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Orfjcn Collection
Warm Springs News
VOL.11 NO. 2
With the news that Oregon is
in the midst of a hepatitis epi
demic, hundreds of Oregonians,
especially those in the metro
politan area, have gone to health
clinics to receive gamma glo
bulin shots. Central Oregon has
not been immune to the virus,
say local health officials.
According to Linda Allen,
Jefferson County Health direc
tor, the Madras office saw 40
cases of hepatitis A in 1985,
most of which were seen from
late August through December.
"That's 20 times over our five
year average." Prior to 1985,
the state average for reported
hepatitis A cases was 655. In
1985, 1,848 cases of hepatitis A
were reported, or three times
the average.
Indian Health Service sanitar
ian Wayne Potter said that 46
cases of hepatitis A were seen at
the clinic in 1985, 40 of which
were seen from August through
December. This far exceeds the
seven cases seen in 1 984, the ten
cases seen in 1983 and the eight
cases seen in 1982. ,
There are three types of hepa-
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4 26 20
5 36 19
6 45 28
7 41 22
8 49 22
9 34 31
10 36 27
11 40 22
12 32 24
13 31 27
14 29 26
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cases increase in '85
titis. A, B and non-A, non-B.
Type A, or infectious hepatitis,
is the most common and is
primarily transmitted through
oral fecal contact. Washing your
hands thoroughly with soap and
water after using the bathroom
and before preparing foods is
the best way to prevent spread
ing the virus.
Hepatitis B is less common
and is transmitted through body
fluids, the blood and by using
needles used by someone else.
Non-A, non-B hepatitas is rare
and serious. It is neither type A
or B but a virus all of its own.
Symptoms of hepatitis include,
but are not limited to, nausea,
vomiting, vague abdominal dis
comfort, dark urine, clay-colored
stools, loss of appetite and fati
gue. Jaundice sets in toward the
end of the infection. Children
can sometimes have no symp
toms and adults are usually hit
harder by the virus.
Gamma globulin shots are
administered to people who have
been in contact with a known
hepatitis case. But, just because
you are around someone with
hepatitis, it doesn't necessarily
mean that you'll get hepatitis.
Spread of the disease is most
common among household mem
bers and food-sharers. Gamma
globulin shots must be given
within two weeks after expo
sure to the virus. According to
Allen, a person is infectious two
weeks before symptoms set in
and one week after the onset of
As for diet, it is recommended
that the patient eat well-balanced
meals. It is also helpful to eat
smaller meals more often than
three meals a day as large meals
may cause nausea. If the patient
cant tollerate food, it is recom
mended they drink Instant Break
fast or milkshakes.
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As a precaution, the Jeffer
son County Health department
has required that the schools
not allow home-baked foods in
the classrooms until the epidemic
is under control. "Baked goods
are a real good way to transmit
hepatitis," said Allen. It's not so
much the preparation, but the
handling of the food after it's
baked that spreads the virus.
Food-sharing at lunch is also
Offices to be closed Monday
The Bureau offices and the IHS Clinic in Warm Springs will be
closed Monday, January 20 in honor of Martin Luther King's
birthday Business will resume Tuesday, January 21.
Buckle up the kids
or face fines
"Ignorance of the law" is not
a good defense in court. The
Oregon Legislature in its 1985
session passed Senate Bill 340,
which makes it mandatory that
all children under the age of 16
must wear seat belts when tra
veling in a vehicle that weighs
less then four tons.
The law became effective
It requires all children to be
"buckled up" in vehicles supp
Play to be
A.C.T., w hich stands for Asso
ciated Christian Thespians, will
be bringing an original come
dydrama to the Warm Springs
Baptist Church on Sunday night,
January I9th. 1986. The play
entitled, "Rebel Rouser" deals
with inner conflict and is pres
ented in a style that will be
appealing to most everyone.
"Rebel Rouser" was written bv
Rita Betti, a talented, writer w ho
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rfSrv, oc 97403
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being discouraged.
If you are eligible for PHS
services and you are unsure if
whether you've come into con
tact with a hepatitis case, it's
best to contat the IHS clinic in
Warm Springs at 553-1 196. You
can also call the Jefferson County
Health department at 475-2266.
The health department charges
$3 for gamma globulin shots.
lied with manufacturer-equipped
seat belts. This applies to pas
sengers in both the front and
back seats.
Failure to obey the law is a
class D infraction, punishable
by a maximum fine of $50.
The 1 985 Legislature failed to
pass Senate Law 355 which would
require all occupants of a vehi
cle to wear seat belts. Suppor
ters of that bil plan to continue
working on this bill.
resides in Redmond.
A.C.T. has been performing
plays for almost three years
now and has toured the "Rebel
Rouser" play in Central Oregon
and in the Willamette Valley
including the Portland area.
The program begins at seven
p.m. on the 1 9th at the Warm
Springs Baptist Church, and
will include some singing before
the play and a short message
Hunters asked to
return ceded tags
The Natural Resources De
partment is asking all the hun
ters who have picked up State
Ceded Deer Elk tags and reser
vation Deer Elk tags Please
sign and drop your tags off at
the office. We are trying to do a
survey on how well the hunting
seasons were, but, we cannot do
that unless you turn those tags
We are now doing a random
Budgets posted through
resolution, proposal
It's not a new budget, but
merely a restatement of the 1986'
. operating budget that was posted
in September, 1985, that has been
broken into two seperate parts.
The newly posted budget reflect
no major reduction in appro-
" priations exeeptfor the deletion
of the proposed three-percent
cost-of-living increases for emplo-
The three-month budget, which
appropriates just over $3 mil
lion for the first three months of
1986, was ad opted through resolu
tion 7067 December 12, 1985.
Included in the resolution were
estimated revenues totalling
$21,154,506. Not included were
outside revenues such as con
tracts, grants and fees. Prior to
1986, outside funding was inte
grated into the budget showing
an offset in expenses for indi
vidual tribal departments. How
ever, in iyo, tne budgeting
format was changed to show
total costs and outside funding
was shown as revenue.
It was stressed in resolution
Valentines encouraged
We at Spilyay Tymoo are
true romantics at heart. We
think a true show of affection,
like doing the dishes when your
true love is sick in bed with a
temperature of 105, is really
touching. And, if your loved
one scrimps and saves every last
dime to buv vou a gift certificate
at "Oil Can Harry's," terrific!
Whatever keeps the two ot you
happy, we're all for it!
But, if you have a flair and a
hankering for sweet words of
love and adoration, please con
sider our "Page for the Pas
sionate." Our February 14 edi
tion will carry all those notes to
the lovelorn and the passionate,
the loveable and the question
able. Special, and even not so spe
cial, valentines will be accepted
by our office through February
7. There will be no charge, we
at church
after the performance by Pastor
Neal Mason who is in the cast.
Please come to the performance
and bring a friend. If you miss
the performance on the 1 9th,
the play will be presented again
on the 26th but this time in
Bend at the Nazerene Church.
As a note of interest, the cast
includes two local radio per
sonalities. Joe Boyer from KRCO
and Ron(Michaels) Furby from
the new KWSI.
U.S. Poatage
Bu!k Rate Permit No. 2
Warm Springs, OR 9775 1
phone survey, but there are alot
of people without a telephone,
so we do need those tags back.
Also, there are alot of Colum
bia River Hunting and Fishing
Licenses to be picked up if you
sent for one. Our 'new' office is
now located in the old white
Commisary building behind the
old Administration Center, and
next to the Police Department.
7067 that the "failure to main
tain tribal government opera
tions and services would result
in irreparable harm to the Con
federated Tribes and its enrolled
members which could include,
but not be limited to: I) the
-r-deterioration of tribal assets and
resources; 2) the erosion of tri
bal governmental authority and
sovereignty; 3) loss of employ
ment; 4) reduced or eliminated
services; and 5) loss of confi
dence and credibility of the
Confederated Tribes as a stable
The separate nine-month
budget, is an $ 1 1 .6 million pro
posal. Tribal Council did not
adopt the proposed appropria
tions through a resolution. Pub
lic meetings are planned for
February to gather tribal mem
ber input. Tribal Council will
take action to appropriate tri
bal funds for expenditure in
accordance to this posted budget.
Tribal Council may amend or
reduce the appropriations, but
they may not exceed the $1 1.6
only ask that the valentines be
reasonable in length and state
ment (Nothing obscene, please.)
We encourage you all to put
pen to paper and create a truly
unique and touching message
for the one(s) you love. Some
thing like roses are red, voilets
are black, why don't you get the
heck off my back, would be
considered cute, if not bizaare.
Remember, valentines will not
be accepted after February 7.
Following is a list of what will
be presented and who will present
Week I January 29 1986
Social Aspect Driving and drink
ing by: Evelyn Nequatewa and
Anita Davis.
Week II-February 5, 1986
Medical Aspects and Disease
concept by: Willy Fuentes and
Charlotte Herkshan.
Week III February 12, 1986
Drug Awareness by: Caroline
Cruz and Tedi Tanewasha.
Week IV-February 19. 1986
Psychology of Substance Abuse
bv: Jim Quaid.
'Week V-Fcbruary 26, 1986
Step I of AA Film by: Urbana