Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 08, 1919, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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Hew Today - Where Small Ads Get Results at
Small L,
vord Each lumrtlon one
For Sale.
....... tier wi
l . . i(..n K r..ntii. ri;w niuiiOi
....111 X 1UM""" - -
, naertioim. 17 omits, uiw '. I"i
'"" 1 V.. T..,1v.
vitt li.sortiou '
r v ,d( cush In advance and in.t tuk
over puono. unless ailve-rUser has
!!',,i,iny account. No ttlluaaime foi
Mil. Mrs. Sparks, ladles and Rents, Wiint garments tu remodel.
' n. Mime si. au
phono rrut-
t'ATUDNlZK-Vr lbest Transfer fn
baggage nnd moving; hauling any-
ii..u- i nunc lo-ii. liM s. Cornl
. k-KiTvu-c man mill old timer In
KllllMll. 3ul
New Today.
WANTED All kinds of junk and nee-
one naiv.i goon. Liberty Exchange
211 N. Commercial. Phone 841
- I HPKT .V won, Props
HALBie, Wills JUoru PUl j
irIH, 7 year-o.u no.... ... , wanthd--To rent 4 or 5 room fair
lllgn. 1 J ni.Hii-i-n unuw jor about year, now unu Decembci
xvlFSMAN wanted for ronpunBlbU
' ','i,i.,,. Wu want n Kuod iwwi to!
TO SETTLE an estate, I am offering
lor sale five modern bungalows
well located on paved street. Wil
liam II. Trimlle, Lank of Com
merce bldg. ;9a now unU December 20
will care for house same nH own
AnurogH (.OB fi. High St. 201)
I...... i. tnu euiw
, giuirantuud Oregon product. Call I;ls WANTED Rids are hereby re
Smith. Hotel .Vtuilon.
v-i'KU Hitiiii'Otic to uriib from 3:
1' ...II ull1l,,I.U l'll.llll '
licit'! Mllli.ii n."'"lm ,
lii IV
.i. uai.r Hamsun tractor 1
.. 1 1. flint condition. Am unit
Mm- business
(li'iinniioncu, v.
(pnslcd for the building of an out
side entrance and stub-way Into the
onwinoiit of the Salem Masonli
temple, nans may be Inspected at
tun of this association 40'
Masonln temple, Salem, Oregun
Salem Masonic Temple association
l.lino S. Vi hlle, secretary
Help Wanted
OR SALE Modern s;x roont houso . WORK WORK WORK-
ceein nirnaec) at 1241 Waller,
St. M00O, l duo cash, balance. .
terms. Roth Grocery Co. '
Remember, able bodied boys over
18 years old and under CO, the
Crown Willamette l'ult Mills fit
Oregon City and West Linn will
need men for the winter season.
Just keep them In mind when ar
ranging your winter work schedule.
They have a fine hotel just for em
ployes, at low ratos. 30u
Niemeyer's Buys.
mm modern home on N
nffi 124 Soutn .lDBriy
plenty fruit.-Garage. Lot i Ph0ne 37. 1211. Real estate ana
St. C.arilen:
'57x192. $3000. I stock sales,
i Modern room house on a. v-um-. .
!merci;tl St. (loo.l corner lot tiOxlaO. w. p,
' . ... w
Real Estate Transfers.
li 1-2 per cent Interest, 111 1-2 years
time, on tarm loans up to $10,000.
8 per cent Interest, S3 years time,
on farm loaim above $10,000 up to
City loans. Low rate of Interest. I'ay
off principal and Interest in month
ly payments like rent.
401 Masonic Temple, Salem. Ore.
WOOD cutters wanted,
l'hono nt'2.
C. D. Query.
i! i,,jtf.(,.n I14lltf til
Winter. Lot 71x130. $1550. Good!
tClTaereB 5 miles south on good rock
road. All cultivated. Family orchard.
8 room plastered House, uuun ...
water und outbuildings. $3.iOO.
40 acres on .letterson roao. u....-"
wmr.HT. Turner auctioneer.
Why not get him. He only charges i
2 vet cent. i
Money To Loan.
On troofl real estate security
rrnna K FORD
Over Laad & Bush Bank. Salem. Ore.
WANTED l'ubliclty man able to eultlxatcd 8 xcro I eanng 1-- , - f N.poLK Natlonai Farm Loan
WANTED Girl to assist with , genor- .'.iTiJer un place, "loovemcnt money to loan
nl house work and euro for two house , mrn, if, t B 1-2 percent. 803 Balem Bank of
ehildren. Good wipes. Cull 1304 $10,500 vjionuwM. Commerce. W. D. Bmlth.
FOR &VI.E First class baled cheat
buy and straw, l'liono 91F15. 309
WANTED Situation, can pack goodn
mark cases fur shipment, also ex
perienced traveling (salesman, un
dress 15ox J-l Journal. 200
TYPEWRITERS Will pay moro for
G. W. Niemeyer
Just real estate and high class in
vestments. 215-2KS Mnsonio bldg., Sa
lmi. Phones 1000, 1014.
Good Buys.
1 acre tract close to carline good
Why Sell For Less?
W. C. i Iff f ley. III. I
, , , 1 . KALE Carrots. 1 12 ikllvi red or
Jill at tho hlgtiwuy. Apply John
-..ffey. UrookH, Or. -
2UU , CALL J (I k.I for your moving and
hauling, rilcdennan Transfer. 257
FOR SALE 100 purbred White Leg
horn hens, ono year old; 8 Duroc
pigs, 9 weeks old; one Duroe sow
(registered) and six pigs, l'hono
71 F5. 291
. nit SLE HHou nhop doing
' .uVhnslnes... 18ho State tit. W
iv WlT.r. lietween 10 und 25 urres
..f lnik'C .fir Umber, not more limn
s mill' trfiiu town
liiiiriml. '
WANTEI) Bceondhand rniture,
in gs, carpets, stoves, machinery and
tools. We pay the highest prices for
everything. The Capital Hardware
and Furniture Co., 283 N. Com'l
St. I'lione 947.
FOR SALE AHaynes '17 fully equip
ped, bumper, spot light, and mo-
tonnoter, five cord tiros, 1 new;
new battery. A real cur at a bar
gan price $900, at Marion garage.
used machines than any company i , ' (ruit. sightly
exchange allows. Sims, mono w Price 13000. ' .
oifi n,- fnrm all under cultivation,
MAN wanted to cut brush by day or i rock road, best of soil. Price $125 per
by contract, shack furnished, l'hono acre. cuUivatea,
1HU- !H balance Umber and pasture, house
. i!'"1"1 . ..." ,..!, ...nnhlnnrv and
collector, barn, spriiiB, . . - -
crop goes. -.. on. of
80 acre farm locaieu "
will pay you -ore cah your
aid Hardware Store. i .
mercial street. Phone 784. .
tvivTim Salesman and
T'.ond reouired. Steady work. Mar
ricd man preferred. State age, and ' ,, cultivated and
meit.,,i if married. Give phonel!alem, neawj nil i 6.500
I'.ox 4 Capital
llF'NT Furnlslii'd houselieepliig
' nio.iii: Hh.w 7!W or call 0SB.N.
WANTED -- Gooseberry cutllngs.
i'hone 1UF21. Fruitlnnd Nursery-
ROOM and boiird, man and wife, $70
per month. 17X0 State St. 290
,'iR SALE Ford, 19 IS model, with
A nurg.uii.
ilrh Motor Co.
H.U ND PackaK in ear KiiturUs j
owner may have same at this of
fice by paying fur this uib
l ull HAt.E A No. 1
,mv. 1'ietl DiKchoff.
I9A, Salem.
fresh Jersey
lit. i, l"x
RABl'.lTH New Zealand Reds, fan
cy stock, sell cheap or exchange for
hei. Phone 1170R. 291
FOR SALE Hogs weight from BO to
70 lbs. l'hono 44FD. 291
number. Hox iii uapuni j.iui im.. ! ii,l n.i
- " nnn I i. :u 1KB vmih v.. ---
'" .. ."-. n -. i ,.,.,u nrimes. 1'rico
i i - - iv,
Lost And Found.
FOUND Launch. Rhone 7F32. 291
FOR the balance of the year I will
save you Jl per hour on your mov
ing. Verlbest Transfer Co., 129 8.
Cnm'l. Rhone 1344, 304
FOR SALE Himalaya plants, Alfred
Mlttlnc strain: Ettcrsburg straw
berry No. 121; Oregon Champion
gooseberrv. W. C, i ranKiin, iu. i,
box 11. I'hone 52F14.
Real Estate Houses
Grain: Wneat, No. 1. 1; oato
7580c; milling oats Sue; cheet Mf
$17; oat hay $20; clover hay $2122.
mill run $48.50 47.00. ;
Butterfat: Butterfat,' 72c; cream-
Sf JfiOU. .lllvn.tcd,
large house ami bavn, good road, lev- ery butter 697M.
el land. Pri.ce $10,500. Terms.
108 acre farm, 100 acres cultivate
good 7 room house, barn, well ml
spring: crop goes; gravel road. Puce
FOR SALE 5 room bungalow with
or without furniture; terms. W.
Llston, 484 Court St.
roll SALE Yount?
i lie.
calf. 239 EcUe-291
WANTED ' Old line life insurance
eiiiiin.'tnv desires to make a permn-
nent general agency connection
with reliable man over 25, who can
give full time and satisfactory ref
erences, call or write uo ioru.-
u'lMtnrn Rank bide.. Portland, Or.
I'olt KENT
Sleeping room,
WANTED Gentle driving
Phone 32F1L-
ion siLK Or trail" owner, iv
1 ..... ..V.Vi.n orchard, full bearlnte
,o n apple... peara and 'hrrrW. in
.llcatio.iH of a largo crop nn f,
farm on IX Rood farm. I ' '
, bargain if sold soon. 3l ;
,viii hatvius u. oiuao-
. II. ..,,1,1 PltllK I T K.'.'
inv ltm rest. - . . ....
1 V. ' i,.n. model auto
H1U!"" ""nJ.r owner. H. H
Pearson, 405 Oregon bldg.,
Oregon Kl.Mirlc station,
Phone 43.
FOR SALE A shooting gallery that
tvili .'..I tho monev anvwtiore. uu
be .seen at 1140 Leslie St. 289
$12,000. ier.i. oa ..m..ntea
ba ance thribcr ' and pasture fine
?.a?.?"f ; house, well, close to
BchooTand railroad station, rock road
5 miles from Sa 1. Prie ?0.4- ..
5 aero tract, o-t :","
ufio cum ft room modnrn house in
iuk. - 290 U miles out. t 'rice
To list your fnrm "and residence
iroperly tor sale, nave ensuriu
(iiiiries every day lor grain, auu u..u
dairy rancnoH, nave uuniimt- ".
for cash and residence lH'"l'e-,' "
instnllnients. w. a. j-i.-h"".
St. " "
Hand picked Kings, Spitzenberg and
Russet apples. 5 boxes $4.25; 10 boxes
$8. I'.uy jour winter supply now while
mice Is low. Ward K. Kicnarusuii,
395 Front. Rhone 494.
FOR SALE Seven room house, mod-
.. vnv.t furnace, two line
tl. 1. Av.l'- - f,.,.
useu iv-i
FOR SALE Team of mares 4 years
old weighing 3000, with harness
and new wagon; also team weighing
2300 with good harness. Can in al
ley back of White feed store. 290
r.l 1 I.TT1 f It. .Ytu,l,r,ll vl.ii'...
.1.' U(.
...I... ..... lr..r. t, .il'erl I 111 . I U I1K ... J
ll isi-i'l'ii. ...... .- - ii,-
amined, glasses made and Jlttefl.
510-12 V. S. bank. Rhone 341.
WANTED Range, standard make In
good condition. What have you.
Give prire and particulars. Add. ess
... t ..,. T.ii'n!ll. -Jv
1. I'll' "
"... ..,it bnv 3 to f acres im
"""" "r V . , : 11 v limits o
(iroM'.t latui uw- fl,ii dc
vivetl or rock road. lun m
Ic Vptlon of landnnd tmprove-m s
with price. In Urst letter. P: O.
(12 I, Snlem. '
W nTKD Sewing In my home .0
1,.., .ni-ivnnteeil. Ml'
' 9-.S5 Fair ground
1 r iio'". 2ao
" '1.',i!::r!"ir,che';
f pm. nil -------
rvT'Elt hanging al.
woriv. if..". . . - . , . six
wtirtl, puone mi " ...
r:S2 f.,vs 7 it,, fre,, with
r.UnVo frrnonln2
mcketa St. Repair
oast of Argo hotel.
Shop, 2
OR SALE StrawDerry piuinn,
rieties 121 and Wilsons, uuo i-c.
Anv inouiries will 00 promino
1... 1' Rimrs. ..Marlon, Or
wt-ici. 2,j3
FIGS for sale. Phone 45F24.
diiv llllV. ClOVer, um
l'WIt iJ.ll." . r. n A
wneai cnn.
Rninn. lirooks, Or I'hone 351' 24.
for S-VLE White Leghorn yearling
lhen KhkUpI. layl
..,! di.-oei irood barn
garage; some fruit. Possession at
once as house Is now vacant. If jou
are looking for a home investigate
this one. See ennus k
540 State St. Phono 1727
N Cooke's addition, Salem ...
i.cander'K. Munsell am Hatt.e.
IMunsell to Sam r--
Stella Kelly, beg S.. cor of.
NE 1-4 sec 28 in S 1
W M th E 59 rds Ct C in th
N ot en Woodburv Monitor
Mills company rd tl. -Wy o'
ccn sd rd to Pt N .f beg th
S 37 rds 3 ft 6 In to bes, Con
11 A
,1 11 Settiemeir and Kd.'.b Setlle
melrto John J EhvU.rian, beg.
SE cor It I bl 3 Wootlburn th.
W ly alBll srt It 100, It to 8W
cor th Nly on W ht 12
ft John GoW! cor th E.y rl ang
th 60 ft al Cow's S n eeiu . ,
wall to E E 11 to
Willis L Oliver and Mary Oliver
... iinrrv Wright, Ho 5 6 7 8
1,1 6. Aumsville, also beg NVV
tor to com V S Mo.ti.won .,d
wf Eugenia Rec deeds 17
sd N cor be also NV eor to
i.v .innenh and Ishman
and Eugenia Addlcv.i.n
n.iran N LettiS UllO bj
Lewis to Samuel P.uKtr und
wf th th S 150 ft th V. 27 ft
to SW cor to com gr 1-Ji'abeth
Swank rec 91 deeds 117 th W
i5n ft th W 278 ft U. beg Also
u ... mr, 1.2 .ft :V cor 1
i'Vr j" "
... c A,.niQvillH th W
S 219 ft th Ely Mill cr 320 ft
th N 219 ft to beg
Mary L Ealschen to Naomi Solo
mon. 46 ft off Send It 1 bl .19
20 ft th
it .al(ir nrldltion. SalClll..
V mw"i . , ,r
r luun.
Pork, veal and mutton: Pork on toot
lGiL. VJ. iVY.o: spring lamb.
1 IH oir, u. Ho. 1 .v r.rl Frank
SV,c; ewes 4Bc; sneep, - IJefe . -
and "poultry: Eggs oash 680; Katherlne uphoff ;or,i pt 140
light hens 18 20c heavy hens v-
rnnsters 15W10C; spi-ufc-' -
1 1. AU IV
Vegetables: Onions per . . .
TTVTTt'l? nivs
5 room bungalow located at 6.0 B.
1S(h street. Price uu".
6 room nioui-ii. iro . ooftn
locution. Price $2800
east. V0,inu. basement
Pr eTuBoT. B00 down balance 111
.t Interest.
"wTH. 'Grabenhorst & Co.
275 State streei
sweet potatoes
4.50; lomons
rt . . n nnmfr. house,
;h- 1 1 K151. iv,w.v. . . . .
.i0,i m S2400 101
ST I'rilTU iomvvv.
i-2n. Oregon 3 l-4c;
5 l-2c. a
Fruit: Oranges $3.50
20c; tmncn ".;-,,. -Brapes
$2 doz; red peppers
ioU' Eggs dozen
n.HLii-11 1 ' -
honey ext
"Rpsf Buvs.
..11 ,.itiv!,ted. fenced hog
,1.11 -
r,n i.iMilione 125 or tlcht. close
'.'rv" $3000 easy terniB. . ,,,.
IU iii.11.. i hn.,n
30 acres
SEE TJB FIRST- linu44mnnt. ce.
0 room cottago, ,..
. home7 12250
trie Ugtus. a Kealtv
Good terms. John H. btott Keruty
im. 228 Oregon bldg. -J1
close in, 20 acres ocri
rf ft
lv , ... .. o-nn.l harn
mm: 9 room mouern
119 acres,
.,,1 loinine city limns.
well fenced, running water' all otp
ment!ToekUl9.000,J10.; 0 ca h
. ..... r,e. ,intrV butter
creamery cutter 1. y---SSc;
flour, hard wheat 13.10 8.25.
Portland. Or., Nov .'r
creamery ,,
7075o; hens 2.1'. "" '
geese 25ci cheese 33 35c.
l,lve Stock.
- ... T,. .!!. 1971: tone of mar-
cattie: nciap...--.- no
..... nlinlPR Hiefira,
100 acr
torn lan
r. miles
...,! , in Salem
S room nouso, large lot, close , in on to -(0 cultivated, a lot more
imnroved street. -- ,.,,, .. i,nlance timber; S"
1 1 - T" Gil I r,iinl1 liniMllL'O UII'"1'' " n ,1
ie..ln lights. Goon doiu.. ", "i-'.,, ,,,.,, orchard, wen leoc".
amnil Tohll rl. oooiv ,
KI11111. iv", " . . - ni l v
r..., r-..rrt llll 1. V
GO., 1.f yjich""
FOR SALE 8-weeks
I'hone 44F14.
FOR SALE Six acres
on fair ground
a CHANCE Desirably locat
1Aed7 n,,m house, cement basemen .
Rath and toilet, electric lights, on
improved street Close .... j y -sold
at once. A bai gain J '"
W A NT To ''0,'w' ; ; , , V 000. Rox
imprnven , -
Owner Capital Journal.
. ....,,i in fruit, paved sireei,
roao. i.t."j .,:,,, ni,
nte lillllt ngs.
old before
mont lis: ' guaranteed nj
vented. Call nt 201S N. Com 1 St.
. , i ....... I ., re rnnnis Mild
182 3. Church.
..... . r n s weeks 'l1
"l v-rza v urn, nt. s,
Mil's. 'I1U1VTV5 '
,For Rent
To" HI'!T.7"lfin wanonda ' staUoit!
1 nnsturc tt"u
i-4 mlio
Orecnn F.leetrio
ig. Mirn, oreni u, . - -
. .... ai 97 lets in west "
f Z Trrn, torv land, house
Kootl 1 loganberry land, house
citv water. $2000. Goo. H
;,vd, '1480 llroadway, balem.
box 125.
l 11111,
Phone 5914.
pd farm.
.. w .sd iivmvrive
Olt AUVlr ;,' Koll.lhlCS
Ml in cultivation, ', - ,
ready to move in; Lent tnf, r '
Pfl 1" I Di ' ' '
,1,'ess lleiVfils,
phono 3F11
Fl-RNISHEl) hous'
for rent.
berries: 15 rents c
some tonus. I'.ox
Sale in.
good .eon-
.. i. biiij a nvlinrtcr
..,...,,.,i..,i i-.inoinH'd, In
ditiou, nta'ba.Kaln.
..i I..-.,.,.,- nnn i,inijii.
Mlll.ll, 1W..
... i.-i.i vi: rooms
11. Scott
320 acres,
If sold open
wry uu. .., lmm Saiem.
some roiv. -,. tarm-
$67.50 P wre, --, - some
30 acres., ov house,
r. fin p.iHii. utim.""'
uu. U KnitfillU
choice to Eooo. ,Rira1.B0
8.60; canners
calves $7 14.
Hogs: Receipts 21
F.0O cash, uaiaiiois " - - ia i.
c,:ea !il.V S',' u, school, $1500
TOR SLK-Cow, piss. 40 to 10C I lbs :
,un." ; .tiia old: one hoise,
calves, u - VPHVB; one
r,!!",rrrl.vfcew. & 50F
i l l, 2, box 58, Salem.
T...n irRe rabbit houses
FOR SALE-TWO l'1 , , llt a
and one doe I v.iu sen i m
oau iiw.' "
the. field suit-
V ei
FOR BALE- " . fruU. six
B-alow wun x' ... aved
rtbitelv. Phone owner 13 J0R.
aVe.2 well located
1 i m
well fenced
eluding t . ." , wter. near
sewer, teiepnooc "'" "- Aadrcss
car line. Price $400 eatn. au
box C-3 Journal.
r, . f T.' Plll'll 111
FOR chickens.
able tor -
cheap. Phone -
CtMI. (Ollll""-""'-
FOR UI'.M ...t nnnie. LOW
KleepiiiK room in a i"'" 29o
...,,s. I'hone t -v i
. . ......,n,i rooms fr
FOR RENT-- " "V;0 union St.
Until nnd b'a-
FOR SALE-Two white jnn''.f:
springs, mutt reuses. L" ' ,,if.
l ie eliitfonier nnd tlrrsser. o.ik .
foiiier, andirons, Arc wrto ,
h ir, ref rlgerntor. . 1 cltrfK n t
gas Plate, cunne.l J uit. i
leaving town must " 29H
at 1880 Center M. .
Bargains anti ' - Investments
C acre tract on paved road 3 1--
n.iles from Siiloni;
"UKxtra fine 75 acre d.ilry
in. line dairy barn, fine "1U:
ivuter system; all In hik'h stnto cum
vation. Simp. . , . .....j on
11 acre tract ot limlts.
Paved road, .a.lJolnliJB .mn
iiood buildings; all in chorti
,Uistered house.
Fair Grounds Garage
"".I...., .met We solicit .
SALE-6 room modern house
..eiisonable. Phone K78M
worth of equipment goes ,
$5000 cash, ''rKHni -prunes. 10
37 acre.-, - ' 4lul pasture, b
grain and. It thnber an i uci.0
1-2 nines no." -" '
easy terms. ,,itivated,' 3 stumps,
6 1-4 acres, .. cu"lv"eu' ;pll r0ad,
?hS' ?ZL Saiem, 'equipment
goes. $:iooo.
For best buys see
341 State street
tone of mar
ket weait, M' "----"-,. ... rouBb Sia nUllHiUil'"!
medium " - , i:sr,oi)
heavies $13.50(!f
14.50. '-, - .' ',' ,00 " n of mar-
sheep: Receipts , ; - l260(
ket steady; I,0.504i)U.60,
fair to rneaium
yearlings. -ir,
(ffD.OO; ewes
SALK-House on Court St. m
phone 1908R.
"osteopathic physician
: . ,,.,iw $9. No.
NICE bi'ism ' " ast o asylum.
cheat 2"- - aou
Phone iJl'll-
TsaLb-A tread power in
F ,,,ndition. Phone 41.114.
phone J
FLTRNITPRW h0D, rtpnlr-
openea up a d upholster
ing anu i" ; teed. Will can
Koll KENT s room
7 US S. I""
-"Zo wood. Phone 114
1201 S. Cimtnercldi.
M. Brown.
. r .....nnniniU
TOWN , L. liHWGn, -V ..
phone 1394. .
Real Estate Transfers.
Allen fence anoe Pence to
Arthur TucKer, ioi - -
Eechtel and BWs CnrdCU
addition, Salem
W H. Trtillingor to C L. Schu
bert. It 5 and 5, bl l.Brown.
addition, Tiverton ....
vimiJo to Leonnid G.
VVllllill.i - Tu-k-
Johnson, 8ASRD.L f. Ja'U
son Cooler,' In 5 S. 1 V V. M
Kenneth 15. Grimm arm Wmni
KL,""S Grimm to Chaiie, Decker
lr i'j. 1-- lu rt
.jr. iJ. ,.;,;.. Alll'lll-a
der s aouiu..e,
to G. G. foiu
ft N 27 deg 27 min W fr pt 8
62 deg 33 min W ami 60 ft f r
NV cor It 14 N snvorio.. i
N 2 7deg 27 min W 1 25 ft th 8
02 deg 33 min V con chan
Sllver creek th up st t en ch sd
r.r to opp bea th N C-J deg 33
min E to beg. gave' to; com
L C Bastam and A R rec 149- .
1. Casiman' and H,itlo East
man, A. R. and Lucy lastman
to Fred Uphoff and Katherlne
Uphoff, com Pt IP N 27 Aeg
27 min fr pt S 62 deg 33 min
and 60 ft fr NW eor It 14 N
Silverton th N 27 ie;s mm
W 50 ft th S 63 des Si- min W
ccn Silver Creek th Uj sd cr to
pt opp of beg N 62 dog ?3 min
to beg " -: '"
Effie Campbell wid to Howard
Butterfitid beg
W bdg D L C B S Boi.ney and
wf 1 W W M Pt U.G ch N
11 deg E fr SW cor Tj C th
N IT deg E 10 '5 ch to N Vt eor
of S 1-2 of sd D U C th E
36.71 ch to mid Did Stage
Road," Salem-Aurosu. th fc
32 deg 15 min W in void sd rd
18.13 eh to st 4x8x10 th S 87
C 30.10 ch to beg con 52.50 A
sit D h C afsd. "1-4
H E Stoen and Josephine fitetn
to Jusper P Dullura and Lena
Dullum, 3 sit. A D L C Peter
r.v nnd wf 6 S 1 AV W IV!
j N Duncan and Ma-xoret Dun
can to Stanley A .f nis a.m
Ruby Riches. 100 A be ou S
end DLC William , Wllmt.
Not no 789
Joseph J Keber anu
Keber to John M '' "
of SB 1-4 of Seo 33 and S 1-2
of SW 1-4 of Hen n i: p ' "
W M D L C Abr.than: uoi
cert No 3412 Not No 'J950
160 A
m'Y iu:i cross stamps
Time Tables.
- Water Company.
corner Commercial and 1
Kills navnuir '
304 Phone 606.
h.ii-ner demonstiation. a , .
guaranteed or WW -Bogue
& Thompson, 200 btato
-rT.,(. Phone 105F11.
FOR SALK O"""' 29
is ready for busing e , 0sed UarSI
.CO lilMlUl" . .1,. lit
oharglnea you r RARGAINS-One u
..i hnvs can't fix it see u- - Al! v bug I31.W. !T '"lem Velie
ut ' ... .i in fuii"-' l . - ....m-mirttr. an''" . , oca
11 .... i nnn
4 i
T l" JACKSON, Mgr.
Phone oi".
1CK, o i" K commor
Wood Saw.
LmOT street. Salem. Orv
and paper ""''"a" Com.i st. Phone
A. Kallstrom, 437 S. com o 3()g
........ u.mii
Wet; three
as new, has or touring. cni.
".dcr'tnon either. !.;
12 th St.
tm line gravel roan, "",;,,.,.,. fmo
are cultivation, goto "-, ()04i
,-a,,..- o ... - ,n Mfrn
,i..i, eon. lota 1 1 "
iunber. Hargain, $130 P er ac e.
11 aero tract 3 1-2 M'1' , "mVes ami
lv .,11 in lmnrlnir rhOWlOS. piUms
TAuTo Exchange co
.strawberries. $2200. . . d closo ' 1pm0iisti'ation'
in nm-oH fine loganberry la , foi nen
in; snap for some ono at l(u 1 4
319 N, Comme..
19" ":. "lot driven
2000 mi es. 7" .
Fnrd 1-ton true
1 Snmson t'"l
Ford mo; - wtliout an"
I 'Amo8 for hl,e Mnollne. used
pell oils, ereof - -".sorlea. .
. tires ano "., for tne
"n ...Iron the HB"-' . nhrnif
.lr7-iveliind cars, i ,
. . rt on nary i.'.""
IDEAL Chrl " li'h'-'. t rhone
r. ii nair while tnaj
1701. '
"v, P, X sell. We have buyers
up .... "; - rpiiable and
waiting. l05f It John H. Scott
results, try us first- J .
Realty t;o., " .
Safetv Razor Blades.
Lodge Directory.
Stove Repairing.
" 'HEMEKETA Lodge No. '
CS-$nP.BtB every Wednesday
. -1.9 ft at I. O. O. V.
eveninK o --
. . o HT1T.-P.T A'l
KNIGHTS OD rx Tuesday
We."111', 'rcievelu
. .i
rebuilt and repaireu.
' years 6 10 6"
and ATtffh Pahits! oii" and varn
!'2r'4 Sthove
hooks. Sa l. 6t. PhC
T- rlnnd overcoats
Cash Rcquiren-"" . mU8lcal
Nice, 10 acre bearini;
.tiles out, fine location. nu"u;lpal SPo
.For bargains nnd a sauare deal
Perrine & Marsters ,
11-12 Com. club bids. Salenor
N c" , all Und. or m
... t. t iom. What nv.l at pnonf
1 . Q37 I'm..
road (on
Any amount. Low rates.
Full repayment privileges.
Very prompt service
about our 20-year loans at
, 205 Oregon Bldg.
Rfllpm ; ; Oregon
liberty bonds
neWyork market
-j ,nd from
Com. St.
I i i ii Tf rnt 111-
of the Marion anu
who is 1" v 2590 fairground
Auto Electric Co., 2 hhwa,
tne " nn(, car.
"S" inS' lty. Tele
huretor seivue 293
nhone 1798 tor
againsi - D nam, J'W"-
your clothes last. All work
" hand qoi.b. ,YrKrT,nv
u"i th HAND iay"'"-.-!-..
eieanlng, P "H. W
194 B.
McCornack hall on every
at g Harry Levy. G. G.. r
K. R. & o
bl. 6 Sny
Maurice MimUor 375
V,:, ;,. Pt u t. c. w:
IWs et ux beg . Pt 40 tu ot
x, lot 3 in bl. ii. Noun
, ,i, S 42 ft. to'11'- i1
Salem th. fa. - 'l . .
It. it " "
42 ft. to pt 40 ft
cor. it. 3 th. E. 11
beg. N. Saiem
Mid K-
it. Hat.iher and
Hatcher, bl 104 Hubbard
addition, liuoou.i.
Mary E Newton to tennie M
moral and Leroy Wrivn.1 .11
31,1 8 Boises addition, balem..-.
J . Cade and Winnie Cade to
Frank E Smith an- Lett!
Smith, It 3 bl 11.
-. SlfilPlll ..
BCooi rutioVet ux and Arthur
fr S cor .i - :
j0 . norii.".."""
54 Oregonian
16 Oregon lapre
28 Willamette ura.
18 Portland Passenger ...
24 Coos Bay
14 Portland Express -
th. W. 122
luil. th. N-
C. of N.V..
li. It. 3 to
EmllV W. Carpente.
Carpenter to
6;00 a-m.
0:56 a.m.
9;17 a.m.
5:35 p.m.
7:45 p.m.
53 Oregonian
23 For Eugene
15 California Express
17 Roseburg mswi -
27 Willamette Limited ...
13 San Francisco Pass....
... 3:10 a-m.
10:05 a-m.
11:05 a-m.
.... 4:08 p.m..
. 6:44 p.m.
10:03 pm.
73 Arrive at balem
74 Geavw
161 Leaves saiem, ."""
163 Leaves Salem, motor
7:00 a.m.
9:28 a.m.
Salem, motor ....l:5B p.m.
ROAEOHBOR'OF' jjgyil ft th K 1
Oregon Grape camP 1360 m I g
every Tu,Yvawrrvlo- ?raeit
"?ck rVieEE Cnn. 648 Union f t
M-.8. Mrs. Melissa Persons, 1415
reiru. -- rjv,. l43(iM.
..r. 1 l ft K tO
rlmfr NE cor 10. ft J -
....... th 28 1-Z 't i"
N 4th St.
7 .ciMUOairtial ABsem
UNITED A"11""." ,.v Thursday a'
bly No B,."""!,- Tnmule. Glenn G
o. m. m ""'''TibLen. secre
3o ttwen street
205 Orepon Bldg.
Oreeon gu KVenlng at
!e.el!..eVe,ny McCornack building
ocl i Tibertv rtreets. w. m
Court and Liberty r Turnor
Persons v
00 ft to bhi e.Jr 11
r.rown and M A Frown u,
. . . .a., f wi. rt n
trgJaand BergiVBrng.
105 Leaves -aiem. ...-" A,rli-
Thru car to . -- - 1R pm.
171 Leaves Salem g;25 am
182 Arrives " ...oo a-m.
164 Arrives Baiem . ra
106 Arrives Salem Q
172 Arrives Salem '
: HolltllllOHi".
Tonvn Arrive
Iran. .""--. Ri.,m
Nn i-ori.H.iii. ...--
& Ltd n Salem only
7. "i-SS
13 Ltd 4:45 pm m emy
17 :DI,ra.",.v; sdemonly
9:20pm . " -.-.h
Hank station (leave, Jeffer-
1 . " . it nii 2ft minutes ut"
son sireB. ... - "lllM.m
33 min fr W
in K al Lews " 8t
"7 deg 27 min W Ft 1st
3 5 ft the S 27 d,g 21 m r
32 50 ft to beg. Bet H 12 8
C i Permentor and Stsie Per-
LZr W Hunt Brother. Back
12:30 pm
Ing company, S 1-2 it
Northbound- .r,v.
T,LeaV.,e Saiem Porttaad
Eugene 8om 9:30 on
..n ..w, ii -30 am
10 Ltd 7:25 am - - pitv
12 . m i oo pm 6:50 pm
,6 Ltd 1:55 pm 4 O P pm
260:1 5! rtair.rrTiviVe
LeetreatUer, LeaV
nr KAT.HM lnmi --,, 1
w. u- n,ht at 8 OC.oi-
?Ye.C Wl. cor. Court ana
McGor.m amen weic..i
ortv St. Visiting k
T U I IHEl " . '
fna G. tr. lJ- '"
. . nprsnn for the
REWARD to ?...'" wh0
5-XTtn Radiator Shop
P: ;;:; Fenders and Oa. Tanks
Tractor Radiators ;orS!e,U,
IDS a. is".
"apprehension ,oi ' ' w belong-
Win. H. ESan fcSon
address wealthy 1- -',,, klnd. removeo ,- -jj
FREI? ! Jpnts wanting to marry - contracts at "-"d animal.
Wrn.W A. Mills. IH l cess P"os -.. Maln l47
Scavenger. .
sa.en. Scayanger-t montb
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Of f ice Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.
sent anyone free.
Ban r ran"-'
,,l office nhone
t ;
1 1
it 4