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X'KIOR Eatab. July, 1807.
GAZETTE! Katab. Uce, 1802.
Consolidated Feb. 1899.
51 IK
From All Parts of the New World
and the Old.
Comprehensive Review of the Important Hap
penings of the Past Week In a
Condensed Form.
Queen Victoria ia dead at her Os
borne house Lome, at - Cowles, lale of
Wight. Site was almost 82 years old,
and had reigned longer than any other
monarch in the world. ,
Verdi, the composer, is serionsly ill.
The severest storm on record is re
ported from Alaska.
A strip of. Benton county, Oregon,
may be annexed to Linn.
A fire at Walla Walia -destroyed
$25,000 worth of property.
T I. .. i. II i . ,
will be held at Cleveland, Ohio. .
-"' The Venezuela government . is trying
to blackmail the asphalt company.
Speaker Beeder, of the Oregon legia
- lature, has announced his committees.
A new pure food law is now being
considered by the Oregon, legislature:
. .. A bill is before the Washington leg'
islature for the abolishment .of fish
' - Ex-Congressman George W. Cowles,
aged 78, is dead at his home in Clyde,
K: y. , .
.'. A measure has been introduced in
the Oregon legislature to increase the
monument fund to $20,000.
The senate has confirmed the nomi
nation of James 3. Marian to be at
' tarney -general of Porto Rico. .
. A new, countv, named Clearwater,
will probably be created by this sear
sion of tbe Idaho lgeislature.
John H. Russel, a well known the
atrical manager, is dead at - the state
hospital at Middle'town. N. Y. ;
The governor of Idaho has recom
mended a memorial to congress asking
for DODllldr elant.inn rtf flanutnra' ' .
A measure is before the Washington
legislature providing for the purchase
of the Thurston county court house for
a state capitol. '.v
Rev. Charles E. Conrad, M. p., a
noted missionary, died at Quincy, 111.,
aged 81. He was in Calcutta during
the Sepoy outbreak..' '.' .
The revenue cutter Grant is to make
a cruise along the coast near the United
States-Canadian line to investigate the
.. n ....... MMo liUUtD
ashore lately. 1 .
West Point cadets airree to ahnlish
- Enraged Omaha citizens burned a
pest ho use. '-. -
.- Germans" contemplate a cable - line
around the world.-. r "
- Thft nnvftl AnnKiiiriatinn Kill . ,..-.. .i .1 i..
lor .lour new warships. - --y .:
Astoria's big export sawmill 'will fee
luuHieu ai longue 8 mint. . -
The term of -duty in the .Philippines
. may be limited to two years. -
Minister,: Wa .urges Americans to
; enter into trade with China. -:;'
Havana citizens petition congress to
lower unty on unban products. ; . '
-. America's protests "against Venezuela
have been defied, by that government
i lhe House, will devote most of its
ttmA thlB WAOlr rt - ilia annMlwiBtiMi
Dill. ... -.
,, British ebij?Muel Tryvan foundered
m x-ugusn cnannei ana 11 lives were
lost. .," '.. - '
. T. W. Bartlev. of Moscow, has been
appointed hah. and game warden for
Idaho. '.
Anarchist plot to kill prominnnt
Amei leans disclosed by member in a
couit trial. - - - -. . ' .. v
'. Severe cold -weather prevails in,
CnVia Thr has hMn mmtli mffa;nn
- HHW www.. U.UV.. OUUUlUJ
at Santiago. : . : -
' Count de Lubersac and . Baron de
Rothschild fought a:duel. In France in
which the former was wounded. v '-
.': An Idaho "bill for the repeal of the
stringent law against "gambling has
been introduced in the house.-'- iA-
The O'recron lncriHlAtnrA twill 1ia aolrarl
by the managers of the Spokane expo
sition to appropriate $50,000 for an ex
hibit at the fair. -
.' Two men, while rowing aoross Ni
agara river, lost control of their boat
. and were earned. into the rapids.. One
. of them was -swept - over the falls and
drowned.-; The other was rescued,
All noma for tha rftntwarp nf Onun
. . - . -j uuuu
Victoria are gone-and the announce
ment oi ner aeatn is Hourly expected.
-AH members of her family are either
- at her bedside or going there as fast as
.steam can carry them. - -
Mayor-Elect Hurley,, of Salem,
Mass., will give bis salary of f 2.500
to the poor.
Chairman -Johnson and Secretary
Walsh will keep national Democratic
headquarters in Chicago' open till
- An exneriment farm wilf-he Rturtnd
200 miles from ' Manila .-by -the United
States Philippine commission -for the.
growth of all sorts of seeds an,d plant
from this country. -
Had Them Snugly Hidden in the Pockets of a
Belt He WoroAround His Waist
New York. Jan. 21. United States
Marshal Alcott, of the Ferry district,
has formally seized in this oity $17,600
worth of diamonds, wbioh - were
brought into this country by Antonio
Ansenias without paying duly on them.
The goods were found on Ansenias'
person by United States customs offi
cials as Ansenias was leaving a steamer
of the Hamburg-American line at Ho
boken. Ansenias was not arrested, bnt the
diamonds will be held pending a decis
ion of the Treasury department as to
whether he is giilty of smuggling.
His defence is that he is a Cuban
merchant, and that he is merely pass
ing through this country on his way to
Cuba. The diaomnds were concealed
in the' pockets of a large belt which
Ansenias bad around his body, and
were accidentally discovered by a cus
toms inspector who happened to place
his band on Ansenisas back as the I at
ter was leaning over a trunk. - There
are 12b separate ai tides, of an ap
praised valuation of $11,000, which
with 60 per cent dutv added would
make them worth $17,600.
It Receives Strong Support From Secretary'
-"v , :' Hitchcock.
Washington, Jan. 21. Secretary of
tb.9 ' Interior -Hitchcock was to hare
been heard today by the house commit
tee on public, lands on the subject of
irrigation, which is attracting atten
tion in many Western states, but being
unable to come: to the capitol, he sub
nutted a statement. This strongly
supports the policy of irrigation, and
says that a vast acreage capable of sup
porting 50,000,000 people should not
be left a desert. Mr. Hitchcock points
ont the remarkable results experienced
in the valley -of the Nile, practically
redeeming Jigypt from : bankruptcy
Professor Newell, of the geological sur
vey; Trofessor Pinchott, ot the agri
cultural department, and Represents
tive Newlands, of Nevada, who started
the ' movement by a bill for- irrigation
storebi n-es along the Humboldt river
in Nevada, also strongly supported the
plan. '.The hearings today were on the
Newlands biUt bnt- this has brought
np the whole subject , as applicable to
Western states, and particularly Cali
fornia, Oregon, Washington,- Idaho
Aevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming,
Colorado, Jianasa, .Nebraska,-- South
and North Dakota.
Two Men Tried to Rob a Fifth Avenue, New
York, Restaurant. .- . r
New Tork, Jan.- 21. Two robbers,
armed with 32 caliber Colt's revolvers,
entered Maillard's restanrant and con
fectionery store, near the rifth'A venue
hotel, just as the place was "being
closed at mi lnijht, and ordered the
cashier to throw up his hands, tn
the place were a half dozen waiters.
and-the very boldness of the robbers
attracted attention. The cashier had
several hundred dollars -of tha i)'
receipts on the desk before him, and it
is supposed tnat - He did not move
quickly enough to 'satisfy the robbers,
for one of the men discharged his re
volver... The' bullet crashed' into the
wait back of- the cashier, who caught
up tne ,; rash and dodged Underneath
the connter.r.The waiters congealed
themselves' underneath, tables. The
shot attracted a Broadway crowd, and
the police were notified.;. Brandishing
their weaDOns the robbers dashed frnm
Maillard's, the crowd falling back and
giving tnem ait tne loom they wanted.
One turned into Twenty-fourth street
and succeeded in making- his escape.
The other dashed across the pavement
of Fifth avenue to Madison square, and
was captured .by "a policeman. He
said be was Edward Burgess, a steam
fitter. : '.i - - : - - '
- Conference on Cannal Treaty. ,''
London, Jan. 21. United -States
Ambassador Choate and the secretary
of state for foreign affairs, the Mai
quis of Lansdowne, had a secopd con
ference today on the amended , Hay
Panncefote treaty. " An outline of the
action Great Britain intends to pursue
was not developed, -and no definite de
cision is likely to be reached by Great
Britain for" several days. ,? . ,; - C
General A. J. McKay Dead. - ,:
New York, Jan. 2 1. General An
drew Jackson McKay, a distinguished
veteran of the civil, war, died .rln this
city- today. : He was -quartermaster-general
on the staff of General George
W. Thomas in the army ot the Cum
berland, r,
. Bumedby Molten Copper.- " '
: Tuscon, Ariz., Jan. 21. Juan- Lo
pez, a workman at the- Copper Queen
smelter, -was burned lo deatn Dy molten
copper which fell frctn a swinging pot
under which he stood. His clothes
were set on fire and his body horribly
I disfigured by the liquid metal. . ';' ; ; "
"New Ships Building.
Ships that will - be worth in the ag
gregate $29,725,000 are cow in pro
cess of construction at the shipyards
along the Delaware river.' -' -- " v
'i ' .. Mail Boxes for Rural Routes. - -
Salem, Jan. 21. Twenty-five dozen
mail - boxes n. featured . hv thn ivvatn.
o---- -
meut Ivi- the rural' -mail routes, have
been -received - in Salem, and the
ance are 'expected- in' a ;few days.
Thay are made- of galvanized iron,, J6
iuchea,lon?, six inches wide and six
inches lush. Each family or person
on the route desirinu mail hr thn oar.
ner must put up one of these boxes
and pay $1 each for thetn. - ;.v ' "
Farquhar's Squadron Ready to
.' Move "on Venezuela.
Minister Loomi's Dispatches Tampered With
The Scorpion Will Remain at La Guayra,
: Where Her Presence is Necessary.
Washington, Jan." 21. Nothing has
been r heard over night from Minister
Lomis regarding the situation in Ven
ezuela.. Navy department officials
deny that any instructions have been
given to the North Atlantio squadron
to move over from Florida to venezue-
la. The shins, however are in Trf
cruising trim, and could sail within a
few hours after the receipts of orders,
thouKh it is not believed . here that
there will be any necjssity for their
movement toward Venezuela. ,
The orders to the Scorpion to pro-
ceed to Guanoco from La Guayra have
been countermanded, and she will re-
main at La Guayra where her pres
ence is regarded as necessary. By di- came "igntened, withdrew and refused
rection of the state department, Min- ca"y ont ho mission entrusted to
ister Loomis has protested to the Yen- hilm From the time he left the organ
ezuelan government against the exer- i izarion he claims he was annoyed and
cise of censorship over any of his offl-1 tnreatened by members of the Spciety.
cial communications, and it is under-1 He remained firm in his determination
stood that the protests have been effec! no to obey the orders, however, and
tive. .yesterday six of the men came here
' It cannot be eatliered that n vr and begged him to return. When he
late advices-have caused the change in
the department's plans relative to the
movements of the Scorpion - In fact, it '
is said that nothing has been received ;
to show any marked change in the I
.nn. )
status in - Venezuela sinoe yesterday.
when Minister Loom is snoke of th '
suppression of a rebellion among the committed t"? prisoner to jail, pending
troops in Caracas, the inception . of ' furtner examination. Masuras was
which was unknown to the depart-! examiaed by tne Plice- "". a re
mentof state.;! The fact that such a Dlt tbe. waivaats were issued. Joseph
movement. could gain headway in Uaa- I and Janes KSptaukas and Frank Hcs
taro's own capital, however, is very sig- tai8nB were arrested by the police. One
nificant, and this rebellion among the ,otner Yonkers man and two New York
troops may have led to the decision to" rs are named "n other warrants, and
iretain the Scorpion at La Gnayra. the
I ... -
nearest port to Uaracat : .-ai'--- : "I
5T naval authorities were consulted
duTing the )ay as to the; feasibility of
e-et forcing the American naval' force
now in Venezuela, but while some uch
tmng is m , prospect, it cannot be
learned that any positive orders hare
yet - gone out. - The Hartford is not
within reach of the cable, being on a
cruise from Port of Spain for Barba
does,, at - which ; place she f is due in
about two days. She may be tinned
back from that port, unless the situa-;
tion im Droves. The I.flnirectoT sil1
; The Lancester sailed
from Port of Spain for the Cane Verde
islands, so she is entirely beyond reach "r 8ncceedln8 January J the fall was par
There is no disposition on the part ticularly heavy,- completely tying up
of.the authorities here to go to anynn- "a WnitB ' FaBS ' nkon railroad,
usual length in dealing with this sitn-' :The hi1"r8-r was stU blockade when
ation, as they eay irankly that it is not the Seattle ai'Bd.
a part of their purpose to browbeat or ' BetBeu Skagway and White Horse,
coerce the Venezuelans by a formal tbe interiot terminns of the road, there
naval - demonstration, -unless such were8ht engines and three rptanes
course is forced on. them, which ia not stalled- Several of the engines were
believed to be at all likely- But it inlawing trains, on which were from 10
quite certain "that Amiral Varqahar ; to-12 . passengers each. All of the en
will shape the movements of the North 1 B"18 were "wittiout water, having to
Atlantic: squadron so as to keep in: melt snow. " A train near, the anmmit
close touch with the navy department f the mountains bfick of Skagway ran
and he will not be far away from a ! hort ?f Pvi8ins' the crew having to
cable end for mnr at pack food for the passengers from
after he' leaves Florida;
Mr. Loamis' protest against any cen"
sorshtp of his official mail on the rjart
-of the Venezuelan government was not 1
idly lodged, and lie acted by the de-!
partment' direction -only upon a well '
gionnded suspicion that his cables were
being tamired nith or unreasonably
delayed. .,.".' ' .' " .
The ConHdential Clerk of a New York Whoie.
- tit House Sails for Europe. --. '
V London, Jan. 31. The alleged for
cer", for whnfiA ATtvaili inn tha .TT4 t.A
States-authoriites asking is said to I
be bimund Hertz,- :alias. Bmden, of
New. Yorkcit'y.;. He is supposed to
be on board the steamei -Corinthian,
which left Ilaiifax, Sunday,,; Jan. 7
for Qneenstown and -Liverpool.' - The
police of those cities are-watching for
him. : ' ' - . 'i-.:;.'';'i si-i--:
-Actipg-under instructions from Chief
of Detectives - .George rV Titus. - the
Scotland vYard officials were cabled
yesterday.: to- arrest at Queenstown or
Liverpool as he steps off an incoming
steamer, the alleged defaulting confi
dential t lerk of a large wholesale house
on Walker street, New York City,' who
is said to have embezzled $50,000 of
the firm's funds at tbe time of bis
flight, and to have embezzled' n'earlv
$200,000 before he was even, suspected.
- ' Want Back Payv
Bane. Vt., : Jan. 21. Many granite
cutters and tool sharpepera are takins
.action toward pushing ; their claims of
back pay for work done in the service
of the government of the United States
neaily 80 jeara ago.- The claims arise
oat of the building of the Boston and
New York postoffices, the work on Dix,
Hurricane and : Fox islands, and' work
in navy yards. The Aclaimanjs worked
10 hours a dav instead of eight, and
they are now trying' to collect pay for
the extra two hours a day. 'The navy
aid men got their pay : two years ago.
".." The Peace Protocol.
Washington, Jan. 21. A message
was received- today-- from Minister
Conger, at Pekin, stating that the Chi
nese plenipotentiaries bad signed" and
delivered ..the protocol. " This removes
the last doubt that had -arisen a to the
sealing of the government aereemant,
.or it would not hav-e been accepted by
the Spanish- minister",, who is dean of
the corps, unless it bore all the seals
and signatures necessary, to give it fill
force. . - '
Planed to Kill Prominent Americans Disclosed
in Corut Trial.
New. York, Jan. 23. Elias Masuras,
a Greek, the complainant in an assault
case, which .came before Judge Kel
logg, of Yonkers, N. Y., this morning,
told a startling tale of a plot of Greek
anarchists to kill prominent Americans,
and would have told more' had the
court not stopped him and turned him
over to the police, that they might
qnietly investigate the case. Several
arrests have already been made, and a
number more are planned. .! .:
On the stand Masuras eaid that in
Greece he had been a member; of an
anarchist society. Some time - ago it
fell to his lot to kill a public man in
the United States, and he was ordered
to come to this country and place him
self under the ordeis of the American
branch of the, society..' He had never
neara name of the man be was to
mD1er. and understood that, as in
0ne1, case, the man "who was to be
- e 'iotim wa? selected after bis
"rrival in this country,
T After reaching America, Masuras,
laocordin8 to his own story, went to
Yonker8 5 affilUted himself with
" bra,lch ot the organization, as well
f'one " New York.; Finally he he-
'till refused, one of the six. which one
he could not say, attempted to stab
him. The blow was aimed too high,
however. ; .
Masuras was apparenty willing to.
tell more about the society, but Judge
Kellogg adjourned the heariug and
Ule P0lIce ar8 "earching for them.
fflL . - . t a- 1 1 . 1 r i l
ue poe asspri tuac tney oeiieve me
"tory told Masuras, and they say
taat he "i1 naa ,ed t0 tne discovery
of an anrchist band of a dangerous char-
' acter.
Cwnpltte Tie-Up Resulted on White Pass'and
. 1; . Yukon Railway.. ':
Seattle, Jan. 28. The steamer City
.'of Seattle, 'January "14 from Lynn
r.ow1t "ports a great snow storm in
Southeastern Alaska.; For five days
Fraser, over two. miles distant. The
storm appears to have extended well
towards Dawson, carrying down "the
wires "f the Dominion Telegraph Com-'
pany.x '
- Highwayman Will Die. " -
: Spokane, Wash.,' Jan. 23. P. B.
Callahan, a highwayman, lies dying at
Sasrect Heart, hospital, as the result of
last night's adventures.-. At midnight
Callahan entered - Garabaldi Albi's ea
loon. i'he ilock from polioe headquar
ters, took a drink with the proprietor,
and covered him , with a gun.--AIM
I an away and gave the alarm. Callahan-
-robbed tbe .til), then ran : down
fn"PP,-. reei
In the' darkness
he plunged over the Great Northern
retaining wall, falling on boulders 18
feet below; -vBoth hir jaws were brok
en, and the base of his brain injured.
He was taken to the hospital where he
will probably die. Albi is a brother of
William Albi, " who killed a robber
named Laoey two years ago, in revenge,
for having held him up.- - :
" Xjlass Works to Close Down.
' Haitford City,' InL, Jan. The
American "Window Glass Company and
the Independent Manufacturer's Asso
ciation today agreed to close their
plants until Aripl 1, instead of June J
1. Eighty factories and about "80)00
workers ..will bs affected. - The object
of the shut-down is to curtail produc
tion an maintain prices. ' , -
'.' Soldier Commits Suicide.
'- fian-Francisco, Jan. 23. Ed ward M.
Baytel, a convalescent . soldier, . com
mitted suicide at the Presidio " yester
day by "shooting himself through.: the
headjWith a Krag-Jorgense'n rifle. He
was a TJu'sian,. enlisted in Chicago,
and "assigped to company Et Thirty -seventh
infantry i -His sister resides ro
Pullman, 111. -. - - ., - s:
v -; New Negro University. ' . .
.. The Dniversity of -West Tennessee,,
which has ju t - been chartered in that
state, ia to be built at Jackson 'by
prominent negio educators. -
" ." .' Charges Against Militia Colonel.
: Columbus, O., Jan ; 23. Charges
have been filed .-with Governor Nash
against Coonel C. X. Zimmermari, of
the- Fifth Regular Ohio -National
Guard, by Major Dodge, and it is ex
pected that a court martial will be ihe
result. The charges incude -false en-tries-on
the muster rolls and Tailing to
account for public funds; -So action
will be taken until Governor Hash re
turn! from Washington. - . .
Venezuela. Trying to i Squeeze an
American-. Concern.
Offers to Restore the Asphalt Property for
, One Million Dollars Insurgents ' '
Gain a Battle. .
Indies, Jan. 23. The arrivals today
from Venezuela confirm the . reports ' of
the existence of a critical condition of
affairs in that renuhlin. a form at
Venezuelan minister asserts that the
politicians at Caracas are making a de
termined 'raid on the" ; Bermudese
Asphalt Company. He adds that tbey
tried it before on " a modest scale,
squeezing $30,000 out of the company,
When United States . Minister Lnnmia
protested and stopped lurther action bt
mis description. Tne government, the
minister also says, listened to reason
then, bnt has now Inst its head - mil
offered to restore the property for $1,-
uiw.uuu, although it is said to have
been illegally taken by a dictatorial
decree. In addition, the- assertion is
again made that if foreign governments
'permit the aotion of the Venezuelan
authorities to pass without some pro
test, all foreign investors will lie driven
from South America, for. the latter al
ways claim they are being illegally
plundered. ': In this connection, the
assertion is made that no former Ven
ezuelan government would have dared
to act as this one does toward Wash
ington. It is explained "that the Ven
ezuelan authorities are counting on the
disinclination of strong nations to co
erce weak ones. , -
At the. office of, the Orinoco Com
pany, whose two .' steamers were re
cently seized by tbe Venezuelan au
thorities, the manager says the British
minister at Caracas, Mr. Haggard, has
informed the American minister that
the British "government, will-not pro--tect
the company because its share
holders are Americans. The company
is said to be losing heavily through
the seizure of the steamers. .
- The commander of.the French cruiser
Suobel, stationed at 'Curapano for the
protection of the large French interests
in that vicinity, reports that disturb
ances are- increasing. - The insurgents
of Venezuela have just gained a battle
near Gucia. . . . -
' -; Germany Not Interested. ' ' T
' Berlin,: Jan. 28. The German for
eign office shows no inteiest whatever
in the reports regarding "the situation
in 'Venezuela,- and characterizes" the
newspaper accounts of the difficulty
as exaggerated. . ' :; ;. -. "
But the East Is Willing lo Help Obtain' Appro.
- priation tor National Irrigation.- ' ' -;
. . . -i- . . --1 .
. Washington, Jan. , 23. Some hun
dred prominent daily Eastern; newspa
pers recently have editorialy expressed
views favorable to a system of national
irrigation. '. It ' would seem that the
East is well in line in wishing the de
velopment and reclamation of . tbe
great area west of the hundredth meri
dian, and that it ia . realized . that sueh4
a development would benefit the entire
country and be a national .benefit," add
ing jto, the general wealth and power of
the nation.: - While the' East is thus
willing to assist and co-operate; it ex
pects, of . course, that the -West will
make: its own, fight. "'- Every . lofat
Western . organization - of whatever
character chambers of . commerce,
boards of trade, commercial clubs,
business associations everything with
a president, and secretary' aliould dis
cuss and take action upon this ques
tion of national irrigation and govern
ment appropriations for-the building
of storage leservoirs,, and then stand
ready to co-operate with -the National
Irrigation Association, for whatever
procedure is necessary.
Accident to the Bailey. - : ...
- -Washington, "Jan. 28. The . torpedo
boat Bailey; has come to -grief again.
The accident ''which disabled ' her in
this case is- peculiar. .. While ..lying in
Newport,, about to : undertake a trial
trrp on the following day the; intense
cold .froze the water In her boHera,
bursting a number of the tubesj-'i The
boat has been Bent to New York for repairs,-and
the' trial--board baa been
ordered home. .
i - School Act Passed. " - - . '
Manila, -JanA23. The act establish
ing the-department of public instruc
tion was - unanimously passed, by the
Philippine commission today, .after a
debate "between- commissioner' Moses
and Judge Taft, over the' section per
mitting religions instruction in school
houses. ' :-- ' : ' . - '
, flMM Tw Hinidred earfc42;,
D. Decker, "of Cnarlottwillef jnd.V
is the possessor of a - piano made 200
years ago and which-is yet inr good con"
dition. and of 'excellent; tone: it is
made of solid mahogany. . r . s.
- Florence Strike Settled.
-Florence, Colo., Jan. 23. The strike
or the. mill men of Florence was-- set
tled today. . .'President Gorman, .of "the
State " Fedei ation' of ' Labor, who ' has
been. ' here - in- conference with both
sides, announced tonight that the mill
mangaexs had .sigued an agreement
granting tbe main demands of tbe men,
including the, eight-hour day v and of
the union wage scale. The mills will
resume work: at once; v The agreement
it for one year. , - . z-.,
' x . : - -
Interestintf Events and Gosslo of
' .
Uties and I owns in Washington, Oregon
and Idaho. " - -
The Dalles has levied a 6-mill tax.
; Burns has seoeived a chemical fire
The Southern Pacific is staling ice at
Ashland. -
The Dalles will purchase 600 feet of
ure nose. -
The Oregon legislature deficit foots
up $50,000i-;
Maohinery for the new laundry at
Eugene has arrived."
The Grant county tax levy as been
fixed at 85 X mills. .
Coyotes are numerous in Coles val
ley, Douglas county. ;
- The Douglas county tax levy- has
been fixed at 20 mills. .
The Pendleton school district has
levied a special tax of 8 mills.
Several herds near Montgomery have
been visited by coyotes of late. -
It is reported the Dallas organ fac
tory may be moved to Albany';
The approach to the Upper Calapooia
bridge was ' carried, away by the flood.
Baker City has v rescinded street
Hunting contract, and is in darkness.
. The walls of the first story of Mal
heur county's new court honse are fin
ished. ' . ' .' ;i
Collision of a train and handcar
near Woodburn, Or., was narrowly
Famous Uncle Ben group of mines
in Idaho has been sold to a New York
syndicate. '
-: The coal shaft being sunk by W. A.
Maxwell of Coos City, is now down
about 800 feet. .
Plans for tbe new creamery at Sum
merville are taking shape. It will
oost about $4,000.
- , Athena has invesetd $1,500 in school
warrants. - The city, besides, -has a
balance oh hand of $1,100.
Lincoln countv- has awnrdad thn
contraot for building the depot bridee-
. . .
iu uwrjo aacJuniou lor $ 385.
The old Coos Bay .road is said to be
in better condition than for several
years at this time of the year. -
J Henry Znta, Jr., a 17-year-old boy.
of Vale, Or., aocientally killed him
self while examining a revolver.
I. J. Straw, of Klamath county, rode
off a bridge into a snow bank last
week, and had to dig his horse out.
. Contract for building the Wheeler
oonuty court houje has been let to A.
F. Peterson, of CorvalliB,.for"$9,025.
Sixty-five thoroughbred sheep belong
ing to O. F. Knox were drowned neap
Cottage Grove by the recent freshet. -.
Howard v& Stearns are" feeding 600
cattle on Crooked river and about 600
head at Silver Lake, in Lake county.
r-A petition is in circulation asking
that -the .publio roai from. Cottage
Grove to Lorane be widened to 60 feet.
J.'W. Waiters Son, proprietors of
the Elmira mills, have ; floated their
logs into the Long-Tom from the JS'oti
river. , '. :: .., . .--'.. - . -
Several car loads of Weston bricks
have been shipped to ; Mission: station.
They - will ;. be. used for government
buildings. , . ' " '. . . .
An acetyline gas plant belonging to
J. P. Williams, of Long Creek, ex
ploded last week, and -slightly injured
Mr. Williams.- ;V '
" A petition is being circulated asking
an appropriation of $1,000 to repair
and improve the state buildings and
property at Sodaville. - . ,'
. A herd of 110 -sheep was shipped
from Huntington to" Salt Lake Citv
by the Baldwin Sheep & Land Coin
pany4 of Crook -county. . "
: It is reported' that Ed Lambson, of.
Willamina, has leased a large -tract
of land on Salmon . river, which he in
tends to stock with cattle'. . v -
The sale of "land belonging' to' the
Leonard ' Lang estate in Pinn vallnr
which ' escheated to ' the state of Ore
gon recehtly, has ; been confirmed hi
Judge Eakin, of 4he circuit court. '
'.- A meeting was held at McMinnville
in the interest' of the woodcutters of
the county,:-- Every "precinct was well
represented-. " They advanced the price
of -cutting oak wood from 76 cents to
90 cents a cord, and fir from 70 to 90
cents.' .' . - - . - -. '
- The farmers and stockmen of Malheur
county feel confident that the coming
season will be a prosperous one for
them, " While the "winter thus far has
been an open One compared with thoee
generally experienced - here, the indi-'
cations are that. there will' be plenty of
water for irrigation durinz the coming
summer,- and - that the-' feed on ' the
range will be good, :- . -
V.- .. ':' :t.--'. -'-' -.
The new $16,000- school house at
Davenport ia finished. .
TJbe railroad ' agent - at . Hamilton,
Barry Beeardsley, was robbed of $200. '
'. A school house will be' built at Dav.
ton to cost: between $20,000 and $80,-
. - Ed 6ievers. of Iowa, la considering
a proposition to buy a shingle mill at
the Past Week Rtrmrforf FrAm
Tacoma butchers have formed an -association.
A petition is being circulated to
have the postoffice name of Gay
changed to Albion.
The Simpson Lumber Company, ol
South Bend, has accepted plan for a
pony band saw mill.
Fire partially destroyed the ship
chandlery "store of J. C. Todd & Co.,
on the water front, Tacoma. Loss
$4,000, fully covered by insurance. :. '
Mr. H. P. Harrington, a prominent,
citizen of Rosalia, died of pneumonia.
His remains were taken to the home
of his parents in Monroe, Mich., for
During the recent snow 80 tons of
ore was hauled from the Cedar Canyon
district - to Davenport for shipment.
Had the sleighing continued good, still
more would have been brought out. , .
Larkins' hotel at Garfield," leased by
J. W. Keown, was entirely destroyed
by fire, together with most of the con
tents. Loss on the building, $1,600;
insuranoe, $650; loss on contents,'
$1,000, with $650 insurance.
While fording Toppenish creek, near
North Yakima. WilljCarrat was nearly
drowned. He was on horseback and
tbe swift current of the stream carried
horse and rider several yards, when
they lodged in some willows. -" from
which, with difficulty both succeeded
in landing safely on shore.
Owing to technical error in writing
the boundaries of a small strip of land,
amounting to . nearly three sections,
lying on the east side of North Bay,
between Mason and Pierce counties,
is left out- of tbe . jurisdiction of both
counties. An attempt will be made to
have the neutral strip incorporated
with Pierce. . .
Oscar - Bates, ex-sheriff of Stevens
county, received fatal injuries at the
Drummer's mine, near Curliew. He
had set three .shots in the 125-foot
level, and started to climb the . ladder, -but
missed his footing on the second
landing and fell back 20 feet. The
shots exploded before- he could regain
the ladder. '
Hopkins D. .Jones, until recently a
hotel porter at Wilbur, Wash., who
was arrested at Spokane on a charge
of horse . stealing, has been- releaed.
Word came from Wilbur that the "man
Chance, whose horse and saddle Jones
had appropriated, would not:' prosecute
Jones. The Wilbur man said he owed
Jones money, and that he' would be
satisfied to have him keep the horse
and saddle to settle the bill. : -
A free ferry at Weiser is proposed.
Caldwell merchants have made an
early closing agreement.
. John Hunt was arrested at Omfinn
on a charge of cattle stealing.
-A publio meeting was held at Lewis
ton to protest atrainst division of Ni
Perces county. ; . .' ? '
'' The postoffice of Leduo, Blaine -
uouuiv. naa oeen moved twn mi lea
southeast, without change of post
master. - : - - .
-At weiser's regular city electisn in
April, the - citizens will vote whether' -or
not tbey want the city bonded for
an nnn '
It ia announced that shinmenta nf
crude ore and concentrates from the
Coeur d'Alene last year ag
year aggregated, v
175,000 tons. V-
- There were several "mow llidoi in
Bear gulch last week, but no damage
is i reported except, that .the Orctincr
blaoksmith shop waavswept away..
several carioaaa of steel rails nave
teen unloade'd' in tha Weisnr varda .
iney. aie to - be used in extending tae
Pacific & Idaho Northern next sum-
mer. -'-'"- : . . .. '- :.':-'
::. Meetings, have been held and resolu
tions adopted by several G. A. B. post
moving tbe soldiers' home from Boia
to Fort Sherman, ? , a . -.
H. M. Merrin; of. Spokane, has taken
a , bond on the Father lode and two.
claims' adjoining Hrthe Coeur d'Alene
district. " It is uaderstood . that . workv
win uummeuco' immeaiaieiy. - -
.. Lew GraDger, who is charged with '
. . . . r i i . . . . .
pamura li ear iuoacow, uai neeo arrest-
vu. - uuiugw nam m uuiuwu VI aiutBoa,'
bat it is said bis true name is Lai king. -
- St...- l..... t. i: " -
800 feet more tunnel -will be driven, in -the
claims of the Silver Eagle. Mining;;
Co. There is also talk of building a .
cog-wheel road from the Silver Eagle
to the tummit.. : . y . . i : - ..
A Mountain Home drug store was.
broken into and an attempt made to1
rob tbe place. The proprietor, who ,
has sleeping apartments in the rear,'
wa awakened Jjy the noise of tbe rob
bers. JtJpon his appearance they ran,
having secured nothing. ..-