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    f-AGE SO
The last day of the Seventh tty Campnieetins 1 tomorrow.,
Jt ha proved to be one of I he most
successful nieetinns ever held in
Western Oregon. T!ie camp is packed !
with an immense crowd of people
who Imve cnmi in to tipend the weekj
end wilh the campers. Evangelist A.'
11. Dell of thin city will tipeak tomor
row at the 10:St hour on "The I'am-!
Ing of Human Glory." At the 2:30;
tiour I'rof. K. J. Hillard of 1'ortland;
will addrew the campers, ins nuo
Jeet will lie. What T'llnk Ye of
Chrim? Whow Son is lit ?" Kvan
geliHt U K. Dickson will preach at
the 8 o'clock hour. His subject will
he, "The Climax of Human Jlintory
Is AnnaKeddon Past or Future? lius
the 1-ist War been Foupht?"
They are expecting to have a large
baptixm in the Willamette sometime
eran church, 16th and A street. En
glewooil, H. W. Gross, pastor. Ser
vices lioRln at 10:30 a. m. Sunday
Hi-hool at 9:30, evening at 7:30. Hun
day school and evening services are
in English.
Meeting at V. C. T. IT. hall corner
South Commercial and Kerry street,
Sunday 3 p. m. The "Lost and Sav
ed Hunter will speak. Subject "Lost
in the Forest of Sin and the Way
Out." Come everybody.
services Sunday. At the morning serv
ice children's day will be observed by,
a. program of music and recitations. A
cordial welcome Is extended to all
these services. Thomas S. Anderson,
teenth and Mill streets. This Is om
Chlldrcn'a day. The Sunday school
will render a program In the forenoon
t 11 o'clock. The public is Invited.
In the evening at eight o'clock Kev.
Antony R. I-Ind will conduct a gospel
p. ni. Concert by the choir at S p. El.
48th Reunion
Of Pioneers Is
Set For July 1
! or sail and audience
Benediction, Iiev.
1S4. chaplain.
1". H. Burnett,'
I.l'Tll E RAN East State and Elqh-! rb ASlh r,uniun of ,ne 0B" r,
teeuth Greets, t;,0,ge Koel.b r. paa. ; neer aviation, which would oid.nar-
tor. Sunday school at 10 a.m. Preach-i' hi,v held on J,,ne 17-
....... ... Untie nluco ill T.rtl:niri Jnlv 1. The
niir st r ui ih'ih i m Mitrtbwt i '
"What Will Save Our opH: Uood ; national meeting of the Shrlnei ami , company
bw or Faith In Christ?' Visitors ar
welcome. Th4-n? will he no evening
Trip To Mineral
Springs One Of
Beauty And Fun
Oie of the best week-end trips that
can le made from Salem by auto on
good roads in the opinion uf E. V. Me-
Mechan. of the O. it (iingrich Motor
, h with his wife and Mr.
other organizations requiring the use .anil Alra. Arthur Kahn formed a mo
ot the municipal auditorium, made It tor party. Is the one to the government
jnewwiry to postpone the date. , mineral springs in Washington. Mr. I co,ious banqueU wi be
i V; VI.-UI1B wiiiiuk IU Ul DUin ill mr j anu .VI I .ic.tiviitrt anu .ir. IIU .iim.
COt ItT STUKI'T CI I III ST I W risrin:-l territory of Oregon, up to 1 K5J ; Tttthn ftpr-ni several dnys ;m:um1 Mfm-
inclusive, without regara to wnm ormr i;;y at lh- springs, wncre Charles
Shrine Patrol To Literary Groups
Escort Masons In At Willamette To
Portland Saturday Hold Reunions
f -ed i lh(, f.
v each nli.. . '
Invitation of the Al Kader temple'
Pled?...! ,
"sters to ih :c "nn .
Th. llti..., .... . . K.l.l: " ehst.,l
Willamette university will hold its new memh- . ' a.
of Portland to act as escort for 506 annual reunion banquet Saturday eve will tret t..v ""a vm. '
.Masons who will take the Shrine de- ning at the First M K. church.. A ! ha iioos. h.a.
Moose h;
11 folio.
gree at Portland Saturday evening has large number of alumni of the society '' quMs
been accented hv ihe uiam i...;., :i i . ... . i . . . . . . i
, . ... nr - n ill tnr pi rwiii mi iiim iHllinuet, Wmca r
trol, and 18 of the 24 members of the is an important occasion for the so-1 Acconiiu- " i
patrol will attend, it was announced eiety. particularly this year, as war i Lan,. county tl
Wednesday. The Salem Shi ine j atro., contlitioiia have prevented many of 1 1SS j ar? " 5Ml flr , 1
after the ceremonies, will tscoifhalf the former members from coming to'tal farm ' 1
",t,iua w nwin Jiniieruii, ana uie last two reunmns. nans ror re- ! y3 acres.
;the other hajf to Hotel Portland whi le'
Ciimei Niirth Keventeenth anil fnnrt ;
streets. The whole morning worship ! '" no 1,ve- a,e -8'e memoer
will be iriven over to the Childr. n I hlp. Pioneer head.tuartera, during thi
dav nrniritim. . A verw IntttreKtlnir nr.. ' reunion, will be in
gram of song, recitation and dialogue
is being prepared. Our aim Is from
225 to 250 In attendance. Remember
to be there and bring someone with
you. . We begin promptly at 10 a. m.
Come early if you want a seat. Don't
room C, Auditor
At 2 o'clock literarv exercises
sons and daughters of pioneers ,
be held. At 4:30, the "Kloshe Mucn-t.-Muck,"
by the organized woman's
auxiliary of the Oregon Pioneer aseo-
forget to bring that envelope with your elation will take place. All mrmbtra
offering. Junior and Intermediate En
deavor, 5:30 p. m. Young People's En
deavor, 7 p. m., K. B. Flake, leader,
topic, "Mistakes." A real live pro
gram prepared. Come and enjoy it.
Song service and sermon, 8 p. m., sub
ject "When the Devil Does to Church."
Worth hearing. Don't miss it. You
are invited to worship. It. I Putnam,
of the association wearing the proper
1920 badge, "Will be admitted, and the
husbands or wives of pioneers, not pio
neers themselves, will be supplied with
speciul badges. A social hour will fol
low. The annual business meeting," nt
which officers for the ensuing year will
be elected and other necessary busi
ness transacted, will be held at 7:30
p. m. The annual camp fire will be
gin at 8 o'clock, with Past President
1SCO PAL Colonel Robert A. Miler presiding. It
will consist of five minute talks by pio
ners and old time melodies by the G
A. R. veteran quartet. Ex-Governo:
T. T. Oeer will be the time keepei.
A special feature will be the exhibition
of a number of lantern slideB to illus-
, farewell meeting of trate pioneer days, with a few words
association. Professor ;0f explanation by (ieorge H. Himes,
Coiner Church and State streets,
Rev. Richard N. Avison, minister
9:15 a. m., Sunday wchool, Alpbeus
fllllette, superintendent, Robbin Fish
er, assisting. 11 a. m. baccaleau rente
sermon, President Carl Gregg Doney,
D. D. 3 p. I
the Chrltsian
James T. .Mathews, leader. S p. m., us- secretary.
Miller, former manager of Hotel Mar
ion here is now in charge of the hotel
The party made the trip in seven
hours, taking this course: Salem to
Portland. Columbia highway to Cas
cade Locks, f rry across the Columbia
river to Stevi nson. thence to Carson
and from Cirsjii into the mountains,
a, distance of 15 miles over good roads
to the mineral springs.
One of the most scenic spots in the
country may be found around the
springs, Mr. McMeehan said Thursday.
The streams In that vicinity are a mec
ca for sportsmen who come from all
parts of Oregon, Washington and Cali
fornia to angle there.
The mineral springs hotel, managed
by Mr. Miller, is of 50 rooms, rustic
style and a veritable hunting lodge of
comfort ami beauty hidden away in
the innermost part of tile mountains.
Although the gasoline shortage wan
In effect the Salem
trip In u Hupmobile
the t'tnlt i :i the c:ir
capital city.
The Shrine patrol of this ;- will
wear Cherrian uniforms with Shrine
insignia instead of the booster insignia
because of the Inability to get Shrine
uniforms In time to jiarticipate in the
festivities. The patrol Is under the
leadership of Captain Joe McAllister
and has been religiously drilling in
preparation of the festival at Portland.
Dal services at the Old Peoples Home,
Twelfth and Ferry streets. 7 p. m.,
Senior Epworth League, Sheldon Sack
ett, leader, topic, "Accepting Our Re
sponsibilities"; Intermediate League,
Douglas Wilkinson, leader1, in Epworth
hall; Junior League upstairs in Ep
wort hall. 8 p. m., anniversary service
of the Chrltsian asosclation, sermon by
Rev. A. H. Thompson. Thursday, 8 p
The Indian wur veterans will hold
their annual convention In Portland on
June 80, and there will be special rail
road rates for the pioneers and vet
erans attending. For any additional
information members should write to
Cloorge H. Himes, secretary, Auditor
ium, Portland.
The program at 2 o'clock will be
William. Coles of Haines has pur
chased the llolstein dairv herd of En-
1 nest Leonnitf.
Five Accidents
In Week Fatal
Four men and onc woman lost their
lives In accident in Oregon industries
during the week' ending June 10, ac
cording to reports reaching the state
industrial atjeident commission here.
There Martin Kreigg, Portland, black
smith; Lulu Ingle, Hoskins, cook
Floyd Mitehelr, Prescott. edgerm.m;
Ray Bilderback. Kerry, logger; W. II.
Woodworth, Salem, riggerman.'
Of the -)89 accident reported during
the week -Nil were snbler-t tr. ib.. ...
people made the , visions of the workmen's compensation
an, to were from firms and corpora
tions that have rejected the provisions
of the net and 12 were from -public
utility corporations not subject to the
provisions of the act.
Do INot uet careless
With Your Blood SuPPl,
Impurities Invite Disease.
You chould par particular heed
to any indication that your blood
supply is becoming sluggish, or
that there is a lejstning in its
strong and vital force.
By kecDinr your blood purified.
your system more easily 'wards off
disease that is ever present, wait
ing to attack wherever there is an
opening. A lew oouies ci a. a,
without refilling
.fter Paving th
4-z in
the great vtgttablt jvj ,
cine, willmitsliwM!
give you nnr atrenrA Tl .
healthy, tieoroni tiUiity. kL'i
one BMdt ft just bow tiCi
vatatn in irfu j I
o-tW and if
ical advice, you wn obttii i rl
out eost by writing to Mtdwiffi!
rector, Swift Snecifle Co,
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. ,
ST TAI L'S Chenii keta and Church
Ktrets, the I lev. Chus. H. Powell, 11. D..
rector. Services for the second Sunday
after 'Trinity: 7:30 a. ni., holy com-
liiiinloii; : 4 ;"i u. m., church school; 11
n. in., moining prayer and sermon; 8
p. in., evening prayer unci address.
EviiNliod welcome.
midweek prayer and praise service, j composed of the following ""mra:
MUSICI an into.;, ni' ". ...u....,-...
Mrs. Gladys .Morgan Farmer
CATHOLIC Communion mass at
7 Mil a. in., high mass and biirniileuur
(H'e MTiiiciu for Sacred Heart academy
by the pastor at 10:30' a. m. At the
high mass tlie ncnileiny will sing a
mass especially prepared for the occa
sion. Hem --diction will follow lust mans.
I :v a; ui welcome. IHu'n;. tl:a sur.t
i ier tnontlis there will be no high mass
sung, but. two low masses. One at 7:30
n. in. and the other ut 10.30 a. m.
IW'iicilU'Uon will follow the early mass.
Dr. Avison will he with us again. Comei
ninl tret the messaire he will hrinff. 1 organ,
Ther, should be a large attendance, j and audience.
Call to order, Rev. Andrew .1. Htin
,.,,, T, ,m.. ,.oiiijjn vnr ' saker, 1S47, p-esldeut, lIcMinnvllle.
Church street, J. .1. (Illesple, istor.
Surdity school, 11) a. m
Jackson, superintendent,
Invocation by the chaplain, Rev,
Mm Viol1 11. irarneu. into, nuie-iiv-.
' i., rrl Song, "Star Spangled
Preaching services! veteran quartet and organ.
audience I
OlIllilM of nit nuc.s,
11 a ni., subject, "The Two Witnesses!"1-'"""'- ,,
IVophe.-vlng in Sackcloth One Thou- Addrea, of welcome, Hon. C.eorge L.
,,! t'- it.m.lred Threo Score ;Jiker, mayor of Portland, Sons of
Days," Kev. 11. Young People's meet
ing 7 p. m., Miss Augusta Hnhn, lead
tr. Preaching services, 7:45 p.
meeting Wednesday
Response, by Hev. A. J. Hunnaker,
m-1 or his representative
i..iiiiiui i.iui.u' iiw i.'."1" nBior
mM A Web
x wi-mx
STATE r STREET , ... e ollfi . Ri-., !
yfCor. 6tale art
7:15 o'clock,
givento all to
A cordial Invitation is
attend the services.
ii t recta, Lelaml W. I'utniim, pas-
lltble school session at 11:45 a. m.
Iuiinlng worship at 11 o'clock ad
drcHses by Missionaries David Ilyerlee
11111I Mrs. Ilyerlee. nee Vic Cave. These
.MH'.ng penplu ate on their way to Ho
ieige, Congo, Africa, and are here vis
iting with the Cave family at 1100
Hinid Htreet. Chrlstiun Mndeavor will
meet, at 7 p. 111. At S p. ni., Chief Red
i'ox KIlulHlui-hal, a HlackCoot chief
from Toppeniidi, Wauhlugton, will bo
in the pulpit fur the evening services,
uiuler charge "f the Brotherhood. He
and bin usdntant, Black Hawk, will ap
pear in full tribal costume, and Mrs.
Oscar Gingrich will sing during the
evening In Indian dress. No charges
will bo made but the chief will develop
iv"Uimcnt and support for the Christ
ian mlMsion at Toppenlsh.
I N IT K II liltKrilltKN -- Corner
Seventeenth and Nebraska streets. The
Children's day pi-ogium will be given
nt 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Rev.
o.-orne Chtipman will I'.lve a sermon
e,;e on "The Lite of David" especially
Hie children. Hverybody Is coi-
nv!te'il to come and enjoy the
There will be preaching
lln- eM'iiing at -K o'clock. Prayer tneet-
KlllSr IIAPTIST Marlon and Lib
erty streets. Services at 11 a. ill. mid
8 p. in. The morning hour will be
a special Children's day service. The
Sunday School will have a prominent
part with sermon for the occasion.
Professor G. R. Sciilaueh of Mc.Mliin
vlll will speak at both services. Sun
day school at 9:45 a. m.. Prof. II. T).
Hewitt, superintendent, classes for all.
1). y. P. I', at 7 o'clock. Strangers and
those not worshipping elsewhere cor
dially invited.
Corner South Commercial and Mey
ers streets, Horace N.- Aldrlch, pastor.
9:45 a. m., Sunday school, with classes
for all ages, 10. A. Rhoten, sviperln
lendenl; 11 n. 111., public worship with
sermon by the pastor, theme, "The
Child In the Church"; Infant baptism
will be administered and all babies on
the Cradle Roll are invited to come
with their mothers; 7 p. m., devotional
meeting of the Kpworth Leiigue; S p.
ni., evening services. -
Iusic, patriotic selection.
quartet, organ and audience.
Annual nddresn, Iljn. R. A. liooth,
I!5'i7, 'Sugeme.
Appointment of committee on reso
lutions, by President Hunsaker.
Special service, memorial and reso
lutions in honor of Mrs. Rebecc-.
Burger, 1847, "Mother Queen of Ore
gun," who departed this life'S'liti'm
ber 22, 1919, aged 91 ears, S months
and 22 days, ,1. I). Lee.
Solo, Mis. Virginia Silencer Hutchin
son, daughter of W. V. Rpcnce, n plo
ner of IS 52.
IIijIj, ". A. Montgomery.
Music. "America." veteran ipiarler.
CorvalMs school children are belnji
ejinniined In the therapeutic clinic at
the agricultural college for abnormalities.
The Beauty
vf The Lily
can be yours. Its
wonderfully pure,
soft, pearly white ap
pearance, free from all .
blemishes, will be com- i
parable to the perfect
beauty of your skin and
complexion If vouwlll utv
H " 1
efr. , , ' y
U I .ig -! i .
. of n
Coming Tuesday-3 Days
Thurs.lav evening. He sun- your
part is taken III these rervlces.
NZ KKNK -Nineteenth and Mar
lon streets. Regular services Sunday.
Sunday school nl 9:45 . W". H.
Hardy, supcrinlciHleiit. l'renchtng at
11 by the pastor, subject, "Have You
the Vision?'' Young People's Hlble
mudv led by l'lorenco Wells at 7
o'clock and preaching in the evening
at' o'clock. There will bs special
singing tvt these services by Hie Smith
famllv from California. lVaiiinlnsr on
Tucs.iiiy evening with a great cvan-
serviee the district assenioi.v
cotnlnue over Sunday. Lvange-
llsllc services every evening, me mu
gospel will b" preached. These will be
times of salvation and you are Invited
to be present. CI rent preaching and
good singing. lr. .1. W. Goodwin, gen
eral superintendent of Pasadena, Cali
fornia, will preside. A. Wells, pastor:
Florence Wells deaconess.
erty and Center streets W. C. Kanlner,
minister -10 a. ni., Sunday school wm
classes for all, W. I. Staley superin
tendent: 11 a. n , "Om' Own River
and the River or Life"; 7 p. . Chi-ls.
I inn Kndcuvor, Miss Theresa I'owle.
lender; 8 p. musical program by
the chinch choir, address by Rev. .las
FIRST C1I1RCU OF cill'ii"
SCIENTIST Sunday services In Id a.
4 40 Chemekctn street nt 11 u. m.. sub
ject of.Jlible lesson 'Ancient and Man
em Necromoncy, Clod the Preserver o'
Man." Sunday fchool at 9:45 a. m
Wednesday evenins testimonial nieet
Ing at 8 o'clock. Reading room, 209
Masonic temple, open everv day except
Sunday and holidays, from 11:4S a. nt.
to 6 p. m. All are Invited.
Corner South Nineteenth and Ferry
streets, 11. C. Slover, minister. Chil
dren's day will bo observed Sunday
with a program by the primary de.
partment nt 1 1 n. m. Sunday school ftt
10 a. m. Christian Kndeavor at 7:15
Sv-u. - .r ii riiiiiiiiitifnoifiiii VaflHBB
ji!i.uiii,Mi,.i)fyj:w' m.)fmiM
2:13, 4:00, 5:45, 7:30 AND 9:15 P. M.
The Newest
Harley-Davidson ,
A new enAi ned Harley-Davidson ! Fully
one huirdred pounds lighter! Quieter,
snappier than any solo mount you have
ever seen before. Powered with a bal
anced, horizontal-twin engine almost
vibrationless and wonderfully "peppy."
All the speed you want and it hu&s the road.
Here are a few of its exclusive advantages:
Unit Power plant, single drive chain, fully en
closed and automatically lubricated; low center
of gravity and low saddle position; &reat ran&a
of power, amazing pick-up and low-speed per
formance, due to perfect balance and the super
heated intake manifold.
You cannot appreciate this Harley-Davidson
Sport Model or realize its fereat superiority
without Mfflinfc it is m.
, 147 South Commercial Street
Sales conducted everywhere. Farm
sales 2 percent; city sales 5 percent.
We Bsve you money on advertising
CoL W. F. Wright Auctioneer
Phone 734
. Car ot
; Yick So Tong
j -bines Medicine and Tea Co.
; Han medicine which will cur
ny known dlaeue. .
I oiwa Sunday from It a. m.
until p. m. ;
its flout b Hlgb Street
teiem. Orefoo. Phone tit
Trunks, Bags, Suit
Music Rolls and Brief Cases, at .
340 Court Street
Take the place ot Soue
lining for leea, 1
Max 0, Buren
1 le .Norlfi Coui.eri.
and Player Pianos Best and Cheaper
Salem, Oregon
and Records
Sewine Machine)
All Makes
Genuine Needles
nnrf Oil
Sewing' Machines Repaired and M
Sheet Music
' And
Music Studies
. McKinley and Century
10c Editions
at -Music
I'a jJohtVM Brw-'SraSe- -wTiW He ssepneo;j