Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 28, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Bible Institute
to Citizens
E. G Ma'rt of Boise, Idah0'
committee to select the lo-
,....v, nf find bible In-
7. was W the city Saturday and
aay&iid while
here held a confer-
rommittee from the
ik the
M, ,itvclub appointed to meet
dW""""".. . inne conference was
held "" " ,,, deoend not
r. financial aid promlaed.but
,l,ly f T the enthusiasm displayed by
fir Wherever the Institute la
it expected to have ; It n
n for business next fall. At
" tlne of the community club
. . . .in ho rierided what
proposition can be extended
? "L citiiens of Woodburn. A com-
'L.ine of John P. Hunt. J.
.lit "-"-.. Thftmfl.
rSrltammer. Dr. Thomas Sims, W.
I sroyles and H. L. Gill, U busy in
rfew n the business men to see.
'Jwt "an be done to set the Institute
Wed at this point.
Fred Gniren Buried.
nnrran died at his home f
'.htodW Monday morning. He was the
..', and Mrs. John Oarran of
Hubbard- He was 33 years of age and
a wife and two children, two
Iter, andtwo brothers. The funeral
1 "eld this morning at Hubbard,
Jterrocnt being in the Hubbard Cath
olic cemetery.
Claxtar, April 28. Jesse Wold
' ridge left Thursday evening over the
Shesta limited for Susanville, Lassen
county, Cal., to spend the summer.
Mr and Mrs- hn Westley will re
turn 'home on May 1st, after several
months spent at' Long Beach, Cal.
Mr and Mrs. Newton Aldennan
nd family motored down from Spring
valley, Polk county, and spent Blos
som day with relatives here.
. Earl Holtzclaw of Portland spent
Sunday here.
Thos. Larson of Quinaby spent
Ci.nifcv here.
ovarvhriiiv is busy here. Farmers
art plowing and planting, strawber
ries are being worked, spraying is be
ing done, gardens are being planted
and everything points to the biggest,
most prosperous year that Oregon has
ever known.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wykoff and
son, Lowell, visited relatives here
last week. The AVykoffs live at Sil
verton. The meetings being held here every
Sunday afternoon at Hayesville
church at 3 o'clock are being con
ducted by the Nazarene church, and
everybody Is welcome. .
Mrs. F. 0. McMlllen and son have
returned home to Corvallls, after vis
iting relatives here. Mrs. Ida Denny
accompanied her sister home.
Corporal Claude Stanton, well
known here, was married April 4th
to Miss Rosa G. Whelen of Washing
ton, 1). C. Mr. and Mr Stanton, will
remain in Washington during the
jrescnt summer.
Mt. Angel
' ML Angel, April 28. Joe Bigot
Bpent Sunday with his parents t
A. Warren Gould left Thursday on
i business trip to Seattle.
Rbi; Father. IJomlnlc Hoffman,
brother of Father Martin O. Ef. B., and
bto mother, accompanied by her
friend Mrs. Philips from Canada, are
In the city visiting relatives.
. Joe Downer, truck driver for the
'county rock crusher, was compelled
to leave for Portland on account of
an attack of appendicitis. During' his
absence Leo Kronherg will drive his
Mr. Lannlng, the contractor of the
brlclt work for the new school, spent
Uunday with home folks at Portland.
Mrs. La Doux of Pprtland was here
visiting her husband, who is contract
or for the new St. Mary's school in
this city.
C. J. Johnson spent Sunday with
home folks In Portland.
Mr, . Stupfal returned home last
week from St. Vincents hospital where
he has been receiving medical treat
ment. '
Roy Ellison spent .Sunday veith
home folks at Portland.
Geo. Gearing spent Sunday m
Portland visiting friends.
Edmund Butsch motored to ' Port
land last week, returning Sunday.
page Tffitra
Cloverdale, April 28. Mrs. Zlmmcr
man and Mrs. Craig were visiting In
Salem Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Massey of Salem
spent the week end here with rela
Leonard Hamilton and f amily of
Springmteld motored down here Sun
day to the home of J. M. Hamilton,
returning home Monday.
W. J. Hadley has been on the sick
list for the past few days.
Louis Hcmiis has gone to work for
O. Staples. -
Mrs. Gus Drager returned ; home
Monday evening from a few days vis
it in Portland with her daughters.
Mr, and Mrs. W. Jones of Salem
spent last week here with relatives.
Miss Elisabeth Morris was shopping
in Salem Monday.
Mrs. Arthur Kunke spent a part of
last week in Salem visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. W. Massey,
Stayton Youth
Weds Salem Girl
At Vancouver
Stayton, April 28. Wednesday the
21st, at Vancouver, Wash., occurred
the marriage of Kenneth Thomas of
this place, to Miss Ethel Brailen of
Salem. The marriage ceremony was
witnessed by the parents of the groom
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Thomas, and Mr.
and Mrs. Greenburg and Mrs. Sadie
Smallman of Portland. The newly
weds spent several days in Portland.
They were met Sunday by Mr. and
Mrs, Thomas in Salem, and Sunday
evening a small party of iiitlmutw
friends were entertained in their hon
or at the Thomas home. The groom Is
a well known and enterprising young
man and the brido is a popular young
lady quite well known here, and both
have a large number of friends who
will unite In wishing thorn all tho
best in wedded life.
route between Stayton and the C & E
train at Kingston was ordered discon
tinued by the post office department
last week, and now mail for the towns
up the Santiam valley has to travel
In a roundabout way to reach its des
tination. A petition, stnerouslv sinn
ed, was sent to the Kroner dPMrt.
ment head Friday last, and it Is ex
pected th.-4 the route will be reestab
lished, as it i necessary to the busi
ness interest!) of Stayton merchants,
and of considerable benefit to the
residents of the towns up the valley.
Mrs. J. W. Mayo Is home from a
very pleasant trip to Los Angeles and
otner California cities.
It is reported that Jonas Shcard,
now at Long Beach, Cal., will return
to Sfcjyton to make his home.
The rural carriers on the routes out
of Stayton are. now running then au
tos, but report roads very rough.
' We learn that Emzy Thomas, a
quite well known Stayton boy. who
has been In eastern Oregon for some
time, was married there recently and
expects to return to this section to
reside, v j
O. R. Munkers came up from Tort
land Sunday to deliver a new Acason
truck that he had sold to H. J. Mar
king. Mr. Marking found his Ford
delivery car too light to handle mail
and express-and was obliged to pur
chase something more substantial.
Mr, and Mrs, James Ashe, recent
ly married in Oregon City, arrived
home Saturday after spending sever
al days in Portland. They will make
their home in the H. J. Mutschler
house, on Water street.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones of Lebanon
spent Sunday visiting Mra. Jones'
mother, Mrs. Mclntyre, east of town.
Giles, son of Mr. and Mrs. U. E.
Brown, left last week for Alaska,
where he will work for the Columbia
River Packing Co. He expects to be
gone until September, His mother
went as far as Astoria, to see him on
his way.
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Bateman and
Jim Bateman of Washington, Ind., are
visiting at the home of I. O. Alsman
south of town. They expect to locate
in this vicinity.
J. W. Mayo, cashier of the Farm
ers & Merchants bank, Is still confin
ed to his home with stomach trou
ble. He is considering going te Port
land to consult a specialist.
Several Stayton people have been
subpoenued to appear in Portland
Thursday as witnesses in a caso
brought by the backers of tha pro
posed railroad into Stayton against
M. Lynott? the promoter who had
charge of the survey and securing the
right of way. It is claimed by the
company that the charges of . Mr.
Buena Vista Man,
7ft Yearn Of A op
Weds Woman, 36
Dallas, Or.. Apr. 28. A man who
looked about 50 years old, dignified in
appearance, hair slightly grey, quick
of step, about six feet tal walked into
the county clerk's office and demand
ed a marriage license. The usual ques
tions were propounded by County
Clerk Moore to ascertain whether or
not he was duly qualified. Investiga
tions proved that he was, then came
the questions of age the reply was
Immediate and with a proud accent,
18. Number of marriages, three.
The gentleman was then asked for
Information upon the bride to Be. no
at once disappeared through the door
returning In a few seconds escorting
a slender lady who seemed timid and
To the question of age she answered
in a meek tone, "36."
"How many marriages, madam?"
She answered,. "Three."
The etork was then asked to get a
minister and supply the witnesses, so,
in a few minutes W. R. Carroll, 01
Buena Vista, 7S years old, was unites'
to Ber.lah Hirelson, 3$ years of age,'
and they left the cotirt house sniil-j
tag. '
Oregon Looks Good
After Blizzards
Seen In Colorado
East Stayton, April IS. Mrs. A. P.
Kirsch returned Saturday evening
from -Colorado, where- she had been
called by the serious illness of her lit
tle grandson, whom she left much ;
improved in health; she says "Oregon
forever" for her, as the part of Colo- j
io she was in was visited by three
terrible bliijards while she r.s there;
and the roads were nearly impass- '
able on account of the deep snow
when she left. j
Mr. and Mtsl Harry Davis of Port-j
land motored up and spent the week'
end at the home of her mother, Mrs.1
M. A. St!ytoi. .
Entza Thomas and nrule came
Thursday from eastern Oregon tor a
short visit In the home of his uncle,
T. J. Yaro, Jeavim; Sunday.
lrs. Arch Kinsey and children were
recint visitors at tha home of , her
father, Jim l-'rame, near Ciooch.
Mrs. L. M. Kinm-y Is visiting friends
In Stayton and Jordan for a few days.
Mrs. T. J. Ware went to Summit a
week aga Saturday to visit in the
family of her sister, Mrs. John Carter
she was' accompanied home by her
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Mrs. J. J. Blum, Jr., was here from Lynott for work done by persons here
Mehama Thursday last, visiting were higher than the amounts he
friends and trading with Stayton mer paid for tho work. '
chants. s
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