Forest Grove independent. (Forest Grove, Washington County, Or.) 1873-1874, September 03, 1874, Image 1

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/orcst-dßrooc Jhtòe»enìient
PLIGHTED, A D -1872-
“ Two Bonis with l>nt a single thought
Two hearts that beat as one.”
N e l l ie , loquitur:
Farcit G r o v e ,...................... Oregor
H .
B .
Bless my heart! You’rocotne at last.
Awiulgladto see you dear!
Thought you'd died for something, Belle—
Such an age since you’ ve been here!
My engagement! Gracious! Yes.
/Junior's hit the nnuk tins time.
And the victim? Charley Gray;
Know him, don't you? Well, ha's prime,
Such mustaches! Splenid style!
Then lie's not so horrid fust--
Walt«* s like a s* raph. too,
Has some fortune — best and last.
Love him? Nonsense. Don't be ' soft.”
Pretty much as love now goes;
He’s devoted, aid in time
I'll g* t used to him, I s'poso.
First love? lliimbng. Don't talk stuff!
Hello Brown, don’t be a fool.
Nt xt you’ll rave of flames and darts,
Like a chit at n l>oarding-school.
Don’t be “ milled,” 1 talked just so
Some t wo years back. Fact niy dent!
But two seasons kills romance.
Leave one’s views of life quite clear.
Why, if AVill Latrolie had asked
Wb«n he left, two years ago,
I ’d have thrown uj> all and g*Uio
Out to Kansas, do you know?
Fancy me a settler's wife?
Blest »scape, dear, was it not?
Y’es, it’s hardly in my line
To enact ‘ .Love in a Cot."
Well, you see.I've had my swing,
Been engaged to eight or t«*n.
Got to stop seme time, » f course,
So it don’t much matter when.
Auntie hat* » old maids, and thinks
Every girl should marry young —
On that theme my whole life long
I have heard the changes rung!
So, mu bfl'e, what could I do?
Charley wants a stylish wife;
We'll suit well enough, no f* ar.
When we settle down for life.
But for love—stud! See luy ring!
Lovely, isu't itV Solitaire.
Nearly made Maud Hinton turn
Green w ith envy and des iair.
H* rs aiut half so nice, you see—
IHJ I write you. Belle, about
Howshe trod for Charley, till
I sail* d in and cut her out?
Now she’s taken Jack McBride.
I believe it's all from piqilC---
Threw him over once,.you know
Hates me so she’ll scarcely sp. uk.
() yes' Grace Church, Brown, and that,
l’ a w< n ’t mil d * xp« nsc at Le t ;
I ’ll b>* ort his hands for good:
Cost a fortune two years past.
.My trousseau shall out-do Maud’s.
l ’verartr blm ch* from pa, you know;
Mt a i to have my dress from Worth!
Wont shujust be rat i/e/.though ?
— .Pice H’iiiC’ics in Scnbif r’» for Ai'/ust.
C E ,
Editor and Proprietor.
On« Tear................................................$»
S u months...................................: .........1 *>0
Three month«, .................................... I "0
Single copio*...........................................
1 » c o l
l * <!•
3 50
1 WEEK* l M
•t WEEK*.
00 o 50 4 50
J 00 5 O0
1 MONTH. •>
4 r>o 6 no 9 00
lì M«>*.
6 00 10 O0 16 00
l TEAR. 10 00 1Ü 00 30 00
v ;n
6 00
8 50
12 00
20 00
30 00
50 00
L ocal N oth es ,20 cent* por line for the
flrnt uiM-rtion. *nd li' line for each
ml'seijnent insertion. No notice lens than
,~>0 cent*.
A hi« ral reduction will be made on regu-
l;ir advertise rs.
0 /? E G 0 N -L .
S a M I'KI.S.
kk room s‘Jo Jt *¿1. Merchant’s Exchange
California street.
i'ETTKNoti.L .V Co., 37 Park Row, cor.
Ucckmnu st.—trKO. P. lloWKLl. & Co.,
41 Park R>>w.
cations intended for insertion in 1’ hk
IwoKCKKi'Kar niuet be authenticated hv
the name and address of the writer —
n >t necessarily f• »r publication, but us a
guaranty of giM>d fiuth.
O F FIC E —Near Logan Johnson's / ’Lining
\1 ILSON B O W L U Y , 31. J).
Physician and Surgeon,
FOREST GROYF., . . . .
OFFICE At his Residence, West of
Johnson's Planing Mills.
\V. II. SA V L O R , 31. 1>.,
Physician and Surgeon.
< >FFICE At Die Drug Store.
EKSI1) EN<' E— Curie rS iv *ud Block south
of tke Drug Store.
II. Y.
G eo . II. DrttHAM,
IhMrlct AH' trnttf.
h om psoh .
Durham & Thompson
A T T O H X K Y S -A T -L A IP ,
Nò. 109 First Street,
B .
State Convention of Iowa Reformers—
An Excellent Platform.
N .
N. W. comer of First and Washing­
ton Streets, Portland, Oregon.
nJ7 ly
h a i . e i o i i
C. A. B 4I.L.
The State Anti-inonopo'v Conven­
tion was held at Des Moines, June
s t o it .
A. S T O T T ,
No. 6 Dekum'a Block,
A t t o r n e y - at - L a w
ln iL sn on o, nitEnox.
Office in new Court House.
Attorney -at - L a w ,, Washington County, Oregon.
SliattiM k A k i l l i n ,
A T L.\3V.
Dekum’s Building, First Street,
S. Hughes,
A u<>wle4genD«nta taken. Will attend
».rornnÜv ts Jill k>uemes.s entrusted to bis
D E S T I S T A X I ) J E W E L Ell
uv». W^rk warvcmfcA.
Walnut unii l ’ina Streut*.
45Aro cor
» 3 9 .ly
- T -,
eets l i
it s it a l l ï t z r y
airduy ».vunuig, at «» cflrlock.
sat -
«• lib e ri e f
u -e v ti ghinditi;’ a re
»I , ,V II!Villa;ti U «.uti* id i
XÄDfcSh M i . HO,
A. F. A x yi .
was large
tional rights; oppressive laws enact­
ed, burdensome taxation imposed ,an
immense ficti tious indebtedness cre­
ated, resulting in the degredation
of those States and the genet al im­
poverishment of their people.
3. That tho conduct o f the pres­
ent Administration, in its bold defi­
ance of public sentiment and disre­
gard of tho common good, in its
prodigality and waste, its extrava­
gance, in the innumerable frauds
perpetrated under its authority, in
its disgraceful partiality for and re­
wards of unworthy favorites, in its
reckless and unstable finance policy,
and in its incapacity to meet the vi­
tal questions of the day and provide
for the general welfare, stands with­
out a parallel in our national history;
and the highest considerations of
duty compel the American people,in
the exercise of their inherent sov­
ereignty to correct these accumula­
ting evils, and bring the Govern­
ment back to its ancient landmarks
of patriotism and economy.
4. That the faith and credit of
this nation must be maintained in­
violate; that the public debt, of
whatever kind, should be paid in
strict accordance with the law under
which it was contracted. That an
over-issue of paper money being at
variauce with the principles of a
sound financial policy, the circulat­
ing medium should bo based upon
its redemption in specie at the earli­
est practicable day, and its converti­
bility into a specie equivalent at the
will of the holder, and that, subject
to these restrictions, it is the dutv of
Congress to so provide, bv appro­
priate legislation, that the volume of
our Government currency shall at
all times be adequate to the general
business and commerce of the coun­
try, and be equitably distributed
among the several States.
5. That tariffs and all other
modes of taxation should be imposed
upon the basis of revenue alone,and
be so adjusted as to yield the mini­
mum amount required for the legiti­
mate expenditures of the Govern­
ment, faithfully and economically
administered, and that taxation to
an extent necessary to the accumula­
tion o f a surplus revenue in the
Treasury subjects the people to
needless burdens,and affords a temp­
tation to extravagance and official
(5. That railroads, and all other
corporations for pecuniary profit,
should be rendered subservient to
the public good; that we demand
such Constitutional and necessary
legislation upon the subject, both
State and National, ns will effect­
ually secure the industrial and pro­
ducing interests of the country
against all forms of corporate mo­
nopoly and extortion; and that the
existing railroad legislation of this
State should be faithfully enforced
until experience may have demon­
strated the propriety and justice of
its modification.
Rctolvcd, That we, tho delegated
representative of the people of Iowa,
j favorable to the organization of an
Independent political party, laying
I aside past differences of opinion,and
earnestly uniting in a common pur­
pose to secure needed reforms in
7. That while demanding that
the administration of public affairs,
| cordially unite in submitting these railroads be subject to legislative
control, we shall discountenance any
i declarations:
action on this subject calculated to
That all political power is in­
retard the progress of railroad enter­
herent in the people; that no gov­
prise or work injustice to those in­
ernment is worthy of preservation,or
valuable auxiliaries to commerce and
j should Vie upheld, which does not
derive its power fiom the consent of
8. That the limitation of the Pres-
the governed by equal and just laws;
I that the inalienable rights of life.lib- dency to one term, and tho election
of President, Vice-president, and
j erty, and the pursuit of happiness
should be secured to all men with- United States Senators by a direct
| out distinction of race, cclor, or na- popular vote, and a thorough reform
j tivity; that the maintenance of these of our civil service to the end that
capacity and fidelity be made essen­
principles is essential to the prosper­
ity of our republican institutions, tial qualifications for election and
and that to this end the Federal appointment to office, ai-e proposed
Constitution, with all its amend­ reforms which meet our hearty in­
ments, the rights of the States, and dorsement.
0. That we demand such a modifi­
the union of the States, must and
of the Patent laws of the
shall be preserved; that the mainte­
nance inviolate of the rights of the United States as shall destroy the
States, especially the right of each monopoly now enjoyed by the man­
State to order and control its own ufacturers of agricultural and other
domestic institutions according to implements of industry.
K. V. SHim'CI.
and the best of feeling prevailed.
The following is the platform adopt­
A T T O H N E Y 8 - A T - L A >V,
E C »REÜT G R < ITA, AM; KG OST. M. .t
-Saturday before -the J’ull * .on ni
« v u month.
Bwrthren u: good
stcjiiuj^ «fe invited to attorni.
its own judgment exclusively, is in-
dispensible to thut balance of power
on which the perfection and endur­
ance of our political fabric depends,
and that we denounce as a criminal
excess o f constitutional power tho
policy of President Grant’s adminis­
tration in fostering the enormities
perpretrated in certain States of the
Union; in arbitrarily interfering
•with their local affairs; in sustaining
therein the usurption of aliens and
irresponsible adventurers, who by
certain men have been illegally in­
vested with official authority, and
others deprived of their constitu­
10. That personal liberty and
social rights of tho citizens should
not be abridged or controlled by
legislative enactments except so far
as may be necessary to promote the
peace and welfare of society.
11. That, holding in grateful re­
membrance the soldiers and sailors
who fought our battles, and by
whose heroism the nation was pre­
served. we insist that Congress filiall
equalize the bountios, and grant to
each one of them, or to his widow
and children, a homestead of 1 (»0
acres of land from the unappropri­
ated domain of the country.
MRS. applicable to unappy wives, and she
Making Patchwork Husbands
KO. 24
home sweet home .”
He writes Irom St. Louis Dec, 31,
My Dearly Beloved Wife: It is mid­
night, the last hour and moment of
the year, I am sitting alone in my
room at the hotel, thinking of home,
and full of homesickness. Under my
window, a serenading band is play­
ing “ Home, Sweet H om e,” in hon­
or of a military officer here. I feel
as if they wero playing it in mockery
of * * * Already my date
1894 is wrong; I ought now to say
1865. 1 think of one year of family
history full of small yet important
events—the growth of the children,
tho ripening of our owu minds, tho
affection botween us all
ripening with time, tho goodness of
God in sparing our lives, the daily
discipline of cares, trials, sorrows,
joys—all the changes of life fashion­
ing ua, as under tho molding of
Providence, into constantly new
creaturos, and 1 trust into higher
better lives. ♦ * * * j
seen in my daily visits to the new
cities and among families of every
town many sweet and pleasant ladies
and children but none that I would
exchange for my own. I suspect
that at this hour you are all abed
and asleep. I would liko to catch a
George Alfred Townsend's Description glimpse of your faces and to steal a
of the Tilton Mansion.
kiss from all your cheeks. This
would be more comfort than all the
George Alfred Townsend, in the pleasant attentions I am reciving.
course of his celebrated interview
with Mr. Tilton gives the following
description of the latter’s house:
who makes her matrimonial troubles
subject of any confidence with a male
friend seeks, instead of avoiding,
this appearance, and is, in a large
degree, unfaithful to her marriage
vow. The editor who is trying to
win sympat hy for this false wife as
ono “ crucified between two malefac­
tors,” simply talks blasphemy. Ho
to whom he likens her was the pure
dying for the impure. She is the sin­
ner meeting the just reward of her sin
— the persistent, impenitent sinner,
who for years violated her marriage
vow in receiving the frequent visits
of a man with whom her husband
believed her to hold impropperrela­
tions. Where is the self-respect,
wliero the wifely fidelity, of a woman
who, by her own showing, received
semi-monthly visits, for five years,
from a man, while, all the time, her
husband was charging her with
adultery? A woman who says slie
felt her self-respect strengthened by
such visits, and told her marital sor­
rows to such a visitor, is a strange
representation of Him who was in­
deed crucified between two malefac­
es. He was the lucky on«. Hi
could go to see his girl tho Beit
night if he wanted to, and not hat«
to tell her that he had been ont ta
the base-ball match and gut hit with
the ball. The best place in that vi­
cinity was in the buggy, holding the
Ladies seem to have taken to it as
a substitute for tho old amusement
of making patch-work-quilts. A
W ell, tho three bounced out. Then.
womau is to have but ono husband;
the countryman set those long arm«
and, failing to find in ono man the
going,and the three immediately im­
qualities which satisfy her, she takes
agined that the hot spell had brought
«several more, and, extracting special
on a tornado, accompanied by an
qualities from each, and patching
earthquake and enlivened by rapid
these together and makes unto her­
strokes of lightning.
self a partner who suits her to a
That countryman seemed to have
nicety. In this case, Theodore suit­
fifteen fists.
ed Elizabeth in some respects bet­
I ’ll tell you whar your goinM he
ter than Mr.Reedier orany ono else,
yelled, as the first of the three tried
and in these respects no one— not
to climb over the fence on hit east
even the sympathetic Henry—could
supplant him; but also Elizabeth
Thar’s whar you’re goiu’ l be
was a Trinitarian, while Theodore
fchrioked as the secoudof the three ex­
failed to see tho truth of this central
ecuted a back sommereeult in the
figure of her faith, and so here stood
a lrage part of her spiritual nature
Au this is the way for you to trav­
in a state of positive celibacy. What
el ! he cried, as the last of the three
was to be done? Should this trust­
tried to balance himself on his nose
ing, confiding nature remain half-
in the middle of the road.
mated? Should the most important
He started for the lucky fellow
part of this human vine grovel on
who was in the wagon holding the '
the eartli for want of a suitable oak
horses, but the lucky fellow let the
on which to climb into tho upperair?
horses go and got out of the w ay.
Forbid it all the affinities? God
Then he made another speech, as-
knows I would not make light of the
follows: Oh, I ’m an earthquake, I
sin or sorrow of any living creature,
am. I ’m a volcano right from the
but the twaddle contained in Mrs.
bowels of the earth. some
Tilton’s confession is such a bur­
more nuts to crack I Give me room!
lesque! W ell,is it not a natural out­
Give mo some more raw meat to
growth of much that has been called
chaw up!
“ popular literature” for the last
The three slid off behind the fence-
half-century? How many thousand
Showing How the Boys Will Make
Having passed the night atTillon’s
down to where number
four eat
heroines have been sent forth into
Mistakes Sometimes.
house, I arose at 5 o ’clock to write
holding the horses aud they elld in­
our world of fiction, whose husbands
and,as I passed down the stairs and
There were four of them and they | to that buggy and the buggy e lii
have, wickedly, persevered in de-.
through the house,I was struck with were bloods ryoung bloods. You have quietly into town, and then the three
voting themselves to business, in
the reaomblance of the place in pro­ seen a young blood. He is the elid futively into a drug store. They
order that they might roll in luxury
fusion of engravings to tho residence son of his father and his father is had been out to see the base ball
and idleness. When one of these
of the late Charles Sumner. Yet one rich. He is called a young blood match and got hit with the ball.They
pretty darlings first discovers that j
knew where they were going during
because ho bleeds the old man.
her Mr. Smith is not the Frederic
the trip. At all
The young blood toils not, neither the balance o f
Augustus she had dreamed of in
inquire of* any
engravings does he spin-but bis head spins once
boarding-school, she is inconsolable; About a dozen of the
also takes a spin more countrymen, quietly driving
priest was the in n while. He
but by-and-by some fellow comes wero priests. The
dwelling. In ono uround with the boys among the home in their truck wagon.
along who is “ all soul,” except his monarch of the
moustache, and has not anything on room there was Schaeffer's picture of girls frequently. W ell, there were
earth to do but twaddle his thumbs. of a devil iusidiously bidding awhite- four of them. It wrs Sunday night.
In him the afflicted heroine finds robed Christ throw himself down They had been out to Rinkle's aud
Perhaps it is generally known in
were coming home,on the St.Charles Oregon that Mr. La Dow it the Bep-
something wanting iu her plodding
partner, and soon sets to work to an Monde, a young priest led to tho rock road. They sat iu a two seated resentative elect to Congreee, to eoo>
patch up a husband out of the ma­ cloisterlgozing for the last time at the buggy, drawn by a dashing span of ceed Colonel Nesmith, if not to fill
terial thus furnished to her lmml. picture of his love. Right opposite bays. Presently they came to the the same position to more than fill
Old Counting-House supplies the this was a kneeling nun, by Gerard. large open common at the inter­ the seat which that gentleman yet
drawing-rooms and carriages, and Just in view was Rage’s portrait of section of the rock road and K ing’s holds in Congress. Mr. La Dew le
young Twiddle Twaddle furnishes Mrs. Tilton, a round-headed, dark- highway.
a heavy man— a very ponderous*
Here an episode occured.You have man. He weighs not eo much an
companionship while lounging in curled little woman, a sort of Little
them; and this is all recorded as Dorrit. Over the mantel was Page's all seen an episode.
Daniel Lambert or os Dixon H.Lew-
perfectly innocent, until it comes to
It is something sudden.
is weighed in their day, but still ke
And so unexpected.
that point at which human law portrait o f Wendell Phillips. A Paul
will never be invited to ride in a
It seizes
you with amazement. race where catch or feather weight«
stamps the intercourse a crime. De La Roche artist’s proof
dinning-room. Transfixes you with.
awe In this are called. But his FaletaMan pro­
Our literature has been positively reached across tho
instance the episode mashed your portions do not alone give him
weighed down with accounts of wo­
men Wiio havo sold themselves at ing down on Ophelia’s eoffin were in nose.
weight. He is hefty on ideas—amt
the altar, and found consolation in a corner with Titian's Duchess of
A countryman was driving home in they likewise are hefty. One of them
the Platonic regard of men who sat­ Modena. Madonna de la Sisto was a lowly truck-wagon drawn by an tumbled out o f his mouth at Astoria
isfy their souls-want, while the men over Mr. Tilton's desk. Ixaulbach’s aged and methodical gray horse. Tho the other day, during his vimt there,
they married paid their milliner and Venus, listening amorously toLearn- young bloods came dashing up with and it nearly knocked over one of tho
and hotel bills; and their pictures ing, crowned with laurel,was on the their prancing bays. The young oldest inhabitants—quite great as
are often painted in such colors that, floor. Ou one of tho parlor mantels bloods were beory.
Fat Jack might have overcome a
to tens of thousands of eyes, they were Reuben’s Descent from the
The young bloods drew rein and Welch rare-bit in his way. The two
appear very poetic, and even charm­
the countryman hollered whoa! The wero seated where they
ing. Never did a serpent more suc­
y. b. asked the c. if he could tell out over the broad bay upon whoee
cessfully hide amid roses than sin in on in the Imperial Robes. Over the them where they were going.
bosom) the Navies of the world
the passion-laden romances which piano were Page’s curious oil-paint­
Tho profound c. told them to hell. could commodiously ride. Ships off
prove so large a part of the mental ing of Christ, and engravings ofJolm
Then one of the y. b. said you’re iu the anchorage attracted the ob­
nutriment of American women, and
servation of tho mighty man. De­
a blanked liar.
no class of these is so detrimental to the daughter Florence’s beautiful
At this the countryman laid down liberately he rolled his prospecting
the public morals as those which carved writting-case was her father’s his lines, and got out of his truck- eyes along the hull o f the largest;
oil . portrait. Over
Mrs. Tilton’s
deal iu
wagon right into the middle of the then, after a long breath audio deep
Platonic Attachments of Neglected household organ, which she played road, and made a speech as follows: guttural voice he interrogated and
sweetly, was a largo crayon of Hor­
You roosters have lit on the wrong was answered thusly: “ What does
ace Greeley. Over the book-case
it cost to pilot them big ships over
Nothing all women need more to
fence. Just one of you stay in the
was what I took to
the Bar?” “ Ten dollars a foot.”
wagon and hold tho horses and the
keep in mind than this: a husband
priest watching, in a dark archway,
“ Umph! Ten dollars a fo o tf* “ Yee
must be made of whole cloth. All
other three git out here. I kin lav all
two figures kissing in a sun-lighted
sir.” “ Ugh l About how long is one
his proprieties must be found in
the dust between here and town with
court. I never saw so many pictures
of them big ships?” “ W ell, that
one man, cr be finally dispensed
ye. Oh! I ’m the feller that can koep
emotional of the matter so lately en­
one you’re Lookin’ at, Colonel, is
the flies off. I ’m letter than any
with. The instant a wife finds that
acted in this house. As to
about two hundred feet.” “ Hugh!
any other man may possibly supply
muskeeter bar. Just'one of yer hold
the daughter F lorence ,
i them horses— my old mare’ll stand Ah-h-h-h! Ten dollars a foot 1 Two
to her something lacking in him to
hundred feet! Ten times nought is
whom she has plighted her faith, Above referred to, she is the idol of I without hitchin’—and the balance
ten times
nought is
her only safe plan is to down brakes, her father, and in full sympathy with j jist waltz to Joseph right here nought;
is twenty
reverse engine, and make a dead him. Ho says that sho is the embod­ now. Come on, git out! And tho ir­
halt, before switching off on another iment of more talent, tenderness and ate countryman announced his firm — why, that’s twenty hundred dol­
track. No woman is justified in real womanhood than any person lie belief in tho canine parentage of the lars] Two THOUSAND DOLLARS to piioi
taking any man into her confidence ever knew. The night we came in young bloods. Then he danced and ono of them big ships over the Bar?
about any want ofjharmony between we found that she had been there pranced up and down tho road and That’s too much. I ’ll have that
her and her husband, unless she and departed, leaving him a little kicked at the horsos’ears andjgyrated stopped. I'll fix that as soon as I
tears to my his long arms and
has resolved upon separation, or her note, which brought
throw his old got to Congress. No wonder it
confidant is her father, brother or eyes when it said: “ My dear papa, slouch hat high up in tho air. Oil, costs to get these big strips here.
uncle. If she bo too weak to bear her shall we not uli come together again? I ’m a catamount, I am. I liked thousand dollars! Why didn't I run
burden iu silence, or to lay it down, My heart is with vour sufferings ” to be stopped in the middle of tho for pilot?” And in about an hour
let her seek the confidence of one of Such a family I never saw forj high road, I do. I ’m a four-year old bull afterwards ho had reached Flavel’s,
her own sex, or of some man and his pride of character— not indifferent to pawin’ up big clods right out of and the history o f tho two Georgea
wife,whom she can consult together. tho wcrld, but not living for it.
the ground, I ’m a whole menager- let tho chronicler of men and thing»
in Astoria relate. Our task is ended
This is tho only safe plan, and she
\t the close of the interviewTown- io of ro.val Uengai tigers, and a cage
wo hope our new Board of TVado
who presumes on her reputation and send gives sorno of the letters which full of grizzly bears. I ’ve fit in the
will pass appropriate resolutions to
innocence of intention io neglect passed between Mr. Mrs. Tilton just ring, I have. Git out here! Git out
do lionor to the “ coining man’* who
such precaution, is likely to find her­ prior to the beginning of .the troub­ I say, and I ’ll show you whar you’re shall so soon stop this thing of
self in need of long explanations le. I venture to telegraph you some goin’ !
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