Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 10, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    y School
! Graduates Six
) Thursday Night
! lhe prevalence of the
' is the institution, the com-,
" t ex, at the Oregon
OZi tor the blind which wi"
CTrhursuay evening. June 10.
fL open to the public The
rt ,h0 wi" their dip"
f Buell r'i1'1' lrar' and
lnnings Latimer, literary and
ttieda Maurer, literary and
I Walter Norhy. tuning; Edward
literarv; Walter Thrasher.
'" purple and gold are the class
iad the motto is ' Energy
fU .
4i Song V
f Senior Chorus.
L Sons" Mendelsohn
s Buell Field. Marie Burns.
i on Hoss Shay"
Malcolm Meddler.
Jacob Weinstein.
inhere the West Begins"
J " Chapman
t Anna Duedall.
'lM OP- No. 2 Godard
, Jlelcolm .Meddler.
I Valm of Home Economics in
lool" T"V
j Frieda Maurer.
Jmu A. Edison"..
. Edward Robbing. '
Le With the Lake"
I Mixed1 Quartet.
L of Music in Our Schools"
i " Jennings Latimer..
! Three Lovers.
I Tjll Field
l,w from "Jocelyn
f . , ...
i Frieoa .iauiM.
I j for the Wind".
t it. i t .it ThiMKher.
L Tuning as a Profession for
I Blind"
Walter Norby
Impromptu, Op, 2S, No. 2
Jennings Latimer.
"We Meet Again Tonight"
Male Quartet,
Kimball Senior
Awarded Prize
Robert M. Gatke, a senior in Kim
ball school of theology and assistant
in the history department of Willam
ette university, won the Fisher prize
competition in hymn and scripture
reading held at Kimball college Tues
day afternoon. Hassel was seeonu.
Mo.Viess third, Cooper fourth, and
Goodson fifth. The competition in
church records will be held Wednes
day afternoon and the formal recep
tion of President and Mrs. Talbott to
the faculty, students and friends of
Kimball college will come at I p. m.
this evening in the assembly hall.
The annual communion service will
be held at 4 p. m. Thursday, and the
graduating exercises proper will be
Friday afternoon at 2:30 in the assem
bly hall, with an address by Rev. J, M.
Waiters of Spokane and the conferring
of diplomas by President Talbott.
Boys InAuio Here
Tuesday Arouse
Police Suspicions
Police here Tuesday were making an
effort to learn whether a large automobile,-
bearing Washington license
No. 01828, that passed through Salem
early Tuesday morning under odd cir
cumstances had been stolen. The ma
chine was driven by two small boys,
who claimed that they were from npu.
kane, Wash., and were bound for Cali
fornia. First report of the machine being
near Salem came from Cal Patton,
1865 State street, to police. He said
that while driving north on Wallia
road he say the machine, with a man
learning over it in attitude of repairing
the engine. Returning at 11:45 p. m.
he saw the machine still there, the
form of the man also still leaning ovei
the side of the car.
Thinking that the man was dead or
in distress, he called police. Deputy
Sheriff James Imlah of Wtst Salem,
investigated and found that two boys
occupiedthe machine and had been
At 1:45 a. m. the boys drove the ear
tO the Marion Clnmeta nn Qi.ith r.
mercia.1 street, bought three gallons of '
gasoline, enquired where they mights
find the sheriff, and h.tnr rri !
town south of Salem was, and quietly
orove away, going south on Commer-;
cial street. .
Liberty Bonds
Are Stolen From
Liberty Farmer
Report was made to Sheriff Need-1
ham Tuesday, by Mrs. F. D. Robins.!
that while the family was absent,
from their home, a farm near Liberty i
the house was entered and a numberj
of valuable articles taken. A trunk j
was opened and two Liberty bonds, of
the first and second loan were stol-j
en, together with a locked deed box
containing deeds, personal notes to
taling several hundreds of dollars In
value, insurance papers and (35.00
in cash. Silverware that was in the
trunk was untouched.
Diligent search is being instituted
by county officers in an effort to ap
prehend the thieves. Mr?" and Mrs.
Hobins are especially eager to recov
er the personal notes and papers.
years ago in Silverton, nQfnrv Uin Pmm
where the anniversary wasis?lM' " lUTTl
ried fifty
far from
celebrated. With the exception of a
few years when they Uved on a farm
near Iallas they hav- resided in this
vicinity and bath of the subjects of
this anniversary occasion have spent
most of their lives in this part of Mar
ion county. Mr. Moser is a son of the
late John Moser, one of the very first
settlers of Silverton. He had hoped to
live to help celebrate the fiftieth wed
ding anniversary of his son, and lacked
only a little more than a year of meet
ing his expectation. Four eons, two
daughters, grandchildren and great
grandchildren were present at the
function and it was greatly enjoyed.
Weavers In Fast
Evening Contest
How Ttiey Stand.
L. "A.
0 1.000
1 .S8
1 .68$
1 9
2 .333
3 .000
Scouts To Hear
Final Camp Plans
Final instructions regarding their
proposed camp in the Cascade moun
tains will be given to all Boy Scouts
of the city Thursday evening, at a
meeting to be held in the library, by
Scout Executive Harold Cook. Details !
of arrangements for shipping the lm-1
mense amount of baggage to be taken'
and all plans for the summer encamp-1
ment will be discussed.
The Scouts leave Salem for their I
camp aboard a special train that had j
been provided by the Southern Pacific
company Monday morning, June 14, at I
8 o'clock. That there may be no tie-1
up in plans or confusion of the boys!
State House . 0
Hauser Bros. s t
Spaulding t
Y. M. C. A 1
Valley Motor Co. 1
Kay Woolen Mills
With the score of 1 to 0 the State
House Stars defeated the Kay weavers
at Willamette Field, Tuesday evening,
in one of the best games of the series.
Bettles and Webb presented a pitch
ers' contest end reeeived faultless sup
port from tmth contingents.
WillametteV alley
Transfer Co.
Golden Wedding
Anniversary , Is
Reunion Cause
Silverton, Or., June 10. A funnq
reunion, with nearly all of the large
family of children present, was he out
standing feature of a golden wedding
anniversary held yesterday afternoon
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
Moser on Third stret. They were mar-
when the time comes to depart, the
scout executive in an announcement
made Thursday, asked that every
Scout -in the city he present at the
meeting In the evening.
An appeal was made in behalf of i
the Scouts Thursday for tents to take j
I with them on their trip. Some of the j
' Scouts have been able to produce tents;
j of their own, but the majority of them
are' wtihout shelter. Tents owned by'
2,.-,, nnnttnO fa i ,1 1 . , a . n.,u i
due to the growth of the troops in the
the city. And person willing to loan
j'thelr tents are asked to telephone 772. , f
Lndlcg Skates Free Friday ;
Ladles Skates 10c Tuesday and
Saturday Nights.
At a special election at Dallas June
9 It will be voted whether moving pic
ture shc on Sunday shall be prohibited.
TrunkSy Bags, Suit
Music Rolls and Brief Cases, at
340 Court Street
Now is the Time to Install the
The Store of Housewares
135 N. Liberty St Phone 7
Sales conducted everywhere. Farm
sales I percent; city sales I percent.
We save you money on advertising
CcL W. F. Wright Auctioneer
Phone 734
Also Junk of Ail Kinds
Best Prices Guaranteed
Capital Junk Co.
, The Dauare Deal Roues
171 Chsmeketa Et Phons III
I Takes ths plac of souse
1 lining (or less.
Max 0. Buren
1TI North Commsrulsl
Cars of
Chinese Medicine sad Tea Co.
Has medicine which will curs
any known disease.
Open Sundays from 10 a. m.
until I p. m.
1SI South High Street
Salem, Oregon. Phone III
Phone 510-M1
170 N. Commercial St
W. II. Hildebrandt
& Co.
Eisemann Magneto
Service Station
171 North Commercial street
A f
si, f .JBBm!
W3 Tyo
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