tice ie hereby given that in (nmpliance with the
provisions of the act ef Congress of-June 8, 187$,
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lands in -the
State. of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territory," as extended to ail tho Public
Land States by act of August 4. 1892,.
of Garfield, county of Whitman. State of Washing
ton, has this day filed iu this office his sworn state
ment No. 57d, for the purchase of E ot SW i,
8E i of SW J and Lot 4 uf Sectiun No S iu Town
ship -'No 13 .South, itange No fl West, and will offer
proof to snow that the land sought is more valuable
for its timber or stone than for agricultural purpose,
antfto establish litis claim to said land btitorj the
Register and lieceiver of tlm office at Oregon City,
Orezon. on Fndav. the 18th dav of Ocbcr. 1901.
lie nauiei as witnesoa: B. F. Totten, of Inavale,
Oregon, Abe Coon, of Inavale, Oregon, Thoa. Coon,
oi inavale, Oregon, Martin Jiutler, of Ftrrn.
Any and all nersons ciaiimmr adverse v the abov
described lands art requested to file their claims in
this otfice on or before said 18th day of October,
IOIU. ; Oil Art. o. JU.OUK.KS,
t ' , Register
Administrator's Notice. -
Kotico is herihv riven te ail ccrsriis interested
that th nndersigTied has been duly appointed ad
ministrator ot the estate of Walter S. Hobb9.dc.
ceased, by the county court of Uenton county, Ore
gon, and has duly qualified as Btich administrator,
aud all persons having claims against said estate are
hereby required to present tho same to the under
signed at the oflico of the Corvallis Gazettk. in Cor
vallis, Benton county, Orecon. with the proper
voueheri within six months irom t-he date uereof.v
Dated this 2?lh day oi July, A D .1H01.
- . . QALE S. HIM.,
P2RCT B. KELLY, ' .: I
: Attorney for the Administrator.
P. T. Thomas, Sumntemlle, Ala., "I
was sufteriiii; from dysrpsia when li
commenced taking Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure. I tcok sevt rat bottles and fan di
gest anythiug." Kcdot Dyspepsia Cure
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natural digestive fluid. It gives weak
stomachs cntiro re;-t. restoring their
natural vendition. Giulmm Ci Wells.
The Creat Scourge
Of modern times is coiihiimplion. Many
cures and diecoveries from lime to time
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the early stages and always affords com
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permanently and completely removes
this complaint. It relieves permanently
because it allows the tired stomach per
fect rest. Dieting won't rest the stom
ach. Nature receives svjpplie& from the
food wc eat. Tim sensible way to help
the stomach is to use Kodol Dyspepsia
Cure, which digests what yoa eat and
can't hvlp but do yon good. Graham &
Drugs & Medicines . Kodaks & Photo Supplies
attain $ells
Corvallis, Oregon
Established, Incorporated, 1S98
The most complete line of Pure Drugs and
Chemicals in Corvallis.
Books and Stationery, Commercial Pa
pers, ?ine Perfumery, Toilet Article,
Combs, Brnelies and Kirrcrn.
Poeket Knives, Scissors, Fine Cutlery
Manager of Perscription Department,
T. A. JONES. Registered,
Special Course in Phaimacy at Perdue Univcrsi
ty, Indiana
Digests what yon eat.
This nrerjaration contains all of the
dieestants aud digests all kinds of
lilUUU. in aivus lusiiduu luuet illiu lieyjr
a ; ..4.
fails to cure. It allows you to eat all
the fQod youwant. The most sensitive
stomachs can take it. By its use many
thousands Of dyspeptics havo bsfn
cured alter everything else failed. It
is unequalled for all stomach troubles.
It can't help
but do yes ssd
Prepared only by E. O. Hewitt & Co., Cbl
The $1. bottle contains 3 times the 50c. size.
Graham & Weils.
No. 101 4o acres, 15 in cultivation,
good buildings, fine fruit and water, good
bottom land ; price, (050. 4 miles
from Philomath.
No. 13180 acres, 25 in cultivation,
nice young orchard; fair buildings, 2
cows and calves, team, wagon and har
ness, plow, cultivator, tools, etc. ; also
Turnitare. This is a good hill ranch and
is cheap at )f 700. 6 miles from town.
74 160 acres; 30 in cultivation; small
house; good barn and water; miles
from town; cheap at $1,500; on main
county read ; good pasture and timber.
113 A good 7-room house with one
half aere lot; fruit, good water, 'chicken
houses and Bheds, price $600; well ar
ranged for poultry raising; this is a
cheap little home, 10 minutes walk from
Corvallis pestomce.
Real Kstate Ag-ent,
Box 59, Philomath, Benton County, Oregon.
U first National Bank
M. S. WOODCOCK, President.
C. E. MOOR, Vice-President.
GEO. E. LILLY, Assistant Cashier.
JOHN WILES, Corvallis, Oregon.
Loans Made
On all kinds of approved security, and especially.
ness enterprises and industries of this country.
Received subject to check payable on demand.
Foreign Exchange
Sight exchange and transfers sold available in
the principal Cities ef England, Ireland, Switzer
land, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Swed
en, uenraare, naiy, itussia, bpain, Portugal, uer-
uanjt AUuia,
Letters of CrcdU
Issued available in the principal cities ot the
United States.
Principal Corresoondents Upon Whom W
Sell ight Exchange
The Commercial National Bank of Chicago.
The First National Bank of Portland, Oregon. .
The Hank of California, San Francisco, Calif.
Anglo-Cahforniau Bank, Ban Francisco, Cali
The National City Bank New York.
The Ifank of New York National Banking Ass'n,
Imjioi trs dsTrader's National Bank, New York.
Shoe, and Leather National Bank of Boston, Mass.
1'hilaUclphie. Natioual naukof Philadelphia, Pa
B A N Ei 6f R A LVE
tho most healing salvo in the world.
Portland-Astoria Routs.
Daily Kcund Trips except Sunday.
Leave Portland
Leave Astoria
..7 A M.
...7 P. M.
o Baiies-PDrtiana Route
Vancouver, Cascade Locks, St.
Martin's Springs, Hood River,
White Salmon, Lyle, The Dalles.
Leave Portlam!
Arrive The Dalles
Leave '
Arrive Portland -
....7 A. M
....3 P. M
7Sundav Trios a Leadintr Feature.
S"This Route has the Grandest Scenic Attrac
tions on Karth.
Landing and-Office: Foot of Alder Street,
Both Phones Main 351.
Portland. Or.
JOHN IX. WMOOK, Altt. The Dalles.
A. J. TAYLOR, Agt. Astoria.
WOtFOP.D & WVERS, Agt's 'Wliite Sal
mon, Wash. .
J. c. WYATT, Agt. Vancouver,
E.W. CRIC2XTON Agt Portland.
Dentistry of every description done in Srnl
cla'ss mannor, " and satis a.fLi0n guar
Office ever Zieroif 's rroccry store, oppos'M
the post office, Corvallis. Oregon.
IK T. Rowley
Office over First National Bank
Physician $ Surgeoh
Booms 14 in Bant Building.
tj ) 10 to 12 a. m.
Office Houra 2 to 4 p m
Residence : Goraei College and 3th Sth.
Telephone at qfiice and residence.
CorvaUie, - - - Ortson
OFFicE-Corer 3rd ar.d Monroe st rests
Koues 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Hun
day & to 10.
Kesidkkce Corner 3rd and Harrison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Telephone 315, at residence.
Notary "
Titles. Cosveiakciso
Practice in rail State and Federal Court.
OfBco in Firat National Bunk Building.
K II. Bryson
COrvallis, Oren.
Office in resteffice Enlldlne.
Office In Wbitehora Btprfc -
Mies Mamie Smith. Middles! oro, Ky.,,
writes; "Mv little sister had the t roup
verv had. I gave her seveial doses of
Foley's Honey and Tar, snd the was in
stantly relieved. It saved her life. Gra
ham & Wortham.
If the action of your bowe's is noteasv
and regular Eerious complications must
be the final result. '" DeWitt's Little Early
Risers will remove this danger. Safe,
pleasant and effictive. Graham & Wells.
For Rent.
Will rent 200 acres of land est of
Monroe and take part payment of rent
in work andimprovemeBta on the place.
Address " M. S. Woodcock,
' Oorvallis, Oregon.
Government Laud.
Parties wishing to locate on govern
merit land will da well to consult
- V. Kj.kckbb,
- . Alsea, Or.
Native Herbs.
Anyone desiring this great Llood ruri
fier, nmv Fecure the same by celling on
or addressing -
. . Philomath, Or.
Trice $1 per ljx. -. .
James White, Bryantsville, Ind says
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve healed run
ning sores on bolh legs. He bad suffer
ed six years. Doctois failed to help him.
Get DsWiLl's. . Accept no imitations.
Graham & Wells.
Foley's. Honey and Tar
forchildren,safe,sure. No opiates.
iron from Portland tso
Chiaio SaitLake, Denver, ""'
Portland Kt Worth. Omaha
bpicinl CitVi st 4:3op.m.
via'nnn L0"'"' Chiege
Atlantic Salt Lake, Denver,
Express Ft Worth, Omaha,
9 p.m. Kansas City, St 8:10 a.m.
via Hnn- Louts, Chicago and
""gton. East
St-Punl Walla Walla Lew-
FiiStllriil iBtun, Spokane,
fi-rm n m Minneapolia, St. ,
8.00 p.m. raul( jji M5li 7:00 .m.
Spnkane "k?6. Chicago,
and East.
Through Pullman and Tourist Sleepers.
No change of cars. Tickets East via all
rail, or via boat and rail, via Portland
Ocean and Kiver Schedule.
All sailing dates'!
subject to change.
8 p. m.
For San FrafiCisso,
4 p. m.
Sail every five daysj
Irom April Zrl.
Ex. Sun
8. p. m.
Golcmbia River
4 p. m.
To Astoria & way-
10 p. m.
Water Permitting.
Steamer Rut h leaves Corvallia for Al
hany. Salem, Portland and Way Land
ings, Monday, Wednesday and Friday
6 :0(i a. m, ; returning, arrives Corvallis
aboun Midnight, Tuesday, Thursday and
A. L CRAIG, Gen. Pass. Agent,
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad,
'I For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:50 p. n.
" " Oorvaliia 1:40 p. w.
" arrive? Yaquina 5:65 p. r.
1 Ketnitrinp:
Leaves Yaquina .... 7:( 0 a. m.
LfavH Co'vaiiis . 11:33 a. fa.
Arrives Albany .... 12:13 p. m.
3 For Detioit:
Leavts Corvaiiie. . . . 12:00 p in.
Leaves Albany ...... 1 :30 p. m.
Arriyes Detioit- .... 6:20 p. m.
1 Returning:
Leaves Detroit f:30 a. in.
Leaves Albany ..... 10:30 a. m.
Arrives Corvallis. .. . 11:15 p. m,
Trsitis 3 and 4 hetween Albany aacT
Corvallis,. Tuesdays. Thnrsdays and Sat
urdays only. All other trsins daily ex- "
cept Sunday.
Trains 1 and 4 arriye in Albany in
time to connect wilh the S. P: . south
liomid train, as well as pivina two or
three hours in Albany befoie departure
of S. P. north bound train for Portland.
Train Ko. 2 connects with the. 8. P.
vest side train at Corvallis Crossing for
Independence, McMinnville and all
points north to Portland.
: Edwin Stonk,
H. H. Cp.onise, : Manager.
Atwnt, Cervailis.
S outhern Pacific C( iopanv.
Treins leave Coi vallis for Portland
ard Vs itations at 1:20 p. m.
L Porllaiul i-8:Si a m
Lv Alhunt 12:S0 p m
Ar Abhlai'id 12:33 am
Ar t?acrflmnito -5.00 p m
Ar San Fiauciw p- 7 :4o p m
3:30 p Bl
10 0 p m
4:3o a m
A r Onidpn 5:45 pm
Ar Denver. 9:00 a m
Ar Kansas City.. .7:25 a m
At Chicago 7 :55 a m
11 :45 a m
7 :S5 a m
9 :S0a m
Ar Lrs Angeles- 1 :20 p m
Ar Kl Paso- 6:IK) p m
Ar Fort Worth 6 :80 a m
Ar City of Mexico 9 :55 a m
Ar Houcton 4 AO a m
Ar New.Orleans-6:25 a m
Ar Washington 6:42 a m
Ar New York 12 :43 pm
7:00 a id
6:O0p m
9 8 am
4:00 titS
6S2SP Si
6:42 m
12:43 p tn
both trains. Chair cara SacramefitO
Ogden and 1 Paso, and Tourist Cora to
Chicago, St .Louis, New Orleans and
Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu Japan.
Ohiiia, Philippines, Oentral and Sooth
See F. E. FAEMEIt, agent a Corvallis
station or address
' C. IT. MARKIIAM. G. P. A.,
Portland, Or.
Physician - - Svrgeon
5 III I. C MATH, 1 1 ,EG( i-. '
Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia.
Subsciibe -for this fsftr,