Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 11, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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roveraent of.
Willamette Law
School Planned
In connection with the plans to en
large the plana of Willamette univer
sity and to Increase enrollment, the
Willamette law school has not been
j the boy trailing school Tuesday! JqJJJ
i IMK.Il. 1 lie M IHH'UVi ' . .
j furnished music to round out the pro
gram and were well received.
JO percent to meet the 19:0 require
ments of their dealers.
Greatest When
Baying Bicycle, repent . per
In buying the bicycle. says
jRanjsdeh. who has the Salem agency
I for the Dayton bicycle, the dollar
Good Minstrel
Shoiv Promised
D JJHVe Tmil Tl ta considerably larger irhfn spent, for
.Ljy " """"Tla bicycle than for most anything else
What has been pronounced by .the as the advance in the cost of bicycles
Farm labor situation in Eaker coun-
cent of normal.
Llovd aoie-oyuieu uirn r wc-
jclared to be loafing around pool haiik.
Girl Couldn't Stand
. Oothes to Touch Her
press, and the nation as an unusually
forgotten, and will receive particular j great show 'a limed aa the next at. fa
attention, aa the policy of the . - traction at the. Grand opera house,
vereily Is to make the law school, al- Wednesday May 1!. We have refer
reaiiy recognized as the In 'he ' ence to Sus Mill's Minstrels which re
Ktute, even stronger than it has been, 'turns to this locality after a trlum
On account of the burning of Waller phal tour covering most every city,
hall and the resultant crowding thru town and hamlet in these broad
out the university, the quarters allot-j fulled States and Canada. Sixty peo
ted to the law school have been re- pie are employed and each individ
duced to a point where It- was iliffl-' ual la a War in his particular linn
cult to carry on the work aa it was They are white men who know the
1'lrmied. value of Ethiopian comedy and who
Next year, however, the university have served their apprenticeship aa
officials say, ample quarters will be dispensers of fun, revelry, hilarity,
piovided for the law school, and ef-1 merrlment.'singlng, dancing and high
forts will be made to Improve the j class burnt cork entertainment. The
conditions along other lines. It is de- j inocuous comedy of (ieorge Wilson
sired that the law school be separate- will again be to the fore. Remember
ly endowed, and a campaign for this I (ieorge? Ask dad; he knows. Several
purpose may tie inaugurated as soon I new voices will be heard along with
as the present needs are met. It is) the old favorites including Jimmy
also plain. fd to increase the class per- j Wall, Jack Kennedy, Lee Edmoiula,
iorty so as to standardize the school.
1 1nstead of the present situation In
Hrience hull, with its poor heating ar
rangements and unsatisfactory. .Bur- j
ruundings, It is planned that provid-1
ing Waller hall Is completed, as seems
certain now, the law school will be
given the use of several roams on the
William Hullett, Herbert Wlllison,
Fred Freddy, Carl Graves, Ed Denya.
Max Mii-fen, Three Musical Cates,
William and Walter Markwith, James
Brady, .Kddie (ialtugher, Jack Hayes.
Johnny iiuckley and twenty five oth
er singers, dancers, and comedians.
Th0 company carries a fine orchestra-
ground floor of that building, which Kvervboxly knows how to sing and
will lie fitted up to suit the needs of dance, nnd there are real comedians
the rlaases. Instead of sharing these employed. A public parade In full uni
rooms with the other departments of .form will be given before the perform
the university, they will be devoted
exclusively to the luw classes.
It is the hope of the administra
tion that the law department, which
tins turned out many of Willamette's
most famous graduates, should be
built up to the highest possible stand
ard, and at the same time be more
'closely united to the other depart
ments of the university, feeling that
in this way much can be gained all
round. ImhI winter the liberal arts
students signed a resolution declar
ing their desire to cooperate to the
fullest extent with I he luw school In
semiring better accommodations, and
it seems that the plans then formed
can be reall.ed next year. "
anc ond there will be an enjoyable
bund concert In the evening. All told
there should be a high old time.
Major League Scores
( Incomplete)
Cleveland, ,, May II). Score
K. it. K.
Hi. Louis : 1 1i 2
Cleveland 7 10 1
. Davis, Saunders. Rayncnnd Rover
old; Kagby und O'Neill.
Huston, May 10. Harper held
Philadelphia to tun IiIih today 111 his
first start of flic season, Boston whi
ning 7 to 1. Hooper doubled twice and
i'lgli'd twice In four times at bat.
With Mclnnlu on first and Hemlryx on
n"i'ond and none out In the seventh,
Dykes caught Foster's liner, throwing
to (lallowav win) threw to Griffin for
a triple play, Moore:
n. n. v..
I'hlllnlphla 12 8
Host on 7 13 8
I'orrv, F.ckcrt, Moore und Perkins;
Hurper and Hchnng.
1'lltnburg, May 10. -Score- ,
n. h. e.
Philadelphia 14 2
riltsbureh ..... ....... 8 7 0
Causey, Caul well ami Wheat; Coop
er and Schmidt.
Thomas Recital
Will Be Rendered
f" fM Boys1 School
ThB pleasing recital which Ralph
Thorns, eave In the First M. K. church I
hi the first number or the Willamette,
lyceum course, and which has boon re
peated nt a number uf the state Instt
ttuloiis and elsewhere In the past few
wcckn, was given at the Highland!
Ki liool before a lame and enthusiastic
audience Monday night, and will go to
Outwit the passing years!
Let Co-Lq restore the youth
ful beautynatural color, life
and luster to your hair in a
manner nature approves.
Co-Lo a scientific process per
fected by 'Prof. John if. Austin,
over 40 years a bncterioluglHt, hair
and sculp specialist.
during the past fiye years has been i "My lather got me a bottle or
bout 27 percent less than the i- Mayr's Wonderful Remedy for stom-
crease In the cost of living. Also a ach trouble and I am feeling so much
modern bicycle can be bought for better since taking it. My stomach was
about one half the coat of the "safety so painful I couldn't stand my clothes
wheel" of JO years ago. to touch me." It is s simple .harrn-
Thts. says Mr. Ramsden. makes it, less preparation that removes the
more true now than ever that the bl- catarrhal mucus from the intestinal
cycle is the cheapest means of trans- tract and allays the inflammation
portation known to man. Several hun which causes practically all stomach,
dred more bicycles were sold tn 8a-' liver and intestinal ailments, includ
lem last year than during the pre- ing appendicitis. One dose will con
vious twelve months and the mariu- vince or money refunded. J. C. Perry,
fkcturers of these bicycles have In- D. J. Fry and druggists everywhere,
creased their production of bicycles' (adv)
i j . i i.i inui imiimiMim'.' n inv, a."
m Hair W
Co-Lu Is a wonderful liquid.
Clear, odorless, greaseless.
Without lend, or sulphur.
Hasn't a particle of sediment
Will not wash or rub off.
Will not Injure hair or seal)).
l'lensmg nnd simple to apply.
Cannot be detected like the or
dinary hair tints and dyes.
Will not cause klio hair to split
or break off.
Co-I.o can he had for every
natural shade of hair.
Afl- for Hliwk uml lmrk Similes
of llrowii.
A7 i:liu Strong, for Jet Black
Ilnlr only.
AH fur till Medium Drown Shades
At for till Very Ught Itrown,
Drab nml Auburn shade.
Fhe Following Is the Official
rjblication of the record of
Claims before the Marion
County Commissioners Court
For the April term; 1920.
rvith the amount allowed,
bills continued, etc., according
to the records in the office of
the County Clerk
Domogalla, F A hauled ma
terial, etc 133.01
Drager, D O adv for freight"
on rollers, 'etc 1798.44
Falls Clty-Salem Lumber Co. .,
cedar posts 7.60
Farmer Hardware Company'
Ray L supplies for tool
house .-. '. 84.27
Keene, Henry Juror , 14.40
Ramp, Malcolm do , 13.60
Roland, Harry do 18.00
Harrltt, J W do , 12.20
Smith, Harvey do 15.60
Roberts, C A do '. .12.20
Pemberton, Walter do 10.20
(iibson, H D do 9.80
Ralph, H L do 9.26
Bunts, J H do 10.20
Thouiason, G A do 9.20
Litchfield, Geo P
Struhhar, Rollln
gophers etc
Patton, Mabel do
Clover, Phillip L bounty.....
Brown, Cleo bounty on goph
ers etc
Zimmerman, Arnold do
Mclteynolds, K R do
Hkalfe, R E do
Roth, Elmer do
Hendrlcson, M J relief
Halley, R C bailiff 18.00
Oritton, W A "bounty on goph
ers etc : 2.85
Fabry, Albert do 2.26
Amort, J L do 2.16
Brenner, Cleo do
Levcrmun, Rony do
Kufner, John do
bailiff 18.00
bounty on
' 1.95
Ilyrd, W H examination
I Smith. W Carlton do 6.00
Griffith, L F examination 5.00
Smith, W Carlton do 5.00
liyrd, W H do 5 00
Hyrd, W H do 6.00
Byrd, R ft, do 6.00
Ilyrd, R 1) do j 50
Poor Account.
Armstrong, George M do u.oo
Victor, Pearl clerk 90.00
Edmundson, Muriel do 18.62
Treasurer's Office. 1
Richardson, W Y deputy treas
urer 100.00
Aswsessor's Office.
Shelton, R extending tax roll ... I1U.9U
Wenger, A J do 100.00
West G E clerk 75.00,
Court House.
Morgan, Cal Janitor 65.00
Kirby, R P do 65.00
Hobson, L do .. 65.00
Svlinol Superintendent's Office.
Reid, Cora m clerk loO.OO
Fulkerson, Mary L supervisor.. 120.00
Arnold, A N do 120.00
Poor Account Continued.
Byrd, R D Co physician 65.00
Jackson, Hattie M special offi
cer 75.00
Stock Insjicctorf
Morehouse, W G county reter.
Iimrian ,33.60
Health Officer.
Cashatt, C E. county health of
ficer 50.00
Senior itt Weights a ml Hensures.
Jones, J F salary and exxpenses 44.14
County Court and Commissioners
Bushey, W . M traveling exp 1.74
Goujet, W H Qo. com salary
and expenses 50.00
Hunt, J T do 87.25
Gopher nnd .Mole Bounty
Verbeck,- A H bounty 2.85
Beugli, E A do ..' 5.30.
Poor Account Cont'd
Wallace, Mrs E relief 10.00
Circuit Court Account Cont'd
Talklngton, Cora M bailiff 30.00
Gopher nnd Mole Bounty Cont'd
Dan'l J.Fry
I',!, "I ' 1 1 -2V. , , ,, ill,1,lt.aUi!!S!!iJWwuJ
I 1 I I
j -t ,i p
Officer, David bounty
Herren, Mrs T E do
Breiter, Con do
Sundlfer, Tharold do
Drager, William tlo
.Indigent Soldier Account
Beach, Amos- relief for Lucy
Coffin v.
Scalp Bounty
Heater, W A bounty
Gopher nml Mole Bounty Cont'd
Tweed, Edgar bounty 1.05
Bouck, G H do ;, 1.40
Poor Account Cont'd
JJaggard, Delia additional re-
; He' -- - 10.00
, Gopher ami Mole Bounty Cont'd
Wellerhals. E bounty 30
Registrations nnd Elections
Boyer, U O adv for stamps.... 35.00
Conger Printing' Co envelopes 6.75
Mehl, Bert J making maps ...
Moores & Co, Ross E correc
tion of reg blanks
Patton Bros binder
Ryan, R R use of house for
polling place
Allowed 1.50
, Disallowed
Sheriff's Office
Hartholmew, P work in tax
department ...... ; 81.00
Butler, S J do 124.00
Commercial Book store, The
pm Btuff pencils etc 19.75
Crescent Ribbon & Carbon Co
carbon paper
Elliott, N D turnover sheets..
Frankel Carbon & Ribbon Mfg
Co carbon paper
Glass Prudhomme Co, filing
cabinVts 231 23
nudge, llyssa Ellen do 10.00 ytarrls, Douglas work In tax
Englehart, Mrs. Anna do 10.00 j' department 103.50
Fetseh, Emily do 10.00 Johnson, Don do . 45.00
Foster, Mr sdo.. .. i.ho Johnson's, Walt & Johnson D
(Hidden, J H do 15.00 . P drayage on filing cab 1.60
Gobin, Llzette do .. 10.00 J-aue, Mrs Ethel work in tax
Groshong, Mrs J N do 10.00 department 122.00
Haggard, Delia do 10.00 Moores & Co. Ross E leaal
I 00
Baker, W A do
Bulliett, j! do
Starker, J F di
Barrier, Mr anc! Mrs do
MeCormlck, Mrs Chas relief for
Elsie Bartrow .... '.
Boegershausen, G W relief 6 0,1
jHoys and Girls Aid society do 25.00
j Buffttm, W B do in 00
liulllg, Mrs .Florence L do 10.00
Burrows, W F do ; 15.00
Carlson, C Carl do 10.00
Chnllfaux, Mrs do t 10.00
Clevlnger, Mrs 8 K do 20.00
Dickenson, 8 A do 10.00 1
, 1 . .11 jj
Series 20 Big-Six
You are familiar, of course, with
the beautiful lines of the BIG
SIX, because you see so many of
them. There ia beauty, as well,
in the comfort and performance
of this great car at a ride will
quickly convince you- Let ua
give you a demonstration.
60-H. P. detachable-head motor)
intermedial trauwuMtiont 12b
inch wheelbaM, iniuring anipl
room for seven adultt.
M SiixUIhoW Cmn tn wwr4 wt
tnl rim-Mwtlirlik4kf pracadrat.
"Thii is a StuJebaker Year"
Marion AifeoVk Co.
ll 'lli. 'r.-sull
ttardwick, Charles do 10.00
Haynes, Mrs Caroline do 16.00
Henry, Mrs Olive E do 10.00
Irwin, W L relief for Lela and
Elford Cook 10.00
Knott, Mrs Melvlna do '. 12.00
Lantx, Catherine do . 8.00
Uiltose, Geo relief for self and
Amanda La Rose 20.00
Luclar, Bteve Jr relief for
self and mother 20.00
Lunn, Mrs O C relief 10.00
Mack, E A do 12.00
McLeod, Mrs Ella do 10.00
Mllelr, Mrs. Vin H do '. 10.00
Miracle, Mrs A do 10.00
Newton, O D do .. io.OO
Old People's Home ssllef for
Mrs Julia. D Hurtle 25.00
Pederson, Olea do 15.00
Penton, Louise relief for Harry
t'enton .,.., 10.00
Quail, John J do 19.00
Relnhart, Rosalia relief. 8.Uu
Schmidt, Peter relief . .... .... 1J.00,
Schwlngler, Mary do 20.00
Simmons,-Anna Ma(r do is.Se
Skoog. Mrs Albert do I'.bo
Smith, A H do :. . 15.00
Snodderly, Flora do .... .... , . SO.OO
Stripling. Hulda do 8.00
Thompson. Mrs 8 da 10.09
Wanless, Gilmer do 10.00
Wells. H A do . .. .
Whaiton, Ktta do 20.00
Williams Alice do 9.00
Woolery, Nellie K do
Zacharr, Mrs Maud do .
Slterlrrs Office.
Bower, O D deputy sheriff r 125 00
Lwis, C A do 11J.00
Smith. ! R do 100.00
Wiltard, Pansy tax clerk 85.00
Clerk's Office.'
Clerk's tsftkf
Herrh k. W R do ....
Arm, A M do
j K.llis. C R do
Roth do
j Va!l u-e.
i Ahrens.
I clerk .
10 0
V 69 00
J 71
blanks 2.00
Patton Bros, pencil lengthen-
ers etc 1.15
Portland Railway L & P Co
gas service .'. ..
Schmalle. Ray work in tax de
Shaver. B A envelopes .
Shipley, Miss Flora work In tax
department 101.50
Simeral, Mrs. Elsie do 76.00
.Sims, Paul M rubber stamps 6.00
Western Fnlon Tel Co, The tel
egrams . J.28
.Mrightinan, F T work In tax
... 124.00
6.15 !
.65 ;
Clerk s Office
Bilker, Leah registration clerk
Boyer, V O adv for express ..
Commercial Book store. The
pens ',
Moores & Co, Ross E legal
Pacific Tel & Tel Co. The
phone and calls ..'
Patton Bros, oocl paste
ROWLAND Printing Co. post
, card notices etc
Shaver. B A record books 114.40
Sims, Paul M repair typewriter 13.15
Recorder's Office
Brooks. Mildred R adv for post
ge etc 4.70
Commercial Book store. The
gummed tabs and Ink '6.75
Huckestein. August stamped en
velopes '167.10
Pacific Tel & Tel Co. The
phone 4 23
Pittman. K F copy holders . 17.09
Shaver, B A record" books and
printing A ., f8 00
Smith & Bros Typewriter Co
L C typewriter ...... 111.09
Treasurer's Office
Drager, D--G adv for stamps
Pacific Tel Tel Co. The
Patton Bros. Ink and pencils
Rodger Paper Co. dP receipts
Surveyor's Office
Merrick. Ti ! f.r starKr
, map - -- 1 04
Pacific Tel & Tel Co. The
phone and calls 8 !0
Rodgers Paper Co, bind assess
meat rolls etc 364.85
District Attorney
Gearhart Haielle stenograph
er nu.00
Gehlhar. Max adv for phone
and stamps 15"
Heltiel, Jas G deputy district
attorney - 5-04
County Court and Commissioners
Capital Journal. The publishing
. claim docket - 59.12
Commercial Book store. The
tablets . 2.00
Oregon Statesman pub claim - .
docket - 53.44
Pacific Tel & Tel Co. ine
phone snd calls 6.29
Court House Account Cont'd
Barr. Theo M steam air valve - 1.50
Ashliman, Louis plumbing - 2.40
Branch, A C helped haul wood 8.00
Buren's Furniture store stool S.75
Cap Hal City Steam Laundry
Laundry 1 5.15
Cafpel. Frank hauling wood.... 8.00
Domogalla, F A do - 9.0
Hauser Bros, fitting keyes 1.75
Herrick, B B adv for glass for
drafting table . ..' 1.00
Portland Railway Light & Pow
er Company, lights 103.39
Rodgers Paper Company, toil
et paper is. 00
Roth Grocery Company, match
es and soap 2.90
Salem Hardware Company,
paint oil xarnish etc 62.55
Salem Water Light & Power
Company, water service 20.90
Schellberg. H S carpenter 9.00
Chas K Spauldlng Logging Com
pany, lumber - 7.72
Circuit Court Account Continued.
The Commercial Book Store,
tablets 3.00
Glass & Prudhomme Company
legal blanks 20.0 7
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
Company, phone and calls... 5.75
Kephart, Florence M witness.. 3.;)0
Knutson, Newton do 15.00
Bostraek, Caroline P do 15.00
Hagedorn. H A do 12.00
Grier, J B do 5 80
Reese, Alfred S do 12 00
Ryan, Thos E do 10.40
Schneeloek, Ralph do 12.00
Keating, John A do 12 00
Teal, Henry do '.2.03
Geary, Edward do 12.00
East hum, Lynn A do 12.00
Tyan, Thos R do 10.40
Dunbar, P R do 2.20
Fenton, F B do 12.00
Lander. Walter do 3 60
Ingels, H M do 1 79
Needham, W I do ?.2J
Justice Court Mlsccllnneou,i.
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
Company, calls in Mayer
Celestlno Kavanaugh cases
disallowed 21.90
State vs. A. Banks.
T'nruh. G E justice 4 .45
De Long. V E constable 2.40
Sl.ilo vs. Arinoml Bunks.
I'nruh. G E justice il .20
De Long, W E justice 4.30
" Stale vs. Itcnhum.
I'nruh. G E justice 1 r.."0
De Long. W F, constable 7.90
Dearlnger, R T witness 1.70
Ballev, R F do l.'JO
Mitchell, Pearl do 1.70
Limbeck Evelyn do '..'O
Mizner. Wm do 1.70
Diet!. Richard do 1.79
State vs. Clark,
Unruh, G E Justice 6.95
De Long. V" E constable 50
State vs. DavhA.
I'nruh, G E justice
De Long, W E constable
State vs. Dunmette.
Unruh. G E Justice
De Long, W E, constable !
State vs. Hess.
Unruh, G E justice
De Long, W E. constable .
State vs. A. Hess.
Unruh, G E justice :
De Long, W E constable
State vs. HilL -
Unruh, G E Justice
De Long, W E constable .
Needham. W I sheriff
State vs., Humphrey.
Unruh, G E Justice
De Long, W E constable '.
Slate vs. Mulilnlx.
Unruh. G E Justice
De Long, W E constable -
Needham, W I sheriff
State vs. Painter.
Unruh, G E Justice s. -v-
De Long, W E constable ..
State- v' Pickens.
Unruh, G E Justice .
De Long. W E constable
Tindall, C M witness ......4.
Sukau. Walter do ....
De Long, W E do , "
State vs. Wright. '
Unruh, G E Justice.
De Long, W E constable
Clough, A M investigating
death of Wm Fitton
Clough, A M Investigating
death of C W Fitts
Clough, A M investigating
death of S. Miller
Clough. A M investigating
death of I. Stevens
Clough, A M Investigating
Feeble Minded Account.
Meyers. H W & M L clothing;
for S Steinborn R M Schrock
et al i.,.-. -,..4
ScImmiI Superintendent.
Alexander, J D expense ac
count county educational
board' meeting
Arnold, A N supervisor's ex
penses .'...
The Commercial Book Store,
blank guides 6-00
Fulkerson, Mary L supervis
or's expenses S1.S7
Hubbs, Geo W expense account
county educational board
meeting .v 3.00
Kellls, John W do 1
Oregon Statesman, pamphlets..
Pacific Telephone & Telegraph
Company, phone and calls....
Patton Bros, erasers etc
Reld, Cora E truant officer
Rodgers Paper Company, twine
Scott, Fred,, L exp acct co
educational .board1 meeting
Smith, W M traveling expen
ses .....
Smith, W M adv for stamps....
Fruit, Inspector
Van Trump, S H Balary and
expenses ..
Dependent Mothers' Assistance
Barnes, Letta M relief 16.00
Branam, Emma R do ....
Burch, Lilie F do'
Coppock, Lula do
Garren, Annie Alvira do ..
Gibson, Gussie do 25.00
Harmon, Ella G do 10.32
Harper, Clara do
Holley, Flora L do
Kliewer, Minnie Myrtle do
McGrath, Etta do
Seeger, Mhry do
Shields, Bernice May do 10.00
Smead, Mellie Christina do 20.00
Shedbee, Emma do 10.00
Poor Account Continued
Ault, Ray Installing pipes eto
at farm 14.00
I Austin's ernes,-,-
S.50j Mrs. Strath socr' h,
;.f0, Brewer, C H niTZT-
Brmigher. A L ,r--
. Befkner -'"n I
Burger. Wm. H hl?
for Mrs. Donald
Donaldson. R 0 house .7-
A. H Smith "ri
Drager, D G r"TT
rare for L iTIS?
- 1.-9
9 45
10 85
1 (
Drager, D G adv for ,'7
- for Man- FrU5y "
Falls City-Sa,;;
pany cedar post,
Farmer Hardware er
Ry U. range
Fleming. R B feneinrr---
ry. Daniel j DreJ',,- Bu
for Goodrich Pr
Johnson. Company r.
Johnson, T W nr!Zi
tor W. Baker
Layman, B wood "fo7iT
Strath- "
Pacific Telephone' and TrtT"
of Mrs. Marv kn..
Salem Deaconeu 1.h!
of Martha Dlckev t
Salem hoaptal, care of 'Liair
Howard tg...
Salem hosnitat nOM""7"' -
Salem Hospital, "care'of 7iT
. sie Kephart ,
Salem hospital careof 6
Run tr., "
Salem hospital care of Jim"?!
"ttl ignt & P Co wil
ier service for Mrs Donald, ,
Shrode. D L groceries for Z
Smith, Roy M cleaning"sew7r
t fnim
Snatil.(n T '11'" "" IM
j miiioer . :
Taylor. Earl E supt "at" fa'ra" 1.
Webb & Clough Co acct burial
; Flora Rember and C Har-
per j
Weller Bros groceries for Hei.
en AIcLane ,,,,
,..66...o, ji D naming posuu
Pest House Muhitenance
Buren's Furniture store cedar
oil and mop '
Bustih, Otto milk ...... "Z
Capital City Steam
Clark, T 3 use of car...:
Roth Grocery Co (groceries..
Salem Fuel yards wood
Steusloff- Brothers meat ;..
Wishart, -Margaret I services
as nurse eto
Needham, W I board of pris
Juvenile Court
Jackson, Hattie M conveying
F. Eckhart to industrial
school J.n
Patton Bros, record book and
index 1.95
Tax Rebate
Foster, Mary M admx rebate 121.1!
Hart, C C do 7.51
Roper, John do 7.M
Runcorn, O J do ll.
Salem Commercial club mem
bership dues S'-M
Gopher and Mole Bounty Cont'd
Bover...U G adv for bounty IM
21 li
There you'll find Varieties, Quality, Class and Prices un
equaled elsewhere. Take no chance with your feet, we
employ only expert shoemen as salesmen and have built
our business upon personal service, the kind that's appre
ciated. During our MAY SALE AUR PRICES ARE
FROM 10 to 33lz LESS.
Ladies' Dress Shoes
One , big lot Ladies black kid and patent
leather button shoes, all sizes in the lot. Reg
ular $5.00 and $6.00 values
Ladies' Dress Shoes
Ladies' Black Kid Shoes, Cuban, Military or
Louis heels ; come in lace or button. Regular
$6.00 and $7.00 values
Ladies' Dress Shoes
Ladies' New Shoes, brown calf vamp, cloth
top, Cuban or Louis heel, pointed toe. Reg
ular $10.00 sellers
Ladies' Walking Shoes
Ladies' gun metal and brown calf shoes, low
" heels, lace, kid, or cloth top. Regular $10
$11.00 and $12.00.
Men's Dress Shoes
Odd lot broken lines Men's black and brown
shoes, button and lace, all sizes in the lot
Regular values up to $12.00
Men's Dress Shoes
Men's black calf blucher, lace, wide toe, w
sizes. Regular $10.00 sellers, assorted lasts
Men's Dress Shoes
-Men's black and brown lace dress shoes, H
lasts and sizes. Regular values $12.00 -
Men's Dress Shoes
Men's black and brown dress shoes, blucher
or bal lace, all lasts and sizes. Regular $1
Boys' Dress Shoes
Boys' black calf blucher,
lace dress shoes, sizes 11
to 2. Regular $4.50
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Men's Elk Bals
500 pairs Men's brown elk
bals. all sizes, cost now
$3.50 at wholesale. Special
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Boys' Dress Shoes
Boys' black calf shoes,
blucher lace, sizes 2 1-2
5 1-2. Our regular $6 seller?
- Children's Shoes
Children's mahogany J
blucher shoes, sizes 11
to 2. Regular $6-00
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