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    TUESDAY, APRIL 9,1901.
Suits V
and Skirts.
We heye now oa sale, and new
Spring Suits & Dress
Oar suits comprise tbe newest and
best of the late creations each m coat and
bolero effects and postillion backs. New
style skirls are also shown and jackets
Tbe price ol our edits range from $8.00
9 E, Young & Son
Albany, Oregon.
New goods weekly at Nolan &
Mr. S. L. Kline returned from
San Francisco yesterday.
. Mrs. Dennis Stovall is expected
to arrive in Corvallis today On a
Closing out sale of Rambler,
Ideal and other bicycles, new and
second hand, at Barnhart's.
Mr. F. Klecker came in from
Alssa Saturday to do some trading
and remained over Sanday.
Bee Kline's new spring salts for
ansa aad bays. Large range of
patterns aad right up to style.
. Henry Ambler, the Philomath
real estate agent, was transacting
business in Corvallis, Saturday.
Mrs. Elizabeth Gerhard and
daughter, May, . returned home
Saturday from an extended visit in
Mrs. Lillie Bowersox, of Salem,
after visiting with her parents in
this city, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Ken, returned home Friday.
Our new spring stock is now com
plate in all departments; largest
stock; smallest prices; good goods.
Nolan & Callahan.
It is said that tramps recently
broke into a freight ear that was
sidetracked at Junction City and
stoe a case (11 pairs) of shoes that
were billed to W. H. Kay, the mer
chant at Dusty,.
There was quite a frost yester
day morning. There are various
opinions expressed regarding : the
effect on fruit. While it is to be
hoped that it has not damaged it,
there is no likelihood of its having
been beneficial. .
On the 15th day of April, next
Monday, Referee Bryant of Albany,
will have a hearing on application
for the sale of all real and personal
property of the J. M. Osbura bank
rupt estate, which has net already
been ordered sold by the United
States district judge. . ' j
Eleven thousand fleeces of mo
hair were pooled and auctioned eff
at Salem March 28, for 22 cents per
pound. There were six bidders.
This is considered one of the finest
lots of mohair ever gotten together
in the state. About 100 goat
breeders were in attendance.
Eugene seems to have had a good
old-time horse race last week.
An exchange says: "TUe race be
tween Ream's horse, Red Idyl, and
Royce's race horse, Fitzsimmons,
was run at Bangs park last Wednes
day afternoon. It was a half mile
dash for $500 a side and Red Idyl
came under the wire at the out
come a good three lengths ahead;
time, 54 seconds."
K. H. Gabbert, of the Courier
Ilerald staff, has been called away
by the serious illness of hie father
at Myrtle Creek near Grants Pass.
The old gentleman is more than 70
years of age and has' suffered
severely froaa cancer. He is not
expected to survive. Oregon City
Enterprise. Mr. Gabbert was at
one time a member of the craft ia
this city and had a sister who at
tended the Agricultural College.
Two admittance tickets to the
Mene'.ey Trio Concert, acnounced
to sing in Cdrvallis on April 26,
will be given by E. F.: Bryant to
the first person giving him a correct
answer to the. following query.
Who was a well known Biblical
character never named in the Bible
whose death was the- most peculiar
in history, whose shroud is a part
oi every nouseftold, and tbe cause of
whose death was the subjeet of a
widely read novel? .:- ,
Died, in Albany, on Thursday,
April 4, 1901, of consumption,
Lucy, wife of Lee Morgan, aged 22
years. Deceased was a daughter
of H. M. Kelly, of Benton county,
... and was born and raised near thib
city. She was narried about three
years and her husband survives
her. She has . been :;' afflicted for
about a year with the dreaded dis
ease that took her. She was a
member of the Christian church
and also the Fraternal Union.
Albany Herald, April 6ti,
W. A. Sanders, the watchmaker.
Our new spring stock of clothing
is me Biggest we ever owned.
Nolan & Callahan,
Next Friday, April 12th, is Ar
bor" Day.
Miss Carrie Danneman arrived
home, Saturday, from a business
trip to Eastern Oregon.
The 8ocial Club gave a party in
the Fireman's Hall, Friday night.
The usual enjoyable time is re
ported. -Dr. E. J. Thompson, of this city,
preached the Easter sermon in the
Presbyterian church, at Indepen
dence Sunday.
Miss Olive Thompson's engage
ment as pianiste, in Portland, will
terminate April 15th. She expects
to return home shortly after this
Raymond Henkle, who has been
attending a school of pharmacy
in New York city during the
past year is expeoted home about
May 1st.
The docket of the circuit court is
unusually light this year. There
are only 32 cases docketed, and
there will be no more except by
consent of the judge.
Tom Cams was out from Aisea
last week after a load of merchan
dise for W. L. Malone, the mer
chant. Mr. Cams reports the rods
as being ia a rather bad condition
in many places.
Ernest Redd, who is attending
the O A C. and who is lender nf
the O A C band, is making ar
rangements to organize and main
tain a band at Newnort this vear
during the summer months.
It has been found by experiment
at the O A 0 Experiment Station
that a pound ef pork can be pro
daeed with 3.22 pounds of wheat
In feeding ground feed, it seems to
be Defer to - feed it drv. tVia
porkers seem to fatten faster where
tne reed is dry. . . y
The two children of Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel Dixon, of Philomath, who
have nad smallpox in a light form,
are reported to be convalescent It
is said that there is another case i i
Philomath. A woman who recen -ly
arrived from Astoria is said
be the last victim. No serious
suits are anticipated. . -.
- At the home of John RickarJ,
Mr. Jesse G. Taylor and Miss E'.ta
A. Rickard were united in matri
mony, last Sunday, Rev. F. A.
Lark, officiating, r, Beth of .the
yGung people are residents of Lone
Tom, where- they will make their
future bome. Many friends wish
them unlimited joy and success in
life, v
The. citizens of Toledo held a
meeting last .week for the euroase
of organizing fire department.
The constitution of the Corvallis
Fire Department was read on that
occasion. It seems that Toledo is
not going to; be caught as Yaauina
City was nd not be prepared to
mate a right, inn . is a move In
the right direction.
Prof. A. L. Kniselv entertained
the members of the Pierian and
Amicitia societies of the O A C at
his residence. Fridav evening.
Games, nausio and conversation
were tne Matures ot the early part
ef the eveninr. At a later hour re
freshments were served, consist
ing of three courses. ; Those pres
ent were deliffhtad and ant land in
their praise of Professor and Mrs.
jvniseiy as nost .and Hostess.
Prof. J. B. Horner, manager sf
the summer -normal school to be
held at Newport during the latter
part of July and the first part of
August, will lecture at tne eouatv
court house on the evening ef April
id, isui, on the subject "English
Literature.'-' He will also exDlain
the work to be done in the summer
school. Every person in the coun
ty should do all in his power to
make this summer school a success.
Yaquina Bay News.
The receipts of the Albanv
office for the fiscal . year ending
March 31, 1901, show , a gain of
$1,250.56 over the previous year.
The total receipts for the past year
were $9,124.56. There hi &
steady . gain in the amount of
business of the pestoffice during the
pasiiour years. With s continued
gain for another vear at tha safna
rate the receipts will exceed $10,000
ana no soudi a free delivery of
man within the city can be secured.
-AiDany iieraid. The receipts of
' ie Eugene office during .the last
vear were over $10.200. - Whs-',
the matter, Albany ?-EugeneGur r' .
The O. R. & N. Co ! r.--.
issued the third edition nf -
phlet "Oregon, Washington 'at;
aano, ana tneir Kesources,". or t
Col. P. Donan. The Gaztsttp. i f'i
receipt of a copy of this valuable !
ana Brilliantly written booklet.
The twenty half-tone illustrations
are new and inelude views of the
farming, shipping, agricultural,
horticultural, lumbering, mining,
stockraisinz and fi Rhine Industrie.
of this territory. - The cover is new
ana ot the latest design used for
such purposes. The kook contains
a large map of the states of Oregon,
Washington and Idaho. The map
has been recently revised and is to
bo relied upon. . Anyone desiring a
copy of this book can 'obtain the
same by sending six cents in stamps
to A. L. Craig, G. P. A., O, R. & N.
Co., Portland, Oregon.,
Solves the Problem.
In the new law, prescribing
the duties of county survyors
m establishing boundary lines,
passed by the last legislature,
there is a provision which offers a
solution for the disputed boun
dary of Benton and Lane.
Section 1 1 of the new law pro
vides that "In any survey affect
ing a county line, the surveyor
who may be called on to make
the survey shall serve notice upon
the county Isurveyor of the ad
joining county and they shall
agree upon a time; and they shall
each serve notice upon the land
owners of their respective coun
ties who are interested in such
survey," "and shall
make such survey in the same
manner as other surveys, and
each surveyor shall file a copy of
the plat and field notes of such
survey in the county surveyor' s
Appeals trom said survey may
be made; provided, that such ap
peal shall be taken to the circuit
court of the county wherever the
proceeding is initiated. The
corners and boundaries so estab
lished and recorded in each coun
ty shall be held to be permanent,
and ehall never be changed.
Since the matter was j&rst
brought to the attention of the
commissioner court, the mem
bers of that body have used their
best endeavors to solve the prob
lem. It was suggested to the
court that the snrveyor general
was the proper person to establish
said boundary line, but it was de
termined that that official was an
employe of the government and
had power only to make govern
ment surveys and this matter was
entirely outside of his jurisdiction.
Judge Woodward finally deter
mined , upon a plan which was
almost directly in line with that
adopted by the legislature. He
wrote to Judge Kincaid, of Lane
county, suggesting that the court
of each county interested appoint
persons to survey, , jointly- a
oundary line between the two
counties; that they place monu
ments upon " the line determined
by them, and that the next legis
lature be asked to designate this
as the permanent boundary line.
This proposal met with the ap
proval of the commissioners of
Lane, county, and the move was
about to be pat into effect, when
copies of the new lawswere re
ceived offering the solution above
described.. ... . . .
Law That Makes His Office One of tbe
Best in the County.
If we interpret the matter
aright; the last legislature passed
an act which transforms the
eonnty surveyor's' office '. from a
position offering little . employ
meat and meager remuneration,
to one affording afflnenfla, influ
ence and plenty t do.
... Under this law the county
snrveyor is entitled to an ; office
ia the county'court he-use. He
shall fit this office np as becomes
his position, and procure the materials-
and requisites instru
ments, etc. ion tarrying into
effect the provisions ef this act,
"and the eennty shall pay for
the same aid all expenses in
curred therein out ot the genet
al land of tie county," and ae
questions asked. He shall re
ceive fees, fer his services the
sum f $5 per day for each and
every day employed ia the per
formanceof his duties, and ten
cents per mile for each mile act
ually traveled ia geiag from the
eeanty seat to aad from the
place of survey. ",- -
The duties enumerated in the
act will increase., materially the
number of ; days' employment
now enjoyed by the snrveyor. He
is authorized to adainister oaths
necessary to the leg al establish
ment of roads aad ether surveys
and to take . evidence te prove
aay point necessary to such sur
vey, y -v,.y.,
Upon the establishment of any shall enter the plat and
field notes upoa the effieial re
cords of the county. He shall
make out a complete description
of all or any part of the real , es
tate f his county, t be - made
out and entered n proper rolls
famished by the clerk. y He
shall - make complete - survevs.
plans, specifications and estimates
for all bridges, Culverts, roads,
ditches or other pnblic works to be
constructed under the authority
of the county court. The court
may employ a civil engineer or
architect to act ia conjunction
with the surveyor. "
For taking the variation of the
magnetic needle i and recording
aad making report of the same,
tor making and recording calcu
lations of areas of land, for at
tendance al regular meetings of
the county court when required
for making plans, specifications,
saperintendingor inspecting pub-
lio work , the surveyor shall re
ceive tbe same fees as allowed
for making surveys, which
fees shall be paid bi-monthly
upon order of the court.
Laid Up For Repairs.
Editor Gazette: As I am
laid np for repairs will try and
give yon a few items. After
leaving Corvallis, I stopped a
few days in Portland. From
there I passed over the Northern
Pacific route to Elma, Wash.,
where I called on the " Hewell
boys. Henry is operating a don
key engine ia a logging camp at
a wage of $3 per day. Frank is,
an assistant on another, engine.
Found them both well. They
stated that they enjoyed their
work; the board was good and
they . were employed under
an excellent foreman. After
spending Sanday and Monday
with them I came ea to this
Aberdeen is a loud tewa aad
has a population of 4,000. ' This
plaee has eighteen saloons and
nine churches. Business he-rises
are abundant and are carrying
heavy stoeks. What interests
me most Is the fact that the
whole town is built on piling,
and at extreme high tides, where
the lots are not filled in, they
have all the watei they -wast.
There are six large sawmills
here and the sawdust from the
mills is Used , for filling in the
streets. It makes a good filling,
and after it has settled they
plank it over With. 3x13 timbers.
In this manner they keep a fine
system of streets.
Hoquftm is about three and a
halt miles from here and there is
a fiae plank walk all the way.
The walk runs throngh a num
ber of fine groves, making it a
perfect "Lovers' Paradise.
This is a great shipping point
and there are from fifteen to
eighteen' ships in .the harbor all !
the time loading for different.
parts of the globe. The sawmill .
company that I am working for (
ha?e from four to five ships aj
their wharf all the. time. There
is about"i5o men employed in
this mill and the output per day
is 110,000 feet. All of the em
ployes pay $1.00 each per month
insurance, and if a man is in-
jnred he is oh ; half pay until he
is able to work, aud if he is bad
ly "urt ne is. sent to the hospital
free ef charge. A . , '
I am off duty at present:
Wednesday,' "while4" moving; a
large timber, .1 slipped . and
canght myM right'foot dislocating
the ankle. - The result is that at
present my ankle is about, four
times as large as it enght to be.
The doctor says that it will be a
month before I can go to work
again. The company pays the
bill, bat I bear the pain.
With best regards for my Ben
ton county friends, I remaia,
Yours truly,
H. L Martin.
Aberdeen, Wash., April. 4,
1 901.
Real Estate Transfers.
Martin Pavne to T. H. Walk
er; fraction f land on Kiger's
island; $700.
T. H. Walker to Willamette
Pals and Pater Co. fraction of
land en Kiger's Island; $700.
N. B. Avery to T. F. Martvn.
lot 12, bloek 3, N. B. and P.
Avery's Add; $125.
T. F. Martvn te E. W. Tenks.
lot 12, block 3, in N. B. and P.
a. very 's Add; f1.5c.y-
A. 6. Tavener to Eddio Tor-
tora, 80 acres 3 miles west f
iwOrvauis; 150. -
A. Anderson, by sheriff to P.
H. Marlay, 160 acres ; or 6
miles northwest of Corvallis;
Notice. -
Notice ia lierfihv piv-pn fhaf Miraitant
to an order of the district court oC the
united btates for t&e district of Oregon,
the undersigned trustee will, on Friday
April 26, 1901, beginning at tha hour jf
10 o'clock in the forenoen of that da?,
on the Osburn stock farm, two mil.
wesi pi. oorrains, uregon, Bell at pub! c
auction to the highest bidder or bidders,
twentv-eieht hail of Wrusarl oin
being the blooded cattle raised by John
m. usourn, on saia farm.
-The trustee is authorized to sell eaid
cattle one or more at a time. .. A pedigree
will he-rielivprpri with pqMi a;Mni --u.
- -. .... - u.i. ai olll.
Terms of sale, cash in hand.
TrURfPP Of tha RanWnnl TTi .1
John M. Osburn, Bankrupt.
For Rent.
- Will r.nt onn t a
"- si iaaa west ot
Menroe and take part payment ef rent
Tj j -ux.'uip.uvcuiome on ine place.
Address . M. S. Wodcock,
- ... Administrator, -
Corvallis, Oregon.
Subscribe for this paper."
Nearly Finished Johnson. -
LioneT A. Jnhnann wa crrndnAfod
from the O A C some two or three
years ago, and is now editor of the
Malheur Gazette, rrablished at Vain.
Or., was very nearly drowned" at
-wibuuuut reccutiy, . says lllv
Boise Statesman. It seems that,
while in in bathiner with two vnnno-
lady friends, they all got beyond
their depth. Mr. Johnson had in
duced the TOUic ladies fn nihe-
yond the rope; and they all three
?ppeu aiaa went unaer. . This
scared the ladies, and they began
scrambling to get iuto shallower
water.'- In some manner Mr. John
son was again pushed under end
botB ladiea Btarmnil nn him. Tho
attendants at the Natatorium were
active when they saw the trouble,
but knowine that Mr. Johnson conld
swim, paid but little attention to
mm. ine ladies were talcen to
places of safety as soon as possible,
but thev had in Inmo munnpr unin
tentionally kept Mr. Johnson under
t L 1
waier uu ne was nearly drowned.
As soon as thev had cano-Sf. their
breath they called attention to the
auaence oi ine gentleman ot tbe
party, and attendants instantly
hurried to his rescne. He had
sunk to the bottom of the pool.
After much trouble he was taken
out of the water, and tbe work of
resuscitation hastened. He was
unconscious and witnesses thought
he was dead, it took' some min
utes to restore perfect respiration.
Jiappiiy mere were no serious re
sults from the mishap, Mr. Johnson
being able to return to his home
shortly after.
Additional Local
The case of Lee Dan vs. City of
Corvallis, which was an appeal
irom tne decision rendered in the
police court of the city a few months
ago, wherein Lee Dan was convicted
and fined $20 fer keeping a vicious
dog, came before Judge . Burnett
Saturday morning and was denied.
The law requires that a fine to
exceed $20 shall be imposed before
an appeal can be ' made, and Lee
Dan's tine was not in excess of $20.
Chief Flett called on Lee Saturday
afternoon, and as that gentleman
preferred to serve his fine out rath
er than pay it, he now languishes
in the city jail.
A few years ago W. E. Yates, of
this city, was retained as attorney
for a gentleman by the name of
Frank Belcher. Mr. Belcher was a
mining man and joined the stam
pede to the Klondike gold fields. He
died in Dawson a short time ago
supposed to have been murdered.
A couple of days ago Attorney
Yates received a letter from S. C.
.Wiutmore, of Jermyn, Pa., enclosing
an inventory of some stock pertain
ing to a Santiam mine, in which
Mr. Belcher was interested. Mr.
Yates is now employed in straight
ening out this matter.
Judge George H, Burnett opened
an adjourned term of cireuit court
Friday afternoon and closed, it at
11 a. m. Saturday, ia place of
Judge Hamilton, who is unable to
be here on account of his wife's
illness. The regular term of the
circuit court should hare opened
yesterday morning, but as Judge
Hamilton cannot preside, and Judge
Burnett is holding court at Tilla
mook this week, Judge Cleland
came up on the West Side train
from Portland, yesterday. He
opened court and adjourned it un
til next Monday, April 16lh.' So
brief was the last adjourned term
that Judge Cleland was enabled to
return to Portland on the same
train that brought him up.
At the regular term next week
Judge Burnett will preside.
Thlak it Over.
Which is better, to buy your pianos
aad organs of an agent who represents
the factories where thay are made, er of
one who only represents. San Francisco
and Portland iebbing 5 housei ? Is it
worth while to pay aft additional profit
to city middlemen for the sake of getting
goods which have passed through their
hands, with doable freight charges
added to other needless costs? Would
not the best plan be to have 'all your
money count on the value i the instru
ment itself? We think so, and for this
reason import all ' pianos and organs
direct from the factory, depend on quick
sales and small profits aad thus give you
a high grade ; instrument at a moderate
price. All kinds of; small instruments
such as guitars, violins, mandolins, etc.
Call at office aad je&idence one block
west of court house. ' ; . " :
. , V ' M. A. Goodnough.
Call forVTarrants.
Uotice is hereby given that there is
money on hand at the county treasurer's
office to pay all orders endorsed and
marked not paid for want of funds up to
and including those of Augnst 9, 1900.
Interest will be stopped on same from
this date. W. A. Buchakak,
Treasurer of Benton Co., Or.
Corvallis, April 6, 1901.
-, For Sale. y
. A street sprinkler. Enquire of George
Whiteside for particulars.
s Skin Troubles, cuts, burns, scalds and
chafing quickly heal by the use of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salye. It Is imi
tated. Be sure you get DeWitt's. Gra
ham & Wells.
run mtr.
MADE TO ORDER SUITS. We have three books lrom Ameri
ca's best tailoring flajis to select from.
The Gorvallis
Keeps eonstaatly oa haad the celebrated
A package of Arm & Hammer Soda is given free with
every sack of the latter
Hoy, Oats, Grain. Bran, Shorts, Potatoes
IFten, Ebk, Poultry, Etc
. JOHN LENGBR, Manager
Corvallis' Most PopularEating House
Pioneer Bakery
Fresh breadV daily. A complete stock of candies, fruits and 1.
nuts kept canstantly on hand. Smokers supplies t B
- a specialty. -
rSJob Printitig .
JS Of at this
To Rent.
Ten acres, with house and barn, close
to college. Enquire at this office.
. For Sale.
Fresh cows for sale, 5 miles southeast
Philomath. C. A. Babhinger.
Wood Chopping.
Parties wishing to cut cerd wood may
find employment by calling upon J. F.
Aldrich, residing near the Catholic ceme
tery on the foothill west of Corvallis.
Get your Job Work done here
It's a Short. Roac. 3:?
from a cough to consumption.
Don't neglect a cough take
when your cold appears- The
" ounce of prevention " is
better than years of illness,
I suffered for yean from a conh, bronchial
- and lung trouble.- Raised blood frequently.
Speat year in tha Dakota and other parts of
west but cot no relief. - Retarscd east and
began taking Skxloh. A few bottles com
- pletelr cured ne (consider it the greatest ol
- rftaffflifs,
With F. L. On; Go., Broken, Buflalo, N. Y.
SbUoh'i Coninmptlon Ogn la sold by all
draKKi t 5e, SOo, St.00 a bottl.. A
printed nrmnto jom witli mvuig bottle.
If yn are not MMUfled go to your druggi.!
ud tt you DiMtj lHMk.
Write'for Ultutmted book on consumption. Seal
Vitbont com te jrotk S. C Wells A Co., LtRoy, N.Y.
Sold b Graham J& Wortham.
Ann ou t o
When you buy your
next suit look about
see "what's what."
Look everywhere
then here, and we'll get
your order. For fashion
able, perfect fitting, elegant
ly trimmed suits you can't
equal the line that here
awaits you.
Commission &
Question Answered
Yes, August Flower still has tha
largest sale ef any medicine in tha
civilized world. Your mother and
grandmothers never . thought of
using anything else for indigestion
or biliousness. Doctors were scarce
and they Beldom heard of appen
dicitis, nervous prostration or heart
failure, etc. They used August
Flower to cleanse out the system,
amd stop fermentation of undi
gested food, regulate the action of
the liver, stimulate the nervous and
organic action of the system, and
that is all they took' when 'feeling
dull and bad with headaches: and
other aches. You only" heed a few
doses of Green's August Flower, in
liquid form, to make you satisfied
there is nothing serious the matter
with you. Get Green's Prize Alma
nac. Graham & Wortham.l
: You will waste time if you Undertake)
to care indigestion or dyspepsia by stary
ing yourself. That only makes-it worsa
when you do eat heartily. You always
aeed plenty of goo J food properly diges
ted. Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is tBe re
sult of years of "scientific research foe
something rthat' would: digest not only
some elements of; food but every kind.
And it is the one remedy-that wUl do it.
Graham fc 'Wells. . ,
' Fifty good farms and 50 stock ranchc j i
to sell. ' Geo. F. EglinA Go.jjJ. j
RealEstate.Insurance and Collections, -t
Office: Boom No.l, First JJaVlBank,
Bld'g,-Corvallis, Oregon. : ' ?
Spring coughs are specially dangtpoar
and unless cured at oace, serioas results:
often follow. One Minute Cough Onro
acts like magic. It is not a common
mixture but is a high grade remedy,-
Graham & Wells. . -