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    PAGE 4 January 25, 1991
Warm Springs, Oregon
Spilyay Tymoo
Coosh EEWA
(The way it is)
Letters to the Editor
A rv .,. .8. A.
h-- - - t
'tyityay Speaks" Kindness during recent ioss appreciated
Spilyay Tymoo would like to
let all the boys and girls who are
in the Armed Forces know that
we are proud of them and fully
support their efforts in this time
of disrupt in the Iraq-Kuwait
situation. We want them to
know that there are a lot of
people who fully support them.
It's hard to face situations
such as this when the young
boys and girls have to face war.
It's too late to turn back now as
things have gotten underway
with the "fighting in the Far
East. No matter how hard it is
to face we should all stick
together and back up our Armed
Forces.. ..that is if you are not a
Saddam follower.
Sometimes I think all these
anti-war demonstrators are sent in by Saddam to disrupt all the
people of the U.S., and believe me some are real suckers. Those
professional demonstrators could make Saddam look like a hero.
Everyone is against war but lets face it, we're in now and we've
go to do whatever there is to do. I praise all those parents who have
children in the service and say they are against war but are in full
support of their children who are involved in the "Desert Storm."
Many of them have experienced times like this themselves during
the WWII, Korean and the Vietnam wars. Many, many veterans
have feelings toward whats happening but they support the action
that is taking place at the present time.
Let's not let the boys and girls feel they are doing wrong in their
indeavors where ever they may be. Those demonstrators can cause
a big problem and I feel they are playing right into Saddams hand.
So I say down with those anti-war demonstrators'. Because, many
of us have relatives who are involved now and all we can do is hope
and pray for a fast end to the situation and everyone comes out
well. Ahh-Nahh-Chi-Toon.
The taxman cometh
To the Editor,
To all those who were so sup
portive and kind during the loss of
our loved one:
We were all saddened when God
called Edward Henry, Sr. home.
We know he will be missed by all
who knew him as a father, grand
father to many, uncle to many, a
friend, a relative, a beloved brother
and a dear husband. He was loved
by all who knew him.
Thanks for the beautiful letters
of condolence, the many sympathy
cards, words of encouragement,
the acts of kindness, the beautiful
flowers, and all the necessary
services rendered from the heart
during the time of grief. All the
love and concern shown in many
ways is greatly appreciated. The
list would be so long to name all
who were so supportive to us. We
just want everyone to know, we
thank all of you for all that was
done to help us through this sad
time of our lives. Your kindness
Thanks for tournament support
To the Editor,
We'd like to give acknowledge
ment to all the sponsors, saying
thanks. God bless you all, for your
support to this annual event for the
kids. It's people like you folks, that
makes the activities worth-while,
giving the kids something to look
forward to on weekends. It's too
bad there can not be more put out
for the youth of our community, to
try keeping them off the streets.
Regardless of the outcome of the
Lil Britches Tournament, January
12-13. 1991. held at Warm Springs
Community center. I'd like to say
to those who all participated,
You're all champions. Just to make
the effort to practice and play is
great. Being able to belong and
participate makes it worth-while,
to be able to look forward to
something to do each week. I
commend the other coaches also,
for taking the time and effort to
work with the children.
Just making it to practice is a
responsibility in itself. Which I
commend our players of the We
Baaad and Roadrunners 12 and
under teams, also to the parents
who support their kias in these
activities. We don't win them all,
but we have fun trying, giving the
kids experience and knowledge of
the sport. A special thanks to
Caroline Tohct. For the small give
away for the visiting coaches, on
behalf of her grandchildren who
participated in the tournament.
May he above watch and guideyou
Tournament Directors
Big Rat & Mercedes Suppah
will remain in our hearts forever.
There will always be good memo
ries of our loved one for his kind
ness, concern for others, for his
enjoyment to spend time at the
YMCA among friends, watching
family youth participate in sports
and all the good times he shared
with everyone.
In God We Trust
Elizabeth L. Henry and family
Edward's children
and grandchildren
Ellen Henry Johnson
Vernon Henry and family
Harriet Henry and family
Elmer's children
and grandchildren
Joe Henry
Harry and Lorraine Hintsala
and children
Aaron and Colleen Arthur
and children
Theron uBonesHand Judy Johnson
Carolyn Johnson and children
Wally Lujan and Althea Wesley
Apology extended
Please attend Sr. party meeting
To the Editor,
To the Editor,
I would like to apologize to the
people of Warm Springs Reserva
tion for the substance, Marijuana,
that 1 offered to your community.
It was a fast way to make a dollar. I
got caught and now paying my
dues. I would like to express myself
to the young people of the com
munity, "Don't get involved in
substance abuse, cause it just
makes things worse."
Again, my sincere apologies.
Ray Moore
Dear Parents of the Class of 1991,
Please come to the second
general meeting of the senior par
ents as we further plan "Aloha
Cruise '91." The meeting will be
held on Monday, January 28, 1991
at 7:30 p.m. in room 23 of Madras
High School.
We would like to thank all those
parents who have helped with the
: i
On February 4 & 5, 1991, the
Tax Preparation Workshop will be
held at the Administration Build
ing. Appointments will be made in
half hour increments: Monday,
February 4, 12:00 p.m.-7.00 p.m.
and Tuesday, February 5, 8:00
a.m.-l:00 p.m.
Mr. Glenn Munro, CPA, of Isler
& Co., Eugene, will do tax prep
arations as a service provided by
the Tribe. As in the past, the forms
will be ready for mailing.
Bring your necessary tax docu
ments (W-2's; 1099's; social secur
ity numbers of dependents who are
at least two years old; state and
federal forms or cards, and other
pertinent information.)
Cooperation of the tribal mem
bers in filling up the appointments
would be greatly appreciated, as
this service is provided and paid for
by the Tribe.
Call Jo Ann Smith, Secretary,
Finance Office, 553-3217 to sched
ule appointments.
da""' . M
Soldier's address Included
To the People,
We would like to take this time
to thank all of the people for the
encouragement and the prayers
they gave while attending the going
away dinner for Wayne Miller. A
special thanks to Larry Dick,
Raymond Calica, Sr., and Rever
end Allen Elston for their words of
Anyone wanting to write to
Wayne can mail a letter to:
PVT Wayne'Robert Miller
Please pray for my husband and
our son.
Thank you
Mary Calica Miller,
Lucille Schuster,
James Teeman & family
Briton seeks Indian pen friend
Happy 9th Birthday
Love, Dad & Mom
Truman & Adrienne
Toe Ness
To the Editor,
I am writing in the hope that you
can help me in some way in finding
a pen friend. I have tried a number
of Indian organizations but with
out much luck I'm afraid. I am
thirty seven years old, married,
with two children. I enjoy reading
about the American Indians, paint
ing, rock music, hill walking, (I
believe they call it back packing in
"You Ve got a place in heaven "
SPILYAY SEZ: "Some people bring happiness wherever they go,
others whenever they go. " YI K ES
The Professor was demonstrating before his class the ill-effects of
alcohol. He took a worm and dropped it into a glass of water and
the worm continued to wiggle about. Then he dropped the worm
into a glass of alcohol and immediately the worm died. Then the
Professor asked the class what that proved? A young man from the
back of the room replied, "Well Sir, that just proves that people
who drink don't have worms." YIKES
dreamt one night I passed
SS SS SS And left this world behind
And started down the lonesome
Some of my friends to find
Came to a signboard on the trail
Directions it did tell
Keep right to go to Heaven
Turn left to go to Hell
I hadn't been too good on earth
SS SS SS just a hopeless boozing rake
, And knew there at the cross
There were these two guys who were talking when one said, roacjS
"You've got to hand it to thoe tax people. If you don't, they'll -rne path I'd have to take
come and get it." YIKES . . . . .
. So I started down the rocky
That leads to Satan s place
Drug Free work force: When asked to take a drug test, the nurse
told the employee, "After filling out these forms, see that bottle on
the shelf, I'll need a specimen." Employee, "Golly, from here?"
And shook within not knowin'
Just what I'd have to face
Spilyay Tymoo welcomes articles and letters from its readers. All
letters, preferably 300 words or less, must include the author's
signature and address. Thank you letters and poetry will be published
at the editor's discretion.
All letters are the opinion of the author and do not reflect in anyway
the opinion of Spilyay Tymoo. Spilyay Tymoo reserves the right to
edit all copy OR refuse publication of any material that may contain
libelous statements.
01' Satan met me at the gate
What's your name my friend?
I said I'm just old Sober John
That's come to a sad end
He glanced through some files
You've made a mistake, I fear
You're listed as an alcoholic
We don't want you here
I said I'm looking for my friends
And a smile stole o'er his face
If your friends are alcoholics
They're in the other place
So I went back the other way
'Til the crossroads I did see
And turned right to go to
As happy as can be
St. Peter smiled and said come
For you I have a berth
You're listed as an alcoholic
You've been through Hell on
I saw 01' Cal, and blind Nick too
Bill W. and friend called Nell
An brother was I tickled
"Cause I thought they'd gone to
So brothers all take warning
Learn something from my trip
You've got a place in Heaven
If you try hard not to slip
If someone tempts you with a
When you're not feeling well
Just tell him you're going to
And he can go to Hell
America) and just reading in
I would be very grateful for any
help you could give me.
Yours sincerely
Ken Birch
4, Ravensworth Grove
Cleveland TS185PN
Please write
To the People,
Our son and brother Raymond
Calica, Jr. is participating in the
war at Saudi Arabia. We all pray
for him every day and we know
that someday we will reunite with
him, either here on earth or in
So if you would please take the
time to write an encouraging letter
or just drop a line, here is his
SPC Raymond Calica
CCo317Engr BN
Operation Desert Shield
APO NY 09760-0640
Thank you
Ray Calica, Sr.
Wauna Calica
Floyd & Rusty
Shielyn & Mary
can and bottle drives and also
those who have been busy working
on the party committees. We will
have progress reports at the meet
ing. There is so much left to do, so
please come and be a part of mak
ing this a memorable night for your
This party promises to be fun
and a great night of celebration! it
is planned at Griffith Park Athletic
Club in Beaverton on Saturday,
June I, 1991. For more informa
tion please call Eileen Hackman or
Virginia Runge.
Eileen Hackman-Chairman
Virginia Runge-Co-Chairman
To the Editor,
"To the community of the Warm
Springs Reservation. I would like
to express my apologies for having
marijuana in my home and en
dangering my four children."
Again, my sincere apologies.
Brenda James
Beads wanted
To the Editor,
I'm doing beadwork and would
like to know if you have any trade
beads for sale or what kind do you
have there? How much are they?
Please send all information you
have. Will be waiting for your
reply. Thank you for your time and
cooperation on this matter.
Ernie Wiggins
1505 Madison Sp 61
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97603
(503) 882-5648
Bingo set
The Warm Springs Catholic
Indian Mission, Blessed Katcri, is
sponsoring Bingo games Saturday,
January 26, at 1:00 p.m. at the
Warm Springs Community Center
Social Hall, along with the youth
basketball tournament. Fun for
the whole family.
There will also be a raffle and
Tribal Council Agenda
Tribal Council Enrollments Workshop
All Tribal Council Members to be present
JANUARY 28, 29, 30,1990
Licensing and relicensing issuesFERC Outreach Pro
gram For The Northwest Sheraton Airport Hotel
Portland, Oregon
Warm Springs Power Enterprise
ABA Water Law Conference
Columbia River Gorge Commission Management Plan
Employee Pension Plan
Charley Property
Sherars Bridge Tour
Financial ForecastReport on Funds