Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 188?-1910, October 28, 1909, Image 1

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    4 WM
Portland Commercial
Coos Bay Wagon Road
Willi Prepare to Start Rail­
New High School Play by C.
Route to be Abolished
road Early in the
R. Moore to be Put
After October
Conference at Washington,
On Soon
Ladies’ Thimble Club Swoops
Offers Many for Articles
D. C. Will OPen
Down Upon Them Mon­
W. S. Chandler, president of the
According to the Myrtle Point
Bandon-Port Orford Railroad X
Enterprise, all the mail lor Coos
On the Northwest
day Evening
Navigation Co. will be in Bandon
county is to come over the route es
about December 1st and will re­
tablished between Roseburg and
main for some time making prepara­
Myrtle Point after October 3ist. The
Enterprise says:
WILL CONSIDER MANY PROBLEMS tions for construction work on the
' railroad from here to Port Orford, BIG BANQUET SERVEO BY THE LADIES
which will begin as soon as th»*
ceived communication from the de­
weather will permit in the spring.
partment at Washington Wednes-
Washington. I). C., Oct. 20—The In the meantime the work of slash­
I day morning announcing the changes
Last Monday’ evening Oct. 25th
Portland, Or., Oct 26—Five
made in the Coos and Curry great conference of capital and ing will go right along, and it is the Bandon Concert Band was more
thousand dollars will oe giver, by
labor at Washington October 28 hoped to get a large part of the
county mail business through the
the Portland Ccmmercial Club in
inaugurates a season of Missionary I right of way slashed yet this winter. than agreeably surprised by’ the
Ladies’ Thimble Club. The boys
new awarding of a new cot tract. After work on behalf of conciliation and
The company has an ad in this assembled at the band rooms for
paper and magazine articles on October 31 the routes between arbitration which it is hoped will
week’s R ecorder calling for bids
usual Monday night rehearsal with­
Portland, the state or the Pacific R seburg and North Bend and bring American employing and in
for slashing along the line, and this out even a suspicion of what was
Northwest. The offer holds good
dustrial interests closer together will afford employment for a num­
going to happen.
during I he coming year and the one ! to be discontiued and in substitu than they have ever heretofore
ber of men during the w inter.
The fact of the banquet room
writing the best article will be re
Mr. Chandler is much pleased
and Myrtle been in the history of the republic.
neatly and tastily’ arranged
warded with a check for $1000
Point, which means that the sei The moving spirit in this crusade with the situation and will push the excited some curiosity, however,
Second best will get $500 and a
vice for this section is to come bx for an era of harmony and good road with all haste, and his con the ladies had cleverly left off the
gradually diminishing scale of
way of Myrtle Point, discontinuing feeling is the Foundation for Indus nection with the same makes it an finishing touches until the boys were
prizes will reward 80 writers.
that over the Coos Bay wagon trial Peace, the institution founded assured fact that the road will be in the rehearsal rooms at work
The contest is open to everyone
by former President Roosevelt with completed at the earliest possible
Then they gathered in the banquet
The conditions are that the articles
¡540,000 which he received in date.
“The new contract is with V. H.
rooms and prepared one of the
must be printed in a newspaper or
the form of the Nobel peace prize,
-------- ow—
nicest spreads ever given in Ban­
magazine of general circulation, Pease the present contractor and the donate as the nucleus of a pei-
route is officially designated as fol­
don. The ladies planned the ban
printed anywhere outside of the
Railroads by the People
lows- From Roseburg by Brock­ inanent endowment fund.
quet so that the tables were ready
states of Oregon and Washington.
Chief Justice Fuller of the United
Camas Valley, Remote
just at the close of rehearsal when
Marked copy of the publication
and Bridge to Myrtle Point. De States supreme court presides ov«r
must then be sent to the Portland
The Oregonian says that the re the ladies forming in marching
livery is to be made seven times a this significant gathering of capital­
order threw the the doors open al­
Commercial Club, where it will be
week and the service is to com ists, government officials and labor mote sections of the state must re­ most filling the band room with
turned over to three judges named
mence November 1 The price at leaders, and Theodore L. Weed, main without railroads They might their presence happily smiling at the
by the Governor of Oregon
which the contract was let is 14,060 chief clerk of the department of so far as some Portland capitalists surprised faces and and adding Io
The articles may be printed between
These Portland
commerce and labor, acts in the ca are concerned.
the dates of Novemiier 1st, 1909 which is several hundred dollars parity of secretary and makes all capitalists would not build a street the evening those charms so often
less than the price that was paid
Director Kausrud
and December 31, 1910.
car line a mile to help their own set to music.
for the service over the two routes, arrangements for the gathering.
Almost any phase of the North­
After Roosevelt retired from of community. The organ of the rail modestly >,.»vc up the ba'on to Mrs
west may be used as subject mattei rhe following schedule is given: fice even the activities of the road trust in Oregon objects to the E. Lewin, spokesman of the even­
“From June 16 to October 15
ing, who calling the assembly to
of the articles.
The length and
Foundation for the Promotion of land benefitted being taxed to con­
treatment is optional with the
industrial Peace were allowed to struct a line, and makes several mis­ order announced that the Thimble
writer. The plan of the CDnimercia)
lag somewhat, but but lately there statements of fact concerning the Club had a gift to make the band.
Surprise upon surprise; she then
Club is not to have the Northwest leave Myrtle Point at 7 a m.. ar has been a revival of interest and a amendment which is before the peo
“boomed" in the common meaning rive in Roseburg by 10 p. in, From cooperative campaign has now- pie and which will be passed bv announced that the club had $75
of the term so much as it is to October t6 to June 15—leave Rose been mapped out that it is believed the sober conservative citizens of which they were pleased to donate
have the people of the country be burg at 6 a. m; arrive at Myrtle will produce tangible results.
Oregon, whether the railroad organ to the band and with a few weP
come more familiar with this por Point in 26 1 2 hours; leave Myrtle
A potent factor with Mr. Weed in in the metropolis likes it or not. A chosen remarks handed the man
tion of the United States and give Point at 8 p m’, arrive in Rose this drawing together of the leading railroad grade, bridges and tunnels ager a neatly arranged packet of
expression to their views tn such burg in 26 1 2 hours. In accordance representatives of capital and labor are as easily constructed as is a canal gold and curiency ut> to that amount
articles as will be acceptable t< with this schedule up to November i is John Mitchell, who has been de grade with its bridges and tunnels. The band then gave the club three
papers throughout the entire con mail will close in Myrtle Point at voting all his time to this cause. A set of depots are as easily con lusty’ cheers and some music after
6:30 p. tn; after that mail will be
Supp rttng him actively in the structed as are buildings for the use which the ladies escorted the banil
The decision of the judges w ill be
of its employes and the public. en masse to the banquet room.
“What arrangements have been movement which finds expression
absolutely impartial. There are
The entire affair was well planned
in the current conference are I When constructed the cost of main­
prizes for 80 writers and the chances made for delivering the mail from Samuel Gompers, president of the' taining the track is not very much and ctrried out ami judging from
for winning are so many that entries Myrtle Point to other postotfices of American Federaeion of Labor, mote than maintaining the canal the comments of those present will
in the contest should be large That this section has not been announced and Warren S. Stone, grand chief, I’lie district road would lease its long be remembered the band boys
the publicity resulting from the here but a train service will un of the Brotherhood of IxtcomoLve lines. t subject to the common user are enthusiastic in their praise of
prize offer will be wide and that doubtedly connect with the stage Engineers.
clause which would permit other the ladies.
much good will be realized for the and it is hoped that all sections of
The band is one of our best
The present conference will be companies as well as the first to use
whole Pacific Northwest is assured the county will be given better and followed by an even more important it.
organizations and one of .»hiclt
oroinpter service than was given
---- OOO----
The operation of the road would Bandon has reason to be proud, anil
one in January iqiowhent President
last winter over the two routes.”
Normal Span of Life 150
Taft will speak and the arrange easily pay all charges because there the Ladies are deserving of much
------- iV/1------
ments for which are in the hands* would be no watered stock to de­ credit for their support of the band
Red Apples Close School of Messrs. Hammond, Mitchell | clare dividends on. Canals are an
New York, Oct 22—The normal
expensive public construction. The bottled up by the trust, the peo
Gompers and Easley.
span *»i human life is 150 years ac­
water rights alene cost an enormous pies railroad is the only salvation.
------ 000- -
cording to a remarkable study by
Grand Junction, Colo, Oct. 23 —
sum in many instances as an initial Of course the Oregonian might build
Professor Fisher of Yale which has To harvest a crop of fruit, estimated
So do the dams and a road to Bandon or Marshfield,
Four Mile Locals
just been published by the Nati >nal to be worth $1,500 000, it was an
The railroad turns the but otherwise there is no way out
Conservation Commission at Wash nounced today that all public schools
dirt together, while the canal turns )f ccurse the old scold in the brick
Prolessor Fisher shows were dismissed for two weeks,
Harry Funk went to the bay on it out. The statement that no state tower will call us fools, knav»?s,
that the length of man's existence beginning \ onday.
road has ever been a success is gain shrieky agitators, etc.
business last week.
is steadily growing, both in this
I he pupils in the Indian School
mon The states of Australia operate who interferes to lilt the octopus
Everyone is b. sy digging po
country and Europe, with the pro­ and all public schools in the Gtand
roads successfully. If Geoigia and from Oiegon is all that and more;
There are some large crops
gress of science, sanitation and Walley also will be given a vacation
Illinois had the referendum and in­ but we of Southwestern Oregon
social betterment, and declares that that they may help in gathering the on Four Mde this year.
itiative their roads would be bring­ want a railaoad; southern Oregon
the span of 150 yeais will not be crop an I relieve the shortage of
Charles Foster and wife and ing in more than they do, and in
ditto; 'southeastern Oregon more
pickers and packers.
long impossible of attainment.
Charley Davis and wife came in by spite of all they help out the tax
ditto; southern Idaho more ditto
The investigations by Metchnikoff
It is estimated that more than 10,- team from the Yakima country last rate. The failure of the state roads
yet. The land will be increased in
are quoted by Professor Fisher, to 000 men and women will be in th** week. They* made the trip in about in Indiana anil other states a gen­
value more than the cost of the
show that the average normal span orchards to harvest the crop, which three weeks.
eration ago were largely beciuse toad. The people of the proposed
should be 150 years. Mammal-, is being shipped out at the rate of
A new school bell arrived for the boodlers elected and owned the districts are able to pay lor the
generally, he pointed out, live fix e 40 cars daily.
district 81. It was bought with the legislatures. Had the people been road with the
Increased land
times their growing period. Man's
money taken in at the entertainment i3 control* and stayed with the values resulting just as well as
period of growth is 30 years, and
Lipton After American Cup that was given by Miss Anna ownership of their toads, as they would the Wall street gamblers.
according to that he
Waldvogel in August. The bell will did in Australia, they would not
The Oregonian will not be taxed
live for 150 years, The present
be of great benefit to the school ha . e been wrecked for the benefit1 for the building or maintenance of
of life is
A New York dispatch dated Oct. children and also adds much to the of a lot of speculators. With the the road, nor will any of the sleepy
stated at 38 years, T wo cases 25 says “Declaring that he had appear.Mice of the school house.
initiative and referendum the peo- old business men of Portland who
of persons who lived to a come red hot for another {challenge
ple now have power, and in the last rent real estate and dodge taxes for
P ete .
great age are; Drakenberg, a Nor­ with the New York Yacht Club for
generation they have, unlike the a living. We in the railroadless
wegian, who dial at the age of 146 another chance to lift America’s cup
editor of the Oregonian, learned belt are able to attend to our own
years, and Mrs. Mary L. Wood of Sir Thomas Lipton arrrived today
Ladies, y xuths and childrens something. With the magnificent affaits. Why not allow us t > do so*
Hillsboro. Or., 119 years old, both from Europe.
He will be in New lubber boots at R. H, Rosa. Co's. natural resources awaiting a railroad
of which are authentic.
York for several days.’’
Prices right.
Is your subscription paid?
between Bandon and Boise and
After the splendid success of the
high school play last year, Carl R
Moore, the author, was urgently
solicited to write a second one tor
the high school this year. During
the summer vacation the play and
songs were written and the music
The high
students are now busy with the
practice and the play will be put on
in a short time. The proceeds of
the play’ will be used in payments
on the new piano purchased by’ the
high school last spring. The play
promises to be even better than the
one given last year. It is a musical
comedy and is pecuilarily lilted for
high school students The lines are
bright and full of wit, and the songs
and music are of unusual merit. The
school is certainly favored in having
the interest and personal attention
of a man of Mr. Moore’s ability’
along the line of play’ writing and
musical composition. The students
are getting much benefit from the
training, and the people of Bandon
are assured of a high class enter­
tainment. The date will be an­
nounced later.
Home Bakery
After repeated requests of my
many friends to open a bakery here,
I now have the Home Bakery and
will endeavor to give the people of
Bandon the best of everything in
the bakery line. “Quality” will be
my motto and a trial will convince
you of the goodness of my goods.
Not being located near the bus
iness part of town 1 have placed the
goods at Cornforth’s restaurant and
Rosa Co.’s Store, and J. M. Baker’s
On your way home at noon stop
and get a loaf of fresh bread, then I
am sure you will always be a home
Bakery customer.
C has . H erzig
Accidental Shooting
H irold Tyrell was accidently shot
by M Tobin Saturday night. Tobin
was looking for a skunk, and in the
dark mistook Tyrell, who was sit­
ting on the river bank for the animal
and blazed away at him. Tyrell
was brought to Bandon and Dr.
Houston extracted about thirty shot
from his leg. The wounded man
was later Liken to Coquille and no
report has been received here as to
how he is progressing at present.
Notice of Dissolution
Bandon. Ore, Oct. 23, 1909 —
The partnership of George Rock­
well, and \V. H. Dopp, has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent
and from now on all accounts wilt
be in the hands of Rockwell Bros.
R ockwell B ros
W. H. D opp .
Presbyterian Church
You are invited to meet with us in
the services of the church School,
to a. tn; preaching. 11 a. m , and
7 30 p. m; Christian Endeavor 6:30.
Subjects for the sermons
* The
Voyage of Life;" “Paul’s Last Ser­
mon in Qaesarea.’’ Services will be
held in Prosper at ¡2 30 p. m. M.
E. C oen , .Minister.
The annual meeting
holders of the Bandon
Merchants Tele »hone
held in the city hall
November 1st at to a
of the stock­
Farmers and
Co. will be
at Bandon,