Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 15, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    f AGE S3
Party Leaders
Preparing For
'Frisco Session
San Francisco. June 15. h. u.
Moore, democratic national committee
man from Ohio, and Wilbur W. Marsh,
treasurer of the national committee,
are expected to arrive here tonight.
Moore has charge of the campaign
for the nomination of Covernor James
M. Cox of Ohio for the presidency at
the national convention whlih open?
in San Francisco June 28. With his ar
rival there aspirants for the nomina
tion wil be represented here. Major
Oliver P. Newman of Washington, D
C, director of publicity for Attorney
tjeneral A. Mitchell Palmer, and Uni
ted States Senator Robert L. Otfen ol
Oklahoma, handling his own cam
paign, are already on the ground.
Bainbririge Colby, secretary of state,
who has Just been chosen a delegate
from the District of Columbia, Is be
ing mentioned prominently by leaders
here for the office of permanent chair
man of the convention and the name
of United States Senator Glass of Vlr
. Ktnia is beng discussed n connection
with the chairmanship of the commit
tee on resolutions which will frame ?.e
party platform.
Tentative plans call for the opening
of the convention by J. Bruce Kremer,
vice-chairman of the national commit
tee, who will introduce Homer S. Cum
mings, chairman of the committee, aa
temporary chairman of the conven
tion. Cummingg will make the "key
note" speech.
Suits Over West
Side Highway
Are Filed Here
Two suits one to enjoin the state
highway commission from proceeilirg
with, the improvement of the West
Side Pacific highway through Polk
county as designated by tho commis
sion and the other a mandamus pro
ceeding to compel compliance with tho
act of 1917 locating Dallas, Independ
ence and Monmouth on this highway
were flld with the supreme court
here Monday by J. W, Knste, Port
land attorney representing Dallas
and Monmouth Interests, according to
information reaching Salem Monday.
The suits are the result of the In
ability of residents, of Dallas and In
dependence to convince the commls
Hlon of their right to a place on the
highway as provided fur In the -load
act of 1917 and will put to a tent the
authority of the commission to Ig
nore the legislative uct In the desig
nation of state highways.
In the net of IH17. creating Ore
gon's stitte h'ghway program and pro
viding for a Jfl.000,000 bond Issue
Monmouth, Dallas and Imlejipmletice
ore Included on the West Side Pa
uifio highway. Support of tho two
Polk county legislators was nece
Hary to put over tho road program at
thnt time, It Is contended by J'nllt
oounty citizens Interested In the buIU
filed, and this support was not forth
coming until the Polk county towns
had been Included In the state high
ways. Ignoring the. designations of the
legislature, it Is contended t ho slate
highway commission has so mnppet
out the hlghwiiy through Polk cuua
ty as to pass tip tho towns of Dallas
and Independence altogether except
for the extension of spur highways
from the main route.
This, It Is contended, Is tho only
instance on record, In which the com
mission has Ignored the 1917 road
map wherein certain cities have been
npeclflcally designated as located on
the official stats highway system.
Tennis Club to
Reorganize at
Meeting Tonight
The Snlem Tennis club will hold Hx
first meeting for the year 1920 at tne
commercial club Wednesday evening
June 16th at I a. m. nffi.-um u.ui
be elected and plans for increasing
interest in Salem of this lender of
strenuous sports will be suggested.
' It will also be the first nnnnrtunltv
this year for the members, especially
me new members, to . get together
personally. During the past two years
the Snlem Tennis club has been out
of existence, but with the advent of
a number of new players located here,
and the Veturn of those who previous
ly played tennis, here, the club has
again taken conarete form.
The city tournament, recently com
pleted, showed the old timers that
there -are more good tennis players
in Salem now than Ur ever were
before. This fact has so encourael
local enthusiasts, that they feel with
little work tennis will go forward
with big strides, making Salem a ceu
tor for ood players and tourneys.
result which will benefit all.
Cripple t'mlcitnkin Hike.
Oakland. Cal. William Stone, a
tailor, although a cripple, recently
started to walk 3000 miles from here
to Buffalo, N. Y to see his mother.
Mrs. Mary Stone. Stone said lie would
reach Buffalo in six weeks.
first Taste'
Mates You
Want More
T". mj
Orchardist Outlines
Data In Caring for
Damaged Nut Trees
(By S. H. Van Trump ) "I
One may notice along the streets of '
Salem as well as at many places in the ,
country numerous walnut trees which!
were severely injured by the freeze of
last December that are now sending
out countless suckers or water sprouts.
These suckers are found growing from
'the main branches and often even.bali winters, Douglas and Snyder.
irom me trunks oi tne trees ana are Chicago ; 7 IS 8
due to the development of adventitious; Boston 1 4 3
buds that have become active owing to I carter and O'Farrell; Scott, Eayrs
the death of most of the buds of last 1 and O'Neill.
season's formation. Pittsburg I 10 0
Whatever the degree of injury the ' Philadelphia 18 2
tree has sustained most of these suck-) Cooper and Schmidt: Gallia, Betts
era should be removed at this time, and Tragresser.
f most of the one and two year old; American
wood is alive and sending out new; New York 1 S 2
growth, then all of the suckers should Cleveland 7 15 2
be removed from main branches and i Thormahlen, Shore and Hannah;
trunk at once. Icoveieskie and N'unamaker.
In cases of severe injury where most
of the one and two year old wood is
dead, then enough suckers should be
selected to build a new top.
Select only the moat promising suck-
era which are favorably located and
properly distributed along the main
branches, then remove all the rest.
This work is very important and
should be done at this time, otherwise
these trees will asume the appearance
of cabbage heads very soon and wIll'Lera, whose appointment as Mexican
be in no condition to form fruit buds
for future crops of nuts.
The suckers which have been select
ed from which to build the new top
should be headed back when they
have made a growth of four to four
and one-half feet. 'All dead wood
should be removed from the trees this
month, beinar particular to cut back
to a point where the wood is healthy
and full of sai. These wounds should
be painted over with Bordeau paste or -
grafting wax.
Twilight League
Game Postponed
Owing to Flag day ceremonies last
evening, the baseball game between
the Statehouse and Hauser Bros, was
postponed until Uils evening. Play
will commence at 6:15 p. m. and the
public is cordially Invited by Presl
dent James Elvln to attend.
The Statehouse team is so far the
Notice is hereby given that on July
1, 1920, there will be funds available
for the retirement of city of Salem,
Oregon, improvement bonds, Nos. 73
to 129, both inclusive, of Issue "J."
Holders of these bonds will present
them for payment nt the office of the
olty treasurer on July 1, 1920, as in
terest ceases on , the above named
C. O. RICE, City Treasurer.
His' little Boy
4 H7ass of Sores
So wrl tea W. C Warns of If illboro, Virginia,
uul he udiii:
"We tried twa coed doctors, one a fpo
eialitt on ikin diMRH and they did hiia
no fond. We uied 1 bottlei of D. D. Ii.
and hie face, whuh wni simply a mass
of tores, Is now unoolb aa paper."
Thounandi of rrateful men of O. D. D. ha
written to tell ot the wonderful relief it cae
them een ona application completely top.
. ping all iU liinsand hurnint. Why not try D.D.D,
at onco and be couvincedP Your money back
. ir the nt bottle doei not brlna relief, tic, CM
and ll.oo. 'fry I). 1). P. Soap, too.
m lotion for SWn Disease
J. C. Perry, druggist.
Also upholstering
it : 7 or an Kinds, seat
covers, sservice. u,
. Hull T. M. C. A.
Building, Salem, Oregon.
Special Sale
11 As
300 Leghorns 11 days old
Few Reds and Buttercups.
Season closes this week.
558 State Street
Our bread i3 : the food
with which to feed the
multitude that , is clamor
ing for honest, nutritious
food values. If you order
our bread by name you will
receive a loaf of nut
browned richness that con
tains just the proper pro
teids. You'll find plenty of
pleasure in our pastry.
' J )1
i league leader, with two victories to
thejr credit and no defeats. The
Hauserros. team is looked upon as
: one of their strongest competitors,
:and tension is very high in Ijcal ath
letic circles concerning the result of
I the game tonight.
Maor League Scores1
R H E.
Cincinnati . T 14 1
Brooklyn " S 10 3
Fisher. tUe"and "wingo; Cadore,
Grimes and Kfueger.
'g LOUjS 7 IS 2
York" 4 10 2
gchuDD and Dilhoefer: Nehf. Hub-
. S 1
Ayers and
Harris and Perkins;
5 10 4
St. Louis' 10 12 1
Russell and'Schang; Davis and
Mexico Names Envoy
Mexico City, June 14. Fernando
diplomatic representative in Christl-
ana was announced June 12, will be
named envoy to Sweden and Den
mark in addition to his duties in Nor
way, according to El Universal.
No machine can do what this new
receipt-printing cash register does
(D It
It also
fT TTT7I Tn 4 T T
Articles of association filed by Ad
vance Lodge No. 105. Knights of Py
thias of Vale, Or., with the state cor
poration department here. Monday,
permit the sale by the trustees of
bonds -not to exceed the sura of ,-
Rejoices Daughter
Can Resume Studies
"Everything my little 12 year old
girl ate distressed her: even a glass
of water would cause her to belch gas
and she was unable to go to school
for nearly a year. I bought her a bot
tle of Mayr's Wonderful Remedy, and
since taking it she is eating us out of
house and home and is attending
school again. It is a simple, harm
less preparation that removes the ca
tarrhal mucus from the intestinal
tract and allays the inflammation
which causes practically all stomach
liver and intestinal ailments, includ
ing appendicitis. One dose will con
vince or money refunded. J. C. Perry,
D. J. Fry. (aiv)
Help Your Digestion
When acid-distressed, relieve the
indigestion with
Dissolve easily on tongue at
pleasant to taVe ss candy. Keep
your stomach sweet, try Kl-molds
prints the merchant's name.
prints the price of each article.
adds the items.
prints the total of all items.
retains an added and printed record.
does other important things for merchants,
clerks, and customers.
J. R. Mumma, Branch Manager, 390 Stark Street, Portland
We make cash registers for every line of business
000. The trustees of the lodge are
Juli ir. Hurley, J- Miller and Leon
ard Cole.
Articles of incorporation were filed
Monday by the following corporatons:
Kauti Manufacturing company,
Portland. JiOOO; A. C, Eugene D.,
Anthony, Walter and Franklin Kauts.
Western Lumber Agency, Portland,
K5.000; V. J. Phillips, W. W. Dean
and Blanche Dean.
Permission to operate in Oregon was
granted Monday to the Independent
mars the perfect
appearance of her com
plexion. Permanent
and temporary skin
troubles are effectively
concealed. Reduces un
natural color and corrects
greasy skins. Highly antiseptic,
used with beneficial results as
a curative agent for 70 years.
Old registers bought; sold, repaired, and exchanged.
Easy payments. Liberal allowance for old registers.
or telephone to our
t-!er ock company of California. C,
Bell of Portland is attorney in fact for
the company in Oregon.
Certification showing increases In
captialization were filed by the Kla
math Oil company, Klamath Falls
$25,000 to J10.000, and the Strand
Theater company. Portland, $50,000 to
Beanfily tK Complexion
Nadlnola CREAM
Toe Usefsalei BaatoXw
By tkmmmdm
Guaranteed to remove)
tan, freckles, pimples,
liver-spots, etc. Ex
treme cases 29 days.
Rids pores tai tissues of impurities.
Leaves the skin clear, soft, healthy. At
leading toilet counter. If they haven't
it, by mail, two sites, 60c. and $1.29.
Sold by Daniel J. Fry, wholesale
and retail; Nelmeyer Drug Co., and
other toilet counters.
MB. O'Neill
ladcUDush Dank Building
HD0 Tiir.u,,
Compound Did For H, i
Morriee, Mich.-Mw .
mr baby ' j
''" hrzf
Jul sot
entirely relieved. I alLt1'
table Compound W JV
came and am,,i ' W
lieved my nBiB&
shall never
I have told others of t "
anil h.1l . . Ft Stria
Thomas, Box 184, Morji6-
.. omen snouia not timim fe rf
half-hearted existence, buZ,''
. ""; Ju. l "Vine k- u
can find health in Lydi. jgS
egeUbIe Comnnnnrf
.If you would like freeeontdniMi
vice address Lydia E. tm )C
Co, Lynn, Mass.
Copy of receipt
printed for each