Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 07, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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i it Boy Scout Week.
' . -Bualnea Men's
Jta, ' Commercial club.
..-Meeting of Floral
Commercial dub.
,iMusic concert.
Jfschool auditorium.
. , jleeting of Salem
Jie. Commercial club.
,:l.r ?i Monthly banquet
SiTi-op'1 forum meet
Commercial Club., club
I n m.
I dr.M.ting of South
-SLibrSta- Sc'-o
Grand opera house. 8
I b W. C. A.
! "l-High school grad-
! uUtn exercises.
P fffc IS Basket social.
j spaai" War Veterans at ar-
Borj, f-- .,, county
Children'" oureu v
(jnunercial club,
Porter J. Neff, , leadinai attorney
of Medford, spent Saturday in Sa
lem on business at the state house.
Leslie H. Springer, who is employ
ed ia the Hauser Bros, store in this
city, waa called to CorvalUs Friday
arch fcaternlllar tvnl i . W " '1Bre " Basketball t
i..; ... J. J" ' -..v.a''Fanle between O. A. C. and Washin
Attrooiid Town
ui srajani. antrii iurai w nvanniai .
auaranteed: i-W . "'i1?" s.tate Springer haa offi-
II358. So T. S. WatU aMJberty rax
age. Ferry St 14
W. F. Maurer of Harrison, Ark.,
who came to Salem a week ago for
a visit of indefinite length, is so pleas
ed with the valley that he haa pur
chased a farm five miles south of Sa
lem and will make that his home.
A. D. Thompson, of . the Remnant
store on North Commercial street, haa
returned from- a several weeks visit
in Chatham," Ontario, Canada.--
Dr.'W; C. Kantner. pastor of he
First Congregational church, who was
called to Seattle last week on account
of the death of his son will not re
turn to Salem until the middle of
next week. James Elvin, secretary of
the T. M. C. A., who waa a former pas
tor of the church, will have charge
of the services tomorrow, both morn
ing and evening.
UW, watchmaker, jeweler. Salem.
strip voui
A valuation of $743T.88 has been
placed upon the John E. Lewis esate
I by Charles Ransom, Rosa Condit and
Charles F. Melm, appraisers of the
estate. Real property located in Ma-
rion county sums up to $6446.50 and
J, personal property Is valued at S991.8S
Alex LaFollette, Harvey Crawford
gland I. W. Townsend, appraisers of
1th. n-t i a - H T f I . m .
i '" luMwuii Aiiiitt xuwnsenu
imvo iciruuru upon me estate s tioid
ings, consisting of real property val
ued at (10,000.
I un your au:u.
TZ.t nnr rr on the hummei
ni M the Fair uruui.u.
,nr repairing.
Vl repair automobiles and fli
All work guaranteed.
An, 3; shop at end of paj
sat oa Pacific Highway. S
I ni collision of his own machine
La mother at the corner of Capitol
U D Atom Friday evening was re-
Lxtti U police Friday nigm uy vw
C tnafori, a guard at the Oregon
' penitentiary. The name of the
jrjrw of the other machine was not
kuitti, Both cars were Biignuy
Lnlit Methodist church Sunday
koninl U o'clock, hear Dr. Ma
Dr. 1 C Stone can now be found at
fyfcri Dru store.
Bate ehlcki. S58 State St. TeL 400.
a HI club members dance
m Cotillion hall.
Suc4 Auburn hall tonight 33
The funeral for'John b". HardWlck
Vht died at his home here Friday,
id be held at the chapel of the Webb
: Qwch undertaking company at 1
a. Monday, according to an an
nsceoient from there Saturday.
Leslie Methodist church Sunday
Slog 11 o'clock, hear Dr. Ma-83
ight damage to the roof resulted
pm fire et nine o'clock Saturday
Nraing in the home at 25 South 22d
pet The blaze waa quickly extin-
PWeJ y the firemen. The fire is
M U have started from a riefentlve
Me Hthnitl.f xhiii-nl. c,,.v,
fuming H o'clock, hear Dr. Ma-
i Oeelinr of S.llpm liilnmnUla
Inlen will be held at the Commer
r m Saturday night at 8 o'clock.
( Wen in the city are asked to ba
"' Plans for the coming auto
Hlte ihow will be made.
owners, get our proposition on
cover and
Ban trtn j
i . w cover
jO.J.Hull, Y.M.C.A. bldg.
lZt ?iethM,l church Sunday
r 11 "'dock, hear Dr. Ma-
Im, j,. ocn onaier, nas
C Wa from the navy, after
The third estate appraisement re
port for Friday was filed in the Roby
J. Stroud estate by W. B. Way, O. D.
Needham and Gus Cole. Property, the
total value of which is placed at 113,
738.09 is enumerated'as follows: Real
property 312,000, personal holdings
represented by promissory notes, $1,
In a deoiee and order signed by
judge Bingham, the Phea Farms com
pany ia declared to be the owner of
154 acres of land In Marion county,
in a suit tiled by the company against
C. D. Winkler, a H. McCasIln, Ma
bel McCaalln, . Rollin . McCasIln, Jane
McCaslin and others. The suit was nri
marlly instituted for the purpose of
clearing title to the property in quea-
During the pendency of divorce
proceedings in the case of Catherine
Hill against Edward Hill. Mrs, Hill
has filed a motion asking that their
daughter. Marvel, 15, be given into
her custody, Mrs. Hill alleges that
she is In poor health aggravated by
the spearation from her daughter.
She alleges that Marvel is held at u
Catholic institution in the county and
mat sne is refused permission to visit
her own daughter. The HtUe giri was
placed- ih the school by' Mr. Hill.
No fatalities resulted from acci
dents In Oregon industries during the
week ending February 5, according
to the weekly report of the state in
dustrial accident commission. A total
of 293 accidents were reported for
the week, 266 of which were subject
to the provisions of the compensation
act, 23 from firms and corporation!!
mat have rejected the provisions of
the act and five from public utility
corporations not subject to the pro
visions of the act.
The aid of the state registration
board has been Invoked by Chas. W.
Lawyer of Newark, Ohio, in locating
his sister Mrs. Ida Lawyer Brooks, of
whom he has had no trace for the
past 35 years. Lawyer states that he
has reasons to believe she is located
in southern or eastern Oregon. She
is wanted in connection with the set
tlement of an estate. .
number of hish school
games but this was his first exper
ience in collegiate circles.
Mrs. M. L. Fulkerson supervisor of
schools for southern Marion county,
visited the Mount Angel district,
Thursday making a curvey of the dis
trict with a view to the possible es
tablishment of a part time school.
At the Grassy Pond school, distrrct
No. 56, Mrs. M. L. Fulkerson spent
an afternoon in attendance at an old
fashioned school program and spelling-
match. Miss Nellie Hastie is in
charge of the school and many moth
ers of the school pupils were In at
tendance. Hot lunch was served dur
ing the afternoon by the school chil
dren who acted as hosts to the visit
ors. y
A. N. Arnold, supervisor of schools
for northern Marlon county returned
Saturday from a trip of inspection of
schools at Rlchey and at Silver Creek
Circuit Court.
The rarm Co. vs. C. D. Winkler et
aS. Order.
Phe rarm Co. vs. C. D. Winklar et
al Affidavit.
Phea Farm Co, vs. C. D. Winkler et
al Motion. x
Phea Farm Co. vs. C. D. Winfci.r
Observance of National Boy Scout
week in Salem next week will be a seri
ous matter with the council and the
various troops. There will be no clam
orous celebrations that will mark the
advent of the week In other cities; no
bands will play; the scouts wont climb
greased; poles, scale the Mights of
buildings or ge on paper chases. Be
cause every ounce of energy the
scouts can muster will be directed to
ward the raising of the budget tor this
This waa decided at a meeting Fri
day night of the scout council in the
Commercial club, when plans were laid
lor raising the budget.
Good Tiiue Urged.
Perhaps the onlj participation the
Salem scouts will have in the week
will be the Inducement of every man,
woman, girl and boy- to da a good turn
for some one each day during the year.
sacn scout wm preach this; and each
Paris, Feb.
'-onn et a vs. Frank Day et cLaage of attitude on the part of the
t .inls an euthorities on motion British government regarding the rx-to,mi8s-
tradition of Germans accused of vio-
wuiuun R.- Kaiser vs. E. M. Page, lationa of laws of war.
executor of the last will aati tasta- While it was understood that Great
roenta and the estate of Joseph Fatrica Britain was the most insistent of all
Kajser. deceased. Answer. , powers represented at the peace con-
rues rarm Co. vs. C. D. Winkler et ft re nee in demanding the trial of for
at Order approving bond.
Permission to sell $200,000 worth of
I its capital stock in Oregon was grant
ed to the Inland Empire Boat & Truck,M.TOl n'pa,ny, Saturday by Corporation
, vvwiuiniuiicc ocnuiaerman. This
company which was only recently
granted articles of incorporation will
operate a line of boats on the Colum
bia and Willamette rivers with a Una
of auto trucks as feeders for the boat
The Portland-Wyoming Oil syndi-
' granted permission to
Phea Farm Co. va C. D. winki... t
at. Bond. -
;ror Emperor William and other prom- se" S,-0B of its stock in Ore
rmwivMi that th. - Articles of incorporation were file
Phea Farm Co. vs. C. D. Winkler et showing a tendency to leave the loitia-,Wlf? M16 dePrtment today as follows:
ruuungsor ract and conclusions tlve in the process of extradition to1 , '-""""r. Jueorora. i,oo;
vainenne Hill vs. E. L. Hill. Mo-' " was
uon ror return of child and exhibits. ! Uirkenhtad, lord chancellor
m. oaraner et al vs. C. E. Taylor
, general merchandise; A. W. Hubbs,
Anna E, Hawes vs. William Watson
Taylor, Fannie Marion Stevens and
Fenjamin F. Stevens. Complaint
.amerine will vs. Edward I Hill.
said yesterday that Baron in"uM naJP Olsln.
id, lord chancellor of Ens--'. Gnonda Fruit company. Sa-
land. is understood to have made It VT l- ios,an J- Nunn, Jennie
clear the British government favored TvUnn and B2 Durland.
a radical modification of the list in n""m,e..0' th? Btker verIn
older that an agreement with Ger-l"",any.f Baker tg ""W to th
many might be reached. Oregon Motor company In supplemen-
rv iJl ..... . ttai-y articles filed tnHou
jrrvniier Aiuierana aeciarea in tnei
HILL Lyman Hill, 92, at his home,
Judson and High streets, Saturday
morning. Funeral at Chanel of the
Webb & Clough company Monday
ai iu a. m. Burial City View ceme.
Lyman Hill, 72 years old, who came
to this city four years ago to make
his home, died at his residence at
the corner of Judson and High streets
early Saturday morning. 'The funeral
will be held at the chapel of the Webb
& Clough company 10 o'clock Monday
morning, Rev. Loughbridge officiat
ing. Burial will be in City View ceme
tery. Mr. Hill ia survived by one son,
E. L. Hill of this city.
- - -..i.iu aa jam. .yum i tinu ucuittreu in uifli
ilotlon for support of wife, suit money chamber of deputies last evening the ' 4 A
and attornevs fri. Rihihu. niii. nt .k. w
Now they number "-"'Pointing administratrix. George is reported to favor a substan
- " -v Muimta uiiioa wuu u hul i v.:utii. m. ipn nun.
-i-oui nas pieagea nimseif to observe: "" Kaiser Va K. M. Vo.Ke, of the Rhine until Germany had ful-
dictum personally. executor of the estate of Joseph Pat- filled all the terms of the Versailles
. he growth of the Scout mavement rlelt Kaiser. Motion. treaty.
In Salem has been marked during the Prooat Court I
past jear. A year ago there were 70 nnetta H. Robertson estate. Older London, Feb. 7. Premier Lloyd
m.-uuis in saiem,
.4 kJE.
Real Estate Transfers.
Adoption of the league of nations
without reservations that would ne
cessitate submitting the reservations
or resubmitting the . treaty to other
signatory powers for further action
on their part is strongly favored by
M. Z. Donnell of The Dalles who on
Friday filed with the secretary of
state's office his application for a
nl n PP nn thit nlmaww haL
lot as a candidate for delegate from I mt"t .payin tuvotmnt that can be
mere tnan 390. This expansion of the lun soules estate. Affidavit of tial niodifieution of the list of Gcr
movement has-made it necessary to Publication of executor's notice. mans whose surrender the allies de-
employ a trained scout executive, en- Clar E- Gulss estate. Affidavit of "'"nd, the Westminster Gaiette says
ire ma scouiing program and pro- vwucauon oi executor's notice. today,
viae ouaget sulticient to promote the J- A- or estate. Affidavit of pub
work. ' lication of admrnlstratrix-s notice
' $5000 Needed. James F. Lewis estatt. Affidavit m
It is estimated that 35000 Is required Publication of administratrix's notice !.,. n pZI,, n .
to c.rrS on the scout movement in Sa- Willi. P. Conaway estate. "a, "vtw. uTw'C
lem and warning that unless this of publication of executor's no- and Emma A Brosher, prt bl
amount is raised the future of the or- tlce- 77 N Salem $3850
ganizaiion in tnis city will be jeapord-1 "eorge v. Whitney estate. Afflrla. osanna Wattars and W
iztd was sounded at the meeting Fri- v" publication of administratrix's
day night Beginning Monday morn- notice.
ing business men of the city who are Catherine I. Scollard estate. Afflda
interested In the movement, and have vit of publication of administrator's
come to recognise the importance ofnotlce-
scout training for a hoy, will comb the Joseph P. Kaiser estate. Inventory
city for funds to raise this budget. and appraisement
Walter Denton, scout commissioner, Henrietta II. Robertson estate
in speaking of scout week, declared Bond. ,
Saturday: ' ; . Jane L. White estate. Report of
"The Boy Scout movement ia ths a,e of real property,
greatest peace organisation tha world Guardianship of Andrew Frey et al.
has ever had. The scout takes an oath . Semi-annual report
Guardianship of Andrew Frey et al.
Order approving semi-annual repmi.
William a Mott estate. Petition tor
appointment ef appraisers in Harney
William a Mott estate. Order ap
pointing appraisers In Harney county.
to be true to God and his country. To
keep himself physically fit morally
clean arid mentally alert and to be pre
pared to serve and act In any emer
"Is Salem warranted in contributing
this amount to the Boy Scout move
ment in this city?
'To those who are not familiar with
the movement It might not be amiss
to say, ask any teacher In our public
schools; any parent of a Boy Scout;
any judge of our courts, or the police,
the warden of tha state prison, or su
perintendent of the., boys' training
I school. The answer would be the same
in every Instance, to-wit 'lt ia ths
Mildred Robertson Brooks has been
appointed administrator of the Hen
rietta Robertson estate. Heirs and kin
are: John P. Robertson, C. H. Robert
son, Mildred R. Brooks and Mabel
Robertson, all of whom are residents
of Salem.
the second Oregon congressional dis
trlct o the national republican con
vention in Chicago next June. Don
nell Is the first candidate to announce
from the second district which Is en
titled to two delegates to the national
convention. In his declaration of prin
ciples he says:
"I believe strongly in" the league of
nations and believe that the treaty
should be adopted without reserva
tions that would necessitate submit
ting the reservations or resubmitting
the treaty to other-signatory powers
for further action on their part, I will
obey the will of the people In refer
ence to candidates as expressed at
the primary but my personal prefer
ence is for the nomination of candi
dates who favor the league of na
tions." The secretary of state Is instructed
to have after his name on the ballot:
"Carry out the people's will expressed
at the primary adopt the league of
Scouts make better students in
school. Better sons In the home. They
are never mixed up In neighborhood
trouble or before the Juvenile courts,
and do not become imates of our pen
al Institutions.
"Scouting builds for1 real patriotism
and Is the only effective weapon
against Bolshevism."
Former Mexican General
And (hitkw Is Caught
Mexico City, Feb. 7 Guadencio De
La Llave, formerly a federal general
but In recent years an outlaw leader In
the Vera Cruz region, was captured
February 3 In a battle near Nautla,
state of Vera Crus, and Is being taken
to Vera Cruz for a court martial ac
cording to an official statement.
The battle was disastrous to the
rebel forces, It Is said.
Watters to T J Smith, It 7
' bl 5 Whitney add Stayton
Hazel M Newsuni to C W Gra-
benhorst. 78.22 A Wesley
Shannon B L C 63 1W
Kllzabeth M Brown to Linnie
I'areglon. ft A NW H seo
20 83 4W aw ...
Charles LeBrun and Dorilda
LeBrun to William Leith and
Rose Leith, 07.08 A seo 11
14 and IS cl 50 68 2V 11.000
Frank E Smith and Leata,
Smith to O R Clearwater It
8 bl 11 Yuw Park add Salem
Dora II Bloom to Polly A
Pierce, 4 A 73 1W .
Christina Langwell and Ira
Lang well to Ole Homien and
Betsey Holmen, Its 4 and S
Hall Home tracts 3500
C D Fults to Charles A Street
It I bl 1 McCoys add Salem 3G00
Mamie M llayden and Bamuel
L Hayden to Eliza Wolfe prt
It 6 bl 1? University add
Application for a franchise granting
the right to raft or boom logs on the
Coos and Williams rivers and their
tributaries in Coos and Douglas coun
ties was tiled with the publio serv
ice commission today by the Coos Bay
Logging company of North Bend.
A baby's brain grows more In the
first year than In all Its remaining life.
The Associated Engineering corpora
tion of Portland, capitalized at 8125.-
000 was today granted permission by
the corporation department to sell
875,000 worth of Its stock.
Articles of incorporation were filed
today as follows:
Tanlentich Timber company,' As
toria; 8100,000; W. P. McGregor, R.
K. Both and W. P. O Bryan.
George G. Bowen Sales company,
Portland, 85000; George G. Bowen,
Joahn A. Jennings and M. M. Walthle
sen. Paciflo Motor Sales company, Port
land, 810,000; Sherwood Hayes, Mr.
Ziegler and II. V. HarUell.
Permission to operate in Oregon haa
been granted to the Willlamspoi-C
Wire Hope company a 8100,000 Penn
sylvania corporation. Warren Thomas
of Portland will be attorney In fact for
the corporation In Oregon.
Home Building Firm Stock
Holders To Meet Next Week
Organization of officers to direct thet
destiny of the Sulem Home Builders
association Is expected to be made at
a meeting of the stockholders to be
htld the first of next week. No defi
nite date for the meeting of tho stock
holders has been set.
The stock holders will name the
board of directors, who In turn will
name the manager of the company,
and other officers.
The shooter fish brings down In
sects from a distance of from one to
four feet by squirting them with water
from Its mouth,
A railroad Joining Tru and Argen
tine Is nearlng completion.
"Harry L. Brown, county judge of
Lane county, who has served In county
offices the past 20 years, announces
that he will not seek nomination but
will retire to private life. - -
"'American Ambassador To
Washington Is Replaced
Urn " 8m'lce- nd wiH be
ITwT ,,n aa5'- Mr. Shafer
- -.a IJIR ann nrill M
----- vuuuirj inn
upon his return.
FiW! duties
I. f. a..
TvuX i ne can now b found
ug store. 33
ttTL'! klnds- Cushions
ej mil ... i '" vus
tepairea. Top covers
S a 1 Hull, 7. m. C. A.
- tnJf? , aul an8er return
ri,i tnem Ua -f
W fvrane,RC0- According
C th rain,aI1 ln
hmily ,,;?i8 Wlnter has been
M2h. Vht however.
Clt' and Mrs. Hauser
vSrt H,,0nthe trip Mr.
! Hjrof Eugene.
;irfe,ttr night at the ar-
' 83
,. Headrlck I
' uroay night.
1 33
CVf & tract" we
gA 12-20 Mon-
valuation of real and personal
Property at 87721.91 Is noted in the
Inventory and appraisement of the
Joseph Kaiser estate. M. E. Pogue,
Elmo -8. White and W. F. Keyes were
W. C. Gleeson, N. A. Dibble and
W. G. Wells of Harney county have
been appointed by County Judge W.
M. Bushey as appraisers of the hold
Ings of the William 8. Mott estate in
Harney county.
"Locust View Farm" is the name
affixed to the 50 acre farm of Sam
uel Tovert, near Turner, according to
a declaration filed by Mr. Trovert,
Dr. M. P. Mendelsohn left Saturday
afternoon for Portland to spend the
week end with relatives in that city.
Coming from CorvalUs, where they
are attending the Oregon Agricultural
Collefe, Miss Irene Curtis, Miss Grace
Hill, Miss Vivian Hargrove, Miss Ruth
Scbultz and Miss Ethel Frazier are
In Salem, to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Reatha Hughes Lowe.
Mrs. O. P. Hoff, 296 North 14th
8treet, has as her guest over the
week end, Mrs. Anna Read, an In
structor In a Portland school.
Frank Chambers, a banker of Eu
gene, was a business visitor in Salem
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burton, of Port
land, arrived In Salem Saturday to
attend the funeral of Mrs. Reatha
Hughes Lowe.
Damage amounting to about 1150
i was sustained by an auto driven by
:0. E. Henry, 20 North Liberty st.
(St 10:30 o'clock Saturday morning
' when It collided with a street ear at
jthe confluence of Liberty and Com
mereial streets. Obstruction of view
,by a sign board near the cldar fac
tory Is said to have been responsible
, for the accident. The colllssion was
reported to police. No one was In-'Jured,
Mexico City, Feb. 7. Ignacio Bo
nillas, Mexican ambassador at Wash
ington, will turn the embassy over to
Alfonso Siller, counselor, on February
11 and return to Mexico to engage in
his campaign for the presidency, ac
cording to authoritative reports.
Senor Siller will leave Washington to
become Mexican minister to Peru upon
the arrival at the American capital of
Salvador Diego Fernandez, formerly In
charge of the foreign office here.
Coca, which Is cultivated ln the Pe
ruvian Andes, contains a stimulant
which tend to enslave Its users to a
greater extent even than does opium.
The sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and
Saturn, like the earth, have atmos
phere surorundlng the globes, but the
moon Is believed to have no atmosphere.
An ostrich egg holds as much as two
dozen hen eggs.
Our sen-Ice Is of
the highest qual
ity. We are equip
ped to satisfy the
most e x a c tl n g
client. The cour
teous conduct of
our staff matches
the up-to-dateness
of our equip
ment "
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