Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 03, 1920, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Y.M. Takes Game.
From Spdulding
In Tivilight Play
How They Siand
V. L. Pot.
Ha user Bros 2 1900
State house 1 0 1000
Spaulding t 1 6S
Y .M. C. A. 1 1 500
Valley Motor 0 Z 000
Kay Woolen Mill 0 2 000
The core stood i-1 In favor of the
Spaulding loggers until the last Inn
ing of the twilight game at Willam
ette field, Wednesday night Then
Robison of the T. M. C. A. Tigers.
otepped up to the pan and sloughed n
hot one for a homer. Peterson had
previously passed two men to the
acka and ao the play ended. 4-S, giv
ing the Y their first clean win of the
Cherry City aeries.
The Y, M. C. A. had previously tied
with the atatehouae Stars In another
fast game: the tie to be played off
Wednesday night' game was a
very good type of ptay and proves
that the evening series is developing
the boys.
Thursday 'night, June S. the state
house and woolen mill nines play th"
game that was postponed from Mon
day. Friday is the date of the sched
uled clash between the Valley Motor j
and Hauser Brothers teams.
fire gon Power To !388B8B3BgBSB
Be Developed Is
Expectation Noiv
Major League Scores
The enactment of the federal water
power bill which was aonroved hi-
congress last week. Is expected to re
sult in a pronounced activity in power
development in Oregon whose stream
are aoie to provide approximately one
tenth of the entire available hydro
electric power In the United States, ac
cording to State Engineer Percy A.
Development of the water power of
the country has been practically at a
standstill for many years past becaim.
of the uncertainty as to what federal
restrictions would surround the devel
opment of this resources. Cupper de
clares. -
According to figures prepared by
the director of the United States geo
logical survey there are a minimum of
50,000.000 hydro-electric horsepower
in the United States, less than one
third of which Is now being utilized. Of
the available power 70 per cent is west
of the Mississippi river although of the
developed power 70 per cent is east of
the Mississippi.
It is estimated that between S.uvv,-
000 and 4,000,000 horsepower can be
developed In Oregon alone, with a to
tal of approximately 16S.000 horse
power actually utilized at the present
First game R. H.
Washington 1 . 3 3
New York , 8 1! 1
Zuchary, drlson and Oharrity
Quinn and Hannah.
Second game
Washington 7 1J
New York 13
Shaw, Snyder and Plclnlch; Mays,
Collins and Ruel.
Detroit .'. 6 11
Cleveland 8 12
r.oland and Alnsmlth: Caldwell an
Chicago 1 13
St. Louis 3 6
Clcotte and Schnlk; Wellman, Va
Gilder and fievereid.
New York : 1 5
KoHton t U
Toneyr Hubhell, Winters an
Smith; Scott and O'Neill.
Brooklyn 4 9
Philadelphia 6 11
Cadors, Miljus, S. Smith and Kmc
gr; Causey, Welnert, Oallln, O.
Smith and Witherow.
Cincinnati 6 13
Chicago 3 8
tuque, Sullee.aml Rarlden; Wlngo
Tyler, Bailey, Onw and Kllllfer.
St. Louis 8 11
Pittsburg 2 6
Schupp and demons; Carlson and
Coast League Scores
R. H. K
Sacramento 1 10
Swittle 12 15
Malls, Kuntx and Cady; Beibold an
Vernon 6 13,
Oakland 4 8
W. Mitchell and De Vormer; Kraiise
and Bpallninn.
Sun Francisco 8 15
oh Angeles 11 13
Lewis, Couch, Devltnles and Ag
new, Yelle; 01 Crandnll, Thomas anil
Salt Luke 7 .. 12
Portland 8 8
Bromley, Stroud and Jenkins; Jones
and Koehler.
Water Permits
Application for permission lo rn
Htruot a reservoir for the storage of
300 acre feet of water and for permls
slon to appropriate the stored wntur
for the Irrigation of 160 acres of land
in Malheur county, h(H been filed with
he state engineer's office here by
Clarence S. Miller of Cntlow, Or.
Other application for water rights
have been filed as follows;
By A. E. Routh of Enterprise, cov.
erlng the appropriation of wnter from
Hurricane creek for the Irrigation of
.12 acre In Wallowa county. .
By A. E. Hull of Feewatercoverlng
the appropriation of water from the
east branch of Little Walla Walla riv
or for the Irrigation of a small tract
in Umatilla county.
By L. C. Marsters of Fangnllnno.
Or., covering the appropriation of wat
er from Willow Springs In Mnlheut
countv for domestic purposes. .
By RufuK M. Dlmlck of Jordan val
ley, covering the construction or a
small reservoir and the appropriation
of stored water for stock purposes.
Candidates Who
'Are Defeated In
Primary Are Out
A defeated candidate for nomination
for political ' office In Oregon can
neither accept the nomination of an
other party nor run as an Independent
candidate, according to an opinion
, prepared by Attorney Otnirnl Brown.
This Interpretation of the law by th
attorney general Is based upon the
turn amendment to a prevloua law.
Prior to this time it has tmen possible
for defeated candidate to become in
dependent candidates. It Is explained
but this l prohibited under the new
law,. Several Inquiries as to the status
of candidates who hav been defeated
for nomination have been received by
the secretary of state's office since the
primary result became known.
The state highway commission has
decided to build a new bridge across
the Willamette at Harrisburg. The
cost will be borne by Lane and Linn
Wanted 100 Cars for Storage
Tracy's Garage, 544 Ferry St.
General repairing. Special rates for
storage and washing or oiling
Phone 199
Sales conducted everywhere. Farm
sale 2 percent; city tales 5 percent.
We save you money on advertising
Col W. F; Wright Auctioneer
Phone 734
Also Junk Of All Kind '
, Beit Prices Guaranteed
Capital Junk Co.
Tat Square Deal Houm
171 Chemeketa St Ptaont tit
- ' Car of '
Chinese Medicine and Tea Co.
Has medicine which will cure,
any known 4lsea.
Open Sunday from 10 a. m.
until I p. m.
153 South High Street
laletn, Oregon. Phon 281
Phone 510-511
S70 N. Commercial St.
WiUametteV alley
Transfer Co.
' PHONB 1400
Take th placa of bona
lining (or leas.
rX-Jtf Mar f) R
vs au.f Cf
179 North Commercial ...
3 years in Business in Salem and I must say from a successful standpoint that Mr. Thompson propp
tor of the Remnant Store is more than pleased, to such an extent that Mr. Thompson has decided fa
give to the Public of Salem a General Sale, and that means every article in the store will be cut Me
chandise will be thrown on the counter plainly marked at a discount of from 10 per Cenl h '33 ver
less, bale will open 9 o'clock sharp , Friday, June 4 and closes Saturday, June 1 2.
Delaware Solons
'Adjourn Without
Passing Suffrage
lover. Del., June 2. The Delaware'!
ificiwature adjourned sine die at 3:30
p. m. today without ratifying the Su
Anthony federal suffrage
amendment. Ther waa a test vote
shortly before adjournment when Rep
reKentaiive l.v.mi majority floor lead
er, attempted to force the noun into
committee, of th whole to consider the
urrrng ratification resolution. Mr.
Lyon motion was lost by 24 votes to
Oovernor OlroJt has siune.l requisi
tion papers for th return to Oregon
ft K. J. Clark, under ret (,t t.t?
Agel on th hit of forgery c.wn
uil-I at P,rtiin i.
If 11. iiuuvki ayul
& Co.
Esemasa Mapeto ,
Service, station '
179 Narth Commercial street
CS. Hamilton
140 Court Stroat
ta.lle Skatea Free Friday
Lm Skatea lot- Tuesday and
S:i:urd.iy Nights.
Closing Date
June 12th
in the Greatest Position to give you a Real Sale, as I have iust rptiimoH fv, c ..
attended Buyers Week and I have picked up nearly $5000.00 worth of Sample Lines and Bargains of Different kinds, as low as 67 cents' on the d U
also purchased fro.m the Barnes Cash Store of this city around $1500.00 worth of merchandise at from 40 per cent to 50 per cent less tha
values. Read below and I will quote a few of the many Bargains: ' - a M
Friday, 9 a. m.
June 4
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC! I wish to state that I am :
Rapid, Rushing, Crushing,
the Greatest Sale of Modern
Times. Come and Hurry.
Hosiery Sale
Silk Gloves
NOTICE All goods noti
advertised will be sold at '
Less 10 Per Cent.
Brass Curtain Rods,
sale price, each
500 Men's Wonder Hose,
sale price, pair
In black, white, tan and
250 Yards Mill End Cur
tain Goods. Real values
from 25c to 75c,' marked
from 42c to 49c a yard; and
during this sale additional
10 le,ss. From 1 yard to
11 yard ends.
$2.95 values of Crepe de
Chine and Georgette Silk, r
40 inches wide. Sale price, f
. per yard
$2.75 Black Messalirie Silk, '
sb-mches wide.
Sale price
This lot of Hosiery was bought from E. 1
Barnes at 60c on the dollar.
Lot 1, values to 45c, sale price, pair 29c f j?'8?8! Made Qualitv' formerly of the Barnes
Lot z, values, 50c to 65c, sale price, pair 39c
Lot 3, values 65 to 75c, sale price, pair ,.48c
Lot 4, values $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 Ladies'
Silk Hose, all shades, sale price, pair 98c
too ii
Buy Coveralls Now
Ladies1 Coveralls
; Value $2.00, sale price, each $1.19 1
; $3.50 Coveralls, sale price $2.48
; $3.98 Coveralls, sale price $3,19
Sample Line of Muslin
Underwear '
Cash Store, black and white onlv
75c quality, sale price, pair 49c
85c quality, sale price 69c
$1.25 quality, sale price, nail qs
t $1.50 quality, sale price, pair .. $1.19
,mi M
Sample Lot of Children's
Dresses and Rompers
NOTICE All goods not
advertised will be sold at
Less 10 Less
: ,
Ladies' Smocks during this
20 Less
Silk and Wool ' Children's
Sale price .
This was bought from the
Barnes Cash Store. 26 and
28 size only.
,75c, 85c and 98c Turkish
Towels, sale price, each
$3.25 Bed Spreads, size 70 1
' by 80, sale price
Cheaper than sheets.
Bought while I was in San Francisco at 33 1-3 X
Jhese Dresses are the finest quality, val- i
$.4o, S.98 and S3.98. and fhirinof thia cola
will get additional discount of 20; Size 6 yrs. I
Bought from the Wallace N. Moore dry good's t
vuimwiujr 01 aan rancisco. during hnvr t
T ...nnl. . 11 . . . . . " t
wa,..uiese gooos were Dought at a discount
uunng mis saie at 30 per cent less I
cuuaia WnK 01 Laaies-. liowns, . Corset Coyers,
Drawers, Envelopes and Chemise. A Reai
The Greatest Buy of Jhe
: Season
12.50 to 15.00 Ladies' Voile Dresses, size :
4, -36 and 38 onlv. in ' en-ov m'nir ir !
iive is cneaper man today wholesale cost.
X V ', 0 mm m m t :
Remnants of Woolen Goods,
Remnants of Table Cloths,
Reirtnants of white goods,
Remnants of Silks,
Remnants of Ginghams,
All at
10 to 20 Less
$300. Black Silk Taffeta,
!. Sale price, yard
., 1 yard wide.
Entire Stock of Ladies And I
Children's Aprons
r'fciy;.9 Or,t Cs.Hats,-
Dresses, for this sale,
' 4'"' '"IIIIMI MMMlV.7;
Coating-Finest . Silk Pon
gee, a $2.25 value, sale
- " . price, yard
- 36-inches wide.
Blankets and Comtora
values $3.48 to $10.00, dur:.
ing the sale -20
X 75c Turkish ToweUng ir-
ing this sale, yard 7
I Colored Crepe, pink,!
tand white, a 65c value, dar
ing this sale, y&
" urganaies, I mostlv all Rnr, 7 , a V.nuaren 8 mt8 I
yours at ; 20 Less. ; 30 PE CENT LESS"2 thi3 "f 49C
Don't forget Opening Date,
9 a. m. sharp, Friday,
, June 4th.
" Keep your eye on Thomson
and watch 'the Remnant
Store grow.
Hie R
Extra Help Wanted
Closing date Saturday
Night, June 12th.
Keep your eye on Thorn
and watch the Rani31
Store Grow
emnant Store
254 N. Commercial. RUm firol
1 he btore With a Real Bargain