Washington County independent. (Hillsboro, Washington County, Or.) 18??-188?, January 17, 1881, Image 4

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ShtrtedcttitV they 8aW to himrOomeawayr
Kis her and leave her thy love is clayt
They smoothelr treaw" of dark brown hair;
On Joer forehead of stone they laid it fair;
Over her eyes, which gazed too much.
They drew the lids with a gentle touch;
With a tender touch they closed up well
.The sweet, tbin lips that had secrets to tell;
About her brows and beautiful face
Pliey tied her veil and her marriage lace,
And. drew on her white feet her white silk
Which were the whitest no eye could chose!
And over her bosom they crossed her hands
"Come away," they said, "God understands!"
And there was silence, and nothing there
. But silence, and scentaof eglantere,
And jessamine, and roses, and rosemarr,
And they Mid, "As a lady.snould lie, lies she;"
.. - i . ? - ,
And they held thair breaths as they loft the
room, . .
With a shudder, t glance at its stillness and
gloom.- .
But he who loved her too well to dread
The sweet, the stately, and the beautiful dead
He took his lamp, and took his key.
And turned it. Alono again he and she.
lie and she; but sha would not speak,
Though kissed, in the old place, the quiet cheek.
lie and she; yet she would not smile,
Tho' he called her the name she loved ere while.
ITe and she; still she did not move
To any one passionate whisper ot love.
I shall nerer forget the night which
closed the day that Jack McConibe sold
the "Maid of Erin" mine on Carbonate
Hill, Leadville. The consideration was
$63,000. The "Maid of Erin" was not
the only one of Jack's mines. He was
interested in the "Highland Chief,"
"California Tunnel," and a dozen others,
and his heart was just as biff as his
parse. He w& one of Leadville's first
six aldermen, and made it a point to
know every man in the mines, and a
jollier fellow could not be found from
Denver'to Sajnache pass. Jack deter
mined that a portion of the proceeds of
his last sale should be devoted to his
friends, and as a consequence it was a
gala night in the Carbonate camp.
Prinks and cigars were free at Johnny
Shea's Gem saloon, in Harrison avenue,
and the programme was to conclude with
the stage box and an unlimited qnantity
of champagne at Tom Kemp's Grand
Central theater, the largest variety
house ever erected in the West, or East
either, for that matter. Being a "news
paper man," as Jack put it, the party
would not be complete without the
writer, so, dropping my work, accom
panied by Harry Norton, the city editor
of the Chronicle, I joined the gay party.
A gay party it was, too. Apart from
the host there were Lieutenant Governor
Tabor', Alderman Ed. Kavanagh, Alder
man Kelly and a half-dozen local majors
and colonels, and one general from the
regular army, whose name I cannot re
call.;; The female members of the thea
ter were also well represented, it leing
the custom in that city for tho actresses,
from song and dance artists to the lead
ing lady, to visit the boxes and quaff
champagne. On that particular night,
Ida Corey, of the Corey sisters, a most
finished 'dancer, flirted with Governor
Tabor, Maggie LeClaire clinked glasses
with Alderman Kavanagh, and Viola
Wray, Amy JTmlor, Frankto Hussell,
Lottie Beaumont and Fannie Garretson
entertained the company.
Amid all the hilarity, Harry Norton
appeared ill at easo. He drank a few
glasses of champagne, and then removed
his chair to the corner of the box, out
of the glare of the footlights and lit a
"What ails you, Harry?" I asked. "It
cannot be possible that vou have the
blues to-night?"
"No," said he, "but I was just think
ing of a little incident which happened
to me f on r years ago to night in Jan
nary, 1870, In the Black Hills. If you
care to hear it, draw your chair a little
Harry's manner of speaking impressed
me strangely, for he was seldom comrati
nicative, at all times reticent and rarely
referred to his past life. He was a dash- I
ing fellow, about thirty five years of age
and there was pot a thread of silver in
his raven hair or heavy drooping mus
tache. He was a native of Buffalo, and
had been connected with the Courier of
that city.had written half a dozen books,
and there was very little of the United
States that he had not thoroughly" ex
plored. His fnll name and title wasCapt.
Henry J. Norton, the title having been
acquired in the recent Cuban revolu
tion. "This
term it,'
incident, as I am pleased to
he began, "has never been
bnt once before, and then it
was poured ihto the ears of a priest at
the St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans,
about eighteen months ago. When I
cross the range and go prospecting in
God's country, you can tell it if you see
fit. Four years ago to-night I "was in
Deadwood. I had returned from an ex
pedition np the Yellowstone river and
published a book on my research. Dead
wood was at that day what Leadville is
at the present time all life and fire,
riches and glitter. There were no beg
gars in her streets, and every man was
the possessor of gold, mining stock or
unlimited credit. I was a guest of the
Dakota house, (and passed my nights,
in the main, at the theaters. At one of
the theaters a woman whom I had known
in Detroit three year9 before, .was sing
ing ballads. She was too noble a woman
to tread tho boards of any stage, but.like
many others, gifted with a sweet mezzo
soprano voice, she found on the variety
stage an easy avenne to a livelihood.
She was a woman, every inch, and was
always accompanied by a young hister to
and from cities and their Michigan home.
Being an old friend, she felt perfectly at
home in my company, and we were to
gether ranch of the time. No man in
Deadwood, except myself, would she
permit to act as her escort, and the con
sequence was that it was not many weeks
until I was envied by half the men in
the camp. On the night I refer to, after
the theater, I went into the bar-room for
purpose of taking a drink before retir
ing. While pouring out a glass of whisky
a stranger walked np and accosted me,
saying:. . -
"Yon are Mr. Norton I believe?"
"I answered in the affirmative, and in
vited him . to drink. He hesitated
a moment, and then calling out for a
lemonade with a 'light stick,' asked me
to accompany him out to the street. He
was a fine-looking young man, of heavy
build, and wore better clothes than the
average miner. I noted all this from
the fact that he was a stranger, who
wished a private conversation witli me,
and had been so uncivil as not to intro
duce himself. Together we stepped le
yond the doorway, and then halting, he
" 'Ton are a man and a gentleman, and
' I am the same. I love Miss , men-
tioning the name of my actress friend;
t and " she ' could love me, I am certain,
were it not for you.
I raised my hand to strike him down,
and the muzzle of a revolver, the bntt of
which was clutched in his hand, deter
red me. I stepped back a couple of
" 'I have thought this matter over, he
continued, lowering tho revolver, 'and
have determined that one of us must
die. I could have shot you down any
night and none would have been wiser,
but I am frank enough to make you a
"But I shall make no objection to your
marrying Miss " I said hurriedly.
"She is nothing more than a dear friend
to me- Go ahead and win her, man." I
thought him crazy, and believe to this
moment that he was not in his right
" 'No, said he slowly, and with deter
mination; 'this world is not large enough
for we two men. I will kill you before
this night is done, or you will do me the
same favor. You are armed and shall
have an equal chance for your life; we
will go up the valley a little ways, and
there settle our quarrel like men. If I
kill you none shall ever know whether
the cases were right or wrong, and if
fall it will be with no malice toward
"He. took my arm, and we walked up
the street together. It seemed like a
dream to me. and vet there was the man
anxious to murder me, at my side. I
besran to grow nettled, and was suffi-
cientlv reckless before we reached the
Bismarck stage road to have fought him
with the bowie knives had he demanded
it. Then. too. I was angry at the free
manner in which he had spoken of Miss
. Up the valley we strode, some
thing like four hundred paces. The
snow was crisp and hard, the moon was
full, and in tlie clear sky lit up the sur
rounding country and the sleeping city
below in a fantastic manner, lwo or
three hungry cayotes, which had ven
tnred down to the outskirts of the camp.
scampered away and were, except myself
and companion, the only evidence of life
in the valley. Presently my strange
guide and enemy halted and said:
" 'You stand here and I will step ten
paces farther one.
"I obe3ed his directions.
"Ho paced off ten strides, and, remov
ing his hat, faced me, revolver in hand.
" 'Hold on! said I; il your mind is
fully made up to shoot me. at least let
mo know your name.
' 'That'makes no difference to you,'
said he. 'It's as good a one as you can
boast. Please be ready to fire when I
count to three.
"I am a clever shot with the pistol,
and can shoot the spots Axom a card at
even twenty yards, and felt confident
that no matter how good a shot was my
antagonist, that I could kill him at ten
paeas. I drew my derringer and cocked
it carefully. I was standing witli my
back to the moon and he was a little
above me, and the moon shone full ou
his broad brow. He leveled his weapon
and began to count. As the fatal words
were slowlv pronounced. I raised my re
volver, and at the word pressed the trig
crer. We fired at the same instant, and I
felt the wind of his bullet by my head
He sank to his knees without a struggle
and fell uion his face in the snow.
"My being in the shadow a little below
him and the moon's rays falling on his
pistol barrel had, even at so short a dis
tance, disturbed his aim. I walked for
ward, turning over the body, still warm,
and looked vLjwn in its face. My bullet
had sped true. There was a sm.ill,
bluish looking hole, from which the
bloud had not j-et sprung, in the centre
of his forehead. If any one heard the
pistol shots, no heed was paid, and not
wishing to be arrested and chaiged with
murder, I walked down the valley over
the hard-leateu snow and returned to my
After a minuto's pause Harry Norton
reliarhted his cicrar. emitted a cloud of
smoke, through his nostrils and con
tinued. -
"The following afternoon I saw quite a
crowd assembled at the city undertaker's,
elbowed my way into the group, and
asked an acquaintance standing near
what caused the commotion.
" 'Some cuss got sick of the camp,
went up the valley la6t night and com
mitted suicide. The wolves were hover
ing about, and picked his bones pretty
clean before one of the men from the
"Homestead mine" came down to town
and found him.'
'He might have been murdered? I
answered in a questioning tone.
" 'No; he committed suicide, was the
reply. 'His revolver was found in the
road, and one chamber had been
emptied. He just got homesick and
went up there and "called" himself, and
the wolves hod a good meal and he can't
be identified. He was not murdered, for
over 8200 in bills were found scattered
"I walked away and shed no light on
the mystery. In Deadwood, where peo
ple came in and departed by hundreds
every day, mysterious disappearances
were rarely reported. I am in ignorance
as to the name of the man whom I shot
down in that strange dnel, and though I
remained in the Black Hills for some
time afterward I never paid another visit
to the theater where my lady acquaint
ance was playing. "That is all."
Handsome, talented Harry Norton has
fought his last duel and penned his last
leader. He fell into the" loug sleep last
May, after a day's illness from pneumo
nia. Such a funeral as he was accorded
was never before witnessed in Leadville.
The four daily papers in the camp turned
their column rules, and the Pacific Coast
Association and a band of music followed
the remains to the second cemetery that
Leadville has filled in less than three
years. He was buried by the side of
Charley Vivian, the actor, and a friend
from Colorado informed me a few days
ago that in the vacant lot adjoining poor
Harry's grave, just to the left, Texas
Jack was laid to rest last summer.
Thinos That Pay. It pays to have a
garden if you will take care of it; if you
do not or cannot, you had better not
have one. It pays to make a garden as
rich as possible. Stable mannte is, per
haps, the best for the purpose, but good
superphosphate has the advantage of
being more convenient to apply and is
free from the seed of weeds. The value
of wood ashes, especially for potatoes,
peas, beans, etc., is very great. It pays
to delay planting the ground until warm
and dry, so that it can be well pulver
ized. The distorted and crooked-parsnips,
salsify, radishes, etc., and slow
growing stnnted corn, are the results of
ggy and lumpy eoil. It pays to have
walks through your garden, made of
loose stone and and coal ashes. It pays
to plant your vegetables in long rows
instead of old-fashioned beds, and to
use stakes and a line in planting every-
i thing in order that the rows may be
straight and even. It pays to rotate your
vegetables from one to another; and,
finally, it pays to kill a weed wherever
you see it.
A comparison of the official oaths of
several countries, apropos of the Brad
laugh affair, says a New York paper is
not uninteresting. France demauds no
oath, not even any equivalent formality,
before her legislators-enter upon their
duties. Even under the empire the
deity was not called upon, the simple
formula being, "I swear fidelity to the
emperor and the constitution." -
In Austria, also, there is no oath, but,
. in reply to a question from the president
of the reichsrath, whether the new mem
ber "promisea loyality and obedience to
the emperor, inviolable observance of
the constitution, as well as of all other
laws, and conscientious fulfillment of
his duty," the new member simply re
plies, "I promise."
The reason that members of the Ger
man parliament take no oath is that
many of them are under oath of alle
giance to their respective states in the
German federation, and so a conflict of
duty might arise if two oaths were in
sisted upon. The Prussian member of
parliament takes an oath beginning, "I
swear by God, the omnipotent and om
niscent," and ending "so may God help
mo." As if this were not enough, those
who choose, it is provided, may add
"through Jesus Christ to eternal bliss,
amen." x
The Spanish deputies are put through
something of a catechism. The secretary
asks them: "Do you swear to observe,
and make others observe the constitution
of the Spanish monarchy? Do you swear
fidelity and obedience to the legitimate
king of Spain, Alfonso XII.? Do you
swear well and truly to behave in the
mission confided to you by the nation,
always aad in everything seeking the
welfare of the nation?" The answer ex
pected is "Yes I do swear," and the re
plication is, "If you do so may God re
ward you, and if you do not may he call
you to account." In 1S7'J, it may be suitl
Senor Castelar and fifteen others v.. re
the Bradlanghs of Spain, but their objec
tions were not based on religious or irre
ligious grounds.
In Italy the president of the chamber
of deputies says with elaborate polite
ness, "I invite the honorable gentlemen
to take the oath in the form following:
"I swear to be faithful to the king and
to observe loyally the fundamental stat
ute and the other laws of the state, with
a single view to the insejwirable welfare
of tho king and the country." The new
deputy responds with the single word,
"Giurgo," (I swear).
The oath to which Mr. Brad la ugh ob
jects seems harmless enough. It reads:
"I do swear that I will be faithful and
War true allegiance to her majesty,
Queen Victoria, her heirs and successors,
according to law; so help me God." Ob
viously, any man who believes in any
God, whether Jew or Mohammedan or
Christian, might honorably assent to
every letter of this oath. And so, too.of
course, might any man who believed in
no God at all. For him the oath lacks
its usual sanction, and scrupulous honor
might lead him to point this out at tho
time of complying with the custom of
oath-taking; but there can be no doubt
that dozeus, perhaps scores, of other
members of Parliament do not agree
with Mr. Bradlaugh in this view of the
The United States, it is generally
known, have two oaths, but their jreei.-e
forms are familiar.
I lie Seed of leuuonij.
If the mistress of the household is in
clined to lx-,eti;ttvagant in her expendi
tures, her servants, who are quick imita
tors, will soou follow her exaiuple, and
make sad waste of the materials put into
their hands. The improvident class,
from which our help mostly come, soon
learn the lessons taught by such exam
ple, and become careless of the property
of the employer, even when they have
no thought of appropriating anything to
their own use. Bnt such lessons, it
should be remembered, make our em
ployes, of both sexes, totally unfit to
manage a home of their own, or save
enough, when family cares come upon
them, to keep them from the poor-house.
How many of us have seen what wretched
incompetent creatures those girls be
come after marriage who have lived in
wealthy families, with a great abundance
to work with and no cautions from
their employer to use it discreetly and
with a true economy. They are inca
pable of making the most of their small
possessions. If they had been taught
economy, and how best to manage their
own earniugs.they coyjd help their hard
working husbands to build up little com
fortable homes for themselves and rear
and educate their children with such
care that they might become among our
most influential citizens. But unless
those wealthy ladies with whom they
took their first lessons were those who
feel the true responsibility of their pos
tions and the guidance they owe to their
servants, when the untutored damsels
marry they drift as helplessly as a rud
derless ship in a storm, and year by year
sink down into deeper poverty and
wretchedness, ending perhaps in a pau
per's grave ruined for life by the ex
travagant habits learned before mar
riage. A Hr'gtat t jTtarjr IJIrd.
A family living in the Hotel Victoria
have a canarv bird named Beauty, which
&as shown a wonderful aptitude for
picking np tunes, and seems to be far in
advance of others of his kind in general
intelligence. He is esiecially fond of
the head of the family, recognizing his
footsteps and greeting him with a burst
of song.
On a recent evening, in the presence
or guests, the door of Beauty's cage was
opened after the master had seated him
self at the piano, and the bird Hew to
the gentleman's shoulder and then to
the music rack on the piano. When his
master whistled an air playing an ac
companiment, the canary warbled and
trilled in accurate tune and time, hop
ping upon the player's fingers and over
the keys. When the whistling and ac
companiment ceased the bird perched
upon his master s head and awaited fur
ther ordeis. . Then Beanty was placed in
front of the rier glass, where he sang to
his reflected image in harmony with the
piano accompaniment, and when his ma.
ter stoped playing the bird flitted
around the room in pursuit of his
shalow on the ceiling. After he had
convinced himself that he had cornered
his dark silhouette he sat gazing ab
stractedly at it till he was coaxed away.
After Beauty had retired to his cage
he kissed the members of the family
good night, imitating the kissing sound
when he touched their lips with his bill.
His education hr.s been acquired within
a month, and his tutor is tho little
daughter of the family.
A bright little boy who had been en
gaged in combat with another boy, was
reproved by his aunt, who said he ought
always to wait until the other boy
"pitched upon him. "Well," exclaim
ed the little hero, "but if I wait for the
other boy to legin I'm afraid there won't
be any tight."
Official rathe.
XUM XiiMwh KsalMtaa) fcr Htm fnu.
elsea 1I.m.
It is only from exceptional bnstnees enterprises
that the public obtain the fullest poaaible advatages.
To give these aud properly remunerate the conduct
ors of an establishment requires a combination of
conditions seldom rnet with. There niuat be a rota
prehensiv knowledge of all the facta pertaining to
the branch down to the aiuallest details, the possea
aion of ample capital to purchase all material at the
lowest cash baaia from first sources, and if manu
facturing enter into the business, (he greatest skill
ebonld bo commanded to insure superiority of con
atruction and finish. These are the principal con
stituents embodied by those business houses who
cater successfully to the public .n any line.
A most magnificent illustration is furnished by
"Nieoll, the tailor," whose establishments, 727 Mar.
ket and 305 and 507 Montgomery street. Han Fran
cisco, are as well known and patronized as are his
fialatial stores in New York, or his elegant eatab
ishuient in the .Lakeside Building, corner of Clark
and Adams streets, Chicago. It is perfectly safe to
say that no tailor in the country making to order
ran compete with Kicoll. To the proof: He bat. an
office in London which is a great center to which
manufacturers of cloth at all points send their goods
for sale. He purchases regularly in London ami also
in Paris, and when occasion requires, his buyers
visit manufacturing scats, such as Huderstield.
Dewsbroy. Leeds, Stroud, Trowbridge and Frorue,
and in Scotland, Oalaschiels, Dumfries, Langholm,
Jedburgh and Selkirk. Treating with and buying
solely from manufacturers in immense quantities,
and all for cash, he invariably contracts mnch bet
ter terras than any other buyer. lie baa also the
mofct fav irable arrangements with the different
steamship companies, especially the Inman, for
transmission of goods. Changes in atyle, as soon aa
they occur, are wired by private code from London.
Domestic fabrics are also purchased for cash from
Business with Xicoll this spring has started in
booming. During his many seasons, experience in
this city, he reports that at no time has he been so
pressed to fill his orders. He haa been compelled to
procure the services of several first-class cutters
from New York and Paris, in addition to his usual
force of favorite artists in that line. Be showed ns
the most elegant a-id stylish aasorsiuent of apring
and summer gouda both foreign and domestic, of
designs esecia)ly prepared for bis house. Those
favoring "Xicoll, the Tailor," with their patronage,
need have no fear of aeeing their suits duplicated
on the backs of Tom, Dick or Harry, who favor the
many shoddy shops in which thiscity alounda. "Xic
oll, the Tailor," employs none but the luuatfskillful,
artistic cutters and efficient workmen, and such is
the promptitude of the house that a suit can be ready
to wear ai hours at ter the measure is taken If de.
aired. Suits are made In a superior manner from
$20t ConnoiHf eurs of dress and the general i' ut
ile will, therefore, see that "Nieoll. the Tailor," can
meet their wants more effectually aud economically
than any other I'ouse.
His country trade is also increasing Immensely.
His rules and system for self-measurement are so
simple and reduced to such fiue mathematical prin
ciples that any one living at a distance or in the
country can measure themselves with the greatest
ease, and ensure a i-rfect tit. These rules and self,
measurement guide with a good selection of sam
ples are mailed free ou application.
To those who have never patronized the famous
house of "Nieoll, the Tailor." we would advise them
to take the first leisure hour and Inspect the marvels
of clothing fabrics in his elegant establishment,
727 Market street, Hai Francisco, fcvery courtesy is
extended to visitors and patrons.
How the Money Wext. "Oath" was
talking to an old printer in Washington
City a fortnight ago. He told him a verv
singular thing to tdiow that in our day
there really haa leen ome improvement
in government xhrewduess, if not in
scrupulousness. Thi old printer said
that he printed the Pacific railroad re
ports in Buchanan's administration, and
that it was the largest job done under the
government at that time, amounting to
$3,000,000. The reports contained mag
nificently engraved colored illustrations
of the flora of the country through which
the road passed ; also a vast amount of
other matter that had about a much
bearing on the subject of railroads as the
life of Mohammed would upon shrimp
fishing in San Francisco bay. It was
simply a stupendous steal.
Mr. Ilenjamiu I. Cohen has removed his law office
to the suit of room uumlwred 'jo in I'nion niock,
Portland, Or. Mr. Cohen has been appointed Itesi
deiit Attorney of the Kiiitsble Mercantile Company
of Xew York, and tho Xorth American Attorney's
nd Tradesmen's Protective I'nion Company of Con
necticut. These are two of the largest and mos-t re.
sponsible collection agencies in the country, and
claims placed in Mr. Cohen's bauds will receive
careful attention and be vigorously pressed by the
iM-i-t IeKsI talent of the I niteil States aud Canada
He It a also engaged acompetent assitant to aid hnu
in tne enforcement of local claims
" ow 1 do Must tiitltealtatlnKl jr Aver
As an ol.t prae-tftlirrter, that Wsmei's Kaf Kidney
eni !t r 'nr"ii sflnong the most va'usbie iIIm-ov-
erles of in l'Jlh feiiturv. I cannot my too ranch
in its behalf. Pitt-burg P.. April. 1 "
feigned.! J H. CONN Ki.L. M. D
Pfunder's S. S. S. Fever and Ague mix
ture. A sure pilot.
Attention of parties interested H called
to the advertisement of Mr. ('hiimller, of
t'ortland. lhoe interested should call at
The old made young and the weak strong by drink
ing Damlaua Bitters, the great tonic.
Doe-lota !
I would never leave my bed. That was Ihrce
months auo. Now I weigh 1J pounds. I cannot
write half of wht I want to kv. but Warner's
Safe Kidney and Liver Cure did It all."
H QRQ1VK. Kahway. N J.
Woo ls the hatter, 14:5 1'irt-t t. Portland
Or., is the lioss place to buy hats.
You will always fel good and never have a sour
stomach if you drink Mamiana Hitters.
One of Woods the hatter's new styles
makes the homeliest man look handsome.
The haadwBMitrttblart phntoemphs ever dls.
Iliied lit Oresjnti ur- s h tern at t'rnak it.
Ahell'a gallery lu I'wrtlund. lie Is the leudlns;
trtlvt ls the state.
Send to Wood the hattr, Portland. r.
O. N. P. Co. (New Scries), No IK.
PariMd Busks Uirectory !
WHOI.i:AM: UCPOT , aiT and 2 Front,
A. M. femitb. Prop., manufactures drain tile, stone
ware, flower pol, vases, lire bik-k, tic. Country
orders filled promptly.
I. II. I'l l IT -No
I. PITT Xo. ToKroiitMreetT'holemle
dealer in California and Mcxlcuu Jruit and prodoee,
lima iikt alio rui on hi low rules.
HURrs PAl-AClTOP ART TheTT'a-liiia-hoiie
fur picture frames and mouldings, wholesale
nii.l retail. Kancy goods and arttals' materials ir
lal t y. IM Urst wtreet Po rtlunil. .'. C. Morse A Co.
XEW YORK. JKWIXRf lll-IW Kirat street,
manufacturer, holewle and retail Jt weieis. Kolled
tiold llracelels. -Neck Chains etc., aud Parisian
lUamondM. Aluminum (told Watches (or tl- eeud
3-cenl stamp for catalogue.
A T H.N At l.W.
ariiOUK M:A U Ttooiu I t. second floor,
I'lttoii Hl.wk. Ail leKal htiHiiiew attended to In Ore
Kou and the Territories. Collections made aud eli
sion procured.
I. PAKZIUEK.-Kooms II and IZ. I nk.n Block
I'aitular attention to Collection, Coiumisiouer
and Notary Business.
HCRTOV HOX'SJE Ilaaa Marx Prop., rerner
'I hir.t atid F streets. Hoard and l-o.11ii; f I per day.
-ngers anu iwHjv ro aiei iroot mhilj iwi iikuw
n td 5
1 2
s a: cd
3 o 3
a o :
Interior HenttUgency.
PsireUstae GsmmIs sms Orders,
Bell PrsMlsje mb C'smslgTiaarwt.
Maabvc advances M raaalgaaseat. Wat will Mat
ttellla rasBsnleslaB (eaarfM llgat) aaly.
Oral, rieav. Waal. Patalaee, He.. a saaelalt y,
A areata fmr tne Caanaaerelal Flaar Mills,
A seats far taa HarlaarateM Flaav It Ilia.
A sweats far aha I-arayette Flo as- If I lis.
lav Or-ala Haars always mm haaasl la lata ta
suit. ?. II. FARIMIt, Ajreat.
Partlaad, On
Must Close by the 15th.
T. IX. OliiLiiclloi-
Of Portland will positively rlr,s bus'neas by the
I5th of June, aata and offloa flsoirea for sale at a
bargain Parties indebted MU4T close their ac
counts at once.
JPartlua-. tar.
Is okTeriiic; NK.V full sized
7-oclave Upright Pianos, war.
ranted for five years, at tlie
low price of
$275.00 !
.Vorlnve Loriug & KInke PAL"
ACE OIUiAXS at the reduced
price of
Cull ur.tl pxMiiiiiie thrse Ijistrun-nitx.
llNMlraiesl (sttalaxua wal Uau tap Hi
ea Unas.
ar Or ter direct and ar the lare;e eowm adoca
pi t- trawling ag-nu.
Occidental Hotel.
Cor. First and Morrison Streets,
Norrn t Andrui I'roprlctom.
Hr l lunil .. Hr "
Free t'otclt to ami from tl-a Hom.
V K. Cham re ft la lit, la
T. A, PoanaoJ.
Life Scholarships ...
Paid in Installment ...
arcs END KOtt I RC L' L 4 kfl.-a
mr3 leow m
J. a. BURNER & CO.,
Every Description of Plain and Fancy Can
dies, Wholesale and Retail.
two of the lartrtat t ar.dy House lu Man
Fraorlsro. wholesale buyers can rely upon buylns;
Csn1le a low as In rtau frranci o. Our Koola are
all piiro anl highly flavored, au-1 tone lint freb
Cs til it-a ft-nt to tne lis'w sn1 we manufacture the
larjj -st variety in Portland. i;v, us a lda.1 orler
aud see loryourrelt.
43 Front at., Paitlaarf.
Keep a Complete Block of
Head Warklnax Maehlnerv-
aw m i ia ana mwi,
inarm mat a' -reie,
Mean Knajtaaa aad Bctllera,
Ktrana, Hand and I'owrr Pa raps.
Meant Knglne iua aara,
I.ubrteatlsjfr Olla.
It low-a and Kihanst Vans,
Kmrry W lai-a-1 s a net Machinery,
Helttnaxa peelaltjr.
PaefclitK, Hose, Valves, Aprtnar. !
Orders from the country filia l with proinptnee
la the Best and Cheapest,
1 by it and a troNViMcau
204 f-acramento aire...... ........... Han Frauclsco. CaJ.
Safe, Sure V Spowly.
In the ml'M of aprii'a we are
In tsad health. Tb aarue lias -
holal of us: shake as we may we
esnnot sliuke It olT unless we use
I'f miller's Hure, Kfe and Npeedy
J-'ever and Ague? lire, a pure ve
elahle n-inedr. A treat nenellt,
also to those having; used chemi
cals, BOeli as quloine. Iron, etc
l'rW--. si. per !!. Your drug
atM has it or will a;et It for you.
Price I,iHt-l81.
F. E. BEACH & CO.,
I OS Kraal ai.....l"arilnnl, lrefai
1 L for IHsl which tfveaa complete list of Rea-iilar
tze iNMtrw. MI HUe Ioor, Front Ionr, Kiklliic
TSMr. MiiKle Wash Ifttfti-, Iioiilile Mah Innra. ilaxe1
Whitlows.!.! IJiC"t:lzel Windows, S l.lKllls;ilareil
Wl'tiown, 4 IJKhls: KreiH'h Kasli, Transom l.!lila
MitnMe Blind, Inside Blinds, KU of opening required
fsr reicular siwd wlnduw. lief i of weights required
for regular siwd window; Prlee of window alas per
box of TO ff: Nuniher ler liicht of wlulowrlass In U
of V) feet; Price er Lli;ht of wumIow aTaaa, atiift-le
thiek; Prte pee IJglit of wliwlow alaas, doulile tlilek.
Mailed fM to any addrewa on aplii-atlon. Any le for
ms! hi not f.Mind In ttata catalocue will ne eheerfiillv
furiiMied on applb-ation. Ail 'etfera of Inquiry win
receive proinpi and uareful attention.
.. ... ....... . r. . .... ,.-
Importers and Scalers in
Farm Implements and Machinery.
the Mccormick harvester and twine hinder.
The McCormk-lc for 111 Is made as a TWINK HINDER, and we have no "Twrnty Dollar Twine Attach.
I ments" to pron.le purchaxer, or put out "wit it Intent to deceive" fanners and lu-ip 1"!4,li'i ., i.L iiM
IhlNKINU machines which may have Kone out of dule, 'I he sin-cess of tho M.I i, ll.M I KM. I H K J.J
rrnirtna- the nast three years l: well known, and we now wfti-r the I WINK HI IS Dt.jU, Willi foil kuaiantee that
It Hilinaintaiu the same htkh standard of iH rfortlon that the V I HE UIM'J .K M.s in inn unvir.; uie nesv
in the market.
Farmer, DO X0T give your order for a SKLF-BINIHXCi JIAKVCNTEIl until you
Exnmliio (ho .
Mccormick twine binder for iboi.
Riiflalo IlttN ( hallonjfo Tlupshor,
iJi'estl)- Improved for IHMI,
Champion Comlitnod Mower aud L?aior,
Champion Siugle Reaper, ' and ft feet tut,
Champion Xew Mower, front nit,
Champion IJht Mower, rear cut,
McComilck's Imperial Mower and Kraper,
MeCormk'k'a Xew Iron Mwer,
McCornilck'n Prize Mower,
McCormlckN HandI)indlug: Harvester,
Marhs Hand Rinding' Harvester,
All of which we offer at lowest market ralos. K'I NAME and totofl1cn address for our new sh I'sta.
loKue whU h Is now ready.
Wa. tt Kearny street, a. V.,
Traats aU Cferaala nasi Mpaalal IN a
TTlM MAV BE Hi) r'r'ICKl Nil lllOM THE EP
f I fecta of youtJifnl follies or Itidlwretlon. will do
Weil to avail tlieirm.-l ves of (Ills, the erestesl lnr.
ever Ik;. the alls.r of aulferinit tiunimiliy. lilt
HIMNNKY will guarantee to furMt !U tor ever
ease of Sx inliisl Vteskness or prit atc OUs'saes of an
kind or character whk.-b he umlerlukes and falls t
There are man y at the mkh of thirty I slaty who
are troubled with too frequent evaetmiions of the
bladder, ofln acooninanied by a slight sniMrting or
bu ruing senaatioii and a weakening of the sysu-ut hi
a manner the pietleiit cannot account for. Ou eaaiu
Inlug the urinary deposita a ropy sediment will often
be found, and sometimes small part Icles of alliuuien
wtil appear, or the color will be of m lliln mllkisU tine,
again changing to a dark and torpil aoM-itriu e.
There are uiany me ri who die of this dlfnY-uity. iniee
rant of the cause, which Is the second atwre of Heud
nal Weakness. Lir. H. will guararitee a perfoct cure li.
all such cases, and a healthy restoration of the gen I to
urinary organs.
Office Hours 10 tot and to. Hnndaysfrom 10 to
II A. M. ConsultaUou free. Thorough examination
and advice, tik
Call on
addresa Da. riNHKY sb ..
No. It Kearny street, wan rrancbs o, i hi.
PSurMiteUI, Ieiiler ta lrsn, f 'heatlenls and
l edict me s,
' r. Mi irfxon and Kecond Mm Hh, I'crtlniul.t ir
W'holesK)e himI lvetnl'
.u nt fur
Mine. Hwhcl's
for the
t 'fill i :r I ill
Paotorial Sjrrui
cerine Lotion
for the Fure,
These trerattons are euunl to nnvtlilng of the
Kind ever otfered in this market, and all are Invited to
call and see for themselves, Orders ty mull prompt!)
attended to. JOHN A. t'UlLIM'riiKKM.
fehiS 'or. Morrison and ond sts., I'ortlmid.or
All Modern Improvements. 0mii all day.
J. If, IIK t:. F.K. PrnaHrliir,
J. B. KNAPP & CO. ,
! Commission Merchants
V 1 1 a'sootl cm CJimnilMain
Aj;ciit lor I'arrotl'a fatcut Doubletree.
257 First street, Porllund, Oregon
T" We have the best facilities hi Oregon for storing
turner so as lo keep it sweet and in a marketnlile con
dition. No charge for storage of hotter consigned to
CotitlgnmeQla solicited. Advances mad I
Portlianrl. Orecon.
I'V N rvons or t'livsleal
llel.llliy, Hemlunl Weak
less, HHrniNtorrhoea,
fmisMlons, I miMjtem y ,f
liausted VilMhiy, t'reniH-
lire le'lltie and I .
it if MAIKMII. from
a linte er cause prHlured.
It cnriclii lis ami t urllles
the Itlood, slreugtliena the Nerves, lirsin. Muscles,
IHtrestlon. Iteprodui'tive Oigime, and t'hvsienl and
Mental Faculties. It stois any uniiHt urul delillitating
drain uMn the system, preventing In volunlarv losses,
tlebUitating dreams, seminal lnwn alth the mine,
ete., o destrm tive to mlii1 and Iswly. It (s a sure
eliminator of all KIII.NKY A Nil lli.AIlKlt I1IM
I' I, A I NTH. Ta lhaae sfrrlsf trsm s rlrrla
mf loathful ladiseretlana sr eveeaaea, a nvritv,
tksrasih aea arrMssrst I I HK 14 I . K.
A.Ti:i:n. I'rW. AOperhottle.ortivetMittleslu
case, with full illrwiioiis ami atlvino. .. mi k...
cure from oliservatlim to an V a hlress uisin rccelt of
price, or o. U. To he Imd only of
II r, nallleUI. X I M Krsrst street.
Man Kraiieiwo.t'ai. ConaiiitMtloiisslrii-ll v i-onlMnnilnl.
hy letter or at onice, KltKK. For t lie convenience of
iwtients, aud In order to secure nerhi-l se-reev, I have
alope1 a private address, under which all Vackages
are forwarded.
Wes' Sore Care for Catarrh"
JIUfl! Oil IHtV, IMtKK fl00; ATM OH 111 KH I f "
J InstlfTlHlors." ri e .Ms-, lu v I'ure and InauflU.
tors mslle.1 on r"o li of nrice. with full dlreciioii for
UW.HC H.U. HK I IIMIIUK Jk 1 o. Iiriurirtsis IAI l-lrst
street, Portland, Or. Kl. Agents for the N. I'aelnr
t'oas uiMrMt
Italian Sheop Wash.
I mfrtact ef i barest,
ftwm awkUM,
rrepared by the Pslfan O ivarcmejtt
oropanv, t'urcs tnoronghl ib4
And fa an exeellent Fhern Din. fbe heal and
rbetpeet remedy known for tiring (be Hcah. f uo
ccaaiut in xn call F'.r paokt lars apply ti
( MAJ DDMIlllHa,MU at t'tl ,
Pol Agents, 111 racrameuto atroat, M, F. 'al.
AM. ,
Nlll. f riOnoTte result of'ovl
111 llllWrrrlAIIIIII
Ilodjfes SliigIe(Jear Header,'
UrcHlly. Improved for ll
The Ilfllu Farm Vjioii,
With comnioii or sluki -iwH hod, Iron or steel Nkeln
Tiger and I liomas Sulky Uuke,
!Iolllgvi1h Sulky KaLe,
iMonllnr aud Superior Seeder,
Monitor (Jraiu Hi ills
Mausileld Kujrlues '
hluiluiisi y or pi'liille, uiouut -d or on hklils
I'ort'hle Saw Mills CiM Mill Madilu. r
Portable Plulform uud If ay Scales.
Tlie Great English Remedy.
a a never lulling Cure for
Nervous Dilil Illy ,Ki Iihiisl
cd 'lt.illt V.Heniiiiul Vt'euk
in ns- i rniuloi rlnei l4
Manhood, JuiNa'ticy
I'Minlyslw, and all t lie lerrl
hie Him Is of Nelf-AlMlsM
t ) i f 1 1 J Follies, mid ea
resses in lusliiii r years
sui li ws Iiss of Memory,
IiNhlliiili'.NiM'tiiriiiil I nils
hIoiis, Aversion to Moclety
Ulliilii HN of Vision, Noises
in the 1 1 cud; I tie vital Hold
ntissliiK iinolmi i veil lu the
me, and iiiuhy olin i liis.uises-tlmt h ad to Insanity
and deal h. .. J j
HK. JUIXTIK will Hgree to forfeit Five Hundred
llllra 1 r it case of Oils kind tlie tlTAJ, It I
M'ltlKAl'l Vl; under his special udvice and treat
inent) will not cine! or for iinyl IiIhK linpuro or ttijiiri
ousfoiind in It. lilt. MIVI'IK treiils till pilvaia
diseases siiccessfuli v wild. ml mercury. t'onsuilMtlun
free. TiioroiiKli eiiliil"Hlllill imd advice, Inclieling
Hiiulvstiof urine, atm. I'rle of VIImI Itestui-Mllva
;inO a txillle, or four times the 411am uy, f iimjii; sm-iiI lo
any e-l.lr.- iiih.ii 1. ij.i of pn.H , or '. O. I)., sxcur
from oliservatlon; ainllii private name. If desired, hy
A, I'd MI.VI'll'i M, II,,
1 1 Kcmi ny sli-eet, Hnn I'mni lu u, ( uk
nit. i 1 ti r k 111: v H km ki v, Hit.
Ill It iri'M'l l, cures nil kinds of KMney and
Klod.lcr (kiinnlaints, ioiiiiri'lKfa, Oleet, Is'iicorrluea
For aide hy all Uruaalsls; l a holtle, six liottles for V
III. MIKTIi: lAMIKI.Ic I'll. I, sr.
the host iiiidchcKH-st 1 IM.I'HI A ami Illl.lOU
cure in ttie nun ki t. lor 04lc hy ill! ln'tflHis
JIulMiK, I'AVls a Hi,, J'oilWiinl, Or.. v h deaal
a cpt.N
1 i JLll WO i 1C
elageand rorpedoa., lavll liiiila, la
n Laatt'iiiM, Tot till Jlinr, Mines,
arrnii), ami aloinaa t aiiUlea,
IfhUtH, AkClltKV, l.AN TK.vNli.
Of Kffty Iii'scriptfon and Quality,
AVr. liKeic aV hotv.
Irt and tfit ateennil aee, llrltvaeiu Mors
lio 1 Mill 1'eiiililll.
IHUtH, foils and Ap,.luncv
lairkt lnirov.iiiriii. Nupermr tn A I I.
ellirct. i.uuJi warrantr.l. I tmlili. Iicl
i7l Pries. alwan Utscr il. ii ailu'M
aa, TIM ticiunn-nl j St. Kan I ram ikii, aJ.
1) 1
inent tiy IiiIuiIhIIoii for t'wnsHinjtilon, Aslhiva
lli-aaehllla, t slsn k. II t eelu, llendxehe, lie.
hllily, JVeuralwlM, Ksriiimuhm, aud all I'hrunla
aaa Nervews Illsiirders, 1'ncknKes muv he con ve
nleutly si-lit ny ct press, rmidy for immediHle use nt
home. Heud for free puniplili-t. Address t lie prnpi I
etors, HUH, H'VA It K KS' 1 I'AI.KN, Mill and Mil ol
rsrd street, I'hllitd.'lpliln, Ph., or II. K. MA Ti ll KWH,
Una Montgomery at reel, Han I run ! wn, I 'si., from
w hot 11 can tie ohlitined liulh lufnruialloii and siiiilles.
:w.n mfiffi!
NM UUUigU U L3 J U L3ata.
ft la muds Inini a Htmiile Irniiical F.cm of Kara
Value, and Is a I'tHli l I. Itemed for all the ills'
eases that cause puins l.i the l ivser .si I 0 tlie li.xl v '
for Torpid Mver-lleadischcN --Jaundice IHzr.inesa
oravel, Mularlit, aud all the dllhciill lea of the Klduea
t iver and I rliiHrv Oikhiih. For IV mole lllseiases
Moml.lv Mensl riiMiloiiH, and during preauauev, li ha
no e jiimI. It rcMor" ' 'ie 01 im us t hid ham k t lie hlood
ai.d iienet is Ihe.hcst Itlootl I'uiiltec. II Ix I lie only
known remedy tliitl curt s HiIkIii's 1 Mitcnse. lor I Ma
tM-tes, use Wsrarr't Nsf 111 nheles t Hie.
I or Hs!e l,v I i iiKrflxi sii.l hII 1 M-sier. at s I MA pet
hot tie, ltrgeet lHitle In the liiiirket. 1 1 V It.
II. Walt t'.ll S-'l. ?tnelear. w. V
Irish f uce. I llerkshlrea and Mngirt
t..l.....l tf'I.L.u Ifl.., ..1,. t. .,-... I ul.
I iiinii'ii ..inn 1 'Si tii ie, v
si tie. write, tncliHiiitf siainp, for clr
cular and nrlce list to W J 1,1.1 AM
Nil. KM, ioa Angeles, 'al. msia
pianos d mm
Pianos from 100 1 Organs from IflO.
JreI Have your inonef hv pnrchas at
"i':' I he. lquarters. HPKNOKlt'H MbWIilesa
' ' riamis and HM1 Til Amerh an Orijaria
11 tn lnlslhiuiita. a. 11. 1 for circulars. F. W.
T.M'I'II li CO., and 1A Fifth street. Man Fran.
. , '1. Tiauos aul 01 s sua rented, tuned and re.
.it... I. Siu)-uait
aT. I ti n 1 1 1 ai
a vyA n h e nm