Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, May 28, 1901, Image 4

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    Pea Plotter for Women
I am so nervous, there Is not well
inch in my whole body. I am to weak
at my stomach, and hare indigestion
horribly, and palpitation of the heart,
and I am losing- flesh. This headache
and backache nearly kills me, and yes
terday I nearly had hysterics; there
is a weight inthe lower part of my
bowels bearing down all the time, ana
pains in my groins and thighs ; I can
- not sleep, walk or sit, and I believe I
am diseased all over ; no one ever
suffered as I do."
' This is a description of thousands of
Cases which come to Mrs. Pinkham's
laboratory for advice An inflamed and
Mas. Johs William.
ulcerated condition of the neck of the
womb can produce 11 of these symp
toms, and no woman should allow
herself to reach such a perfection of
i misery when there is absolutely no
need of it. The subject of our por
trait in this sketch, Mrs. Williams of
Englishtown, N.J., has been entirely
cured of such illness and misery by
, . Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound. .
No other medicine has such a record!
for absolute cures, and no other medi
. cine is "just as good." Women who
- want a cure should insist upon getting
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com-
- pound when they ask for it at a store.
Disapposnted in the Alps.
Fair Mountain Climber These"are
the very same picturepostal cards we
saw down in the village. There real
ly was no need of our coming up here.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrup the best remedy to use for their
children daring the teething period.
T y The Man's Way. . "
When a man ' finds a woman for
whom he thinks there's nothing good
enough he asks her to take him. r
A folding pocket camera, making 3
xZi pictures, for $11,25. No experi
ence required to make perfect pictures.
Film 60 cents. Send for full descrip
tion. Kirk, Geary & Go., 330 Sutter
St., S. F.
v Striking Home. '
; "If you have a ! prosperous debtor
who wouldn't pay you a cent, - what
wouldyou do to get even with him?"
"I'd kidnap his cook. "
- Your Guide and Guard
Is the famous Oregon Blood Purifier,
tested and true: Use it now. . -
Very Amusing.
Wife What's funny in that letter
you are reading?
flusband It's from Boston. He
asks if I don't want to pay that $10 I
owe him. ... : ,.
Take Laxative B'romo Quinine Tablets. 11
Ironists refund the money if it falls to cure.
E. W. Grove's aignatare is on ech box. 23c.
She Had Told the Truth.
Sue You said yotir were going to
marry an artist, and now . 3 on 're en
gaged to a dentist. ; ;': ; . :. ski v -xr.
Flo Well, isn't he ah artist? He
draws from real life! - - .
FITS raiaii!nUr Cnred. ; No fits or mrronsaeai
" w after BntiiaVj nof Ir. Klin.'sGrfnt Kern
Kestoror. ten. for FKEES.OO trial bottle mud treat.
a. la.R.H KLiN,Lt..wl.ArchSt..Phildelphi.P,
..' -..'.I-.; The Impolite Man.,: JVr !
"My face is my fortune, sir,."- she
; said. '.WA' - . ,
-"That's very plain," said 'heZ '
The Beat Prescription for Malaria
CWUaand Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic.' It is simply iron and quinine in
: a tasteless form. Ko Cure, Ko Pay.. Price 50c.
In Eden. "'-' " ' '
' Eve Just think,' I'll be two -weeks
old tomorrow! -
Adam Well,' my dear, : you' don't
look it. : ...
For' infants and Children.
Kind You Have Always Bought
. Bears the .
Signature of
' ;; : Discouraging. " :'
. ; He It is iny aim' in life to do
something that will make' my name
eternally remembered; , . :
She Is it? . - You are a ; pretty poor
I shot, are you not? .- . - ; ; ' :,
- '
.- . .
' O -
' S . When the muscles feel drawn and . 5
I .Jf . tied up and the flesh tender, that . Z
X tension is 1 .: .., , o
s Soreness s
0 . and
1 Stiffoess 1
O. ' fromcold or over exercise. It .
-. last but a short time after - ' O
I St Jacobs Oil !
" O
is applied. The cure
i prompt and sure.
' - - 0
X. F. N. 0.
yHKN wTitins; t advertlsera ptoM
I Sbort Storie$ f
According to Life, a Southern darkey,
wishing the Inhabitants of the village
to know that he and his venerable part
ner bad decided to retire from active
life, astonished them one morning by
placing the following sign above tbe
door of tbe establishment: "Dig am to
infohm de public dat me an' Ike am
goln' oat of bis'ness. Dem dat owes de
firm may settle with me; dem dat de
firm owes may settle with Ike.
Dr. Boyd Carpenter, the Bishop of
Ripon, England,, was called upon to lay
the corner stone of a new vicarage at
X Wakefield some months ago, and was
Invited by the master of ceremonies
(who handed him the trowel and the
line and plummet) to "become an opera
tive mason for a few moments." "I
eannot," answered the bishop. ' "lay
claim to the title of an operative ma
son, but I am certainly a working Car
In his autobiography, "Up from
"Slavery," Booker T. Washington tells
an amusing anecdote of an old colored
man, who, during tbe days of slavery.
wanted to learn how to play on the
guitar. : In his desire to take guitar les
sons, he applied to one of his young
masters to teach him; 'but the young
man, not having much ralth in the abil
ity of the slave to .master the guitar at
his age, sought to discourage him by
telling him: "Uncle Jake, I will give
you guitar lessons; but, Jake, I will
have to charge you threedollars for the
first lesson, two dollars for the second
lesson and one dollar for the third les
son. But I will charge you only twenty
flve cents for the last lesson." Uncle
Jake answered: "All right, boss, I hires
yon on dem terms. But, boss! I wants
yer to be sure an' give me dat las' les
son first
Some time ago a well-known San
Francisco attorney," who prides htmsell
upon his handling of -Chinese" witnesses,
was defending a railway damage case.
Instead of following the usual ques
tions as to name, residence. If the na
ture of an oath were understood, etc.,
he began: "What your name?" "Kee
Lung." "You live San Francisco?"
"Yes." "You sabbie God?" "Mr. Attor
ney, if you mean 'Do I understand the
entity of our Creator?' I will simply
say that Thursday evening next I shall
address the State Ministerial Associa
tion on the subject of the 'Divinity of
Ohrist,Vand shall be p'.eased to have
you attend." Needless to say, a general
roar of laughter swept over the court
room at this clever sally, and It was
some minutes, much to the discomfiture
of the- lawyer for the defense, before
order was restored and the examination
proceeded upon ordinary lines, , v
While talking of the many notable
people he has met during his pugilistic
career, John L. Sullivan said the other
day In New York: "Once when I was In
Sydney, New South Wales, I had a
suite of rooms directly over 7 Sarah
Bernhardt . I never met the lady, and I
didn't much care She was jabbering
French all the time, and was rehearsing
constantly In her room. I heard so
much of It that I pretty near bad the
j willies. One night I happened to follow
Sarah into Her Majesty's Theater in
Sydney.'and I had a good chance to size
, her up. She was a feather-weight, all
iTllFkt .1 . t -.
on her face that I thought she'd made
a mistake! She got a look at me, and,
because I had been so much annoyed
with her jabbering, I scowled at her
gave her the look that used to scare the
bubs who tried to stay four rounds
with me. Well, sir, Sarah gave one
long, mourful howl and fainted away.
After that she didn't jabber any more,
for she'd found out who was living up
stairs.'" i i : :,-.-. -J,-:'-.. ' - ' -' V
Quaint Customs In Shetland -
The only part of the United Kingdom
in which Hie old style of reckoning time
is adhered to is the archipelago of Shet
land, and there Sunday, Jan. 15, was
New Year's Day. ;r : V-
; But Sunday .being with the natives a
strict diesnon for business or for pleas
ure, the next day witnessed the high
jinks Incident to the occasion. These
included processions of "guisers," or
mummers, and the drinking of" various
strange toasts, such as ."Helt to man
and death to da grayfish," and the
health of the twelve apostles.
In Shetland the remnants of the old
Norse language linger to. such a degree
that the dialect Is almost a rp1w1
exen to Scotsmen. The last specimen
of the great auk whose- ezsra nro ium,
valued at something like 100 guineas
apiece, was done to death there, but the
little auk still retains a precarious foot
ing on the lonely islet of Fouia.
Anxious to Oblige.
Pompous Publisher (to aspiring nov
ice in literature) I have been reading
your manuscript, mydear lady, and
there is much in it, I think ahem!
very good. But there are parts some
what vague. Now you should always
write so that the most ignorant can un
derstand. Youthful Authoress (wishing to show
herself most ready to accept advice)
Oh, yes, I'm sure. But, tell me, which
are the parts that have given you trou
blel Punch. ' .- ;
Ancient Quarries.
The stone for the great wall of the
dam across the Nile at Assuan is being
obtained, from the quarries of which
the Temples of Philae are believed to
.have been built the unhappy Philae
which, when the dam Is completed, will
be t submerged, and partly disappear
from sight for the first time In Its 3,000
years of existence. The granite blocks
that are being quarried for this, the
first great engineering achievement of
the twentieth- century, bear the marks
of wedges used thirty centuries ago:
Inevitable Ignorance.
Madge She Is singularly deficient in
the subject of history. ,
t Marjorie What else could you ex
pect, when she spends all her time
reading the popular historic novels ?
Judge. . :
When there is no danger near, moral
courage Is often the rankest kind of
false pretense. -
A Cultured CUi. y
Mrs. Schoppen What's the prlc
of this silk?
The Salesgentleman The price is
98 eents, madam, which you must
J -a t ;. j ,
auHiib is quue uecoiiete.
. Mrs. Schoppen Decollete? "
The Salesgentleman Yes, madam.
Cut low. .
Estimates for Artie Exniditon.
Captain Bernier estimates the cost
of hifl rtrnnrMorl tnf!n Anlu;A'.
r- ...... . u.uvu Acui,iuu 1,
$130,000. He has applied to the ,Ca-
Tlflfi 1H n imviiramDtit. fn n ' .1
p,"-.---...-!..... . v. u iniiv aiiu
has also opened subscriptions in the
titiuijjai vuiiauiuu cities.
Apt Illustration.
Teacher Of course you understand
the difference between liking and lov
intf? Pupil Yes, missj I like my father
ana motner, dui 1 lave apple pie.
Exhibits at BnfTalo.
There will he exhibits from ill over the
world at the Buffaio Exposition, which will
prove verv interesting to all who may at
tend, but lio more so than the news' that
the famous remedy. Hosteller's Stomach
"""', iii rure uygpepaia. Indigestion
eiiiifttirmtii ,11 hi limiBiiaso
i ...... u ............ .,u llci.VUtIBIiei9.
Tfl all I. , t.n I.. I : .
... .. .......... . nuillQ tHIUlITlllUI
atrial is recommended with the assurance
mm, n neii nonesTiy usen a euro wilt be
nnected. It also tones up the entire Bys-
Cause for Thankflucu.
- Tommy What yer so sore about?
Jimmy Aw, it's pooty tough on a
feller ter have ter wear his big brud
der's pants.
''Go 'on ! Yer oughter be glad yer
big brudder ain't a sister an' wore
bloomers." - -
This signature is on every box ot the genuine
Laxative Brorr!0yuinine Tabieta
th ramodr that enrea m cold fen mmm auaj
" She Stops;
Soulful Youth (at the Do
you sine "For Ever and For F.ver?"
Matter-of-Fact-Maiden No; I stop
lor meals. .
Alake your own photographs. ' It
costs but little. Send for our hand
somely illustrated catalog showing all
styles of cameras. Kirk, Geary & Co.,
330 Sutter, St., San Francisco, Ca.
: Overheard in a Scotch Hotel-
Traveler (seating himself at the
oreaKiast tame) Well, waiter, what's
for breakfast? ..
Waiter (cheerfully) Calves' brains,
sir, fried liver, deviled kidneys
Traveler Oh, ; hang your com
plaints! Give me the menu! -" : ,'
A Play on Words. .
Tess I see a notice in the paper of
tne weauing ot Mrs. JN.ubride.
," Jess Yes, I know her very'well.
"Do you? What was her maiden
"I suppose her maiden aim was to
get married."
When von take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic.
MAlnH tha fftmnl. Ia.t..). I . .. -?
- . ... .0 miaiuij uriiiusaon every
bottle showing that it la simply Iron and Qui-
umv am mtoina win. no vure, jn 9 t ay . sue.
Were Not Efficacious.
Mamma Now say your prayers.
Tommv No: I drm'r. It'liovo it Ann
any good. ,
Mamma What?
. Tommv No: I'm W' rlia.
gusted I bin prayin' all this time to
make little brother Jack a good boy,
and he's just as bad and selfish as
ever. . .l : .'
His. Just Reward.
"Never did have any luck," com
nlained Si Fntrrnno !....
. c - m. . ui naj o
left out iu the cold." - "" ;
- Never mind, V replied Job Scuro-
fiter, "vOU Won't he in nt
world." ,
taxatlve Bromo-Quinine Tablets cure a eold In
one day. No cure. Mo Fay. Price 26 cents.
Fewer Southern Tenant Fanners.
The old fashioned "plantations" in
the South have about passed into his
tory. The averaere size of - farm lioa
been greatly reduced and the number
of farmers who owa the farms thm-
culivate has wonderfully increased.
An Astral Skeptic
"What do VOU think of these timu
ple who claim to remember their pre
vious reincarnations 7 .
I think they were once reese. and
haven't got over it." ..- . ;
lE81 II
Doh'I Stop Tobicco Sudbenlt
It injures nervous system to do so. BACO
CtJBO is tbe onlv care that miiv
and notifies you when to stop. Bold with s
guarantee that three boxes will enre any case.
Rinn.RI t n toi ana narmless. Itbaa
phuu Mum cured willcureyou.
nmmm u.u .uuuoaiiuo, 1. WlUVtllV TOO.
ruggista or by mail prepaid, SI a box:
S boxes S2.30.. Booklet free. Writ Eurua
Chihicai. Co., 1 Crosse, Wis.
HffLT m' r rii
A long-distance telephone played a
part in the romance of Virginia Gilbert
and Harry Wylie, who have been mar
ried in Clayton, Mo. The young woman
was undecided and Harry left for Tex
as, but on the way called his former
fiancee to the long-distance 'phone.
"I'm going far away, Vlrgle, and yon
will never see me again unless yon say
yon will marry me in the morning."
"Come back," said the glrL 'I do love
you, 'and am glad you called me up."
The romance began in Dallas, Texas,
when Miss Gilbert was still In short
dresses. Wylie fell in love with her
and proposed. The wedding day was
set, but was put off from time to time
by Miss Gilbert on the plea that she
was too young to marry. Once the invi
tations were out, and again a postpone
ment occurred. This time the engage
ment was broken, and the young worn
an came to St Louis. Wylie followed
and begged her to keep her promise.
Falling in this, he started back to
Texas. ' . -
Clara Morris Relates an Incident that
. Occurred at a Washington Dinner.
In the Woman's Home Companion
Clara Morris has a clever, article in
which she describes two meetings with
James A. Garfield. The first was In. a
country lane near .Aurora, where she
saw and talked with the future states
man, who was then taking a load of
wood to market Years afterward she
met him In Washington, and remem
bered him; but while feeling that he
bad seen her before he could not recall
wherC Of that second meeting she
says: . .; . .. " '-- . - -:
.' "Then -there came an evening- when.
at a dinner given by Mrs. Piatt, Mound
myself Bitting ' exactly opposite Mr.
Garfield. The company was not a large
one, but it boasted some famous names
and at least one brilliant beauty. Con
versation was brilliant and laughter
was light. " Turning-my glance a mo
ment f rorn, the Southern Senator at my
side, I looked full into the fixed, wide
blue eyes of Mr. Garfield. He was lean
ing forward; one hand tightly clenched
lay on the table. From his strained,
far-away look I knew he was trying to
recall our first meeting,, and as I gazed
into his eyes the buzz of talk and
laughter turned into a murmur of wind
through tall, leafless trees. l saw a
pale, winter sunshine falling across
snow-patched fields. Leaning a little
toward him, in a very low but distinct
tone I said. 'Gee! Gee-haw!' A flash
like blue lightning snapped into his
eyes, and as" I added. 'Is Freeman at
homer he gave a cry, almost a shont,
exclaiming' with enthusiasm, 'I've
found you! -I've found yon at last, and
you're sitting on top of tbe fence In a
red calico dress, with a book In your
lap!' Then ln thejnjdst of the commo
tion he bad raised he threw his arm
about Mr. Piatt, crying, 'Ah, yon
thought I was meet for an asylum,
you know you did! But I've found her
out at last, so you see I'm not half as
crazy as you believed I was!' ' T
"Questions rained upon him,' and
much laughter followed his story of
that far-away meeting on the country
road; one grave old man questioned u&
earnestly in the drawing-room as to
what was in the minds of each at the
time I spoke. : .
"I was not much surprised to hear
Mr. Garfield say that in his backward
search for a clue to , the tormenting
half -memory he had got as far as
Cleveland, had failed to find me In that
city, and at the moment I snoke was
hopelessly trying Aurora and the coun
try around there.? - .
r The Bead Sea IieveL
A marked rise in the level of the rtasrl
Sea has been noted. The ruin, El Bahr,
that stood like an island near the Ttivor
Jordan, is now completely under water.
a oroaa lagoon has formed on the
north side of the ' Jordan delta. The
water does hot sink In summer and It
Is surmised that the whole bottom of
the Dead Sea has been raised by vol
canic action. . .
-c; A Clean City.
Sydney, Australia. Is said rn Tlo nno
of the cleanest cities In the world. If
not the cleanest. The streets
oughly cleaned every night and any
one throwing refuse or waste material
of any sort on the streets is arrested
and fined.. All the kitchens in the larger
residences are on the top floor and all
the clothes are dried on the roof.
i; Different Spelling;.
"So you're the sheriff now, Bill?"
'.'That's what I am."
"And you're Koine to take mo in i
you? The best friend yon ever had?
Well, I suppose this is where
ship ceases."
'Either that or where frtendshln
seizes." Yonkers Statesman.
BaHh Man.
"No, I don't like Mr. Thirdly," said
Mrs. Kilduff, emphatically.
"What's he done?" asked Mrs. Ten-
spot. '-h' :;- .--
"Well, he asked all the ladies in the
congregation to remove their hats. And
It was Easter Sunday, mind you."
- Tbe Absent Friend.
"How well Mrs. Gillwazzle holds her
'Isn't it wonderful? You would not
think she was a day over 30 if she
didn't try to act as If she were 20!"
Indianapolis Press. .
Throughout the Land Many Are
Slaying Over the Needle
and Wearing Thim
. selves Out
Pram the Maine Farmer, Augtuta.
There are many women all over the
land who are earning a living .by the
use of the needle. Confinement in
close rooms and the trying nature of
their work often causes them to grow
pale and wan and to experience' a feel
ing of constant weariness. This goes
on, sometimes, until nature rebels and
health breaks down. There is one
way and only one way to restore the
irapared vitality, and that is to
strengthen the worn out nerves and
build up and nourish the impoverish
ed blood. If the blood is kept healthy
and rich and the nerves strong, new
life and energy will soon be felt.
This was the experience of Mrs. Addie
R. Holt, a dressmaker, of No. 73
Bridgo street, Augusta, Me. - She
"About five years ago I began to
experience a worn out feeling. Some
times I would lie in bed for a day or
so, but my dressmaking work obliged
me to keep up, even when I did not
feel able to be about. I suffered from
female troubles and last spring I had
rheumatism in my left arm and also a
pain in my left side in the region of
my heart.
"In August a friend recommended
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peo
ple and I began taking them imme
diately, recommenced to improve in
about two weeks and in three months
my weight increased from 121 to" 133
pounds. . Since taking the pills I
have had no return of the pain in my
arm nor near my heart. 0
"I am still taking Pink Pills for
Pale People and I am gladly recom
mending them to all who say that
anything.ails them. "
Signed, ADDIE R. HOLT.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 4th day of February, 1901,
Fremont J. C. Little,
. Seal " Notary Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People are sold by all dealers, or will
be sent postpaid on repeipt of price,
50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50
(they are never sold in bulk or by the
hundred), by addressing Dr. Wil
liams Medicine Co., Schenectady.N.Y.
.V'V Neighborly. "
Husband Isn't it about time Mrs.
Borrore was returning our call? .
Wife Yes, but if she does return it
it will be more than she does with
the other things she gets from us.
It us know at once and on receipt of
35 cents you will receive a very hand
somfe brooch pin with birth- stone set
ting, all the rage NORTH PACIFIC
land, Oregon. P. O. Box 145.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Foot of Morrison Street,
Can" give you the best bargains in
Buggies, Plows, Boilers and Engines,
Windmills and Pumps and General
Machinery. See us before buying.
1C1NK. You can for we tell you how. Send
Hddress for fiee information. 8pokane institute
of Psychology, TMSprsgue Ave., Spokane, Wash
is best time to enre Catarrh,
Bronchitis and Consumption.
Our remedy is guaranteed, SL
W. H. SMITH I CO., Buffalo, H. Y,
11 kswel treaHes. Bppendleltla, bil
tonaneaa bad breatb, bad blovdTwlnd
eb, blosted bowe)a,"Veul
pain; aTter erntins, liver trouble, aallow complexion
RnddiXKtneaa. W hen Tour bownla don't n,...
larlr yen are eettlna; aick. Constipation bills more
peovlo than all otlier dlaaasea togetner. It la a
tarter for the ebronie ailments and lans; years r
arrerlns tliat come afterwards. Ko natter what
alia yon, start taklna; CASCARKT9 to-day, for yon
will never cot welt and bo well all tbe time until
you put your bowela rlxut. Take our advice; atari
with OAtClBKlS to-day. under an afcaolute guar
antee to cure or money refunded. "
Machinery, Implements,
Farm Supplies, Etc.
Mitchell- Bicycles
., $25 - $30 - $35 - $40
Donlep Steel Elms. Fall Una of Sandra.
4 cents Wanted. Bend for Catalogue.
, Lewis & Stayer Co.,
First ana Taylor Sta.
buy the Mccormick mowers
The beat hope of competition la to make
machines "just as good aa McCormick."
Fifty out of every hundred mowers sold aronnd
the world bear the name McCormlck.
Bla; Four.
New foor.
Little four.
- Vertical Lift.
. Call on toe agent or address
A. H. BOYLAN, Portland, Oregon,
: For Catalogue and prices.
IAND PLASTER. Use our Land Plaster
uio, MituiwB biiu ca.reri juiurcuauuu uii application.
- Office and Factory: Foot of Fourteenth Street, Portland, Oregon.'
Agents wanted everywhere. ,
HoB?ugo?r Anchor
Great Combination of Strength and Beauty.
Thx Trs That Buree." "
See Our Anchor Clamp
Ton would be surprised it yon knew -'
bow little it would cost you to fix up
that old fence. Better send for some
Anchor Clamps and Uprights, and ,
pair of our pinchers, and make your o'd
wire fence look like a new one. . ' i .
ANCHOR FENCE looks so nice and
la so strong- that farmers sometimes :
think that it must be high priced. It
isn't, though.
Cuvr Befobi Using.
Cattle, Sheep and
write for prices and catalogue. The Portland Anchor Frnp:-rvi
Agenta Wanted in
Every Town.
Chas. L. Mastick &
Consignments solicited. Pay highest market price." PROMPT RETURNS. "
: Dealers in Leather and Findings'. i . i;p.-$td
.1- - Refer to Wells. Fargo & Co. Bank, Portland, -Oregon. vs'
that dreadful fiend . that threatens the ;
life of rich and poor, can attack and '
kill only those whose bowels are not
kept thoroughly cleaned out, purified
and disinfected the year round. ; One'
whose liver is dead, whose bowels '
and stomach are full of half decayed '
food, whose whole body, is unclean,' '.
inside, is a quick and ready victim,;.,
of appendicitis. "; ' : ' -
It you want to be safe , against the!"
scourge, keep in good health all the
the only tonic ; laxative, that will ;
make your bowels strong and healthy, "X.
and keep them pure and clean, -pro-v-tected
against appendicitis" and" ALL' ! 1
CARETS, that will keep and save
you. Take them, regularly and you
will find that all diseases are absolutely '
in vrj in hi
Intlaur Hedlctaie tm th wwrli
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J. A. FREEMAN, General Agent,
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