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VOL. 3, NO. 26.
WHOLE HO. 130.
: " t
She Suferral IlfpubHran
is Issaad Every Saturday Horning, at
.... . Dallas, folk Count, Orejoa.
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a new mbscribers to the Orkgox Kari'm-iCA.
-or will furnish the Pbkbxolooical Juukmal
And Oaaoo RaprftucAS together fr $4 0
We commend the JoCbsal to all who waut a
food Magazine.
The Proof.
Some of our Republican friends say.
that they are not aware of the fact, that
ieoeral Grant has a controversy with
Congress, in regard to the annexation
of San Domingo, and in fact all the
West India Islauds ; or that he has
-violated the law in any particular ; r
that he has sent ships of war to men
ace the Black Republic of tlati, so tha
the possession of tlij Republic of San
Domingo could b-j accomplished ; r
that he undertook to turn over tin
whole Iniitn d-'pirt njut to thi
military, and they desire some prool
of tlfe same.
To satisfy all who honestly desire
to know the truth we j;!ve souu of the
evidence which if. not sttisfactory can
b added to until all doubts arc dispell
d. -First, as to the difference of opin
ion between Congress and the Presi
dent, hear whit Grant him-elf says
oa that subject, in his special messaj
to the Senate and House of RepresMi
tatives, on tho aurtixttion of Ski Do
mingo after the Semite hid rejected
his infamous treaty tmde secretly with
the usurper Inez ; here it is.
"Tho mere rejection by the Senate of
a treaty iegotiateJ by the President
only indicates a difference of opinio be
tween two coordinate departments of the
Government. without touching tin ch tr
ader or wounding the pride ufit her
The facta will now b spread before
oiiimtrir ami it dfil4l i tfl rpildtrd
by that tribunal whose convictions so Poor, on the 12th of Febu.ry 187J in
seldom err, and against whose will I th. se words:
hare no policy to enforce. My opinion j Tnert frCt if nny pbo-ild be
remains unchained indeed, it is con. ; m de UM he )(Mlliic.M ...e.niiia
tortued by the rep rt thit the interests he U;ihr.(er MIj .luring the naid no
of our country and of San Domingo poliali.II15,f unjir lhe Hf.yti.nor any
alike invite the annexation of that Re-, ofher flr it Wou,, be rar(je,i as ttU
public. - ... j act of h.tility to the United Slates
lu view of the difference of opinion fl altj WulM proVoke h.tility in
upon this subje. t. I suggest thit no ; (Senate, Kt. Doc. N.. 31. p
action be taken i at the present session ; ,4 rurtyFirst Congress, third sess
beyond the printing and general dis. s j n -i
semination of the report. 1$. f n-e the
next sessioo of Congress the people will! Now we give a few of the orders
have cousidered thesul ject, and formed given to our army olficers sent to San
an intelligent opinion concerning it." j )unJig0. To commander Owen :
The above fiotn Grant' own lips M yuiJ wU, rcluilll at or on
proves first, that there is an open nip- ! Ine cuast 0 St. Douing. while Gen.
tare between the Congress and himself Rabcock is there, and give him the
greater in m ignit ode than ever existed mural Muppott of gout yn,t "
between Johnson and Congress; second,! (W p. 6.)
that his opinion as against the Congress
remains unchanged, and third, that he
wants to see if ha can by any means
nfltpnd in a re -election so that tie can
doccecu iu ib cmv.iv
enforce his polioy of annexation and
In the second place, he violatad tho
law of nations, when in the face of the
. .... i
Constitution of tho Republie of San
Domingo, he made tre ity with the
' . . ....
-:: '-.-I. ek.t RAmil.lSe.
uiurpor, w pui vij-.o ,
both Trritory and people ; od fur
Broof wa nira tha laoaura of the
DominciQ Constitution, adopted 'J
t&ev olt f thai Republic io 1856.
Neither tin? wh.iie o; my put of Hie
Territory of the Republic ciii ever bo
alieiuted "
And the Pre-Ulent tAe the follo.v
ing oath : I sv;ar by God and the
Holy Evangelists to keep, and caue ti
be kecpr, he Cons itutinu and the I.iW
To the Dominic in pa iple. to rop3Jt
their rights and tu luiiatain the mtional
in Impendence "
Well knowing ul! the.e restriction and
obligation. Grunt a President of the
Uutied Sta'ev through on of hi mili
tary satrap, entered into tint iuft'u m
treaty with thit infinoH tt-urper,
why, without having before his eyes
the fe-irof God or a decent respect for
his fellow mtn, w is willing tu sell hi
owd soul for a mm of p ittae, and
his country and people to President
Grant for the sum of $1,530,000.
Agtiti he violated the Constitution of
the United States when he eut embass
adors toati Datuiugo to treat fr that
llepub ic and the Hay of Saunna
without the concurrence of Congiess.
The Constitution says :
' And he ih ill nominate, and by an I
with the Advice sno Consent of thy Sen
ate, tdiali appoiut eiub.issaJors.'
He violated the Very spirit of imr
laws when he turiifd over the Indian
department from the civil to lutlitiry
rule; who dNs know, that Grant
sent to Orejron and a 1 i-ther sections ol
the country officer of the army, sword
in hand, to take charge of a'l our
Indian Aencie-, nnd superintend .nee;
nor wo. i Id he delist even a the earnest
protestation of hs bosom friend j in
the Senate, including lint usta'e ex
nfor. Our;! li WtlSiinn. who
dually becoiniii n t on y tired, ut
.ili.!uiely as!i imcd uf lliu tt urpitioi
of tl.eir military clii t't;t:ri. wa com
pel'ed to pas a l i v for'o l-Jiu in a'-wj-iut-2
terms the holding of a civil utlici
l-y an sirmy 1B -er wlm w.i n t on he
tftired li.-i; lie vi ! red a's lutely the
law of Congress when he aj-puinled
Stewart.of New York, a he ivy importer,
to act M Secretary of I he Treasury, and
he violitcd deceney, he nsk-d
Congress to repeat the la n that sub
ject so tint lt"n pet fro to wlmm he ha I
rceeived a l ire tu n 3y present, could
act in that eap icity ?
Will any unn who i- honest in h:s
desire to perpefuu'e the vernment.
support a man who will thin tiohte
both the letter and the spirit if our
laws; audit any man deny these pU
j-able violaiioiip. let him be politically
accursed ; for the record stands out in
b:ld relief and suppoit of the charge
The Presidetit threaterrd the llepub
lie of Mali through his Hear A'ltninl
To the commander at key west :
Direct a vessel to pniceed without
; moment a delay to Sin Diiiiing- Cny
... . n-
Bibcock while o htl cmnl It not
al saU Domingo City to find him."
Should you find any foreign inter-
venti m mteuded, yti will use all your
Me$ to carry out to the letter the g iar-
autees itiveu tu the treaties.
-utees given
And again :
"The Do ninican Republic fearing
trouble Iroui the II tytiau border, you
' -ill olae) iufriu tha pjopie, in o.iH
jyoo &re tutitfticd tbvre i no ioteiiad
ui ertr-Nitio.i. hiicu lotervnoTnni dneet
or in lir 'Ct. will he regird-d as an un-
frendly act toward the United S'ates
and like 'c7t slept as yvt th in k eeen
tny. (Wp..)
These are but few of tho numerou
atte nps to nivnc ) II iti a-i I aid the
usurper Ihez, to f rco thep-' vleof
that weak Republic to sihtuit.
All this wis d me without the advice
and consent of Congress, wh eli alone
'under the C mstitu ion is emp iwer.-d to
""declare war; and completely eclipses
in tuanituJe the usurpations of Aagus
tUi Cn3ar, or Napoleon III.
If JoTinson hid been guilty of one
half the violations of law, aud wilful
usurpations of this our m lit ry chief
tain, he would have been iniDcached
a', thj bar of tho American Senate, by
an overwhelming uiaj rity. and the
sovereign of this couutry would have
responded, A unn !
We now give the official report of
the ships of wir sent to Uiti aud Sa i
Domingo at an enormous expense of
the. people' money to carry out that
black scheme of annexation, all with
out authority of la, and at every
step violating every principle of na
tional a'i 1 constitution il law, lunuin'iy
and decency ; here is the tecord.
- The following are the names of
the vessel which hve lceu iu the
waters of tne Island of 3o Domioo
iince tliecomiueeiiient f lhe negotiations
with Dominic i, with their arma neuta :
'Severn i 4 0 inch and 1 0d pounder
ConreM 11 9 inch and 2 C3
pounder r fl!.
NiitaVet G .T2p"Utiders, 4,50
pounds: 1 GJ-poonder lifl-.
Swatar i ( l jrtjuuders, 4,500
'ponnds : 1 1 1 inch.
Van?ie I II iiieh and 2 0 inch.
Dictator 2 l;"
Saiuus J 15-inch.
Terror I lo-meli.
Aliuy- 11 U inch and 1 GJ
pounder rtfl.?.
Nio-ie 1 ll-in'h nd 2 0.0-ineh.
Sem noe 1 II iiieh and 4 ol
pounders f 4.20(1 pound.
Tnincsee O.i spar dec. 2 1 1-inch
9 inch, 2 100-pounder-. and 1 GJ
ponnder ; m gtin-deek. IG 9 inch.
" " The ship now iu those waters are,
as far as is known to the Department.
The C oiress. the N aiitaskcf. the Yan.
tic. and tbe Tennesee. (Sen ite. Kx
Doc, Ni 4o, pie 3. Forty-First
Con., third session.)
If our friends dcirc any more evi.
dence of Guitit's violasion of law, pa
tent usurpation, wilful or ignorant, anl
man lest inconipetatiey to act as the
chief executive of this Republic, we
m e
eati give
it in abumlance : nvery
charge made against ;
Grant is true,
and the ha f is not yet told
Was it not a violation of theconsti
tution t Mend emb.issidois to treat for
thit Republic and to lease the Itiyof
Simana without the consent of lhe
Wa it n t violating international
law, when In threatened II iti with de
struction if she should interfere 'to
maintain her own just cVuus to San
Was it not a violation of our Con
stitution and laws, when he sent all
those ships of war to usurper llaez ?
Was it no. a violation of the law of
common sense, common justice and
honesty to surround San Domingo
with American war ships, and carry
our flag on land, to frighten and com
pell a unjortiy of the people to vote
for annexation against their will ?
Was it not a palpab'e. wilful, tnd
corrupt violation of law, when after
the Senate had rejected the treaty so
co-ruptly made, he expended largd
sums of the people's money to dis
patch nhip of war nd our so'diery to
interfere in the quarrel going on iu the
I'epublio of Satt Domingo, between
two political factions ?
AH these things be is guilty oft
more di inn able in their nature, than
the acts charged upoti JeflF. Davis, and
his allifs, io foroing iua of tho
Siuthern State out of the Union,
tgainsV the wiil of a iuaj-irify of the
people; and tea fold worse than all tbe
act. oils and uoins ol Audiew John
son, who was so loudly condemned ly
the Republican party ?
i Lovejrs of liberty, gird on your
armer;- the war must ba carried into
Africa; Grantmu-t be dethroned ;
or the proul sins of the revolutionary
sire, together with their posterity,
tiittst nltiiitately, be drken into abject
slavory.or be comprint wade through
seas of blood, erpHUite their 1ibr
iies at the point of the btyo-iet.
tiig hi:i:ic o mm ci:
Ciaeeley a True Republican.
' To those life-long Rep iblicans who
are tired of Grant and his army d
cormorants who are destroying the
foundation of liberty aud free uvern
ment. we commend the fo lowing art
cle from the Pi'mrtr, the Worn ma
Rights' rgsu of Sin Francisco. Let
everybody read it.
Horace Greeley hss been a Republi
can all his lii'e; has devoted his hie to
Republican i rtueiples; has udvoeited
everything that you as a Repub'icau
ever adoca' d. Why then are we tt
be denounced becau-e we support him?
The Democrats are goiiii; to supput
him You are aliaid ol the D-tuocris?
Suppiwe your beautitut daughter were
courted by a democrat, you would Hot
object to his marrying her ; but you
aie teinbly atraid to vote for any turn
that a Deumcrxt votes f r. Ate y.oi
senoUs iu this 7 11 .w lung iuce you
hjve been struggling t get the
Diim.cratic Vote See if yu will
not In; delighted on the 5 h of Nov.
neXt to get a lew UZMi I'elu.terats to
vote for lit ueral (Jr.iit. Sw-aiitor ,Ior
t .u jid if llo-y didn't bring out mi) -)Miy
one-third f their number would
mtejfor Im-ii rl Grant, S if you will
ex .mine you ve-ve you w.ll till tint
you a.e i:ot sine, re iu thi- V"U are
lemi'iy atriid lint the I'ein ei it an
gu-'g to i!iv.- up tlo ir f jl - ;.mi
lur Horace Greeny, nod llor.ter
Greeley gone ov r in the Dem Kri.its
neither of Which is ItiH. Iloiuic
G ret ley I. . not oue tiver i the Dem
ocrats. ,Vr Inve lite D-;:i icrat
ah. mdooed their principles ; bur ll
Greeley .-Unds on the primcpies of the
Con-iitutiou, and mi principles ih.t
would preserve to the ptoplc of the
States their locil self-goverumeiit, that
would prescre to the citizen hi in
dividual right uniutci fered with by
Federal power. Hence both Democrat-
and Republicans can support
hitii. The irn?.it question that have
divided us are gone We can all go
.ogcther. What a bie'itiful sight it will
he when you see this peop'c electing a
niHO to the Presidency, not a a Demo
crat, not as a Republican, but us a cm
ditlatu pledged to administer the Gov
criiuicn' ior ine pe pie, ano not ior a
party, in thi country. When he is
elected he wid not le hound a-G neral
tir-tnt is, to select the o thee is from n
partieultr set ef men and parlicnlar
patty. He will Inve no motive l-ui
to make his Adtiruistraiioi h success
He knows ad the pubhc tjuesiioii lint
hae ticcii disiies-eo" in the eon n try f ir
the last thirty year, lie wid I roi
arotrid him the nbttst men of the
coiner; for the beinthxif the country,
not to bud I up a pmy hi re elect htm
self President. What a uaiu that will
be! What a gain to the people of
this great laud, when this iuterb r Mice
td parry shall be broken down, and
when the minds ot nu n shall be eunii-
cipated from a political tiranny as de
spicable aud intolerable as the tyranny
of the master over tbe slave.
Juduinj: tfotn the j;reut interest taken
in the Louisville Convention by only
tliH Uatiieal pres, and the greut fuss
ihey are inukin about Democrats fbr
8akinr their tune-honored principles ,
and doctrine, while at the sanie tune I
tliAV Att thi erith iIia intpnlion of ca '
jolinj into mipportinj; its
notniuee, imagining that they can turn
over enough in this neuitier to elect
Grunt, it it aaf'o t tuty that, that tn.-ti
tntton h r:n by Uriek I'omeiov, Bin
ton Duncac. Geo. u. Isus ami a lew
other Democrats of that Ntainp, with the
solo purpte nf electing G ait?, con
tinueiu;' hie inf tmou- oppression of the
dowu-trodden South, whicb these IV At
era know will final y ed in its com
pute ruin and for thu 1at. bu' not least,
object in a view of g lining a little chep
notoriety : Time. '.ll nr,ihul, tr Lit e..A l.Paten
. -u. ..... r..y.w ,1
than any CaUUidate since. Geuvrall
It A I 1 4 EX 11 A
Tilt? Ft'i!T aiAI.lTV Ol'
Wint'ii. laqm-r. A'e l'.r'sr. riitnr enk.
tt -, I'iiimI at tro Tniile if IlmOliui.. Ail
ibe "tate eri kvpt mi file in the railing
loom Call tool e M -i. Wid ClirigliNti Pre.
W H R U 6 E L L
D li N T I S T,
Ha iWat! in ta1la. anI U ree1y to
ttea.t tu nil tboiMs reiirin; lii i tnn-e
Artificial Teeth uf tbe Very liuet aud beet
ktie I.
sJatinfuction guaranteed, or rto charges toJo.
Now is the Uiu to emit rrt the IuCt.r.
OfiSc,uuite KiucmU'4 Phwtugmpbie Qal-
JOIl. J. DAlaV,
Alty A: Coniicllcr al -fau.
iiAi.i.As, thi:ctH.
Will prat-tide in the Curtt of Recnr 1 and In
eiior C'uurta. CulUctiuD alUnded to prwiutlj.
OFFICt: In tbe Court Uouse.
J. C. GRUBBS, m. D.v
Offeri hit Services to tbe Citueni Dallas
and Vtcini'y.
I'hytirian and Surgeon Dallas Oregoa
OFFICE at Kejidenre
24 if
A, A riI,Eli ATli,
All-yA: Counsellor at Law,
D.VLL 11, ?3LX 037.trY,
D t Siuk'j rTimn hrwKTr. $,00 rurirl
f"T h n t o - f , I -1 ee. l.y lit iiL'ifi-1. r
v iii .il. 7t cms. iVon;.' I t re AUie It.
V. IW.v.M. , l:u:Ul...... Y.
I c;. S1JI.MVA.,
Attorney & C junselbr-At-Liw,
Ilallas. Oregon.
Will .rartie in all th Cturf of the .ctst?. 1
a. R risKK.
alcm ....
iu tf
...... .Oregoti
iii:i:i,v patro.izi:
HoaE iWDasTay.
L the Hrtn tiirnt rwth ..I' miy c.-utuiuuity.
Iu utpliti;r Mir Ihmuoh with
im t mi r; in.
n w ll othr thinps. it hmM be purtWd. T
hrtte ( IimihI full n.!-.rfiiirii f rTerlhinj5
in ll. i line. ib.p near We wire's mi'l. lUlles.
Orn..n. W.C.WILLS.
It tf
fbe be?t f.f wine. liqiir. t. porters end ,
JL TKM I'KK ANCK t UnDIALS elwuys ..n
IimihI, (iii4 lUvMiia unrn. Free readiin; roums
attaehed to the saloon. U. M. Bean Pr.
2T tf
GEO. H. JOMES 3. M. r.TTKIl50M
Real Estate, Insurance
General Agents,
Prompt attention
Agency ttusinver.
given to the tlrrral
ri. w Hoi ART.
J. W. noBART
Ruprn Ys'a.
rod Couiany. Ln-nd DeMrtuienr. Port
land. Oregoi.. Ajirit 5, 1872. otice iol.tiil
s;iven,thit m vlmu praecuim will Im oti
turrit against any an. I every prrevL- w!i tre?
pMfta upon ny Rwtlroat Lnl, hy rut inxand
rMi.iviru thither tb rw mm tml.irii tie same is
UUUUHT tbe ConMaiiy AM HALD FoK.
AU Taoa - Lawd iu I nutuber4 aai;tins
w h-tWr rv e jt mt uniurve4, eutbui a dia
I !UW MI mnt ,r" "MW lH
blou;ato the Watueatty
I. ft, MOO RES..
For evervtbing io tbe GKOCERY LIN'S
MAIN' ? IHCd, 1 A 1.1. AS.
Tfe li on band a full appljt wbicb h
nfieri ebeap ttma nay other Store in Daliaf.
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B D & IB Nl
R fC.TI B R A i DTS, '
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J, 0. K I iVCAI D)
for tkins; picture, I iu vile the patrn
i.f the public Please eall at lhe pboto
trraphic UaUry, Main atrret, opposite Dr Ua
bell's ..tBc. iiitlles. Uf
1)13 ALER IK
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Thos. O. Richmond, Proprietor.
tjn'l nf Mr A. II. Wbitlev, we bare re
fined and re (tucked it in meh a manner at
will mtiofMccnlj meet everjr want uf the com-
Ilulea. single or double. Hacks, Con
cor.l aoiii. etc . etc..
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rhrt notice.
Superior Katfdle Horse, let by the
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attention of the Public to mj Establishment.
Iligbcit Cash price paid fur
R. A. RAT,
Eula, Po'.k Co., Ogn.
16 If
mm ill rommenre bi ela.te In oeal and In
f f rtruineiitMl muic at tbe M K Church oa
the first M ndar in October next
24 tf
Notice is hereby gltreo that tbe partnership
berett-fore exuding under the name of Nich
uls dr Coad bas bcu disWred. The bnsinesa
will hervefier be continued under tbe firm ef
Nichols A. Hyde. Allpewons knowing them
nl res intU-btcd to tbe old firm, will please call
and evttle either by nute or coin.
' B F Nichols.
Kami. Coad.
27 3-m
nmES & RACTOf2fjEEEl
03 Front Street, Portland, Orejran
AT.AwnK AssnitTM knt f blaitkS
'p,n,K Cnnnfr. a"3llt?fs, Cme, ees
tttni nli Al. ftnndr, Derifn, Mrtgag;
and Blanks ftr in Bankruptcy eates.
By mlnsf, Lotterbeada, billbe 'e r! vlrea
lara, ptlutei eurelopeif etc Gire at 'atall of
fiaiU (wr ordar el