Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 04, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    ''HIM t. A PITA I IIIIIUM 1 I . . ..... .. ...
, , . .V
State House Briefs.
At State Hospital Mayy Si
Tho widow of
Claims dl8no7T7:.. .. !!.,...," Wu" ,e", who
rtnt con m lZ, 7 ' ",dustrlal a ,h al0 h06pltal recentl-.
Washington, Do. 4. Represent!!.
tlvi-H of evory seaport on the Pacific
coast as woll oa of Hawaii and the
I'hlllpplnoa appoarod beforo Chairman
Payne of the ahippir.R board Vodnen
day In a plea for faat freight and pan
sonsor nhlp to take care of the rapld
ily developing trade In tho Orient.
f)r. I'aul B. Rolnwih, former United
Plates nilnleter to China, wan upokps
man for the dolerntcn and outlined In
dotal' the trade opportunities In tho
Orient. He stated that a two week
service had been entabltHhod to the
Orient for piiHHongcr and freight and
a three-route aervlcn which would
roach Vladlvoatok, KobH, Jupan, Ma
nila and the Philippines vhould aluo be
Two veBselM on each route would bo
necemuiry to nialntuin tho buHlncas that
would ordinarily fro to fort'ln bottomt
lio Wild. ' '
Itclnftch declared that tho Orient
wna willing to work closely with tho
United Stattia and If America failed to
Kiaup this opportunity the trade
would be snapped up by othor coun
tries. Chairman Tayne In answering the
deloRiitcB slated that tho first suit
able chips available for Oriental aerv
Ice would be allocated to tho Pacific
but the board's flrat task was South
America and next the Pacific Payno
declared a permanent American mer
chant marine muat bo atabllHhetl and
that he would mako every effort to
have coiiktuhh back hint to'iwtablish
xce, of the nulm7 than 00
"0 acres of ,nd
Tin Palles, Or., Dec. 4. "The con
test between the white man and the
Mongolian has to bo met sooner or
later, and If by no other alternative
than by war, then tho sooner the bet
ter," declared Delegate Walter Pierce
of La Grande, Or., speaking at the
annual convention of tho Oregon and
southern Idaho division of tho Far
mers Kducatlonnl & Cooperative Un
ion of America hero.
"Tho Japanese has abaolutoly no
moral or honesty standard." contin
ued Pierce, who was Democratic can
didate for governor during the last
Oregon campaign. "He will break a
contract nt tho slightest provocation,
and cannot be trusted. If allowed to
spread he will soon control the agri
cultural activities of this state
"I urgo stringent laws to protect
American property from the Incur
sions of Mongolians. Tho east and
west can never mix."
Tho farmers union Is exnected to
pass resolutions before adjournment
urging tho legislatures of western
states to pass laws absolutely pro
hiblting .Tapaneso from holding lands
cither Individually or In corporations.
land. ur,a n
Hlnto engineer's offi ltn the
Malheur county. "mWn
P G r iff It h"' ' "v? l Sutenlnt
cost of l ' Whn alM that the high
the ProdUce hM worked to
J- P. Kerr of HlllHboro Is the first
Z V l Qtnm- hls PP"catlon be-
ng received Wednesday. A total of
528 brokers have now been licensed
in the state with the revenues of the
department from license foes aggre
wUng J7040 for the fir.t year of Its
existence. It Is expected that more
than $4000 of this amount will bo
turned over to the general fund of the
state after all expenses of maintain
ing tho department have been met
bnJ lne del,h ot hus
band, according to word received here,
fenson was assaulted hv ,..,
"the Institution the night follow-
oeZ Cmr Multnomah
"... i, a ennth
aftor .k . uiuiwbu a week
"ter the assault but an autonv fi,iiB
wsautt and the death a :
tuest which Im-cii.,.-j -L
broimKf i ""'smi mo case
Xtl'ci,1 ' hfromj
jJI"5 bla ot the claim which Mrs. !
12 l" mid t0 ba P-ParInB is not'
West Salem.
The Highway Film company of
Portland, capitalized at $10JI00, filed
articles of incorporation with the cor
poration department here Wednes-,
day. The Incorporators are Joseph
Hceso, Jean Miller, 0. C, Kottka, R.
E. Miller.
The Tire Service corporation of
Portland, capitalized at $5000 also
filed articles Wednesday. The Incor
porators are F. G. Lamy, L. E. Crouch
and A F. Lamy.
Kosolutlons of dissolution were fil
ed by Wherlty-Ralston & company,
Clatsop county and the BanSon Far
mers and Merchants Telephone com
pany. The Kent Elevator company nt
''ent. Multnomah county, filed a cer
tificate showing an Increase In capi
tal from $2B,000 to $30,000.
Toledo. Ohio, Dec. 4. Toledo's fa
mous crook colony was scattering to
parts unknown today following a ser
'es of raids last night in which two
hundred men and women were ar-
res'ed and many thousands of dollars
wo-th of narcotics and other muter
la's taken over by the police and fed
eral officers.
Medley Mixed
In Proposing
His Amendment
Evidently J. E. Medley of roiilaml
got his wires crossed when he proposed
to amend article one of uio uua con
stitution by adding anotuer suc.oii iu
bo known as section 36.
There are already two sections ito ot
article 1, according to a ie,ii union
Attorney Oeneral Brown lias wnuei.
calling Mediey s attention to lus error.
One of these sections pruinous me
manufacture and sale of,
liquors and the other p,oi..u,.s inc
death penalty within the siaie oi jio
gon. Uoth of these amenu.ems weio
added to the statutes in 1914.
Medley'g ' proposed a...eiKt.ueu!
would establish a minimum wab ot -.
for an oight hour day for n.eii and a
wage of 20 for a week of 4 n-u.s fc
Tell Your Friends
About Nicotol
The Enemy of Tobacco
Mrs. Albert Linegar and baby son
returned to their home near Mori
mouth Tuesday after a week's visit
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
Miss Mary Notson, Mies Eddy
Compton and Miss Lva Rlggs, all Wil
lamette students, were Bunday dinnet
guests of Miss Ruth Bedford.
A Mrs. Davis of Oregon has rented
and moved into the Frank Lamb
Mr. J. A. Huston has purchased the
Gus Stoller house recently occupied
by the Clint Woods family.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Cade were
Thanksgiving guests of his parents.
They returned to their farm home
near Albany, where they have large
stock holdings, Thursday evening.
Mrs. Elmer Bales and three little
ones of Wallase, Idaho, are In the val
ley for the rest of the winter. At
present they are guests of her mother.
Mrs. D. K. Erannan.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Moore and fam
ily, of Fairfield, and Mr. and Mrs. J.
A. Huston were Thanksgiving guests
at the F. M. Moore home.
Recent arrivals In West Salem from
Missouri, are Mr. and Mrs. rhillips,
young people who have rented the
Frederlckson house on 4th street.
Mr. ami Mr Edwin Urock are hav
ing a delightful visit Ip Oakland, Calif.
They went down In tome to eat
Thanksgiving dinner with Mrs. Brock's
brother, Thomas and wife. They ex
pect to be home for Christmas.
West Salem public school has two
teachers and owing to the influx of
pupils into the neighborhood Is in
need of a third which may be forth
coming the beginning of the year.
City council met in regular session
Monday evening and transacted
routine monthly business.
Win, McAdams, employe at the Re
form school, has been at home with
his mother for several days quite ill
with a heavy cold.
James Shields attended the funeral
of his relative, Mr. Hoffman, Tuesday
Mrs. C. M. Shultz from Buttevllle ar
rived at the home of her brother P.
M. Moore on Tuesday for a several
days visit.
A very pleasant time was spent at
the home of Mrs.
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Vf b'-iw
Many Women Use
Glyycerine Mixture
man's health to
It Improves any
quit tobacco If he can escape the the parsonage
i ..m.r thnt usually attends Dainty light
,i,i,nnt such ass stance as served by the hostess.
I'"'" ' r J.:' ever have Mrs. W. W.
n,T,rh? Trv Nicotol In get- the arrival from Junction City,
ting rid of the tobacco habit and see
how quickly the cough will disappear
Is dlspensoa Dy m b"
especiair- v
S.alem women will be surprised at
the INSTANT pleasant action of sim
ple glycerine, buckthorn bark, etc.,
as mixed In Adler-i-ka. One spoon
ful relieves ANY CASE gas on stom-
J. T. Hunt Tuesday ach or sour stomach. Because Adler-
afternoon when a dozen of West Salem i-ka acts on BOTH upper and lower
ladies gathered for a carpet rag sew- bowel it often cures constipation anu
i Their nhlect Is a rag rug for prevents appendicitis. One lady re-
druggls's In
D. J. Fry.
this city,
Bales is rejoicing over
rado, of a sister, Mrs. 8. Huffer, whom
she had not seen for twenty years.
Mrs. Huffer will make a lengthy visit.
norts herself CURED of a bad case
were of bowel trouble and constipation. J.
!c. Perry, druggist, 115 South Com
mercial, r (Adv)
E. O. Whipple suffered the loss of
one of his arms Saturday, when he fell
against one of the large Baws in the
l enoa mills near Drain.
r to
New York, Dec. 4 Kerosene pncua
have advanced one cent a i
wholesale In Pennsylvania a '"
ware and one-half cent a
Colorado, Montana, New Me 1 anil
Wyoming. It was announced he e.
AHWOOD5 presents
The Play that
started NY on
a Pa jam a Ja Jl
1 ;fj h j
ij,lMt!' I !' -J
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