Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 03, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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page seven.
ere stria
!Vet? Today-Wh
nn 1 i, i i ; ... .
I rirord-Each insertion one
cents. lliiiltat"1 9 aa
-rtlon only la New Today.
in advance and not tak-
l-SS&t No alienee for
New Toaay.
- r., L-Holstein registered lull,
f'K- h Wit l lah Hud No.
N' :"o.i' ljdv Annis 2nd. No.
',m..rd..n.lverton. R.
' ft 4 pnoe v-,to. Red 1H
"TmiAt once a man to live in
fl,1fVee rent, except to do a few
A bachelor preferred. Can
"TL-ir-urnislied house or apart
IsiLE Nice 5 room modern
barn, garage, curline and
" ix:,o. Partly lurmsneu
. m :ile Almost
t.easuiuiuio j-i.v.... . -
he'piifi company- 1 general sten
Lanhic and shortliand work! 1 In
toVted frf botany and chemistry.
Call' room 413 V. S. National Unnk
U)X Silver . mesh bag, had sonic
small change and railway, ticket.
Finder call Z003K. 2
rtir. SALE l'oung calf. 1 10? Court
siwi'j'hone 1144V.. 31
LOST Park lllue 1,Ciul uag- with flor"
al dejiifn in colors. Contained
anions other things a Red Cross
ohrek for $1. Reward if returned
to Capital Journal. . 2i
FOR SALE White sowing machine
in best of order. Price $7. Cluing
mvay.-822 North High. ' ' 211
FOR SALE Good ' range at -IMS
Ferry street. 31
010 hop roots for sale. I'uv partic
ulars call at 121 Stiuth 'Commercial
FOR SALE Team, wagon and har
ness at Till South i:lth. - 31
exchange, 395, South 1 2tii, will han
dle your household goods on com
mission. Reasonable rate. Obtaining
better price than selling to second
hand merchants. At present have
nice clean stock to select from.
Cannon, phone 19.
high blood pressure see Dr.
Schultz. Call 6G4 or 1310J. 30
I'OI! SALE 800 lbs new wire. Phone
WANTED 2 -light housekeeping
moms. C. I). Adams, general del
ivery, Salem. ' 31
WANTED Position as stenographer.
mie experience. V.nx 144. Cars
Capital Journal. 30
FOR SALE 15 head shoats. 50 lbs,
AIM Ford service car in good con
dition. Phone 1425R. 34
WRllE Percheron horse for sale.
Phone 65P5. . 31
n!LfA.LE Nfw Bteimvay pinno.
.uuiutiu useu only one
5" south -High st. Phon
ITm o . r ' - ' 1 I 1 1 1
rf" m're '"m.-excellent
2. ,?d l0Ka,l,l''-y land, nil in
buildings, family orchar Lo-
EJ'i"?1?11 statlon flve iil('8
-Jmfclem Address box V, enref
rn . ....
I fnereHt"-Kil'st 1-cyliiuler
le'S, first 2-cylinder- first 4-:
" "uck'T '-'V true? Art,
mat. k " 1 ranv- is the
22 State. Ut Exc,lan;
"or"'" , ttin With
Phone 1289. "g to1' elld''-
FOR Sit r 1
quire at m 0W,,1P'' 2 hou'S- I""
y Allen Co., 619 Court St.
bench i '. cf . 't of music ami
Themi" T price
dipped befor. .- PUS.
?rt ire now nff Jh raise In
Wt:rr, last year's
r-'ueasyto-n,. ', no ran.
payment privfleges.
y Prompt senice.Ask
rtour year loans at
L WegonBldg,
WANTED By man and wife with 2
iitlle gil ls, room and board, plume
1517W. ay
WANTKI) Wood In large quantities.
Phone 1090AI. ... u
tOR RK.VT .2 5-room flats. Close In
See J. H. Lauterman, Argo hotel.
WANTED I'nfurnished apartments.
No children. Phone 1268. .
wants housekeepers position with
gentleman, near school. Mrs. Klla
B. Robinson, Rt 1. box as. Get
vais. Oregon v. ji
from flock carefully Hoganized for
. high laying qualities. On free range
Strong, vigorous chicks. Hatch
Feb. ,24th, jnid later.. $16.00 per
hundred. Order early. , Laurel Hill
Toultry Farm. Phone SF22. )
bOR SALE A real snap. 160 acres
j 100 acres under plow, 10 good cowa
I 1Q hogs, 4 horses jind uiachv, 2
houses on place, barn large, enough
for 50 head stock. Located 11 miles
from Salem, 2 miles of good town
with standard high school, will lie
-mile froln paved road this year.
Price $100 per acre, $7000 down
and balance easy terms, low rate
interest. Chas. Ransom, Aumsville,
WANTED Some one to split eord
wood. $1.15 per cord for splitting.
Robt. A. lleer, Salem, Rt. 9, 3
miles east of Brooks. 34
LOST A strand of gold beads. 152
North Commercial, Salem Variety
Store, reward. 30
LOST Child's necklace. Cold beads
strung on gold wire. Phone 11D3 or
leave at Journal. Reward.
WANTED MODERN house keeping
rooms or furnished house. near
Highway Garage. Phone 1984J. 31
ing call 1C08. J.Hlederman Trans
fer. 40
FOR SALE 6 room bungalow at
1357 North-Winter street. Price
$3600. W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.,
275 State street. 30
FOR SALE 6 room house at 3S6
Lincoln street. Price $2600. Terms.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co., 275 State
street. 30
rent close in. Inquire 636 North
Front. 30
FOIl SALE A few medium sized
potatoes at 3c a lb. 1862 Broadway.
WANTED Two -year old
rooster. Phone 99F3.
LOCAL or long distance truck haul
ing of any kirld. Phone 1177. 27
WANTED Old junk, old clothing,
toots, gems, musical instruments,
cameras. Will call day or evening.
Capital Exchange, 337 Court. Phone
WANTED A few mattoftock iewes
P. B. llecker, Silverton. - 30
WANTED Garments to remodel;
new suits $45; cleaning and press
ing. B44 State; Society Cleaners;
Phone 195. Chas. Ezra Sparks,
tailor. " 62
WANTED To hear from owner of
ranch for sale from 40 acres up.
Must be a bargain. Give descrip
tion, location and price. W. F.
Wourer, G. D. Salem, Or. 89
WANTED Four or five room mod
ern furnished house. Two in fam
, ily. Can furnish references. Phone
833. 30
WANTED No. 1 cross cut saw. 2
horse Oliver plow. C. C. Mitchell,
Turner, Or 30
WANTED &n. extra gentle work
horse. Mrs. K. Schmidt. R. 3. box
116. 33
WANTED Second hand safe, phone
340, 30
WANTED TO RENT Good 5 room
house. Phone 19G0R. 30
Bring your listings of small farms
nnd tracts. Price them right and wel
will do the rest. .
201 Bank of Commerce Bldg.
. Ptone 1130
DR. JOHN" L. LYNCH, osteopathic
physician and surgeon, 403-4 Ore
gon bldg. Res. phona 68FS; office
phone 1394. , 29
OSTEOPATHIC physicians and sur
geons, Drs. White and Marshall,
506 U. S. bank bldg. Phone 859. Dr.
White, res. phone 469; Dr. Marshall
res. phone 83,4.
Real EstateFarms
FOR SALE 20 acres fenced and
plowed ready for 'crop, suitable for
logans. prunes or poultry. No build
ings. No waste. On fine trout
stream. mile from paved road.
M mile from shipping point and
school W. H. Swank, Aurnsville, Or.
FOR SALE 2 H acre tract just out
side-city limits, 7 room house with
or without furniture, piano, good
barn and outbuildings, lots of fruit.
$3200, terms. Corner Park and 1)
streets, lit T, box . - SO
Money to Loan
Federal Farm Loans
Any amount Long time.
SH and S percent interest
City building loans.
A. C. Bohrnstedt
401 Masonic Temple, Salem, Oregon
Salem 8carangr Garbage and re
fuse of all kinds removed on monm
ly contracts at reasonable rate
Cess pools cleaned. Dead animals
moved. Office ebon Main 1S7.
Salem Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators, Fenders and Gas Tanks
Tractor Radiators a eprcUlty
- Ford Radiators for Sale
IH 8. 12th Street. Salem, Ore.
T7t-.- C 1 l....,TTt x i ,.,-,. - . . .
rate. j ueip wanted . Miscellaneous. , .
STRAWBERRY plants, regressive
Everbearing, Ettersburg 121 and
Wilson. Vigorous well rooted plants
Place orders now. Ward K. Rich
ardson, 2395 Front. Phone 494, 35
FOR SALE Old papers tor wrap
ping and packing 10c bundle. Cap
ital Journal office,
FOR SALE Fine milk cows, or will
trade for fat cows. Call 87F24 24
DRY wood for sale, four foot, and
sawed. Call evenings 1678W. 48
FOR SALE Strawberry plants, Et
terlntrg 121 from year-old plants.
$5 per 1000. Phone 15F3. ' Dr. C.
W. Beeehler . 32
FOR SALE Or trade, 4-Hcres heavy
fir timber. Will .consider car, P.ione
2098J. ; . , ... 29
FOR SALE' "Neat 5 -room house;
modern except furnace; close in.
Phone 2098J. . 29
FOR S.LE Or trade 10 head of
hogs for cattle or sheep. Phone
1576W. 29
FOR SALE Large house, close in,
on paved street, $500 down, bal
ance monthly. 24 care Journal. 29
WORK horse for sale. 187 West Mil
ler. 30
8-ROOM HOFSE On corner of Sum
mer and Chemeketa. One of the
fine homes in Salem. 295 Summer
Street. 29
FOR SALE 5 Barred Rock pullets.
Also 9x12 rug, only used 3 'months,
at a bargain. 680 N. 20th St. 2!)
G-ROOM HOUSE One block from
State House, on Chemeketa. Mod
ern, Full basement, a good uuv at
$5500.- 295 Summer St. " 29
HAVING purchased the cash gro
cery store at 355 South 2uth street,
will handle staple and fancy gro
ceries. Farmers bring your butter
and eggs and receive the highest
cash price. A. Ackley, Prop. 29
INCOME tax records for sale at 141
- N, High.- Phone 340. 50
FOR SALE Seed potatoes cheap.
44F5. 29
FOR SALE Wilson - strawberry
plants from young yard. Stemmed
ready to plant at $4 per 1000.
While thev last. Phone 22F21. 33
contract hauling wood. Phone 674H
after 8 p. m. 33
FOR SALE 50 egg Cypress Incuba
tor, $5.00. Milk strain Hilly Goat,
1266 N. 16th St. Phone 1617VV. 33
FOR SALE 3-months old pedigreed
Chester White pigs. Rt. 7, box 91.
FOR SALE 15 acres of unimproved
hill- land, 12 acres good plow land
when cleared, some timber. For
quick sale I will take $850; $550
cash, the balance terms, j. C. Walk
er, Marion, Or. i 29
FOR SALE Slab wood in car load
lots. Crabtree Bros., Stayton, Or. 37
FOR SALE Good team and good
job for sale. Phone 8-25 Turner,
Or. 31
FOR SALE 1400 prune trees, 4 to
6 ft size. Will sell the lot at 45c
each. Claude H. Stevenson, Rt. 3,
box 175, Salem. Phone 36F16. 31
GROCERY store for sale. Write J D
Capital Journal. 36
FOR SALE Second growth fir wood
Phone 199. .30
FOR SALE 4-wheel trailer in good
condition. Will carry a ton or bet
ter Also some good pigs. B. C. Zie
livoki, Salem. Route 9, box 111A.
FOR SALE 6 weeks old pigs. H.
Hongola, route 6,-box 88. 29
or lot. 1918 or 1919 model Ford
car. In itood condition. Has self
starter and speedometer. 790 Nortli
17th. E. Kroeplim. 29
ran oai.k inn co-b- nvnhera Incu-
bator in good condition. $25.00.
Phone 86F15. 33
FOR. SALE Player piano,
new. 2156 North Liberty.
BURBANIC potatoes for suM). $3.75
per 100. Apples $1.60 bo Phone
109F11. 39
At the J. C. Ferguson sale on Wed
nesday, Feb. 4, in addition to what
has already been advertised as fol
lows: 3 geldings, age 9-10-11 years
weight 1400 pounds each, all well
broken, sound and true; 2 sets
heavy breeching harness A-l shape;
1 Milbourn, 3Vi inch wagon, wide
tires, good; 1 Winona 3',i inch wa
gon, wide tires, good; 1 set single
harness; 1 hand power feed cutter,
nearly new; 1 horse power, com
pletely new; 2 good walking plows;
1 14inch sulky plow; 1 2-section
lever harrow; 1 dump box, 3 horse
blankets;3 horse covers.curry combs
and brushes; 2 good irwn wood
racks; 1 slip scraper; double trees;
neck yokes; devices; c rial 11s ana
many other small tools. 29
FOR SALE .Sacrifice, 5-room bunga
low and z large lots, ijj ieei irum.
Cull at 1242 North Front st. -33
MONEY TO LOAN, for ... clients In
amounts from i,uuo to o,uuu uu
real estate security. Ivan G. Mar
tin, Masonic Temple. 30
BACK ON the job with a new Hoov
er, Rues cleanea. iwc per ru&. u. jj.
Buckner, Phone 18. 33
FOR SALE Horse, 750 pounds, top
buggy and harness. $50.00. Route
No. 6, box 147B. M
WANTED TO BUY From owner 6
or 6 room house, rnone im.
LOST Browa and white bull terrier.
Finder please phone 57 or 1111
FOR SALE 1 light one-horse wag
on. 1 rubber tirea open pugity, 1
light harness, 1 200-egg Reliable
incubator, 1 brooder. Apply 1760
Waller street 14
WANTED Maid at deaf school.
Phone. SIS.
WANTED Good farm hand. C. C.
Russelh Thone SFS. - - -
1 WANTED Men to cut 1000 cords 4
j foot hemlosk wood by contract. In
j autre of Suauldinsr Logging Co.
I Front' and Ferry street. Salem, Or.
- - 29
WANTED Qirl tr woman for gen
eral house work. Call 2525 S. Com.
or phone S5F13.
DR. ALBERT R. JJILLER Optometrist-optician,
eyea thoroughly ex
amined, glasses made and fitted.
610-12 U. S. bank. Phone 341.
Real Estate Houses
FOR SALE Three lots, small house
plenty of fruit; reasonabld terms.
S44 State street. 31
FOR SALE 6 room plastered house,
electric lights, city water, two nice
nots, fruit trees and chicken house,
near mute school; can be Been at
2449 Hazel ave. V " 32
FOR SALE 6 room house with base
ment, modern except furnace, two
nice lots. Plenty of fruit. Garage
and chicken house. Call at 1910
Trade St. 29
MAN AND WIFE with 3 sons, ages
3, 11, 17 respectively to take charge
of ranch, either dairying straight
farming, some experielice in berry
growing and gardening. Best of ref
erences Address box 28. tare Cap
ital Journal. 29
Lost And Found.
FOUND Purse Containing money or
der, Owner call and identify. A. D.
Jones, 1125 S. 14th. 29
LOST Between Silverton and Salem
Suit case containing basketball out
fit.' Finder please leave at Capital
Journal office. ' 29
FOR SALE By owner, 5 room furn
ished cottage. 6 room plastered
house, good location. Price $1000,
, M cash. 18, acrea good black soil,
close in; good house and barn.
Price $4750, terms. Brand new
Chevrolet car and fresh cow. Eaw
yer & Emmett, room 8, Bayne bldg.
FOR SALE 6 room plastered house,
electric lights, bath. Inquire 2325
State St. or phone-1051M. 29
Used Cars for Salet
FOR SALE Nearly new 2-ton Dia
mond T truck, all equipped. Phone
1608J. A. H. Biederman. 31
1 MAWELL 1ft -ton truck, first class
condition, $650; also one Maxwell
touring car, U" overhauled, $278.
Moir Bros,, 371 Court St, 31
Also upholstering
of all kinds, seat
covers. Service. 6.
J. Hull, Y, M. C.
A, Building; Salem, Oregon,
For Rent
FOR RENT Down stairs front room
1436J. 30
FOR RENT 2 desirable sleeping
rooms close in. Box L Capital Jour
nal. , ... ,;..v , 29
FOR RENT Strictly modern 5-room
flat, furnished. Phone E86J. 29
Some Attractive Properties.
87 acres of grafted Franquet walnuts
in fourth year's growth in Waldo
hills eight miles from Salem; road
paved half way, well graveled re
mainder. $17,000, half cash, bal
ance on time to suit.
10 acres at railroad station, with wa-
: ter right from irrigation ditch.
: Fine 5 room bungalow, good barn
22x40, chicken house and brooder,
two acres orchard, walnuts, pears,
etc. 18 miles from Salem. $4800,
half cash, balance at 6 percent.
80 acres between Monmouth and Dal
las, 40 'acres in cultivation; 24 acres
prunes, some logans and blackber
ries; 15 acres in grain crops; bal
ance pasture and oak trees. 6 room
house, good barn for 20 head and
sheds 3 sides; windmill and gaso
line pump with tank; and store
house. New 6-tunnel dryer and
warehouse 26x50 feet. $18,000;
$13,500 cash or trade, balance on
PEARCY BROS., Horticulturists
210 Oregon bldg. Phone 6C3
Good Buys.
80 acre tract located 5 miles east of
Salem, good house and barn, fruit,
good road.-Price $16,600.
Well improved 32 acre tract, good
5 room bungalow, barn,- fruit, paved
road, close to school. Prioe $12,800.
26 acre tract located 44 miles
from Salem, 40 acres under cultiva
tion, balance timber and pasture.
spring, 18 acres bearing prunes, fam
ily orchard, t room house, large barn
rock road. Price ib,duu.
61 acre tract located on main high
way, close in, house and barn, 8 acres
bearinii oruneu. uUUt 1500 cords of
standing fir timber. Price $300 per
acre. -
Well Improved 20 acre tract on
rock road, ciose to main nignway;
acres cherries, 4 acres logans, 6 room
plastered house, barn, well. Price
10 acres all In bearing prunes, close
in, hard road, good plastered bunga
low, electric lights. Price $8500.
80 acre timber tract, located on
gravel road, home. Price $80 per acre.
32 acre tract, 15 acres cultivated,
balance slashed and timber; family
orchard; spring water to buildings, 1
room house, good barn. Price $5000,'
H cash, bilance terms.
Well Improved 56 acre farm-located
6 miles from Salem; good 8 room
modern house, barn, orchard, best of
soil. Price $200 per acre.
200 acre farm, 100 acres cultivated,
house and barn, lots of timber, (
miles from Salem. Price $100 per
360 acre farm located near Silver
ton, house and barn, best of dark
soil. Price $100 per acre.
6 room house located In South Sa
lem, corner lot Price $2600, $900
down. Balance terms.
i room bungalow located in South
Salem. Price $2800. '
( room house located at 1330 South
Commercial street, bearing fruit
Price $2800.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 state street
WOOD SAW Fisher boys will saw
your wood. Vhone 100J. - . 32
(ESTES & MAGEE, real estate. If we
list it we advertise it. Portland of
fice S09 Chamber Commerce; Sa
lem office -428 Oregon bide, over
electric depot. 31
R. W. RALLANTYNE, piano tuner
with Cherrington's Piano House,
415 Court St. Phone 853. 13
second hand goods bought, sold
and exchanged. If we havn't what
you want, we'll get- it Try us. W.
Lubke, 241 N. Com l St. Phone 841,
' Salem, Or.
THE- International Correspondence
school will- hrve their local repre
sentative at the, Bligh hotel every
Saturday to give their students all
assistance possible. He also will be
glad to give the public information
regarding the schools and their
, coursea . .
LET us list your property..- A. L.
Seanisler Realty Co., 416 Masonic
bldg. .Phone 353.
YALE" Hand laundry. 194 S. 12th
St Phone 8.
TYPEWRITERS, libraries, office fur
niture and appliances bought and
sold, 141 N. High. Phone 340, 60
VROMAN Franquet walnuts grafted
on black roots. These trees are
grown in Oregon and aclimated so
the freeze had no effect on them.
We also have a good line of berry
plants and bushes. Middle Grove
Nursery, J. C. Herren, Prop. 30
Best Buys
1 acre; 3-4 acre loganberries, all
tipped; 5 room house, good outbuild
ings, at caiiine, $2400. Easy terms.
1 acre all cleared, 4 room modern
bungalow at paved road, $1250. All
Want to secure $500 loan on 80
acres of timber land.
Want to secure $276 loan on 2 cor
ner lots in Salem.
6 acres; 7 room house, outbuildings
1 acre fruit, 3 acres timber, close to
car line. $3200; half cash.
40 acres, good improvements; 16
acres bearing prunes, $4000 will han
dle.. 30 acres, 20 bearing prunes, 3
acres apples, 3 acres in loganberries,
new- dryer, fair Improvements. $5500
will handle.
341 State St.
What You Want .
$lHflu 6 room bungalow on paved
street, good location. A bargain.
$4000 6 acres near the city, macad
- am road, house, -barn and other
improvements. . .
$13,000170 acnes. 60 acres in culti
vation. Lots of good wood; 344
miles out. Vi ' y property to
$3000 and $4000 cash will han
dle. $2.1,000307 acres, ..220 cultivated.
Some timber, 4 springs, good
stock or fruit proposition. 6'A
miles from city in Polk county
$10,000 cash, balanoe long
tinier ti per cent. ,-.
A. L. Seamster Realty Co.
Room 416. "Masoniq- bldg. List your
, : property
Real Investments
A real home Just outside of the city
limits. 3 acres with a 6-room modern
bungalow and own water system.
Small barn, small chicken house.
Family orchard and berries. Price
$6,000, good terms.
20 acres. 10 acres under cultivation.
New 6 room bungalow, new barn.
Some strawberries. Buildings ulone
worth the money. Price. $2500. Terms
li acres, about 150 cherry trees,
loganberry tips to set 2',i acreB; best
of loganberry soil, all under cultiva
tion. Price $2000, $760 down; balance
terms to suit.
acres, 73 under cultivation, 12 acres
in bearing prunes of which 4 acres
are set to Kngllsh walnuts. Land
slightly rolling. Good buildings, fam
ily orchard, 3 miles of Silverton. Price
$10,600. Good terms. '
We have a real business proposition
for man nnd wife with $l!i00 or $2000
Lstes & Magee
428 Oregon Bldg. Salem.
1'ortlund Ofice: 909 Chamber Com
Good Values
314 acre farm, 200 acres In cultiva
tion, 114 acres In oak timber and
brush; good buildings, on Pacific
highway.- $35, 000.-
40 acres bearing prunes, 5 to 15
years; close in near pavement. $400
per acre.
0Ht acres close In; 7 room plaster
ed house, good outbuildings; some
slock and farm implements goes with
the place. $4000.
20 acres, 8 acres In 5 and 8 year old
prunes, 1 acre strawberries, other
fruit; good buildings, good road, In
ripe district. $6250.
4 room house, 6 lots, $600 pavement
paid, 2fiuo strawberry plants, 20 prune
trees. This place must be sold. Price
6 room plastered house, good lot,
North Front. Will trade for acreage.
5 room, modern bungalow, 2 lots.
Price $1100. Trade for acreage.
Walter McLaren
Room 28, 180 N. Com. St. Salem
Long Distance Hauling.
long, distance freight hauling. Dally
service to Portland, outside trips
anywhere. Reasonable charges. Of
fice 445 Cfcurt street. Phone 998;
night phones S79J, 674R. Salem,
Or. $8
Money To Loan. ;
On good real estate security
)ver Lad d ft Bush Bank. Salem, Or.
MARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Ass'n. Government money to loan
at ( 1-t percent 301 Salem Bank of
Corameroe. W. D. Smith.
Poultry And Eggs.
Leghorns, Keds, Rocks, Minorcas.
Prices reasonable. C. N. Needham,
658 State St. Phone 400. 86
Good Burs
me 10 acre tract near Salem, good
house, some other buildings. Fine
dark loam soil. One acre prunes, cher
ries and apples. Bargain, $4500.
la aere tract about 4 miles from
balem, set buildings; s acres bearing
prunes. One jicre loganberries and
otfier fruits. For qiiU-k sale $6400,
$2500 cash, balance easy terms.
Good ItllldArn & vnn. K,....ral.H
full basement and sleeping porch, on
car line. Price $2500, $.1000 cash, bal-
am-e easy terms.
Fine IS bin tn., ...ti..
-- -- " " - " " 1 " 3 "viii
saleni, fine modern bungalow, good
barn, famitv onhni .vi, finA
soil, good road. Price $7000.
1 acres of choice loganberry land
near Saleni. nlnweri nn.i muiIv
Snap for $210 per aore:
ror Bargains and square deal see
Perrine & Marsters
311-1J Com. Club bldg.
Why Sell For Less?
WH will pay you more cash for your
household goods. Get our bid be
fore you sell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardware Store, $71 N. Com.
meroial street Phone 7S4.
Salem Auto Exchange.
Monitor cars now on display. Come
and see them. 229 tSata St Phone
Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY raxor blade sharpening ma
chine, first Installed at A. B. Stew
art Reoair Shop, 347 Court St
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired, St
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, sites 26 to 68
Inches high. Pain s, olf and varn
ishes, etc., loganberry od hop
hooka Salem Fence am' Stove
Works, 260 Court street. Pheas 114
Water Company.
corner Commercial and Trade Sts.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 67
Lodge Directory.
meets evetfy Wednesday
evening at 7:30 at I. O. O. F. hall.
McCornack hall on every Tuesday
at 8. Harry Levy, C. C; P. J. Kunts
K; R. & S.
Oregon Grape camp No. 1360 meets
every Thursday evening In McCor
nack hall. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn, S48 Union Bt
recorder. Mrs. Melissa Persons, 141$
N. 4th St Phona 143.8M.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. in I. O. O. F. hall. Glenn C.
Niles. M. A.; C. A. Vibbert, secre
tary. 840 Owen street.
W. O. W. SALEM CAMP 118. Meets
every Friday night at 8 o'clock in
McCornack hall, cor. Court and Lib
erty St. Visiting Woodmen welcome.
C. D. Roes. C.C. L. S. Geer, clerk.
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 624(1
meets every Thursday evening at 1
o'clock In McCornack building,
Court and Liberty streets. H. G,
Coursey, V. C. . Frank A. Turner,
Grain: Wheat No. 1 $2(02. 10; feed
oats SOftSoo; milling oats 8688c;
cheat hay $1920; oat hay $2121;
clover hay $2324; mill run $47fi48;
Huttertut: Butterfat, 62o; cream
ery butter 84 65c.
Pork, yea) and mutton: Fork on loot
14 3-4o; vtal fancy, !3c; stoers
8 9c; cows 8&)9 3-4c; spring lambs
l!jiU13c; ewes 4&5c; sheep, yearlings
7 So,
Dressed pqrk 1821c.
Eggs and poultry; Eggs cash 87c;
Light hens, 24c; heavy hnns 28c; old
roosters 15 ft 16c; springs 24c,
Vegetables;. OiiIoub per pound 6c;
celery dox, $1.76; potatoes, Yakima
Co; Oregon 44!4c; sweet potatoes 8c
beets per sack $2; turnips per sack
$2.60; carrots per sack $1.25; parsnips
per sack $3,60; spinach 10c lb.; rad
ishes 40o dox.
Fruit: Oranges $4.606.00; 1 mons
$7 St 7.50 ; bananus 11c; honey extract
20c; buncn oeeta 45c; cabbage fc;
head lettuce $1.26; carrots 45c; grapes
15c; Brussell sprouts 16c; oaulifflower
$1.75 doz; red peppers 25c lb. rhu
barb 12 He.
Retail price: Eggs dozen, 43c;
creamery butter 6870o; country but
ter 65c; flour, hard wheat $3.26 3.40
soft wheat $3-90
Portland, Or., Feb. Cattle slow,
receipts 28; steers, best, $11.50
12.60; good to choice $11U.&0; me
dium to good $9.50 10.25; fair to
good $8.50 9.50; common to fair
$7.608.50; choice cows and heifers
I9.50S10.50: good to choice $8,509
9.60; medium to good $7.60 8.60;
fair to medium $6.50$ 8.50; canners
$3.50fc$6.5O; bulls $6.258.25 prime
light calve $15.5017; medium light
$13.6015-50; heavy calves $7
12.60; stockers and feeders $89.60.
Hogs steady, receipts, none; prime
mixed $15.75 16.25; medium $15.25
15.75; rough heavy $12.25315.25;
pigs 112.75 14.78.
Sheep firm; receipts, 441; eastern
lambs $16.60017.80; light valley $15
16.50; heavy $14.5015.60; feeder
lambs $12415; yearlings $13.50014;
wethers $13$ 13.50; ewes $10$ 12.
Portland, Or., Feb 3 Butter steady
cubes extra 88c; parchment
wrapped, box lots 62c; cartons S3c;
half boxes VtC more; less than half
boxes lo more; butterfat 6906Oo t
o. b. station; 264c Portland.
Poultry and Eggs.
Portland, Or. Feb. a. Weak;
Eggs sailing pries ease count.
41c; buying price case count 40c;
buying price 43c; selling price
candled 47; selected candled In car
tons 6 Sc.
Poultry: liens '30 33e; broilers 33
& 40; roosters 18c; turkej-s dressed
4950o; geese S0L25c; ducks 35fo40c
Wheat amj. MUl.Stuffs.
Wheat: $2.20; barley, $72; oat
$61.00 bid; corn No. 1 yellow $59.5
Hay: Buying price, valley timotb,
S8: alfalfa $31.50; grain Hi;
cheat $22; clover $26; oats and vetch
Millstuffs: Prices f.o.b. mill, citj
artage $2 extra, Mill run, car lots o
mixed cars $44 ton; rolled barley $71
rolled oats $66.50; ground barley $74
scratch feed $80.
Corn whole $66; cracked $68.
of Hie State of Oregon, fur Murioa
. County
City of Saleni, a municipal corpora
tion, plaintiff vs Salem Bank of Com
merce, and Edward George, defend
ants. Siimmons for publication in fore
closure of tax lien.
To Edward George, the above nam
ed defendant in the name of the state
of Oregon:
You are hereby notified that the
city of Salem is the holder of certifi
cate of delinquency number 1688 is
sued on the' 30th day of June, 1915,
by the tax collector of the county of
Marion, state of Oregon, for the
amount of $10.27, the same being the
amount then due and delinquent for
taxes for the year 1913 together with
penalty, interest and costs thereon
upon the real property assessed to
you, of which you are the owner as
appears of record, situated in said
county and state, and particularly
bounded and described as follows, to
wit: Lot one (1) in block three (31
of Burlington addition to the city of
Salem, Oregon.
You are further notified that city
o( Salem has paid taxes on said prem
ises for prior or subsequent years,
with the rate of interest on said
amounts as follows: - '
Tax Aint Rate
Year's Date Ropt . of
Tax Paid No. Int.
1914 April 15, 1916 ,17136 $5.30 13
1915 May 1, 1917.18521 4.89 15 .
1916 Jan. 1, 1918.17586 4.28 13
1917 April 30, 1919. .18198 4.29 16
1918 Oct. 1, 1919 .14259 4.01 IS
Said Edward George as the owner
of the logal title of the above. describ
ed property Is hereby further notified
that the city tif Balem will apply to
the circuit court of the county and
state aforesaid for a defree foreclos
ing the lien against the property
above described, and mentioned in
said certificate. And you are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty days
after the first publication of this sum
mons, exclusive of the day of said
first publication, and dofend this ac
tion or pay the amount due as above
shown, together with costs and ac
crued interest, and in case of your
failure to do so, a decree will be ren
dered foreclosing the lien of said
taxes and costs against the land and
premises above flamed. '" :
This summons Is published by order
of the Honorable -George G. Bingham
judge of the circuit court of the state
of Oregon for' the county of Marlon
and said order- was mftcle anil dated
this 27th day of January, 1920, and
the date of the first publication of
this summons is the 28th day of Jan
uary, 1920.
All process and papers In this pro
ceeding may be served upon the un
dersigned residing within the state
of Oregon at the address hereafter
. B, W. MACY,
r Attorney for plaintiff. ,
Address 202 Gray bldg., Salem, Ore
Rn. .
Real Estate Transfers.
Conrad Kill k and Nellie Falk
to Charles Kuhnke. 20 A,
sec 16, 8S3W t 2,200
James 1. Hcltzcl und Clara
Heltzel to W. R. Darby and
Elizabeth Darby, 10.42 A,
sec 17, S:i W .,
Charles H. Campbell and Ida
Campbell to Dr. Randall P.
Bradford, Dr. Pearl M. Brad- ;
ford and i)r limine M
Bradford, Lt 48, 49, S3, 61i
fruc. Lt. 47 and 64. Smiths
Fruit Farms 1
Lillian V. Budlong to William
P. Ellis and Verlie Ellis, Prt
Lts 8 and 4, University addi
tion, Salem -
W illiam F. Uchuller and Allies
L. Schuller to Al. E. Weddle
10 A, D. L. C. Thomas Holt
and wife, 10S, 8W 700
J. R. DuRette and Bellet Du
Rette to L. H. Ostium and
Mary B. "Osborn. Pi t Lt 6.
hi "C" Joseph S. Smith ad
dition, - Balem 1,650
Mary E. Van Patten and Clar
ence Van Patten to Hiram
W. Bras and Crura E. Braz
pts Lt. 19 and 20, Capital
Home addition, Halem 2,609
J, S. Johnston and J. F. John
ston to 11. W. Ray und Edith
Ray pt John 1!, DeGulre,
i). L. C. in 4S3W
J. F. Hteelhammer, ILL. Moore
und John Dlnwuudle to Jo
seph Du Boise and Clara Du
Hoise, site in Woodburn (50
Peter Manegre to Louis Mn
egre, prt Louis Pichette and
David Mangrom i. L. C.
4H, 2W 2,000
11. G. Tllden and Irene Tilden
to J. G. Funk, 21.25 A, sec
1, 78 1W 1,601
Hans Jorgensen and Sarah
Jorgensen, 80 A, sec 26, 6U
1W 17,000
August Rohlke to U, J, Pearce
and Lulu B. Pearce, prt D.
L. C, J. B. McClane, 7S SW
Blue Foxes Shipped from
AiasKa 10 Japanese mm
Ketchikan, Alaska., Jan. I, (By
mall. ) Eighteen very sick blue foxes,
enioute from Katalla to a small Is
land In the northern part of the Jap
anese archipelago, were on the steam
er Alaska when It left here for Seat
tle recently. There had been 20 of these
foxes when the vessel left Katalla.
but two died of seasickness on the
first leg of their long voyage.
The foxes were purchased in North
ern Alaska and will be used In start
ing a fox farm on the Japanese island.