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    lyrtTRDAY, .DECEMBER 30, 1922
1 KT V
Edited by
Phone 82
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ridge Club
very elaborate- partlei
...i rrhiiTHflar by the
i nnsoreu
W of the Monday after
bridge club when they en
Led for a Urge number of
I friends at the beautiful T.
Lsrtt home. Eighteen tables
lirdgB were In play during the
1 In the rooms, which
"D0L, IV decorated with
fctmas ornaments In red. Mrs.
I. pimlnK won high score.
i group 01 mmo
.JL In serving a luncheon
r,ed out In the same color
wmes ami r.--io ----
Maun uniiivf, juum
tnsenhine Baumgartner,
. Randall, Carmen Kspinosa,
-.i,v mock, Marlon Shaw
. ti.jL 1t.Tnnf.oa OH1 nT a 1.
pieQ ami nuui
... nnnrlln. At the tea hour
Lr society matrons called and
:fjt the time veiy Jioniiu;.
trtn pveninsr the men and
mni where invited for an eve
ng of five hundred and twenty
r tables were in play with
A score going to W. . Lec
j um Vred Gordon. The same
ids assisted in serving
borate lunch. .
The two parties were among
.most attractive events of the
iafiday season ana inciuaea
rue number ol tne society iuik.
The hostesses, memners 01 me
h were:: Mrs. it. a. uooam.
in. R. E. Anderson, Mrs. J. W.
twls, Mrs. H. B. roisai, Mrs. n.
laid, Mrs. Arthur Moore, Mrs. W
Wilson and Mrs. Ann Klein.
Miss Margaret Fisher gave
Christmas nlano recital at ner
Some Wednesday afternoon for
fter pupils, and then later in the
Jiftcrnoon the tiipe was spent
jrith games and a general good
lime. The hours for the party
were from two thirty until five,
All of the pupils played very
(reditnblv and the recital was a
terjr interesting and successful af
lair. The pupils who participated
. were:
Bea trine Evans, Helen Cham
bers, Dorothy" Moore, Mary Hick
man, Margaret McCoy, Josephine
Evans, Gertrude "Wlnslow, Mar-
jgery Moyer, Lougine Brietzke,
firace White, Madolyn Moyer,
Doris Clarke, Audrey Ashby, Max-
Ine Marsh, Neva Stolzheiso, Blair
Foley, Madolyn McKillop, Cloy
dine Matthews, Margaret Moore-
hnuse, Marion Bretz.
Among the last of the holiday
social events prior to the return
to 0. A. C. students to Corvallis
Monday and Tuesday Is the dance
which Is being sponsored tonight
by the Salem 0. A. C. alumni
club in Derby hall. This Is an
annual event and Includes stu
dents and alumni of the college
in Salem for the vacation. A few
friends will be included In the'
Invitation for tho dancing party.
Arrangements have been in
charge of Mrs. Lewis Griffith,
Leo Spitzbart, Albert T. Ander
son, Vivian Hargrove, Mrs. Geo.
Chambers, Joe Chambers and
Irene Curtis. The dance has been
planned during the holidays to
take place of the regular meeting
of the alumni club this month.
Later In the year the club plan.;
to entertain with their annual
party for students from Salem
high school.
i m
Miss Hazel Harris, a teacher In
the Portland schools spent Christ
mas with her father, D. A. Har
ris. A. L. Baker of Mill City spent
Christmas here with Mrs. Baker
who is ill at the home ot her sis
ter, Mrs. M. M. Magee.
Between the hours of three and!
five o'clock yesterday Mrs., Ray
mond Walsh was hostess for a
number of the younger set hon
oring Miss Edith Pierce and Miss
Carmen Espinosa who are holl
day guests in Salem. The maids
and matrons called informally
during the afternoon to greet the
visitors. Mies Pierce, the daugh
ter of Governor-elect Pierce, will
be in Salem with her parents soon
and she Is being welcomed with
several verv dellehtful affairs. At
present she is attending the Uni
versity of Oregon. Both Mis:
Pierce and Miss Espinosa are the
house guests of Miss Margaret
- Assisting Mrs. TValsh in enter
taining was Miss Marie Churchil
and Miss Prlscilla Fry.
The War Mothers will have
their regular meeting Tuesday af
ternoon in the Chamber of Com
merce rooms. Mrs. Carson urges
that there be a large attendance
since there are several things of
Importance to be talked about.
The J. C. club of the high
school entertained very delightful
1y Thursday evening with their
annual dance at the Elite hall.
The J. C's were also hosts for f
dance during the . Thanksgiving
vacation. Their guests included a
number of the college set home
for the holidays.
The Shepherd King, the can
tata so splendidly presented by
the choir of the First Congrega
tlonal church, last Sunday eva
ning will be repeated this Sun
day, tomorrow at. the request of
many people who did not hear it.
The program will be given at
seven-thirty. The outline of thej
cantata is as follows:
Introduction, the organist;
Over the Silent Shadowed Plain"
quartet, contralto solo and chor
us; "But Thou Bethlehem Ephra
tah," tenor solo; "0 City of the
Shepherd King," bass solo and
full chorus; "Judcan Shepherds,
Lift your Eyes," chorus; "And,
Lo the Angel," soprano solo:
"Clory to God in the Highest,"
alto reclt. and full chorus; "And
It Came to Pass," tenor reclt. an J
full chorus; "Night," intermezzo;
"No Room," alto solo and chorus
of men's voices; "0 Captivo Judah
Dry thy Tears," full chorus;
"Sleep Sweetly Child of Mine,"
alto solo; "Hallelujah,"' full
The following persons compose
the choir: Mrs. Sinieral, Mrs.
Bross, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Carlson,
Mrs. Dowling, Miss Riesen, Miss
Follrlch and Messr McGilchrist,
Muston, Gille and Eross; organ
ist, Mr. Arnold.
Miss Dell Alicia Rawson,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A.
Rawson, has just returned from
New York city where she has
been modeling and posing for ad
vertising pictures with a New
York company for the past few
years. Miss Rawson has been
very successful in her work there
and after spending some time in
San Francisco will return to New
York in time for the spring open
ings. Miss Rawson is very glad t j
be in Salem again after her ab
sence of several years.
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wood
ford of Portland were week end
guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur - Moore. Mrs. Wood
ford is a sister of Mrs. Moore.
Miss Mary McCond of Klamath
Falls was also their house guest.
The Misses Ruth and Helen
Moore who havo been spending
the past two weeks with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Moore will return to Corvallis
Tuesday to resume their work at
the college there.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Eckley
were Christmas visitors at tha
home of Mrs. Eckley's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Wehriim, near
Mrs. Frederick Lamport was a
delightful hostess Thursday with
the members of the bridge lunch
eon club as her guests.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Nicholson
and Mr. and Mrs. Claud picitre,
of Peoria, Illinois, are holiday
eruests visiting it the homes of
Mrs. C. W. Moore and Mrs. Clau
dine Mellinger. The two famine1)
motored here after spending sonw
time in different parts of the
northwest. They have just about
decided to locate here permanent
i(r rtm) T.emmon invited to
the Marion apartment Thursday
afternoon as her guests the mem
bers of the Adolynk club. A small
Christmas tree was hung with
gifts which were exchanged dur
ing the afternoon. Conversation,
concerning yuletide happening!
and a pleasant social afternoon
was enjoyed by the members. The
next meeting will be with Mrs.
Earl Paulsen in two weeks.
The members of the Thursday
afternoon bridge club were ths
guests of Mrs. E. L. Kapphahn
fhis week for an afternoon of
bridge. Additional guests invited
for the afternoon were Mrs. U. S
Page and Mrs. L. W. Gleason. The
hostess was assisted during the
afternoon by Mrs. C. N. Iranian
and Mrs. E. C. Quinn. The club
will meet again for one of the!"
pleasant gatherings in two week.,
with Mrs. Charles Knowland.
Mrs J. C. Griffith is to enter
tain with a large family dinner
on Nw Years, several Portland
relatives coming up to be present.
'They will be Mr. and Mrs. O K
Krausse and Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Sigel. Additional guests will be
Mr. and Mrs. Lewi, Griffith Mr
and Mrs. Joseph Albert and their
daughters Mary Jane and Jose
phine. t m m
Mrs. U. G. Shipley and Miss
Lillian Applegate are hostesses
this afternoon at the SPW
home for a meeting of the Daugh
?ers of the American Revolution.
The P-gram '-Tp Sort
G C. Clark and Mrs. O. P. Horr
and has been Panned to includ
a paper on "International Rela
lions" by Mrs. Clark and a dls
c,Sn of current events led by
Mrs Hoff. This is the regular
meeting of the organization and
regular business will b. taken up
at this time.
The maids Of Mrs Point
White's ballet dancing class and
meir guests last nieht eniovert
one of the gayest dancing parties
season in Derby hall
which has been decorated thru
out the holiday season in elabo
rate Christmas fashion. The fea
tures of the evening were the
dances by two dainty misses,
iancy Tflielsen and Jeanette
oyes. Nancy Thielsen was grace
ful and clever in her dance, which
aiiuwEu periect techn una ,wl
finish. Jeanette Sykes gave a toe
dance which was excellently
done, graceful and fascinating.
Both little dancers were dressed
in prettily fashioned frocks. For
another feature dance cards were
passed with matches on them
with the instructions to find a
partner. Vivian Hargrove was in
charge ot the plans for the dance
last night, which was a decided
Wedding Is
One of the pretty Informal
weddings of the season was sol
emnized Thursday afternoon at
three o'clock when Ward Willis
Long, pastor of the First Presby
terian church read the ceremony
uniting In marriage Mabel Clair
Patrick and Karl Andrew Chap
ler. The service took place at the
home of the. bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. A. M. Patrick.
The spacious rooms of the Pat
rick home were decorated with
reens and lovely polnsettas.
Only a few near relatives attend
ed the ceremony which was mark
ed with the utmost simplicity.
The young couple left the same
afternoon for a short trip to
northern points and will be al
home after the first of the year
to their many friends at 1165
south high street.
Mrs. Chapler was employed in
the office of the state superin
tendent of public instruction and
resigned her position this month
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick have lived
in Salem and In Polk county for
many years and Mrs. Chapler is
very well known. Mr. Chapler
a member of the graduating
class of '17 from Willamette uni
versity, and just before com
mencement enlisted In company
M, and served over seas with
them. He is at present associated
with the Associated Oil company
in their office here.
Mrs. Paul Hauser and Mrs.
David Wright were joint hostess
es last night at the Hauser homn
for the meeting of the past ma
trons association. After the reg
ular meeting the evening wai
spent around the Christmas tree
where gifts were hung for every
one. The members who enjoyed
the evening together were, Mrs.
Ida Babcock, Mrs. Ruth Brown,
Mrs. Miriam Burnett, Mrs. Lena
Cherrington, Mrs. Alice Coolidge,
Mrs. Marlon Derby, Mrs. fda God
frey, Mrs. Hazel Gillette, Mr3.
Mary Johnson, Mrs. Josie LaFore,
Mrs. Marie Flint McCall, Mrs.
Alice Myers, Miss Minnie Molier,
Mrs. Elizabeth Shafer, Mrs. Es
tella Smith, Mrs. Lottie Smith,
Mrs. Eleanor Steiner, Mrs. Jose
phine Vass, Mrs. Margaret Wit
schen, Mrs. Paul Hauser and Mrs.
David Wright.
Wedding Is
An Event
Of Interest
Mr. and Mrs. William Marshall
had as their guests for the holi
day Keek end, Trevor Kincaid of
Portland. Willard Marshall is
also spending the vacation with
his parents. He is attending the
University ot Oregon.
(Addltonal Churches on Page 8.)
A very beautiful event of the
week was the wedding at high
noon, Wednesday December 27,
or Miss Lucille St. Pierre and
Henry Bevier of Gates, Oregon
The ceremony took place at the
home of the bride's mother, the
Reverend Ward Willis Long of
flclatlng. Only members of the
family and close friends were
Luxuriant Christmas greenery,
polnsettas, roseberries and holly
formed a lovely and effective
back ground for the service, while
from the mantle piece dark red
candles shod a soft glow over the
Proceeding the wedding march,
which was played by Mrs. C. R.
Brim, Miss Ella St. Pierre sang
"At Dawning." The bride was
accompanied to the altar by her
brother Dr. E. W. St. Pierre and
was given away by her mother,
Mrs. E. W. St. Pierre. Other mem
bers ot the bridal party were the
bridesmaid, Miss Mabel St. Pierre
and the best man, Charles
Schwartz. The bride was lovely
in a gown of white canton crepe
carrying Ophelia roses and
lilies of the valley. The brides
maid wore a pale brown canton
crepe and carried Columbia roses.
Mrs. St. Pierre's gown was of
black satin and silver lace.
After the ceremony a delicious
wedding luncheon was served.
The guests who were present in
addition to the bridal part were:
Dr. and Mrs. E. W. St. Plerro,
whose wedding was a recent so
cial event in Portland, Miss Ella
St. Pierre, Charles Schwartz,
Misses Florence and Mary St
Pierre, Mrs. W. W. Long, G. A.
Wells. Miss Doris McClane, Mr
and Mrs. F. N. Cone, Mr, and
Mrs. C. R. Brim, Freddy Brim,
and the Reverend and Mrs. Thom
as Acheson.
Mrs. Bevier is a graduate of the
Salem high school and of Wi!
amctte university in the class of
1919 and has taught in high
school since her graduation. Mr.
Bevier has been engaged in farm
ing. The young couple will make
their home for the present at"
Gates, Oregon. The good wishes
of a host of friends go with them
It is a pleasure to view pictures
that have been painted by well
known artists and it will be an
added pleasure for the people of
Salem to see the pictures painted
by Alfred Schroff and to be on
exhibit here because they repre
sent views that tre familiar to
nearly everyone. The pictures are
entirely landscapes and have been
painted from the most attractive
spots In California and Oregon.
The appeal of a picture from some
familiar scene is far greater than
that of a picture reproducing
some unfamiliar spot. Th"
exhibit will be shown some
hnut the second week
in January. They are at present
in Eugene where they are attract
ing a great deal of attention and
The Modern Writers section of
the Salem Arts league will meet
Tuesday evening with Miss Mina
Harding at 391 north Cottage
This simple treatment
clears tho head.loosent Irritating
phlegm, cool Inflamed, stinging
tleaues and break! the cold.
See bottle for simple directions.
Go to your druggist spare
yourself serious trouble start
now to take
Cuticura Talcum
Is So Refreshing
A few grains of this exquisitely
scented powder dusted on the skin
soothes and cools, and overcomes
heavy perspiration. It is an ideal
face, skin, baby and dusting powder
and takes the place of other perfumes
for the skin.
ht, lukPrMtrMitt. AMrit: IMImtiV
ntarlM.Dvpt.lir, Mftlfea S,Ma." Sold mrr
wherfl. SopH. OintaMDtatudfcO. TalcomSfto.
kESOPCuticuraSMp ahawa without Bui.
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year to All
11 Sunday -Monday C
1 3 K J
Two Acts
Gladys Walton in
'The Lavander Bath Lady"
Tom Santschi in
"It Is the Law"
Midnight Matinee
Sunday Night
r" -
r.JJat ..- 'C-d jFi. 1
" STT li,, n.j.wiu i in "i
Y ''"""" '"''"'' 11 ni-.'iliai--ai)i'llliii..liliiiiWi"'-'M "" if
A colorful heart -gripping
romance that fairly bubbles
over with Irish wit and humor.
Peter B. Kyne's
I f 1 ,4 j,iiiiii.....ii III lain BT""lf!v PSM
'. Tfl It
WC 'ft
. . i i. tirhn nri ii rcauv
ncd ana pcupic - - ,
Pr a preachment nor a problem picture
nusemcnt. Sec it and forget your tro.
.... si i ho wnrth while
for an hour we'll guaranty , -
' if VV
tnrTrw niT
Love! Thrills! Beauty! Never
has Valentino been given such
wonderful opportunities as in
this picture he is superb.
The slat-spreading comedy is
I I t ! A, trl Vl! marded or ore not ?oin? ,
I ill PePie w"" ?r b7 " Whn are already "hooked." ,M
13 tor an nuui v.. -f- s -ill
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i oregon gi mym V
11 1: 1; The Theatre Beautiful fM &MA?C, &
W MIIOJI ' l kit 1
I I , Organist '1 iSSc
.i MyP " . 'V The one thing you want to do tonight :
t ' yVPIr before you wind up the cat and put out the
! f&KsSZ'' dock is to see this. Our booking ua cur-
KT tailed so tonight is your la?t chance.
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