Corvallis gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Or.) 1900-1909, June 12, 1900, Image 2

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TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 1900.
Should the present boxer up
rising end in a partition of China
by the powers, the silver mine-
owners' trust may rind a solution
for increasing the value of their
product, that will beat Bryan, 16
to I.
The republican national con
vention will meet in Philadel
phia, June 19th; there will be
another campaign of education,
and in November it will be four
years more of McKinley and
good times.
The Oregon State Journal, H.
R. Kincaid's paper, finds in the
fact that the republicans carried
Oregon by a large majority a
circumstance "remarkable and
unaccountable." That's so. The
Journal did assist the opposition.
Those who only read the head
lines of the yellow dailies, are
shocked at the dishonesty of
Americans in Cuba. Perusal of
the official statement of General
Leonard Wood, military governor
of Cuba, will allay these appre
hensions. Gov. Wood says:
"Only one case of embezzlement
has been discovered among the
60,000 American soldiers sent to
Cuba. The amount stolen was
Sr 80. and the ;uiltv party is
serving a three years' sentence.
At the beginning of our war
with Spain, the attacks upon
Secretary of War Alger over the
embalmed beef scandal were
more desperate than the assaults
upon the dons. When England's
difficulty began with the Trans
vaal, some embalmed beef found
its wav into the haversack of
Tommy Atkins, and now Cana
dian army officials are running
from the stench of embalmed
beef. How far does the influence
of this man Alger extend any
Clumsy copper coins of ex
ceedinerly small denomination
comprise a large part of the cir
culating medium of China. Eu
ropean control of that vast coun
try, and the adoption of Euro
pean customs by its enormous
population, would cause the cop
per coins to be replaced by silver
ones. If America looks to her
interests in the orient there will
some day be a wonderful market
for the output of our silver mines
and a great appreciation of their
County Court.
At its regular June session the
commissioners court transacted
the following business:
Cost bill, amounting to $25.65,
in the case of the state of Ore
eon vs Henry Kubli, was al
The petition of Cyrus H.
A. -
James, asking the court to ap
point three disinterested house
holders to review and resurvey
county road 2 14 miles north of
Blodgett station, for the purpose
ot restoring monuments or
straightening said road, was
granted, and John McGee, J. E
Tohnson, and E. F. Strouts were
appointed viewers.
The proposition of H. M
btone to change the plan ana
specification of the draw bridge
to be built bv him across the
Long Tom at Bundy's bridge,
was accepted subject to the ap
proval of the secretary of war
Henry Clemens was admitted
as a charge to the poor farm.
W. J. Warfield was granted a
bounty for one wild cat.
All road supervisors were or
dered to make a list of all tools
of whatsoever kind in their dis
trict belonging to the county and
file same with the county clerk
before July 1, 1900.
Commissioner Irwin was given
power to expend the road fund of
district No. 14, in improving the
road between Corvallis and John
Rickard's place, in such manner
as he should deem proper.
The county clerk was ordered
to deliver to the sheriff a certified
delinqnent list from the tax roll
of 1899.
The court agreed that Benton
county should purchase an un
divided one-half interest in the
Sol King gravel bar, upon the
city of Corvallis purchasing the
other half.
In the matter of assisting in
the improvement of the Corval-lis-Philomath
road between the
lands of Peter Gellatly and Jas.
Hayes, it appearing that $44. had
been raised for this purpose, it
was ordered that "when this
amount had been expended the
court should appropriate a like
amount for this purpose.
The petition of James Pfonts
and others for the county to pur
chase a steam gravel loader, was
continued for the term.
The matter of assistance for
the Wyatt road was continued for
the term.
It was ordered that the coroner
and all justices of the peace of
Benton county be notified that
before proceeding upon any ex
amination or trial of a criminal
charge or any inquisition upon
the body of a deceased person.
that the district attorney or his
deputy be notified to appear and
conduct said proceedings on be
half of the state of Oregon.
E. J. Elliott, Robt. Matheny
and Win. Crees were appointed
to view the proposed county road
leading from the center of the
Western terminus of college
street in Philomath to a point
near the N. E. corner D. L. C.
of Wayman StClair.
To Exchange.
Property in Corvallis and vicinity for
Portland property. For particulars ad
dress Box 77, Portland, Oregon.
Magnolia Laundry.
We respectfully solicit your patronage.
Our agent will "call at any address for
laundry on Mondays and Tuesdays, and
deliver ou Saturdays. Strict attention
given family washing. All work guaran
teed first-class. Give us a trial.
Trask & Settlemier,
Improved Service to the Koo tenia
Mines Via the O. R. & N.
Effective Sunday, June 3rd, the Spo
kand Falls & Northern Railway will
change time, and will establish double
daily train service between Spokane and
Kossland, close connection being made
for all Kootenai territory.
Day train will leave Spokane 10 :35
a. na., arrive Kossland 5:30 p.m., ar
rive Nelson 8:00 p. m. Night train will
leave Spokane 9 :45 p. m., arrive at Boss
land 6:30 a. m., carrying a palace sleeper.
Passengers arriving at Spokane on our
No. 4 at 9 :00 a. m., make close connec
tion with the S. F. & N. day train, and
arriving at Spokane on our No. 8 at
5 :45 p. m., make good connection with
the S. F. & N. night train.
Money to Loan
On improved farm security, long or short
time, in sums of $500 or more. No com
missions, no agents. For particulars,
address P. O..Box 145, Albany, Or.
Old cast iron of any kind. Farmers,
we will pay you from one-fourth to one
half more for your iron than any junk
dealer. AVe are ready to do repair work
of any kind, at any time. Patronize us.
Bring yeur old iron and get your money.
The Foundry, Corvallis, Or.
Opened in Albany.
J. A. Kotan, for 20 years a business
man of Salem, has opened a furniture and
undertaking establishment in the Balti
more block, Aibaay, and invites the pub
lic to call and inspect his goods. No ex
tra charge for hearse where undertaking
foods are purchased of them. Phone,
Hack, 401, Albany, Oregon.
For Sale or Exchange.
Four lots, improved, in Avery's Add.
to Corvallis, for sale; or will exchange
for small stock ranch . For farther par
ticulars enquire of TJ. G. Bekry,
Peoria, Oregon.
"After Buffering from severe dyspepsia
oyer 12 years and using many remedies
without permanent good I finally took
Kodol Dyspepsia Cure. It did me so
much good 1 recommend it to everyone,"
writes J. E. Watkins, Clerk and Record
er, Chillicothe, Mo. It digests what you
eat. Otaham t Wells.
er Sale or Exchange.
One hundred and eighteen lots, in half and whole
blocks, in the original town of Newport, that health
ful and beautiful summer resort, in Lincoln county,
Oregon; some business lots: residence lots near the
principal churches, school house, and other resi
dences; also residence lots commanding beautiful
views of ocean and bay.
Fire fractional blocks, south of and near the
State Agricultural College; all completely tiled,
streets thrown up and graded; beautiful, convenient
and healthful for residence.
Large dwelling, barn and outhouses, centrally
located on roomy and commodious ground?, in
Corvallis; will exchange for farm near Corvallis.
Twenty acres highly improved, all tile drained,
and in good state of cultivation; excellent roomy
buildings; about one-fourth mils from Agricultural
Large and roomy house and stable and lot in Cor
rallis, good residence, two blocks from the Cour
House; high, rolling ground.
Eight nice residence lots, thoroughly tile drained,
in Wilkins Addition to Corvallis.
One lot and hotel, The Vincent House, on Front
street, in Corvallis, centrally located.
Seventy-three acres, 6 in orchard, 18 in wheat,
balance in grubs, timber and pasture: situate w..i
adjoining the odd Fellows Cemetery, near Corvallis.
Will exchange the town DroDertv named far
suitable farm or acreage property; or will exchange
the acreage property described ,f or town property or
other farms or acreage: or will sell anv or all of
said property on reasonable terms and time at rea
sonable rates and prices.
Corvallis, Oregon.
Lost Notice.
Lost, recently between this citv and
Monroe, a parse containing about $3 in
coin, belt rings and other articles.
Finder vrill please leave same at this
Copyrights &c.
Anyone sending a sketch and description mat
quickly ascertain car opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Oommoniea
ttons strletly eonadentiaL Handbook on Patents
Best free, Oldest as
Patents taken through Mann A Co. receive
e. uiaesi agency lor securing patents.
jpprMH none, witnout onarge, in too
Scientific flmericam
A handsomely illustrated weekly. largest cir
culation or any srten tino Journal. Term s. $3 a
ytjuoar nitthj. U SoliS truliicwbJaier
Branen Office, 626 7 Bt, Washington, , C.
State Treasurer's Third: Notice.
Slate of Oregon,
Treasury Department.
Salem. June 2, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that there are
funds on hand with which to redeem all
outstanding state warrants drawn on
the general fund and endorsed "Pre
sented and not paid for want of funds,"
prior to this date, except those drawn
for conveying insane for the years 1899,
and 1900 ; also to pay all warrants drawn
on the state scalp bounty fand aud en
dorsed "Presented and not paid for want
of funds," prior to May 20, 1899, and
that all such warrants properly endorsed
will be paid upon presentation at this
office, interest thereon ceasing from and
after this date. Chas. S. Moore,
State Treasurer.
Notice to Creditors.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been duly appointed executor
of the estate of Geo. W. Buckingham,
deceased, by the County Court of the
State of Oregon, for Benton county. -All
persons having claims against said estate
are required to present the same duly
verified to me at my residence, neat
Dusty, in Benton county, Oregon, or at
the law office of E. Ho! irate in Corvallis,
Oregon, within six months from the date
of the first publication of this notice.
Dated June 1, 1900.
J. P. Gragg,
For Sole.
Wa have now on hand the finest and
most complete stock of finish lumber and
the best grade of flooring, rustic, etc.,
ever seen in Corvallis. Also cedar posts
in any quantity. We have a good fair
grade of cedar shingles which we are
offering for $1.40 per thousand.
Corvallis Sawmill Company .
Twenty Per Cent Off od Eggs.
Eggs from Black Minorcas first prize
winner heads first pen, regular price
$1.50, now $1.25; second pen, now 80
cents for 13, a setting. Reduction at
yards, near Cathotic cemetery.
B. R. Thompson,
Corvallis, Oregon.
"I had stomach trouble 20 years and
gave up hope ot being cured' till I began
to use Kodol Dyspepsia cure. It has done
me se much good that I call it the savior
of my life," writes W. R. Wilkinson,
Albany, Tenn. It digests what you eat.
Graham & Wells.
"After suffering from piles for 15 years.
I was cured by using two bottles of De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve," writes W. J.
Baxter, North Brook, N. C. It heals
everything. Beware of counterfeits.
Graham & Wells.
The easiest and most effective method
of purifying "the blood and invigorating
the system is to take DsWitt's Little
Early" Risers, the famous little pills for
cleansing the liver and bowels. Graham
& Wells.
J. Q. Hood, Justice of the Peace, Cros
by Minn., makes the following state
ment: "I can certify that One Minute
Cough Cure will do all that is claimed
for it. My wife could not get her breath
and the first dose relieved her. It has
also benefitted my whole family." It
acts immediately and cures coughs, colds,
croup, grippe, bronchitis, asthma and all
throat and lung troubles. Graham &
J. C. Kennedy, Roanoke, Tenn., says,
"I cannot say too much for DeWitt's
Witch Hazol Salve. One box cured what
they called an incurable ulcer on my jaw."
Cures all piles and skin diseases. Lok
out for worthless imitations. Graham &
W. H. Mussar, Millheira, Pa., saved
the life of his little girl by given her One
Minute Cough Care when she was dying
from croup. It is the only harmless
remedy that gives immediate results.
It quickly cures coughs, colds, bronchitis,
grippe, asthma and all throat and lung
trouble. Graham & Wells.
call for Warrants.
Notice is hereby given that there i
money on hand at the county treasurer's
office to pay all orders endorsed and
marked "not paid for want of funds'' np
to and including those of September 9th,
1899. Interest will be stopped on same
from this date.
W. A. Buchanan,
Treasurer of Benton Co. , Or.
Corvallis, June 2nd, 1900.
"DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the
finest pills I ever used." D. J. Moore,
Millbrook, Ala. They quickly cure all
livr and bowel trouble. Graham &
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
executor of the estate of Tolbert Carter, deceased,
has filed his final account with the county clerk
of Benton county, Oregon, and the ceunty court
ef said county has set Friday, June 8, 1900, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day in the office
of the county judge in the court house, to hear
any and all objections to said final account and
the settlement thereof. V. A. CARTHK.
Executor of the Estate of Tolbert Carter, Dec'd. I
Dated this 7th day of May, 1900.
For Sale.
Clean, bright stock of Ladies' Furnish
mg Goods and Fancy Goods. Address
Box 415, Corvallis, Oregon.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
It artificially digests tne food and aids
Nature in strengthening and recon
structing the exhausted digestive or
gans. It is the latest disco vri ri
ant and tonic No other preparation
can approach it in efficiency. It in
stantly relieves and permanently cures
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Heartburn,
Flatulence, Sour 8tomach, Nausea,
all other results of imperfect digestion.
Prepared by E. C. OeWItt A Co. Chicago.
Graham ft Wells.
The Ea
In Corvallis, July 4th,
We have a store full of wearables appropriate to the
and at right prices.
Wash Dress Goods, Shirt
and Children's Shoes, Ribbons,
For Men and Boys we have
Weight Suits, Bicycle Suits, White Duck Pants, Negligee Shirts,
Linen Dusters, Summer-weight
Weight Shoes, Flags, Bunting,
You will have money left for other purposes if you let us sup
ply your wauts for this occasion.
C. A. Barnhart, Manager.
Paints, Oils and Varnishes
Bicycles, Ma?estic Lamps, Mossberg Chime Bells, Etc.
I Corvallis' Most Popular Eating House
I Pioneer Bakery
p Fresh bread daily. A complete stock of candies, fruits and
nuts kept canstantly on hand.- Smokers supplies
a specialty.
iff f
Seeing, Liking and Buying
A Large and Elegant line of Wall Paper, Mattin?, Floor
Oil Cloth, Lenolium and all" kinds of Tlonse Fur
nishing Goods at lire and let live prices. Also
The Famous Charter Oak Stoves
J. D. Mann & Co.
t5fSecone'hand goods bought or
t TRY . . . , S
! Jfeitt , 1
I FOB, .
Waists, Separate Skirts, Ladies
Laces, Hosiery, Gloves, Parasols,
Serge Suits, Crash Suits, Light
Underwear, Straw Hats, Light
Oh yes,
This is nice
But you should see
We don't make much noise, but
sell goods, or rather they
sell themselves.
taken in exchange for new.
Fresh Groceries
CorvaHis, Oregon.
Does a general and conservative bnalllBB
Corvallis, Oregon.
Office in Zierolf uuUiMng.
For Sale
By an expert French chemist. Up-to-now
commercial formulas a chance to
manufacture the goods yourself. An.
gestura and Stonghtou Bitters, no imi
tations but the genuine. Shoe Blacking,
Polish and Patent Leather Dressing;
Bicycle Enamel Recipes. For the farmer
and fruit man, workers in iron, steel
and other metals; painters and barbers,
amateur and professional photographers ;
how to make the tinted prints, green,
blue aud browYi ; pastes and glue for
commercial or family use; toilet extracts,
perfumes and Eoaps; cement for wood,
metal, metal, leather, rubber. Write
for mv list. Geo. DeLee,
523 W. 6th St , l,os Angeles, Cal.
Oregon) cohort) IW)
Montana, Utah, Colorado
and all Eastern Points
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the Union Pacific Fast Mail Line, or
the Rio Grande Scenic Lines.
Look at the Time . .
y2 days to Salt Lake
y2 days to Denver
34 days to Chicago
412 days to New York
Free Reclining Chair Cars, Upholstered
Tourist S eeping Cars, and Pnllmau
Palace S'ecpers, operated on all
For further infoimation, applyto
GEO. F. EGLIix, Agent, Corvallis, Or.
Trav. Pass. Agt. Gen'l Agent.
124 Third St., Portland, Or.
In the Circuit Court of the Stutc of Oregon for
tiie County of Benton,
George K. Allan. Plaintiff,
Birdie Allan, Defendant.
To Birdie Allan, Defendant:
In the name of the State of Oregon, You are here
by required to appear and answer the complaint
filed against vou in the above-entitled suit, on or
before the lath day of April. 1900, following six
consecutive weeks publication of this summons; and
if you fail so to appear and answer said complaint, for
want thereof, the plaintiff will take a decree
against you as prayed for in the complaint, towit:
A decree of this Court dissolving the marriage
contract heretofore made and existing between
plaintiff and defendant and for such other and gen
eral relief as the Court may deem just and equit
able. This Summons is served upon you by publication
and published in the Uniox-Gazktte by virtue of an
an order made by the Honorable E. Woodward,
judge of the County Court of Benton County, Ore
gon, and is published for a period of six weeks
prior to April 13, 1000, and the date of the first
publication is March 2, 1!)C0,
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Notice of
Executor's Sale of Real Property.
To Whom It May Concern : By Virtue of an
order of the county court of Marion county,
Oregon, duly made and entered, the under
signed executor of the estate of C. J. Mulkey,
deceased, late of Marion county, Oregon, will
receive bids for the interest of snid estate iu
and to the following described lands, towit:
Claim 54 in township 11 south of rang;e 5
west of the Willamette Meridian. Beginning
at the southeast corner of said claim, running
thence north no degrees and 24 minutes west
6U.90 chains; thence west 16.02 chains; thence
south no degrees 24 minutes east fit::') chains
to the south bouudary line of snid claim;
thence north 89 degrees 15 minutes east to the
place of beginning, containing 100 acres of
land situdte in lienton county, Oregon.
Terms of sale to be cash iu hand on the date
of the confirmation of said sale by the said
county court, and that from and after the 23rd
day of June, 19U0, that said executor shall pro
ceed to sell said real estate -at private sale; said
bids to be addressed to my attorney, W. II.
Holmes, at his office on Commercial Street, in
Salem, Marion county, Oregon. The said bids
will be received up to and including the 23rd
day of June, 1900, MILES LEWIS,
Executor of the Estate of C. J. Mulkey, Dec'd.
Dated this ISth day of Ma , l'JCO.
Southern Pacifio Ooinpanv.
Trains leave Corvallis for Portland
and way stations at 1:20 p. m.
Lv Portland 8:30 a m
Ly Albany A2:30 p m
Ar Ashland 12:33 a m
Ar Sacramento---5 :00 p m
Ar. San Francisco-7 :45 p m
8 :30 p m
10:50 p m
11 :30 a ni
4 :35 a m
9.30 a m
Ar Ogden --5:45 p m
Ar Denver 9:00 a m
Ar Kansas City--.7:25 a m
Ar Chicago 7 :55 a m
Ar Los Augeles---1 :20 p ra
ArEl Paso 6:00 p m
Ar Fort Worth G :30 am
Ar City of Mexico 9 :55 a m
Ar Houston 4:00 a m
Ar New Orleans- - 6 :25 a m
Ar Washington --6:42 a m
Ar New York- - - -12 :43 p- m
11 :45 a rrr
9 :00 a on
7 :25 a m
9 :30 a m
7 :00 a ro
6;00 p m
6 :30 a m
9 :55 a ni
4 :00 a m
6 :25 p m
6 :42 a m
12:43 p m
both trains. Chair cars Sacramento to
n.rrVn ami El Paso, and Tourist cars to
Chicago, St Louis,
New Orleans and
Connecting at San Francisco with sev
eral steamship lines for Honolulu, Japan,
China, Philippines, Central and South
gee F. E. FARMER, agent a Corvallis
station, or address
C. H. MARKHAM. G. P. A., .
Portland, Or.
Office in Wbltehom Block
Corvallis, Oregon
W. H . McBrayer and Old Crow tffeis
feys, Fine Wines, Liquors an 4 Crgaaa.
Physician Surgeon
Titles. Conveyancing.
Practice in al! State and Federal Court.
Office in First National Bank Building.
E. H. Tatixhi.
Dentistry of every description dons tn flrst
class manner, and satisfaction guar
Office over Zierolf 's grocery store, pposi'j
the post office, Corvallis. Oregon.
Physician $ Surgeon
Office over Allen &AVood ward's drugitare
Office Hours ? ' X.2 a' m
) 1 to 4 p. m .
Residence : Corner 5th find Adams, west
of Catholic church.
Telephone at office and residence.
Union Laundry 60.,
All white labor work guaranteed.
Kasket leaves on Tuesdays and arrives
Saturdays. J. D. MANN, Agest,
Secon5-Hand Store.
For Sale.
Six room, two-story house, with
outbuildings, with excellent well of
water, healthfully located, good
renting property. Terms reasona
ble. Address ,;Box 27, Corvallis,
Jerseys for Sale.
For Sale One of the finest Jersey
bulls, full blood, born last July,
solid color, gentle and kind, will
register in the A. J. C. C.
OLe very fine full-blood Jersey
bull solid color, prominently mark
ed, gentle and kind, born June 18,
1899. His mother tested per
cent, butter fat. Will register in
the P. C. C. C.
Two nice full b'ood Jersey heif
ers, solid color, well marked, about
15 months old, gentle and kind,
registered in the A. J. C. C. Par
ties wanting fine reg:stered Jersey
stock will miss a rare chance if they
fail to investigate this opportunity
to get tine Jerseys.
M. S. Woodcock,
Corvallis, Ore.
Corvallis & Eastern Railroad,
2 For Yaquina:
Train leaves Albany 12:45 p. m.
" " Corvallis 1:55 p. ns.
" arrives Yaquina 7:25 p. in.
1 Returning:
Leaves Yaquina. . . . G:00 a. m.
Leaves Corvallis. . . . 11:30 a. m.
Arrives Albany .... 12:15 p. in.
3 For Detioit:
Leaves Albany 7:00 a. in.
Arriyes Detioit 11:30 i. tn.
4 Returning:
Leaves Detroit 12:20 p. m.
Arrives Albany .... 5:45p.m.
One and two connect at Albat.y
ana uorvams wmi .-soutnern racinc
trains, giving direct service to and
from Newport and adjacent
Trains for the mountains arrive
a noon, giving ample time to
reach camping grounds on the
Breitenbusb ftnd Santiam river the
same day.
Edwin Stone,
H. L. Walue.v, Manager.
T. F. & P. A.
H. H. Ckonise, Agent, Corvallis.
Notice for Publication.
Lash Office at Oreoos City, Oheook,
May 12, 191
Notice is hereby given that the foliowing-nameil
settler has filed notice of her intention to make final
proof in support of ber claim, under Section 2301,
H. S., ami that Haid proof will be made before the
County Clerk of Bf nton County, at Corvallis, Ore
gon, on June 23, 1900, viz:
H.E. No. 12330 fpr the S. W. Quarter pf Section lfl.
T. 12, S. K..7W,
She names the following witnesses to prove her
continuous residence upon and cultivation of, skid
land, viz: Andrew Lane and John Arnold, both oi
Philomath, Oregon, and Harry Davis, George Kram
er, both of Peak, Oregon.