Oregon Republican. (Dallas, Or.) 1870-1872, April 30, 1870, Image 1

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1 M 0
VOL. 1.
M). ;0.
3Jlu rfjau lUpufcliran
Is Issued Eyory Saturday Afternoon at
Dallas, Polk County, Oregon.
OFFICE Main street, between Court and
"Mill streets, two doors south of the Postoffice.
t SINGLE COPIESr-One Year, $2 50; Six
Months, $1 75; Three Months, $1 00.
Stibterfpttom mu0t be jmid ttrictlg advance
One square (10 lines or less), first inscrt'n, $3 00
Each subsequent insertion- ... , 1 00
A liberal deduction will be made to" quar
terly and yearly adTertisers.
'professional cards will be inserted at $12 00
per annum..
Transient advertisements must be paid for
n advance to insure publication. All other
advertising bills must be paid quarterly.
Legal tenders taken at their current value.-
Blanks and Job Work of every description
furnished at low rates on short notice.
. 5U All advertising bills must be paid
A homo ibat one dark night
Tuellas vmtare,
And rnansit there so very late,
That ilium constant care.
Purr, walking 1 y te house,
S.iw caput in tenestra,
Et sunt morati far a while
To see qui erat in tbore.
Soon, caput turned its nasam round,
In visu pucrorum ;
Affno?eunt there the pedajrogue,
Oh! maximum pudorum!
Processus pucr to the door
Cum magna quiet&te,
Et turned the key to lock him in,
Maratus erat sate.
Then pedagogue rose to go,
Est feeling hunky dore;
Ille non potest to get out.
The key's outside the fore.
Ascendit sweet-heart nunc the stairs,
Cum festinnto pede,
Et roused paellas from their sleep,
Sed, habentnot tbedoorkey.
Then, exeitat domino,
By her tumultuous voice,
Insanns currit to the door, ' '
Et obvenit the lady.
"Furentcm place !" the master roared,
'Why spoil you thus my somnum ?
Exite from the other door,
Si rogues have locked the front one !"
Puella trisf is bung her bead,
And took her lover's manum,
Et cito from the other door
RisMsaput est irnpulsum.
Cum magno gradu redit home
Retrorsmm nunquam peeping,
Et never au?us est again,
Vexare people's sleeping.
i Advertising Gazette.
The Career of IJarlltigame.
The Boston Advertiser thus speaks
of the late Chinese Minister :
History furnishes no parallel to the
experience of Burlingame during ths
last decade, and we shall have to turn
to the Arabian Nights to match it.
Writers on the possibilities open to
American ambition have often cited
the appearance of Franklin in his plain
suit, serene in his simplicity, at thc
glittering court of Versailles.. But
there was nothing in the history of
that shrewd, lucky Boston boy of the
last century to compare in romance and
bizarre splendor with the cool, easy,
8elf.poised youtig man of our own day, j
who, losing his seat in Congrcssjby the j
vote of our North End wards, present
ly found himself the representative of
the oldest and greatest of nations, ac-1
credited to the courts of the world,
traveling in avRtyleV'of imperial mag
nificence .through " Europe, receiving
the courtesy of kings and emperors,
poping with the wiliest of ve'eran di
plomats, and speaking for the first time
for cores of centuries of silence' the
voice of ChiDa. Perhaps there Was
no man living whose death could havp
In .its possibla consequences' a graver
influence 60 the dett'my of millions of
The Gypsies in the Hop Garden, at
Pestb, have a curious way of looking
after the honesty of their money col
lector. The person intrusted with tho
mission of taking the hat around
, among the crowd has a living fly put
in his left hand, while he nolds the hat
with bis right. When he returns with
the funds, he must bring back the fly
alive, -os a sign that he has not taken
any money from the common property j
but if the fly be wanting, or even dead,
he does not get hig share of the money.
. One of the New York "railroad riog"
eavs that although his father would not
tell a lie for a shilling, he would not
hesitate to tell eight for a dollar.
Repudiation Is ts, Read This.
We copy below an article from the
Philadelphia Day on the financial sit
uation, which we commend to the at'
tcntion of the advocates of repudiation.
It says :
"With the steady decline of gold, and
more or less influencing it, ; beyond
question, comes the gratifying- intelli
gence that .our exports during the last
six wonuis very neany- Daiancea ine
imports during thf same period.- rIhi
ncany puis ine Daaance oi traae in our
favor, a condition rHgrable to financial
health and stability in values. It also
leads to the inference that our varied
industry is thriving, in spite of adverse
circumstances; and it goes to prove
that while Senators and Representa
tives have been devising methods to
correct what appears to be financial dis
temper, the laws of trade have been
quietly operating to restore equilibrium
lost durinsr the ureat convulsion. This
f:it should bo made.torjrofitthe na-
tinn bv instructing its nublic men. Not
- j
many of them appear to be aware that
some things wut be left to the opera
tion ( of natural laws. The lesson is
watchful patience. It is by no means
certain that the laws of trade, acting
in harmony with the irrepressible en
terprise of the American people, would
not furnish a solution of the financial
problem in the shortest time cousktent
witn safety it gold nas toucueu a
lower figure within a week than at any
time since midsummer of 1802, can the
decline be credited to any recent legis
lation ? The various financial schemes
put forward in Congress, and the dis
thorn oUnrlzr Inflict. nA t,ftl'iRV rfl
w iaaL. Aso.l,rA r., i,A
causes of the annreciation of currcnev
thn U
Prominent among these causes may
be considered the repudiation ,of all
measures looking toward repudiation as
a means of cancelling the public debt.
Every attempt to rally a party ; around
tlio st.nmlarfl tif Tirnnrlintinn fine ir-
nallv failed; and Mr, 31 ungen's speech
in its favor has nowhere met with bit-
tcrer denunciation than at the hands of
leading journal ot the party to which
he belongs. The clapior for an act of
national dishonor has been confined to
a lew destructives wno aspire to tnc
leadership of the ignorant. and preju-
diced among electors, with an eye to
local political preferment. It is in-
structive to note the. mode ot paying
prescribed by these petty leaders
the mode prescribed by Mr. Pen-
is not
dleton and others of this stamp
Thc creditors of the nation have not
failed to observe the shaping of public
opinion with a calmly critical eye
There is no lonjrer any suspense rclat
ing to (he payment of the de'bt: Capi
tal, thus relieved, puts off its hesitancy,
and embarks freely into the work of
production. Not so many thousands
are wasted in "margins" by Wall St.
operators as formerly, and the release
of those thousands may have something
to do with the convalescence of an al-
most distracted industry. At the same
time we are, according to the showing
of statisticians, paying our debts and
somethins over, and are likely the score
a balance due as by foreign consumers.
Among individuals this state of affairs
would be regarded as financial prosper
ity. As a nation is an aggregation of
individuals, why should not the same
rule apply f i
We congratulate the country upon
the gradual approximation of values
in frnld nnd nanef. 'holding, as we do.
that it is the result of the laws of trade
operating under
favorable circum-
Indionant Comanche. A Co
manche Indian recently brouget his
squaw to a, pioneer artist to have her
;rtnw in rntitinr. n n fin.
XrOTL'iri'JAr. to be exchanged 18 0,00,1,, f7om
A .
tures. - He accordingly raised the eloth
t, . i. i,
and looked into the camera, when he
was astonished to see his wife standing
on her head. At this he grew indig-
nan t, and even beat her for assuming
men an unaignmca auuuue Deiore ine
ssldiers. but as she stoutly denied tne
offence, he continued his experiments,
and at last came to the conclusion that
a machine tnat would stand his squaw
on her neaa in nan a secona, wuuuui
knowing anything about it, was exceed
ingiy uau wcuiviuo,
A Yankee editor remarks that he has
lately seen a couple of slaters who had
to be told everything together, for
they were so much alike that they
could not be told apart.
clegrapliic Summary.
hicago, April 22. -The talk
among the leading members of the
House orr the Georgia bill shows pretty
much that everybody is "at sea" on
the ibilir There was a strong disposU
tion yesterday to take the Senate bill
as i stands now, for the reason that it
is believed not satisfactory to some of
the Senators who gave it their votes,
No Loe can predict in what form it will
co the President.
Qhe. opponents of the treaty with
Domingo think the matter is losing
ground with the country .the more it is
discussed: but they are equally sensi
ble or the fact that the appliances that
aro brought to bear upon individual
Scuators are not without effect.
t - .
Washington Arril 22.- The Sen-
ate (Judiciary Committee was engaged
in the preparation of a bill to enforce
the Fifteenth Amendment, and made
such progress that it is expected that a
cornprenenbive measure ui mat nature
wUlbo reported next week.
The House Committee resumed the
i . f . v rsi I
consideration oi the tann. ine sec
tion! relating to scrap iron was passed
over, all amendments being rejected.
Th next paragraph was: All iron; in
slabs, bundles, loose, or other forms.
including ends, clippings, and punch-
mgk of new iron, less finished than
balf and m?ro advanced than PS ir0D
exqept castings, one cent per pound
Several amendments were offered and
rejected. The amendment agreed upon
wa Butler s, which added the proviso
that on all ends, clipping, punching,
turnings and boilings of iron to be
manutacturcu into ingots or bars,
I . ...
No J Of eleven dollars DC paid.
The withdrawal of the lcsral tender
appeal cases by plamtitTs has caused a
treneral feeling of relief. J here is lit
tie doubt that if the recent decision
had been reversed in the manner fore
shadowed, there pould have been a for
midable political movement started to
reverse the recond decision by the ad
dition of snore judges. At the Presi
dential election this movejment had al-
reddj takyi shape'and embrac,
.f thc most influcn.tial ltepubl
ccd some
Ith? country.
St. Iours, April 22 Omcial ad
yides from Fort Hill, Indian Territory
have been received at headquarters.
stating that lar;e portions of the Co
mdnehes and Kiowas are aCiliatiog to-
gethcr in bands. The Indians jnanifest
U Ucsire to have their lands fenced.
anH broken up for agricultural pur.
poLc3. The writer savs that lasting
pCkce may bo secured if the Govern-
peace may
mint carries out its present policy.
Montueal, April 22. Thc police
prbfess to have discovered a plot to
sc zc I'riocc Arthur and carrv him olt
ttfc a. a
to an obscure placo on the United
States frontier, to be held as a hostage
'"f ",u VT , 1 e tu au Pr !,oner8
at may laii into tne nanus 01 trie au
11 or,t,C8- .
Perth, Canada, April 22. Most of
the bridges on the Mississippi and
Clvde rivers have been carried away
by freshets. Keports from the East
say, the flood was very general and vil
lages almost nearly inundated.
Chicago, April 23 New York
specials say trie remans claim tney
will put 25 regiments into the field at
short notice, and they have determined
tcj send assistance to lied Iliver insur
gents.; j nc reman uongress expects
. ! mi .n -1 - .
tq adjourn to-morrow niaht.
The Tribune's Washington specia
says the Senate has agreed to proceed
nfxt Tuesday afternoon totho consid-
eration of tho Sandwich Island recip
rrtcity treaty, ccncluacd at ban rran-
cisco, May 18G7, and laid before the
Seriate in July of that year. Ine
treaty was once fully considered by the
senate, when the sentiment in regard
td it seemed pretty evenly divided, and
friends ask that It might lay on tho
I f rt hli i liriAiir vwaiiiHiaa If iitiHAliAtii
aai 01 lne ircaiy tno me ,nas
been extened to some day next week.
- w
Washington, April 22. -Private ad-
vices from Bogota say tho Darieu canal
tj-eaty had been rejected by the Co
lomoian uongress.
Washington. April 23 Informa
on k;nJ, rflf.md at thV Wf IV.
Uartment ihat iar?c numbor r.f l.nr.
robes! were obtained from the In-
d ans.' who were suffer ins from small
J. cr r
i it. - 1 -i l ; . n
pox, the j robes being undoubtedly in'
iccieu wun virus, anu pacKea wiin an
intention bf being shipped to the trad
ing posts! on the upper Missouri, the
P a I i i. .i
epartment orders the oommandors of
uitary jposts on the river to prevent
hipnienti or passage of any such pcl-
Albany, N. Y., April 24. Tho
bill repealing tho registry law through
out tho State, except New York City,
passed the Assembly ; also, bill amend
ing the election law, by placing colored
voters on an equality with the whites.
New York, April 23. It seems
Fettled that Sandford J. Church will
bo the I)emoerati(L,candidate for Chief
Justice "of the Court of Appeals.
It is reported that the Ways and
MeaiM Committee , will offer in the
Houio f-a new funding bill, ami the
Banking Committee will report a bill
authorizing the issue of 95,000,000
additional fractional currency, without
any provision for the withdrawal of
either certificates or legal tenders.
American Girls in Europe. I
do riot wish to uuder value English
beauty, which is mout satisfactory and
enduring and most of which will wash.
I confess that American beauty
New York to New Orleans has
spoiled my eyes for any other; and
when I am just getting accustomed to
the solid English matrons and maidens,
like 31 r. Hawthorn, and begining to
like them alonir comes a croup of my
v j- ft
fair country women on their travels.
nd they spoil it all again. Those dear
Yankee girls I fear you do not appre
ciate them at home. Here they ad
mire and envy them that Is, thc men
admire and the women envy. On the
continent they rave about them. Half
a dozen American belles.send a whole
German town distracted. It is not only
beauty and grace, but their wit, spirit,
and audacity. The ontiuc tal customs
favor their triumphs. No girl over
there dares to fay her soul is her own
-let alone her body, fehe never goes
anywhere without a chaperone ; she
never converses with a gentleman cx
cept to answer a question ; she is of
necessity insipid to the last degree. An
American girl, on thc contrary, asserts
her freedom, goes where she likes, talks
with every one she cares to talk with.
Mjsdu to a gerraan just as she would
do at home. He is overwhelmed, as-
to ni shed, but all the mure delightened
He tells his friends that the beautiful
girl he waltzed with said du to him,
and told him to bring her a glass of
water, which sets them all crazy to be
introduced, here her say du to them,
and be made water carriers likewise
Next day the whole town is talk?ng
a out and staring at her thc womeu
are in a rage but the result lilhe con
viction that America must be a great
country, increased emigration, and
the consequent prorcis of civilization
-jRurojeaii Letter,
' Sixteen Miles Down Hill
The Gold Hill News says:
ween the erminus.at Virginia.and
thelowest whero it strikes the Carson
river, a short distance from the Vivian
mill, the railroad has a continuous
down grade of 11G feet to the'mile, so
that running down that 10 miles, thc
locomotive use to stean power, the
trains being propelled by their own
gravity alone,,; regulated and controlled
1 . m a
simply by the brakes, inus a car
turned loose at Virginia, would run at
a lively rate of speed clear through to
Carson river, unless it ruu off the track
somewhere," or encountered some ob
stacle in its way. At the point wo
speak of. near Vivian mVU, the track is
almost on a level with thc river bed
and from there up through Empire
and across to Carson City, tho enci
neers have to put on steam. Very few
railroads in the United States have so
steep a down grade for the length of it
as that sixteen-mile section posesses.
Don't depend upon your own lungs
alone : use the lungs of the Press.
Don't depend alone upon your own
hands and the labor of other men's
hands; use steam power if possible,
and make it known by printers ink
! 'hi Jou . prepared to,do busioe.s
Sell at small profits, for cash, and
make "it known through the newspa
The Pennsylvania Cemetery oontains
seven graves Bide by side, in which re
pose the remains of a man and Hs six
wives. When the first wife died the
third was three years old, and the fifth
an infant of twelve months, while the
last wife was not born until the year
folfowing the death of the first.
Lake Ontario was frozen over a few
days since from the Canada to the
American shore, and as far east and
west as the evo could reach, i ' This is
the first time that this great lake has
been ice bound for many years.
Alt'y &; onii8cIIor-at-Iaw
McMInuvIlIe, Yamhill Co., Oregon.
Particular attention given to the study and
practice of Criminal Law, Collection of Claim,
noieB, Accounts, etc.
J.,n. SITES, Iff. DM
Physician and
Snrgeon9 I
' Dallas, Ogn.
liar In z resumed practice, will give special
attention to Obstetrics, and the treatment of
the diseases of Women and Children, i
r Office at bis residence.
x. L. butler. I
Att'y &oiinsellor-at-Iaiv
Dallas, Oregon, .
Will giro speeial attention to the collection of I
Claims, and all bumness entrusted to bis care.
REFERENCES Hen. John Burnett, U6ns.
R. S. istrahan A Simpson, Hon. A. J. Thajer.
1 flfaTCIa 11 II
Pliysiciati and Surgeon,
lianas, Oregon
OFFICE At Nichols' Drug Store. , 38
Att'y Counsel lor-at-JLaw
DALLAS, og s
Special attention given to the Collection of
claims, alh the bojing, selling fiid leasing of I
teal hut ate, and Convey noug.
Justice of the Peace for Dallas Precinct.
OFFICE In PoLr Corstv Times building.
Mam street, opposite Court House.
W . I). JKFl-HII, M.
thyician and Surgeon.
liola, Oregon. .
Special attention given to Obstetrics and
UieaEe f omen. ltf
J 1 DAVIDSON, M. 1).,
I'lii'fsirmii mill Knrsrpnn.
. , .
Independence, Ogn.
T. V. B. Einurcc.
jJTtr Olfire at residence. 1 4yl
It OX f l A Ifl A: I, A VSOi,
Attorneys & Counsellors -at-Law,
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law,
Sli:.l, OREGON,
Will practice in all the Courts of Record and
Inferior Courts of this State.
OFFICE In Watkinds A Co's Brick, up
flayclcn & ITIyer,
. ! Dallas, Oregon.
Attorneys h Counsellors-at-Law,
Dallas, Oregon,
Will practice in all the Courts of the State. I
Attorney and Counsellor-at-Law.
Dallas, Oregon.
Special attention given to Collections and to
matter pertaining to Real Estate.- 1
J. A. Applcgate,
Dallas, Polk County, Ogn. 1
L. J. WAROfiAW, M..-D.,
Has recently returned from the Atlantic States
and is now permanently located at
Lewlsville, Polk Co., Ogn.
AndofTuis his professional services to the citi
zens of the County.
Particular attention given to Female Dis
eases. 2-tf
AtV y &Co unsc 1 1 or-al-Law,
Corner Commercial and state Streets,
Opposite I.add & Hush's Dank,
Will practice in the Supreme Court and the
Circuit Courts of the Second and lnird Ju
dicial Districts. tf
00. a. CURRKT.
AUor ne y s-A t-lJa w,
. - . - OREGON.
Ia(ayette. Orecon.
,. 3 tf
Lafayette, Oregon
' ; 3-tf .
Heal Ettate Attorney. ,
Real Estate Brokers and
- Col lectio ti Agents.
Northwest Cor. of Firit fcnd WAiagoa
PORTIAKD - - .t)RECrolf.
Special attention glren to the sale of Heal
Estate. Collections made in 'Oregon -and 'tho
Territories. . ,
Property, town lots, improved fars. ttock
ranches, lands, Ac., situated in the best portions
urmi. -
Physician, Surgeon U Accouchef,
Buena Vista, Polk Co., Ogn.,
Will attend promptly to professional calls.
i 7:6m . -
A A. M., Dallas, holds its regular cvvT'
municatioas on the Saturday preceding
the Full Moon in each month, unless the moon
fulls on Saturday then on that day, at ou
Alio, on tho second Fndy 10 en monta
at 7 o'clock, P. M., for the purpose of improve
ment of the Craft in Masonry, and for such
other work as the Master nay from time tt
time order. "f
All Brethren in good standing are invited to
attend. By order of the W. M.
Bear testimony to the Wonderful Curatiret -
1 Effects of . ' .a
g.s lilt uosepu wtuaei b x
s t
wa x
Manufactured from the native Herbs and Boots
ol Calilornia,
jr-ir- Tte Great Rlood Purifier
bare bticn most succersful. SUCH DISEAS
ES are caused by VITIATED BLOOD, vhich
tiruduced bv deranirement 01 thel
I r .r 1 0 o
Clearse the'Vitiated Blood whenever yo
find its impurities bursting through the skin in
Pimples. Eruptions, or Oores: cleause it.- when
: you find it obstructed and sluggish in th
reins ; cleanse it when it Is foul, and your reel
injrs will tell you when. Keep the blood heal
thy, and all will be well.
Importing Wholesale
Corner Pine and Sansome Streets, San iVahV
Cisco, CalM and Sacramento. Cal., and '
34 Piatt e'reet, N. Y.
8 ly .
Carriage and Ornanic n(nl
S I G x: PA I KTE K,
Commercia Ftrwt,
Opposite Stsrkey's Bloc. ; a
Il-tf ALSifi
; GEM ; SAROOiV: '
, served to customers on short notice.
This establishment does not dispense tangle
foot 5r anything of that character. 1 . . - -
jT CUl at the Gem.-
r 1 1 " i -
Bureaus v;i
A Variety of CHAIRS, for Kitchen an
' Of my own make.
Shop nearYramire'& lIill
my stock. I shall be pleased to show you
my goods, and better pleased when y ou buy.
New' Work put up to order, and Repairing
done at tho lowest cash price.
37 - V7TZ. C. T71LL3.
TJ O " .I-,, 0 , UM
ojj m a v
m N i l I
3a X y s?
?. :