Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, May 21, 1901, Image 4

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    Loss of Appetite
Is Less of Vitality, Vigor, Tone
That stands to reason.
It is common in the Spring, when
the blood, which needs cleansing, fails '
jo givethe organs the stimulus nec-j
essary for the proctor performance
of their functions.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
cleanses the blood, restores appetite,
gives vitality, vigor, tone this is
one of the reasons why it's called the
Greatest Spring Medicine.
.Take it.
" I have taken Hood's Sarsaparilla and
it has created a good appetite and cleansed
my blood." Adolfh Rhode, Plattsmoutb,
" My little brother bad no appetite. He
. has taken Hood's Sarsaparilla and now
tets hungry like any other boy." Macd
Kiloobe, Alden, Kan.
Hood's Sarsaparilla promises to
cure and keeps the promise.
H'u Voiceless Grief.
Tilets Tryder looked very
when he heard that telephoning across
the ocean is possible.
Crustham I suppose he did, poor
fellow. It will be an unhappy day
for him when he cannot get beyond
the reach of his wife's voice.
The Bait Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove's Tasteless
Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and qninine in
a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. Price 50c.
A Low-Priced Worker.
A Jersey farmer visiting New York,
stood looking at a sign in a book store
window: "Dickens' Works All This
Week for Two Dollars."
"Wall, ' he remarked, "my 'pinion
is that Dickens feller is either a
mighty poor workman or else he's
confounded hard up for a job. "
All Intestinal Troubles Prevented.
Ten cents worth of prevention saves fortunes
in doctor bills and funeral expenses. 10c. buys
a box of Cascarets Candy Catharthic. Drug
gists, 10c, 25c, SOc.
Boulevard to Cross Ohio.
The owners of automobiles in Ohio
constitute a new force in the good
roads movement. There is a plan
now under way for the building of a
boulevard from one end of the state
to the other, touching the cities and
largest towns.
Garfield Tea is the most used, the best
lilted and is the original herb tea for
the cure of constipation and sick headache.
It stregtbens the digestive organs.
Cross Tobias.
my dear Tobias, remember
that you may die at any time
"Die, did you say? Die?
the last thing I'll do. ,
Our 1901 catalog contains a full list
of everything needed for photographic
purposes. The fullest line of amateur
goods in the west. ' Kirk, Geary &
Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francisco.
Miss Withers (showing photograph
of herself) I'm afraid it's rather
Binks (inexperienced, aged 19)
Yes, but it's just like you.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that there is at least oue dreaded disease
that seience has been able to cure in all its
stages, and that ia catarrh. HalTa Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the medical
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional dis
ease, requires a constitutional treatment.
Ball's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces
i of the system, thereby destroying the founda
tion of the disease, and giving the patient
strength by building up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. The pro-
prietors hare so much faith in its curative
powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars
lor any case that it fails to cure. Send for list
of testimonials. Address
F. J. CHENEY & CO., ToledorO.
Sold by druggists, 75c.
Ball's Family Pills are the best.
Paternal Objection.
He I really believe there is some
thing between Mary and that young
idiot Brown.
She Yes, dear, there Is you.
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
She remedy that ems coltf ia mm mmj
An Error of Judgement.
A colored citizen gave a justice of
V f ,
nc irawe a. mg mi, pussum as a wea
ding fee. Meeting the groom a year
after, the justice said :
"Well. Jim. how do vmi likp mar-
' ried life?"
"Well, sah," was the reply, "all I
kin say is I wish I'd eat that possum."
m m MM
Jhe front, and is now known in every city, town and hamlet in the country. Its
taunchest friends are those who have known it longest and have witnessed its
wonderful curative powers in their own families or among their friends and
acquaintances. Grateful patients in all parts of the country tell of their restoration
to health and happiness, and the testimony of these is the highest evidence of the
medicine's worth. S. S. S. is more popular today than; ever in its history no
other remedy stands so high, has ever given such perfect satisfaction or is so
reliable in the cure of Cancer, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Contagious Blood Poison,
Scrofula, Eczema, Psoriasis, Salt Rheum, Acne, or any disease that originates in
the blood. Being strictly a vegetable preparation, you will find it agrees with you
much better than a drug store concoction or any of the widely advertised potash
and mercury remedies, which affect the bones, muscles and stomach, causing
... , ' . Rheumatism or Dyspepsia. If you
UOH't t.XpritM&nt have never tried S. S. S., you will be
Takm S. S. S.
but surely it drives out the poisons and restores the blood to a healthy condition.
If there is a sore or ulcer on the body, it begins to heal around the edges, the dis
charge finally ceases and the place gets well; muscular and bone pains vanish, and
the skin is relieved of all itching, irritating eruptions. Nervous, run down and
anaemic people will find S. S. S. just the medicine they need, for blood poverty
and illy nourished nerves are responsible for their condition. For old people and
children S. S. S. has no equal; being free from all minerals, .it does not nauseate
or have any injurious effect whatever, and keeps the blood in good condition, thus
fortifying against disease. Experience teaches what is good and what is not good ;
this applies particularly to medicine, and S. S. S., a remedy that has retained the
confidence of the people for nearly 50 years, must have merit IT CUass, is the
secret m 11s success, wnen you can xor 0.0.0.
don't be persuaded to accept something else
there is no substitute for S. S. S. It is the only
guaranteed purely vegetable blood purifier, and
the safest and best for all blood and skin
troubles. Do not. let them force an inferior
mineral remedy on you because there is a larger
profit in it. It you have any blood or skin dis
ease, don't hesitate to write us about it; our physicians will carefully consider
TOUT Case and advise you without charge. Book on Blood and Skin Diseases free.
New York.PhlUdelphU Trolley Una,
Flans are about completed to close
up the gaps between New York and
Philadelphia and complete a trolley
line between the two big cities. The
tracks of a couple of steam roads are
to be used for a portion of the way
and a high rate of speed is expected.
The promoters say that the full fare
each way will be $1. The round trip
between the two places by steam is f4
Good Time Commlng, Girls.
"The girls that are growing up now
will have one important advantage
over the young married women of
todav. "
"What's that?"
"Their husbands will not be con
tinually telling them of the fine cook
ing their mothers used to do.
"How do you know?"
"Because the cook won't allow the
mothers of the coming race to stick
their noses into the kitchen."
An Observing Actor.
"I am in luck," said the tragedian.
"I have just received an annual pass
over the Central railway.
"How in the world did that hap
pen?" asked the comedian.
".Recognition of valuable services.
After our return from our last trip I
reported to the general manager 37
defective ties, any one of which might
have caused a wreck. "
A Moveable Possession.
"John, you bring home a different
umbrella every day. "
"Well, I can't held it; as soon as I
pick up one that I should like to hang
on to, some other man in the office
claims it."
Break in Chios.
"Every time you open your mouth, "
said the elderly and envious, but pleb
ian aunt, "you put your foot in it."
"And this is something, you know, "
pleasantly replied the wife of the
mandarin, looking at the relative's
ample understanding, "you couldn't
possibly do it. "
A Well Known Ohio Citizen Cured of
This Stubborn Ailment After Bis
System Seamed Hopelessly
l.roken Down.
From the Mews, Waverly, Ohio.
Mr. Eli Potts is a well known citi
zen of Waverly, Ohio, having been in
business there for 14 years. He is a
veteran of the Mexican war in which
he served with company H, of the
Fourteenth Tennessee regiment. At
the age of 76he bears the respect oi
all who know him and the following
experience, related by him, is raised
beyond all doubt by the high charact
er of the narrator. He says :
"About seven years ago a disease
fastened upon me which, as it devel
oped, proved to be locomotor ataxia.
I became very nervous, could not walk
without having dizzy spells and did
not sleep well." As the disease ad
vanced I lost control of my muscles
and could only walk a short distance.
I could not control the direction of
my steps and was always afraid oi
falling. " -
"This continued until the fall ol
1897 when there was a breaking down
of my entire system. My, stomach
was in bad condition and I suffered
greatly with kidney trouble caused by
being thrown out of a buggy.
"About two years ago I saw Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People
advertised in a Cincinnati paper.
The case cured was similar to mine
and I gave the pills a trial. Very
soon after I began taking them I ex
perienced relief and, as the improve
ment continued, I took the pills regu
larly. Gradually the control of the
muscles was restored and my general
health improved. The dfzzy feeling
left me and has never returned.
From my own experience I know that
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a great
remedy and I am pleased to recom
mend them to any one who suffers as
I did."
Signed. 'ELI POTTS.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 4th day of November, 1900.
W. R. A. Hayes,
Seal. Notary Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People may be obtained at all drug
gists or direct from Dr.' Williams
Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y., on
receipt of price, 50 cents per box ; six
boxes for $2.50.
An Old Instrument.
Violinist (proudly) The instru
ment that I shall use at your house
tomorrow is over 200 years old.
Parvenu Oh, never mind! It's
good enough. No one will know the
S. S. S. has Deea
before the public
for many years;
from a small begin
ning, it has steadily
worked it wa-v tn
surprised aiine immediate good ellects,
for no sooner does it get into the circulation than the
antietite increase vnn tmw hmnm. am A nnniii.
What ia
A dull, throbbing pain, accompanied
by a sense of tenderness and heat low
down In the side, with an occasional
shooting pain, indicates inflammation.
On examination it will be found that
the region of pain shows some swell
ing. This is the first stage of ovaritis.
Inflammation of the ovary. If the roof
of your house leaks, my sister, yon have
I fixed at onoe ; why not pay the same
jspect to your own body ?
xou need not, you ought not to let
yourself go, when one of your own sex
Has. AxA Asto.
balds out the helping hand to yon, and
will advise you without money and
without price. Mrs. Pinkham's labora
tory is at Lynn, Mass. Write a letter
there telling all your symptoms and
get the benefit of the greatest experi
ence in treating female ills.
" I was suffering to such an extent
from ovarian trouble that my physi
cian thought an operation would be)
"Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corn
round having been recommended to
me, I decided to try it. After using
several bottles I found that I was
cored. My entire system was toned
up, and I suffered no more with my
ovaries." Mas. Anna AsTOir.Troy. Mo.
An Error in Classification. '
Percy 'Skitts is a sponger a per
fect sponge.
"Oh, no! When a sponge absorbs
anything, by squeezing, it you can get
it again.
Little Liver Pills.
Must Bear Signature of
5ee Fac-Simlle Wrapper Below.
Terr s Tl mm as ear
rTswsv Iras lunuiiru.
The Next Step.
Here's a scientist who claims that
genius is merely a nervous disease."
Good! Now, can t he discover
some way to make it contagious?"
because the formula ia plainly printed on every
bottle showing; that it Is simply Iron and Qui
nine in a taatelesM form. No Cure, Pay. 60c.
tv nen vou taae u rove's -lasceiess emu Tonic,
As She Understood It
Boston Girl Have you read Emer
son? .
St Louis Girl No, I guess not.
those red spots on my face are just
common pimples.
The Last Ditch.
"It may seem like bragging," said
the Englishman, throwing down his
newspaper in disgust, "but if this
Boer war was being fought out on the
sea there'd be a different story to
The Seasons Courtesies.
Ice Man Good by, old man; I'm
glad you had such a severe winter.
Coal Man So long; I wish you a
sizzling summer.
' . Practical Art.
Critic Not a bad stretch of land
but haven't you laid out more
than enough of it in water?
Artist Not a bit of it. The pic
ture is for a client who has made his
money in stock watering operations.
Wireless Telegraphy on Atlantic
froiessor K. A. iessenden, with
his assistants, has installed a wireless
telegraphy station not far from Cap
Hatteras, on Koanoke island, IM. C.
Negative Fame.
"Well I see they are going to
a real naval arch. "
V" What's the idea of that?"
"Oh, I suppose it's to commerorate
. 1 , ..
the way Dewey has been forgotten.
A Stumper For the M. 0.
"Maid (to absent minded invalid)
The doctor is here, sir.
Absent minded invalid Well, just
you tell him that I am not able to
see any one today.
Digestibility of Foods.
Rice, raw eggs and boiled venison
require only one hour to digest. At
the other e'nd are pork.' roast beef.
I cabbage and hard eggs, which , require
fnni tn fl.-a tn
Sboft Storle$ j;
One day, at Burlington House, Ten
nyson Is said to have asked the guests
a conundrum which he had just made:
"Who are the greatest women in the
world?" The answer., was: "Miss
Ourl, the Misses Ippl and Sara Gossa."
W. S. Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan
opera fame, was one day standing on
the steps of his club house in London,
when a stranger approached and asked:
"Does a man belong to your club with
one eve named Walker?" "I don't
know," was the answer; "what's the
name of his other eye?"
Arthur Simmons, the venerable negro j
attendant at the White House, was doz
ing in his chair the other day, when an
usher rushed upstairs and said: "Man
down here wants to see Mr. Cortelyou."
"Can't see him;" replied Arthur, with
dignity. "But this man says he's got
to see him." Don't care nothln about
that," said Arthur, preparing to resume
his doze; "nobody can see Secretary
Cortelyou; he's gone Into his sanctum
Thomas Lincoln, the father of Abra
ham Lincoln, was a great story-teller,
and one yarn that he never tired of re
hearsing was a blood-curdling Indian
tale. One day, when he was about
seven or eight years old, and living In
Kentucky, he was sitting on a fence,
watching his father and older brothers
at work In the field. Without a mo
ment's warning, a small band of In
dians came rushing by on horseback.
One of them, with a sweep of his long
arm, seized the lad and galloped on.
Little Tommy Lincoln looked up Into
the red warrior's face, and said: "Don't
kill me. Take me a prisoner." The
Indian smiled. . Just then a rifle
cracked. Indian and boy tumb'e-l off
the horse, the Indian dead, with a bul
let in his brain. Tommy Lincoln's
brother had come to the rescue.
Once, when Mark Twain was to lec
ture in a small Western town, he was
greeted at the railway station by the
minister, who was to be his host during
his brief stay. On their way to the
parsonage, the minister asked If It
would be agreeable to Mark if he
opened the lecture with a prayer, as
was the custom. Of course the humor
ist was delighted, and accordingly,
when they reached the hall that even
ing, the minister left the lecturer sitting
in the corner of tlje platform, took the
center of the stage himself, and pro
ceeded to offer a prayer about half an
hour long, in the course of which he
gave his views on all the current affairs
of Interest and concluded by saying:
"And now, O Lord, we have with us to
night a man who is known throughout
all the world as the great American
humorist. Help us, O Lord help us to
understand what he Is about to say to
us, and to be amused by it; and if pos
sible, grant that we may derive some
real benefit from his lecture."
Talking of the inauguration of James
Buchanan, L. A. "MeCreary, of Wash
ington, D. C, said: "The Klrkwood
House was crowded from basement te
the roof, and the rush was so great that
store-rooms were used to make room
for the throng. One of these had no
window only a door, and when a man
from Maine trudged in at midnight of
March 3d, he was very glad Indeed to
take the only thing left the window-
less store-room. On the morning of
-Jiarcn oxn, me man rrom Maine ap
peared as the desk and wanted to know
when the ceremonies were to take
place. 'Ceremonies?' asked the clerk;
'what do you mean?' 'Why,' said the
man, 'the inauguration.' The clerk
thought he was mentally unbalanced,
and eyed him suspiciously, until he ex
claimed: 'I was awake half a dozen
times, but didn't want to dress In the
dark, thinking it was still night, and so
I went to sleep again. I got pretty
hungry at last, and that made me get
up. When does the next train leave
for Bangor? I want to get back to
God's country, where they have sun
shine.'" Frank.
Here we were set upon and beaten
with club
"Murder!" cried Ardley, impulsively
A subtle something told me he was
iou are college students, are you
not?" said I, addressing our assailants.
"We are," said they, civilly.
"It is as I thought," said I, turning
to my companion. "This Is not murder
at all, but a prank, merely!"
Ardley was covered with confusion,
ana vowed he should- never . forgive
nimseir, although the students, with
rare good breeding, affected to make
light of It, Detroit Journal.
Placlnsr the Blame.
"My dear, ' said the meek Mr. Newli
wed, "I don't like to complain, but this
omelet you made "
"What's the matter with It?" she in
quired. ,
"Well er it's rather hard to cut it,
and "
"liraciousi 1 was arraid that man
would send me tough eggs. I'll stop
dealing with him." Philadelphia Press.
"What is that sound like a rainstorm
that I hear from the floor above?"
1 "Wnv. that s onr natent rain nnnnrn-
ans. It's for the convenient nnrl ant.
' isfaction of umbrella buyers who want
to test their
purchases." Cleveland
An A mendment.
"The man who shoots us out of sea
son is to be fined." -
"Fined? Goodness, ma I If 'they real-
ly wan to !toP lt wny ' ta-
! nr!cin nim rnr llro nr olorronnta himV
prison him for life or electrocute him?"
On the Enemy's Fire, of Course.
"I think the enemy has got our
range, captain," said the officer of the
"How in the world are we to cook our
dinner?" replied the captain, absent-
mindedly. What to Eat. ,
The groom may lead the bride to the
altar but his leadership is apt to end
Every , man is sometimes what h
should be at all times.
g t? Hag ?g!r
" For trix year I was a victim of 4 f
pepavlm In its worst form. I could aat nottolns
but milk toast, and at times my stomach would
not retain and digest even that Last Mares I
began takinc CASCARETS and slnos ibes I
have steadily improved, until I am as well st I
ever was la my life."
David H. Mcrfbt, Newark. O.
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Good. Mover Sloken. Weaken, or Grips. 10c. 36c. 60c
t.riUf lawij CMpu;, Caka. Martini. Sn rft. Ill
If A.TA-RaP Sold and guaranteed by all drot-HU-
I U'DAIl ciua to CIKI Tobaoeo Hablu
AN 9
on sALe EvmnmERS -
Greek Meets Greek.
"What do you think my husband
does when my mother comes to see
"I never guess."
"He writes for his mother to come
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
flrnggists refund the money if it falls to cure.
E. W. Grove 's signature is on each box. 25c.
His Specialty.
The Man (to applicant for alms)
Poor woman have you no husband to
earn a living for you.
The Woman I have a husband, sir.
but he is too busy to work.
"Indeed! What is he doing?"
"Trusting in Providence."
CITC Permanently Cured. No fits or nerrooanesg
T 1 1 J after first day's tweof !r. Kltoe's Great Nerve
Restorer. Send for FREE 94.00 trial bottle and treat
be. Da. B. H- KI.1NI. Ltd.. Wl Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa,
Wanted a Million.
"If I had only $1,000,000!" ex
claimed an angry father.
"What would you do?" asked the
wayward son.
"I d disinherit you the' first thine!"
replied the old man as he took a large
hunk from a plug of tobacco.
Good Health comes to those who take the
Ftreat herb blood purifier, Garfield Tea;
it cleanses the system and cures digest
ive disorders. All druggists sell it.
Bicycles of the World.
At the present time there are at
least 10,000,000 bicycles in the world
and the number is increasing at the
rate of l,7a0,00t) a year.
Develop and print your own pict
ures. Complete outfits for prmtme
and developing 3x3 to 4x5 tict-
ures, $1.50 and ?2.50. Kirk, Geary &
Co., 330 Sutter St., San Francicso,
An Insuperable Bar.
The New Yorker I suppose chess
is a popular game in the Quaker city?
The Philadelphian No; it's played
very seldom.
"Why, I supposed it being such a
slow game you people would like it."
"No; you see we'd have to stay
awake to play it. "
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's Sooth
ing Syrnp the best remedy to use tor their
children during the teething period.
"Who is that girl with a face full
of freckles over yonder?"
- bhe s a recent importation from
"Ah, I see! Dotted SwissI"
AVfegetable Prepacationfor As
similating itieFoodandBegula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes DigestionCheerFul
ness andRest.Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral.
fvJam Seal'
A perfect Remedy for Constipa
tion, Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea
Worms .Convulsions .Feverish
ness and Loss OF SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
Engagement Confidence.
"You trust me thoroughly, don't
you, Btliel?"
"Of cotirM, Kdg&r: but tell me. are
th iitltmi)U on this diamond
ring all pUl (Ml';
A f fatmUA Qukfesiid,
"Woiiht yitti 1ik un Utrreium of
salary, Mr, HmHlrt"
"No; h'nttnttm,"
"No iiw.?"
''If 1 had ttiort tntiity
have to psy nun Vbt,"
1 W'rtllrl
Oriental Basswood, ft Were.
"You ought to sen rny cottar
the woods," said the popular
lional nctresH.
"Make it out of Northern pine?"
asked some one.
"Not at all," she replied, in her
light comedy manner, "I made it out
of East Lvnnc. "
Not Hard to Suit
Executive I would appoint your
man, but he is too ignorant for the
police force.
Heeler Den put him on de school
First Submarine Cable.
The first submarine cable was laid across
the English Channel about fifty years ago.
It was also about the same time that Uus
tettler's Stomach Bitters, the world re
nowned dyspepsia cure, was first intro
duced to the public. It you are a sufferer
from this ailment, or from indigestion, fla
tulency, constipation, nervousness or in
somnia you should trv it at once, if von
would be well. It will 'strengthen your" en
tire system and produce sound sleep.
The Way it Goes.
"In those two warm days this week
winter seemed to have slipped a cog."
"Likely enough. Winter is gener
ally wound up with a spring."
Machinery, Implements,
Farm Supplies, Etc.
Mitchell Bicycles
. J
$25 - $30 - $35 - $40
Dunlop Steel Rims.
Agents Wanted.
Full tine of Sundries.
Send for Catalogue.
Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co.,
First and Taylor Sts.
&imB7o Anchor
I ureal ugmmusuoB oi airengiu auu neauiy
"The Tie That Binds."
See Our Anchor Clamp
Yon would be surprised it you knew
how little it would cost you to fix up
that aid fence. Better send for some
Anchor Clamps and Uprights, and ft
pair of our pinchers, and make your o:d
wire fence look like a new one.
ANCHOR FENCE looks so nice and
is so KtroaK ttiat farmers sometimes
think that it must be high priced, it
isn't, though.
Cuw Before Using.
Cattle, Sneep
Write for Prices and Catalogue.
Agent b Wanted in
Every Town.
Chas. L. Mastick
Consignments solicited. Pay highest market price. PROMPT RETURNS.
Dealers in Leather and Findings.
Refer to Wells. Fargo & Co. Bank, 'Portland, Oregon.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
tmc esnraua company, nnr roaa crrv.
How Can the Danger Be Avoided?
The reported cases of poisoning
from the use of alum baking powder
have awakened the public to the seri
ous danger which menaces the i.ealth
o the people of the country in the
nuniftroiw alum powders which are
iTw npon consumers.
(Tirrally, alum powders may be
known from the price at which they
are sold, or from the fact that they
nrn ar-cornpanicd by a gift, or are dis-M-d
of under some scheme. The
alum tiowdcr costs but a few cents per
w,iift(l to make, and is often sold at 20
or 25 crriU a pound; and sometimes
as low as 10 cents.
It is impossible to name all the
alum powders in the market, but any
baking powder sold at a low price, or
advertised as costing much less than
the well known, high class powders,
or accompanied by a present, or dis
posed of under any scheme, is of this
class, detremcntal to health and to
le avoided.
These facts should incline consum
ers to turn a deaf ear to all importu
nities to buy the inferior powders.
The wise housekeeper will decline in
all cases to take them.
A Typographical Error.
A young lady wrote some verses for
a local paper about her birthday, and
headed them "May 30th. " It almost
made her hair turn gray when it ap
peared in print, "My 30th."
A Real Dramatic Treat.
Abe Chinwhiskers Did you see
Sary Bernhardt play she was a man
when you was ter If 00 York, Josh?
Joshua Qeehaw Humph! Bet
ter 'n that ! I see a whole minstrel
troupe made up of women.
mmx- thresher co.
1 Factory, Battle Creek, jriohtaii.
Branch House, Portland, Oregon.
To be Prosperous, Use the
The greatest money -male r. For prices
and catalogue nee "A-lvance'
agents, or write
Advance Thresher Co Portlanl. Or
Or write
M. E. and E. T. Hay. Wilbur, "Wash.
Clamps and Uprights.
The Old Fence. The Auction Fence,
ana nog light, it Never slips after closing,
Portland Anchor Fence Co.
Nicolai St.. PORTLAND, Oregon.
& Co.
75 Front Street, Cor. Oak
Portland, Oregon.
The Chop and the Cherry Tree.
"Popkin loves to be historically
"What's his latest?" " ,
"He had an English chop for break
fast on Washington's birthdxv '
When Charm Meets Charm.
Mr. Jackson I done hab my rab
bit's foot erlong, but she give me de
mahble heaht, jes' same.
Mr. Johnson Mebbe she hab hei
rabbit's foot erlong, too!
Slopm thm Cough mnd
Work Off thm Omtd.
Laxative BromivQninlne Tablets enre a cold ia
one day. Mo cure. Mo Pay. Price 25 centa.
H is Status.
"Look here, my dear, I cannot
afford to entertain on such a scale as
you have indulged in of late."
"John, I really believe you are just
the kind of a 'man who would be per
fectly happy if you lived within your
I cei
Wilts to NATHAN fs-VllOaWll
BICKFOR0, Washinften, D. C. ther will re
ceive quick replies. B. 5th N. H. Vols. StaS
20th Corps. Prosecuting claims since 1878.
JOHN POOLE, Portland, Oregon,
Foot of Morrison Street,
t?an give yon the best bargains in
Baggies, Plows, Boilers and Engines,
Win. (mills and Pnmps and General
Machinery. See us before buying.
best time to enre Catarrh.
Bronohitis and ConsumDtinn.
Our remedy is guaranteed, II.
W. I. SMITH I CO., Dufftlo, N. Y.
r. v. box
X. P. M. V.
tu. o iot.
WBKS writing to advertisers plu..
mention this