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Spikyay Tyimoo
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January 16, 1987 Page 7
White Buffaloes clip Nyssa in league opener
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Todd McGuire making a jump
newmanjor two crucial points as
The Way I saw It Happen: "Whew,
what a game." A real shoot out
between the Nyssa Bulldogs and
the Madras White Buffaloes Sat
urday night January 10, 1987, in
the Madras gym.
It was the league opener for both
teams in the Greater Oregon League
for the 1987, basketball season.
During pre-game warm ups, the
Iankey Nyssa Bulldogs looked very
good, even at the tip-off to start the
game they controlled the ball which
didn't make things look good at all.
A good defense set up by the Buffs
caused a turn over to give the Buf
faloes a chance to draw first blood
and that they did. As the Bulldog
defense keyed around Todd
McGuire, Brett Whipple was stand
ing all alone where he popped up
the opening scoring basket. Time
and again they left Whipple alone
From Madras
Student Management
Student management is a minor
concern at Madras Junior High
School. Because we believe in a
positive approach to the manage
ment of student behavior, disci
pline is treated as an educational
situation. It is our objective that
students be allowed to learn from
their individual mistakes. We rec
ognize that students need to have
predictability and need to know
the limits that we impose on their
We are committed to provide a
structured and orderly atmosphere
in which students learn. We make
every effort to inform students of
our expectations and provide them
with positive reinforcement when
they behave as expected. Discipli
nary action, when administered, is
first yet fair.
Goal statement
Our goal is to provide a pleasant
environment in which teachers are
free to teach and students are free
to learn.
We believe each student is respon
sible for his or her own behavior.
Actions are owned by the individ
ual students. Each student has the
ability to choose. We therefore,
have established guidelines for build
ing consistency.
Disciplinary action
Disciplinary actions are identi
fied in the following pages. These
actions will be taken whenever a
student violates established schools
rules and or disrupts the educa
tional setting.
1. Gumcandy, running in
the halls, abusive language, tardy
to class (to be treated collectively)
Step I: Counseling and Vi hour
Step 2: Double detention time ( I
hour), letter home, test on rules
and procedures. Student signature
required. Student is not allowed to
leave detention room until shehe
passes test.
Step 3: Parental conference or
contract with school counselor.
3:30-5:00 p.m. detention.
Step 4: Insubordination. '$
day in school suspension. Paren
tal contact.
Step 5: Insubordination: 'A days-in-school
suspension. Parental con
tact. Probation suspension contract
signed and mailed to parent.
Step 6: Defiance of School Rules.
1-3 days out-of-school suspension.
Parental contact. Reinstatement.
Step 7: Defiance of School Rules.
1-5 days out-of-school susrension.
...... - .V".2
shot over the head of Nyssa's Lee
mam n imams, ft, ony ziacona,
and he took advantage of the oppor
tunity and he scored six quick
points for the Buffs in a matter of
minutes putting them out in front
6-0. But it wasn't long when the
6'5" Lee Newman got the Bulldogs
on the score hoard despite the tight
defense the Buffs put around him.
If he couldn't score from inside he
came out to make turn-around
jump shots from the key. Even
though the Buffs lacked height in
every position they put up a good
defense that kept the Bulldogs from
getting the close shots that they
would like to have had. The Buffs
got their share of rebounds under
both baskets. During the first half
it was Whipple who kept the Buffs
in the game and the Buffs took a
26-23 lead at half time.
Nyssa, likely to be near the top
of the league at the end of the sea-
Parental contact. Reinstatement.
Step 8: Suspension. Schedule
expulsion hearing.
2. Tardy to School (letter sent to
parents 1st day of school).
Step 1 : 30 minute detention time,
second letter home as follow-up to
individual parent as needed.
Step 2: 1 hour detention time,
counselor contact; conference with
parent (counselor home visit if from
Warm Springs).
Step 3: Parent contacted, Vi day
in-school suspension, report to J uve
nile Coordinator or Juvenile depart
ment. 3. Bus Behavior
Step 1 : Conference with student,
warning, copy of referral mailed to
Step 2: Parent contact, letter
mailed, removal from bus for tem
porary period of time optional.
Step 3: Sames as 2 except longer
school bus suspension with Probation
Suspension contract.
Step 4: Parent contacted, letter
home, XA day in-school suspen
sion, removal from school bus per
manently. Note: Permanent bus removal
will include athletic buses. (Coaches
will be notified).
4. Cafeteria Behavior
Step 1: Warning and or removal
from cafeteria for that day.
Step 2: Removal from cafeteria,
detention 1 week (noon).
Step 3: Removal from cafeteria,
detention 2 weeks, (noon) parental
Step 4: Parental contact, remo
val from cafeteria for one month.
5. Assembly behavior
Step 1: Removal from assembly
to office or detention room for that
assembly. Detention assigned.
Step 2: Removal from assembly,
letter mailed to parent explaining
student's loss of privilege to attend
future assemblies. Detention
Anytime a student has been given
a in-school suspension, heshe is
not eligible to participate in any
school sponsored activitied nor in
any athletic events scheduled for
that day (e.g. sports practice, game,
Semi-Serious Infractions
Be sure student is sent to the
office for disruptive or inappropriate
classroom behavior, the classroom
teacher must have done the follow
ing: A. Conference with student.
B. (If conference is ineffective)
referral to counselor.
C. Contacted parents to inform
of student problem.
Step I: Conference with student
when and where appropriate, a
student classroom management con-
- ' ; '-.2w.. " '- 1
JO, and Chris Sordmark move in
commings look on. UuJJs pulled
son, if not on top. put out a good
effort in the second half to take the
lead away from the Buffs in a hard
fought game leading 27-35 after
three periods.
In the fourth and final quarter
McGuire cuts loose to out score
Nyssa alone with his 14 points
surge while Whipple added two
free throws. Nyssa was only able to
get 13 points, as they lost their top
scorer and big man Newman on
fouls and just a little later on they
lost another one of their big men
Langley as the committed five fouls.
At that point Todd McGuire was
playing with four fouls but man
aged to keep from fouling. The
Buffs lost Mark Williams on fouls.
With time running out the Buffs
pulled out ahead and started to
stall but a traveling violation caused
them to give up the ball. Nyssa
tract will be developed. Parental
contact. Copy of contract mailed
to parents.
Step 2: Parent contact.
Appropriate disciplinary action will
be taken (e.g. when a previously
agreed upon student classroom ma
nagement contract has been broken,
such student may be given a one
day in-school suspension).
Step 3: Parent conference
requested. 1-2 days in-school
suspension or other appropriate
disciplinary action may be taken.
Step4: Insubordination. 1-3 days
out-of-school suspension. Parental
contact. Reinstatement.
Step 5: Insubordination. 1-5 days
out-of-school suspension. Parental
contact. Reinstatement to include
Probation Expulsion contract.
Step 6: Suspension. Expulsion
hearing to be scheduled.
2. Non-attendance to noon and or
afterschool detentions
Step 1 : Conference with students.
Reassign hour detention and
where there is no verifiable conflict,
detention may be doubled to one
Step 2: Conference with student
and parents and where there is no
verifiable conflict, detention may
be doubled again to two hours.
(Parents informed that students
who fail to attend assigned detentions
is considered defiance of school
rules and may lead to suspension.)
Step 3: Defiance of school rules.
1 day in-school suspension. Paren
tal contact.
Step 4: Defiance of school rules.
1-2 days out-of-school suspension.
Parental contact. Reinstatement.
Step 5: Defiance of school rules.
1-3 days out-of-school suspension.
Parental contact. Reinstatement with
Probation Expulsion contract
Step 6: Suspension. Expulsion
hearing to be scheduled.
3. Non-attendance to detentions
by classroom staff in own classroom
Step 1: Staff submits referral to
office, conference held with student,
detention assigned with classroom
teacher-(15 minute-30 minute). If
no show:
Step 2: Student assigned one
hour detention time in detention
room, and parent contacted. If
student does not attend.
Step 3: Parent contacted, detention
reassigned. 3:30-5:00. letter of in
school suspension as possible conse
quence mailed.
Step4: In-schooI suspension. ':
day; parent contact (assigned to
isolation room to work on school
Step 5: 'In-school suspension : I
day, and Probation Out-of-school
suspension contract signed. Parent con
ference home visit. (Assign to w ork
Step 6: Parent contact; Out-of-school
suspension 2-3 days.
while So, 23 Scott Talbot and Rod
out a squeaker 52-50 over Nyssa.
took the ball down and tried des
perately to get a basket but their
shot hit the rim as McGuire pulled
down the rebound and let theclock
run out, this giving the Buffs their
first league win 52-50, in a hair rais
ing game.
The Buffs were 12 of 27 from the
free throw line while the Bulldogs
were 8 of 16 in that department. As
the league get under way Ontario
had a bye so at this point Vale, Mac
Hi and Madras have a I win 0 loss
record, Ontario a 0 win 0 loss, and
Nyssa, Burns and Baker have a 0
win and 1 loss record. Other action
during the weekend saw the Mac
Hi Pioneers down the Baker Bul
ldogs 55-51, the Vale Vikings top
Burns 63-54, as the road starts
toward the McArthur Court in
Eugene, during the state tournament.
' 4. Chew
Step I: Parental contact.
Conference with student, 1-2 days
in-school suspension. View "60
Minutes" video. Write summary.
Probation Suspension contract
Step 2: Out-of-school suspension:
1-3 days. Parental contact. Reinstate
ment. Step 3: Out-of-school suspension:
1-5 days. Parental contact. Reinstate
ment with Probation Expulsion con
tract signed.
Anytime a student has been given
a in-school suspension, heshe is
not eligible to participate in any
school sponsored activities nor in
any athletic events scheduled for
that day, (e.g. sports practice, game,
Major Infractions
1 . Fighting:
Fighting shall be determined to
be minor when the confrontation
between students appears to be
verbal, or pushing and or shoving
occurs. Students are referred to
office for disciplinary action.
Step 1 : Written statement gathered.
Conference held. If the dispute is
one which can be solved by discussion
with a counselor or the Assistant
Principal then disciplinary action
may be in the form of any or the
combination of: a) detention (!$
hour, 1 hour, Vi) b. in-school
Fighting shall be determined to
be major when and if the fight is
intentional or pre-determined (e.g.,
instigated by one of the parties, a
challenge is made, taunting occurs
by either party).
Step 1: Written statement
gathered. Parental contact. Deten
tion for five days. (e.g. scrubbing
Step 2: Written statement
gathered. Parental contact. I -3 days
out-of-school suspension. Reinstate
ment. Step 3: Written statement
gathered. Parental contact. 1 -5 days
out-of-school suspension. Reinstate
ment with probationexpulsion con
tract signed.
Step 4: Suspension. Probable
expulsion hearing scheduled.
If fight is one w hich causes serious
injury to another student, discipli
nary action will be the immediate
removal of student from school.
Parental contact.
2. Intentionalopen defiance to
wards staff
Step 1: Immediate removal from
classroom. Conference with student.
(Disciplinary action depends on
seventy of inappropriate behavior).
Detention assigned. Temporary ( I
2 days) removal from classroom.
In conference with counselor, stu
The first meeting ever between
1984 Olympic MO-mcter hurdles
champion Roger Kingdom and the
reigning indoorand outdoor World
Recordholder Renaldo Nehemiah
will occur at the Pacific Northwest
Bell indoor, January 24, in Por
tland's Memorial Coliseum. The
two will go head-to-head in the 55
meter high hurdles.
Kingdom was the sensation of
the Olympic year, coming on as 22
year old to win the gold medal. He
also was ranked number one in the
world in the event. Nehemiah, mean
while. was a wide receiver for the
San Francisco Forty-Nincrs and
not eligible for the games. Now
both are entered in the PNB Indoor
for the showdown.
Nehemiah is still the world indoor
recordholder in the 55-meter hur
dles at 6.89 seconds, set in 1979,
when Kingdom was in high school.
While Nehemiah turned from track
to football in 1982, Kingdom, an
excellent football player himself at
6 foot and 190 pounds, gave up the
gridiron for track and reaped an
Olympic Gold Medal.
Continued from page 6
Kansas wins holiday tourney
Jim Wabaunsee and Al Double
runnereach scored 14, Eugene Big
back Vernon Smartlowit 2 and
Gary Pierce I.
James Buck Scott led the Mag
pies with 37 points for the Mag
pies, Dion Smith 17, Ryan Smith
13, Donnie Bagley 12, Austin Greene
4, Max Mitchell 3, Bob Main,
Owen Danzuka and Alfredo Estimo
each scored two apiece.
The all-stars as selected by the
Trail Blazer Alumni Game
Friday, January 16
beginning at 6 p.m.
Warm Springs, Community Center. Pro
cedes to benefit Providence Children's
nursing Center and Kelli Hellon
dent determines what acceptable
behavior will get him back to the
classroom. A classroom management
contract will be completed by both
student and counselor. Parent con
tacted counselor prior to reinstating
student to classroom. Assistant prin
cipal will okay contract. Apology
to teacher is mandatory.
Step 2: 2 days in-school suspen
sion. Parent contacted by adminis
trator or counselor. Probation sus
pension contract signed.
Step 3: Parent contacted; 1-3
days out-of-school suspension.
Step 4: Parental contacted; 1-5
days out-of-school suspension. Pro
bationexpulsion contract.
Step 5: Suspension pending sche
duling of expulsion hearing.
3. Theftdestruction of student
or school property
Step 1: Parental contact, 2 day
in-school suspension. Restitution.
Probation suspension contract.
Step 2: Parental contact, 1-3
days out-of-school suspension. Re- '
Step 3: Parental contact, 1-5
days out-of-school suspension. Re
stitution; Probation expulsion con
tract. Step 4: Suspension pending sche
duling of expulsion hearing.
Step I: Conference with student,
contact parent. Detention Rule 2
for (2 hours of make-up for every
hour missed in class) Refer to coun
selor (This step basically for those
student who skip 1-2 class periods
during a school day).
Step 2: Conference with student,
contact parent. I day in-school
suspension. .
Step 3: Contact parent, schedule
Calendar of Events
January 22
Fifth grade
January 23
January 28
January 30
February 14
February 16
Job opening for
Position: Journeyman Carpenters
Salary: Negotiable
Closes: January 30, 1987
Carpenters buildings that require
exact finish work. They work with
wood, metal, plastic and concrete.
Using both hand and power tools,
carpenters erect the wood frame
works for buildings, install win
dow frames, apply exterior siding,
install moldings, doors, hardware
In the -Mobil Pole Vault," Billy
Olson, who set the world record
four times in 1986. and Earl Bell,
America's top-ranked outdoor vaul
terin 1986, will haveamplc compe
tition from 18-11 jumper Doug
Fraley and PNB Indoor champion
Kory Tarpcnning, with a best of
18-8 Vi.
Other new entries for the Indoor
include Thomas Jefferson, a 1984
Olympian, in the 55 meter dash;
Brit McRobcrts, Canadian Recordholder
in the mile; and Gregg Tafralis,
ranked number 8 in the world in
the shot put.
The Pacific Northwest Bell Indoor
is the second stop on the presti
gious I4-mect Mobil Grand Prix
Tickets are on sale at the Coli
seum Box office. G.I. Joe's, the
Jean Machine(Galleria-Portland).
Stevens and Son (Lloyd Center
Portland) and at the athletic depart
ments at Oregon State University
and the University of Oregon. Dis
count coupons are available at all
Fred Mever stores.
coaches or managers included
Jerome Davis of the Travelers,
Steve Cortez and Steve LeDesma
from the Santa Clara team, Johnny
Lay and Al Doublerunner from the
Yakima Bucks. Wes Scott and Joe
Hutt from the Cal Condors. Buck
Jones and Jarvis Yellowrobe from
the Pendleton Bucks and Ken Pem
berton. Bo Schneider and Steve
Daney from Lawrence, Kansas.
Steve Daney was voted MVP.
conference with parent, district truant
officer, student and administrator;
2 days in-school suspension. Pro
bationexpulsion contract signed,
also contact juvenile coordinator
at Warm Springs or Madras.
Step 4: Contact parent; 1-3 days
out-of-school suspension.
Step 5: Contact parent; 1-5 days
out-of-school suspension; Proba
tionexpulsion contract.
Step 6: Suspension pending sche
duling of expulsion hearing.
5. Drug and Alcohol abuse
Step I: Conditional limited sus
pension: Parentguardian agree to
enroll student in an alcohol or drug
prevention program prior to being
reinstated to school; the student
days suspended will be reduced
from 5 to 3 days.
If not, student can be suspended
for up to seven days. Conference
will be held with parent, student
and administrator. Proof of enrol
lment in program is required. Rein
statement contract will be signed.
In addition, the student reinstated
will be assigned a counseling ses
sion with school counselor at least
once a week for a period of not less
than four weeks.
Step 2: Expulsion Hearing sche
duled Note: Any student dealing in
drugs will be immediately suspended
from school pending the schedul
ing of an expulsion hearing.
Anytime a student has been given
an in-school suspension, heshe is
not eligible to participate in any
school sponsored activities nor in
any athletic events scheduled for
that day. (e.g. sports practice, game,
volleyball event at Buff Elementary
11:20 to 12:30
Second quarter ends; early student dismissal; no
afternoon kindergarten; morning kindergarten
dismissed at 1 1:30; grades 1-3 dismissed at 12:30
p.m.; grades 3-5 dismissed at 1:20 p.m.
January birthday lunch; grades 1-3 at 1 1:25 a.m.;
grades 4-5 at 12:40 p.m.
Awards Assembly 9:00 a.m.
Valentine's Day (please contact your child's
teacher if you would like to help with the class
President's Holiday-no school
wage aepenas on me specialty.
and depends on experience.
Knowledge of use and care of
tools, equipment and materials of
the trade. Knowledge of blueprint
reading, safety practices, layout
techniques and building regulations.
Applicant should provide refer
ences to past experience, as dem
onstrated work experience is re
quired. Tribal member Indian preference
hiring policy under advisement.