Oregon Republican. (Dallas, Or.) 1870-1872, August 13, 1870, Image 2

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TWO of tjiesj,
"The bees seo:n to ba svr.mniug. Tho
ai .! n.,..,-,- . 1
njdignaat over our article giving tlcs
ficti iu relation to the s da of .the west
tda rail road franchise to some strange r
J'.'X tbo benefit of Ben Hulladay, aud its
effect on the people, of the west side.
fiove it appears to us that if what we
Jtave related. jn relation to the matter
had 5 not been correct those journalists
would not have been so wonderfully
exercised over it.. Truth when told
jh regard to transactions fraudulent,
per se, generally hurt, but fabity in
relation to matters of this character
liever injures, and consequently eisible
people pay hut little or no attention to
it; v$ we one!u.ue from the answer o!
tjfi.c ?4TJf3 referred to, that we have
given the true history of the affair. We
have already answered the Orerinum,
atidT now, last of all, comes James
4'Meara, in very bad spirits, and under
takes, also, to deny what wo have said
in regard to the afjjir, aud s lys :
f The Dallas Kepulflcrtn devotes the
biirgest portion of its editorial columns
each week to a sort of combined warfare
vn SenatGr Williams and Mr.-Iiollad.iy.
In connection wi'.h the west side railio.id.
.Just what it aims at no reader Is com
petent to divine, beyond the fact that
ihe paper is down on both of these gen
(iemen, The girl in the verso gave as
1 ev reason far not liking Dr. Fell, that
f he did not like Dr. Full, and no better
reason is apparent in the column of the
Jfep'ubicaii for its attacks upon Senator
Williams and Mr- Holladay."
,Ye have devoted no more of our
volumes to Williams and Ilolladay'
than no thought absolutely uecc'Siitry to ,
put.tho-p3Djj!e of. tha west side oh their j
; i
guard against what we claim to be a eon j
spiracy against their best interesti?, and j
if, the editor of the Bulletin cannot see i
pt what we aim, it is in cor.scriueccc of
bis stupidity ; no ouc else is at any loss
tp know. ' Am it is true, Mr. OT'leara,
s yon 6uspcct, we du not like the course
pursued by Ilulladay and William.
We hare no acquaintance, pcrsjnally,
jritb cither of those gentlemen, except
that we have seen Senator Williams on
his flying trips in the State during hi.s
Bcnatorial career. We have no personal
feeling against either, but with their
course as public men vrc have a right to
deal ia coJEtticn jvit Ji all others, and it
U that" which ' v.c oppose. Due-? the
editor now undrrstaLd? Nor;, Mr.
O'Meary, we daumrr to your arwer
because it is not f-peciGo. Your char
ges of vu'garis-m arc irrelevant, and
ydur, complaint that we we do not charge
trie right parties has nothing to da witji
the controversy. We wers not speaking
of what transpired two or three years
back, but simply giving the history of
etttaiu transactions. Wc vrcre not
talking of failures heretofore masje by
an one; wc ycrc siuply &Lowir. the
pen'plo how they were to be cheated out
of a railroad on the west side for at Ica-d
six years to come by the operations of
Jieu Ilolladay, and those who woik with
gnd for him. So, Mr O'Meara, you
Hreout of court on that part of your
answer; nor did we complain as you
intimate, that Ilolladay had not built
the road in a few weeks or since ho has
had possession. Tt is the act of getting
pplea$i&n pf which wc complain, and
wp" plainly stated our opinion of the
fihject, giving the falits and leaving the
people to judge. The article finally
utyns up by saying :
"Of its misrepresentations In detailed
pcrics"we have no occasion to ?pcak." r
nd that i true, it does not dpny a
f ingle, statement we made in relation to
the matter. Let the people notice :
We Said that the agent of the Phila
delphia company offered to build tjie
firjt twenty miles thU year, and that in
consequence of the sale tq tfen Holiday
we are only promised it within tic time
prescribed by act of Congress two
yoarg for the first twenty mile, and the
balance in lour year making f ix in all,
when wc could have had the first twenty
miles jo six inonths, and the Bulletin
dobs' not deny it ; and ys said that these
nctiaga and doings fchow upon their face
that tl,f Iff t0: delay: still longer
pur railroad on the weitsido instead of
; advauctnj it, and we leave thc' pcple
toirc W k.abo.t time to mako
fpjrwva ; has not t).e first twenty miles
of the vest road long since been
located, the grading nearly all done uid
a large amount of trestle work comple
ted. Tliis kind of stuff is worse than,
nonsense. Mr. Ilolladay lias no inten
lion, in our judgment) of building one
rod of road on tbo west side, but be
I . .i .1. . 1 1 . P 1 .
vor nt mc nanus ot me next
Legislature fur himself and Williams,
and this is the only reason, we imagine,
why he has' at present men on the west
side pretending to locate railroad lines
in different directions.
And how is it, Mr. O'Meara. that
you taLo srch offense at our opposition
to Mr. Williams? when sir did you be-
come, his convert? and what is it that
has so suddenly come over the spirit of
your dream? is it true that you endorse
the political course of Senator Williams;?
and eau it be true that you aro fi-hting
modern Democracy ? Mot aouudiug
Now, Jemmy you know our lore- j
fathers were all from auld Ireland, and j
duii't you know, Jemmy,, that O'Meary
and O'Sullivan were both very promin
ent names at Limerick, and Jemmy
you know about ten years ago we were
both Dimocrats together ; and don't you
recollect, Jemmy, that when the. war
broke out you wen, in with Jeff PaM
and the Southern Confederacy, while 1
went in with the Union army to prevent
you from disgracirg the flag of our
glorious country. Jemmy, don't you
rcmcmln r, that not many years ago, '
you claimed as a member of modern
Dimocracy that if you could get into
power you wouh! wic; out the national J
Jcbt in thirty days without taxation j
And, now, Jemmy, are you cognizant
of the fact th;vt you belong to sriicho. y? i
that jou have uhandoucd all your tune- 1
honortd piineipks of modern Demo
eraey that you nrc the tool of the '
. . ----- i
meatiest mouopulisls ou toe the I aetue j
Coast ? that -you are to-day advocating
universal su tirade, and a!l the Itadiea!
principles of the Iejiubtiean party?
that you aro a dilapidated, superanuated j
institution, usqd by lien Holiday, and I
despised by the people ? if you are, why j
don't you be friendly ? Jem :r.y what V j
beeotnc of the pig
TUB Crrroniau ha? never attempted j
to answer any question wc have asked i
or charso made by uS s0 and exeep! j
that it claixs wo charge it wronjully
when we sny ihat iu cel.: have been I
bcautifnly changeable; and in order tu !
prove that we were wp it qu.-c from j
its own col'im of the 20th of June, j
1 PA when ii ftnd.H it favored Xt-ro ...if i
sov, this is what we expected,
and wo would call attention to the fact
that our charge. wa, that neither t.o
nor four years ago did the Qrr)oni't:t
advocate universal Xegnt snlTrage, and,
7 ' I
rjuolesuom a .date sub.?cr,ucnt to the
campaign and eiec'Ion if LSOS. Gen ;
llemen, that will not do; every one j
understand that when wc said two or j
lour years ago, wa had direet reference ;
to the political campaign of 1SG3 and ;
18GS; and come? now your evidence
of a date subserjnetit to both. That
simply proves what wc charged, that
before those elections you did not nor
would not admit as tru'j the other ch srge
made by the Democracy, that we, as a
party, were opposed to Negro sulTnnge,
but since the election of 1803 you have
advocated it, and now do. This is pre
cisely what wc charged, and the Ore
ffmiion has proved our insertion' true,
unless it can now bhow from its columns
of a date prior to June, LSGS, that it
favored iTcgra suffrage. Wc hope the
Qregonian will produce the proof. We
know, Mr. Orey onion whereof we
speak. ,
The Jacksonville Nttw ay that the
wile of Kuhji, who reside on Apple
uatc, performed a bold feat rece ntly,
being nothing less than the seizing on
to and mastering by main strength, of
a good sized cinnamon bear cub. She
came across the animal while out gather
ing berries, and had a tremenduui tusel
wU'n it, young bruin celling in some
powerful. blows, but Mrs. K. hung on
like grim death to a - defunct monster,
taking her capture homo with lu r, where
z wnippeu out an me uogs ou me place.
Heat that who can.
Tiik same paper says ihnt Wednesday
wtia the hottt fit day of the season. Tb
thefrnometer stood 'as high 112 in the
shade; and a load of ice, crossing the
le.crt front Jintte Creek, is satd to have
been diminished bv the extreme heat
I U ou parting Io 200
The Orcjonian undertakes to apolo
gize for the action of the ...Senate, in
extending the citizenship to all Africa,
in its usual style, by saying there is no
danger of Africans coming here. But
a short time since it made the same
argument in reference to Chiucse, saying
there was no danger of their desiring
to become citizens', and that more were
returning to China than were coming
here. lflhero is no more danger of
Chinese than of Africans coming here
why not extend to them the same priv
ileges? IJut since Williams has become
so terribly frightened as. to Chinese
Coining here aud taking the country if
l hey arealluwod to vote, the Orcgonan
as usual, vacillates and goes back on its
record, and now thinks that there is no
Manner from Africans, but sees great
peril in the China question. Our last
State platform emphatically opposes" any
further extension of the elective fran-
chise to opposite races. T.QrejonUtn
stood Mjuarely on that platform. . Now
the. late naturalization law repudiates
the platform.', and the Oi-egonian says,
in reference to it :
" Inasmuch as all persons of African
descent born in the United States are
already citizens, there is no valid objec
tion to allowing the few here who were
born ht other countries to naturalize. "
Who., now, U tuned up to the party ?
aud who, now, is standing by the.-enti-
merits of the great body of the party in
j VII l'.MI, III'-" I'iIIOJ HCJI't lllU't V !
Of ("onion f
Dut' vc will not lovc the
On n., inn Itere to ilutnlcr. You 3a
not tell the jcojlo whether or not
yuU f;iVor ih it other portion tcf ihe law
which h-.ts tn native Africans! Stand
np to thi- rack, Mr. Orcjoutun there V
llo ..toppio now. Tell us; do you
eiidure ihe pi jneiph? r policy ? Let
se nowi, whether or uot , 'you dare to
I'.teo thr intJ'ic.
Anot'Ur, little ijncsiion is 'ofttatin
it !
the public mind, and about which great
men iu nr own party differ. Sumner,
Mut tun,; Tiinubull, uud other great men
say the Chinatucti havca. gooda right to
t'one here and become citizens a? Afri
ctllt3 What part will you take iu thi
re;;t que.-tion ? You claim w?
have wrongeil by ?ajing you had no
tui-nd of yo ir own. Now, if you come
"ut " n, geai qucuon oi me
a3 tauetne incoiiMMcuicour
'vith Williams or will you take that
J!,!,5 (; iitde eour.e pursued by Sumner
ntU Trumbull ?v llo considerate, Mr.
0'"','M,' are tread.ng pon!ip.
f'O" 'A' "K- fiery billow. t 11 be
"th ,,r ,ccl ? bul e demand you
Hl 'k' "M r e com-
mrud the Orffnn a t to the ? eeeh of
Trumbull on the Fourth of July, and
one of 'Na.l)'' resolutions at the Drtno
eratic meeting in New York, which wc
here pve.
Itrsoht't . Th-it Amerikv hcj bin
it.,. ...I.J - h . ttt 1 I rt.ithnita
;n,, (,? - nrt. aetrt mined that it fhall
;llu. hepieh. wc protest agin any Chinese
eomin iti on any term?, whatever,
Ken butler Crispins won't save him,
neither can our party be saved unless
wc stop and commence to go back ou
thii heresy, univci sal sufTra?.
The! Portland papers crc full of
laudations respecting distinguished men
lately arrivcduit that port. From their
tone a granger would cmc to the cuo
elusion that all the extraordinary Men
of. earth, past and present, had arrived
in Portland. This is all well enough,
hut some little mutters connected with
the transaction engage our attention, ;
Of course, the excursion down the tiver
to meet the ship which had on board
thoc distinguished characters, was all
right, and just as it should be, and then j
tie address of welcome, by Dr. Loryea,
was a most magnificent production, of
whieh any American may well be proud;
it "was, in fact, the tight thing in the
right place. There it was new, but
must have been an imposing scene, to
see Americans, with heads uncovered,
paying their respects to lien Ilolladay s
count.. And who is this that wears
thn title of nobility hereafter to be
worshippcdUn America ? How changed
our habits.: But one thing explains
another. Wo have now a right to ex.
pect a title soon to bo conferred on
James O'Meara. Confer it, Benjamin,
aud let us know the worst, and what
Found nt Last ! A remedy that not only
relieve, but cure consumption tinJ its numer
ous eatelites which revolvo around H In tho
ebpo of ccughs, .cold, 'nfluenita, broncblti,
etc. This remedy is Du. Wistaii's ITawam or
SrAt'toiso's Qi.vc' asoful In oyery bouse,
A New Advertising Dotlgc Ercry time
it lady who u-8 fragrant Sozodo.nt opens l.tr
mwulh he advertises the article.-- The state of
tier 'teeth is 11 certiflcato oi it excellence. No
spot darken their Kurface, no impurity clings
to lhin ; tb cuhions in which they aro Bet are
rosy, iiimI the Lrealli that sw.dk through theui
is BWtet us the hrceze of June.
Eckeka! LckekaJ! KcnexAt!! What?
Nature's eoTcreign remedy for healing the-sick.
Dr. Pierce' Alt. Ext. or Golden Medical Dis
covery combines in harmony more of Nature'
most valuable medical properties than was ever
licfurs combined in one medicine. For the cure
of nil coughs, wbcihvr itcutu or lingering, it has
proven its Miperioritv over everything td'e.
For "torpid liver," or billioubut s., and fir
constipation of the bowel.-, it is a never-Jailing
remedy. As a Mood puiifur lor the euro oi
pimple, IdoU-Les, eruption aud nil humors it
is uucqualud.
Notice is HEiiniiY given that
the luw firm of Vineyard A liutler is this
hiy dissolved by mutual consent.
a the Circuit Court Jur ihe Slnlc if Oregon,
fit YfUnhUl eoiinlif, n.
('aioliiio 11. J;ori?!, Plaint iff, vs. Felix 0.
Donis, lf3sid.int.
daiit: In tbo mime nf tbo t'tnte of
Oicgoc, you are hereby rvquitt-d to appearand
nnsur ibo eotnphiiat of the I'luimifl". liled
auiort you in iLe above i.uined court, by
Monday, tb'j Hih day of Novembtr, A. 1.
1S70, which U the Gft Any of tho ntxl regular
term of aand court. f.Ibwing t ho expiration i
tie time priir;hol in th. inl: r i.f the Ju.lgu
of Miid court, bfibeof, nod iiiir than s ix v f'.a
irtm tbtf lafe of said order and ot thi fflni'
itioii. niid ih; firit publi'-ui i.'U hereof, or jndg-
inel.t will hi; tak ii ag;iint yu tor want in rvi !
r..it 1 7. ,..... u,..t ,.t.kw-r ."l.ov.. r. ,. ,.,:. .!
nil von :i ri' ri ii ii I ri.ii r i.ii i ill I nj i i i i
. 1 . I 1 .. i t. - . .! i .! . ; .. ..
-- ' 1 ' ' -
A Stftrc ('hance lov a E'ar -
A 5 I AM COI.Nti LXCl.r?!V:-:i.Y IN'
' to li t- !lo.e tV!!iir Itsjini.".', I v i 1 1 .-til
.oj ili:A.)"A!;L!; Tt I;M. orti.i l.' ..; - i j
ti.u n-urtr, M'J FINli TK.XM a 1 l.in Sf
tU..Juv To', 1ST0. 22-lot
A ssi inii ra t o v'h .'o t ice.
Bt be Jul tetlit t lb" tfy Cu.t ..fj
.1 i f
t'vlK ttitttit, Cii vj:tf, t.e titi-rMiiu ttuis.
Ml.txtiitted Admitf ar tf the ,.' f llir-
J'.tir.lt. liwnd. All jcourt!. V,nnf
Min 8"i.f Paid -!i' fir- r..i'iir-. ; .r..
,.f tbi9 ,,,,.,. 15F.NJ. T. l5-ttl..'Jf.
July A. ft . Adn,;,.iMr..,r.
I It it I i.u.xtili f vvTil !Spp!y to id t-ort tor a I . ".-.'
d,,-rv dis-olvin-th bon.lsof ,;,t, hnooy now ilSif :ui' of -theid A, U-m-r, m
ti-tinu LUttu vou and her. nd 1-r thV cue :u'1 t-'.t'fU',". f u!,, X"rty,
nnd ro-todv . ib'c tuinu, , bi dr. n. Tbo wc . ,h'4!i, l t
of i-abi n.',rii..t:. by or.Urof'lb.- Hon. 1!. V i V. frj,,1,,,i:ll ",M,K,N"; and knuvn u t-iu ,
ll.d.e, Ju.le ot ,-id Vuu,t, .udc tbU -'wiU day i '"7 '"f V"T h'At ot l'ut
life jssvi:axce.
OI Ai'W York.
G. II I Li OX SCniliNKIl,
StircrM the i'i Itcvicn of ICxccIIcixcc.
Oidinary Life IVl"c:cs
AbsohiteSv Hon; Forfeitable
From Pavmcnt of FinT Annual Premium.
One Third of the Annual Premium loaned to the p.irty insured, if desired,
And no Xotc Required.
The Business of tho Company is cn the Hutu al Flan,
No evidenco could prove more conclusively how fully the public appreciate
the new nnd liberal fentures of this Company, and the well earned reputation of
its leading Officers and Directors than tho
Unprecedented and Muparallclcd
. ; ' -" - '
Europe or America.
Applications for' Agencies in, places where the Empire is not already repre
sented, will he received only from parties 'who can give undoubted references as
to qualification and integrity, and should he andrrpsed to the undersigned.
0. P. VON ItHKIN & CO.,
832 Montgomery Street,
. Opposite Od4 Fellows' Hall, Ground Floor. -
: 181t .
The Ciieaiict Store in
the!ELLend;ale store
2 1-2 Miles West of Dallas,
Ur?t and be.t .lock of goods
oro.ia o ,!)t., i o.k u,. ,). Tnwl,p tine; exceedingly useful in allbowel afftion.
Wbieh wo propose to n JAlh.h t ban , (ff trhf,tIren. It is a afe, certain
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market pru-c. J
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goods generally kept in Crt cluss country
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Miwle in th EHendulo Mills, which v: wi!ll
e!l verv diifif.
i: l. t.'dal duly It. VJit
t-jhvvzd's Sale.
TTY VniTITM (tV AN' I'. V rt'ITTIfiV. TO
M ft ,r;r., f,,L cut Ol !. fJircnit
Court of the State of Oregon, for thft county
of F.dk, on a judgment n ud r,-d r.v the Cleric
in vacation, iu favor of Ira F. M.'EulW and
ariiii.r A. iJner, for tb t un' t( sevn bun-
lr. d and t-igbtv teven dollars an t f.lly cent 3
:$7S7 M) iu U.S. gob! or silver t,i. vith in-
tcrcst at the rale i i ten it cent i-r annum
i rum i oe ryrxmoin oi ju-igiaiai uiiui pai i, i
jrMber wi:h c sis und ceerulng co-ts I have
iev i. d iir.ori nnd will at public t:$etj, at
i!.c C llonw d.n.r in iht- town A' I.Uda.
i Folk c-i:ntv, Ogn., on the l.'UU day of Aui-u.-t, '
! tctwecn tie h-.ur oi 1 oVl''..k
in liacOonul Uiook .No. 1. then, u sot;t!i ievt.
I .1 .- 1.... .1 o .... '
1 wiH s: l 4" i of be-uuiin-, kuowi
j 11 :'oj.vr S!. .n.
'i J, c i i j
i:v 'o-.T.tcl tu the town of
;;. t n.iv t '.'.'.
.v,ii.t (n f..mnu'ti',e ni 10 nVlorl; A. 1.
'l-tm f.vb iu 'a..n 1. j:o.l or tiiur
20 Iw Uy I-. M. Ct!J.IN. i'vuty.
.' f:.J,l rVrHKi
Ul till. V '
j '
j tJ.i.ivM, tt i
P,..,,H(.,-i Til ' I '"T I
'J ...... ' .
ItUOiJl .1 l'I.A.M;M0.;. .
Managers for the Pacific Coatf.
I .... 1 ... 1. 1 I? .,'1 T..t . i
Mothers, I've Found It!
1 a remedy that will CURE your children
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syrupj?," lor they etupiiy without doing atijc
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Frej-ared by
For Fn'e by Drti?g';Kt3. The trade supplied
on rvfis.Tiiitbk' t-ri. r:. Hundreds of Testimo-
tiiii's cim La given if necessary.
For Xent.
t ) and a bnlf K.ilt-3 from Dallas, is offered
j l'- rent. The renter to fake the growing
crop and to have possession until next sprung.
''""d house and bars, forty acres in grain. and
' a-rvs meadow ; a large bearing orchard.
! ad t-rden. One wagon and a span of horse
' P b p:a"e te do ths work about the
j '" ""'- ft
( ierm ?2. eth, or saii-facff;r.y trade,
i Itiqulre of K US--'KLL &. FEllhY, Real E-
! tate Au.t rortiana, or
, j j 'a lias, M-y !vi si.
iil! EIGTI2E':
I)a!Ia-, Orcjrotu
; J-
) rrtir h jmi-.cn has p.kcf.xtly bekn
I refitted and r.'snanl, and it-'ii now
f.r (b
C t: '"'' tirir.O
'nli' n f the trarclio-
T!. TABLTl w'd! ?.t nil time? he fun rid' welt
: t -i. i.
j ;rov . U-i with cri-ry u1jmov of the reason, fis
! w-i-li tb" ft:! :.ti'i:t!4, sin 1 or gutsott ratty
j rot a-i-nrvd of C' urltous and jiruiuit attend'
i .iK,-e. 1 i
j ib FJ.i:;:?:?; ataiitmexts wi'.i also,
ihe f--;td cl.nn, v, i.!c.'.i j ;in 1 eotiifortAhle.
..:;?-Li vtr .?t-:bK noritu tic hot.!.
i L. A. IIOBI!.
IW!.t. :.:.r 2?. 13 tf
I fr VbO?&
R J. f) 170
in V.i!n:i'l r.tirttly Mcdx'ue ba been wide
It r-!;4 f.v.raldy buv.w in wur owu aud lur
v.ii toutitritf, uj.waru of
Tt !t r,r,f f It? fnd name by repeat
r iruli. but 4"!:?i;n4ts ti ocujiy a protuincitt
j'!:titt ti: every fitttttiy tu'lieino ehet. "
1 1 ir- mi J.n r;:-tl rnl titt rnul Keiuedy. Fvr
.I'ltv.i.vr C in; 'ski !, r ai.y other IVutu 1" tw
i Hv ::-e in ebibiren or adttltx, it if an a!nit
i t'fiwin ciae. and b., without duubt, be-!! tba
siii m:;-- fi-!ui iu curing tlte various kind of
tJliUl.KfiA Uih'i any other known remedy, er
t'lt r.f!f : I; ill; itl jd.ysdoan In India, Africa
and i inii, w lit.' re tia dreadful disease i ntaro
or Icfs j-ri. v.:!.-iit, t!:o T.tin Killer id c.nsidttivd
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IVifi" 2o t-t, IU t t?, and $! per bottle.
C. M. r.WCT.NTKIt.
!t!anufactuiers. and Wholesale and Ke
tuil Healers lu
Conincrcial Street, Sakai, Oregon,
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To be found in Hl.irion County. ; '
Alt kinds of Picture Frames, CoEas nnd
Caskets made to order on short notice and at
ru&sanablo rat?is.
Salem, March 2:1, 1S70. 4-tf
The standnrd rvmvdy for Coughs, Jn
fluenxa, orf Throat, AV hooping
t'uualt, Croup, l.tver Complaint,
trunchlti. niecdiiifr ,nf tUi
I.uurp, and every n fleet Ion of the
Threat, l.nucrs and Chest, Inclad
intr Consumption. ; ; :
Wistnr's llaUnni does not dry up
a Cup;h out loojeii9 U eleanscs
the I ui.rs, allays irritation, thus
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plaint. Votic genuine uulcis fcln-.
cd I. HUTTs. Prepared by SliTH
W. FOVVI.12 & SON, lloston.
Sold by HliDDI GTON, IIOS- -s
TETTUH A CO., San I'rancUco,
aud by dealers generally. ' IO-ff