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FK1PA Y, JUNE 7, 1901.
and Skirts.
We liaya now on sale, and new
Spring Suits & Dress
' Skirts.
ZlOnr auits eompiiss the newest . and
. bait of the late creations such as coat and
beler effect and postillion backs. New
style akirU are also shown aad jackets
The price of onr suits range from $8.00
S, t. E. Young & Son,
Albany, Oregon.
The Black Cat.
O A C souvenir olive disher, at
Call and seo Kline's new, grocery
. department.
W. E. Yatos visited Toledo Mon
day, on legal business.
Leave orders at the Commission
Store for all kinds f wood.
Mrs. Hattie Danny left Wednes
day for Pendleton, to remain..
Miss Clara O'Kelly of Airlie, vis
ited Corvallis friends Tuesday.
Buy the Black Cat hose the kind
" thnt wears, for sale only at Kline's.
The T. M. Coon sawmill beyond
Philomath began operations Monday-
Fresh candy, fruit and nuts, al
ways on hand at the Commission
Store. .".
, Poultry food, poultry cure, and
insect powder, at the Cemmiesion
Secure an 0 A C souvenir vase
creamer, sugar or bon ban dish, at
Zierelf'a. : 'j-y. : A
Wallls Nash passed through Cor
vallis on the train, Wednesday,
homeward bound. -
' All work guaranteed by Albert J.
Metzger, watchmaker, three doors
north of the posloffice.
Frank Porter is now employed in
the Skipton livery stable, Albany.
He bpgan work last week.
Friday is the-time to order your
dressed chicken for Sunday's din
ner, at tha Commission Store.
Miss Hortense Greffoz leaves
Mond.iy to join her mother and sis
ters in their new home in Portland.
Miss Constance Holland arrived
yesterday from Salem. She will be
the guest of friends until after com
mencement. M. L. Adams and family now
occupy their new residence, in the
west part of town. The removal
was made a few days ago.
After a week's visit with his bro
ther, Dell, in Corral lis, Master Ar
thur Alexander returned yesterday
to his home in Kings Valley. '
It is reported that a Southern
Oregon man, who was a victim of
the oil craze, reported having struck
a magnificent flow of "lard" oil.
Miss Edith Howard returned
yesterday from Capitola, California,
where she represented O A 0 at the
Pacific Coast Y. M . C A. conven
Miss Eliza Stoten of Dusty, was
in Corvallis the first of this week,
enreute to Lee Brown's on Soap
Creek, where she will spend the
Dr. F. M. Carter of Yaquina City
has been appointed health officer
. by Gov. Geer, to succeed Dr. Bay--ley,
deceased. Dr. Carter is asrell-
known physician, and pioneer , of
Lincoln county.
. Taylor & Smith shipped a car
load of cattle to rortland, Tuesday,
At the same time Snodgrasi &
Dinges, of Monroe, shipped a car
load of sheep and a carload of hogs
to the metropolis. v
The family of th late Dr. Bay
ley wish us to express their thanks
to friends for kindness and sympa
thy in their late bereavement.' Also
to express gra tilude for the beauti
ful floral tributes sent for the
funeral. . , . ...
What do you want? We want to
lurnisu you with i.leasant, perma
nent employment, at which you can
earn three to five dollars per day.
Address, Manager, 403 Chamber
of Commerce Building, Tacoma,
Washington. -
Three families arrifed by wagon
Tuesday, from Lake View, Oregon
Eldon Bowen and his family, and
two other families, all former Alsea
ilea, comprised the caravan. Mrs.
Bowcri is a sister of Miss Nellie
Evans, who has a situation at Hall's
restaurant. The travelers have
been away aheut a year, and they
each declare that they, will be well
satisfied to stay in this section
",-' W. A. Sanders, the' watchmaker.
OA C souvenir pin trays of vari
ous designs and views, at Zierolf's.
For shoes, hats and furnishing
goods, go to Young's Racket Store.
Rev. L. M. Boozer will preach in
the Witham school house" Sunday
afternoon at three o'clock.
Attorney J. F. Yates was in at
tendance at the session of circuit
court this week, at Dallas .
. C. P..Fullerton came out from hi?
home in Alsea, Tuesday, and re
turned the following day. "Uncle
Charley" is the justice of the peace
over there.
It has been discovered that a few
of the stamps of the Pan-American
series of the "Fast Express" have
been printed with the express up
side down.
President Gatch has bean so
troubled with rheumatism recently
that on one or two occasions he has
had to be conveyed to and from the
college in a carriage.
It is hoped that for the benefit of
all concerned the weather will be
pleasant for the next few days, at
least, on account of the commence
ment exercises at O A C .
Saturday, Mrs. J. A. Buchanan
purchased the dwelling house of the
late Mrs. Mary Fuller. The price
paid was $1,700, and the property
is located in the south end of town.
Everything possible will be done
to make the Locomotive Engineerb'
excursion to Salem, next Sunday,
a success. On arriving at the cap
ital there will be many attractive
features iD the way of entertain
ment presented at the fair grounds.
Mrs. Stiles, of Portland, a niece
of C. Lincoln Bennett of this city,
is visiting in ttiis city. Mr. Stiles
is a member of Parsons' orchestra
which is to arrive, today to furnish
music for the Junior Hop which is
to take place in the armory tonight.
The junior class at O A C this
year numbers 42 students. Next
year they will likely attend college
en masse; in faet, so far as known
they will all be back. At any rate
it is safe to presume that the seniar
class of O A C next year will num
ber 40.
Prof. Arthur E. Bernays, of Al
bany College, gave' an illustrated
lecture on English cathedrals in the
ehapel at O A C, Tuesday evening.
The illustrations were given by
stereoptican and were quite inter
esting. There was a very fair at
tendance. Rev. L. Myron Boozer will de
liver a special sermon to students
and young people, Sunday evening
at eight o'clock, in the United Evan
gelical church. Subject, "Every
Man a Master." A cordial invita
tion is extended to the public to at
tend this Eervice.
It is estimated that the hop erop
for Beritoa county last year amount
ed to 3000 bales, " weighing 180
pounds each. This giyes 5.40,000
pounds, which, reckoned at 14 cants
per pound brings to the county the
neat sum ot )fo,blW. Burely-this is
an industry worth fo9tating.
Frank Thrasher and Glen Gil
lette left by boat Wednesday morn
ing, for Portland en route to Spo
kane. Frank Thrasher has a situ
ation assured him, while Glen, who
has been employed in the establish
ment of J. H. Simpson, of this city,
has assurance that ne will secure a
The promise of a good wheat crop
in the' Willamette valley is belter
this year than last, but it is by no
means ss good as it might be, ao
corning to report. In Washington
county, the Hessian fly is said to be
doing some damage, but as yet no
complaint.on this head has came td
us from this immediate section.
There will be battalion inspection
at the colleee campus tomorrow af
ternoon at two clock. The odet
battalion- will bo inspected by Col
Charles A. Coolidge of the 7th Inf.
U. S. A., of Vancouver barracks
The public fchould not fail to attend
this inspection. The public drill
will occur at this time, instead, of
Tuesday, as announced.
Harry Withyeombe accompanied
Raymond Henkle to Pert! and Tues
day, to take the state examination
in pharmacy. The boys passed al
right an J will return hom today
The examination took place on
Wednesday. During the absence
of Mr. Withyeombe, Mrs. Esther
Reid occupied his position in the.
drug store of E. Allen.
It is stated that on her down
trip to Portland, Tuesday morning.
the KBth scraped bottom on sev
eral gravel bars.' Fear was enter
tained that she would not be able
to continue on the upper river route
much - longer. However, there has
been a slight rise in the river since
then and it may be that the water
will be sufficient for some time yet
It is hoped bo, anyway.
The- Benton County Sunday
School Atsociation will hold its can
vention on the Bellfouatain Camp
ground, on the 22 & 23 of tW
month. State Field Worker C. A
Dotson will be present and perhaps
other state officers, resides the best
Sunday School talent in the county,
AH schools in the county are expect
ed to send delegates. Free enter
tainment will be proylded on the
grounds and in the homes in th
Miss Eda Jacobs returned Tues
day from a brief visit in Salem. .
. A new walk has been "laid in
front of the meat market of Taylor
& Smith. - . : ;
Gus Danneman has arrived from
Cle.ii, Eastern Oregon, to attend
Quite a number of Alsea people
nave Deen attending business in
Corvallis this week.. -
Invitations are out for a picnic to
be given by Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Laws and Mrs. Laws, sr., across tho
Willamette, next Thursday -
On last night's boat Mr. and Mrs.
E. F. Thayer came up from Salem
to attend the junior hop, this eve
ning, at the armory.
Miss Stella Killin, daughter of
Benton Killin, of -Portland, arrived
Wednesday to remain until after
commencement. She is the guest
of Miss Mable Withyeombe.
Quite a number of teams have
been employed during the past few
days hauling gravel for the Mt.
View road. The gravel is being
placed on the road near the John
Rowland home.
S. L. Kline, who went to San
Francisco about a month ago to at
tend the various proceedings .that
took place in that city, during the
visit of President McKinley, will ar
rive home this week. .
Tuesday a marriage license was
issued to George A. Scott and Miss
Olive E. Jenkins. Both of the
young people are .-esidents of Philo
math, where they are well known
and highly respected. -
Prof. V. C, Hawley of Willam
ette University will deliver a lec
ture before the student body in the
armory, tomorrow evening at eight
o'clock. His subject will be "The
Development of the. Mind." . . .
: Wednesday was the 52nd anni
versary of the , birthday of Mrs.
Taylor, mother of Walter Taylor,
and she was tendered a surprise
by about twenty of her lady friends.
A mo3t enjoyable time is reported.
In honor of Miss Clara Irvine, of
McMinnville, a jenkins party was
given by Miss Bertha Davis at her
home, Wednesday evening. The
prize was won by Miss Clara Fis-sher.-
A delightful time is reported.
While splitting some kindling
wood, Tuesday morninp, Rev. F. A.
Lark had the misfortune to cut his
left wrist quite badly with an axe.
Had the axe been sharp it is likely
that the wrist would have been sev
ered. Mrs. J. F. Reisacher and' Miss
Myrtle Fitzwater, of Condon, Ore-
gen, arrived in this city Wednesday,
and are to be guests of the Misses
Hoover, sisters of Mrs. Reisacher,
until after O A C uom.uencement
On account of the baccalaureate
sermon at the college, Sunday,
there will be no morning sermon at
the M. E. church, South. The
usual evening sermon will be given
at 8 p. m. There will be S.ibbath
school at 9:45 a. ni.
Prof. J. B. Horner's eulogy to the
late K. is. AlcMilroy, which was
given in the M. E. church of this
city on tho evening of Decoration
Day., appeared in full in the States
man of last Wednesday. It tilled
three and a half columns of this
publication. ,
Tomorrow afternoon at their pleas
ant country home, fie miles north
of Corvallis, Mr. and Mis. George
Armstrong are to entertain . their
friends. The affair will be, in the
nature of a picnic. These events
are looked forward to with much
interest from year to year, and are
greatly enjoyed by tho3e who attend
Marlon Johnson, formerly of Cor-
vallis and an old friend of the local
editor was in the cfty this week
from Portland, being a representa
tive of a typewriter house handling
the improved Densmore and New
Century Caligraph, He has good
prospects ; of placing several ma
chines in the city. Grants Pass
Observer. The local editor referred
ta is Claude Riddle, who left this
city in the middle of the winter,
On June 4th, Sheriff Burnett
truned oyer to Treasurer Buchanan
$4,185, collected, on taxes. This
sum is f utticient to nay on ail
county warrants outstanding up to
the date of March 7tb, 1901, leav
ids . the -county ck only three
month at present on its warrants
The total collections made by Sher
iff Burnett up to date, and turned
ever to Tieasurer .Buchanan, is ifroz
885. The sheriff expects to collect
about $6,000 more this year, and it
is estimated that from this sum
Benton county can just about pay
off all warrants outstanding against
her;"" ' ';':
Wallis Nash is authority for a
report that Lincoln county is to
have a fair at Toledo thia year.
The fair is to be held one 'week be
fore the stale, and committees have
been appointed and the county di
vided into eight working districts
each committee being alloted work
in its own section." . A ladies''com
mittee has also been appointed to
work in conjunction with the other
committees. Work has already be
gun and at the end of-, the county
fair it is the. intention to send
choice exhibit to the state fair. It
is said that this will t be the first
county fair ever held west of the
Coast Ranges in Oregon. ;
A Grand Re-Union.
The residence of Mr. and Mrs.
E. Allen, in this .city, wa3 the
scene of a gathering of uunsual
interest Tuesday. It was the
occasion of the 85th anniversary
of -the birth of Mrs. Christina
Barker,' mother of Mrs. Allen,
and she was surrounded on this
occasion by her children, grand
children and great grandchildren.
Two of her brothers were pres.
ent on this occasion. Ichabod
Henkle, aged 90 years, and Jacob
Henkle, aged . 75 years. Her
sister, Mrs.. Mary King, aged 79
years, was also of tha party.
The relatives present represented
foar generations and numbered
about 30 people. 1
Ira Allen and family and Mrs.
Barker's son, William, and fam
ily, of Salem, were present at
the re-nnion. Harrison Johnson,
of Lebanon, aged 80 years, was
Over and made one of the com
pany On this memorable occasion.
Mr. Johnson was a member of
the train that Mr. Barker and
husband crossed the plains with.
Mrs. Barker is one of the early
pioneers of the state. She was
born in Ohio in 1816 and crossed
the plains to Oregon in 1853.
That two sisters and two brothers
of the same family, the youngest
of whom is 75 years old, slioald
be able to participate in a gather
ing of this kind ij very unusual.
and beyond a doubt no other
family inOregon can boast ofas
many brothers and sisters who
have reached their a-'es and who
are all living.
Senior Entertainment.
A Modern Ananias" to be given by
the senior class of the O. A. C. at the
opera house Monday evening is one of
the most successful farce- comedies ever
written . The story is briefly this :
Lysander Lyon was in his infancy de
serted by bis mother and taken care of
by a bachelor uncle who grew immensely
rich in California. Lvsander is made his
uncle's heir and goes to Europe to study.
To inculcate economical habits he is re
stricted to a small allowance and meet
ing a rich widow, whose hold on life is
slender, he marries'her unknown, to his
uncle. Alter his marriage he finds him
self step father to a fleshy old maid to
whomi on her mother's death, the ex-
ancle has become guardian of Nelly ! me of a Sflsday service tO Cor
Goldengate and decides that his two ' vallis. - By Having the daily
wards should marry. Unknown to Ly
sander he crosses the continent at a tima
hen that young man is paying a sur
reptitious visit to America. Lysander
meets Nellie and scrapes acquaintance
withher, but, owing to Francisco's blun
der, thinks her name is Prudence the
name of her friend. In order to avoid
marriage with Nellie, whom he thinks
he has never seen, he invents a story to
the effect that he is already married and
then the complications ensue. Finally
Le is forced to confess all his deceptions
except one the truth about "baby. Nel
lie forgives him and so does the uncle for
his ribs and also for his first marriage bat
both imagine Baby to be a little child-
Then the trutn comes to the surface,
when, by an almost superhuman effort of
nerve, he marries bis' step-daughter to
his uncle ahd himself weds Nellie.
Lysander Lyan, M. D. . . . -. . .Mr. Stalker
Col. Lyon Ivan Brown
Derby Dashwood. . .". F. N. Stump
Francisco. . .-. :.E. E. Shepar-d
Baby . . . : . . .... 4 . .Miss Emma Bask
Nellie Goldengate . . .Miss Ivy Burton
Prudence Mayflower. .... . .Miss Holden
Kittie .Miss Flora Wilson
Tickets 25 and 33 cents, at Daniels book
Residence Burned.
Thursday ..morning about, i
clock parties returning home
from an entertainment at the
home of Miss Bertha Davis, dis
covered flames issuing from the
woodshed in the rear of the resi
dence of Joseph H. Wilson.
Mr. Wilson was absent at Toled,
and his wife and little child ware
alone In - the house. By dint of
much hammering on doors and
windows Logan Hayes succeed
ed in arousing Mrs. Wilson whs
was .partially , snffocated. with
smoke. Tho alarm was then
soanded, and the fire boys re
sponded promptly. Much furni
tare and small articles were re
moved from the roomsi3own-
stairs, bnt although the efforts of
the department were wisely and
promptly directed, the flames
had gained rapid headway and
the building is a totaL wreck.
The loss is unascertained, but
aside from the honse which cost
about - $1,000. Mr. Wilson's
fine library and other valuables
were destroyed. ; The insuratfee
is in the neighborhood of $500.
Not Lost Just Missing.
Alter a short visit" with rela
tives in this city John Huffman
left fos Ills home in Canyon City,
yesterday. Thnrsday's Oregon
ian . makes him the hero of a
"man lost" item, but Johnny is
abundantly able to take care of
himself. That paper savs: 4
John L. Huffman, a resl3ent
of Canyoa City, who came to
Portland: May 27, to purchase a
newspaper, plant fof the new
town of Whitney is missing. His
relatives in Baker City yesterday
telephoned to the Imperial hotel,
asking for information in regard
to him, but beyond trie fact that
he registered at the hotel May
28, no tidings could be given.
Inquiries at the American Type
Founders' office in'this city were
also frnrtless, as the young man
had not been there. Whitney,
where he was to start the paper,
is the new terminus of the Sumr
tcr Valley railroad. V -
Trimming Hats.
At their residence, Wednesday,
evening, Dr. and Mrs. Witny
combe entertained theysenior
class of O A C. It was wnat is
termed an "informal party,"
and was most enjoyable for the
guests. During the evening the
new class song tpas rehearsed.
Games of various kinds , were
played, but the crowning event
is said to have been a hat : trim
ming contest, in which the young
men were set the taab of trim
rniag hats for the young ladies
present. Some of the elabera
tion of the youn men were re
markable and the results of their
labors were wendreus to beaold.
John Wiley won tho prize for
"style'! on his up-to-date decora
tion of a hat for Miss Bessie
Smith. For 'originality" Wil
liam Pate took the lead and the
most original thing of the even
ing was voted to be the hat of
Miss Grace liichael, whose hat
Mr. Pate decorated. Delicious
refreshments concluded a most
delightful evening.
For Better Service.
The citizens' league has ap
pointed a committee to urge the
matter of having the time of de
parture of, the S. P. passenger
j changed from 1:30 p. m., to 5:00
i a. m. committee is ea
1 deavoring to impress upon the
I same company the mutual benefit
j to be derived by the city and
' themselves from the establish-
train leave Here in the morning
at 5 o'cloek and return at 7 p. in.,
residents of this city would be
enabled to go to Portland, trans
act considerable business, and re
turn the same day. The in
crease in traffic would no doubt
be considerable, and it would be
a good business proposition for
Corvallis. -
Additional Local.
The annual address at Philomath
college, will be delivered next Sun
day by Rev Humbert of this city.
The subiect of G. S. O. Humbert's
sermon Sunday eve will be "The con
version of the Apostle Paul." The
public is invited to attend these ser
vices. Yesterday morning, at her resi
dence, Miss Margaret Snell gave
the young ladies of the O A C senior
class a breakbast. At eight o'clock
the guests arrived and a most deli
cious breakfast awaited them. After
the repast, four young ladies read a
paper eaoh on the parlor, bedroom,
dining room and kitchen. The
papers were all very entertaining
as well as instructive. On the de
parture of her young, guests, Miss
Snell presented with a smal book
of poems and a picture, as souvenirs
of the occasion.
Mr. H. T. French," head- of the
committee now engaged in prepar
ing Benton county's exhibit far the
coming state fair, is most anxioug
to secure a specimen of "every vari
ety of grass grown in this county.
There are considerably over 100 of
these, and there is no reason why
fine samples of each Should not be.
included in our exhibit. Mr. French
is very enthusiastic and if farmers
will second Lis : efforts, Benton
county will walk away with first
prize. V Bring - your specimens to
the Gazette officej or let Mr. French
know where he can get them, and
he will be glad to go after them.
The reading room building is
undergoing repairs. Wednesday
morning (Jharley Bianesiee began
the task of raising the building and
putting it on a good foundation.
In all probability a new roof will
ba put on the building. It is to be
painted and; papered throughoat
and everything finished in. first
class style. Underwood & Kerr!
will do the painting and papering.
For years the reading room has
been kept top by the W. C. T.-U. of
this city, and now they are having
all of these improvements made.
To the W. O. T. U. much' credit is
due far their effortf , but the public
generally have seemingly failed to
appreciate the privilege that has
beea'pffered them. W-
It is proposed " by the sportsmen
of this city to organize a gun club;
in fact, the movement is already
well on foot. It is proposed repur
chase a trap for clay pigeon shoot'
5 .
r I "ioe up'. o$nss
and wear the clothcj made by
Francisco's leading "
suit ruaranteed to
"si-.ic.-. well tailored fab
r;t wil woe!. A good suit made
or order cost you but a little
more than a flimsy "ready
made." Call on
hive your measure taken, but1
Insist that you select from the
thnry llilp samples. They are
the best
Linen Hats for Summers
The Largest Line in town to select from and
.: Prices the Lowest.
Headquarters for Soft Brown Shirts and Collars. All the
new styles in stock.
See us for Fine Shoes; everything that is new in Patent
Kid and Oxfords any style you want.
Sole agent for the Black Cat Hose for men. The kind
that wears; 10 to 35 cents per pair.
3 1
I Corvallis' Most Popular Eating House g
Fresh bread daily. A complete stock of candies, fruits and
nuts kept canstantly on hand. Smokers supplies
a specialty.
SJob Printing
at this office- MsJ
Strong Academic aad Professional Course. Well Equipped TtaiiiineTHeparttn
Exyenees range from $130 to $175 per year. EFaUjTcim Optcs September 17th.
For catalog containing full announcements, address.
J. B.
ing and lay in a quantity of blue
rocks. Grant Elgin is one of the
leading spirits in the move, and
had secured the following member
ship fer the club up to yesterday
morning: M. P. Burnett, Grant
Elgin, R. H. Huston, E, Bethers,
E. E. Wilson, Ed Olark, Ed Smith,
Alex Rennie, J. N. McFadden, Thos.
Callahan, Franjt Lilly, W. H, Cur
rin and George Irvine.
An operation was performed On
Ed Horning, Wednesday, by Drs.
Farra. and Cathey, for the purpose
of removing a quantity of pus from
an abscess which had formed in the
patient's right side in the region of
the kidneys. : It is "quite common
for abscesses to form after an at
tack of typhoid fever, and Mr.
Horning is just reeevering from an
attack ofthis disease. Insertion of
the needle developed the fact that
pus had formed, and the patient was
given n anaesthetic and an incision
made. About one and a half pints of
pus was removed. . Mr. Horning is
(somewhat improved as a result, and
if no complications ensue, he should
rally rapidly. .
Zierolf has just received the finest
assortment of souvenir dishes ever
broueht to Corvallis. -They contain '
views of the various O A U uud
1DB9. ,'
A Call for Warrant Ho. 28S1.
Notice is hereby given that there is
money in the treasury to pay City war
rant Number 2881, endorsed no v. inn,
1899. Interest will stop on the same
from this date, :
, Wk. MoLagaV,
, - . City Treasurer.
Dated Corvallis, Or., June 7th, 1901. .
Native Herbs.
Anyone deeiring this great blood puri
fier, may secure the same by calling on
or addressing
F. KlecEeb,
Philomath, Or. '
Price $1 per box.
State Normal SchoJ
Monmouth Oregon.
for graduates ot the Normal School, dut
ing the past year has been much beyoi
the supply. I
Positions frcm G40 to $75 m montf
Students are prepared for the state exail
motions and readily take state papers
P. 1i.
Foley's Kidney CuA
makes kidneys aad bladder right
The least in quantity and most
Quality describes DeWitt's Little EaJ
Risers, the famous pills for coDStipati
and liver complaints. Graham & Wei
Question Answered.
Yes, August Flower still hai t!
largest sale of any medicine in t
civilized world. Your mother a
eri andmothers never thourht
using anything else for indigeiti
or biliousness. Doctors were Bean
and they seldom heard of appa
dicitis. nervous prostration or heal
failure," etc. They used Angtf
Flower to cleanse ou the systa
and stor fermentation of uni
Rested food, regulate the action
the liver, stimulate the nervous a j
organic action of the system, a:
that is all they took when feeli
dull and bad with headaches al
other aches. You only need a fa
doses of Green s August Jb lower,
liquid form, to make you satiifi
there is nothing serious the mattt
YYilM VUU. VJCb VXTJCU 0 x Xiao niiu
nac. Graham & Wbrtham.1
.. Lest..
. Llevrellen setter bird dog, wbite, w
black ears and small black spots c
body; collar with name, "I, M. Hunte
cut in leather. . Any iaformation will
thankfully received. ' L M. Hdntbe
A Call far Warrants.
Notice is hereby giyen that there
money on hand at the county treaiard
office to pay all orders endorsed
marked "sot paid for want of funds'
to and including those of March
1901. Interest will be stopped on sa
from this date.
Corvallis, May 18tb, 1901. -
Treasurer of Benton Co., Or
r Baker v 1