Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, July 16, 1901, Image 4

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What Is the use of telling the rheumatla
that he feels as If his Joints were being dis
located T
He knows that his sufferings are very
much like the tortures of the rack.
What he wanti to know is what will per
manently cure his disease.
That, according to thousands of grateful
testimonials, is
Hood's Sarsaparilla
It promptly neutralizes the acid In thr
blood on which the disease depends, com
pletely eliminates it, and strengthens the
system against Its return. Try Hood's, i
' First Tramp De dog chased you,
did he?
Second Tramp You bet ! For a
few minutes I had to lead a purely
strenuous life!
Amateur, develop your own plates at
home. K. G. powder developer, six
packages 25 cents. For sale by all
photo supply dealers, or Kirk, Geary &
Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francisco.
Not Very Ancient.
"Is Miss Primrose a Daughter of the
Kevolution?" .
"Mercy, no; she wasn't born until
after the war of 1812. "
Stop th Cough and
Work Off tha Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulnf ne Tablets cure a cold In
one day. No cure. No Pay. Price 26 cents.
What a Wonder
Bird Dealer What do you mean by
returning that parrot after keeping
him four months? What's the mat
ter with him?
Customer W-w-well, the b-b-b-blamed
b-b-b-bird st-st-st-utters I
Mama Kats a Cascaret.
Baby gets the benefit. Nursing mothers
make their milk mildly purgative with Casear
ets. the only safe laxative for babies. Alldrug
gista, 10c, 2oe, 50c.
. Well Named.
Cora Why is that artist called an
Merritt Because a picture of his
looks as if he laid the canvas on a
palatte full of colors and took an
You Don't Own the Earth,
But you feel like being king of the
ocean when yoir get started to San
Francisco on the O. R. & N. steamers
leaving Portland every five days.
The surroundings are perfect good
meals, fine berths, quick time, and
officers of the steamer are attentive
and capable. Round trip tickets for
the Epworth League convention cost
only $20, including meals and berth.
Good only on steamers leaving Port
land July 11 and 16.
Misery Loves Company.
"And was every one of you seasick
coming over?"
"Oh, yes; we were all in the same
boat." - " . - .;-
I do not believe Piso's Cure for Con
sumption has an equal for coughs and
colds, John F. Botes, Trinity Springs,
lnd., Feb. 15. 1900.
Millions for Tulane University.
Mrs. Newcomh, who died recently
in New York, left $3,000,000 to Tu
lane University. She had already
given $750,000 to this university.
Hoist's School.
At Menlo Park, San Mateo County, Cal., with
its beautiful, aurroiindings, perfect climate,
careful suporv'sion, thorough instruction,
complete laboratories, and gymnasium, easily
ma'Dtains Its position in the front ranks of
schools for boys on the Pacific Coast. Ira G.
Hoitt, Ph. D Principal.
Farms In Vermont -
For Vermont the enumerators re
port 33,109 farms; in 1880 there were
35,522 and in 1890 32,573. The num
ber of farms in 1900 is 536 in excess
of that of 1890, and 2,413 less than
in 1880.
The Best Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
buui luuii;. . vt simpiy iron ana quinine in
a tasteless form. No
V . UIC,
. No Pay. Price 500.
A Natural Inference.
Parkville Theres talk of getting
np a milk trust.
Rockaway 111 bet that would be
Por Infants and Children.
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
Bears the
Smart Answer.
"You fell into the creek with your
new breeches on?"
Yes, pa. iou see, l fell m so
quick I hadri't time to take them off.
"A smart answer, my son. So sup
pose you take them off now. -
The diseases most feared are those which are
Inherited handed down from generation to gen
eration, and family to family. By far the most
destructive of these is Cancer, which finds the
greatest number of its victims among the children
and grand-children of those whose blood was tainted
with this dreadful malady. You may carry this poison in the blood for years, but
as the vital powers begin to wane a slight bruise or cut, wart or mole, sore or
u 1 . rn
juc oiuuiucriug puisuu is most ape io Dreaic
into vancer, and Tumors become more progressive and ulcerate through the akin,
the sharp, shoo tine pains causing the most intense snfferinr. -; -
The Cancer patient naturally grows despondent as one after another the usual
remedies fail, and the sore shows no eism of healinp-. The imnuriHe th
been accumulating in the system, perhaps
me puisoneu oioou maoe pure Dy saives, wasnes ana plasters. The proper treatment
is to purify and build np the blood, remove the cause, when the sore or ulcer heals.
Mr- J. '?JaM. f .-l B fl I-.." a i . "S?- K?
tiny ulcer came, Just under tha left eye. It beg-aa
spreading', and grew worse rapidly, destroying- the
flesh as It went. Aa Cancer la hereditary in my family
X became thoroughly alarmed, consulting- the beat phy
sicians and taking many blood medicines, none of
which did ne any good, when one of our leading
drug-gists advised me to try B. S. 8., and by the time
X had taken tha second bottle the Cancer began to
show signa of healing, the discharge grew gradually
lesa and finally ceased altogether, the sore dried up
and nothing remains but a slight soar. X feel that I
owe my life to S. B. S."
wait until the blood is so polluted and the system so thoroughly saturated with the
poison that no medicine, however efficacious, can check the progress of the disease.
If there is a taint in your blood get it out at once, don't wait for some external evi
dence of it, the appearance of a tumor or ulcer. We have prepared a special book -on
Cancer which we will mail free. Our physicians are ready to help you by their
advice and such direction as your case requires. Write ns fully and freely aa
(Phargc for medical advice. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, OA. "
The Tramp's View
Resting Robert See here, Tom.
this paper eays we have no leisure
class in this countrv that even our
millionahes are hard working men.
Tired Thomas That man didn't
know what he was writing about.
We are the leisure class.
His Parcel. '
Mrs. Lots Hasn't that man next
door got a mortgage on his placet
Mr. Lots Yes, indeed, he has.
"Why does he refer to the property
as a parcel? "
"Because it's tied up, I suppose.
The Pan-American Exposition
Will be the greatest this countrv has ever !
mi -l i-: : 1 1 . . u
Been, uie entire nimjiiiiicry nui wiuu hi
power furnished from Niagara Falls. ' Al
though the power required is enormous we
belive this cataract is equal to the task.tne
same as Hostetter's Stomach Bitters is
equal to the task of supplying the body
wim motive power wiirn it ib iuh uuwii.
There is no medicine in the world so Rood
for dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation,
flatulency and nervousness, l ry it.
It Wat Up to Him.
Maisise If I should fall out of this
wagon, what would you do?
Dick I'd catch you in my arms.
Maisie Get ready.
The Story of a Stricken Woman
Whom Doctors Were Not
Able to Help
Jfcw the Newt, ConnertriUe, Indiana.
The story of Mrs. Nellie M. Hed-
den, of No. 621 Summit avenue, Con-
nersville, lnd., contains an important
lesson for many American women who
suffer in silence rather than face the
ordeal that the usual treatment of
their troubles entail. It is a story
that rings with honest gratitude and
does not tell half the misery that the
narrator endured. Other women who
are suffering as Mrs. Hedden did will
know how to understand and appre
ciate much that cannot be told in a
newspaper, article.- Mrs. Hedden 's
experience is best given in her own
words. She says:'
"For nearly a year I endured terri
ble agony caused by a general break
ing down of the nervous system, - fe
male weakness and suppression of the
periods. I suffered greatly with bear
ing down pains and was very weak
and short of breath. My circulation
was very bad, causing numbness of
limbs, dizziness and headache all the
time. My heart would sometimes
feel as if there was a heavy weight on
it. I had never been healthy and
strong, so you can readily see that I
was in no condition to withstand such
a combination of ailments. ,
"I grew worse very rapidly and all
the doctors I tried failed to check my
decline. A "friend" of iny- husband
told him how much good Dr. Wil
Hams' Pink Pills had done his wife
so I commenced taking them and can
now state tnat they are tbe only re
lief I ever had. The first box helped
me so much that I was thoroughly
convinced of the emcacy of the rem
edy. I continued the treatment for
several weeks, using six boxes in all.
In conclusion 1 will say that it
any one, who is suftenng the same as
I was, will take Dr. Williams', Pink
Pills as directed they will be reward
ed." - '
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 14th day of November, 1900.
Fin ley H. Gray,
Seal . " Notary Public.
Dr. Willams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are sold at all druggists or
will be sent direct from Dr. Williams
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N,
Y. Prica 50 cents per box; six boxes,
; Uses of the Day.
"The proposition to abolish ladies'
day at the club was voted down."
"Yes; it develops that there is
hardly a member who does not, : in
point of fact, enjoy meeting his w? e
This signature is oa every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Uuinine Tablet.
the ramedy that cures a cold Id on day
A Strange Flower. - v
- One of the strangest botanical eurr
osities in the world is the ''Wonder
Wonder' ' flower iound in , the Malay
peninsula, it is simply a blossom
without - leaves, vine, or stem, and
grows as a parasite on- decayed wood.
inis extraordinary flower is some
thing like a yard in diameter, and has
a globular cup in the raiddle with a
capacity of five or six quarts.
muiuie me to oia age is tne tune when
out, a sore or ulcer often dei
for generations, cannot be eliminated nor
into the blood; destroys
tne virus, stops Vie tor-
mation of Cancerous
cells and cleanses the
system of impurities.
What we say of S. S. S.
as a cure for Cancer is
supported by the testi
mony of those who have
tested it and been re
stored to health.
-Bepin in time dtm
Net Additions) to Farm Resource Be
tween 1890 and 190O Waa Greater
than Valme of All Faroe Iaveatmenta
Fifty Years Ago.
Farming Is so vast an Interest that
Its current condition cannot be express
ed In figures. It Is not capitalized In
stocks and bonds, and its values are
not quotable from day to day. But any
Intelligent farmer can make a compari
son of' tbe general state of his indus
try with what It was six or eight years
ago, and will then realize tbe immense
gain that has occurred. In fact, tbe
activity among the railways and the
rapid growth of foreign exports largely
rest on farm production.
It is stated by the chief statistician
of; the agricultural section of the
twelfth census that tbe net additions
to farm resources in the ten years be
tween 1890 and 1900 exceed the value
of all farm investments in 1850. As
the writer referred to puts the case:
The Increased wealth of our farmers.
as the result of their last ten years' la
bor, equals tbe farm wealth of the na
tion reported as the outcome of their
toil and economies from the settlement
at Jamestown to the middle of the nine
teenth century." Advances on the stock
exchange fade into a small' affair be
side a colossal increment like that. In
the United States to-day there are at
least 5,700,000 farms, or about one to
every thirteen inhabitants. - In 1850 the
number was 1,149,073. In ten years
the number has increased 1,150,000, and
In the same time farm -wealth has ex
panded by not less than $6,500,000,000.
In the'twelve adjacent States of Illi
nois, Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North Da
kota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kan
sas the number of farms has increased
since 1890 from 1,923,822" to 2,220,000.
These States added ?2,500,000,000 to
their farm wealth between 1880 and
1890, and a still larger sum In the last
ten years. 1 .v "
The government is dot unmindful of
the vast import of agriculture. Con
gress has endowed agricultural col
leges in every State and Territory.
These Institutions represent a value of
$53,000,000, and their Income is $6,
000,000. Their students last year num
bered 31,658. The annual national ap
propriation for experiment stations Is
$789,000. - '"
When American farmers note what
Is going on In intensive farming. Irri
gation, cattle-raising, improvements
and preservation of products, manage
ment of soils, betterment of facilities
to reach markets and new uses for
waste products, they will see that their
Industry is truly the most expansive as
well as the greatest. Though the pop
ulation of the country should continue
to double, inside of forty years, there
can be no doubt that the farmers of this
country, the most scientific and effect
ive in the world, will meet all demands
and be the main reliance for foreign
nations when . their own production
runs short. Chicago Bonds and. Mort
gages.,- - ' - . '. .
Artiatic Idea Concerning; the Value of
. a Picture. -
A certain parvenu of great wealth
has hanging in his drawing room
large and hideous daub in oils which
some dealer in Paris induced him to
buy. He is very fond of taking a call
er by the arm, leading him before the
canvas and saying:
'Great picture that. By Maccaroni
di Vermicelli, you know. Paid 2,000
for it In Paris and got a great bar
gain. P " (naming-an eminent art
ist) "says It is worth 10,000."
A few days since this gentleman was
lunching at the Artists Club when the
cat came out of the bag. Some one
said: . - ---":
'P- , old Centpercent says that you
have appraised that frightful night
mare of his at 10,000. . It It right?"
The artist answered smilingly.
"I will tell you how that happened.
He asked me to dinner one day, and
after, we left the table took me to see
the picture and told the usual story,
Then," turning abruptly, he asked
" 'How much is that painting worth T
" 'Why," Mr. Centpercent, said I,
really would not like to place a value
upon it.' r
"WelL I'll put It differently,' said he,
'How much would yon charge for such
a picture r : , - ; -, -
", 'I don't mind saying,',! answered,
Hhat I would not paint such a, picture
for 10,000.' I had to be civil, ' yon
know." Tit-Bits. ; :
'V',, A Baffled Xtgress.
An officer of the: Bengal Lancers,
who was seized by a tigress, owed his
ecape to a curious accident The ti
gress seized him by the breast of his
coat and shook him till he became un
conscious. On recovering he heard
strange noise at a little distance, as if
somebody was sneezing violently.
was the tigress herself. He . slowly
turned round and gave a furtive glance
in that direction. - " - - , -
He could hardly believe .his eyes.
There was the tigress slinking off with
her tall very much between her legs
and sneezing most violently and mak
ing the most piteous grimaces.' , The
truth dawned upon him like a fiasn of
lightning. In the operation of shaking
him his snuffbox had flown open from
his waistcoat pocket, and the tigress
had received the contents thereof full
in her face. Cornhill Magazine.
Consumption of Tobacco. .
. The Austria ns consume more tobacco
than any other nationality or race on
the" globe," civilized or savage. ; , Re
cent investigation by eminent statisti
cians gives the number of pounds eon
snmed annually by each 100 inhabitants
of the different European countries as
follows: Spain, 100 pounds; Italy, 128
Great Britain, 138; Russia, 182; Den
mark, 224; Norway. 229, and Austria,
273. .- : ' - - :'.
Cost of Railway Transportation.
Tin France it costs $1.44 to carry
ton of freight 100 miles; in Germany,
$1.28; In Switzerland, $2.80; in Holland,
$1.60; in Belgium, $1.36; in Italy, $3.20;
In Austria, $2, while In the- United
States the coit is only 81 cents. '
Miss Anderson, City Attorney.
-Palmyra, Mo., probably has the
only woman city attorney in the
United States. She is Miss Ander
son, 23 years old, and, in addition to
her practice as a lawyer, is a political
speaker. She got her first impetus
to study law by reading Blackstone
while she was convalescing from an
attack of typhoid fever.
'- - , Appreciative.
'"You seem quite hilarious
' "I am. . I had a terrible attack of
neuralgia that kept me awake all
night, last night."
' "Joking, eh? Why should you be
so happy on account "
'-Because I haven't - got it now.
mat s why." .
" ' Sharp Against Sharp.
Just about the time when the peo
ple of New Jersey have exterminated
the mosquitoes in response to the ad
vice of the scientific sharp some other
scientific sharps will rise up and tell
them that the mosquitoes are among
man's best friends and they will be
compelled to import the creatures
and start hatcheries. .".
Jackson's House for Hospital.
The Mary Cutis Lee chapter of the
Daughters of the Confederacy, in Lex
ington, Va., is desirous of purchas
ing the old home of Gen. Stonewall
Jackson in that town fpr a hospital,
and if it succeeds will name it the
Jackson Memorial hospital. The res
idence is now owned by Gen. Jack
son's widow.
' A Play Upon Words.
"Isn't it kind of brother Harry?.1
said Mrs. De Style, "he has promised
to buy me one of those fashionable
poodles for a pet. " .' - -.
"Madame, " replied Mr. De Style,
who despised these jioodles, I give
you fair warning. '-. If -your brother
leaves' a : pet in this house I bhall
-leave this house in a pet." ;
The A.'B. a of Photography'.' by
Fayette J. Clute is one of the best text
books for amateurs ever published.
Price 25 cents by mail. Camera Craft
Pub. Co. , 330 Sutter St. , San Francisco.
Ilig Ancestors. ..
Father Mulcaughey (calling) Oi
suppose these pictures in yez parlor
are av yer ancestors?
Pat O Callahan (acquiescing) lis;
some avthim are moi aunt's sisters,
but mohst av thim are moi wife's re
lations. - .
TXte Laxative Bromo Qninine Tablets. All
Irnegists refund the money if it fails to core.
E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 25c.
The. Iceman. ...
'Certainly nobody can den that
giving a smaller piece of ice than is
just at times the fault of some ice
men." -
"Unquestionably." "
"And doesn't it make the fault
greater " when they lay it at other
people s doors? '
Mothers will find Mrs. Wiiinlnw'a Rnoth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
: ,i . .1.! j .
Thought He Was Gett'ng Personal. '
"I hear you 1 and Walshineham
have fallen, out, " said Hawley. ,
Yes, " replied Hicks. lie asked
me to design a crest for him, and .
suggested a pig rampant upon a wax
ed floor as consistent with his name,
and he lost his temper. " -
- Stamps Hav a Boom. -
The great rise in value of late was
that sheet of 100 two cent Pan-Amer
ican stamps, in which the accidental
inversion of the picture in the center
increased the market value of each
stamp from two cents to $20. '
Genuine '
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
See Fac-Slmile Wrapper Below.
Tear a snail amd aa easy
to take as sugaxw
ejaedxaa mtatmntuuMmt.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
C ' Footot Morrison Street. " '
Can give yon 'the best bargains in
Bnggies, Flows, Boilers and Engines,
Windmills and Pumps and General
Machinery. See us before buying
nllf m is best time to enre Catarrh,
HIElilLtJ Bronchitis and Consumption.
oUi.h.iLiI "is.!,n3?ed L
W.H. SMITH CO., Buffalo, H. Y.
Springtime Resolutions
tfceley Curd
Sure relief Ion liquor, opium and tobacco
habitf. Send for particulars to
leelsy Instate,
Hoved to 420 Williams
. Ave.. X.M o.ue. - -
x. f. x. o. a. s-ioi.
IITHSN writinc t advertisers pleas
I menu 3D cms papas.
Mce I
tl owml
Mas. Frajtk Castib
. SKerriU Street, Ammkurj, Haas.
This lotto f should oarry Faith
andQonvlotlon to thofiemrta
of alt Sick Woman
"I suffered with inflammation and
tailing of the womb and other dis
agreeable female weaknesses. I had
bad spells every two weeks that would
last from eight to ten days and would
have to go to bed. I also had head
ache and backache most of the time
and such- bearing down pains I could
hardly walk across the room at times.
I doctored nearly all the time for
about two years and seemed to grow
worse all the time until last September
I was obliged to take my bed, and the
doctors thought an operation was the
only thing that would help me, but
this I refused to have done.
"' 'Then a friend advised me to try the
Pinkham medicine, which I did. and
' after using the first bottle I began to
improve. L took in all five bottles of
Lydia E.; Pinkham's Blood Purifier,
four boxes of Lydia E. Pinkham's Dry
Form Compound, three boxes of Liver
Pills and used three packages of Sana
tive Wash, and I am as well now as I
ever was. '-. I am more -than thankful
every day for my cure." Mas. Frank
Caster, 3 Merrill St., Amesbnry, Mass.
&5000 wW b paid M t him tmmtlmom
i sin f not
Tydla E. Pinkham Madloln Oft.
America Beating Germany.
The lead pencil industry in Germany
is at present suffering from American
competition. It is alleged that our
success in this branch of industry is
mostly due to the perfection of the
machinery. .
When von take Grove's Taatelesa Chill Tonic,
oevsuM luc iuiui lua lit plainly pnuna on eve;
bottle snowing tnat It is simply iron f
nine in a tasteless form. Mo Cure, Ns Pay. 50c.
Interurban Badinage. ,
"Your town," said the Chicagoan,
"is called the City of Straits, I be
lieve." "Yes,-" replied the Petroiter, "and
yours, I suppose, might be known as
the City of Crooks. '-'
If ycra h&Tent a rejnilar, healthy movement of thfl
bowels every day, you're sick, or will be. Keep your
bowel open, and be well. Force, In the shape of
violent physte or pill poison, is daneerous. The
Mnootnest, easiest, most perfect way of keeping tne
DC wils clear and clean is to take
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do Good,
never Sicken. Weaken, or Gripe. 10c. " 0c Write
ror free sample, and booklet on nealtn. Address
tterilms If Cp7, OlUsis, aeatwsl, gw Isrk. MSa
- Womam Like, She Is a Linguist
Queen Wilhelmina is an excellent
lingust, for, besidies her knowledge of
Malay, she ; speaks French, German
and English as fluently as her native
Dutch, and she knows something be
sides of Italian and Russian.
Epworth League Rates.
A cool, delightful trip can be made
to . San Francisco and return by
steamer tor only $20 by taking advant
age of the O. K. & N. offer. That
rate includes meals and berth. Dur
ing July ana August tne ocean is
smooth and the trip is very beneficial
to health,,, as it gives perfect rest
under tjie most pleasant conditions.
Agents of the 0.' R. '& N. "anywhere
will tell all about how - to' make, the
trip, or write A. L. Craig, general
passenger, agent, .Portland. , - .., .
A Bonanza.
"Here's a .distinguished scientist
who saya that, after, all, there's no
thing in germs."
.Nothing in germs! : - Nonsense!
Why look how much the doctors have
made out of them."
t?lTt Permanentlr Cured. Ho fits i
Si I V after nrslHsr's 'Unrrr. KliaVsGrtat Nerra
Bestorvr. Send for FREE $4.00 trial bottle and treat.
ae. DS.R.H Kusa. Lid.. Wl ArchSt., Philadelphia, Pa.
Welsh Language. .
The poll taken of Cardiff, Wales,
on the question of whether children
in the board schools should be taught
the Welsh language has resulted in a
majority of 67 votes agamstiit.
cute m Tiusfff
Showing Pull Line, of Garments andHaU
:i ALL FLSt FAILS. 11.
t Cough Sjrrnp. Tastes Good. Vm f 1 .
In time. Sold by droirTlsts. r I
-THADB hash aiowriao a
A Moral Lecture.
Miss Upperten They say there is
a great deal of misery among the
poor. -
Miss Gotrox Well, it's their own
fault. 'There's Keggy Van Pelt, for
instance, with only $10,000 a year,
trying to keep a yacht and a stable of
horses no wonder he's miserable!
Life's rlorid Grind.
"It's so tiresome," sighed the girl
in the fur jacket. "No sooner do-
you get back irom your winter trip
to. the South than you have to begin
to make up your' mind where you are
going to.spend the summer. Some
times I think life is hardly worth
living. " - ;'
Know Little About the Sky, .
It is a strange thing how little peo
ple know about the sky. It is a part !
of creation in which -nature has done
more for the sake of pleasing man
more for the sole and evident purpose
of talking to him and teaching him
than in any of her works, and it is
just the part in which we least at 'nd
her. Kuskin.
n Dressed to Slay. :
"My I" exclaimed the young man,
who had called to take her out in his
cutter. "Fur cap and jacket ! You're
dressed to kill." ..
"Not exactly," she replied.
Merely to sleigh. " .
- Sayt of Peruna: " 1 Jola 1
Senators Sullivan, Roach
and McEnery In their good
3 opinion oi 'Peruna aa an eU t
J fectlve catarrh remedy." . m
Our 1901 Vehicle Book
Our 1901 Implement Catalogue
Send yoar name and P. O. address and we
Will mall one or oth,; as' desired, free of all-'
eharge., ? - . f - .
Mitchell, Lewis's Staver Co.,
First and Taylor Sta. -
Portland, os.
Agents wanted in every town.
It makes Hens Lay and Keeps them Laying. '.t cures Roup, Cholera and All
at.. 1 t I . J ml 4C.J CIV
u seases. n siren srin ens vounr cmcki.
Ht Totraar chickens commenced dTlntr,
ehaued ap&ckfttre of your PRU88IAM
from dying &nd I hmre constantly kept it on hand erer elnoe. I can recommend
It av. 4 list whevt l- tiMMisu. m n.tinir Txmltrr. C R. HIQOIN. Latah. Wash.
!. VOI.EN, Coast Agent,, trout
Builders of
. EDWARD HUGHES, General Agent.
CaU'ogoe Mailed Free, v 182-186 Madison St., Portland, Oregon.
Write for a Catalogue, atating what you want to buy.
Chamber of Commerce,
The Wrong Way.
"Do you wish now," inquired the
prison visitor, "that you had followed
the straight and narrow path?"
"Dafs de one Idid foller," replied
Jimmy Dores. If I'd only dodged
inter dat crooked alley, dey.'d never a'
Good Tjme on the Ocean.
-For a perfect rest from business,
nothing equals the steamer trip from
Portland to San Francisco and return
this month and next, when the ocean
is smooth and the days are pleasant
on deck. Every five days a splendid
steamer of'the O. K. & if. line leaves
Portland. -The accommodations are
excellent". Any agent of the company
will give details, or address A. L.
Craig, general passenger agent, Port
land. New Jersey's Densest Population.
Paterson has the most populous
city ward in the state of New Jersey.
It is the Third ward, with 23,780 peo
ple. Newark has the -next largest,
with 23,359. Elizabeth has a ward
with only 6,578 population.
Btats or Ohio, Crrr or tolido,
Lucas Cototy. I
Frank J. Chbnet makes oath that he is the
senior parter of the firm of F. J. Chenet & Co.,
doins1usineaa In the City of Toledo, County
and State aforesaid, and that aaid firm will pay
the sum ol ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
and every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured
by the use of Hall's Catarrh Core.
Sworn to before me and subscribed-in my
presence, this th day of December, A. D. 1886.
ul notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally and acta
directly on the blood and mucous surfaces ot
the system. Send for testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
Bold by druggists, 6c.
- HaU's Family Fills are the best. . -
Just Like Him.
Fogg Bass tells ' me that there is
nothing like equestrian'exercise. He
says he is positively delighted with it.
Fenderson rl'm I . Just like Bass.
It's all talk. ' I see him. almost every
day but horse back'riding, so he can't
possibly have any time for this eques
trian exercise he raves about.
. Peanut King Employs (00 Men,
I F. V. Mills as a "peannt king" has
j had an interesting career. H began
lite -as a peanut vender on a train.
When only 12 years old he had con
tracts with several railroads running
out of Chicago for the exclusive right
to sell peanuts on the trains.
Long Service as Time Keeper.
William Barrow, timekeepr at Gil
low's cabinet works, Lancaster, Eng
land, has been in the employ of the
firm for 66 years. Although 80 years
of age, he is still active, being invari
ably the first on the premises in the
morning and the last to leave at
night. His father held th'e keys be
fore him.
Stability of Wooden Churches.
Some of the wooden churches of
Norway are fully 700 years old, and
are still in an excellent state of pres
ervation. Their timbers have suc
cessfully resisted the frosty and al
most Arctic winters because they have
been repeatedly coated with tar.
The Fee Was Tempting.
A young couple in southwest
Georgia called on a colored minister
and offered him a string of fish to
marry them. Said the minister: "I
mighty positive dat both er you is
too young ter marry, but den you
looks, a heap older den what ydu is ;
en furder mo', dey is one t'ing I
wants partickler fer dinner dis day, it
is fish. So jine ban's!"
With one Lever Raising and Lowering Device.
LatchlBss Reel
Concave Drive Wheel
Light Draft
r A. FREEMAN, Gen'l Agt.
aQ Em Watar St., Portland, Or.
Complete Stock of Water A. Wood Extras.
Tbe Perfection of Wall Plaster, is a sure preventative
against damp walls.
By using it yon can increase the yield of both
Grain and Grass.
Foot of Uth Street, Portland, Oregon,
ana auxa mvmwrvw, rr.aminv.
and after losing four aocen I
tes topped them
and Taylor titm., fort land, urefon.
High Grade
Walking Plow,
Mention this Paper.
Bang Ptmwm, "- " .-
Dowaglao Grain Drill,
Mountain Hack,
Road Carta, Hay Awssaa,
Food Cottar,
Sumnr Fallow Wmodora, afo., to.
' Secures patents for inventions
In the United States and foreign
countries. Also negotiates mar
kets an't defends patent inven
tions. No better terms or. -facilities
than we offer obtainable any
where. Payment of our fees
may be deferred till patent la
allowed. Write for pamphlet.