Bandon recorder. (Bandon, Or.) 188?-1910, February 07, 1901, Image 1

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52 Times a year for $2.
52 Times a year for $2,
Volume XVI 1 1.
Number G.
r Choice Kioceries cnll at Mil-
Msccd Darloy, Oats nuil IJluestom
WSwTit nt at Sauilei soil's.
B5 Llnoback, of Coqnillo, was look
ffigWoutul town ln-t Saturday.
IfjoUn nml Cat! Daniclson, ot Park-
rsbuif,' worn in town lust Saturday.
Engono O'Conuoll. of MnrhhHolil.
iggent for Do Lnvel cream lienora
'nl'ifflrs. Ellen Joyce returned home
'yesterday from a visit to Coqttilln
j). W. Cade, ot St. Joseph, Mimri
rar:Wn8 in Baudou the latter part of last
.jKr. A. W. Kimo Ravo Cnqiiillu City
rbori vNit Monday, returuinf,' liumo
3latlio oveniiitf.
jMC. M. Sket In lias purchased J. V.
jSKHiovo'it b'lsiness nt Coqttillo City
w''fffptl K'ttlfd theio nRnin.
'WS. J. JcCloikpy, of Norway, ia io
IROIf ported to bo recovering. Ala had u
"jfiovero htniKBl" with phuitmouin.
.wJ, II. Holierts camo down from
Myttlo Point, lai-t Monday for a
gacuiipio nays recrcuuuu n "' '"nv.u.
Kni'kHH and Follies for wagons nt
lijuoiv.ood CVt sun's : iiIho tlie fu
lain.- i P P Hod p.'.ckiuK ''est in
the in n !'
l'i l:i .-h amcr A';;o loft San Fran
ciMu f' r Up tin.uilli' iiiPFiiny aim
fi . . i i..... u..
ilsj ( xpt I'leil io (Jul mm ntiiuui iui
HI i;idoii,i !. decorated ChinaWHre
glieu a-, i iiiinms fur cash timlo at
N. l'r ' l'i' and i't prieoa on
'u' mil i -ti pi;.
C. A Cudi'ick and family left
Jugs La: K-t week mi their juirne.v
low an I iliPir mt"i,.:ed ilatiiintit'ii m
No i ihi-rn C.Mioima.
S'.ip. i-intui lent H. S. Schwiilbi . t! ;it l.e will lo able to lihltdi
Mr. -v e, i u.. iMuiiracl for jetty woik
at ill. j'!.ce I the it of Muirh.
M. r II'. II Sin.: CIibiIp.- .1. K.ip
bull, imp IViyi Portland to luoU
over the l;tld i id with Ihepmtioe
glim 'i.,,i,(( jmttii'B iii a ouitl-
Hi rHi'p ice i;iiit.
Hi wi ld Cnh'c i. who has hwnwovk
IliH ill tl.e ll I V Mltlite ht-i roi fbJfti"
Jii.p I'lii. left MiinUiiy n orninx
for Mh d atti i ii. Mi-lr.fiKtpn,
a l.i it 1 e 1 1 i. I "ti'.ii ti iiH ili'i'iuan on
II 1 1 IT-
Mr. P'.'l !ls. A'ez Snyder, of
leit.-uii n!!py. i. ear Myitle Point,
l'.o He. i inn- J evi Rim Alex arm
I'.in.'ii-S of ll.i-- pliice, fl vint. tlio
Jntlci of hint week, lmiainitiK
?vi i' Sunday.
Mi h Mi.o Walker who lmri Imi'i
i-illi f.' I ( i l iim ii!: hern dunt'ff tin-
M1h ,. cel, jell lur i'oi tllllltl 1481
M"P't' iM'iniii; loiesiime hnr pro-
i--ii ti She v.ih pcemiijiaitied by hur
II i !l vr n- fnr ns (.'cqilille.
CJ:t : i"f. l):w who wnh hint at th
i; nl C'H.t- tr.y wt-pks M'o by
STtrtrrs-triiewii fmiu a ear outo the
Tfietis, died in the Geiimiu hospital.
nt Sun FriiieiMV, last week from thu
iijnrii'a nceivi'd in the aeeident.
Captain Punter retiiriied up tho
river Si.turdny eveniup; with the
eteamer Dii-piitch. ,iud ilurii4r Satnr
ay hihl and Siiudny. towed a ruft
of Iol'h frmn X. II. Thomns' PBinp.
nenr Kiverton, to Johubou'H Fiiwmill.
The sjuilitr i.eiiK.ii will soon lie oil ;
Separating will be in demand. The
'Do Lavel has no Equal for Clean
kiuin.'ii and easy running. The
ri"iieer Hardwari) Store, of 1Iri!i
field is Headquarters for theso ma
C. Y. Lowe, the dru;,'Kiht, will ro
fund you your money if you iV9 not
(satisfied after iisin Cliaiuburlain's
btomaeh and Liver TnUluU. 1 hoy
euro dinrder. of tho utomach, bilious
lie .constipation aud headacho. Prieo
).". C.fvlo C..,,..l,u tr.m
v. inn, iJuiuifR'n iii'r.
A li car jumped tho track, at
Cedar P iut, Wednerdny of lat week
s the train was oiiig toward Maihh
field, dilayim: tho train a cotinlo of
tcnis. The accident was caused by
c1mui'o to tho track received during
Iho Li'h water. The train was tuov-
ry hi' wjy when tho uccident oc-
ltusehtiig Review: Lwrnco, tho
youn man who was arretted near
lan-htii'ia by Deputy CoiinUblo
Arar t rn n warrant cliar;iu him
villi tLe h.reei ey of n horse from the
t.i' i : Aritht V KoKfr", of tbUoiiy,
wis I r l.'Lt l)iick Thui pday evening
ii'nl nix u a lu.'fl of Dm Hot Attornj-v
Hr.i.ui was dwch.irKd. air. Araut
)'i tt.. witj over met n mau In inking
tun U liciiio, tun he went on to
tfii-L;ield arretMl Ltwreof.
Iii" l.ick of pr.,of of criminal intout
wis tlie priDvioul br to proswuti jii
Fre-sb jra8 iced of all kinds nl
T. J. McKiiinoe, of Portland, is in
town to-day.
Sheriff Gallicr was n visitor to this
place Tuesday.
Chas. Stewart, of Now Lake, was
in town last i)it;Lit.
J. A. Thnjer and wife, of Coquille,
wore iu town yesterday.
J. V. Chase iivo friuti Is at Park-crhbni-,'
a vibit hn-t Sunday.
The De Luvol Separators havo uiado
poor men rich in Coos county.
O. W. Pet has nuother lot of telo
Kiaph polos leady for shipment.
Ed racklell, the iopular merchant
of Dairyville, was in town yesteiday.
If you want your photo enlarged at
no cost to yourself go seo J. Den
holm. C. E. Hilling of Myrllo Point pur
chased a share io the schoouor Miz
pah last weelc.
Henry .1. Zumwalt, of Sixos, was
reported slight lv ituprovcil yesterday
ovening but is very low.
Tho steamer Mandalay is duo here
Friday and will sail for San Fran
cisco again about Sunday.
L. W. Ilecord came down from
Coquille City, last, Monday, and is
on joying 15nudon ozone again.
V, I). Thomai, of Myrtle Point,
Iihh been lilting orders for-Koods, this
week, which he solicited hoiiio weeke
C. F. Allen of Shu Franei-co. nud
a fottiier resident of Bandou is visit
ing in lowu and vicinity for r, few
Innni Walker and Henry P.ohner
hnvo hoen looking (miry county over
for beef entile ditriuK the pat few
day 8.
Mr. J. E Hoemor, who with her
husband taught onr pul lic school
hero n few yents ago, died u few days
ago at Sitloin,
Mrs. Mary Wiight. of this place,
i-pceived a fall, Wednesday morning,
of hod week, reuniting in the disloca
tion of an arm at tho wii-t.
The Foi esters ldg.' of this place
liiiM-ont poitert for a graml ball on
tli7. evening of February 225. to which
a General imitation isejluittled totht
ittifttle. ' -' '-'" "
Dr. visited Port Orford
and Wuddcrbtirii lest woBk, and made
examination of charier meiubci'H for
i Woodmen of tbo World I'nu,? at
each place.
The Xaii'Ral Hen Incubntor nnd
liiuodci-Sl.25. chi-np, easily con
slructed, praetical. Kotid $1.2.1 for
plans or cull on the agent, J. H. Uogue
Unndon, Oregou,
When you want a physio that is
mi'.J and geulle, easy to take and
pleusuut in effect use ChnmberliihrB
Stomiioh and Liver 'J'atih ts. Price,
26 cents. Samples free. Every box
guaranteed. For sale by C. Y. Lowe.
Tho gafcolinu ecbooner, Barbara
Hermiter. which wae blown ashore
near Point Areua on Jan. 23th, and
it-ported a total low, bua l on towed
oil' the ruck, and was taken to San
Fraucinco for l "pairs.
Sympathy X Whit Wan
Chicago News: A nativo of the
mountain distiict of Ivoiitucky had
occasion to go on a journey recently
an 1 before starting took out an acci
dent policy. He chanced to be one
of the victims of a railroad collision,
aud the nest morning his widow,
armed with a newspaper ieort, in
which was his name mentioned among
tho killed, called on the agent of the
iusnrauce company and demanded
the money.
lint , madam," said tho agont. "we
will havo to havo moi'e dotinate proof
before wo can pay your claim."
"More piouf!" exclaimed the be
reaved woman. "Why.ho'fe dad,ru
nn a door nail, 1 reckon."
PoBbibly, my deBr madam," fcaid
the agent, "and I'm very sorry."
"Sorry! you are sorry are yout"
"I certniiily am, madam, I aiucctely
sympathize with you in your sad af
Uietiou." "Hut hain't you going to give me
the money vtlmt'a oomiti to met"
"Not today. Your claim will have
lo he investigated first."
Thata j'Wt like a good fer nothing
mail," angrily retorted the bereaved
woman. "Yim are all iwgbty iwrlite
'bout things mi hmg as they hain't
ooslin you uotbio, hat the minnet a
poor lone female does git a chance to
git a hold of a little Hdin money
you got the gall to aay J'oo'm aony "
Aud the indignant female slauiued
the door.
A r;fnlrd autbority Th Weekly
Ladies' Slortncr Shoe-:, all sisies
from up at Sandeison's.
G. H. Magoon has just opened an
other 500 pound lot of choice candies.
Call and itippoct thorn.
The January Illustrated Special
Edition of tho Mnrshlleld Sun made
its appearance last Saturday, in neat
pamphlet form and is a work of art,
udded to which is a splendid sum
mary of tho resources of Coos county.
A. G. Hoyt purchased a "2 title
and has been sportiug around consid
erable during tho past, ten days. He
will probably no! be ablo to out shoot
Bogardns, but ho has succeeded in
killing one grouso with his new gun,
but he draws the line on going to
South Africa to shoot Poers.
A SociiiHHt Mclit'iui.
15i:iraEroRT, Cor.u.,Feb,4. A plan
hna buen proposed to establiso cer
tain litiaucml institutions here on a
basis of co-npeiiilinn. t imohesthe
raising of fO.UOO.OOO, Fotirty thous
and citizens are expected to find the
money, each taking i?l7o worth of
stock. Si:; corporations are to be
charioted. Of the S175 subscribed
by ench $25 will form a deposit in the
savings bank, one of the corporations,
while the remainder will pay for one
share iu each of tbo other five com
panies. With tho scheme is a proposition
to paj the debts of tho municipality
by iiiMiiiug tho lives of prominent
citiueim. Tlie city will pay the pre
miums and be the hem lU'iaiy. Sev
end residents have agreed to take out
policiea if the echemegoea through.
A KDUXH lilt! conxrv.
From the Coqnille City Uulletin.
ilohn Eagati, who was accused of
burglarizing n height car at Mnrsh
lleld some lime aaro, and was released
on bonds to await ttiul at tl.o circuit
court was turned over t ) Sheriff tlul
leir last week by his bondsmen.
L. Iv. Woodward. the up river cream
ery man, was seriously hurt while
slashing brush on his farm. Wednes
day afternoon. It noems that Mr.
Woodwind was engagid in falling n
auvdl tree, mid thinking it was falling
towei 1 1 him stalled to rnti and etmu
hhhl iwnl fyll,Jirijij)g n ..lia',oftg
which cot an tit'ly caah iu Ills :
Dr. Waller Culin waa called and
dressed the wound, aud the patient
is progressing ad well iu could bo ex
F. C. Brown, enperiutenderit of tin
salmon butchery on Sonih Cnos rivet,
received orders last week to bring
200,UJ'J fry to the Coqnille river, aud
last Thursday proceeded io do so, hut
while oominjf down the river he uo
tico.1 a great many dying in the cutis,
and in or. lur lo save the remaining
ones bo turned them loose in South
Coos river onr Iiesy'e creumery. It.
E. kJhinii, mauager of the Souilmru
Oregon Company, iiifunns ns that
I be reuiaiuing 2iJ0,00O, in the hatchery
wiil Iks brought to this river aa soon
ns pwtioiiole, at the expense of his
I'wm tbe Ooua liny Nrws,
F. C. lirown brought down -10,000
jouug almon from the Coos river
butchery, jesierday moiuiug, which
heja taking to Myrtlo Poiut to bo
turned loose there.
Fire was commtinioaled to the
foundation of tbe Cm Held building
by the pile of nsbes dumped near the
lear of tho building, Wednesday
morning. C. A. Higgina foitnnntely
noticed it before it got a good start,
aud it won promptly extinguished.
John Mesteile, of North licnd, has
bought H. W. Dunham's place on
Catching alongh, ami has also pur
chased from Jus, Stock thu cattle on
the ranch. He moved on to tho place
today, employing Julius Larson's
gaaolinn boat to Iranapoit his Lonsu
hold effects, eto.
J as, Thomas, while turning screws
ou tbo carrluge in the North Bend
mill, yesterday, was struck over tho
left ear by one of the lovers and
knocked senseless. It was thought
for a limotbat his skull was fruuttirori,
hnt on the arrival of Dr. Horefnll it
was found that he was nut seriously
Vt in. obeli, wuile UiicK tunning in
thu neighborhood of Kattport, met
with an accident, Tueaday lust. He
wa holding the gun with bis tight
baud, thumb over the barrels, and
hutt of gun "-eilog oo tbe ground.
Tbe guu Has liieclu iged, but iu what
wanner be is unable to sey. Tbe
charge of ahot loie his hand badly,
and biw the thumb coiuplebly off.
Two of the henvy shots out his right
cheek PMnd through his but
Dr. Hoi f ell attended liiw, nnd bu
strong hopes of being ablo to tow
thu hand.
Fit'Ht EInute Nerni).
Capital 'Journal: 15prppiitativoH
Rice of Douglas mill Hume of Curry
clashed for n mora e tit iu the honso
Tueeday and there was a brief ex
change of couiteeipa that was decid
edly lively. The provocation waa a
bill by Mr. Hire, phicrd i n second
reading, amending the present laws,
minting to Iho tide lands in Cuiry
county. The author iieAu 1 that it
bo refeired to Ihe jlldicaiy committee.
Mr. Hume nmmended bj stibstiliiiing
tlio Finbi'iiea committee of which ho
is a member.
Mr. Jlico defended his motion for
refeieiico with the statement that Mr.
Hunioowuod over foot of tido laud
in Ouriy county and legally had a
monopoly of tho Hailing industiy
there, a condition which thu bill
sought to leliove. Whereupon Mr.
Hiiiiio arose, with tiro in his eye and
vigoiuiis anger in his gobtutee. His
Scotch blood was up.
"It is title" he said, "that I own
the tido lands i:i Curry. Hut I have
acquiied theia legitimately by pin
chase. Iho proposed bill relates to
Curry and I reptesunt three fourths
of tho olo of the county. I have been
so htiriiiHsod and auuuyed by that
clase of (pointing to Hice) who ought
to bo in tho penitentiary that. "
The rat tat tat of I ho speaker's gavel
in ten n pled the speaker nud checked
bib ileuiiliciiitioli. Lpou lesiimtng
tie apologized foi his display of tern
per iy slating inut no uiui neon so
annoyed by enomies, and his business
had so stilTeietl honi icpeated at
tempts to injnie ii, that his indigna
tion for thu moment gut the better of
him. The bill wits referred to tho
jiidiciiry committe.
Dining the lemainder of Iho see
sioii Mr. Hume dierted every bill ro
luting to fisheries to some other cum
mittoe than thooiioof which ho is a
member, and one of which ho was
tho author wont to the committal on
A Missouri reporter claims to have
heard two girlu un a street car at
I'lontuit coiiilomniug a friend for her
n.-o of slang as follows: "I think it
shameful tlie wuy she usea slung.
Oreut s.das ulive, it I twirlovl my
talker at the ruin sbu dooa, my lilootu-
ij",tT!i,"'oT1) ititit wonWtmi myitis-for
me tilt tho iliint Woold tiy out every
which wuy." "I'uii lei," suid the
ithii one, my paw uml muw are him
Ikn.ti's ut tbe hitiuo hue, and if 1
should muliH a raw ciach in my gab
they'll tnuish my auatom) till theio
would be uothiug left of me but
a pots.
.haiiim: Miriiif.
1'eli, l.-Sobr, Oortntbinn, Koitli, to San
fib. I. Sohr. Albion, hatseii. toUsn I'lan.
Feb. I. Bohr. Norte, Jiieobsoa, to Bsu
1". I) Bolir. I'siktrnberR, Jorweiison, lo
Hun Kruili'insi.
Feb, 4. -behr. Antelope, Iloriisiiiticii, lo
Han I-'riuiLUeo.
5 out lily Wrntlmr tJopurt.
Jmiunry 11X11.
.lon(i temperataro i'i
llaxluiaoi teiiipfintnre 70 on 1H
Minirunm lemiwrsture -'Ton 31.
Menu of iiiliiliiiara teiinnriiturn K,
.Menu of i lniiriiiiu teo'x rBlure US 1
Number tiioc minimum temiMtur IBi do-
Ktees or below G
Total precipitation IHRO
(liente.t preeiiitatiiu Iu 91 ooineontlvs
hours, snd due ii.6Aon 18.
l'revnilina dirsollon of wind It W
Nuniher of clear days 9
Number nf partly of rloitdr days (!
Number of cloudy dnvs IS
Dale ou whioh hail fell 1 i 3 7
Dales of tbandsr nUirtat 1
IM'io( liuht frost 88
Hsteo of killlau or iujarlom frost '.'J 81
Iteiiiarks: O renter vrtion uf inoiilh Iirs
Hversued veil for nmlii(j westber, hearluK
also, heaviest at.irin) of lite smsou.
Ol U. I'. 'I'OI'i'lKO.
Volautary OlMsm-r,
.monthIa WISATIf Itlt lllil'OltT.
p.T oili. r 1U00.
Mvau teaiDersture Wi
Minimum femperstaieUB, on Utti.
MinlinBiD temrralore tttwi il, 10.
l'eelpitation, 1 W laaliss,
Toul sueofull "' M Uultw.
Mo. days elear W.
I'urtly elondy I.
Oloodt U.
Tbamirr storm lat. .
Ostes of froi lifiM t. ,;, tQ, tttOl.
Ujite uf bail I 8. .
ptif UU 1 S(. 8f
Pn-vaillnK wtml N- W,
Ui warts. Ui-tHtieu 1M9 It.
Votaalary Obsrm
Wastkd Tsiwhto, isllstri pron io
ar a..anl In ttutMWUt lf OurpIMUV Of
-ntui ,iwjsl--eitptttoni MM slrv r
f it. poysbli- Wt fa tr day alwoiatvli
are end all rtiwuMiei sdaialit boua-flde.
dellnal salory npMiuntwiuaisaUri paid
earn riatnrilm and vfpimat uoaev advanced
in. li erk. SrAo II uti., :tit Onaruoru
Tlllt TK3I1M.U (II 1'AMU,
Hew fsr flwsj- fs tlio Teatnle of l'nme?
Snlil a joatb nl iUp dawn nf day;
Anil lie liiiliitl nml UieHiiinl of n clrfttlilom
Itiil ttis liiinrs went liv atiil t lie evn lug came,
Tint left litlii (rilito mi J olil inn limie,
To plod ot. tils I'lieeilrM way.
I'li youth win bn.l f.iiliKl oonUl invar biipkk
'I'lio ri'Hsnn Iih ipisst vnl viiin:
Hut li sonRlit no otlior to hflp or btw;
He f.illoMinl Hi" KlHterliift iris, Hucco-H,
Up tho nnrrow tmtbwnv nfdlUlmrm,
Anil tilts hint liven Ills bau.
"How fur nway Is the Temple of Oooil?"
isshl n youth st the ihot n nf duj !
Ami lie strove, hi n spirit ot liMtluulieud,
l o help nml KUeuor, in liect lie cimhl,
t'liu injur ii ml imfoitunnte imiltituito
Oa thiilr Imrd nml dreary way.
II likewise stiovo with ndvi'imty,
To uliinl) to tho lielctiK nhove;
Hut Ids dream whs ever of men inailo free,
OI better days in tbo lime t bu,
And self wn.i bnriod in syuipntbj
He fu! luned tbe pnlli u lue.
lie was oarelesB nltho of prnise or blamei
J !nt utter bin work wil? dime,
An niiKi l uf ulury f nml lionvou onina
And wioteuu liiuh bis i mi nor t al unme,
l'looliiiiniiiK 1I11.1 tiatb, Hint the Temple of
l'n u, ii
Ai,d 'i'eniplo uf (loud nro ouu,
l'nr (bis is the lemon history
Hns tmifilit ainoo tbe world begun;
l Untie whoHi! memories never die,
That shine like slurs la our luiin.ui sky
And brighter urow u. tlie yonis lull by
Are men who bare hied (or Mitti.
.J. A. EiHisiiioN, In the Hum's Horn.
CAMION, oiii:io..
Cilia to hII pnrts of town mid county
promptly snswered day or iiikuI. Ullke on
ooriierof iniwer iliiiu aud Atwiiter slrcele
V4 JJitytS'in, 3J. .
Oltlco linst I-'ronl Street,
HiNiviN, OnnooN.
Will visit HnmloH reonlarly on il.ilos to ho
tied m the I.ornl Column.
.). .11. Ul'Tll.V,
Oflhw-firtlie-aiaofiiiaplMMiKtW -OflfU
'i'. s. MiNirrr,
ma iisiii'iim.ii. lll:t!lo.
Olltce in O'Conimll Building.
m;o. r. .Tiii'i'iNii,
I'niellci' ill nil Hie Coin l of Mm PlHli'.
OQioe on Stouml V!or in Cmtorele Itnlldini!
on lrirt ftiii't,
1,1 fp Iumirnncn I'nlicieH mid Iloiuls boaalit
or n.oney loanod on Hinne.
Itlltliloll, - -
Ol I'KOli,
Q I II 1 If 1 It VIS 11 If t 1' I V
DS I!ld'IIIIiODOE.NO.(il.KNI(iU'lh
of Pythias, mints every Monday t
evetiinu Ml 7:!li) o'oloeli, in Uaulle Hull.
i Handi'li, Oun. (t- IK'AK, 0. (J.
I It. N. ilAiiuiNdTos, K, of It. ami H. JJ
7 . . i, ,,fl I., lb.-.. I t K A 1 I 111
i ' '-- ' '
! 1 ANDOS I.ODO H, No. 115, A. I'.A M.
I IJ istali.l uoiuiiiiinicatioiis Unit tint J
anisy after the full iiioou uf each 4
iiionth. All Master Mhsoiih cordially ft
iiivitoU. Ilv order of W. it.
! T. J. THItlrT, Heeretary.
J Coin) IJmocii of the I'orttal No, 17, $
I I'oraatera of A nioi liui.
V j No. 17. miteta I'lhlsv nlttlil cf enrlit
iwvvk, in liuaa's Hall, llamloii, Oregon .
cordial welcome is ulended to nil via-
,11.... I. ,rU w. w. KHII'I.KV. (loara,
fin. Hinrviitrv.
Chief llmmcr. f
? ill srniii.' I IIIUMf L'.. 1 M I fl fl l S
W l ) ANIK1N I.ODOH. No. liW, I. O. (. I".
Ti3 tiieela every Wedlieaday evening,
2 ViaitliiR brothers Iu Hood standing
S cordially invited.
I Ii. N. ltL'.SSEI.b, N. O.
A. W. Kms, bee.
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stamped envelope for piiflimilara to
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If not, give tiR n ca'I. Wo arc snro to
Now is Iho time to purchase Hardware. Tho undersigned hns
in stock n large assortment of
Hardware, Tinware, Graniteware,
Glnssvvarc, Crockery and Minerc' Supplies.
i'tiiut. Oi!. lltioi'N and Wiudou.
The Bandon Hnrdwaro Man
Has just received a full line of Fail
Dry Goods, also a Large
Assortment of
Men's Boy's and Children's Suits.
A Large Stock of Fresh Groceries
Always on Hand.
Orders Taken for Tailor Made Clothing. ri'rolntraflniefd.
ts now supphid with n full nnd oompleto sloch of
Hardware, Tinware, Graniteware
and Miners' Supplies.
We carry u cempleto ntoch of
Ti.NMMCs snor in Tools, Cutlery, Doors and Windows
CON NIX' I ION. I'lpo I'ltlliiKi nnd I'liiiiibliii; ii hi-iclnlly,
Bandon, .... Oregon.
OB3ncl,!niiii: New.
10.00 Cash Trade
30.00 Cash Trade
Not only entitles you to tbo ntsiyo pletore. but
to an hiuwaut 1'rame with ltuturu euuiilile.
Hiiiuploa ou exhibition at tbubtore.
DD miiX' f l 17 TJ ON API'MCATKIN t'OK VF1'1"1
1 Jvivjilii) UlVilrS and 1'iaii.fl Without Trade. WitlieaUi
Uasli Uule tioket i-epreasntini! the uuiouiit will be ujven Oaswrusr.
The New Steamci
Arrives I'eb. 7. Suits rb. U, p. iu
A. ObSKN, Misrta.
Will Jlaku ltealir Triisi llutucea
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Goods !
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With the tJndsrsluanl. Hatitloa You to mi I p.
To. Date, Unburn d I'lctare from nay l'holo
urapb you supply.
The New, Speedy and El
ogantly Fitted Twin
Screw Stmr.
Hleamer will ntve a reiilnr tQ day gr. vioo
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VratiehHHi, Oul for bath paSM-llKer niul
l'or full ar (urttier Information apply to
Onptahi A. Jteed, on board atsamer or
N. WU&IM. Aneut. ConuHls, Oidkob.
M, II. hkU, Anut, liaudou, On"ii.
K. T. KUDU, Oeueral Alit, SJOTFront Vt.
Hau t'raiitiloo, California.
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jiimul Ui nny pan of town,
ami to any iiutt uf tbo buiiei,
un tipplieatlun, in (HiautitieH
ileslreil. llatee roaauiiable. : :
VV. H, LOGAN, Proprlotor-