Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, November 26, 1919, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Nov. 24-27 Teachers Insti
tute In high school,
Nov. 28 Rotary club lunch
eon in Marion hotel.
" Nov. 26 Cherrian dance at
Armory. '
Nov. 27 Christian church
entertainment at penitentiary.
Nov. 27 Dance at armory.
Uec. i Music class of Salem
Woman's Club meets with Mrs.
MaxO.Buren, 745 Court street.
Dec. 1. Business Men's
Luncheon at Cemmerclal club. .
Deo. 3-4 Bazaar In St Jo
seph's hall.
Dec. 5 Winifred Byrd and
Clarence Whitehill aoncert at
Dec. g Special school elecr
tion for increases in teachers'
Dec. 19 "The House Next
Door." high school auditorium.
Rubber boots repaired. -New soles.
Heels. Anderson & Brown. 280
Thanksgiving dinner will be served
At the Spa from 1 until 8 p. m.' 28(P
Salem police have notified river
points below the city to be on the
lookout for a 19 foot skiff which was
stolen from the foot of Mill street,
some time Monday night. The skiff
belonged to the Salem Water com
pany, was painted gray, and the
chain with which it had been secur
ed had been broken by the thieves.
Boots repaired,. Anderson & Brown
formerly Watt Shipp Co. 280
All public offices will be closed in
the city tomorrow. The city hall,
I court house and state house will not
open. The post office will handle no
I mail other than general' delivery for
transients at tne wmaow oeiween
'nine and 10 o'clock in the morning,
i There will be no deliveries in the city
Phone 35 for drugs. Prompt deliv-
Tyler's drug store.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Butterfield of
Portland, paid a visit to friends in
Salem yesterday.
Rubber boots and shoes repaired.
Andeison & Brown. 280
E. T. Albert pf Portland was in Sa
lem today, while on hi8 way home
from a trip in southern Oregon. He
Thanksgiving dinner will be served
at the Spa from 1 until 8 p. m. 2HQ
has been the guest this week of Mfcs
Elisabeth .Levy at the Levy residence
jii Court street. , ' " .'
The Tuesday Music club held
meeting last evening, at which offi-J
cers were elected for the coming year
The following persons were elected to
fill the offices, for the coming year:
Miss Lena Belle Tartar, president;
Miss Elisabeth -Levy, vice president;
Mrs. Bertha Junk Darby, secretary;
Miss Chandler, treasurer.
The immediate restoration of capital
uuniahment in Oregon Is urged h'y the
. Miss Tartar! National Wool Growers association in
will represent the organization at the
State Music- Teachers association at
Portland on Nov. ,28 and 29.
a telegram received by Governor Ol
cott. this morning deploring the un
fortunate death of J. N. Burgess of
Pendleton an officer of. the organiza
tion which numbers 20,000 wool -growers
in its membership. .
"H!s loss is Irreparable for we. know
of no one in the western country who
(was held in the same high esteem as
wast he." reads the telegram from S.
W. McClure, of Salt Lake City, secre
tary of the association, referring to the
death (.. Burgess jv ho ; was- killed by
I holdup men in Portland Friday night.
: "He was universally lover-and respect-
! ed by every member. The members of
this organization join In assuring you
.- Strong denial that he had made a!'ld "" People of Oregon their full
statement that he would just as soonjn loyal support In bringing those
live under the kaiser as under the I Suilty of this outrageous, crime to the
United States, and citation of the fact I Billows. If Oregon has no law provid
- rfesww we
are truly thankful for all the many blessings
K Americans enjoy.
We appreciate the spirit of the founders of this
GLORIOUS REPUBLIC,'? who e x e r c ised
PatienceCouruage and; Determination and estab- X
lishedthis GREAT-NATION on the solid founda
tion of
that he had four sons in the world
war, Jacob Tuleja against whom suit
for divorce was begun here several
days ago, today filed answer to-his
wife's charges, asked her case dis
missed, and instituted suit himself
was accompanied to Portland by his 'for divorce.
Norma N.Terwilliger,licensed lady em
balmer.with. Terwilliger Funeral Home,
Phone 35 for drugs. Prompt deliv
ery. Tyler's drug store.
E. T. Barnes is on a business trip
to Portland today. - ;
' Big masquerade dance at new Au
burn hall Thanksgivmg night. Sa
lem's best five piece orchestra. 280
Tuleja also denied that he had $5000
due him, and says that he "has only
a dollar or two in his pockets" which
he needs "for the care of my five
minor children." Gertrude Tuleja, his
wife, had asked division of this sum
in her complaint.
Tuleja claims that his wife married
him with the intention of defrauding
him out of what little money he has,
and that she sought to take away the
money belonging to his, children.' He
claims-that his wife-ealled his child
ren "cats" and "rats."
He asks absolute ownership of all
nni c. . I - property iitvuiveu. iiiey were iimrneu
Love, the jeweler, 337 State street, ho,d ourt ,n Judge Bet,s stea(J Portland August 30, 1919.
brother and ster-in-law, Mr. j and
Mrs. J. S. Albert. Hiar father,' T. G.
Albert, will join them over Thanks
giving. .
Thanksgiving dinner will be served
At the Spa from 1 Until 8 p. m. 280
Judge Kelly, of the circuit court,
will leave the city tomorrow for Al
bany where he will hear motions Fri
day and Saturday, and will convene
court ' during the jury term which be
gins Monday: Judge Bingham will
leave i Saturday for McMinnville and
W. F. Campbell, 560; North 21st
street, returned last evening .from a
visit in Independence. u
Thanksgiving jitney dance Thurs
day at armory, 7 p. pi. 280
Mr. and Mrs. Norval H. Jones will
leave this evening for Jefferson where
they will be the guests of relatives for
the Thanksgiving holidays.
Masquerade costumes for masquer
ade dance at Auburn hall, for rent
upstairs over White House restaur
ant. 280
Miss Freda Campbell left today for
Independence where she will; be the
guest over Thanksgiving of her grand
mother, Mrs. D. B. Boydston. .
Cherrian dance armory tonight.
Tickets sold at door. 1, couple. 280
The suit case which was found here
a few days ago and which is heing
held by the police, has been claimed
by W. F. Helfrich, 312 Lewis build
ing, Portland, who states that he lost
the article from his automobile while
driving through Salem.
Cherrlans attention. All Cherrlans
attending the dance tonight are ex
pected to appear in full uniform. By
order of King Bing Fullerton. 280
Mr. nnd Mrs. Robert Lamkin of
Seattle and Alfred Oliver of O. A. C.
are spending the thanksgiving holi
days at the home of their parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Oliver, on South Win
ter street.
Cherrlans attention. All Cherrlans
attending the dance tonight are ex
pected to appear in full uniform..By
order of King Bing Fullerton. zsu
Reverend and Mrs. Alfred Bates,
accompanied by the latter's' mother,
Mrs. J. B. Marcy, left this morning
for Portland, where Mrs. Bates ex
pects to visit at the home of her par
ents', 675 Nehalem avenue, until the
New Tear.
Thanksgiving Mr. Headrick, the
village cut up; entertains while you
dance at the armory Thursday 7 p,
m. Jitney. 280
The 'trial of Frank Day, 55, accus
ed of having intoxicating liquor in his
possession, was again postponed to
day until Friday morning at 10
o'clock. Day was scheduled to come
up for hearing In Judge Unruh's
-court this morning, but inability to
get witnesses necessitated the delay.
M. W. of A. and Royal Neighbors.
Masquerade social at Woodman hall
Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Eats.':
Ing capital punishment we feel that a
special session of the legislature might
well be called for the enactment of
such legislation." ,
Mrs. Sol Levy, accompanied by her
daughter, Miss Elizabeth Levy, will
leave for Portland tonight to attend
the performance of the Symphony
orchestra. ' .
Thanksgiving dinner served at the
Royale Cafeteria-from. 11 a. m. to 8
p. m. 280
Lyn Wright, Feilding Lenimon and
Roger W. Peck, of Tacoma, arrived
in Salem this piornlng and will remain
until Friday morning. The three
young men represent the - Puget
Sound University football squad which Willamette university to
morrow.on Sweetland field.
Thanksgiving dinner -served at the
Royale Cafeteria from 11 a. m. to 8
p. m. . 280
Herbert Darby, a student at the
University of Oregon, is In Salem
spending the holidays With his mother
Mrs. Bertha Junk Darby, He has as
his house guest Bernard Nutting, from
the Oregon Agricultural college.
Mrs. A. J. McDonald of Eugene'ar
rived In Salem this afternoon, and
will spend Thanksgiving here as the
guest of Mrs. F. J. Rupert.
D. J. McKenzie of Portland,
business visitor in Salem today.,.
Is a
Taking of testimony in the Phez
company suit against the Salem Fruit
Union and 88 Marion county logan
berry growers was completed in cir
cuit court here this afternoon. Due to
the holiday and change of court argu
ments probably wont be made for
several weeks.
The Salem Rotarians gathered In
closed session at the Hotel Marion this
noon. ., Matters vital to the Rotary
club were taken up and no guests were
admitted. . -
Miss Lula Dahl Miller, Portland,
sang entertalnly. ''Bill" Waltoii, Ro
tarian, and cashier at Ladd & Bush
bank, talked on financial conditions J,n
the city, and "Charlie" Archard, of the
Charles Archard Implement company,
told to what advantage modern imple?
ments are to farming. "' "
The Marion County Principals as
sociation met this morning during the
forenoon session of the Marlon coun
ty teachers institute in the high school
and officers to conduct the 'work for
the coming year were named, The
association will hold its first regular
meeting for discussion of educational
problems here,-January 10.
The officers named are: Pre'sident,
U. 8. Dotson, Park school, Salem;
first vice president, D. . K.- Luthy,
Keizer school; second vice president,
D. A. Hoag, Marion school; third vice
president, Elmer S. Stultz, Jefferson;
secretary, treasurer. Miss Luella J.
Walsh, Woodburn; critic, Miss Clover
B. Miller, Silverton, and O. V. White
of Scotts Mills, was elected member of
the executive committee.
Honor Justice: and .Equality
And we are truly thankful in an absolute trust and confidence that no flag
shall ever supplant "OLD GLORY" and the recognized mark of an American
will be -Civic Prides-Community. Spirit, Square Dealing and Fair Play.
kGlosed All DayyiThanksgiving :
s You can always do better at
Who Always Does Better By You
" ;-,
, t
Portland, Or., Nov, 26. Two bandits
held up the Portland and Oregoni eity
rairoad company's auto bus two miles'
east of Milwaukte, Or., today, robbing
the eonductor of $15. ,
Five passengers were also robbed,
but the" amounts, secured from them
are not known, details of the robbery
not having been 'received here. '
, The auto bus is equipped with -rai
road whels and runs on a track, , -.,
Percival Michael Blenkensof, 31, a
British subject residing in this city,
today signed papers at the court house
declaring his intention of becoming a
citizen of the United States.
- -
Alleging that no attempt has been
made at payment on promissory notes
he gave to H. L. Goodwin, Howard
Teel today began suit in circuit court
against Goodwin for Judgment to the
extent of $168 on one note, and $50
suit costs, and $250 on another note
and $51.74 costs. ,
Petrigrad Officials Want
Trade Relations Resumed
- i
Washington, Nov. 26. Reopening
of trade relations with Kussla, ' which
would allow the bolshevlki to ship
$200,000,000 worth of flax, platinum,
gold bars and furs into this country
in exchange for wheat, cotton and
taw materials! is being sought by Pet
rograd. Overtures have been made to this
government, it was learned, but no
progress has been made. The bolshe
vik! were said to have attempted to
retain Americans and Canadians to
represent them in negotiations.
Reopening of trade relations, it Is
feared, would give the bol.shevikl the
opportunity they desire to further
their propaganda.
. Union men and women are' invit
ed to attend a social given by Salem
Trades Council Thanksgiving eve,
Nov. 26, at Union hall. Music and
speaking program free. Dance 25c.
Bring your friends at 8 p. m. sharp.
Especial attention has been called
-to the night police of the new ordi
nance prohibiting the standing of
autos on the streets within the fire
district between the hours of 12:30 a.
m. and 5:30 a. m. The ordinance be
comes effective next Tuesday, and
provides penalties for violations. It
was adopted in order to give the
TStreet cleaning department an oppor
tunity to thoroughly sweep the
-streets. This has been hampered in
the past by cars that have been left
standing on the streets all night.
Walter L. Tooze, Jr., an attorney
of McMinnville, was in Salem today
on legal business. Mr. Tooze has re
cently received his discharge from the
army where he held the commission
of captain. He was, formerly an. at
torney of Dallas, but has taken up his
practice in McMinnville since his re
turn from the army.
Miss Katharine Qulnn of Portland
House Furnisher.
You get more for your
Money at Moore's.
2-' :-7-9 P. M.
' Fit ,-'Jt-iiM- iiVir t1-' - -
SSI North High Street.
340 Court Breet
: . - AT THE
Remnant Store ,
254 North Commercial
State House Briefs.
Governor Olcott today advised Mrs.
Pllliott Corbett of Portland that 'sh-;
and her delegation of women suffra
gists, would be given a hearing on the
jroposed special session of the legisla
ture for the ratification of the suffragf
amendment to the federal constitution,
Friday morning. .
s Dr. W. H. Lytle, s;ate veterinarian,
is attending the funeral of J. N. Bur
gess In Pendelton today ns a represent
ative of the governor's office.
When the Children Cough, .
Rub Musterfcle oa Throats" ,
i--. and-Chests , ,
No telling hotyiseon the -symptoms "
may develop into croop, or worse. And
then's when: you're glad 'you have a
jar of Musterolo at hand to giva
prompt, sure reliei It does not blister.- v
As first aid and a certain remedy,
Musterole is excellent Thousands of .
mothers know it," You should keep a '
jar in the house, ready for instant use.
It i8 the remedy for adults, too. Re
lieves sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis, .
croup, stiffs neck asthma, neuralgia;,, i
headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheu
matism, lumbago,i pains and aches of
back or joints, sprains, sore- muscles;
chilblains, frosted feet and colds of the,
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c jars; hospital sise $2.50. .
says the Good Judge
Men who know .tobacco,
chew the best without its
cbsting them any more.
iXhcy take a little chew and
ir i $ amazing how the good
. , . , .titstc stays in a rich, high ;
' h grade1 chewing, tobacco.
' i. For- lasting - tobacco- satis
"iaclioii;.;'there'4;!' nothing
; u-i- i - like a small chew of that . -;
. rich-tasting, tobacco.
i put uf in two styles 1
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco
W-B GUT. is a long fine-cut: tobacco
At a meeting of the Palem business
men and the Baptist Brotherhood at i
the Baptist church last evening, R
V. Stivers, "the fighting parson
atendance has nearly doubled. Sunday ( Quick action of firemen oil tho
de- school advertising was especially ad- chemical truck prevented spread of
livered an address, choosing as hls'vocated by Mr. Stiver, as tho need of (jle ln tho wInd this .morning when
topic "The church and the business ; Interesting tne cniuiren is eyiaent, it tnev reM,um((j to a call at 1010 Norlh
man." He emphasised particularly the the growth of the church Is to be as-;
advantage of advertising, citing as an ; sured. A number of northwestern , Kront street. - It wus a cliimney lire
example the First Christian church ' churches have written to Mr. Stiver j that threatened for a time to spread,
of Eugene, where as the results of an! asking him for the outline of his sys- , hut wus readily extinguished by the
extensive advertising campaign, the torn. firemen. No damage was done.
Articles of Incorporation were, filed
with Will H. Bennett, superintendent
of bunks, this morning by the Stockl
men's State Bank of Silver Lake, Lake
county. The institution is to be, capi
talized at $15,000. The incorporators
are William Kittredge, J. W. O'Keefe
and Louis Bennett of Silver Luke and
C. S. Hudson and Ward H. Coble of
Seattle, Nov. 26. "Bill" Carlisle,
the Wyoming bandit Is ln Seattle to
day, according to a letter received by
Police Chief Joel F. Warren.
Not only is Carlisle here, but he
urges the chief and his minions to
"lav off." as he wants to srer. a. few
days of rest, after which, the bandlw
promises, he "will blow" out of town
and Invade the state of Oregon.
San Francisco Nov. 26. To prove
that he is in town, William Carlisle,
Wyoming bandit, today wrote Chief
of Police-White and inclosed his pho
The letter reads:
"Dear Chief: The papers are the
bull. I'm here, don't worry. I'll not
pull anything in your town. I'll lay
low and rustle a few short horms. Re
gards to the bulls. Yours truly. :
"BUI Carlisle."
White believes the letter la bona
fide and that Carlisle is here.
Portland, Or., Nov. 26.
Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan
rof Salem were attending the
theater, sitting in aisle seats.
The Salem man had a. habit of
nudging Mrs. Duncan every
time anything "struck him
funny." "
Duncan had to telephone
during the- performance, and
returned to the aisle seat
While the house was dark.
Several more funny things hap
pened on the stage and Dun-,.
can continued to use hs elbow
to nudge the occupant of the
next seat.
The Salenilte, finally, heard
a low cold voice: i
"What do you think you are
Whereupon James found his
own seat.
Good 5 passenger car will trade
for what have yon
Phone 1752 - - 654 Ferry St.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Nov. 26.- General
Manager William Jeffers of the Union
Pacific this afternoon called off the
road's hunt for William L. Carlisle
train robber and put continued search
for him squarely up to the Wyoming
state officials. - .
Jeffers declared his belief that Cnr-
i lisle "is being shielded"- irt Wwomtng
I at the present time. He declared that
Carlisle is not brave or spectacular,
j but "a sneaking porch climber." Jef
I fers' statement was made before the
i Rotary club here.
New York, Nov. 26. Liberty bond
- 1-2's 100.02; first 4's 94.10; sec
ond 4's 91,66; first l-'s 94.30; sec
ond 4 1-4's 92.02; third 4 1-4's 94.16;
fourth 4 1-4's 91.94; victory 3 3-4's
99.12; 4 3-4's 99.1-4.
The High Price
Of Coffee
never troubles
the users of
j San Francisco, Nov. 26. Mrs. Agnes
Hunter Bowe, of Los Angeles, today
,Hhot and seriously wounded William M.
i Hunter, her divorced husband. The
Uhnotlng occurred In the lobby of the
Palace hotel.
Allies Ready To Recognize
Provisional fo-garian Rule
Paris. Nov. 26. (United Press.)
S-ir Jorge Clark, head of the allied
commission in . Hungary, 'has notified
Dr. Huzza, the new Hungarian premier
that the supreme council is ready to
recognize his provisional government
and negotiate peace as soon as a na
tional assembly is constituted with a
government based upon popular elec
tion, Budapest dispatches reported today.
Neithen does the
troujble their nerves