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Weather Forecast
Tonight and Sunday probably rain.
Maximum 55.
Minimum SO.
Rainfall .OS inches.
Gradation Yesterday
5 SO 7
Only Salem Member Audit Boreao
of Circulation.
www f mm i
First Self Imposed "Gag" in
History of Senate Results in
Passing of Two Reservations
in Hour Amusing and Turb
ulent Incidents Occur
Washington, Nov. 15.--Working under its self-imposed
"gag" following adoption of the cloture, rule by an
overwhelming vote, the senate today forged ahead in its
work of preparing a resolution of ratification of the peace
treaty. - '
Shantung IS Approved
The committee reservation with
holding assent to the Shantung pro
vision of the treaty was approved by
a vote of 53 to 41 after two attempts
to alter it had failed.
By a vote of 63 to 43 the senate
adopted committee, reservation num
ber 8, being the .fifth reservation
adopted within three hours after adop
tion of the cloture rule.
The reservation provides that all
United States representatives to the
league Bhall be appointed only with
and by the approval of the senate.
Three Reservations Go
Without debate reservation number
9, to maintain freedom of trade with
Germany without interference of the
reparations commission, carried, 54 to
Also without debate the seriate vot
ed to give congress complete control
over America's share in the league ex
penses. This reservation, number 10,
the senate adopted, 65 to 29.
Reservation number 11, reserving
the right of the United States to in
crease her armament r jf never threat
ged with invasion or war without
i:ie consent of the league was adop
ed. .. . ,
Two Reservations Adopted ,:'
Two reservations were adopted with
in an hour after the cloture became
effective one passing by - acclama
tion only two minutes after the clo
ture vote was announced.
One reservation provides that man
dates can be accepted only by action
of congress. The other reserves con
trol over domestic questions such as
immigration, tariff and labor.
Working of Rule Amuses
The new rule, which completely
revolutionized senate procedure, was
taken good naturedly on both sides.
Many amusing incidents occurred. To
those accustomed to the rambling
freedom of debate in the senate the
order seemed to create a new atmos
phere. Majority is Surprise
The decisive majority of 78 to 16
for cloture was a surprise.
The Lodge reservation to safeguard
the Monroe doctrine was adopted 56
to 32 after three attempts by demo
crats to alter it had failed.
This is the third reservation agreed
to today. The Shantung reservation
was taken up next.
McCmnber Announces Split
McCumber, leader of the mild re
servatlonists, announced that on this
reservation he would split with the
Lodge group. .
!. iTrado Rights Retained
" The senate voted to retain for the
United States complete right to per
mit commercial Relations with na
tionals of covenant breaking states
not living in "their native country. The
rote was 63 to 41. This is the twelfth
reservation in the Lodge program
and the ninth adopted today.
The formation of a Salesmen's club
ao an auxiliary to the Salem Commer
cial club is fast shaping. At the open
forum meeting last night of the Com
mercial club, attended by 200 club
members and salesmen, a committee
to draft a constitution and bylaws was
named. The constitution and bylaws
are to be submitted to the approval
of the Commercial club at the next
monthly meeting, In December.
A committee to determine who shall
govern the club during 1920 was also
named. This nominating body, com
posed of Thomas Kay, D. W. Eyre and
William McGilchrist, Jr., will suggest
officers for next year at the December
. open forum meeting.
It was announced last night that
there are 647 members of the Com
mercial chib. Seventeen new mem
bers were inducted last month.
Home Movement Endorsed
One of the most important steps to
be taken by the flub last night wasj
the endorsement by unanimous votei
of the plan to be pursued by the Sa-j
lem Homebuilders Investment com-
r;my for the solution of the housing;
problem here. The company was en-1
dorsed as a "company worthy of fi-
nancial support, not only because of
lis charitable nature, but because it ,
' Seattle, AVash., Nov. 15. Seattle
police were stationed at every depot,
dock and . interurban station in the
city today to watch for incoming redB.
Guard's were posted following re
ports to Chief of Police Warren that
I. W. W. In the northwest are mobil
izing and that a campaign of terror
ism is contemplated. Suspicious char
acters are to be jailed for federal in-
: Small communities, fearing trou
ble from I. W. W. invasions, have ap
pealed to the larger cities to protect
them by rounding up terrorists.
Twelve red suspects have been ar
rested during the last 12 hours, bring
ing the total number held in jail here
to 74. .
Washington, Nov. 15. A peace time
military establishment of about 300,
000 fficers and men has been agreed
upon by the house military commit
tee, Chairman Kahn told the house to
day. This will Include a regular army
of 250,000 combat troops and auxil
iary supply and staff corps with a
strength of 60,000 officers and men.
The strength of the army Is virtu
ally the same as General Pershing
recommended to congress, but it is
just about one half of the big army
program Secretary Baker and the gen
eral, staff desired. Their plans called
for a total strength of 576,000 men. .
C. P. Baldwin of Alaska, who came
to Oregon in an effort" to find his son,
Earle H. Baldwin, whom he had given
up as killed in France, has located-
the young man in Roseburg.
provides safe investment for capital"
The club also proposes to conduct a
diligent campaign in Salem to further
the own-your-own-home movement.
The matter of appointing a commit
tee was taken under advisement by
the chair, and the men to work in
this connection will be notified of
their appointment later.
Teachers Pay Endorsed
Unanimous support to the teachers
salary raise, to be voted on In this
city December 8 ,was given by "the
club. Vote was taken on this when T.
E." Tillinghast, president of the North
Salem Improvement club, moved that
support be given 1. so the teachers
may "not suffer a rank injustice," and
"that the club may champion a most
just cause."
. A splendid entertainment was given
the members of the club. Little AVeno
nrt Smith, child violinist, charmed the
skeptics with her talented playing.
Mi.3 Eerthrv Clark brought in some
thing new when she delivered an en
tertaining whistling rendition of two
popular songs'. Miss Mildred Brunk
played the piano.
Following this a bountiful buffet j
lunch was served in .the social depart-1
meet of the club,
Wesley Everest, Lynched
At Ceotralia, Deported
From Oregon In 1913
Marshfield, Or.. Nov. 15.
Everest, who was lynched at
Centralis, is one of the men
who was deported from Marsh
field in 1MJ.
Everest was here with a man
named Edgeworth in an endea
vor to organize the I. AV. W
and the two men were deported
by 200 business men and sent
up the beach.
Since then there has been no
I. AV. W. trouble of conse
quence in this locality.
Everest, previous to his de
portation, worked in the woods
here, and was one of the most
active of the members.
Spokane, .Wash.., Nov. .16. -John
Grady, commander in chief of all the
I. W. W. forces in this district, wn
arrested today by police in a rooming
house on Second avenue, almost direct
ly across the street from the armory,
where two companies of state militia
were lying in wait for I. W. W. trou
ble. Grady admitted to Captain Burns
that he was chairman of the defense
fund and that was the official delegate
of Lumber Workers' Union 500 of tho
Chicago-1. W. Vfi convention last May.
, He was booked under city and state
charges of commercial syndicalism.
Spanish War Veterans Seek
Liberty. For Convct Serv
ing Life Term On Charge Of
Fiendish Murder In 1911.
Governor Olctt is urged to grant a
full.nnd unconditional pardon to J. A.
Pender, serving a life term in the state
prison for murder, in time for him to
enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with his
iamily in resolutions adopted by
Scout Young camp, United , Spanish
War veterans, a copy of which was re
ceived at the executive offices this
morning. The resolution, it is explained
in a letter accompanlng the same, ex
press the sentiments of 1500 Spanish,!
War veterans.
Pender was convicted on purely cir
cumstantial evidence of the murder of
Daisy Wehrman and her little son.
Harold, near Scappoose, Columbia
county, on or about September 3 of
4, 1911. After a legal battle covering
a period of two years Pender was sen
tenced to be hanged but this sentence
was later commuted to life imprison
ment. .
Evidence Is Recalled.
. "The evidence - surrounding the
crime show that the criminal . who
committed it must have been a moral
pervert, devoid of sense of honor, hu
manity and decency whatever, where
as John Arthur Pender is a man whose
whole record shows him to be a man
of good instincts and of high moral
standard, believed by all his friends
and acquaintances, his lawyers and his
family to be innocent of this terrible,"
the resolutions declare. "Even the
judge who tried the case, the district
attorney who prosecuted it and many
of the wtinesses who testified agatns
him either believed him innocent or
doubted his guilt." -
Pender served during the Spanish-
American war in the famous Utah bat
tery which made an enviable record
through its service in the Philippine
Islands and is held in high esteem by
his comrades in arms according to the
resolutions which continue:
Inconsistency Claimed.
It does not seem possible that a
man of this type and character could
possibly be guilty of a crime of the
nature pf the Wehrman murders and
it seems to us that the guilty party
or parties are still unfound and un-.
punished and perhaps never will be,
but it would seem that now after nine
years of confinement, during all of
which time render has bravely assert
ed his innocence, and his friends who
are n imerous have unceasingly worke i
for his pardon and vindication that the
time had now arrived when Pender
should be unconditionally pardoned
and be given at least the benefit of a
doubt which he was clearly entitled to
and should have received at the hands
of the jury in Cohiibia county, Ore
gon, long aso and which was denied :it that time owing, principally to
the heniousness of the crime with
which he was charged."
Veterans Sign Resolutions.
The resolutions which assert the
strongest belief in Pender's innocence
are signed by Richard Defch. Harvey
Wells and Clarence R. Hotchliiss
stituting a special
committee from
Scout Young camp.
Feverish night rinds uty,th? n tad,?n' ""J
, . . ' Mr t attempted murder of Sheriff Hugh
ArmPfl I.Smn WaitTCr tor Maxwell of Plymouth county in a
Reported Influx Of Radical
Bands From Mills.
Legion Replies To Threats On
. Lives Of Members By Hav
ing Hundred Sworn In As
Special Police Officers.
Spokane, Wash., Nov. 15. Spokane
spent a feverish night last night and
early today found herself an arnjed
camp, with national guardsmen wait
ing grimly at the armory for the ad
vance order on the 1 W. W. '
Reports last night that an invasion
of Spokane was about to be attempt
ed, resulted in. Spokane's two .guard
companies being mobilized. They were
held in readiness at the armory all
The I. W. W. were rumored to be
advancing on the four main railroads
leading into the city, hundreds com
ing from the Butte mines and other
hundreds dropping their tools in the
timber belt.
Whether they heard 6f the recep
tion that awaited them and turned
back or whether the report was with
out foundation was in doubt early to
day, .1 . 1 .
Guard Mobilized
Mobilization of the national guard
last night came as a climax to events
of the late afternoon, when American
Legion headquarters received a let
ter signed by "Fred Rushman, man
aging secretary of the I. W. W."
The letter threatened nine leaders
efvtho-Spokane post With massacre
unless they desisted In their attacks
on the syndicalists. "-. -
The legion promptly answered this
letter by having 100 members of its
forces sworn in as special police.
Armed with army "gats," brought
back from France, they awaited eag
erly at police headquarters until lute
last night for something to happen.
Two hundred special police all told
were sworn in yesterday afternoon.
Among them were the nine legioners
marked for slaughter.
Police Guard Trial .
With 22 police armed to the teeth
guarding the courtroom, the, 58 al
leged I. W. W. arrested in Thursday's
raids were tried in police court late
yesterday and 53 were found guilty of
criminal syndicalism.
Each was given 30 days in the city
jail and fined $100.
Sam Crane, disbarred Spokane at
torney, was marked "hold for depor
tation." ,The prisoners were not represented
by counsel. They entered their socall
ed "silent defense." They hinted that
they would carry their case to super
ior court and would retain counsel.
Lnbor Denounces Outrage,
The amusement section of the Cen
tral Labor Council is on record today
as urging the American Federation
of Labor be upheld "for Americans in
America." The Centralla massacre is
branded as "dastardly" and recom
mendations are made that aliens be
given the choice of being Americaniz
ed or deported.
LOSS OF $25,000
Portland, Or., Nov. 15. The mill of
the Willamette Box & Lumber com
pany at Linnton, a few miles north of
Portland, was burned to the ground
early this morning.
The loss amounts to $25,000.
"Air Too Warm" Says
Woman As Preface To
Killing Self By Leap
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 15.
"The air is too warm in this
room -
AVith this remark, Sirs. J. H.
Pate of Charleston. Wash.,
opened a window on the fourth
, floor floor of the Cobb building
here today, climbed over the
ledge and dropped to her death
in the alley below.
She was instantly killed.
Mrs. Pate, who is about 32
years of age, hud been waiting
in the office of Dr. Frederick
Ben'tley for 20 minutes for an
examination of her eyes. .";
Sheriff E. M. Shutt of Morrow coun-
tv has tendered hi resignation, to the
con-icount. couH and cx.Sheiff McDutfio
lias been appointed to succeed him.
Robbers Shoot Way Out
of Jail Within Hour of
Daring Daylight Robbery
Sioux City, Iowa, Novi 15 Lee Bar
rington, James O'Keefo, W. ' Cullom
and Harry Smith, recently captured
by Sioux City police within an hour
after they had staged a daylight rob
bery of the Westfield, Iowa, bank,
shot their way out of the county Jail
at Lemars, 25 miles north of here
last night. They took with them AVil-
lln... f ...1 V. In
booze runner" gun battle early last
summer. "Slim" SIglin, another mem
ber of the famous Brazett Bang o
Sioux City, was locked back in his cell
the desperadoes saying they did not
trust hfm.. SIglin was the only man
left in the jail.
Sheriff's Son Shot
The delivery was staged while Sher
San Francisco, Nov. 1 S.
One man,
J. Js Bodrlques, was called when dry
house No, 3 of the Trojan Powder
company blew up at 6:30 a. m. today.
The force of the explosion was felt
on this side of the bay. It caused alarm
In East Bay districts. Windows were
broken over a wide radius.
The Trojan plant is located south
east of Oakland, near San Leandro.
Howard Bronsteln, a company of
ficial, said the dry house probably
became overheated. The loss has not
been estimated. '
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 15. Charges
against E. B. Ault, editor of the Un
ion Record, Qeorge P. Llstman and
Frank A. Rust, directors, for violation
of the espionage law, will probably
be considered by the federal grand
Jury which convenes next Tuesday, it
was announced today by United
States District Attorney Saunders.
The offices of the Union Record
were seized for the second time yes
terday afternoon. Following this lat
est seizure, Saunders announced that
the paper would be indefinitely sus
pended pending the trial of the three
arrested men.
NO effort will be made to secure
an injunction to- restrain the United
States marshal from continuing in
possession of the plant and to compel
the government to turn the Union
Kecord over to ltB owners, counsel for
the accused men said.
Prince Of Wales En Route
To White Sulphur Springs
Washington, Nov. 15. The Prince
of Wales today was en route to White
Sulphur Springs, W. Va., where he in
tends to spend the week-end quietly.
Edward was accompanied only by
members of his personal suite. He
planned to have three days' fishing
and recreation away from crowds and
formalities. . ,
An organization has been effected of
Filipino students attending colleges in
Oregon and Washington, and a ban-
quet will be held In the Methodist I
church at Salem on December 30.
Loss $250,000 in Morning
Fire in Oregon City Church;
Portland Firemen Assist
Oregon City,- Nov. 15. A loss of at
least $250,000 was caused by an ear
ly morning fire which started In the,
basement of the Methodist Episcopal
church building.
The church structure was practic
ally destroyed, as was the W. O. AV.
building adjoining.
Price brothers, clothing dealers,
who occupied the main floor of the
church building, are the heaviest los
ers, estimating their damage at $150,
A furnace fire had been kept in the
church last night when revival servic
es were held there, and the heating
furnace Is believed to have overheat
ed slabwood which had been piled
near the furnace, causing It to burst
into flames.
Two Portland fire companies were
rushed here to assist the local depart
ment In fighting the fire.
iff Maxwell was carrying in supper
to the men. Smith leaped behind the
sheriff, and shot him in tho back. Will
Maxwell, son of the sheriff, rushed to
the aid of his father and was shot
twice, in the eye and back. His condi
tion is critical. Sheriff Maxwell will
recover. After, shooting down the men
the bandits stunned Mrs. Maxwell
with a blow from a chair leg and lock
ed the sheriff's two daughters, Clara
and Fern, in a cell. They then .took
two heavy sheep skin overcoats, a
30-30 high power Winchester and two
Colt revolvers and escaped from town
In a stolen automobile.
No Trace Found
Commissioner of Public Safety J. B.
Mann, Sioux City, with a large force
of police, Is at Lemars aiding posses
from all over the country in the search
for the bandits. So far no trace of
them has been found.
Portland, Or., Nov. 15. The propri
etor and four patrons of a pool room
In th heart of the business district
were held up and robbed about mid-
night last night by three armed, mask-
ed robbers. "
The bandits escaped with $4000 in
cash and jewelry. They fired one shot
to intimidate their vIctimB.
Washington, Nov. 15. Paris advic
es reaching the state department to
day supported rumors that Gabriel
D'Annunzio has left Flume.
' ItJIs Understood the Italian poet
left on a torpedo boat accompanied
by several officers and it is believed
he may be headed for Dalmatian wa
ters, which are under control of Am
ericans. IS
A mass meoting, at which every citi
zen Is urged to attend will be hold
Monday evening, beginning at 8 o'clock
In the veterans' room at the armory,
when ways and means of dealing with
any "red" trouble that may arise In
the city will be discussed and planned.
The meeting has been called by Com
mander Thompson of Sedwlck Post
No. 10, Grand Army of the Republic.
Hal Hlbbard Camp No. 5, Spanish
War Veterans, have called off the
regular meeting called for Monday
night that the members may attend the
mass meeting.
Alleged I. W. W. Arrested
In Raid In Los Angeles
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 16. A dozen
alleged I. AV. AV. leaders were under
arrest here today, two others were in
the emergency hospital and the police i
station was stacked high with alleged ,
radical literature. I
Tho trrosts occurred last night after I
I. AV. headquarters in the Germain :
bulMir.g, where a "defenso' meeting
was being held, were raided by 26 for-
mor service men.
President And Tumulty
Meet To Discuss Treaty
Washington? Nov. 15. Secretary
Tumulty and President Wilson con
ferred today It was learned at the
AV'hlte House. The matter taken up, it
was understood, was the treaty situa
tion In the Semite.
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fET H.C.L.
Doctors Adopt New Schedule
At Meeting 0a Report Cf
Committee. Fees Still Low
er Than Most Of Oregon.
Day Visit In City To Be $3
And Night Visit $5CoBEtry
Calls $1 In Additicn To
Regular Rates In Each Case
A general boost in rates for nhv.
1 siolan care will go into effect in Mar-:
ion and Polk county either immed
iately or January 1, as a result of a
i meeting last night of the Marion and
Polk County Medical Association at
"the offices of the Commercial Club.
The schedule of fees to be charged.
suDmitted by a committee on revis
ion was accepted by th association.
The most important changes in
fees, with the revised rates, follow: .
Pay visit within city limits, $3. '
Night -visit within city limits, be
tween 9 p. m. and 7 a. m., $5. ?
Visits to contagious diseases, $5.
Country calls $1 a mile in addition
to the regular fees.
Office consultation, $3. ' '
Telephone consultation, $1. This,
formerly, was not charged for. ,
Although many other sections in tho
west have suffered a rise in phy- -sicianB'
fees, the association held off
any action of this kind here until it
was felt entirely necessary. - It tm -pointed
out that Marion and Polk
county fees are . still smaller than
those charged in Portland and other .
places. ,
The meeting was well attended. Dr. ;
R. D. Byrd, presidept of the. associa- "
tion, presided. , , - v,, : ,,.., ,- ., .
Washington, Nov. 15. Miners and
operators reached agreement today to
negotiate a new wage scale through
scale committees of the central com
petitive field. . . .
Scales for other fields will be based
on the result of tho negotiations in
the central fields, which Comprise In
diana, Ohio, Illinois and western
Pennsylvania, the heart of the soft coal
district. . .
Centralia, Wash., Nov. 15. Centra
lla was thrown into the wildest excite
ment at. 1:30 this morning when all the
lights suddenly went off, just as they
did Tuesday night when Wesley Bver-
e8t was taken from the city jail and
was discovered that the switch-
boara operator in the city power plant
had Bne t0 sleeP and tnttt a UBO bad
blown out. An electrician was caiiea
and the lights went on aguln ih a few
Captain Lloyd-Dysart announced to
day that the Legion did not Intend ta
round up any more I. AV. W. unless
they were suspected of being connect
ed with the Armistice day outrage.
A number of I. AV. W. have been
turned loose.
Bov M'Cormick Drubs ;
"Speed" Murphy In 'Frisco
San Francisco, Nov. 15. Although
Boy McCormick administered to 'Spud
Murphy a decisive lacing. Referee
Toby Irwin at the finish of the fwur
round go in Dreamland rink last night
raised lhe mitts of both fighters indi
cating the bout was a draw. McCor
mick in the first three rounds Jolted
the Mission Irishman repeatedly with
hiH rip-M himrt uppereut. -