Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 23, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23, ,1920.
1 a wsro. h0 eav hl" nam to po
MingH. A. Bost. 10. as at
Zrty Monday under bon 0.
,uds B"ce was awalMn the
.tmight hold court h at the
case, and po'ic were
"lTthe outcome of a rumored
in colored circles "h-t one. of
r-oee "carries a fawty-faw ana
TSn gunnin- - as a resuU an up
lf:rfi.d disturbance Fun'v nlirtit In
ZlZ Bird Cafe. X63 .South Com-
ortlrW-LJ- White arrsted Bost
Jon eomplit of M-.- R A Conla
tr i he cstabUshment; that he
" -mating a disurbance there, j She
!SS oolice that Bost had e-te-ea tne
wvn pointed to a sign in the
idow that whites only , are accom
modated she said that Bost in a fu-louB
to- the s'pn fom ft"4 c-lld
ter a vile name. She then siTonec
the off'cer-
Bot admitted to Night Sergeant El
mer White that he tore te s'y down
wd id "there ain't no p'ac- c l-rel
jeieman can eat. rind they w"n't
even let 'em sleep any more" he guess
ed, tlartKad in ADtlPAr before
no w .
Judre Race at 10:30 Monday morning,
hot because or tne nnnnav in trial
vat postponed until Tuesday mornrnf.
Sunday Sermons
Rev. A. R. BelL Severn Day
AdrenUst Church.
JuM as it ia In the courts of men.
so It is at the judgment bar of God.
Law is the ru'e or standard of judg
ment In reference to the judgment,
we are told in Hebrew 10:11: "It is a
fearful thins to fall Into ih h.,i.
the living God." In Gen. 18:25. Abra
ham tells us that God is "Judge of all
the earth." and in 1 Chmn m-? ....
read that there is no "respect of per
sons" with the Lord, "nor taking of
orioes. K. u. In I Bam: 16:7 we are
told that the "Lord lookelh
heart." and In I Chron. 29:9 that "the
Lord searcheth all hearts and i.n.i.
standeth all the imaginations of we
thoughts." .
Judgment Is True. '
At the bar of God men ia judeed for
'"every secret : thine" rhl hr.,.
Ecolea. 12:14; for "every idle word."
Matt. 12:36; and for "'he things don
(his deeds) II Cor. B:10. Before that
court It w'H not be the testimony of
Our own life or others, win o..o
or condemn. Judgment is according to
inose tnings which were written In
the books" Rev. 20:12.
We each have a soul to tmva- an.
one of us has a case pending at the
Judgment bar. - How Important that
we be prepared to meet thn ioctm
Ignorance of the law is no excuse In
tr courts of men. Do you think it
will bo at the court of God?
Surrounded by so manv evident
of His love and care; made subjects of
His grace throueh the hlemed
of His son, God calls us to salvation in
the words "My son, give Me thiney
heart," Prov. 23:26. The counsel of
Jesus is "Thou shalt love the Lord thy
God with all thy heart, and with all
hv soul, and with all thy mind," Matt.
22:37. And the wise man sums It all
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from them.
Hfi- nnWnln !q.w A t a
force of approximately eighty officers
assist him in 'cle;,nln,? up th co n
ty, he said. It would b co m posed
equally of prohih'tton " s mi me n
bers of the stato constabulary.
Prosecutor Denies Revolt.
P. A. McDonough , prosecuting at
torney of Iron coun'y, 1" a itp' ent
Issued last night assumed "all respon
sibility" for takiner th "I" f o :i the
federal agents and d"-- ' that the
ciranty waa in "open revolt."
Attorney General Pa1 me , who pass
ed through Chicago last right, said he
could take no action until official re
ports reached him hu d"" n d 'a'or
Wrymple had full authority to en
force the law and would have the com
plete support of the government,
Iron river ia a small villa th"
mining country a few miles north of
the Wisconsin line. The population
lordly is composed of, Italian and S'
cilians and much "bootlegging", has
been reported there recentu
Statements of Mr.'aicD nougi anl
Leon J. Grove, supervisor of federal
prohibition enforcement In the unper
peninsula, on whose repirt Major
Dalrymple based his appeal to Attor
ey General Palmer for aid in arres'ing
the prosecutor, two deputy sheriffs,
to poliqemen and the three owners
otthe wine, agreed in part as'to the
(teps that precipitated the present
. status in Iron county.
Room Is Seized.
Grave, accompanied by Lieutenant
G. Sttrope and two troops of the
state constabulary, had. seized eleven
barrelB of wine at the Virgil location,
a mine two miles from Iron' River,
statement of both jnen agree,
nen Grove and his party, were met
by Prosecuting Attorney McDonough
and the officers. That the federal
officers right to have; confiscated the
e was questioned and the liquor
m taken from him by force, state
mmts of the two further agree; " '
L"1"6 their stories diverge, how-
up In the words, "Let us hear the con
clusion of the whole matter- nj
and keep His commandments: for this
wnoie duty of man. For a
shall bring every work Into judgment,
with every secret thine' vhuh i. k,
good, or whether It be evil." Eccles.
12:13. 14.
Notice how the keep ing of God's,
.imiiiiiiuinenis is set before ua in
view of the judgment The keeping
of them on our part ia thn t
character that has been formed in us.
ii is cnaracter that stands or falls in
the judgmnet of God.
In James 1:25, this same ten com
mandment law Is called Yhe perfect
law of liberty." Th Paimi u
law of the Lord is perfect." Ps. 19;7.
tut into the granite of which the Woi
cester. Mass.. court honu t k.. i .
the words yObedlonce to law is liber-
u . nen uowmor Coolidge explain
ed his success last Xnvemhor h . ...
i t ntvii:
Kor nearly tlwee centuries there has
ueen an unsnaken determination on
the part of the neonln r,t rn.oo-K
setts to preserve their liberties by liv-
unaer me law." (See Capital Jour
nal, Nov. 6, 1919.)
This ten commandment law. God's,
great rule of rie-ht m.i ..
changeable ns Jehovah himself, will be
me sianuartl you and I will face before
't'he judce of all tho e.lrh V- m
jot or tittle missing, not a single pre-
cepi cnangea, with tho fourth com
mandment Still savins as it nl-nv hix,
said and as it always will say. "The
seventh day Is the sabbath of the Lord
thy God," that law will judge yo.,
when the obedient will stand, and
when the disobedient will fall. "Bless
ed are they that do His command
ments." Rev. 22:14.
ever. Tho prohibition agent main
tained that he was acting within his
authority in seizing the wine, which
was the property of John, Joseph and
Steven StalcquzzI, brothers, principal
directors of the Peninsula Packing
company at Iron River and owners of
the little town's --largest store. Mr.
Grovo asserted the liquor was kept in
the store and becauso of that was
subject to government seizure.
Mr. McDonough said tho wine was;
maintained in tho men's home, their
twull.t1. 1a(n. Kn.. 41.- -1 .. si
wciiiq auuvu mo mure, anu
that after being tried in the state
court in connection with ownership
of the same wine, the StalcquzJs
were found not guilty of violating pro
hibition laws.
over to Connors all the money they
could amass, said to have been be
tween $250 and $300.
When the parole of young Branson,
was not forthcoming as promptly as
expected the elder Bransons wrote to
Governor Olcott to inquire concerning
the progress of their son's parole.
This letter which contained a state
ment of Connor's offer exposed Con
nor's operations and his arrest as a
parole violator was ordered. Prema
ture publication of a newspaper story
to this effect, however, warned Con
nors, and he made his escape. His
arrest in Seattle is the result of re
lentless search for the fugitive since
that time.
Whether any charge will be lodged
against him for his duplicity in
mulcting tho elder Bransons out of
this money has not yet been deter
mined but state officials connected
with the prison management ore
firm in their determination that he
shall serve out at least the major por
tion of his unexpired maximum sentence.
, With eighteen years of a two to
twenty year sentence still to do,
James Charles Connors, arrested In
Seattle last week was returned to the
state prison here Sunday as a parole
violator. Connors was received at tho
penitentiary on June 1, 1917, for de
frauding Mary Obermelr out of
$2200. Valient service among the
convicts at the institution during thei
influenza epidemic of 1918 secured
his parole shortly thereafter by Gov
ernor Withycombe. . . .
Shortly after his release from pris-'
Branson of Willamlna, Yamhill coun
on he visited Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
ty, with an offer to secure the release
of their son, Willie Branson,, also a
convict at the state prison. Accord-(
Ing to the story told by the elderly,
Branson after the realization of Con
nor's duplicity, - Connors had repre
sented himself as able to secure tho
release of young Branson for a con
sideration. - The Branson's, yie;dlng
to their desire to aid their son, paid
By J. V. irtitrluison.
As a part of "All Rotary" week tho
members of tho Salem Rotary clun a...
tended church last evening at the Con
gregational church. Did I say attend
ed? I made a mistake a small per
centage attended. Can't tell a thing
about the reason tho attendance was
so small.. As all Rotnrians are sup
posed to be four sq uare and equal to
any and all emergencies I supposed
every member would be present. May.
be most of them thought they might
hear' some things about what a Ro
larian should be that they couldn't live
up to, but such was not the case. I
don't think It was oversight for I am
Hew H
ilk, lisle
Off Of!
19c TO 50c
are the :iw JfUno-a n nrrnmnftnv nniVs new footwear and new apparel. They
in colors of Springtime and in qualities that will give, splendid service. . We can rec
ommend them dohe most discriminating. Note how reasonably priced they are.
$1.25TO$3.00 45c75c
50c $1.00
25c TO 50c
sure the meetinir was n-en ni-arti
It could not have been- because some
fact to go lo tneir own church wr me
meeting was placed in he e eni fo
that very res so Anv n rrrnr Ro
tarians stayed away than attended and
as long as they have a good reason oi
no reason I have no criticism to offer.
i vn giaa i aiienaed t d 1 I 4t e
that every Rotarian an h wife who
did attend were glad that thor cam
Excellent Sen lot.
The church had heen
decorated and as the Rotarians tiled
into tneir seats the delightful strains
from the pipe organ ca a t off-
welcome. . . ,
A well trained quartet furnished
most excellent music unit Mr ram.
rendered a solo In his usual perfect
Rev. W. C. Kantner took hi i-t
these words. "Wanted. A Man." and
I assure you that
for the occasion. His talk was won-
X. T
lNOT much money, as money
goes nowadays but you'll be
surprised how much good food a
nickel will buy when invested in
packet of Morse's seeds. Take
your pick:
Radishes Cucumbers
Lettuce Beets
Onions Carrots
Turnips Tomatoes
and dozens of others. At gro
cers, florists, drug and hardware
stores, etc., everywhere.
1 25 Market St Son Francitco
Horn's tos
derfully Inspiring and his r spect i
"Rotary" were right to th pi t. I
am sure that every member present
will be better n'a- fir hav n 1
tened to Dr. Kantner as he measured
man as he should be. He d d not ask
that he belong to some church, but he
did Insist that he be a n an.
Dr. Kantner pointed out that the
Notary club wou'd V a gr at b ef
to Salem and especially to th i divH.
ual members. He pred'oted great
hings In store for the organizatio-t in
the future and admonished the mem
bers to study to live up to the teach
ings of the society. ;j
Movies Too.
"'"wo reels of er- "cn
after the regular church services. The
cnurcn nas a fine mac hire and a rood
operator and the rels were a fitting
finish to the evening".
The Rotary club meet at -v lunch
eon every 'Wednesday at noon.
ever the comins Wednesday will see
the program changed and the mem
bers and wives and friends will go to
'-a cry at S m.
where they will be the guests of Roy
" lse a' a banoueL Therm sill ha .n
cial music and good speaking and the
beet of eats. I Dredi.-t fall tr.
ance ror this meeting closes the week
ana all are expected to come.
The world's largest glacier is
Malr in Alaska.
What causes
to . o
n r
The) Original
r-w Infif '
An excess of acid In the stomach
sours the food and 'starts fermenta
tion. Distressing gases form. Your
meals dont dicest but lav liim lnmno
of lead. Then you have heartburn,
flatulence, fullness, belching, head
ache, and real misery in the stomach
and Intestines.
A few tablets of "Ps ne'fl T)tn Mn.
sin" bring relief almost as soon as
they reach the stomach. "Papc's Di
apepsin" costs little at drug stores.
wild state.
me Is nowhere tumid in tr?
8eals seldom use their fore feet
A'child should not look pale,
'thin or worn. Such condition
denotes malnutrition. To
keep up growth and robust-
ness a child needs a plenitude
oi food rich in vitamins,
abundant in growth-promoting"
properties, U an ideal supple
mental food that could well be
pan oi tne diet ot every
Browing child.
Children Jwy do well
on Scott's Emulsion..
m BlMM M. J. 11-3
Two Big Conference Games
Tuesday, February 24th, 8 p.m.
Thursday , February 26th, 4 p.m.
Salem Armory . Admission, 50c
ie-r ioor neatnig 11
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turned or a kg kicked out. Stops all coal-watte-thus bring
ing betting costs down to lowest notch.
Orcttcst comfort, cleanliest bestir , ssvss work tad awry pcottcta
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Catalog allowing open views of hsutr
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- STS " " -
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In dm m areata cult mat ram BAS FAVMSNTS, if Snlna. OuiKm
Itilmil aaaaatel I a, b. aur sanwqt wsasa( at Saa riaoclu at Sf.Itlt.
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J219-21 Fourth Ave.
Seattle, Wash.
gold by all dealers
do exclusive afent
.Mi, at cu,M. mew Vork. BViotaw. Sarisdhid "ilaoaa, WoranW, rh3drl4da. Banhkwf. wrt. Raidfas. Witttw fchiraWiblotf5a. ftkhaMBd,
yaMMitUCl t Uoavra. Oauaia, kaa ftaiKUca. U aw SmIU rwtiaaS. lgtM, fculM lOnt-1
aaSBT " apa. w v. war - - w