Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, February 22, 1901, Image 2

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    FRIDAY, FERBTJA$Y 22, 1901.
As indicated in an article pub
lislied elsewhere in this paper,
a meeting of business men and
interested citizens is to be held at
the court house tomorrow even
ing for the purpose of organizing
a commercial club or board of
trade. There are two pressing
needs for an organization of this
nature. Benton county should
make a systematic effort to
secure her proportion of the large
number of desirable immigrants
now coming to this state, and
proper steps should be taken to
welcome the stranger at our
gates, explain to him the advan
tages we have to offer and make
a good impression. Such an or
ganization could perform great
ssrvice iu attracting capital to
this section with a view to estab
lishing manufactories. Given
desirable immigrants to divide up j
our large farms and assist our
already excellent farmers to cul
tivate the soil ; and capital to de
velop our vast natural resources,
and no community will be more
prosperoas, or country more in
viting. The fault of our present
condition is in ourselves, for
nature has been lavish with un
developed wealth now lying
about us. The establishment of
such an organization as contem
plated will not only be commend
able, but is an absolute necessity.
The senate committee on com
merce has concluded considera
tion of the river and harbor bill.
Numerous amendments hereto
fore adopted were reconsidered,
and the committee caused redac
tion, in the total of the bill by
horizontal cuts on all important
items. As presented to the sen
ate the bill will provide for
$3,125 for the revetment at Cer-
vallis and $750 for the Long
i ne war department nas is
sued an order for the purehase of
500 cavalry horses in Oregon.
Over 7,000 additional are vet re
quired and it is probable that
they will be purchased in Ore
gon, both oa" account of their
quality and the saving to the
government in freight rates.
For Station at Union.
House bill 333, by McAllister,
to provide for a branch expen
men. station in Union county,
which passed the bouse Wednes
day of last week by unanimous
consent, has passed the senate.
This is a bill for an act author
izing the transfer and conveyance
of the 620 acres ot land in Union
county, Orego j, purchased by
the state for the purpose of estab
lishing a branch insane asylum
in Eastern Oregon , to the
State Agricultural College,
authorizing and empowering said
Agricultural College to use said
land fo3 an experiment station
and uch other purposes in con
nection with said college as the
board of regents of said college
may deem advisable, and to ap
propriate money for the estab
lishment of such experiment
station, and the erection, equip
ment and furnishing of buildings
necessary for that purpose .
The bill appropriates $io,oco
for buildings, equipment, and
furnishings, and conveys by deed
all the right, title and interest of
the State of Oregon to the 620
acres, to the Agricultural Col
lege. The bill further provides
that all revenues derived from
Said lanfls not necessarily used In
connection with said experiment
station, may be used by the'
board of regents of said Agricul
tural College in the improve
ment of the property herein re
ferred to, and for repairs thereto,
and for the use and benefit of
said experiment station, its
buildings, furniture and . equip
ment Oregon's Population.
Oregon was organized as a
-ritnnr Anoint i1. i8a8. and
j wv j 1 r ' r
admitted as a state February 14,
1859. The population of. the'
state jn 1900 is 413,536 as com
pared with a population in 1890
f3T3 1767, showing an increase
during the last ten years of 95,
796 or 31.8 per cent. A small
portion of this increase is due to
the fact that there were 3,713
Iudia is and 224. other oersons.
or a t.jtal of 3,937 persons oa
Indian reservations, etc., in Ore
gon, who were sprcially enumer
ated in 1890 under the provisions
of the census act, but were not
included in the general popula
tion of the state at that census.
The numerical increase in the
population of Oregon for the last
decade, as well as the rate of
increase, is less than that forlhe
one immediately preceding, when
the gain waa 138,199, or 79.5
per cent. Oregon had a popu
lation of 13,294 in 1850, which
increased nearly fourfold in the
ensuing ten years, and for each
of the three following decades
there was also a steady gain in
population. During the last
decade the numerical increase
declined somewhat, but it is
sufficient to indicate the prosper
ity of the state.
The population of Oregon in
1900 is more than thirty-one
times as large as the population
given for 1850, the first census
taken after it was organized as a
territory. .
The total land surface of Ore
gon is, approximately, 94,560
square miles, the ayerage num
ber to the square mile at the
censuses of 1890 and 1900 being
as follows: 1890, 3.3; 1900, 4.4.
Prune Proposition.
It will soon be time for or
chardists to turn their attention
to the care of their trees. A
writer in an exchange, comment
ing on the probable surplus in
California of from 30,000,000 lo
40,000,000 pounds of prunes this
year, makes the following sug
gestions to prunegrowers:
First That we raise larger
Second That we improve the
Third That we curtail the
Fourth Tha6 we reduce ex
penses. The heroic use of pruning
tools will go a long way toward
accomplishing all' these results.
. I would Cut away in most cases
oae-half the top. I would cat
back one and a half or two years'
growth, and thin out vigorously,
letting in plenty of sunlight and
air. This will increase the size
and quality, but decrease the
quantity, reducing . expense of
handling in orchard, evaporator
and packing room. Snpole
men heavy pruning with thor
ough cultivation, and, if need
be, hand-thinning, and the crisis
will be safely over, prices will be
maintained and reputation be
preserved. Heavy pruning acts
like a tonic, causing the tree to
throw its whole soul into new
and vigoroua growth, that means
better fruit for years to come.
Mr. Sklpton's Loss.
Frank Skipton, formerly of
this county, bat now In the
livery business in Albany, has
just suffered the loss of his best
team by drowning. The Herald
gives the following account of
the affair:
Meagre particulars were re
ceived last , night of the acci
dental drowning of one of Frank
Skiptftn's fine livery teams at
Eleven's bridge across the Cala-
pooia. Thos. Chambers started
yesterday afternoon to drive int
the country and after crossing
the bridge found the high water
had flooded the road. The
horses got into swimming water.
The buggy was washed off the
the road, and Mr. Chambers
had a narrow escape from drown
ing, uota horses were drowned
and all that could be seen of the
vehicle was the top sticking out
of the water. Mr. Chambers
went to Tangent and telephoned
the news of the accident to Mr.
Skipton, who sent some men to
the scene to get the 'buggy.
Highly Nutritious.
Prof. F. L. Kent, who is in
charge of the dairying depart
ment of the Agricultural College,
makes a strong plea in behalf of
cheese. The consumption of
cheese is admitted to be large,
but when it is recognized at its
true value by the masses as a
food, it is likely to become even
more staple. The professor
makes the following statement:
Cheese la something more than
a' relish; it" is a food. It con
tains both carbohydrates and pro
tein. Cheese contains the most
The most effective skin purifying and
beautifying; soap in the world, as well as
purest and sweetest for toilet, bath, and
nursery. It strikes at the cause of bad
complexions, red, rough hands, falling
hair, and baby blemishes, viz., the clogged,
irritated, inflamed, overworked, or slug
gish Pokes.
Sold throughout the world. Pott D. awd C. Coar.,
rrop., Umbra. Ilow to tlY. Bwitiful Complexion, free
important food elements of milk
y m 1 f .
uooa cneese is wortn one and a
half limes as much as beef.
pound for pound, as food. It is
the concentrated nourishment of
milk, less the greater portion of
sugar, and will sustain a man
under heavy work better than
almost any other single food.
It is eaten alone with a relish
because it contains all the neces
sary elements of food. When we
make butter we throw away or
feed to animals the most valu
able growing elements of th
milk; when we make cheese we
retain it.
Three Questions.
Before purchasing; a Diam or oman
there are a few questions ir 13 well to
consider. First: Is the instrument made
to use or simply to sell? Second: Is
the the tone, action and finish first class?
Third: Is the price reasonable? Cheap
instruments are expensive at any price.
Why? Because they never give satis
faction, being constructed of the cheap
est material hastily thrown together.
To secure the value of your money there
is una certain way. any an instrument
whieh bas not only an established repu
tation for years, but which has kept up
with every improvement of madern
times. If you then would like such an
instrument with a tone, action and fin
ish unsurpassed, I have them, and can
lurmsn you any at the lowest price,
Call around. Mokdaukt Goodnough.
' A Boy .
Or young men having a fair education
and desirous of serving ample time to
leam a good trade or profession may find
an opportunity by addressing P. O. Box
iNo. 358, Corvallis, Oregon. The appli.
cant should be steady and indiistiioua,
spending his evenings at home and not
on the Btreets or in the various resorts.
The trade referred to is along educational
lines, and two or three years spent there
in will afford good educational facilities
foe any young man, besides affording
6leady employment in all seasons after
becoming competent. One whose home
is in town preferred. Cigarette smokers
need not apply.
Something Hew.
Just published by the Southern Pacific
Company is a pamphlet upon the re
sources of -Western Oregon, which in'
eludes an excellent map off the state,
and contains information on climate,
lands, education, etc., existing indus
tries end their capabilities. :
Attention is also directed to snch new
fields for energy or capital as promise
fair return.
This publication fills a need long ex
perienced by Oregoniane, in replying to
inquiries of Eastern friends.
Copies may be had of local agent of
the Southern Pacific Company, or from
C. 11. Markham,
G. P. A., Portland, Oregon .
Notice for Publication.
Unitrd States Land Office,
Oregon City, Oregon, Deo. 19, 1900.
Notire is hereby given that in compliance with the
provisions ol an act ot Congress of June 8, 1878, en
titled "An act for the sale of timber lands in the
States of California. Oregon, Nevada, and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 1892,
Of Fall City, eenrity of rolk. Stole of Oregcn, has
this ojy filed in this oSce his sworn statement No.
oo33. lor tne purchase of the N. i N. W. 1-4, N. J
N. E. 1-4 of Section No. 34. in-Townshin No. 12 8
Ran;;e No. 7 W.. and will offer proof to show that
the land sought is a ore valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to ea tab-
nan nis claim to said land befere the Begister and
Receiver ef this office at Oregon City,' Oregon, CD
Friday, the 8th day of March, 1901. He names as
witnesses: Michael Flynn, Freeman R.binson,
Peter Miller and Alvin Kobinson, all ot Falls City,
, Anv and all persons claiming adversely the ahove
dsscribed lands are requested to ale their claims in
vuu, uuice on or oeiore saw Btn aav oi March 1991.
Ret ice far Pabllasfloa.
OMras eiATBB Un Ornm,
OregOB City, Oreeen, Jer. iga BG&
Notice is heresy given that in compliance with
tho provisions of the act of Coigress of Jane 3rd
1878, entitled "An act for the (ale of timber lands in
the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and Wash
ington Territory," as extended te all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 189t, ,
Of Fall City, county of Polk, State of Oregon, has
this day Sled in this office her sworn statement No.
6323, for the purchase of tbe B. B. quarter of Sec
tion 14 in Township No. 13 8., Range So. 1 West,
and will offer proof to show that the land bought is
more valuable for its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim to said
land before the Register and Ret eiver of this office at
Oregon City, Oregon, on Thursday, the 14th day of
February, 1901. She names of witnesses: Michael
Flyrn, Kreen an W. Robinson, Bridget Flynn and
Albert N. Robinson, all of Fail City, Oregon,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the above
described lands are requested to file their claims in
this office on or before said 14th day of February
OHAS. B. H00RE8,
. - Register.
Notice for Publication.
Land Office at Oregon city, Oregon,
, January 5, 1901.
Notice is heresy given that the following
named settler hns filed notice ef his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before the County
Clerk of Benton County, at Corvallis, Oregon,
on February 20, 1901, viz:
H. E. No. 11,053 for the Lot 1, 2, and 8, Sec
tion 6, T. 13 8 R. 6 W. He namea the follow
ing witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said laud, viz: Tames
Franklin, John Franklin, Mahlen W. tVorth
ington.fl.nd Francis M. Spencer, all of Philo
math, Oregon, CHAS. B. MOORES;
.fell , Wal
And, in fact, everything from Kit hen to Parlor.
oa cloth
Art Squares
Come and see us
and get our prices.
Subscribers lo the CORVALLIS GAZETTE can obtain tbe following
papers in combination subscriptions frith the GAZETTE, at tb very low prices
stated below; cash in advance always to accompany the order. These wishing
two or more of the publications named with the GAZETTE, will please cor
respond with this office and we will qnote you the combination price. We can
save yon money on nearly all publications yoo desire.
. The abbreviations below are explained as follows : W, for weekly ; S W,
for semi-weekly ; T W, tii-weekly; M, monthly; 8 M, Mni-monthly.
Pries With
Per the
Annum Gazette
S W, Portland, Oregon.
OREGONIAN, W, Portland, Or 1 50 2 55
RURAL SPIRIT, W. Portland.Or , . 2 00 2 55
Contains a correct live-stock market report.
THE" THRICE-A-WEEK WORLD, T W, New York. 1 00 2 20
HOMESTEAD, W, Dea Moines, Iowa. -...:. '. 1 00 2 30
A thorough stock and farm jonraal.
THE REPUBLIC, S W, St, Louis, Mo...... 1 00 2 05
THE AMERICAN FARMER, M, Indianapolis, Ind .. 50 1 65
and Atlas ef the World bound in cloth, 56 pages of latest
colored Maps.
THE OUTING MAGAZINE, M, New York 2 25 3 80
THE WEEKLY INTER-OCEAN, W, Chicago, 111 1 00 1 90
YOUNG PEOPLES' WEEKLY, W, Chicago , 50 1 90
CINCINNATTI INQUIRER, W, Cincinnati 1 00 2 05
THE FRUIT GROWERS JOURNAL, M, Cobden, 111. ..... . 50 1 75
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can cover Benton County
thoroughly by placing
your advertisement in the
They get Proper Display, Proper Position
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.come to think over it,
you cart easily uadcr
staed why so many prom
Hent advertisers place ads
in this paper.
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White and Barred.
From prize-winnine stock, second ten
none on racinc coast, jcecs. 1 61) a set
ting of fifteen at yard, or $2 00 if packed.
J. u. uobnihg, Uorvallis. Or.
I Paper
New and beautiful
designs at prices
lower than usual.
Nottc ot Final Bettlemaat.
NoUoo b hereby (We tlrt tbe underline execa
toreftbeeitatoof Mrtli J. Rice, deceases', has
Sled hie tnai .(-count in eaid eetate In the C.uaty
Cenrte! tbe State ef Oregoa, fer Benton County,
Ittlr in probate, and Saturday, the Sth Day of
February, 161, at 10 'clock a. a., at the Court
Uouae in Cor.allii, Oregon, is the time and slice
fixed by the Court for hearing oojectioni, If any, to
aid final account and the settlement thereof.
, Dated January 11, lSOi,
Cruaus B. Rica,
. Executor.
J. NN& CO.
Southern Pacific Company.
Trains leave Corvallis for Portland
and -way stations at 1:20 p. m.
Lv Portland 8 :80 a ni
3:30 p m
1058 p m
11:30 s m
4 :S5 a m
. 9.30 a i-i
Lv Albany 12:30 p in
Ar Ashland -12:33 a m
Ar Sacramento -5 .00 p m
Ar San Francisco-7:45 p m
Ar Ogden 5 :45 pm
Ar Denver -9 :00 a m
Ar Kansas City... 7 :5 a to
Ar Chicago 1 :55 a m
11:45 am
9 :00 a o
7 :25 a m
9 :30a m
Ar Los Angeles-..! :20 pm
Ar El Paso 6:80 pm
Ar Fan Worth 6 :8d a m
Ar City ot Hexise 0 :65 a m
Ar HtMten 4:00 a m
Ar Ke Orleans.. 6 :2 a m
Ar Washiogton .-0:42 a m
Ar Hew York -12:48 p ra
7:00 am
6:00p m
0:30 am
9:68 am
4:00 am
er5B m
6:42 km
13i48 p to
Dotn trains, unair cars ttanramento te
Ogden and El Paso, and Ton rid t cars to
Chicago, St Louis, New Orleans and
Connecting at Kan Francisco with sev-
China, Philippines, Central and South
See F. E. FARMER, agent a Corvallis
Biation, or address
C. H. MARKHAM. G. P. A.,
Portland, Or.
Dentistry of every description done tu firs
r-aaa manner, ana satisfaction guar
Office over Zlerolf 's grocery store, Oppos'j
the post office, Corvallis. Oregon.
Specialties Diseases of women and
children ; also deformities and all chron
ic and nervous diseases.
Occidental Hotel Monday, Wednes
day and Friday, 1 :30 to 5 :30 p. m.
B. A. GAT HEY, M. D.
Physician St Surgeon
Rooms 14 in Bank Building.
Office Hours
Residence : CoTEer College and 6ih Sts.
Telephone at Office and residence.
CorvaMis, - - Oregon
Ofpicb Corer 3rd and Monroe streets
Houns 9 to 12; 2 to 5; 7 to 8; Sun
day 9 to 10.
Residknce Corner 3rd and Hariison
streets, Corvallis, Oregon.
Physician SSio rgeon .
Veterinary Surgeon
Residence in Block 30, Job's Addition,
Corvallis, Oregon.
Orders may be left at Graham & Wor
thorn's drugstore.
Titus. Costvetancikg
Practice in 'all State and. Federal Court.
Office; inFirtt National Bank Boildinp.
Bryson Sr Woodson
Corvallis, Ore'on.
Office in Fcstoffice Building-.
See U Wbltehora Blork
Corvallis, Oregon.
Does a general and conservative bankus
If you are looking for bargains in
Stock, Grain and fruit Farms
I have them. Cc me and see me or write for
my list. 1MBLBS,
Beat Kstate Agent,
Philomath, Benton Ccunty, Oregon.
Montana, Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points
Gives choiceof two favorite routes, via
me Ui.ion Pacific Fast Mail Lm, or
the Rio Grande Scenie Lines.
Look at the Time . .
i days to Salt Lake
t4 days to Denver
3 4 days to Chicago
4 days to New York
Free Recfiaiug Chair Cars, Upholstered
TvBTtst S'wpisg Cars, asd PnUmaa
Palac Sleepers, operand oa all
For further infoitnatioa, applyta
GOT. f. EGLI5T, Agent, CtervaMi, Or.
C 6. TEiRY, t. ft. COMAS.
. trav. Pass. Agt feen'l Agnt
4 Third St., Portland, Or.
is & him Raf
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m.
" Cervallis 1:50 p.m.
" arrive? Yaqv ina 6:45 p. tu.
1 Returning:
Leaven Yaquina.... 6:10a. oa.
Leaves Co'vallig.... 11:20 a. tn.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 p. tn,
3 For Detroit:
Leaves Albany.- 7:'0 a. m.
Arrives Detroit .... 11:20 t. m.
4 Returning:
Leaves Detroit 12:10 p. m.
Arrives Albany.... 5:46 p. ra.
One and two conaect at Albaey
and Corvallis with Southern Paeifio
trains, giving direct service to aed
from Newport and adjacent
beach e.
Trains for the mountains arrive
at noon, giving ample time te
rfaeh ramping grounds on tha
Brei ten bush and Santiam river the
same dav.
Edwin Stone,
II. L Walden, Manager.
T. F. & P, A.
II. II. CronisE, Agent, Corvallis.
Salt Lake, Denver,
Ft Worth, Omaha
Kansas City, St.
Louis, Chieage
and East.
9 p. m.
Walla Walla. Lev
iston, S p o k a ne,
Minneapolis, St.
Paul.Daimh, Mil
waukee, Chicago,
and East.
6:00 p.m.
S;40 a. m.
6:s3B Ste,.iiGhiEj.
All sailing dates
subject to change.
For Baa Franeiseo,
Sail Dee. 8, 8, 13,
13, 23, 28, A every
5 days.
8 p. m.
4 p.m.
fir. San.
8. p. a.
1 p. m.
Columbia River
To Astoria & way
landing. 4 p. .
A a. m.
Ex. Sua.
49) p. IB.
Oiegon City, Ke
herg, Saletn, and
7 s. m .
WiDanieRe tii lm
I Rivers.
Oregon City, Day
ton A Way-land's,
fi:96 p.m.
6 atnrday
6 a. oi.
Willa t i Eiver.
Portland to Corval
lis & War-land's.
4 :80 p.m.
W edaes
day aod
T oesdav.
Snake River.
Riparia to Lewie'n.
8:80 a. ra
S SSa. m.
Local Agspnt.
Notice of Administrator's Kale of
Real Property.
In the malter of tl.e Kst?te "i
of I
Jmes Abraham, Decrasetl. j
Notice is herebr siren that cumiant tn tin m-nfo
of the county court of t iio state of Oregon for Mult- cuuuty maae aim enteral on tne ZOth dav of
November. 1900. I will from and after th 7th Hv
of March, 1901, proceed to seH at orivate sale
the following described real property of said estate,
and all the rigrht, title and iaterest which the said
Jamtg Abraham had therein at the time of bis de
cease, town:
Beginning at the quarter sectioa corner between
fractional sections 2 kiid 3, township 11 sooth, range
, 4 wet Willamette Meridian, running- thence south
48 decrees cast 14.90 chains, theuce south 65 de
grees 60 minutes west 5.ri2 chains, thence south 20
degrees 10 minutes east 17.80 chaius to the north
bapk of the Willamette river, thence following said
north bank of the Willamette river with the me
anders thereof in a southwesterly course to the
southeast corner of lot 1 in fractional sec;ion 3 in
said townhip thence north 87 minutes eat ?8 8
chains to the p'ace of teginnirir, containing 20 40
acres, alKo the northeast cuarterof the toutLcaet
quarter and lot number 1 oi fractional i-ection 3,
township 11 south, rarge 4 west of the Willamette
Meridian, contaii,it-g 58.45acres, m ve and ex epting
theriirhtof wa LertLoiore deeded to the Willam
ette Valley & Coast Railroad contaiim g ( about 6
acres, all situated in Benton cocnty, Oregon; alo,
the east half of the following described real proper
ty: The north half of the southwest ouarter. and
lots 3 and 4 in section 3, township 11 nuth, range
4 west, contain in 76. CO acres in Btnti n ccuntv
Oregon. .
Ine tenrs of raid sale tress follows: 5he entire
purchase irice is te be aid in caeh.
Adiu'r de benis non with thewill t.nncieo uf the
taie ut Jumes Abraham, deceased, Portland, Or.
For Rent.
Will rent 2G0 acres of land west d f
Monroe acU (ake part ment of rent
to work ard imp rovemeiute en the plate.
Address M. S. Woodcock,
Coivflllis, Oregon