Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, December 01, 1919, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    Mew To
Hate per word Eueli iimortion one
cat. six Insertion 6 cents, one month,
ti insertions, 17 cent, tmo t ;ir, pur
B.ontli, 0 cents. Minimum per nd 25
Fiist Insertion only In Now Today.
CU.v u'l Cllsh n advaiie und nut tak
ln mtr pliona, unless advertiser has
ut'iiittily- acoount. No -allowance for
plume errors
iiiiiik laities-nh,,,. f ,.,
T, . -- -
K ll M VnlA . -
"J. oaie.
- . I . '
Its at Small Cost
u, live furn
New Today.
K runge, almost new. HM.'i N.
Capitol ft. 2Sf,
jult SAUK I'luno, standard make,
f I no condition. No agents need ap
ply. Box lMano Journal. tS
I'Oll SALE Newly finished bunga
low with garage, mortem cniivcnl
eiues. $2000. M. II. Edwards. Chcr
i v C'lt.v Restaurant, ISti S. High St.
i:o,1,'ll':!V.l';,'t:i':,1J ""'-.iu
"'" "ay. Phono 1413: 289
uI.k. ji,,,. s. Commercial St
VYVNTKI' Women or girl to wash
dishes Illld ttHHlHl In kltclll'll. Call
405 N. Liberty St. 2NG
I SALE Or trade, one Berkshire
i ion r, uk 14 months. I., ilechtcl Ac
Ann, Kt. 8, Kiilem. Plume S'.'l 4. 285
WANTED Team fat'in . horses, must
l.t sound iiinl true, 14H0 lbs. weight.
f,. ltochttil & Hon, Salem, phone
:.'.i'4. 2S5
hu f ISO. on. liKht foui'Ttu
" k' r' I'i'wonwc-i', 45u. Salem Velic
!" J 62 N. Commercial.
!Tf,,rEITi'12,an estate' 1 am offering
wn . , , moao bungalows
wen located on paved street. Wil
H. Trlndle, Bank of Com
merce bide. 293
I ni: SAI.K Cheap. 7-tK Queen In-
I'liluttoi', only heen usdd unco. llfiS
Ci. Ciimmorclal. 2S5
'ill! SAI.K 1 lonnnl.eil Aiii'oii:! eoek
.iris. Limited numlier on hand. W.
A. Jiaker, Amity, O. lit. 1, 2h8
' VNTKD New Oregon Htrawh- i iy
iiktnlh. t'luiuo 41' ft. 2!:i
Y VTi:i Wood uuttcys for fir wood
K-Hoiie 20F31. 28li
ltili SAI.K Or trude. a, one-horso
Aiiwiin anil bunkty and net of heavy
names. 1 UK! Kerry. I'M!
i iil: SAI.K Haled oat liny pet
ion, at Ut. fi, box 112, Manleay load.
V II. l.ltelifield. 2SH
Ut SAI.i: l-'liHt rliiHS baled el I
niv aud Bliaw. I'hone Ull'lu. IIOSi
lull SA,K (iood SO aere farm,
sleek and machinery, hIko f, pitHKen-kci-
ear. AddiCHK K rare Journal.
2 IS !i
j Niemeyer's Buys.
"""usauut. ,-
S W oodHhe. . Lot 42x.i. Walnut ami
CV'iiieut walks. $2f,00.
An iillriK-tlve. up to date, strictly
liindern I, mum Imnio ... nu
ht. Alme than 2 large lots; good fruit.
All exceptional offer. J4000. Good
8 room fully modern house Kl
blocks on S. High St. 2 lots 50x126.
!l acres (i niiles south. 40 'acres
lieiuliiK prunes; 10 lognns; 20 hay; 6
strawberries; 15 acres timber and
pasture. $52,000.
40 acres Just outside city limits,
(bind family orchard. All well fenc
ed. Nice house; liarii and out build
inns. $l(S,KO0. ,
40 acres ,1 miles east on rock roatU
acres timber and pasture. Balance
cultivated. (Iood family orchard. 7
room house; large barn. Fine water
piped to buildings. J',1300.
C. W. Niemeyer.
Just real estate and high class in
vestments. 5-216 Masonic blflg., Sa
lem. I'liones 1000, 1014. 284
Iiil! SAI.K One fresh Jcrxov cow
.villi calf. I'hone 10TK12. 2MI
l.i iST On the Puntlnnr road between
Mliany tind the Crabtree depot Sat
urday eve, Nov. 15, .1 black leather
i raveling bag l onlailllliK 1 Kalmaii
kodak, latlieH clothes mid toilet ar
ticles. Kinder please notify .Miss Nel
lie Cavender, Silvertoii, Or., or
lilmne Black lOlll, and receive lib
eral rcwuri). -s'
U'WTKK A K"Od second hand ve
locipede. Phone 40K. 2Mi
I'Hl: SAI.K .lentey cow. tia hens and
iHillets, Homo furniture, dishes,
tamps and conking utensil A bar
tiain at 454 Hood St. '-'
C);Sl'S CL.KKKS (.Men. women).
Iiion needed. $115 month. Kxpeii
I'ttce iinnecessary. Examinations Sa
lem Dec. 10, Jan. 7. For free pai
.iciiliirs, write. J. Leonard t former
government exaniinefi 1I1K2 KiUii
t.lde bldg., WttHhlngton. 2 Mi
1'ili SAI.K IIoiiHehold goods, price
.'c.-iMomildc. S76 S. 12 street. S. I'
ear. " 2 SO
I'VK young team of mares. 20nt His
one .leiwey yow coniin.g fresh in 4
weeks and one nice heifer, got to
nave Tuesday night. Center Si. barn
ask for It. A. Smith or Hunt. 2M
Kill: SAI.K llarred Hook hens and
pullets. BKO N. 20th St. -s,;
Foli SAI.K 8 filunt rnliblts, bred
Iocs J1.50 nach, 12 Canictiitx pig-
is chenp. White Leghorn pullets.
i! eoekerels, good stock; 120-egg ln
'iiliator, 2 Mk. Canadian peas and
oals. 2 ak. grey oats. 1 sk. rye.
liechttd, lit. 2, box SI. 2 Ml
NoV Is your chance to get :t f-'1""1
Studebaker Six, '15 model, newly
iminted and variiislied for Jiiwi, or
iiil take good piano .in purl. l".v
"tient. A'erlbtat Transfer Co., where
.von get the value for your money,
''all mid ee me, I2 S. Coiit'k
I'hone 1344. 8"
BKLKCTKU California nursery stock
pcacn pits for sale, 3c per lb. Hunt
Bros. Packing Co. 287
MR. and Mrs. Sparks, ladles and Rants
tailors, want garments to remodel.
Kooin 2, 442 State St. 286
WANTED Sawmill to cut on shares
or stunt page, ash, maple, oak and
fir. Address Win. II. Egan & Sons,
Ccrvais, Or., 1U. 2, Phone SF11.
PATKONIZR Verlbest Transfer Co.,
baggage and moving; hauling any
where. Phiine 1.34 1.. 120 S. Coni'l.
ex-service man and old tinier in
Salem. 301
WANTED All kinds of junk and sec
ond hand goods. Liberty F.xchange,
241 N. Commercial. I'hone 841.
Spier & Scutt, Props.
WANTED One heavy draft hirse
about 1000 lbs, or team suitable tor
logging anil farm work. Phone Jef
ferson 3(1 F22. AV. J. Turnielge, Tal
bot, Or. 2S4
WANTED 1100-egg Buckeye incuba
tor, .must be in good condition. X
care Journal. 284
WVNTED To rent house, 5 or 6
w.rmiti hv resiionsible luuty. con
sists of 3 adtdts. Would be willing to
lease if deslrame. ;-ou. "
WANTED- -Eight or ten early hatch
ed U 1. Kcds or Barred Back pul
lets. Phone 1204. i-86
WANTED Stoves, ranges, furniture.
We pav highest spot casli prices.
Peoples Furniture Store, 271 North
Commercial. Phone 734.
WVNTKD Homebody- with high
id'ond pressure who can get no re-
, .. ,-,..1! 17 1(1 -B0
lief. Call 17-111.
W NTEI First class second hand
2500 ohm farmer telephone. Lox 9
Capital .lournal. ,
AVXNTED Boarders and roomers.
A APl'ly 1120 Center St. or l-Hone
ioil SAI.K Hhodo Island Ited cock;
ercls, Phone 66K21. -s''
T'ANTED A steady position by niat
t'ied mnn who 1ms had 8 years cx
lierlenee in buying, selling and man
aging a general Ktore. AA'hat have
.vouV p S care Journal. -x''
WANTED Someone to care for inya
1 It, Lamb, 615 S, l.ih. 2S4
Used Cars for Sale;
LOST Brown fur mitten, Friday or
Saturday. Beward If returned to
Capnai Journal. . -s''
ESTRAT Ttiken up at my residence
city limits. North Front Btreet, sa
If in, a black hefi'er nbout 1 year
, old. Cull before 8 n. m. or after
!' m. I'hone 20C4JI. A. O. -Davison.
. . t 28i
Ton RENT Furnished room in ''
vnte family. Phone 1069 Ise
I.oST Purso containing check and
Kmull change, Finder' returji' to
Journal office. Kewiird.,
1'CiUNO married man desires work cm
fruit or grain farm. Experienced In
cither. Would like to run place on
salary. Not nf raid of work. Phone
007. v ' . 284
nut S-VLE CMiahuers car, A-10"'
' Vlhlon C..H Olsons Oarage, so.d,
Real Estate---Houses
bungalow with
or without fnmlluJ terms.
Listen, 484 Court St.
AV. A.
. i onrp
, ..,.,,- noust. A
j.-uu jvii." - - room nouse,
grouttd. on ca ine. - N
wesl side. K L. 2Sl)
Coin. Phone
Wood Saw.
Any amount. Low l'ates.
Full repayment privileges.
Very prompt service. Ask
about our 20-year loans at
6.- '
205 Oregon Bldg.
Salem Oregon
' .' - .coot. Salem, Or.
. i.- TP-Vl oil 0P.
Salem auw
Monitor cars trow t; Phone
1 cui A I11IMH. - w
II lltl c"
TCc 'nnrl Investments.
v, fine level soil
100 acre ranch, tine
bot all In Sion near town.
ings, orcnai" .
liAt. bearing berries. Snap. M00
10 acres close school. tir
orchard, choice land neat
buL half mile from
acres hcortng Pine8' buluUngS and
,-ies and apples, fcoou
well. $4750. improved 11 acres
c ose in. ,' choice ion."---
oonles. fine home, u , bul,j.
. fi acres close in. 1 ',(loe price
lugs, well, orcita.u.
soil, farm liuddinBS no
$175 per acre acreage, esi-
For farms, choice
"ene Purine & Marsters .
211i com, club bldg. Se.em, Or
w,rb17ls h- f- Zimmerman-.
Help Wanted
FLwMoflern R,x house
crmB- Hoth Grocery Co.
years lrt i erd boar, 3
E " ia from the. best and
4 0 P.?Ve1 hlB worth; weighs about
S7 ni , 1 '?sn: tlrst checl for
;I5 " '?.,keh H. R. Jones,
n, saiem.
Kemember, able bodied boys over
18 years old and under 60, the
Crown Willamette Pulp Mills at
Oregon City and AVest Linn will
need men for the winter season.
Just keep -them in mind when ar
ranging your winter work schedule.
They have a fine hotel just for em
ployes, at low rates, 3oo
Federal Farm Loans
WOOD cutters wanted. C. D. Querv
Phone 77F2.
V havl POLAND CHINAS. I r , 3 elBnt weeks old,
at iVn f B'y that I will sell
vom. hTh- lhese e beauties,
Tonl r6 whlle they '"St- H. R.
Jones, phone 49F2.
WANTED Housekeeper and cook.
Oood, wages; Call at Peoples cash
store,. Mrs. Solof... 284
WANTED Young married man de
sires work, will take churge of farm
or anything. What have you'MSux
Work Journal. ' 284
WANTED Job on ranch by experi
enced man by month. K F B care
Journal. - , . 285
FOR SALE Corn on cob, $45 ton.'
:t-4 r,, A ........ T- !. ... '
ii , " , L Jve,zpr school house,
it. H. Lnwdon. Phone 29F3.
REAL ESTATE, loans, investments.
Walter McLaren, room 25, 180 N.
Com. Si.
FOR SALE Carrots at Farmers fend
barn, 100 S. High. Phone 10 or 14F
PARTRIDGE Rock cockerels for
s.tie or exchange. Phone 70K31. 285
41! ACRES, 30 cultivated, good build
ings, 2 1-2 acres of prunes; income
from this property past two years
over $6000. Price $4500, some terms
Hugh Magee, Scotts Mills, Or. 284
FOR SALE Fox terrier nun. 1235
Jefferson or phone 9S7.I. 283
FOR SALE Or trade, 160 acres Lake
county ranch. Inquire W. R. Duc
hlen. 1697 N. Capitol St., Salem,
Or. 283
5 1-2 per cent interest, 34 1-2 years
time, on farm loans up to $10,000.
6 per cent interest, years time,
on farm loans above $10,000 up to
City loans. Low rate of interest. Pay
off principal and interest in month
ly payments like rent.
401 Masonic Temple, Salem, Ore.
FOR SALE 10-weeks old pigs. John
J. Doertler, Silverton, Rt. 3, box
53. Phone Silverton 5F13. 285
FOR SALE Have moved to town and
have no use for my team of mares
4 years old, weighing 3000, with
harness and wagon, also horse 1250.,
Call at barn in alley back of White
feed store. ' 285
FOR SALE 24 hens, some laying;
also Edison phonograph and 65 rec-
ords. 1095 N. 22d St. 285
FOR SALE R. I. Red cockerel, pure
bred,- April hatched. 695, S. Com
mercial St. To phone call up 1510.
FOR SALE 24 AVhite Leghorn hens,
One vear old. Phone 34F13. 284
FOR SALE Jersey cow, 2 Poland
China pigs, 1 angora goat, 33 chick
ens, 1 calf. Savage store, Waconda,
Or. . 285
FOR SALE Fruitlnnd nursery has a
few thousand Italian prune trees
and also grafted Franquett walnuts
and other nursery stock, Phone
111F21. Rt. 6, Salem, Or. 288
OAK wood for sale $9 per cord. Os
car-!, fllngtich, 371 Court St, Phone
635. ' " ' 289
FOR SALE (Iood sewing machine.
Box One, Capital Journal. 285
FOR SALE Fresh Jersey cow. .1704
S. 13th St.
FOR SALE Jersey milk eoW. 1795
N. Capitol St. 284
Salem Auto Radiator Shop .
Radiators, Fenders and Gas
Tanks Repaired
Tractor Radiators a Specialty
Ford Radiators for Sale
198 S. 12th St. Salem. Ore.
opened up a first class shop, repair
ing and retinishing and upholster
ing. All work guaranteed. Will cull
and estimate your work. Phone 1742
1201 S. Cimmercial. M. Brown.
6 1-2 per cent Interest, Prompt serv.
Ice, 34 1-2 years time. Federal
farm loan bonds for sale. A. C.
Bohrnstedt, 401 Masonic Temple,
Salem, Oregon.
2Sc; geese 25c; cheese 33 35c.
Live Stock.
Caitle: Receipts 2000; tone of mar
ket steady; good to choice steers $$
9.50; fair to medium steers $7 I;
common to fair steers, $5.506.50;
choice to good cows and heifers $7.50
S 50 , canners $45; bulls $5 7.50;
calves $8 14. ........
DR. JOHN L-. LYNCH, osteopathic Hoas: Receiots 1715: tone of mnr-
physiclan and surgeon. 403-4 Ore-jket firm; prime mixed $15.50 18.00;
gon bldg. Res.
phone 1394.
phone 58F5;
A real automobile bargain in a 1919
Douglas '. Eight (interchangeable
with Daniels). In perfect mechani
cal condition; looks like new acts
better than new. t)Wuer has left this
seven passenger car with us for sale
at $1000 less than original cost.
This must be seen to be appreciated.
See it now; it won't be with us long.
256-258 State Street.
STOP BUYING FUEL--See kerosene
burner demonstration. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded.
Boguo & Thompson, 200 State St.,
Salem,. I' . . ' 306
GOOD room and board close in. Phone
1781 J. . 287
WHEN you want good Spy or King
apples phone Walter Pearmine,
98F2. 284
5 acres, 2 1-2 logans, balance open
land close to Pacific, highway; shack
house. $2000. ;
40 acres, close to pavement, all In
cultivation, $12,000.
Splendid good httle home; 2 acres,
good buildings, close in, only $2200.
30 acres all cultivated, close to
town, $3000; half cash, balance 0 per
54 acres, 14 acres commercial fruit
in bearing, on pavetl road, good im
provements, close in, $22,000.
10 acres, fair buildings, 2 logans,
the best of roads. $4500.
5 acres, all the best of soil in culti
vation; house, barn, some fruit, $1,-
850; terms on pnrt.
Don't wait to see advertised what
you want; write and tell me or come
to see me. i may nave wnac you warn.
For best ' buys or exchanges, see
Socolofsky, 341 State street.
YOUNG man desires position in of
fice. Can give excellent recommen
dation as to ability. Several years
experience. Box Z Journal. 284
LET me do your Xmas crocheting.
1595 lath and Lee St. 284
Best Buys.
30 acres, 20 bearing prunes, 3 acres
logans, balance bearing apples and
cherries, first class new drier, house
and barn, stock and equipment, water
piped to all buildings, on rock road, 8
miles from Salem. The finest buy in
the land. $12,500. Easy terms.
32 acres, 29 cultivated, 14 in bearing-
peaches, all best of bottom soil,
fair improvements, good road, close to
balem; this orchard produced
year actually a net income that equals
to 40 per cent on $12,000 which Is
the price, 1-2 cash.
5 acres, 2 1-2 logans, balance open
land, close to Pacific highway; shack
house. $2000.
40 acres, close to pavement, all in
cultivation, $12,000.
Splendid good little home, 2 acres,
good buildings, close in, only $2200.
30 acres all cultivated, close to
town, $3000; half cash, balance 6 per
54 acres, 14 acres commercial fruit
in bearing, on paved road, good im
provements, close in. $22,000.
10 acres, fair buildings, 2 logans,
the best of road. $4500.
5 acres, all the best of soil in cul
tivation, house, barn, some fruit, $1,
850; terms on part.
Don't wait to see advertised what
you want; write and tell me or come
to see me, I may have what you want.
For best buys or exchanges see
medium mixed $14.6015.50; rough
heavies $13.5014.00; pigs $14.50
Sheep: Receipts 2343; tone of mar
ket steady; prime lambs $11.5012.50
fair to medium lambs $10.50(5 11.50;
yearlings, $8.60.0O; wethers, $7.60
68.50; ewes $5.007.00.
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341 State street
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired. BO
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, sizes 26 to 68
Inches high. Paints, oit and varn
ishes, etc., loganberry md hop
hooks. Salem Fence am? Stove
Works, 260 Court street. Phot 134
Lodge Directory.
O. F. hall,
. meets every
evening at 7:30 at I. O,
TINTING and paper hanging. Tinting
anct paper nanging a specially, g.
A. Kallstrom, 437 S. Com'l St. Phone
. . - -1 A O
HAVE your car overhauled by AV. E.
Tripp. Phone 1363M, and it will be
done right. 286
Second Hand Goods.
No Cash Required Good overcoats,
., a ,,itt, oil kimla nt musical
snues aim on..,, - ----
instruments, shotguns, rifles, heating
stoves, gas stoves, suit cases uu vvv
other useful articles to sell or trade.
What have you? The Capital Ex
change, 337 Court St. Phene 493.
6 1-2 ACRES bearing fruit, very close
in. 9 room house, barn, fine prop
erty. $7600.
18 acres, 10 acres choice bearing
fruit, very close in, 7 room house,
modern. $20,000.
10 acres east in fruit and grain,
beautiful location,, buildings fair.
20' acres west, 5 in cultivation, 8
acres in prunes, small fruit. $6250.
3 acres west, In cultivation, some
walnuts and apple trees, 6 room
house, good property. $2500.
4 1-acre tracts on car line $1000 to
40 acres west Eugene, 35 acres in
cultivation, deep black soil, 5 acres
good timber, good 7 room house,
new barn. $3100; cash and terms.
Hna n.
Good houses and lots from $625 up
to $5000. .
Walter McLaren
Room 25, ISO N. Com. St. 288
Oregon Grape camp ino. laou memo
every Thursday evening In McCor
nack hall. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn, 648 Union St.
recorder. Mrs. Melissa Persons, 1416
N. 4th St. Phone 1436M.
For Rent
11.1 Clietnoketa.
s for rent. Inquire
i.viii RENT Single housekeeping
d sleeping rooms at The Miller
633 Ferry. sl
Why Sell For Less?
WE will pay you more cash for your
hrvimehold goods. Get our bid be
fore vou fell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardwire Store, 271 N. Com
mercial street. Phone 734.
nffloe 124 South Liberty street
21T 937. 1211. Heal estate and
stock sates.
nr V WRIGHT, Turner auctioneer,
WWhy not get him. He only charges
2 per cent.
Homes, Apartments, Busi-.
ness Properties, Building
Loans. Current rates. Full
Repayment- privileges.
Our own money. Prompt
205 Oregon Bldg.
Salem OreSon
Lost And Found.
LOST Eagle watch cnarm, . u. ji..
Reward. Chiet lire aeparimeiu. ti
LOST Black gauntlet driving glove.
Please leave at Price Shoe uo. iss
Salem Scavanger Garbage and re
fuse of ail Klnas removed on mourn
ly contracts at reasonable rates.
Cess pools cleaned. Dead animals
removed. Office phone Main 167.
We Want.
Your used furniture, stoves, carpets
and tools, as we pay fair prices for
everything, can mi,
285 North Commercial St.
Oleson's Auto Exchange
aq m COM. Y. M. C. A. BLOCK
Buys, sells and exchanges used cars
We buy old cars for wrecking. Auto
parts for sale.
Autos for hire without drivers.
1917 Ford, $425
1 Samson tractor $500
1 Ford truck, fine condition, $625.
Many other good buys.
We sell oils, grease, gasoline, used
auto parts, tires sua acceBBurien.
- Water Company."
corner Commercial ana iiu.o"
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 606.
McCornack, hall on.. every Tuesaay
at 8. Harry Levy, C. C; P. J. Kuntz
K. R. & S.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursuay at
8 p. m. in Masonic Temple. Glenn C.
Niles. M. A.; C. A. Vlbbert, secre
tary. 340 Owen street.
Oregon Cedar camp iso. oii
meets every Thursday evening at 8
o'clock in McCornack building,
Court and Liberty ctreets. W. M.
Persons. V. C. Franli A.,, Tumor,
AV. O. W. SALEM CAMP 118. Aleets
every Friday night at 8 o ciock in
McCornack hall, cor. Court und Lib
erty St. A'isiting Woodmen welcome.
C. D. Ross, C. C. L. S. Geer, clerk.
Farm Opportunity For
Some One. '
56 acres of good land, 16 acres in
good bearing prunes, a good family
orchard, all other land under culti
vation, two R. R. stations at proper
ty; a good 6 room house, largo Darn
and small prune dryer. If sold within
the next two weeks $200 per acre. See
us, this won t last long. John H. Scott
Realty Co., 228 Oregon bldg.
Salem Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators. Fenders and Gas Tanks
Tractor Radiators u Siicciulty
Ford Radiators for Sale
198 S. 12th Street. Salem, Ore.
perfect knowledge of the Mexican
penal laws and proceeds to explain
with refinement the intricacies of
Mexican penal proceedings but the
government of the United States fails
to discern in their application to this
case at the hands of Mexican authori
ties ties an' approximation to Impartial
treatment of Jenkins and the Mexican
government knows the absence of
such treatment is the reason lor the
American ' request.
"The Mexican government maintains
that it cannot grant the request of
the United States for Jenkins release
for the reason that under internation
al law no diplomatic intervention is
appropriate unless a denial of justice
has occurred and because the Mexican
government is not in a position to de
niandmarid Jenkins' release in view of
the separation of the executive and
judicial powers under the Mexican
form of government and the independ
once of the state courts, by one of
which Jenkins is held. The succinct
iinswer to this contention is, as every
one knows, that a denial of justice has
already taken place and also because
the mexlcan constitution specifically
gives the federal tribunals jurisdiction
of all cases concerning diplomatic
igents and consular officers.
Mexico on Defense
"The United States is not to be driv
en by such subtle arguments' into a
defense of its request for the release
of Mr. Jenkins. It Is for Mexico to
show cause for his detention, not for
the United States to plead for his lib
eration. Stripped of extraneous mat
ter with which he Mexican note Of
November 26, endeavors to clothe It,
the naked cnse'of Jenkins stands
forth: Jenkins, a United States con
cular agent, accredited to the govern
nient of Mexico, is imprisoned for
'rendering false judicial testimony
hi connection with the abduction of
which he was the victim. This is the
substance, of the Mexican note.
"My government is pleased to learn
that the Imprisonment of Jenkins
stands on this single and well defined
ground and that the recorded state
ments that Mexcan authorities had
caused the Imprisonment of Jnklns
because of collusion with his abduct
ors und rebellion against the state are
not seriously regarded oy your government.
V.vidence Unsupported
"In whose interests then is the
charge of talse swearing brought
against Jenkins? His abductors? He
is in equity the complainant in the
case of his abduction, not the defend
ant, as the Mexican government now
makes him out tu be. The Mexican
government Is prosecuting the victim
Instead of the perpetrators of the
crime. While the outlaws, who en
dangered his life and took, away a
large .part of his fortune, enjoy their
freedom, the Mexican authorities now
deprive Jenkins of his liberty. More
over the ground expressed for the im
prisonment of Jenkins, namely that
he is supposed. 'to be responsible for
the crime of rendering false judicial
testimony' must be taken and my
government directs special attention
to this point as merely an expression
of opinion on the part of the Mexican
government as it Is entirely unsupport
ed by evldencet'liere is not produc
ed any of the testimony rendered by
him, or any extracts from such testi
mony tending to show the correctness
of his opinion. Tli Mexican govern
ment cannot expect the United States
to accept- In the grave circumstances
of this case such a bare, unsupported
statement as a valid excuse for the
imprisonment of an American consul
ar officer, particularly in view of the
fact that the Investigation of the case
by the Tepresentatlve of the United
Slates in Mexico so far as it has pro-
ceded, falls utterly to support this
opinion of your government. On the
contrary, the investigation gives the
government of the United States' ev-
ery reason to believe that Mr. Jenkins
has not knowingly given any falno
testimony in' respect to vital points in
his case,, although he has been hiii
rassed by Mexican authorities to give
such testimony even while lying iu
the hospital too weak and exhausted
to make them as a result of his treat
ment by his abductors and while be
knew evidence was being obtained
against him through intimidation of
witnesses. So stands the single, un
supported and my government be
lieves utterly unfounded, ground al
leged for Jenkins' imprisonment.
Conspiracy Charged
- "What conclusion is to be drawn
from such a reply as the Mexican gov
ernment other Uian there has been &
studied effort on the part of Mexicim
authorities' to insnare Jenkins in th
ntricucies of legal proceedings by al
leging the commission of technical of
fences and by bringing unsupported
charges against him. for a purpose?
In the first place, to divert the, atten
tion of the American public und the
American government and indeed tti
Mexicans themselves from the actuiil
situation, namely that Puebla, the
capital of Puebla and perhaps the
second largest city in Mexico, is with
out adequate protection from outlaws
who infest the immediate neighbor
hood and who were accustomed open
ly and freely to visit the city without
hindrance, tliut by the failure to furn-.
ish adequate protection in this dis
trict the Mexican authorities have,
through their negligence, made possi
ble the abduction of Jenkins, and that
in harmony with such an attitude on
the part of the Mexican authorities,
they have failed to carry but the duty
and obligation incumbent upon them
to apprehend and punish the bandits
concerned in the crime of which Jen
kins was the victim, And in the sec
ond place it appears to have been the
purpose of the Mexican government
to assume a wilful indifference to tho
feeling of the American people that
has been aroused to the point of In-"
dignation by the exposure, hardships,
and physical suffering endured by
Jenkins during his abduction and his
subsequent treatment at the hands Of
the Mexican authorities.
"In view of the considerations which
have been set forth and in view par
ticularly of the belief of my govern
ment that the charge ugalnBt Jenkins
of deliberate false swearing is un
founded, the government of the Unit
ed States must renew its request for
the immediate release of Consular
Agent Jenkins from further impris
onment. '
i (Signed) "Lansing." '
Time Tables.
Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY razor blade sharpening ma
chine, first installed at A. B. Stew
' art Repair Shop, 347 Court St
Money To Loan.
On good real estate security
Over Ladu & Bush Bank, Saiem. Ore.
MARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Ass'n. Government money to loan
at 5 1-2 percent. 303 Salem Bank of
Commerce. W. O. Smith
Grain: Wheat, No. 1, $2; feed oatt
76 80c; milling oats 86c; cheet hay
$17; oat hay $20; clover hay $2122;
mill run $44 45.
Butterfat: Butterfat, 70o; cream
orv butter 68 S 69c.
. Pork, veal and mutton: Pork on foot
15 l-2c; veal, fancy 19c; steers
78c; cows 57 lr2c; spring lambt
9c; ewes 4ig5c; sheep, yearlings c
turkeys, 60c. .
Wuira and poultry: Eggs cash 70c;
"ltirht Viens I8ffi20c heavy hens 24c; old
roosters 15 016c; springs 20c.
Vegetables: Onions per sack 4&c
celery doz. 90c; potatoes zc; bwboi
potatoes 5 l-2c.
Fruit: Oranges $5.50 6. uo; lemons
$7.00 C 8.00; bananas 11c; honey ext.,
20c: bunch beets, 45c; vabbage 2A4C
head lettuce $1.00; carrots 45c; grapes.
Tokays 12c; Brussell sprouts ltc,
cauliflower $2.00 doz.; red peppers, 20c
lb. '
Retail prices: Eggs dozen 76o;
creamery butter 75c; country butter
68c; flour, hard wheat $3.103.26.
Portland, Or., Dec. 1. Butter, city
creamery 67 68c; eggs selected local
70ft 75c; hens 2023c; brpllers 23
No. Northbound
64 Oregonlan 6:00 a.m.
16 Oregon Express 6:68
28 Willamette Limited 9:17 a.m.
18 Portland Passenger ...... 1:60 p.m-
24 Coos Bay . 6:38 p.m.
14 Portland Express 7:46 p.rxC
63 Oregonlan
23 For Eugene
16 California Express ....
17 Roseburg Passenger .......
. 3:10 a.m.
10:08 a.m.
11:06 a.m.
4:08 p.m.
27 Willamette Limited 6:44 p.m.
13 San Francisco Pass..... 10:03 p.m.
73 Arrive at Salem 8:10 a.m.
74 Leave Salem 4:00 p.m.-
161 Leaves Salem, motor .... 7:00 a.m.
163 Leaves Salem, motor 9:2S a.m.
166 Leaves Salem, motor ....1:56 p.m.
Thru car to Monmouth and Atrti
171 Leaves Salem 6:16 p.m.
162 Arrives Salem 8:26 a.a,
164 Arrives Sdlem 11:00 a.m.
166 Arrives Salem 3;20 p.m.
172 Arrives Salem 7:40 p.m.
Train Leave Arrive Arrive
No. 'Portland Salem Eugene
5 Ltd :15am 10:16 am 12:80 pm
7 10:45 am 12:50 pm Salem only
9 2:05 pm ,4:15 pm :36 p4.
13 Ltd 4:45 pm 6:40 pm 8:60 pm
17 6:06pm 8:07pm Salemonljr
19 9:20pm 11:20 pm & dem only
North Bank station (leave Jeffer
son street 15 and 20 minutes later)
Train -No.
10 Ltd
16 Ltd
Leave . Arrive Arrlva
Eugene Salem Portland
7:15 am 9:30 ojii
7:25 am 9:45 am 11:30 am
12:06 pm 2:30 pm
1:56 pm 4:00 pm 5:50 put
Salem only 6:30 pm 7:40 pm
4:25 pm 7:56 pm 10:00 pra
North Bank station (arrive Jeffer
son street 15 minutes earlier.) 'Lieavs
North txv 3d
Leave Corvallis Arrive Salem
8:20 am 8:45 am
2;35 pm . 4:00 p.n -6:18
pm 7:55 .pro
Leave Salem Arrive Corvallis
10:16 am ' H:7 am
0:40 pm 8:00 pm
4:12 pm S:40 Pm
Without Delay
Masonic Building
Phones 10001014
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.