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' 1 1 mi tl i , 1 1 1 imm 11 Mil i mai Mi,, .dii mn m wrn -i
Iue4 every Friday morning.
0! D. JJAtT, OBO. . PAUL.
Editors "
and I -uliahers
i ne year. . J. .y . . . v- r.V.
Six months.. ". .
Three months. . . .", tlV',vv; . . C
$1 60
. 75
: so
FRIDAY, MAR. 24, 1899.
We never could understand why
. the taxpayers of the state outside of
' JtfuUnomah county should M bo
eager to abolish the fee system for
. - county officers and constitute salar
ies. The -result" has certainly not
justified their expectations, so they
' - keep cutting away at salaries,, until
7 soon, it will be a hard matter t get
competent men to fill, the -offices.
' Under the fee system the i county
, ' " paid its officers : in fees less jhari
' , no-half what it pays them now in
salaries, and to some of iu officers
it paid nothing at all.1 The balance
- was paid by litigents or , by those
"! needing the service of :the countv
"m "officer. ' Th idea 'of ;th'e ' salary
- : system is that the officers must col
' "lect fees as 'usual and turn them
" ivet to.flw'0fOyV mnia: this' .way
"' : the county hopes to reimburse itself
' for the" officers salary ;; In no in1
j , stance that we ever heard of has
this idea been accomplished the
- oflicers has no means. of enforcing
collection of fees, and if he had he
1 would "not "ddr it, for ;every -officer
. hopes to succeed himsett, ; ine net,
- result is that: thecounties pay out
' rvi rv' year for salaries of county
c 'ifiWmofe than twice as jiuch as
- t hey-- over did under ? the ? old
- avstem.1 If the fees were high
.was' an easy matter to reduce them
, - nd we are of the opinion that, this
' i What should have been done.
; ' So much is now being said and
,: -written about the numerous islands
whichhave ome into Uncle Sam's
poesessfon through the fortunes of
; -Avar, mat ,vne nHBiii, o.uv.t,
- -wlti.-h cam peacefully and gladly
." it u.ler our flag have been compara-
.liv-Iy lost sight of, and very little
about. them. VTheir
" fipngraphical positj'enfTtTettim
' 64mIon &t this time
rtftt -lway between Amer
! 5t and Asxaf in he?:Korth.fPacifio
. wjean. They- were 4i9coverea ?.oy
dbt. Cook - in 1779 ! and at that
tiuso contained 300i000; native in
habitants. In 1896 there was but
' 31 000 native inhabitants and only
10',0-X) of "all : nationalities; 22,00
,f these being Chinese, 24,UX) Japs
a 5 000 Portugese, and only 3.000
. Americans, the balance or amereni
- miionalities,-f There are u'eiht
J.l .nrU in the ffrOUD. OlllV four of
tht-in being inhabited and their
united area is 6,T40 .sqUare 'mileH
'r slightly less than the area: ;of
: the state of New Jersey.' 1 he dis
" tahce from Honolulu to Portlariis
about 2,000 miles, to Japan , about
k 3.000 , miles', to China' about 4,000
miles.' . There' .are. ,towailr64d
orr therslands, their united length
Iwinj abo!;75 ; raHpsr In :1896
t key hud a merchant . marine of 8
vosaela - flying the " Hawaiian flag
Tfie principal produc S are sugar,
ric. coffee, corn wheat, arrow
root and bananas. ; Their iiriports
in 1S97 amounted to nearly $8,000,
000 and their exports to over 1 15,
t)00,000,Yprpving ' that they are an
exceedingly - rich V country, , if pur
figures are relitble, and we believe
them' : to be. . It is a great cattle
country, and $70XK), worth of
hides were f sent to- the United
States in 1897. Tne climate is
delightful, and for the greater prrt
. of tte year"" most enjoyable. The
eky is .a rule is,, cloudless. The
trade winds blow from the- north
east for nine "months and in Janu
ary, February and 5 March, the pre
vailing winds-are from the south-
-west. ? At '.Honolulu s;the annual
rainfall is about 3S inches.' The
extremes of temperature in. 1896
Wijre' highest' degree of Fahrenheit
30 and lowest . 57. The . daily
average range of temperature for a
year -was less ' than 15' degrees in
1894. ' There are no fogs and sun
shine is almost perpetual. South
easterly storms" prevail during the
months of November and February,
which is the only interruption - to
perfect weather.; Taken altogether
Ihe islands' are an ideal place to
live and as near perfect in climate
-a any spot on the earth. " " '
Populistic. newspapers through'-
Ut the country are ' following oil'
Willie "Bryant on bis ,anti-expan
8i6n, anti-American,-, anti-honor,
anti-everything that is manly and
decent platform." They are doing
this because they, think, that fusion
last year means fusion forever, and
perhaps it dos for some of them
but not for the parly. To our cer
tain' knowledge many of the very
best and nost intelligent members
of the populist party, are not with
Mr. Biyant on , his anti -expansion
plank, but b.n the contary hold J,he
advanced ' and rg.i,rifr swa of
iiyefy patriotic man who loveshis
country. . Mr,. Bryant is nQt . going
to corrallihe populist party at the
next election as easy as he did last
time; they have learned something.
Was .the 'adoption f;of republican
methods of goverment. They have
proved that they were right;
they t? have done -? what ii. they
claimed-they would do, and froui
being a country so financially iiis
tressed that Italians fled home from
it in 1894, and immigration almost
ceased, it has again become the
foremost "nation orT" earth iri "Weatfh
and national prosperity.; The gohl
reserve in the',!naiiona) treasury
continues at two hundred and fifty
millions," while the cash on hand
exceeds five; hundred millions, -and
this after a successful foreign war
Ninety thousand cotton operative?
have lately had their wages raised
ten to fifteen per cent. Great ac
tivity prevails in the iron and steel
business, "and ' although prices 0'
raw material have advanced thirty
per cent, yet all the mills and fur
naces are running double time,
Our export trade has increased over
one hundred per : cent.'," within
year, so that it is not now a ques
tion of ' what can ' be sold abroad
but how much we care to sell. The
number of business firms failing
are notably' less than a year ago
and thei railroad earnings :. are
greater. Twentv years ago the ex
ports oi .iSngland"; were; twice as
great as ours. On the other hand
last year our exports exceeded hers
Sweden, Germany, France .an. I
even England herselLare. buying
our locomotives,', and our manu
fact u res in every department - are
taking the lead in every? market of
the world. Prosperity- has indeed
come and is on its way such as this
country of ours never dreamed of,
and when we get the Nicaragua
canal under way this western part
where weJive will gt its full share
of the incoming tide. ; ' : -'" " '
Signs of business prosperity con
?im9 to multiply in all . the diyer
gent sections of i this . great country
if ours, and the pessimist who -in
1833-4-5 predicted, that' the country
would, never again reach the. de
gree of prosperity that it enjoyed,
WM building, his .theories on false
premises. The republican party -eaid
then that prosperity . would re
tam, not only as great as we had
tever enjoyed,' burgreater, apd that
? fV sjiafegBary toecure it
The appropriations of the. fittvr
fifth congress aggregate a billion
ana a halt dollars. of
his is for the expense of the war
with Spain, and alter excluding the
post office appropriation, ; which is
offset by the postal revenues, and is
therfore hot a tax, the total appro
priation will fojt up just about a
round billion of' dollars. ' This
amount was we believe exceeded
once before in times of peace since
the beginning of the present decade
As' long as there is no stealing or
wasteful extravagance anywhere, the
people' are cot. tent , and will not
grumbl.' at increased expences, for
all realize that this is a billion
dollar country, and still growing
richer and stronger. . . . , .
-Germany has at' last done t lie
proper, tiling to reach old Urcle
SaiiiV soft heart. She has with-
rawn all her armed vessels from
rlie ; Philippine? and' asked the
United States to take ca.eof her
citizens and her 'interests there.
which they have consented to do.
, ' . " -. v--;- - t
Jude Gallon ay must have felt flattered
by the representative class of oar citizens.
including the faculty and students who
listened to his lecture on "State and
Puhlie Lands" at the Colleae Chapel last
Friday eyeiiiB)?. The judse complimented
the, regents .and faculty upon the suc
cessful management of the college along
the lines of agricultural and mechanical
education. mie work of the'college. hus
been so thorough and successful that 'the
Kentleman ;' expressed a commendable
pride in the'support he bad rendered the
institution in its infancy, dm iag the six
years he served as a member of the legis
lature. -
Introductory to the lecture, Mr. Gallon-ay
explained the decrepancy iu: the
no vern merit maps issued under former
administrations, . wherein the r Oregon 1
territory has been included in Jhe Louis
iana purchase,' but thanks to the efforts
of Commissioner Herman, whom Preci
dent McKintey has wisely placed at" the
head of the land department,' t his error
has been corrected, and all maps nov
nini iirictim-i it-Hiieu nin riace tne atqi 1
Bition of the Oregon territory in its proper
ligin. iiuiio ouurb uauoway aittereii
from the honorable commissioner politi
cally, yet he honoreil him for his devo
tion, under all i-irciimstan -es, to the
emicAUoiit-,1 and material interests o
Uregon: ............
Judze Galloway is a firn sunlmrter 01
Shoots for higher education, as provided
by the general and state noverniuents for
the maintainance of an auricnl'urul col
leise. a. state university, and a. good
normal school. His illustration bv the
use of maps prepared by himself was
instructive and interesting. ;
. - ' ;"-
'"-Letter List.; r"
The following" is the list' of letters 're
maining in., the Covallia postoOice
nnclaimed, Mar; 18, 1899:
Bray, W D olton, Dave '
Cox, Frank " Chambers, V E
Johnson, J J . Kisor, William F
Larobdee, Joseph Miller, C H
Morgan, VS ' Rogers, C D :
Smith, F W j Strake, Miss Emm
Strew, MS " Smither. PM
Tliompeon, Harry Tower. Charles
j B. W:" JoHNsoN'P. Mil 1
. . V
- Proposal for Bids. " 1
. . .. ....... . .... ...
Sealed bids for cementing ithe adniin
istration 'building on the State AgrxuT
ural College grounds will be receive! by
W. E. Yates, secretary,-at his office in
Corvallis, Oregon, till the close of busi
ness hours, March 31, 1899. Plana and
specifications for same may be seen at
the office of W. E. Yates, Corvallis, or at
the office of Edgar M ' Lazarus, arcnitect,
Portland, Oregon. . J W. E. Yates,
, . Secy. Bd. Bgta
.. Dated Mar. -10, 1899, Corvallis , Or.
' For Sale.
A five-years lease on good small fruit
husluess adjoining Amity; well estab
lished trade; comfortable buildings.
Wili;sell now. for value of buildings.
Address Box 65, Amity.
JlI Mrs. Mason's next Thursday.
March 30th, ' and the 'following
days. Call and see the fine display
and get j rices. Store one block
.weskc-f Hotel Corvallis. .-1 f ( k ;
Bids for keeping county poor. r Notice is
hereby given that sealed bids will be re
ceived at this office up to "2 p. m
Wednesday, April 51899, for the care
and . keeping of the poor of Benton
county, Oregon, for the term of two or
three years, from May 15, 1899, in ac
cordance with the contract and borfd
now 011 rile in this office,
, Attest . v Virgil E. Wattkbs,
seaiJ : , , , .3 . -i Countv Clerk.
; otlc to Creditors. ' : -
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has been appointed the admin
istrator of the estate of Alice A. Beal.
dei-eased,-by the county court, of the
state ot uregon, lor tfenton county. All
persons shaving : claims aurainst said
estate are required to present the same,
properly verified, to me at my residence
eight miles north of Corvallis, in Benton
county. Oregon, within six months fiom
the date hereof. '
Dated at Corvallis, Ore.lFob. 15, 1899.
' WnxiAJtA. Beal, ;
' Administrator of ihe estate of Alice "A.
BeaU deceased. ' . .'.;;
''- '" Wanted. ' ".''
A girl-to asswt in housework, in ex
change for mujiu lessons. Call or address
this office.' .: : . . - r.i i.
, l o You Xeed Help? - ' '. ..'
Anyone wishing a. competent mnn to
do light work' in the nature ot cleaning
yard,' trimming vines and hedges,1 etc.,
can secure such" service ny-enairtrttiorj
JU.m.W feyrtfi h xer . "
K A. S T
imn mint
11 mi
AN : '
m un
" ,' ';'
-1. . . 'f-jf I
T Goods j.
s at I
I Kline's
. !'.. ...... .-t
.The following lines of .-new
goods have arrived and we are
prepared to supply the citizens
of Corvallis and vicinity, with
popular merchandise at low -prices.
, ' " . i .'! 3 ; - : ! T j? f
.Gloves, Hosery. Musliu,
rjjiderwear, W r a p p e r s.
Corsets, Skirts.- Bells, and '
a full line- of notion and
trimmings. - - . ..... .
Ladies ' are especially, in
vited to inspect our new. line
of Shoes. . ." '
mm cin
. Portland and Sa em.' '.r
CtHier Both, for Salem, Albany, Corvatlia an.'
bt " ptot, leaves Portl-ind Tuesdava . Thwnimr
ami Saturdays at S A. M. lUtnraing-, leaTea Cor-
tallia Mudy7 Weanesdaya and Fridaya at A. it
...... . ...;..'f" 9 . .. . i -' v:
Tar fall lnrrmatlou call on r addlrcaa
X. H. Adams, Agent O. It, N., CciTallli,
OrceoM. "'. .''' -''-. .
' W. H. JjIWRLBURT.J-...' r!
!"'';';:' :'2r."'' Sin'L Pan a'kBNT. t '
Because he had his clothes made at
.- . v ': ! J. Vrae'e shop; " ' .'
n ... -,. ,.v r -:- :-. ' ' -
He keeps a complete stock and
will suit you with a suit. He also
makes up go ds. when purchased
elsewhere. , ' V, .,
tf vou want tie best workman
-. . . . . . .
ship at reasonable prices, oall and
See-.. ;.,.. I;, J.-; ? , '-. '
C9swelC;ari.ili. at CO. ;
aansAEjT . pac. s a eu. r j
1 The
Corvallis Orejgon,
Dues a general and conservative bankinc
b.ism83. ' 1, - y, i . a-
.C.B. Cacthors.- . . E. H. Tayiok. "
MBntistry of every description done in tirt
. class manner, and satisfaction guar
, . anteed. ;. ; .. ,.t . F .
Office over Zierplf 's grocery store, opposite
the post office, Corvallis. Oregon. .-
- ' z: -
: 1 ; t. J.'-.. ..its' ' "- - ' - '-:'!..-....
Hcrer a401d Crow Whi
Boys' Clothing;
i.ir '
Our Boys' and i Ghiiaren's "Glothing
has arrived;
The reason that we" dcr such a rgreat
Boys' and Children'sbusiness . is (because we
show extra good values, .betterrstyles and
more of them than can be seen elsewhere.
Toledo, Oregon.
Will practice in all the courts of the
-title. .
Montana, Utah, Colorado Z
and all Eastern Points !
Gives choice of two favorite routes, via
the U' ion Pacific Fast ' Mail tins, or
i the Rio Grande ScenSa Lines.
Steamer WM. M. HOAG
? : ' ., T U (Capt. Geo. Raabe), ,
Running regu arlv ba-tween Portland ni
, Crvall sh stopping at all way -
landifgs. ' -r-
' "";'' RIVER SCHEDULE: !" V
Sown rirr, Txasdays, Tkuradaya aRd Saturtaya
Larrs Corratlia a a. n .; AHanv i n. m. ; kucoa
Tita8a .; lnapc.da(x. 9 a. n. ; -alem 10 a. m.
Anwocrir .z:3 p a. ; arrive at Fortlavd 4:80 p. m.
Vtt rivar, 'Moadara, : Wedae-dava ami Fridav.
Leave Portland a. m. ; Nswberr 19:8 a. m ; Calen:
ISO p. an. ; lncttpexdeice 6 p. m.: Buena Viita 7:
p. w ; Albany D:30 p. ti.: arrive at Cervattia 11 d. is.
Ibis steamer baa been equipped with Itrat-claM
acceuimotiaiioua, inciud aa elegant .iano. UD
urpaiurd fnr carryiag bath freiebt aaA paaaeiitren.
H. J-I. Cronise, Agent, Corvallis, Or.
" Edwin Stone, Manager, A1baty, Or?
O. Coker. AKenU Portland. Or., loet
YatnntH Street. ' . r - - '
A1 U:
Notice to Smokers.
New stock of hig'4 grade Faucv Smok
ing Tobaccos, consisting. of Old Gold
Virginia Fmkes, Eugltsh Slic, Periqna.
Yale Mixture, Oriental, Mixture, Rich
mond Mixture, Little Cigars a.sl Straight
Cut Cigarette, at Rosa Bros.' Cigar
The Engl
. ,.?ivr icas and Surgeons, allCradijatesretn the best Medical Co ltees in
he Wj rid. '.-.-.. ...... ...... ; j
A part of the Staff of the English and German Expert Specialist aud Dr. Meyers
m o wiu maiic ingir regular siouthly visit to .;T - : r z.
Corvallis, Monday, March ; 27
. ??y will be at the occidental Hotef:" :
: The staff of the Englivh an -3 German Expert Specialists is corn pose J of fir
regelany graduated doctors, each a pkjsiciati who has bad many years experience
in CHting all manner of chronic diseases. '. - '
During the past quarter of a century the sacaess of this most worthy auc!
popular iustitution has been plieuetaeaaj. 'Diseases whicJi. have baffled the skill f:
other physicians and stuobornly refused to yield to orliuar3- medicines, inelhftft
aud appliances, are (juickly subdued and mastered by the English and German Ex
pext Specialists. .They have the largest and best equipped medical institution ii.
America. Tlie Bug ish aud German Expert Specialists are nut only competoLt an:
relialtle, but are respoasib e, being backed by aw pie capital and ably manaeed. '
' HOM E CURES While it is nrefsrable in iikihv instances ti nva iuhni '
the Engi'asn and 6rnau Expert Specialists have cared thousands of persons whom
they have nev.r seen. If vou cannot see the doctors, write the ksiae office far '
question list and free advice iti regard t your ailment,. . si. : . -. .i -
Call on the Doctors when thay como. AD ailing peap'e should see tbV"'
A t- . a r i ? a r J i 1 1 t i ,
Lqpk at the Time . . :
i yx clays to1 Salt Lake - .
;. days to Denver i-
' "34 days to Chicago ; '' :
leys, Fin Wines, Liquors u3 Ci.'ryJU
Free Recliafng Chair Cars,' Upholstered
Tourist S eepicg Cars, and Pnllmau
Palace S etpers, operated en all
trains. -."3 - r - i'.. ; ft . a -. .
; " .POETLAM r, OK. ,v
All white labr work guaranteed. ' .
Basket leaves on Tuesdays and arrives.
Saturdays, . T. D.. CAMPBEI.L, Agejst,
: Secen-Kaiid Stare.r. . ,. -
i 0ce corner Second,, and -Jefferson,
oyer GrahaEi & Wells drugstore. .....
Residence oa Thir streetin fart of
uwui inauw. ...... . . . - .
Office hoars 8 to 9 a. m., and 1 to 3 ar.d
7 to 8 p. m. . All calls attended promptly.
. w . . . ... '. ....
Corvallis, Oregon.
Offlce iu Zitroir building. .
' : - BEMEMBER ,
V -K - ?-, -.; - -j. : !i: - - . -
- v .. .. As A'ortlt Mam l. s ;
" - . " , -
"I aim to please my customers.''
Carl Zwicker,
. I-
Restores VITALITY,
Aires Impotejicy, Night Emissions and
waning disease?, ail. effects of sel
abuse,, or: excess and ndis-
kf-vn blOOtl builder. . ilri the
Dink Flow to -Dale cheeks and
. ....
?A?S-( . restores , the fire of youth.
iN By mail 50c per box! 6 boxeB
ior &sui witb a written truaran.
ype cure or renma tne money.
Triton & Jackson Sta, CHICACO, ILL.
For sale bf Allen 8t Woodward, TrVz-
giaia, v.orvaui,,Mt gn
Vox fnfther infonhation, app'y to'- ;
GEO F EGtlMi Agent, Corvallis, Or.
CO. TERRY, : V. K." COM AN, , -i.
' Trav;: Pass..: A?t " " Gen. l Aeiit.
; . - l4 Third St., Portland, Or. ' ,
English' and German Expert Specialists. A frieodly talk, which costs abaohrtei
nothing, is bound to result in a ieat deal of gd, whether treatment is takes
not-. ;-. "-. -'.' : ' .
t . -I :
i )
The Enqlish gnd German Expert Specialists
. Safi f the Most Eminent Physician in the Worla. r . 2 ...
Mai2 Qifiget7gl Market S . fcar Fi
Mf intendint; to purchase a cauiei
it wiljfpay you to write for prit es
to the only 'exclusive' dealers in
Oregon ,: . " ''-"; -
JNtf. S. s MEEK CO '
S3 tl St., '" Portland. Op.
- '.. .1 a. - . " '
"'' -' JCITATIOJii ; ;
In the County Court of 'the State of Ore
gon, for Beaton County. '''. ;
In the matter of the Estat( ); " ;';; t-
of - ;- ,V CiiAiion.
Vr H, ,ir. Rich... Deceased. j , .
To" Portr A. Rich and Clara .H.- Briggs,
..Greeting: . , ... .,, ' '
Iu the name of the State of Oregou, You
are hereby cited uml r equired to lie and ap
pear in the County Court of the State -of
Oregon for. Benton County.at the? : Court'
!oom thereof, in -the City of CrvHliis
Oresson, Friday the 7th day of April 1899.at
the hour of 2 o'clo-k in the afternoon) aud
that they then. and there show cause, if
any there be, why an order of ale of the
following dH,;iiln-d real prupt r. y to-wit:
"Lot 2 in Block No. 2 in the City of JJe v
port, Lincoln Cuunty, Oregon; also, bi
iuning at the southwest corner of lot 12,
block 5, runiving thence- south 73 feet.i
thence, east 2uti le;t , thence north '3 . feet
t .t the south -linp of blo-k T. llnnue wst to.
mlhwest corner of blo k tin nee -Worth
feet, tlienie w.-t U feet, tfieivv Miuti
southeast corner of hloj-k 5, ilu nAe w -ft"
o:iegiiiniug, - containing a re in the
City of . Toledo. Lincoln county, Oregon.'
Also, lot No. 2, in block No."l, iit Jones A
Gaither t Addition to 'tlie ' ;,.. of
T iledo, Lincoln County, Orefn; als the
South half of : :. &st quarter.' -'1 t 4,
fractional northwest quarter of 'southeast
quarter an lot Q of section 2. ', township 11
south, mntfe Id ye.l of tfie -Will Ifier, Lin .
coin cOunry,fOgori, containing KSQ.ores
more or ess, should not be tnale a. praVKl
fof irt 'the petition of the eife. utor ofiaid
estate how on flle. -, ,.' "" '";
s Witness, The xlJi.. . VpodwBFd.Jiidge
of the County Oonri of the Slftte'of Oregon,
for the County of Benton, wlth'the' seal of
said Court afti xed this 27th dtiy of Febru
ary.' A.'- D. 1899, : " ;-: -
j'-v -.'. ..... .. .;'. .s- .
:-. - ;'. :'. .. ' . V
2 DC A I ITI CI 1 1 Ollkl ,;' ; ' - ;-'!"' ' ' "' 3
SLad es, if J'n deire a transpaseut, c'eaP nud-fresh cwniplexioo, .. '--V. ;(-
5 Use Dr. Bou'dcn's Frehcfi. -' '
5 1 A-se r.ic Complexion Wafe rs; . 4' ;
rThe only reliable beautifier of the' complexion, skin and farm known: In the!
q direction for which they a: e tatendedrtheir effect' is sluiplv utauical. The most I
astounding transfortsation in ptrscai al.appearanee i brought "about by their1
steady use. Possesiug the WIZARDS TOUCH in producine and oreservin'r I
C bvauty of form br surely (UveUping a transparency and pellucid clearness oft
3 complexion, suapeir contour, ot torm, Dril.iaut eyes.sott and srsootn skin
where, by nature, the reverse exists. . Even the COARSFST-ad MOSTH.E-!
DISFIGUREMENTS, are percianently rimoved and a'delicionsfy clear and
refined complexion assured, euharcing a bady's loveliness beyofid her nivst I
extravagant expectations. .i... 1 . ...' ;-' 1 ;! i ..- .v; k I
i Laaics, iou wan tse ueatttiiui, 410 matter who yoa are oi what your j
? disfigurenieuts viay be job can. make yeurseif -as hands'etue as any lady in thee
- aim oy me us 01 , , .. - -j.;., H
Used bv men the resu ts are equally favorable.;, friee small box 50) ccats. J
Large box ji. 00 or special order u(r six large boxes $5 06. .Sent to asv address!
uuaei piaiu cover on receipt or tiie ihove amount. , Write; for Circular, free.
-t . i THE PA.ElsiA.ior tiHTTo-nn v'. ' .
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Your Life,; Wi I h Be U
One Continual -Thanksgiving '":?. i
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'' V' : ' . '-"' : Clerk.
L" ' ' '. '''' wil' fiivcf niniipy on 41 1 oit ol- tiurcliaK.. '? ?'
': ; . V J ' '.l.c i;Bu tilling:, ,1'iti lojij h t h," Qifjf'!!.,: V.
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eraausHca it um,
Executor's Sale of Keitf. EMale. ,
Notice is pereby-given that the under-
siKiied, execntor of the estate of Pettr VV.
Mason and Hannah K, Mason, deceiaed.
liuiMiai't to an urdeiot die County Court
of the State of Oregon, for Beut.'in Cou'ity
made on the 3rd day of January. 1899, "an.,
of the Hth day of February, 1899, and duly
entered, in the 'Jpurnal' No. S of said court,
on pages 117 and 1SS a i'U 1.1. the 15th day of
April. 1899. between nine o'clock in tl.p
morning, nd wtr ..ofcloik ;intbe afiei
noon, totvij, . the bopr pf;, twelve
o'clpck noon of that day, at the front, door
of the court house, in the citv of Corvallis.
DOCTOR '' 'n Benton county. ptgon, offer for sale at
IT n O p i hlii- auction to the limhest bidder, for
s 'hi B w j cash. in . hand.' all the interest , that said
A, CO. ; estate han iu and to the following described
SpeClallSlS lOf ma r,a eHtute ton-it: .
carina win and m. ? -w V.
bjotrf amf.u .incaiao. ; phijoiuath, . fa . BeiiHin: county :. Stale :ol
i uf Kntpf aieotcai is. Oregon. Also, beginning at the S, E. cornt-r
'tnnapwuiiiianbsfcit ofth&don: land claim, No. 50. T. 12 S.,v R.
K Fsf IH1 Cured, j 6 W., thence running wt on smith line of
nSSMrSlS. said lainf 71 T.lp, thebce north 105 rods to
TiMaadrriraUaMk-t , i the i-enter of Marv'3 rlver,: thence-down
said river with the meairders thereof to th.
head Of "a certain" siouglli thence oii
straight Ki'.e to the mouth of said slough:
thencedown'Said river itgainv with ta me
anderings to the, east line of said, don land
pluim, thence sputh on the east line of said
pl.afin t,o piace.pf Jjegirmiiie, containing 30
ncrpR, u Benton county Qrogoo, belonging
to said estate-, tp pay funi ral charges, -ex ,
I Suiithe:ii Pacific Corneas v:
6- 0 P M I Leara "Portland .Arrire I TX M.
H'js t ft A Luava ' Albany '' Arriva l .60 A. il,
7- 45 iv.it I.AjrKe :S. Kranrisco Leava I r.
Above train-atop al all (u-incijial-atationi
,bctwctn Portland and 8alt.ni, Tmrnpr, Mi
riwri, JetU-ratfin. Albany. Jangent Sh.-dd-.
Hnlsm-, Ha'iri.bunir. Jum-iion City, Eturenf,
Creawell, Cottage Groto, Drainii, and all
atationt from Koseburgta Ashland, inclusive;
...Reinr ilailrr-Uaiiy... ;,...v..
tS: A. it-1 Lcn-e
S:ii V. M. I Uave
i.2o f. f- I Arrive
Portland , Arivaf 4:50 .P. -Albary
' -Arrive 11: f.
Koel.fcrft - Ltave . 7iV f
: . i'. ti it a
Hi -H
iEhotuand. enrtoil .t. Inn.:
o Ckarge fof iaalUtlua.
731 fiSlfc
. : Fof Sale,1--'; :J-1' ''
VfiO acre.atock farm, adjoining an un
tuUgd outrange on. the wlvatui goo4
Ufvds,.chnri-ht"8 and.tbe BfJLA4t rttle i penscs of a4nijnbit,ratio!) and vlairns agai.ns
-nent ron. the east. ; : Also 13J acre farm, 1 mid estate, ami for distribution of proceci!.--
mmI enUivatine land? Addr-B i ; under'the will of said, deceased. .... ';
' m s vv,w,, '-.'' i' f' Datedhis23rlduy of IV.i:uHry,.18y9."
Administrator, Corvullis, Oiegoo. :
WeslsU? :'r ', ....
' ' ilill Irt'.' Billy Eica'pt SaitjJ-.-
7:30 A- M. I live I'ortlamt . Arriva l 6:M P.. i
l':la P. 1. Airire " .ruii,': Leave J 1 a 1". j
t Albawy alul OoriralU rvi'uiit. wlh traii, mi ii
, , Oregon faiiifie Bailrwtd. , .
4;.f-.l t-ViMive' ro.rMv Arun'l-is.-li-i
,':Sg; P. l i Arrito Mt:xtLnnv;3 IjAiq.1 6;;.-.o S t
t&if. M. j Aiv.',lid)H!Ui:M LaiurU I .6 A 1
-i :i-'.- . ' . - r . -y
' Direct co'miGCtioH at San TVanciscf
with Occidental and Oriitai ad Piciji
snail steamship lins f. JAPAK AKTi
CHINA. Sailing datss n appl-icatfoh.
Rates and tiokt ts ' to! Eajteru,, )nttf'
And Ettrr.vc.- i -Atso"' T-MMN.-'-CHIK?
Mj.ificJ (revn - A. - Si '-PE'NV Ifi! Ttcfe
Agent. Corral Ha.. .'- v51
Alttnavr. ; A O -ii- . k-.."-.-
' ' - ' P Portland, Oi.
- Connecting V YAQUINA Vn
. ir': . i,' . .:'; t ? : : s-" ..
" ' " STBA'ril ER3'
Brae b Dollar anil Kavarro
Fi' Kr-rlnsn In every respect. 1 One of;
the above steamers is due to ai'i , :
., .-, roni Yaqtiinn alxitit every five ft
.. '. . .' , ...davs .
Z 'lZZZ modations. ..;, .;
Slortet't ronte between yalley point
and San Fianciwo. .,,,,..',. , ; ' ,
a K All;any and points west ' to t
. ... .. f -. , an Tr,,liBl'P . , 'V
Cabin.;. 5. V:-"',-J- i 4W 00
Rouiid tnp..,.s,....,. 11 00
For Bailing dnya apply ' u . ' -7'
:pwi Srpifp, '' '
tf. L; WAtDEM, 0 - Manager.''
TiI H.''HJDxw,' Agni. CferviliU'"'
tt-7f-i l or Salei - :
liner of rhoroiigl.bred St otch Collie
kMTie.j. Will make milfndid cattle aud
iii-ep doga. . Apjily lj ...1 ... ; ; :-ii
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