Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 14, 1920, Image 10

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    I' AGE
Salem League of
Artists Changes
Name at Session
The regular monthly meeting for
April, of the Salem Arts league
keld in the public library lust night.
It aa decided to chance the name of
the league, from Salem Art league to
fjiem Art league, the latter name
being more suggestive of the scope of
me organization.
The object of the hague remains
me same as before: to help Salein be
come a community with an intelli
gent appreciation of the beautiful,
that beauty which manifests Itself In
many ways, as In architecture, pictor
ial and plastic art, music, literature,
photography and landscape garden
ing. : The league Is so constituted that
. starting with a few branches or sec
tions, dealing with certain manifesta
tions of beauty, it is posxlble for oth
ere to be added as Interent and op
portunity increases. " , '
The league looks for Individual de
velopment;, but individual develop,
ment Is not the ultimate object. It is
the unwritten law of the organization
that the individual shall forget him
self In his desire for the attaining of
broader purpose; and in the very act
of forgetting the personal desire, in
furthering the desire of the many. It
is hoped to attain Individual develop
Siient. , : - :
Mrs. Monroe Gilbert, president of
the league, said in jiart last night:
'8a!em is recognized us a -leadji' In
commercial activities in the west, and
the real object of the league Is to De
velop that love for beauty, that will
find a practical expression, sufficient
xor it to be said of us that we are
also pre-eminent in the arts, ns well"
1 A number of amendments were
made to the constitution. It whs de
cided tentatively to change the sched
Ulo of meeting dates. Hereafter there
will be two meetings each month, one
pertaining to butdnexs. with a pro
gram, representative of some one sec
tion following; the second meeting to
feature some outsldu lecturer of mus
ical talent, which will bo open to the
public. The first meeting of the lat
ter description will be May 4th,
when Miss Kthel Sawyer of the exten
sion department of the 1'ortlaiid pub
lid library, will (.peak upon the sub
ject ot "Fiction, nnd the . creative
reader." .
Following the session, the R. Mon
roe Gilberts entertained the Arts lea
gue members and several additional
guents at a delightfully Informal tea
In their new studio over the Commer
cial book store, It was in the nature
of an opening for the charming place
which Mr. Gilbert hi s Just finished
decorating. The combination of yel
low and blac. is developed In a bl
arr and artistic manner, a relieving
foolur noto being introduced In the
Extra Tails for China's Cab Horses -
- Peddled, Like Balloons, in Streets
llNfrifllfl .si
. b a u i iiaisiBsii ai a as - a ; -
w 1 pi m
f . 'V.'. i t ' r i , t
I is
Rainy Weather
Forces Sea-Plane
to Abandon Trip
Pue to unfavorable weather condi
tions at Portland, the good seaplane
"Sea Gull" scheduled to fly from Port
land to Salem, Wednesday with ChtS-
Iter G. Murphy and Hoover petitions,
I was held in Portland after making fu
tile efforts to breast the uncertain
More than three thousands persons
gathered at the designated landing
place at the foot of Court street, Wed
nesday noon, were forced to forego
reception planned for the plane and
its oecurfants uiwn arrival here.
The large crowd was fathered along
the river bank near the proposed land
ing place and on the Marion-Polk
bridge. Several ambitious youths had
climbed to the superstructure of the
bridge or secured prominent vantage
point elsewhere. .
Mesu'.' received from Portland at
the noon hour stated that the flyers
would make efforts t be in Salem at
12:45 o'clock. Although previous an
nouncement had set the time of the
event at 12:30, the assemblage watted
patintly until final word was received
that the flight was abandoned for the
Paul B. Wallace, president of the
Salem Hoover Republican club reports
that petition circulation in Salem has
met with good results and that the Sa
lem petitions will be filed at the secre
tary of sate' ore yrr, peti
tions from all other parts of the elate
Anxious to have a "good view" of
the hrdroplane a dozen small boys ven
tared out on the undergirdors of the
imer-coiinrv brldre. The youngsters
j'faced the heavy gale that swept up
mid river with apparent unconcern Dut
spectators notified the police and Traf
fic Officer Moffitt appeared on the
scene and caused the youngsters to
hurrv back to safety. Several women
; who witnessed the perilous venture of
iihe lads were thrown on the verge oi
hvsterla and all wuuessea of the stunt
expressed the opinion that the foolish
venture might nave lernuuuieu in a
. chased fc, theeTcTTT
district and was one n( -ja-uittBta
owned by rur;u Z i" "
I this sontjr. " '
v 'sb he v
whites ar used, may ktp', ' i
! days, if covered with cold wat'-.T1 !
a co !,;ilirk place. " - - ' t
"" i
Mean Thief Takes
School Phonograph
Reports that someone had stolen
the phonograph which was the prop
erty of the pupils of the White school,
district Xo. 33, indicates that the Dis
honorable Order of Meaiest Thieves
has annexed at least one recruit."
Patrons of the school district have
appealed to Sheriff v.". I. '.Xeednani,
asking that he aid in tracing the per
petrators of the theft. JJtie to the
fact that no description of the ma
chine was given ther than that it
was valued a $75, the Marion county
sheriff was obliged to ask for more
definite information concerning the
incident which occurred on the night
of April 9.
The masieal instrument was pur-
" Armory Saturday Night -'
Cash Prizes,
- '".,"
"The Human Canary?'".1
The megaphone finger
quality orchestra entertains.
. Ladies 'Free . Admission
If these long rows of horse-hair fly-swatters suggest
. that there are many flies in China, the sutrKCStion is
' incorrect. There may he a few flies in the ftrcels,.
! and every mafoo (horse-man) carries a swalter fi,r
the protection of his charge while he is waiting for hit '
are. But in the houses, says the report of China of tht
Tnterchtirch World Movement, there are practically
bone i f t!:c gtrm-lnkn pests. This is due largely to
the fact that garbage of all kinds is carried into the
fields and turned at once into the ground for fcrtilii
ing pifrpores. Is it possible that we could take a few
tips on -anitation from the heathen Chinese? 0
window draperies of Japanese crepe
In yellow and black stripe, with a
floral motif of conventionalized morn
ing glories, In tones of rose and law.
endcr. A group of orlirlnul .nnlntino-
for the most part in or around Sa
lem, attracted much Interest. The
attractive tea table centered with a
great cluster of yellow daffodllls in
a black laquercd bowl, was presided
over by Mrs. Alfred Schramm. Mr.
Alan A. Hull assiHtlnir her In
Willamette And
0. A. C. To Clash
Willamette university and the Ore.
Ron Agricultural college will play a
two game baseball serlen thlu n-..v
,, " vr triuuvtu iroiu ine pennon
end, it was announced this afternoon, and these are being reinstated in the
The first game will be played here Fri
day afternoon and will be followed by
one at Corvallis the following day.
Strike' At State "
Hospital Ends In
Firing Strikers
Twenty-two emaloyes ' of the stato
tn. I - l l .. ,...... .
,"niiui it.Huiucu uy eiipermicnaeni
Htelnor aslie moving spirits in
"near rebellion" stated nt that Instlm.
tlon yesterday around the employment
or jonn tMannvl r.ordon. a narnlod
man, have been discharged. A number
of those who signed the put it Unit de
claring their refusal to work w ith a pa
roled convict have requested tlnit their
names be removed from the petition
ffi 1 1
employ of the Institution, the superin
tendent stated this morning.
Except for a thortage of help the
institution is functioning ns usual this
morning and it is believed thnt th
trouble which pended has been nipped
in tne bud.
You Will Find Unusually L
Prices On All Our
Automobile Races
To Meet Sea-Plane
Bearing Petitions
Racing from-Portland for the pur
pose of meeting the hydroulnne "Hen
Clull," OcorgeikKgamery, representa
tive of the Oregon-Wasnington-ldnho
Airplane company, arrived in Salem
a few moments heforo the vhii
arrival of the flying boat, which was
to have borne Hoover mtmn .
the state capitoU
"A heavy, miserable squall has held
us tip ull day," naid Mr. Emery, fol
lowing receipt of word thnt tho fiiri,
had been abandoned for Wednesday.
"However, Vernon states that he will
bring the 'Sea Oul up the valley, to-
-mw or drop in ..e attempt, rain
or no rain."
Leaving Tortlilnd shortly before 11
o'clock, the nirplane representative
with II. p. Rice of Salem, traversed
the muddy roads in less than two
hourn time. Word has not yet been
received as to rtirther attempts of the
petition bearers to make tho trip
A telegram received from Chester
Murphy, at 2:30 o'clock, Wednesday
afternoon, stated that the hydroplane
flight will be made Thursday noon,
If the weather is at all favorable.
fi IT .8
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